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Keilidh [kay-lee] (n.) 1. Gaelic word for a musical gathering in celebration.

Beastin' [bee-stihn] (ger., adj.) 1. An unnecessarily extreme reaction. 2. Pwning everyone at video games. 3. Tearin' up some pussy. 4. Really, really, REALLY cool.

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Options October 9, 2011: The Best of Talk on WFMU! feat. live sets from Deaf Wish and The Soft Moon!

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Artist Track Comments Approx. start time
Kate Bush  Interview   Options From the Kenny Everett Video Show, March 5th, 1979, Thames TV  0:00:00 ()
Clips from Seven Second Delay w/ Ken & Andy    Excerpts from April 13, 2011: "Street craps", and June 15, 2011: "Live at the UCB Theater with Dick Cavett, R.L. Stine, David Peel, and AI Scientist Richard Wallace and his talking robot A.L.I.C.E."  0:02:40 ()
Ian Dury and the Blockheads  Clever Trevor   Options   0:24:30 ()
Radiohead  Fitter Happier   Options   0:29:46 ()
Talk Talk  Talk Talk   Options   0:31:39 ()
Music behind DJ:
Talk Talk 
Talk Talk (Intro Loop)   Options Talkin' over Talk Talk, y'hear?  0:34:01 ()
Clips from Too Much Information w/ Benjamin Walker    From June 21, 2010: "Mistakes Were Made" Kathryn Schulz wants us to think differently about being wrong, William Kleinknecht wants us to think differently about Ronald Reagan, Mishka Shubaly relates a wicked wrong tale about hot girls on the internet, and Cheryl Rogers discovers something is wrong with internet love. Plus "Anonymous Lady" gets her enemy? fired from the culture magazine.  0:52:28 ()
Love Is All  Talk Talk Talk Talk   Options   1:05:27 ()
The Moi Non Plus  Can I Get You   Options   1:08:43 ()
Talk Normal  Unknown Title (I'll find out!) LIVE on Beastin' The Airwaves! with Keili!   Options   1:11:13 ()
Music behind DJ:
Talk Talk  
Talk Talk (Intro Loop)   Options   1:20:43 ()
Deaf Wish LIVE @ WFMU      1:29:52 ()
Deaf Wish  Jingle for Beastin' The Airwaves! with Keili!   Options   1:52:32 ()
Finally Punk  Boyfriend Application   Options   1:56:26 ()
Brian Jonestown Massacre  If Love Is The Drug, Then I Want To O.D.   Options   1:57:52 ()
Yussuf Jerusalum  You Broke My Heart In Two   Options   2:03:12 ()
Modern Lovers  Someone I Care About   Options   2:07:01 ()
Clips from The Best Show On WFMU w/ Tom Scharpling    From December 28, 2010: "Ron Scharpling is furious because his brother Tom ruined Christmas! PFT calls from South Carolina, and AP MIKE calls from Florida! Plus: Spike won the lottery, Tom saw the Wu-Tang Clan with a crowd of maniacs, and someone new is thrown into the Hate Pit! "  2:10:56 ()
The Soft Moon LIVE @ WFMU      2:25:32 ()
Music behind DJ:
Talk Talk 
Talk Talk (Intro Loop)   Options   2:54:25 ()
    Keep Beastin'!  2:57:19 ()

Listener comments!

  Sun. 10/9/11 6:07am fred:

Good morning Keili!
  Sun. 10/9/11 6:10am Marmalade Kitty:

Morning Keili & everybody!
Kenny Everett!! :)
  Sun. 10/9/11 6:12am DJ Keili:

Hi Fred!
Hi Marmalade Kitty!
Get ready for a double live session, PLUS the best of talk radio on WFMU!
  Sun. 10/9/11 6:14am Carlos:

Hola from London!
  Sun. 10/9/11 6:16am Elwyn:

Hey everyone
  Sun. 10/9/11 6:16am hamburger:

hey "by far the worst show on WFMU" :D
  Sun. 10/9/11 6:16am DJ Keili:

Hola! London...IM CONFUSED! Hey Elwyn! I have pictures to show you that you're gonna love! Its a super storm trooper surprise!
  Sun. 10/9/11 6:16am DJ Keili:

Heyooo hamburger. Yeah thats gonna be the name of MY talk radio show
  Sun. 10/9/11 6:19am Bas, NL:

Hello Keili! Hello all!
  Sun. 10/9/11 6:20am DJ Keili:

PAPA BAS! I gave you a shoutout last week
  Sun. 10/9/11 6:23am Bas, NL:

I got it Keili! Many thanks! I've been out all week and was internet deprived... :(
  Sun. 10/9/11 6:24am DJ Keili:

Its cool. We're just glad you're here!
  Sun. 10/9/11 6:26am Carlos:

What's confusing about London?
  Sun. 10/9/11 6:26am chatboard hawker:

Hey Everybody! Have you ever thought to yourself, "Gee, this DJ is so endearing and sweet, and she plays great music. I'd really like to buy her a drink!"? Well, now's your time to do that. Just pledge the amount of a lovely beverage at a high end coffee bar and you've just contribulted to Freeform Goodness and kept your DJ on the air!
  Sun. 10/9/11 6:27am Lisa:

Hey Bas! We missed you for your birthday. Happy Birthday!
  Sun. 10/9/11 6:29am Bas, NL:

Hi Lisa! Thank you! Wish i could have shared it here! ;)
  Sun. 10/9/11 6:30am DJ Keili:

haha @carlos - just a joke, cause you said hola from london. I'm a great comedian.
  Sun. 10/9/11 6:38am Lisa:

If you're thinking that you can't pledge anything because you've sold your soul to WFMU at the marathon this year, just another $15 could really change the world for DJ Keili and WFMU. Please consider a $15 pledge. DJ Keili has a special "thank you" gift she is going to be sending out for only her pledgers. It's super secret and not listed in the prize pool! ssshhhhh
  Sun. 10/9/11 6:40am Dum Dum Guy at the Gates of Dawn:

I pledged already. Did you?
  Sun. 10/9/11 6:43am Richard from Venezuela:

Good morning Keili, DJ Mama and all the listeners.
  Sun. 10/9/11 6:44am fred:

Did anyone manage to pledge by credit card from outside the US? I had trouble with that last year as the form required a US zip code.
  Sun. 10/9/11 6:47am Marmalade Kitty:

wonktastic !!
  Sun. 10/9/11 6:50am Dum Dum Guy at the Gates of Dawn:

Did someone just say Rocktober?
  Sun. 10/9/11 6:52am Caryn:

Rocktober, schmocktober... I wonder if Star Trek fans call it Spocktober?
  Sun. 10/9/11 6:52am Richard from Venezuela:

Oh my god. Keili made it.
Hell yeah.
  Sun. 10/9/11 6:58am DJ Keili:

Oh my god. 100%? Is this is a glitch? Is this real? WOWOMGTHANKYOU! I love you guys!
  Sun. 10/9/11 6:59am hamburger:

wow! great job! *winkin thumbs up*
  Sun. 10/9/11 7:00am Bas, NL:

Just did my pledge... he,he.. well, i hope, something's stuttering. Probably with me ;)
  Sun. 10/9/11 7:00am DJ Keili:

Once you pop you can't stop.
  Sun. 10/9/11 7:01am fred:

Wow, that's so cool!
  Sun. 10/9/11 7:02am fred:

Was that the goal for the month or just this week?
  Sun. 10/9/11 7:02am Lisa:

I think it was for just this week.
  Sun. 10/9/11 7:03am Lisa:

But since this was a new thing, they weren't sure where to set the goals. I think DJ Keili's was set too low. Let's go for 200% for this week! I'm in for another drink pledge!
  Sun. 10/9/11 7:04am fred:

I'll save my pledge for next week then, and split it with Nat, this way maybe I'll evade the zip code thing
  Sun. 10/9/11 7:07am Elwyn:

I once was at a dinner party where I saw next to a guy who was the most arrogant person I ever met. He just kept talking about how fanstatic he was because he had identified that a new guy on a web forum was some guy who had committeed fraud before.

The sad thing was when I mentioned it on my FB status a few weeks later, the dinner party "host" (it was dinner in a public restaurant) chewed me out for not moving seats and not her friend for being a mega douchebag.
  Sun. 10/9/11 7:12am fred:

@Elwyn: if she has a mega douchebag for a friend and will defend him this way, I don't think her chewing you out reflects poorly on you
  Sun. 10/9/11 7:16am fred:

Then again that's another reason why I'm not on facebook: I've been a drunk douchebag before, and don't need to have reminders pop up from outside weeks later. I can do that fine on my own, I don't need the help
  Sun. 10/9/11 7:17am DJ Keili:

I like listening to mega douchebags talk because it makes me feel cooler. Oh wait..
  Sun. 10/9/11 7:20am Richard from Venezuela:

Agreed with fred. Facebook sucks. Twitter is the best thing.
  Sun. 10/9/11 7:21am Marmalade Kitty:

I hate the one that won't flush
  Sun. 10/9/11 7:22am Elwyn:

@fred: Ever since then, I think she's a dick.
  Sun. 10/9/11 7:26am fred:

@Elwyn: so what's sad about it? Maybe you were wrong about her and she taught you better, but that's why there's nothing wrong about being wrong: that's the best way to learn
  Sun. 10/9/11 7:34am Elwyn:

Not really sad. Can be disappointing to realise people are so completely absorbed in themselves and defending their douche friends.

