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Shamanic vibrational love frequencies for the infinite mind. Shed all fear and allow the forces of nature to rattle your spine. We are the future. Welcome to the 5th Dimension.

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Options October 7, 2011: What does your soul look like?

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Artist Track Album Comments Approx. start time
DJ Shadow  What Does Your Soul Look Like [Part 2]   Options Preemptive Strike    0:00:00 ()
Ecue Tumba  Que Culpa Tengo Yo?   Options En Un Solar de Pogoloti    0:13:59 ()
Double  Tatali   Options     0:16:39 ()
Boogat  Dos Cervesas   Options Pura Vida EP  Produced by Poirier  0:20:09 ()
Deco Child  Pray (Munchi's Destino Solitario Rmx)   Options     0:24:14 ()
Lucid  Based   Options     0:31:07 ()
Hudson Mohawke  Thunder Bay   Options     0:36:13 ()
d-bot  Our Heartbeat   Options     0:39:39 ()
Freaky Philip  Bombo   Options     0:44:12 ()
Watcha Clan  With or Without the Wall (Extended mix)   Options Radio Babel    0:48:30 ()
Kalya Scintilla  Feeln' Good   Options     0:53:05 ()
Music behind DJ:
DJ Shadow 
Organ Donor   Options     0:58:08 ()
Kaminanda  Peace Mala [feat. Craig Patterson]   Options   Craig Patterson on Cedar Flutes and didjeridoo both handcrafted by his own hands @ http://www.templewindflutes.com/  1:07:08 ()
ONRA  L.O.V.E.   Options     1:14:03 ()
Deejay Mosca  Square One VIP   Options     1:17:18 ()
Brenmar  Paper Running   Options     1:23:11 ()
Canblaster  Lost in the Shell   Options Master of Complication EP    1:26:19 ()
Pyramid Juke  Heat   Options     1:30:49 ()
Botnek  The Sound   Options     1:35:06 ()
  Salem       1:40:01 ()
Steppo  Gassed   Options     1:45:27 ()
Rishi Romero & Freddy de Majunga  African Forest/Cool Cool (Pwedza Moombahsoukouss rmx)   Options     1:50:35 ()
JMAY ft King Ramses  Fire in the dark   Options     1:54:57 ()
Stizreth  Dying Arms   Options     1:58:21 ()
Mombah Jokes  Protozoa   Options     2:03:53 ()
Music behind DJ:
Organ Donor       2:07:39 ()
Cab Calloway   Minnie The Moocher   Options     2:16:26 ()
Munchi  Mamajuana   Options     2:19:33 ()
Canblaster  Triple Ring   Options     2:24:46 ()
Monsieur Monsieur  Dirtyminded (Canblaster Remix)   Options     2:29:10 ()
Javier Estrada  Samba Mi Negra   Options     2:34:37 ()
Three Six Mafia  Stay Fly (J-Trick's Dutch Remix)   Options     2:38:27 ()
Classixx  IllGetYouDouster   Options     2:43:24 ()
Uproot Andy  El Puchi Lockoff (5to Elemento vs Chimpo)   Options     2:48:37 ()

Listener comments!

  Fri. 10/7/11 6:05am JJJ:

Morning Hotrod!!! I gotta run off to big school for adults but I'll catch the rest later <3
  Fri. 10/7/11 6:06am HotRod:

GOOD MORNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
  Fri. 10/7/11 6:07am Tzero:

  Fri. 10/7/11 6:09am Dave B:

Ohaiyo gozaimasu
  Fri. 10/7/11 6:09am emmagineering:

Ooh Ooh nice old dj shadow, haven't heard this in years cheers
  Fri. 10/7/11 6:10am pierre:

Bonjour HotRod !
Bonjour listeners !
Bonjour opening chakras dude !
  Fri. 10/7/11 6:11am david from ks:

,,,,,,,I left my soul in Dallas,TX. ata Motel 6 two years ago,,,,hey Ms. HR!
  Fri. 10/7/11 6:16am alberto:

aye que rico!
  Fri. 10/7/11 6:19am the anchovy:

hello HOTROD!
tuning in!
Salut Pierre and listeners^^
  Fri. 10/7/11 6:23am s. dexter:

woohoofriday!!!! hi HotRod ... hey listeners
  Fri. 10/7/11 6:28am HotRod:

  Fri. 10/7/11 6:33am Issy and Papa Toph:

What a beautiful way to start a beautiful day - with a little HotRod!
  Fri. 10/7/11 6:38am Dave B:

That was easy!
  Fri. 10/7/11 6:41am HotRod:

Thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu ;)
  Fri. 10/7/11 6:41am Dave B:

HotRod - is the Pledge-o-Meter at the top of this page different from the one on the home page? (show vs station goal?)
  Fri. 10/7/11 6:42am HotRod:

Yes, it's different. I have my own show goal. :)
  Fri. 10/7/11 6:45am Isa GT:

Hi everyone!
been locked in since the beginning of the show!

