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Options October 6, 2011: Who is this guy Stan.... and why does he have so many countries with his name in it?!

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Artist Track Album Approx. start time
Goksel Baktagir  Turkmenistan   Options Dogu Ruzgari (Wind of East)  0:00:00 ()
Ekrem Ataer  Turkmen Mengisi   Options Dillerim Lai  0:02:28 ()
Jerzy Millian Trio, Polish Jazz  Bazar W Aszchabadzie/ Ashkhabad Bazaar   Options Bazar  0:07:10 ()
Moontan  Turkmen   Options Odalisca  0:12:22 ()
Music behind DJ:
Sounds From the Coney Island Boardwalk     0:15:02 ()
Anabel's Poppy Day  In Uzbekistan   Options Far From Home  0:20:23 ()
The Instigations  Tashkent Delicatessen   Options Sountracks for Alternate Realities  0:21:16 ()
Willi Tokarev  Tashkent   Options New York-Moscow  0:25:25 ()
Emmanuel H During & Yengi Yol  Rumba from Bukhara   Options From Sevilla to Bukhara  0:28:49 ()
Black Ox Orkestar  Bukharian   Options Nisht Azoy  0:36:09 ()
Mardan Moulanov  City of Samarkand   Options From Samarkand to Bukhara: A Musical Journey Through Uzbekistan  0:41:28 ()
Elane  Samarkand   Options Arcane  0:46:30 ()
Music behind DJ:
Sounds of Sideshows by the Seashore     0:49:42 ()
Anupama  Khwaja Ka Astana   Options Khwaja Ka Deedar Ho Gaya  0:56:45 ()
Skhan   Kazakhstan   Options Oriental Ska-First Experiment  1:01:17 ()
Kozaks of Metallishtan  Kazakhstan Song   Options Kozaks of Metallishtan  1:04:43 ()
Erran Baron Cohen  O Kazakhstan   Options Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan  1:06:49 ()
various  Kirghizistan Best Irgay   Options La Route de la Soie/ Silk Road  1:08:37 ()
Hossein Alizadeh  Osh'shagh Avaz-E Abooata   Options Toraman  1:10:14 ()
Salamat Sadikova  Keremet Batkenim (My Magnificent Batken)   Options The Voice of Kyrgyzstan  1:16:49 ()
Various  Tadjikistan   Options La Route de la Soie/ Silk Road  1:20:48 ()
Aqnazar  Tadjikistan   Options Musiques du Monde: Voix- Distant Voices  1:21:58 ()
Marty Hall  Moondance in Tajikistan   Options Tried and True  1:25:29 ()
Pan Sonic  Radio Qurghonteppa   Options Gravitoni  1:28:37 ()
Music behind DJ:
Sounds from the Point Pleasant Beach     1:33:02 ()
Mohamed Qasem  Herati Music: Ghori   Options Afghanistan Untouched  1:42:19 ()
Farhad Darya  Salaam Afghanistan   Options The Rough Guide to the Music of Afghanistan  1:45:32 ()
Black Biscuit  Surfin in Afghanistan   Options Blueline  1:50:15 ()
Firesign Theater  Oh Afghanistan   Options Fighting Clowns  1:53:22 ()
Tyrannosaurus Rex  Afghan Woman   Options My People Were Fair And Had Sky In Their Hair...  1:57:19 ()
Roshini  Kabul   Options Neelo Naalo  1:59:11 ()
Robert Edwards  Kabul   Options World Street  2:03:52 ()
Can Kickers  Afghanistan Traveller   Options Live at Lavazone  2:06:05 ()
Hill of Beans  Afghanistan   Options The 'Hill of Beans' Story  2:09:19 ()
Threats  Afghanistan   Options Demo's & Rarities  2:11:40 ()
Music behind DJ:
Sounds from the Point Pleasant Boardwalk     2:13:35 ()
Shehnaz Begum  Jeevay Jeevay Jeevay Pakistan   Options Yeh Watan Tumhara Hai  2:19:43 ()
Les Incognitos  Le Pakistan   Options Les Z'incos Sans Moderation  2:23:48 ()
Orrin Tucker  Penguins in Pakistan   Options Top O' the Strip  2:29:24 ()
Robinson  Le Petit Ane du Pakistan   Options Nouvelles de Mars  2:31:46 ()
Maraca Five-O  Tube City, Pakistan   Options Headin' South at 110 Per  2:35:39 ()
Z.E.D.  Islamabad (I Am Bad)   Options ON MY WAY  2:39:25 ()
Flaming Lips  Man From Pakistan   Options Hear It Is  2:44:11 ()
M. Kapoor  Sada Vasda Rahe Punjab   Options Kings & Queens - The Best Punjabi Roots Music  2:47:58 ()
Gurdas Mann  Kuriye Punjab Diye   Options Dance with Gurdas Maan  2:54:11 ()

Listener comments!