Melbourne is the city I was born in.
  Sun. 10/9/11 7:34am Danne D:

Yay :) Greetings from Illinois
  Sun. 10/9/11 7:35am fred:

Hey! Danne in da place!
  Sun. 10/9/11 7:36am DJ Keili:

  Sun. 10/9/11 7:38am Danne D:

I'm here for the 25th anniversary of the Honors program I was in. Basically I get to be in a room full of people all smarter than me :)
  Sun. 10/9/11 7:40am fred:

@Danne: I work as a technician in a research center, so I know that feeling very well. Not not that it takes a PhD to be smarter than me.
  Sun. 10/9/11 7:42am tombom:

as a first year bsc, i am smarter than all of you. sorry
  Sun. 10/9/11 7:44am Danne D:

Btw, happy birthday Bas :) Always glad to see you in these parts :)

Hiya Fred, and Stormtrooper Elwyn and hamburger, and Kitty, and Ricardo and DJ Mama and Caryn and Dum Dum Guy and hawker and Carlos and tombon :)

And Hiya Keili :)
  Sun. 10/9/11 7:45am Danne D:

Did the comments board just go haywire for everyone else just now or was that just for me?
  Sun. 10/9/11 7:46am fred:

It was just for you, the comment board had been missing you, it was its way to express its joy at having you back
  Sun. 10/9/11 7:47am Elwyn:

@danne d: it's normal for me.

@DJ Mama: Normally, don't you chip in with some wisdom such as how in 10 years, we'll forget all the douchebags we crossed paths with?
  Sun. 10/9/11 7:50am Danne D:

must be the flaky internet connection at the hotel - I figured that was the case but wanted to be sure
  Sun. 10/9/11 7:50am fred:

Maybe it takes a pledge to get a word of wisdom from DJ Mama this month
  Sun. 10/9/11 7:51am DJ Keili:

  Sun. 10/9/11 7:53am Bas, NL:

@Danne D: Thank you!!
  Sun. 10/9/11 7:57am Caryn:

Hiya back to Danne D and hi to everyone else too, or as they'd say over here: Hei vaan, kaikki!
  Sun. 10/9/11 8:01am DJ Keili:

Hi Caryn!
  Sun. 10/9/11 8:04am fred:

I think my favorite talk moment on WFMU was this year's marathon show with Fabio and Clay Pigeon
  Sun. 10/9/11 8:05am Caryn:

Hello to you, imperious mistress of the airwaves! Or, to put it simply: hi, Keili!
  Sun. 10/9/11 8:08am DJ Keili:

oh gawrsh :3
  Sun. 10/9/11 8:20am Marmalade Kitty:

!00% well done! DJKeili !!!
  Sun. 10/9/11 8:20am DJ Keili:

  Sun. 10/9/11 8:22am Marmalade Kitty:

oops!! 100%!
  Sun. 10/9/11 8:22am fred:

Does the meter being stuck at 100% means nobody pledged or just that it won't go beyond that mark?
  Sun. 10/9/11 8:23am DJ Keili:

I think it means that It won't go over, there seems to be a bit more than 100% technically.
  Sun. 10/9/11 8:23am DJ Keili:

There's always room for more love
  Sun. 10/9/11 8:24am Marmalade Kitty:

This guy is outrageously hilarious
  Sun. 10/9/11 8:24am Vicki - DO or DIY:

Well done on reaching your goal, Keili! You and WFMU deserve it!
  Sun. 10/9/11 8:25am DJ Keili:

  Sun. 10/9/11 8:31am fred:

I'll probably jump in next week. Thing is I had trouble paying from outside the US last year, and I don't want to bother Joe and Kelly with the extra trouble this time because I won't be able to pledge as much. I'd rather mail my pledge, you obviously don't need me to reach your goal.
  Sun. 10/9/11 8:33am DJ Keili:

Fred - its totally cool! I love you and I'm so happy you love us all back!
  Sun. 10/9/11 8:35am DJ KEILI:

COME ON GUYS! Let's go for 200%!!! Click "PLEDGE" and buy me a virtual drink! I'll send you a super special secret gift just from me!
  Sun. 10/9/11 8:38am fred:

I met Lucas from the silent barn a couple of days ago. I so hope they find another place. And I hope the stars will align for something I'm trying to get going with Nat, though it would take three mood swing prone people to be in a positive phase at the same time, so it looks unlikely
  Sun. 10/9/11 8:39am DJ Keili:

OMG LUCASSS! I call him Glucas. I love him. He's my soul sister.
  Sun. 10/9/11 8:39am Danne D:

where do they say Hei Vaan, kakikki?:)
  Sun. 10/9/11 8:42am fred:

His set kicked serious ass too, he's a great musician! A friend told me he had played with him years ago and he was amazed at how he had improved.
  Sun. 10/9/11 8:42am Caryn:

@Danne D: in Finland. (it's basically "hi everybody", or to our Southern friends, "hi y'all")
  Sun. 10/9/11 8:57am Danne D:

cool Caryn :)
Thanks for a great show Keili :)
Have a happy Sunday everyone :)
  Sun. 10/9/11 8:57am fred:

I should have told Glucas about you then, I did to so many people that night, trying to get listeners to pledge, and non-listeners to listen then pledge. I didn't even fare that well on that front. It crossed my mind, but felt like unwarranted bragging
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