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Options September 29, 2011: More Middle East.... Now Play Nice....

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Artist Track Album Approx. start time
Patrick Brady  Love in Manama   Options Life in the Emirates and Other Songs  0:00:00 ()
Dead Can Dance   Oman   Options Toward the Within  0:02:41 ()
Bellyhouse featuring Lillith  Oman Oman   Options Chantress  0:08:08 ()
Nabeel Rojeh  Al Bedah Wo Al Hajar   Options Nabeel Rojeh  0:12:46 ()
Music behind DJ:
Sounds From the Coney Island Boardwalk     0:16:58 ()
The Color Bars  Greetings From Dubai   Options Making Playthings  0:20:24 ()
Marc Gartband  Abu Dhabi   Options I Am a Fool For You  0:24:39 ()
Luke Greenberg  Dubai Nights   Options Prisoner With a Key  0:27:40 ()
Vibe Triibe  Dancing in Dubai   Options Symphony Hooligans  0:35:00 ()
Essi  Dubai Dubai   Options Ghabool Ghabool  0:39:14 ()
Pillow Queens  Dubai-bai   Options Kookoolegit  0:44:16 ()
Music behind DJ:
Sounds From the Coney Island Boardwalk     1:40:40 ()
Myra Davies  Qatar   Options Cities & Girls  0:55:25 ()
Daler Mehndi  Doha   Options Just Married- Marriage Was Only the Beginning  1:00:37 ()
Statuesque  The Rain in Bahrain   Options Rader, I Curried Him  1:04:04 ()
Self Destruckt  Bahrain in Blood   Options Media Slayer  1:09:43 ()
Bob Gallo  Freedom Islands of Kuwait   Options Islands of the World  1:12:04 ()
Awad Al Dokhi  Abdy Ismik Ya Kuwait   Options Awad Al Dokhi 4  1:15:02 ()
Music behind DJ:
Sounds of Sideshows by the Seashore     1:18:16 ()
Rafeef Ziadah  Baghdad   Options Hadeel  1:26:32 ()
Feryal Oney  Irak Olduk   Options Bulutlar Gecer  1:27:46 ()
Propagandhi  Albright Monument Baghdad   Options Today's Empires, Tomorrow's Ashes  1:31:43 ()
Bouncing Souls  Letter From Iraq   Options The Gold Record  1:34:04 ()
Gwar  Back to Iraq   Options Carnival of Chaos  1:37:01 ()
Baghdad Heavy Metal feat. Rayess Bek  Baghdad Burning   Options Baghdad Heavy Metal  1:39:19 ()
Music behind DJ:
Sounds from the Point Pleasant Beach     1:42:31 ()
Ras Michael & The Songs of Negus  Keep Cool Babylon   Options Tribute to the Emperor  1:52:46 ()
King Tubby  Move Out a Babylon   Options Essential Dub  1:55:10 ()
Bob Marley  Babylon System   Options Songs of Freedom  1:58:45 ()
The Melodians  Rivers of Babylon   Options Bringing out the Dead  2:03:11 ()
The Slits  Babylon   Options Trapped Animal  2:06:58 ()
Sinead O'Connor  Fire On Babylon   Options Universal Mother  2:12:51 ()
Manu Chao  Casa Babylon   Options Radio Bemba Sound System  2:17:54 ()
The Black Keys  Goodbye Babylon   Options Magic Potion  2:20:27 ()
Music behind DJ:
Sounds from the Point Pleasant Boardwalk     2:26:23 ()
Mahdi Habibi, Jamaleddin Menbari  Javdan Iran   Options Naz-e-Leili  2:30:43 ()
Gholamhosein Banan  Ey Iran   Options Works By Banan  2:36:54 ()
PJ Collection/Various Artists  Tehroon   Options Tehroon by PJ  2:38:13 ()
Jerry Harrison  I Cry For Iran   Options Walk on Water  2:42:14 ()
Aviv Geffen & the Mistakes  Good Morning Iran   Options Live  2:48:12 ()
TM Bax  Koshkele Tehroon   Options   2:51:17 ()
Tataloo & Tomeh  Zire Saghfe Tehroon   Options   2:54:31 ()

Listener comments!