  Thu. 10/6/11 6:02am Dave B:

  Thu. 10/6/11 6:05am Meghan:

Good Morning All! Shock and Awe time! Shock and Awe me with your generous donations..... If I reach my goal of $5K it's an all Rush show! This is your ONE time you can pool together your funds!
  Thu. 10/6/11 6:06am Robin The Fog:

Good morning all! Meghan, just done it! (Pledged, that is)
  Thu. 10/6/11 6:08am Dave B:

Likewise - I think I asked to divvy up my mouse pledge to 4 shows...
  Thu. 10/6/11 6:08am Meghan:

Morning Robin! Hopefully you pledged naked.... and thanks!
  Thu. 10/6/11 6:08am Dave B:

that would put the SHOCK into SHOCK AND AWE
  Thu. 10/6/11 6:09am Robin The Fog:

Well, I like to keep my pants on for business transactions (else my bank manager complains), but I did do a celebratory naked dance once all had gone through satisfactorily!
  Thu. 10/6/11 6:09am Meghan:

if someone watched him do it.... that would be the awe part....
  Thu. 10/6/11 6:11am Robin The Fog:

You're right, Meghan! What a shame my talents are constantly going unappreciated....
  Thu. 10/6/11 6:11am Chuck:

Yo! Internet working finally...
  Thu. 10/6/11 6:12am Simon:

Morning! I'm sparking up the bubble pipe.
  Thu. 10/6/11 6:12am Simon:

Nice rug
  Thu. 10/6/11 6:13am Meghan:

Welcome back Chuck! and good morning Simon!
  Thu. 10/6/11 6:14am Dave B:

it's not a "rug". It's a merkin....
  Thu. 10/6/11 6:15am pierre:

Bonjour Bonjour Everybody !
  Thu. 10/6/11 6:16am Simon:

I thought a merkin was something you measure beer with.
  Thu. 10/6/11 6:20am Robin The Fog:

We should probably find out what Skiball is first. What is it?
  Thu. 10/6/11 6:20am Chuck:

I'm not going anywhere until the brakes on my truck get fixed...
  Thu. 10/6/11 6:23am Robin The Fog:

Can you play Skiball naked?
  Thu. 10/6/11 6:23am Meghan:

Bonjour Pierre! Robin, you don't know skee ball?! OH MY! it's the bestest thing EVER!
  Thu. 10/6/11 6:24am Meghan:


You COULD play it naked..... I doubt there'd be injuries...
  Thu. 10/6/11 6:24am Dave B:



Meghan - I was thinking - it youu want to do a Google+ "Hang Out" or USTREAM link for the event, let me know...
  Thu. 10/6/11 6:24am Meghan:

  Thu. 10/6/11 6:25am Meghan:

oops..... my bad... hehe

Oh, that could be fun Dave..... USTREAM might be easiest....
  Thu. 10/6/11 6:27am Dave B:

We have the technology....
  Thu. 10/6/11 6:29am Meghan:

Remember.... for an ALL RUSH show (no joke this time)... I must meet my goal of $5K by the end of the month! This is your ONLY time you will be able to POOL your pledges.... so take advantage!
  Thu. 10/6/11 6:29am Robin The Fog:

Wow, that does look pretty ace! Now could someone explain USTREAM? Sounds like some sort of obscure bladder complaint...
  Thu. 10/6/11 6:29am pierre:

The UWTP meet up looks so great, i so wish i could be there, it's impossible for me now, but i so wish it was.
  Thu. 10/6/11 6:31am Meghan:

Pierre... when it does become possible, we will do it again!