Autumn vibes here in London, how's the other places looking?
  Fri. 10/7/11 6:47am Dave B:

sending out the positive vibrations to make that goal.

On a different note - I was watching the Scorsese documentary on George Harrison last night... lot's of great audio bites in this film....
  Fri. 10/7/11 6:54am Dave B:

and how rude of me -

  Fri. 10/7/11 6:56am Ozzy Skateboard:

good morning coffee is done :)
  Fri. 10/7/11 7:03am the bahai lama:

evening all. here in the Australian time zone, we eschew coffee as it's bed time (for those not still at work like me). so we are envious of Ozzy, and also envious of those folk at Occupy Wall Street who HotRod was backing last week and who are gradually building a revolutionary spirit... good luck to you all.
  Fri. 10/7/11 7:05am the anchovy:

@ Isa: Same cold autumn wave here in Paris for 2 days, steam on the window, but GOOD vibes on the stream!
  Fri. 10/7/11 7:06am Kevin:

good afternoon from sweden
  Fri. 10/7/11 7:07am Dave B:

Central Park's trees are starting to turn color. I'm heading up to Lake George this weekend. Should be plenty o'color there
  Fri. 10/7/11 7:09am HotRod:

Hello Sweden! ;) Hi Isa GT! Anchovy! Ozzy Skateboard! Issy and Papa Toph!
  Fri. 10/7/11 7:10am HotRod:

Pierre! Alberto! S. Dexter! Emmagineering! Tzero!
  Fri. 10/7/11 7:11am HotRod:

david from ks! JJJ! the bahai lama!
  Fri. 10/7/11 7:12am annie:

morning hotrod, creeping into class late..
  Fri. 10/7/11 7:12am HotRod:

MORE INFO: http://www.wfmu.org/marathon/index.shtml
  Fri. 10/7/11 7:12am HotRod:

Lake George sounds WONDERFUL!
  Fri. 10/7/11 7:13am Dave B:

Camera charged. Pics on the 'book to follow...
  Fri. 10/7/11 7:14am maestroso:

Good morning Ms HotRod, and all listeners
  Fri. 10/7/11 7:36am Ozzy Skateboard:

not sure if the thingy worked after I put info there was no button to push so i hit enter, i have the letter if it didn't
  Fri. 10/7/11 7:39am Dave B:

If you're on the fence to pledge and have a PayPal account, bolster it with PayPal's "Bill Me Later" service and defer payments of $100 or more for up to one year, with no interest.

And any donations are tax deductible. It's a Win/Win situationn!

I am not affiliated with this service or WFMU. Just a concerned fan of Free Form radio
  Fri. 10/7/11 7:41am annie:

i'm sending in my donation by mail.. the form has no section for mail donations... poo!!
  Fri. 10/7/11 7:45am Camos:

Hi I'm here in Santa Teresa, Rio de Janeiro sending positive vibes!! After a long time ... now we have a MOSCA on the setlist greetings!
  Fri. 10/7/11 7:46am Dave B:

@pierre/fred/fred vh/anchovy -

here's a CGI emulation of the 1910 Paris flood. Really well done...

  Fri. 10/7/11 7:47am MVDR:

hi, this is a great show! who is the artist of the track called "salem" ?
thanks and big hugs from Hamburg Germany
  Fri. 10/7/11 7:49am HotRod:

MVDR...will update artist after show. I cannot remember!!! :P
  Fri. 10/7/11 7:50am MVDR:

great! thank you ! thank you for the show
  Fri. 10/7/11 7:55am La Peruana Tetona:

Good morning all. TGIH! finally waking up
  Fri. 10/7/11 7:59am λɯəɹəɾ:

i'd like to be in rio right now...
good morning everyone
  Fri. 10/7/11 8:10am Parq:

From the Good Grey's Nobel winner: "Now, it’s true that some of the protesters are oddly dressed or have silly-sounding slogans, which is inevitable given the open character of the events. But so what? I, at least, am a lot more offended by the sight of exquisitely tailored plutocrats, who owe their continued wealth to government guarantees, whining that President Obama has said mean things about them than I am by the sight of ragtag young people denouncing consumerism."
  Fri. 10/7/11 8:13am the bahai lama:

but the plutocrats are very sensitive human beings...
  Fri. 10/7/11 8:14am annie:

would it be possible for you to suggest any participants in these actions should follow the conduct rules of civil disobedience: sit tight, avoid struggling and go limp when picked up..
  Fri. 10/7/11 8:15am the bahai lama:

ah annie, who sets the "rules" for civil disobedience? that way madness lies...
  Fri. 10/7/11 8:19am annie:

it's based on a philosophy of causing no harm.. i forget who suggested these standards, but naomi klein is posting these same suggestions. the premise is that the more agitated the crowd gets the easier they are to rile and then they can be picked up for disturbing the peace
  Fri. 10/7/11 8:19am La Peruana Tetona:

I like this :)
  Fri. 10/7/11 8:20am Parq:

Cab's "Minnie" never seems complete any more without that now-classic Betty Boop cartoon.
  Fri. 10/7/11 8:20am Dave B:

Thoreau suggested it. Ghandi, King and others cited it.
  Fri. 10/7/11 8:21am annie:

yes, ghandi.. duh!!
  Fri. 10/7/11 8:21am the bahai lama:

yes, but that's all just common sense, psychology 101. as soon as you start setting the "rules", you're back to suggesting a regime...
  Fri. 10/7/11 8:22am Dave B:

actupny.org has some good resources, and a powerful quote:

"Those who profess to favor freedom, yet deprecate agitation, are men who want crops without plowing up the ground. They want rain without thunder and lightening. They want the ocean without the awful roar of its many waters. This struggle may be a moral one; or it may be a physical one; or it may be both moral and physical; but it must be a struggle. Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never did and it never will."

– Frederick Douglass, African-American abolitionist
  Fri. 10/7/11 8:23am annie:

rules was a bad word, then.. practice, perhaps might have been better. there are no rules, per se
  Fri. 10/7/11 8:25am annie:

there are plenty of activist groups which choose to be arrested.. symbolism is strong for the masses incarcerated for civil disobedience.
  Fri. 10/7/11 8:25am Dave B:

  Fri. 10/7/11 8:27am annie:

some of these groups were highly organised, choosing ahead who would take the chance at being detained. it's a ballet in some ways.. almost like the surge of troops in battle, one force at a time.. then the next steps up.. the organization is impressive if done effectively
  Fri. 10/7/11 8:29am annie:

i must admit i love seeing the hordes of people in the streets.!!
  Fri. 10/7/11 8:31am the bahai lama:

all respect to Fred D, but if you live expecting "power" to "concede", you're destined for disappointment. we're dealing with very different forces than the abolitionists. given that democracy is the most inefficient form of govermment devised by humanity, one fears for Occupy if it starts speaking the language of the hyperelite. i too love the hordes, but the next step is the crucial one, as the Egyptians have discovered...
  Fri. 10/7/11 8:32am Dave B:


I love this track, and I think you already knew that!

  Fri. 10/7/11 8:32am annie:

agreed mr lama!
  Fri. 10/7/11 8:33am Dave B:

indeed lama, indeed...
  Fri. 10/7/11 8:34am the bahai lama:

meanwhile, let's just dance...
  Fri. 10/7/11 8:41am the bahai lama:

goddamn, all night i've been spelling my name wrong... i'm the llama, not the lama (they're much cuter). can WFMU just get some big subwoofers down there to Occupy, HotRod, and become the official entertainer of the revolution?
  Fri. 10/7/11 8:42am annie:

word up!
  Fri. 10/7/11 8:46am La Peruana Tetona:

I love bass. Dancing on my way to work. Have a great weekend all! Raise vibrations!!
  Fri. 10/7/11 8:48am Dave B:

for those occasional horn blasts, might I suggest this:

  Fri. 10/7/11 8:49am HotRod:

  Fri. 10/7/11 8:52am Ozzy Skateboard:

  Fri. 10/7/11 8:52am Dave B:

Isle of Mannahatta representing....
  Fri. 10/7/11 8:53am the bahai llama:

having already pledged to another DJ's show, HotRod mustn't consider this in any way reflects upon the delight she brings us; it merely reflects upon the fact that bankers have all the money we would LIKE to be donating to ALL the presenters on FMU
  Fri. 10/7/11 8:53am damerma:

hello from the finnish afternoon!
  Fri. 10/7/11 8:54am glenn:

All successful revolutions are the kicking in of a rotten door.
John Kenneth Galbraith
  Fri. 10/7/11 8:57am Torbjørn:

Hey, HotRod. Send my pledge to you this time. Keep on rockin' in the free world, I guess
  Fri. 10/7/11 8:57am the bahai llama:

midnight, time to sleep in Sydney, thanks HotRod!
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