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Options September 30, 2011: Maiden Voyage

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Listener comments!

  Fri. 9/30/11 7:23pm FRANGRY:

almost time...
  Fri. 9/30/11 7:26pm MISTER JOHNNY:

I'm soooo excited. I wonder what the first question will be?
  Fri. 9/30/11 7:27pm Listener zero:

  Fri. 9/30/11 7:27pm FRANGRY:

someone better call
  Fri. 9/30/11 7:28pm MISTER JOHNNY:

What's the number?
  Fri. 9/30/11 7:28pm FRANGRY:

we're so nervous we might puke
  Fri. 9/30/11 7:28pm FRANGRY:

call us at 201-536-9368
  Fri. 9/30/11 7:29pm brett:

I'm callin for sureeee
  Fri. 9/30/11 7:29pm Listener zero:

Can we call with puke questions?
  Fri. 9/30/11 7:29pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Go ahead and puke - I have a vomit fetish. Does that make me a bad person?
  Fri. 9/30/11 7:30pm Listener zero:

That's bad for the throat, Johnny.
  Fri. 9/30/11 7:30pm G:

  Fri. 9/30/11 7:31pm Listener zero:

Turn Frangry up, Andy!
  Fri. 9/30/11 7:31pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Maiden voyage...just like the Titanic!!!
  Fri. 9/30/11 7:32pm Listener zero:

Michelle sounds way better than Frangry. And I mean that in an audio tech way.
  Fri. 9/30/11 7:32pm Paul M:

Michelle, Frangry
These are birds that go together well
Frangry, Michelle
  Fri. 9/30/11 7:32pm MISTER JOHNNY:

You have a problem...nobody's callin'!!!
  Fri. 9/30/11 7:33pm Prediction:

First show advice:

GO FIST YOURSELF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  Fri. 9/30/11 7:33pm Flipp Kaufman:

I want to hear some FUCK and SHIT!

Can barely hear the caller, btw.
  Fri. 9/30/11 7:34pm MISTER JOHNNY:


Me too!!!
  Fri. 9/30/11 7:34pm G:

Dude, help her to come orally, then intercourse. DUH.
  Fri. 9/30/11 7:35pm MISTER JOHNNY:

I'm worthless!!!
  Fri. 9/30/11 7:35pm Listener Dave from Seattle:

Crap, I can't seem to get connected
  Fri. 9/30/11 7:35pm MISTER JOHNNY:

It would be hotter if FRANGRY put on a Dr. Ruth voice.
  Fri. 9/30/11 7:36pm G:

@Listener Dave: that's what she said.
  Fri. 9/30/11 7:37pm Satan in the Rearview Mirror:

Sex tips from chicks is cool, but if they get into the more emotional aspects, then forget it. Never listen to women.
  Fri. 9/30/11 7:37pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Frangry, how do you strap on the Hitachi Magic Wand Massager to PANCAKE???
  Fri. 9/30/11 7:37pm other david:

oh dear lord I almost forgot this and was stuck listening to stuff you should know, ugh.
  Fri. 9/30/11 7:38pm Listener Dave from Seattle:

Sex tips for women makes more sense.
  Fri. 9/30/11 7:39pm MISTER JOHNNY:

This is "Stuff you need to know, buster!"
  Fri. 9/30/11 7:39pm G:

He should explain what aren't his problems. That would be quicker.
  Fri. 9/30/11 7:39pm Listener zero:

Wait, that doesn't sound like McCabe at all!
  Fri. 9/30/11 7:39pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Web-cam dominatrix...ain't technology wonderful!
  Fri. 9/30/11 7:40pm other david:

  Fri. 9/30/11 7:40pm Listener Dave from Seattle:

Guess I will have to wait until the archive comes out.
  Fri. 9/30/11 7:40pm Listener zero:

Dominatrixes are creative – Frangry is taking notes.
  Fri. 9/30/11 7:40pm MISTER JOHNNY:

McCabe dick is totally tartar-free and minty fresh!!!
  Fri. 9/30/11 7:40pm Gray G.:

Can I cook the Rice afterwards?
  Fri. 9/30/11 7:41pm G:

This "dominatrix" is just getting guys with low self esteem to do what they want and give them money.