HA! That is what it sounds like Robin! It's a video stream, so you all far away could be there (one sided)
  Thu. 10/6/11 6:35am dirty old man:

Good morning Meghan and greetings from sunny
  Thu. 10/6/11 6:35am Dave B:

I'll see what I can cobble together...
  Thu. 10/6/11 6:36am dirty old man:

  Thu. 10/6/11 6:36am Meghan:

From Sunny....... sunny where DOM?
  Thu. 10/6/11 6:36am Chuck:

The USTREAM is probably only for people with iPhones, which I don't have...
  Thu. 10/6/11 6:37am Meghan:

ahhhhh..... ha! You are starting your snowbirding early then!
  Thu. 10/6/11 6:37am pierre:

this is such a nice thing Meghan ! Merci.
  Thu. 10/6/11 6:38am Dave B:

Chuck - no sir. Its basically a web portal for video streaming events. I think WFMU had one when they tried to get Ken up in the balloon chair last year.
  Thu. 10/6/11 6:38am Meghan:

It's for a computer Chuck.... it's just a video feed....
  Thu. 10/6/11 6:39am Chuck:

Okay, now I wonder if it'll work on a Linux box...
  Thu. 10/6/11 6:39am Robin The Fog:

Can we also pledge to get Chuck an I-Phone? I don't have one myself, but I'm told they're plenty useful!
  Thu. 10/6/11 6:39am Jeff:

I forgot about this one. It's one of my favorites off this album.
  Thu. 10/6/11 6:42am Meghan:

I did too Jeff..... Until I was looking through my library... It is so good
  Thu. 10/6/11 6:45am Meghan:

I ran out of coffee.... I wish I had more. It was so tasty today....
  Thu. 10/6/11 6:47am Chuck:

They should have coffee here in "Ooze"bekisan....
  Thu. 10/6/11 6:47am dirty old man:

Nope, working at Cape Canaveral Space Center.
  Thu. 10/6/11 6:48am Meghan:

Oh cool! But it's defunct now isn't it? do you see the space shuttle? Does it look as fake as it does at the Smithsonian?
  Thu. 10/6/11 6:51am dirty old man:

There's still a lot going on. They're working on a private space launch facility now.

No shuttle, but I did watch small rocket launch yesterday.
  Thu. 10/6/11 6:54am pierre:

  Thu. 10/6/11 6:58am Dave B:

@DOM - from the old Commodore 64 days....

  Thu. 10/6/11 6:59am Meghan:

Today's pledge goal is to get to 10%! Please help me make that happen. As much as I DON'T want an all Rush show..... I would like to make my crazy goal!
  Thu. 10/6/11 7:07am pierre:

Metallishtan !!!
  Thu. 10/6/11 7:09am Dave B:

This one's for Fred V H...
  Thu. 10/6/11 7:18am Dave B:

So, we can pool funds towards the RU(BBI)SH show all month?
  Thu. 10/6/11 7:20am Meghan:

exactly.... the total is for the All Rush Show....so basically everyone pledging is going towards that. My original goal was $1K.... but Ken made it $5K for the all Rush show.. Meaning, when that bar is 100%, it's all Rush....
  Thu. 10/6/11 7:22am Robin The Fog:

Jolly fine ear-opening show today, Meghan!
  Thu. 10/6/11 7:23am Chuck:

If the goal is reached I could help you out with it, Meg. I've got everything they ever recorded. heheh...
  Thu. 10/6/11 7:24am Meghan:

Thanks Robin! I find it interesting to hear how the music has evolved and changed as me move across the lands..... You can hear the influences....
  Thu. 10/6/11 7:27am Dave B:

The Silk Road was responsible for a LOT of cultural mash ups
  Thu. 10/6/11 7:31am Robin The Fog:

Pan Sonic! Yay! Let the walls SHAKE!!!!
  Thu. 10/6/11 7:32am Chuck:

Lots of tongue twisters in the artist/song titles, Meghan! It'll be even more interesting when we get to the orient, I'm sure....
  Thu. 10/6/11 7:34am Dave B:

Some Vicodins would make for fun DJ breaks today!
  Thu. 10/6/11 7:46am Meghan:

No more vicodin......

Alright, let's get to pledging! I want to make 10%! Show me your love and support for all the crazy work I do to put this show together! Come on people.... I did an entire show about countries that end with STAN! That is dedication!
  Thu. 10/6/11 7:49am Chuck:

Alas, can't help until next week, Meg. That enlarging job we looked at when we were at Argos is going to happen! The piece/deposit won't be here until the middle of next week....
  Thu. 10/6/11 7:52am Meghan:

Wow! Good luck with that!
  Thu. 10/6/11 7:53am Dave B:


There's a little bump for ya!
  Thu. 10/6/11 7:53am Meghan:

Dave giving a RUSH bump! Thanks!
  Thu. 10/6/11 7:54am Chuck:

Yeah, thanks! She wants me to do the mold of the enlargement too. It'll be interesting!
  Thu. 10/6/11 7:56am Elwyn:

Hey Everyone!

Did Chuck just mention enlargement? ;-)
  Thu. 10/6/11 7:56am Dave B:

So Meghan, how many are on the stream right now? Let's do the math people!

  Thu. 10/6/11 7:57am Meghan:

My stream numbers have been wacky lately..... it says 58.... but I think I am looking at a different stream from before.....
  Thu. 10/6/11 7:58am Chuck:

None of that gutter stuff, Elwyn!
  Thu. 10/6/11 8:01am Meghan:

Morning or shall I say EVENING Elwyn! I thought Daylight Savings Time was supposed to get you here early!
  Thu. 10/6/11 8:01am Dave B:

even at 58 listeners, each pledging $85 bucks would do it.

That's just 7 bucks a month, or about $1.60 per show for a year. Come one, that's less than some peoples daily frappacino habit!
  Thu. 10/6/11 8:02am mohawkdave!:

I thought I'd RUSH in and say hello to all who is present at Meghan's show this morning!
  Thu. 10/6/11 8:02am Elwyn:

@Evil Brady: There's a new Australian drama called "Rush". I'm fairly sure it's horrible like most Australian drama series.

@Meghan: Me bad.
  Thu. 10/6/11 8:03am Jeff P:

Good morning, everyone!
  Thu. 10/6/11 8:03am Meghan:

Ha! Morning Mohawkdave! I expect you out on Oct 21st for free skee ball! It's a meet up in Brooklyn!
  Thu. 10/6/11 8:03am Dave B:

one = on

in my previous post....
  Thu. 10/6/11 8:03am mohawkdave!:

Dave B, could you please break that down to hours and minutes? I believe I will need a little better perspective.
  Thu. 10/6/11 8:03am Robin The Fog:

Then of course, there's 'Rush' by Paula Abdul. I trust we won't be heading that direction?
  Thu. 10/6/11 8:04am Meghan:

Morning Jeff P!
  Thu. 10/6/11 8:04am Elwyn:

@Robin: That was an awful song. I'd rather listen to Tom Sawyer until my ears bled.
  Thu. 10/6/11 8:05am Dave B:

54 cents per hour of UTP


0.008888888888889 cents per minute....
  Thu. 10/6/11 8:05am mohawkdave!:

Oct 21, eh? I will check my schedule--I think it''s open!! What time? What's the name and location of said skee ball palace?
  Thu. 10/6/11 8:06am Meghan:

Robin... I already did my April Fool's Rush theme.... so not that direction. This time it's for real.... An honest RUSH show.

THIS IS YOUR ONLY TIME TO POOL YOUR PLEDGES! If I make my $5K, it's an ALL RUSH show. Pledge NOW!!!
  Thu. 10/6/11 8:07am mohawkdave!:

Thank you Dave B! You are amazing!! =:)
  Thu. 10/6/11 8:07am Meghan:

Info for the Meet Up!
  Thu. 10/6/11 8:12am Robin The Fog:

@Elwyn I know. I just like to make sure it's an Abdul-free zone before dipping my toe in. Oh, and no MC Scat Cat either.
  Thu. 10/6/11 8:12am glenn:

no. 0.88 cents / minute. 0.0088 DOLLARS / minute.
  Thu. 10/6/11 8:13am Chuck:

I'm sure Meghan has a "never play under any circumstances" list somewhere....
  Thu. 10/6/11 8:14am mohawkdave!:

  Thu. 10/6/11 8:14am Dave B:

I wonder if Dokaka ever covered RU(BBI)SH. He's version of 21st Century Schizoid Man kills


Sorry for bad calculation Glenn...I blame the lack of coffee.... Still its SUCH A BARGAIN!
  Thu. 10/6/11 8:15am Chuck:

Well, unless you bribe her with enough money anyway...
  Thu. 10/6/11 8:15am Dave B:

... or Baklava
  Thu. 10/6/11 8:16am Chuck:

Out of coffee? Start on BEER!
  Thu. 10/6/11 8:17am glenn:

i don't see turkmenistan.
  Thu. 10/6/11 8:17am Chuck:

First set, Glenn...
  Thu. 10/6/11 8:18am Dave B:

First set Glenn...
  Thu. 10/6/11 8:18am Elwyn:

What about wfmustan?
  Thu. 10/6/11 8:18am glenn:

oh. sorry. i didn't scroll up far enough.
  Thu. 10/6/11 8:18am maestroso:

Tuva! Don't skip Tuva!
  Thu. 10/6/11 8:19am glenn:

is there a stevejobsistan?
  Thu. 10/6/11 8:19am Dave B:

What about Elwynistan....
  Thu. 10/6/11 8:20am Elwyn:

Ha ha! Oceania is the continent... but I do like the way you make it sound like New Zealand and everything else is part of us.
  Thu. 10/6/11 8:20am Dave B:

Back Tuva Future, maestroso

  Thu. 10/6/11 8:20am Jeff P:

  Thu. 10/6/11 8:21am Elwyn:

Can you guys see this?
  Thu. 10/6/11 8:21am glenn:

narcissistan. actually, that's pretty good.
  Thu. 10/6/11 8:22am Simon:

Can we hear M&M's Stan ?
  Thu. 10/6/11 8:22am Dave B:

there's a Halal food truck near work we affectionately refer to as Truckistan....
  Thu. 10/6/11 8:23am glenn:

i mean, i don't live there, but i know people who do.
  Thu. 10/6/11 8:23am Jeff P:

omg the guy on the segway scooter with the steadycam!
  Thu. 10/6/11 8:23am Meghan:

I need me another 4% people before the show is over! You have 40 minutes! go go go! and THANKS!!!
  Thu. 10/6/11 8:25am mohawkdave!:

Is it me or did I hear some Pakistan Pride in the last one??
  Thu. 10/6/11 8:26am Meghan:

New T shirt design btw...... (Our very own) Noah's wife did the art for it!
  Thu. 10/6/11 8:27am Meghan:

Just a little bit Mohawkdave.... just a little....
  Thu. 10/6/11 8:28am Elwyn:

Pakistan... the world's biggest cricket cheats... wherease Australia are just up themselves and bad sports.
  Thu. 10/6/11 8:28am Meghan:

Elwyn, it wasn't fully on my map I was looking at so I just said Australia....(it's the biggest over there so you know....)
  Thu. 10/6/11 8:30am Elwyn:

@Meghan: It's not the biggest. Atlantis is bigger. ;-)

Hey Meghan, do you know what's on the WFMU Sun Ra mix CD?
  Thu. 10/6/11 8:31am Meghan:

Oh I did..... I'll try to find that email and forward it to you.
  Thu. 10/6/11 8:32am Meghan:

Half hour left....

PLEDGE PLEDGE PLEDGE.... and I don't mean the spray to clean furniture.....

I would like to see us get to the 10% mark by the end of the show! Please and Thanks!
  Thu. 10/6/11 8:33am Chuck:

Query, Meg: If I pledge now when do I actually have to send the $ to FMU?
  Thu. 10/6/11 8:35am Meghan:

I think there is a bill later option....
  Thu. 10/6/11 8:39am Meghan:

Woohoo! We are up to 8%! You all rock! I just need another 2%! You can do it!!!! I love you all!
  Thu. 10/6/11 8:39am Jim Devoid:

Pledged to help Meghan have the edge at the next Descendents show! (set sarcasm guns to stun!)
  Thu. 10/6/11 8:40am Meghan:

ha! Thanks Jim! I raise a beer to that!
  Thu. 10/6/11 8:40am Dave B:

Wait til I bring my pledge receipts to work. They'll match it!

I can hear Geddy Lee now!!!!!!