In olden times, that was called marriage.
  Fri. 9/30/11 7:41pm other david:

obsessive personality disorder sir.

and creepytacular.
  Fri. 9/30/11 7:41pm tony:

I just found a new use for my electric toothbrush
  Fri. 9/30/11 7:41pm Listener zero:

My Mistress lets me service her for free. :-)
  Fri. 9/30/11 7:42pm Listener Dave from Seattle:

I'm pretty sure it isn't about low self esteem.
  Fri. 9/30/11 7:42pm MISTER JOHNNY:

FRANGRY - give McCabe some commands!

Make him listen to "Seven Second Delay."

No, that's too cruel.
  Fri. 9/30/11 7:42pm other david:

this show is officially awesome.
  Fri. 9/30/11 7:42pm brett:

So bizzare to hear frangry and john talking so dirty.
  Fri. 9/30/11 7:43pm Wayne Cooter:

How soon into a relationship can I introduce anal sex?
  Fri. 9/30/11 7:43pm Gray G.:

Frangry needs to just yell out "FUCK!" just because she can
  Fri. 9/30/11 7:43pm Gray G.:

cargo shorts are hott
  Fri. 9/30/11 7:43pm Squirrel:

This program brought to you by Hitachi Magic Wand and Oral-B
  Fri. 9/30/11 7:43pm MISTER JOHNNY:

What about acid-wash jeans?
  Fri. 9/30/11 7:43pm Listener zero:

It IS kinda nice listening to McCabe just let loose without Andy hovering over the dump button.
  Fri. 9/30/11 7:44pm Gray G.:

Frangry is already bored...
  Fri. 9/30/11 7:44pm G:

@Wayne: Some women never will, some are crazy for it. Different persoinality types.
  Fri. 9/30/11 7:45pm MISTER JOHNNY:

That McCabe call was a real downer.

I feel really sad now...
  Fri. 9/30/11 7:45pm The Matador:

Ugh. Andy. Dude needs to shut the fuck up all of the time.
  Fri. 9/30/11 7:45pm FRANGRY:

  Fri. 9/30/11 7:46pm Gray G.:

jean shorts, tank top, and roller blades...
Michele's man
  Fri. 9/30/11 7:46pm MISTER JOHNNY:

There is only one JOHN MCCABE!!!
  Fri. 9/30/11 7:47pm Gray G.:

Share your weirdest hook up
  Fri. 9/30/11 7:47pm Listen to me Bissss:

Why do women always seem to be way more horny when they're on their period? I've earned so many red wings.
  Fri. 9/30/11 7:47pm other david:

FRANGRY, how BIG was this bag?
  Fri. 9/30/11 7:47pm G:

You could use other shows' premises. Have people write poems about running baby Jesus through a blender.
  Fri. 9/30/11 7:47pm Listener zero:

It's kinda nice in a sadistic way to listen to Frangry flounder in the wind without Andy.
  Fri. 9/30/11 7:48pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Did you steal his gum out of his man purse?
  Fri. 9/30/11 7:49pm Listener Dave from Seattle:

Oh well.
  Fri. 9/30/11 7:49pm SF:

Can't hear this dude.
  Fri. 9/30/11 7:49pm Listener zero:

Heh, the callers' levels are still ignored.
  Fri. 9/30/11 7:49pm brett:

  Fri. 9/30/11 7:50pm G:

@Mister J.: No, she stole his ABC gum while making out with him a little later.
  Fri. 9/30/11 7:50pm Tito Obelus:

Can't hear this lame-o. Really grill this guy for no reason whatsoever.
  Fri. 9/30/11 7:50pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Is it ever OK to pay for sex?
  Fri. 9/30/11 7:51pm other david:

ugh another David
  Fri. 9/30/11 7:51pm Listener zero:

Johnny: Marriage joke from upstairs about dominatrixes applies.
  Fri. 9/30/11 7:51pm Gray G.:

Is there a list for this show?
  Fri. 9/30/11 7:51pm G:

@Mister J: Everyone always pays for sex.
  Fri. 9/30/11 7:51pm MISTER JOHNNY:

I like it when FRANGRY drops the F bomb.
  Fri. 9/30/11 7:52pm Whatever:

I bet Frangry's mic isn't on.
  Fri. 9/30/11 7:52pm Tito Obelus:

Pussy: the most expensive dinner.
  Fri. 9/30/11 7:52pm Whatever:

Oh, wait, whatever.
  Fri. 9/30/11 7:53pm MISTER JOHNNY:

I wonder who is Michelle's HATE FUCK?
  Fri. 9/30/11 7:53pm Listener zero:

Johnny: All of them?
  Fri. 9/30/11 7:53pm T:

So people, tell me, why do we need a radio show (nothing against it, though) for getting weird rules of society explained. Why don't we stop with the stupid rules?
  Fri. 9/30/11 7:54pm MISTER JOHNNY:

  Fri. 9/30/11 7:55pm Listener zero:

How do I convince my spouse to take climate change serious?
  Fri. 9/30/11 7:55pm other david:

caller is nice lady, who overthinks
  Fri. 9/30/11 7:55pm G:

@T.: Because people seldom think very clearly about stuff that is really important to them, and sex falls in that category for most.
  Fri. 9/30/11 7:55pm MISTER JOHNNY:

This girl is a Lesbo - not there's anything wrong with that!
  Fri. 9/30/11 7:55pm Listener Dave from Seattle:

I want my own dude show
  Fri. 9/30/11 7:56pm G:

@Listener zero: Why do you need to?
  Fri. 9/30/11 7:56pm Gray G.:

jerk off before talking to women
  Fri. 9/30/11 7:56pm MISTER JOHNNY:

I LOVE your leopard print tights, FRANGRY!!!
  Fri. 9/30/11 7:57pm Greg:

you girls are doing awesome so far,love the show!
  Fri. 9/30/11 7:57pm Listener zero:

G: For the sake of our children and their children and their childrens' children.
  Fri. 9/30/11 7:57pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Fuck 'em...I worth it!!!
  Fri. 9/30/11 7:57pm G:

can't believe she got through.
  Fri. 9/30/11 7:58pm other david:

MISTER JOHNNY, new tagline!
  Fri. 9/30/11 7:58pm Listener Dave from Seattle:

Leopard print = Fredrick's of Hollywood
  Fri. 9/30/11 7:58pm G:

@Listener zero: Is she the head of the Department of Energy, or someone raising a family and having a regular life? If the latter, back to my original question.
  Fri. 9/30/11 7:59pm Gray G.:

Oh hey... Baseball is on!
  Fri. 9/30/11 7:59pm FRANGRY:

  Fri. 9/30/11 7:59pm pgw in mntclr:

the F-bombs are great
  Fri. 9/30/11 7:59pm Lisa:

  Fri. 9/30/11 8:00pm Listener zero:

G: Regular people have impact.
  Fri. 9/30/11 8:00pm MISTER JOHNNY:

How many moth testicles does it take to make one moth ball?
  Fri. 9/30/11 8:00pm other david:

Lisa +1

You're hanging on by a thread Andy, sort yourself out
  Fri. 9/30/11 8:01pm SF:

Can barely hear mothman
  Fri. 9/30/11 8:01pm John McCabe in L.A.:

is there any way you two can video stream this show?
  Fri. 9/30/11 8:01pm Listener zero:

I want Andy to call in and ask for advice on how to deal with Frangry.
  Fri. 9/30/11 8:01pm Sammy:

Use cedar balls, not moth balls.
  Fri. 9/30/11 8:02pm Listener zero:

Callers' levels, get them!
  Fri. 9/30/11 8:03pm Lisa:

Keili says to to put your mics on mono and the phone not on mono, if you haven't already, because you can't hear the caller.
  Fri. 9/30/11 8:03pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Michele and Frangry

Do you like dirty talk?
  Fri. 9/30/11 8:04pm Listener zero:

  Fri. 9/30/11 8:04pm MISTER JOHNNY:

When is ANDY COHEN gonna call?
  Fri. 9/30/11 8:04pm other david:

ahaha <3
  Fri. 9/30/11 8:05pm Big Grill:

cat fight!!!
  Fri. 9/30/11 8:05pm FRANGRY:

  Fri. 9/30/11 8:06pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Clown Rape...the eternal problem
  Fri. 9/30/11 8:06pm John McCabe in L.A.:

does Michele have a tumblr blog?
  Fri. 9/30/11 8:08pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Ask her if she likes Clown Rape...
  Fri. 9/30/11 8:08pm MISTER JOHNNY:

She wants her taco and pie eaten!!!
  Fri. 9/30/11 8:09pm pgw in mntclr:

for some reason, i thought he said "OK Cuban"
  Fri. 9/30/11 8:09pm Lisa:

I would definitely respond to someone who made the pie joke after giving me the pie recipe.
  Fri. 9/30/11 8:09pm Squirrel:

clown rape... this show is veering dangerously close to juggalo territory
  Fri. 9/30/11 8:10pm Elwyn:

I just woke up. What's the URL of the MP3 stream?
  Fri. 9/30/11 8:10pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Why "OK Cupid?"

Is it a good site? Do the others suck?
  Fri. 9/30/11 8:10pm G:

What does the F stand for in Frangry?

  Fri. 9/30/11 8:12pm G:

I was out of the room. @listener zero: I give up, you're a controlling fascist type who insists everyone do what you want and say they agree with you about everything.
  Fri. 9/30/11 8:13pm Listener zero:

G: lol ok, loon :-)
  Fri. 9/30/11 8:13pm Elwyn:

If she's creeped out, she should fork out the money to have the man killed.
  Fri. 9/30/11 8:14pm G:

precisely my point :-) my sympathies to your other half.
  Fri. 9/30/11 8:14pm MISTER JOHNNY:

It's not illegal...it's barely legal!!!
  Fri. 9/30/11 8:15pm Listener zero:

G: Talk about projection :D
  Fri. 9/30/11 8:15pm MISTER JOHNNY:

No such thing as a slut?

  Fri. 9/30/11 8:15pm FRANGRY:

  Fri. 9/30/11 8:15pm G:

hey, be nice, some of my best friends are sluts
  Fri. 9/30/11 8:16pm MISTER JOHNNY:

What's the proper technique for a Hitachi Magic Wand Massager?
  Fri. 9/30/11 8:18pm depressed Persian cab driver:

You go girls, this is fun!
  Fri. 9/30/11 8:18pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Michele and Frangry:

I really need some Halloween costume ideas!!!
  Fri. 9/30/11 8:18pm Greg:

you two are both 'worth it'; is Michelle coming to the meetup?
  Fri. 9/30/11 8:18pm G:

my brothers went to MSU. they're all blitzed there by this time friday night.
  Fri. 9/30/11 8:19pm John McCabe in L.A.:

collarme.com is a good dating site too
  Fri. 9/30/11 8:20pm G:

  Fri. 9/30/11 8:20pm Lisa:

18 year old sounds like she's middle aged! Go get laid girl!
  Fri. 9/30/11 8:20pm Listener zero:

McCabe: Thought you'd prefer fetlife.com
  Fri. 9/30/11 8:21pm pgw in mntclr:

best. call. of the night.
  Fri. 9/30/11 8:21pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Lisa, you're so right...she sounded around 45.
  Fri. 9/30/11 8:23pm G:

pretty good for a first show...
  Fri. 9/30/11 8:23pm Jay Stay:

Great show! Good to hear REAL language!
  Fri. 9/30/11 8:23pm G:

let em keep going, ken
  Fri. 9/30/11 8:24pm Listener zero:

G: YOU are pretty good for being of the superficial, apathetic and nihilist persuasion. <3
  Fri. 9/30/11 8:25pm Elwyn:

If Ken initially says "no" to next week, get Andy to sleep with him as a favour.
  Fri. 9/30/11 8:25pm MISTER JOHNNY:

"I'm Worth It" with Michele and Frangry...

I don't like it...I LOVE IT!!!
  Fri. 9/30/11 8:25pm G:

as long as you are satisfied with yourself, listener zero, that's the main thing for you
  Fri. 9/30/11 8:25pm FRANGRY:

  Fri. 9/30/11 8:25pm Chris:

I prefer Existential
  Fri. 9/30/11 8:26pm Listener zero:

Haha, I didn't know I've been conversing with one of the hosts. I love you all! Kisses! <3
  Fri. 9/30/11 8:26pm G:

Andy is scared of Ken's "toilet plunger"
  Fri. 9/30/11 8:26pm MISTER JOHNNY:

You guys need some cool bed music...Ladytron, perhaps?
  Fri. 9/30/11 8:26pm Listener zero:

And next week I am going to call in and ask for advice about how to let go. PS: I am worth it.
  Fri. 9/30/11 8:26pm John McCabe in L.A.:

@Listener zero yeah i'm there to
  Fri. 9/30/11 8:27pm depressed Persian cab driver:

Admit to being self-absorbed, but not to the point you both are, apparently. What are you worth?
  Fri. 9/30/11 8:28pm MISTER JOHNNY:

You shouldn't tell your shrink...it's private.
  Fri. 9/30/11 8:28pm Lisa:

If you don't want a shrink who's a man, you should probably have a shrink who's a man.
  Fri. 9/30/11 8:28pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Michelle has vagina problems ever since she was raped by a clown.
  Fri. 9/30/11 8:28pm G:

topic for next week: Michelle's vajayjay. and is it worth it or not?
  Fri. 9/30/11 8:28pm Listener zero:

Agree with Frangry about shrinks.
  Fri. 9/30/11 8:29pm Elwyn:

When it reaches "that time of the month", will Frangry and Michelle's "cycles" become synced up to danger levels?
  Fri. 9/30/11 8:29pm MISTER JOHNNY:


Take that ANDY COHEN!!!
  Fri. 9/30/11 8:29pm FRANGRY:

I'm worth it.
  Fri. 9/30/11 8:30pm G:

They'll be giving out red badges in pairs when that happens, Elwyn.
  Fri. 9/30/11 8:30pm MISTER JOHNNY:

I'm worthless
  Fri. 9/30/11 8:30pm Billy:

That was *totally* worth it.
  Fri. 9/30/11 8:31pm Listener zero:

I'm worth "it".
  Fri. 9/30/11 8:31pm Ike:

I only caught the last 10 minutes. That wasn't nearly as racy as I'd expected. Did I miss anything good?
  Fri. 9/30/11 8:32pm Listener zero:

Ike: Show needs to build up a reputation first, especially being web-only. Give it time. It will grow into a nice, weekly cauldron of racy, saucy goodness.
  Fri. 9/30/11 8:45pm Listener zero:

Hm. C != G, eh? Well, must have gotten confused.
  Mon. 10/3/11 7:29pm chrisg:

great show ladies..
i might even call in... get a perspective... i mean it's only an opinion right?
All the best with the new show..
  Tue. 10/4/11 8:00pm Rawr:

A muffin could be a better radio host than Frangry.
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