  Thu. 10/6/11 8:40am Chuck:

Nah, just tried it. Only Pay Pal of Credit Card for online pledges. Can't do it now. *sigh*
  Thu. 10/6/11 8:41am Meghan:

No worries Chuck! it's all month long!
  Thu. 10/6/11 8:41am glenn:

you should whipsaw the rush haters and the rush lovers against each other to pledge.
  Thu. 10/6/11 8:41am Chuck:

I have all my funding set into materials right now...
  Thu. 10/6/11 8:42am glenn:

i'll pledge 25$ to NEVER hear rush on wfmu.
  Thu. 10/6/11 8:42am Jeff P:

damn, matching funds is a great point, Dave B. (not for me, unfortunately, but still....)
  Thu. 10/6/11 8:42am Meghan:

Ha! Nice Dave!
  Thu. 10/6/11 8:43am Meghan:

Hmmmmm that is a good point Glenn...... It's 6K to NOT hear an all Rush show!
  Thu. 10/6/11 8:43am Dave B:

  Thu. 10/6/11 8:43am Jim Devoid:

...and I raise a jug of 'Shine on, Harvest Moon' moonshine in return, Meghan!
  Thu. 10/6/11 8:45am Jeff P:

Maybe next time you have an art show we can help by moving pictures....
  Thu. 10/6/11 8:45am Meghan:

LAST 15 MINUTES! Get that pledge in! I need another 2%!

$5K for an ALL RUSH SHOW
  Thu. 10/6/11 8:46am Robin The Fog:

There you go, that's all I got for now. Dry bread and tapwater for dinner tonight! ;-)
  Thu. 10/6/11 8:46am Jeff P:

  Thu. 10/6/11 8:47am Jim Devoid:

...or let it ride for no RUSH show as well. 2% less lets it fly by night.
  Thu. 10/6/11 8:48am Meghan:

That would have to be $10K..... I mean double Rush is double the price!

Robin.... but you're a peach! You can survive on your sweetness!
  Thu. 10/6/11 8:49am Jeff P:

Then it would have to be $12K for NO RUSH SHOWS again, right?
  Thu. 10/6/11 8:50am glenn:

this could be setting a bad example. next people will want an all radiohead show.
or not.
  Thu. 10/6/11 8:50am Dave B:

  Thu. 10/6/11 8:51am Meghan:

Glenn- that would be Keili's show!
  Thu. 10/6/11 8:51am Meghan:

1%! Just need ONE PERCENT MORE!!!!
  Thu. 10/6/11 8:51am Jim Devoid:

9%...I can smell the magic!
  Thu. 10/6/11 8:52am Meghan:


You all rock! We are on our way!
  Thu. 10/6/11 8:52am Dave B:

How about $2.5K and you do an all RUSH show, but play everything at double speed.
  Thu. 10/6/11 8:52am Chuck:

I could swing the $15 now and it's in!
  Thu. 10/6/11 8:52am Robin The Fog:

WOW! Can it be?! Has it happened?!
  Thu. 10/6/11 8:52am Jim Devoid:

  Thu. 10/6/11 8:52am Meghan:

Jeff P- 12K would be for no Rush EVER!
  Thu. 10/6/11 8:52am Dave B:

  Thu. 10/6/11 8:53am Chuck:

Thanks to all you other pledgers also!
  Thu. 10/6/11 8:53am Jim Devoid:

Could sound clips from the Trailer Park Boys be worked in? They're Canadian stoners, after all...
  Thu. 10/6/11 8:54am glenn:

well, meghan, if you had to do one show on one artist, who would it be? (maybe you have, i don't know)
  Thu. 10/6/11 8:54am Dave B:

Play that "Dianne Sawyer" song then....
  Thu. 10/6/11 8:55am Meghan:

Oh, there would be Rush covers... Rush clips, Rush Rush Rush..... 3 Hours of Everything Rush!
  Thu. 10/6/11 8:56am Meghan:

Oh that is hard.... one artist..... hmmm.... I'll have to think about that one! It all depends on my mood!
  Thu. 10/6/11 8:56am glenn:

actually, they're down east stoners. nova scotia's a whole different world. it's a great place.
  Thu. 10/6/11 8:56am Robin The Fog:

Well, time our old enemy is against us once more. But what a treat today's show has been. Thanks Meghan and all my forum friends. See you next time!! :-D
  Thu. 10/6/11 8:57am Meghan:

Thanks again Robin! Until next week!
  Thu. 10/6/11 8:57am Dave B:

As long as you don't play any Triumph... They were Rush wannabes
  Thu. 10/6/11 9:00am still b/p:

"Rush wannabes." What could be more double-damning? A band denying it might furiously challenge you to a duel.
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