  Thu. 9/29/11 6:04am Roy:

Good morning Meghan and to you all!
  Thu. 9/29/11 6:06am Meghan:

Good morning Roy!
  Thu. 9/29/11 6:06am Simon:

Morning morning morning
  Thu. 9/29/11 6:07am pierre:

i have my ticket ! let me in ! please, let me in !
  Thu. 9/29/11 6:07am Dave B:

Good reason as any to play DCD
  Thu. 9/29/11 6:08am Meghan:

hehe... Morning Pierre! and Simon and Dave!
  Thu. 9/29/11 6:10am the anchovy:

Bonjour Meghan and listeners!
Junping in'
  Thu. 9/29/11 6:13am Meghan:

Bonjour Anchovy!
  Thu. 9/29/11 6:16am Dave B:

I just hope this doesn't freak out the regular JM crowd.
  Thu. 9/29/11 6:17am the anchovy:

this Nabeel Rojeh is really cool!
  Thu. 9/29/11 6:22am Dave B:

manama = bahrain...

but I think it would be cool to visit that one again.

(and NO Elwyn, Patrick is not related to me in any way)
  Thu. 9/29/11 6:23am David:

what's the one-word theme? countries?
  Thu. 9/29/11 6:24am Meghan:

That is what I thought Dave B...... I knew it got mixed up.

David, today's theme is my musical tour through the world. We are trying to visit every country in the world through music! So right now we are in the Middle East!
  Thu. 9/29/11 6:24am Simon:

Was Manamana by the Muppets about the same City? I want to hear that!
  Thu. 9/29/11 6:25am Simon:

or was it about Du Du di Dubai..
  Thu. 9/29/11 6:25am Meghan:

Ha! I kept thinking that too Simon!
  Thu. 9/29/11 6:26am David:

that sounds really cool. I'm usually not up at this hour so this show is new to me. I'll have to check out some of the other countries you've done tours of!
  Thu. 9/29/11 6:27am Meghan:

It's not always like this...... but it's fun! I'm not usually up this early either..... except for the show! hehe
  Thu. 9/29/11 6:27am Dave B:

Welcome to the Park David.

You have to be this tall to ride the "Tilt-A-Wheel".....
  Thu. 9/29/11 6:28am Dave B:

I second the request for MANAMANA!!!
  Thu. 9/29/11 6:33am Simon:

Just picking up on the newswires that there are heightened tensions in the middle east today. Apparently down to some crazy American shock jock creating significant offence by misplacing the capital of Dubai. Live on air. Would you believe some people?
  Thu. 9/29/11 6:35am Meghan:

HA!..... it doesn't have to be a capital! it can be any town too!
  Thu. 9/29/11 6:41am Dave B:

Doesn't Frank Sinatra sing about Dubai in "Strangers In The Night"

Towards the end where he scats "Dubai dubai dooo"
  Thu. 9/29/11 6:42am pierre:

wooooooo !!!
i love this heavy synth, big rythms Essi song

LOUDERRRRR ! (my headphones are spitiing sound loud here)
  Thu. 9/29/11 6:42am Meghan:

Oh punny punny dave.....
  Thu. 9/29/11 6:43am Dave B:

that's all I got right now....
  Thu. 9/29/11 6:44am Simon:

I don't mean to cause any trouble, but were Albania and Romania included at any point during the European leg?
  Thu. 9/29/11 6:46am Meghan:

Yep. They were...... http://wfmu.org/playlists/shows/41637
  Thu. 9/29/11 6:51am Dave B:

let's give Google+ a try. Might be enough momentum to cause a mass exodus. Fire up the video hang out feature...
  Thu. 9/29/11 6:54am pierre:

oooooh a UWTP meet up !!!
: ( this is gonna be hard…
  Thu. 9/29/11 6:54am Andrew (&Ben):

Hi Meghan & everyone! ^_^

You played DCD Oman & Essi dubai dubai ^_^
  Thu. 9/29/11 6:54am Simon:

Ah I was on holiday that week. Puns: Iraq'd my brains for some more, but I couldn't come up with any
  Thu. 9/29/11 6:57am Meghan:

Morning Andrew (& Ben!)
  Thu. 9/29/11 6:58am fred von helsing:

(sorry i'm late..)
  Thu. 9/29/11 6:58am Andrea on the M62:

What?! This Qatar song is great! Where can I get it???
  Thu. 9/29/11 7:00am Meghan:

Andrea... I found it on Amazon. The album is Cities & Girls
  Thu. 9/29/11 7:01am Andrea on the M62:

ah thank you very much. it reminds me of, i dunno, like dreaming when im on holiday!
  Thu. 9/29/11 7:11am fred von helsing:

"Bahrain in Blood"? ouch the truth hurts
  Thu. 9/29/11 7:17am Dave B:

I like the use of "call to prayer" chants. Sends me back to the summer of '79
  Thu. 9/29/11 7:20am fred von helsing:

it's the just-becauseway
  Thu. 9/29/11 7:22am Dave B:

and stop by the Banana Stand... I'M HUNGRY!
  Thu. 9/29/11 7:22am dirty old man:

Kuwait set!
  Thu. 9/29/11 7:23am fred von helsing:

still waiting for The Most Serene Republic of San Marino... not holding my breath tho
  Thu. 9/29/11 7:24am pierre:

by the way Meghan, isn't a pun intended/jokes theme a theme for the theme park ?
  Thu. 9/29/11 7:26am Dave B:

well said Meghan.
  Thu. 9/29/11 7:31am Meghan:

Punny Puns are always allowed. They make me giggle...
  Thu. 9/29/11 7:33am karen:

'Morning Meghan....Sad day for the SOX!!!
Enjoying your show.
  Thu. 9/29/11 7:34am dirty old man:

Glad you found some songs, Iraq'd my brain (no comments) for one.
  Thu. 9/29/11 7:35am Meghan:

Ugh, the Sox...... don't even remind me. Man did they blow it. If that is how you are going to play in September, then you get what you deserve....
  Thu. 9/29/11 7:42am Dave B:

it's in the bag daddy-o
  Thu. 9/29/11 7:45am David:

thanks for the show; it's been a lot of fun; I'll try to check in again next week. best wishes with the countries for next week!
  Thu. 9/29/11 7:45am fred von helsing:

Borat !
  Thu. 9/29/11 7:45am ex:

meghan you are amazing ...brave too
  Thu. 9/29/11 7:47am mohawkdave!:

Good morning all!
and....I say "Yea!" to NO Facebook! =:)
  Thu. 9/29/11 7:50am fred von helsing:

there's gonna be a meetup in paris this weekend !
  Thu. 9/29/11 7:51am fred:

@fred: where and when?
  Thu. 9/29/11 7:54am Meghan:

awww thanks David! Thanks Ex and Morning Mohawkdave!
  Thu. 9/29/11 7:54am mohawkdave!:

My request/wish: Cockney Rejects; "Where the hell is Babylon?" Only very partial "reggae" in that one!
  Thu. 9/29/11 7:55am karen:

Yes, it is 5772!
  Thu. 9/29/11 7:55am pierre:

yeah !
wfmu parisian meet up !!!
  Thu. 9/29/11 7:56am dirty old man:

Meghan, I love it when you just Babylon.
  Thu. 9/29/11 7:56am Dave B:

I wish I were there (Paris)...

Hey - how about the Small Faces "Happiness Stan" ???
  Thu. 9/29/11 7:57am pierre:

@ fred : fred von H, will be parisian for a few days. Where should we meet all together ? Bouillon B ? Fred V H is (also) a Féline guy (in Ménilmontant)
  Thu. 9/29/11 7:57am fred von helsing:

social directeur pierre will make a plan - some time on the weekend? i hit town tonite at about midnite, by Place d'Italie, si tu es près de lui buvons de la bière?
  Thu. 9/29/11 7:58am fred von helsing:

yeah fred ya gotta bring yer wfmu swag-shirt!
  Thu. 9/29/11 7:59am Dave B:

or Laika and the Cosmonauts "Silencio in Dubsurdistan"
  Thu. 9/29/11 8:01am jeff p:

good morning, everyone! are we doing bad middle eastern puns again today?
  Thu. 9/29/11 8:01am fred:

fred, that goes without saying
pierre, you have my email, so let me know about the plan. Some advance notice would be nice, I have a hectic weekend planned, and no cell phone, so I won't have access to email all that often
  Thu. 9/29/11 8:01am fred von helsing:

L&tCs are great! and Finnish, but big in Texas -- go figure
  Thu. 9/29/11 8:05am Dave B:

Speaking of Texas, there was an interesting article on the Tehran Bureau blog comparing the curriculum control of the school systems in Texas and Iran

  Thu. 9/29/11 8:05am Magda:

Good Morning!!!!!!!
  Thu. 9/29/11 8:06am pierre:

Yes i'll let you know fred
is saturday a good day for you ?
  Thu. 9/29/11 8:08am fred von helsing:

pierre sms me fred's email ?
  Thu. 9/29/11 8:08am jeff p:

did i miss the fb discussion this morning?
  Thu. 9/29/11 8:09am Dave B:

never realized this:

"The Rastafari movement encompasses themes such as the spiritual use of cannabis and the rejection of western society, called Babylon"

Gotta love the interwebbes
  Thu. 9/29/11 8:09am Elwyn:

Morning everyone!

Did we pick up any hitchhikers then drop them off in Iran so they could have a nice walk?
  Thu. 9/29/11 8:09am pierre:

@fred VH: good idea !
  Thu. 9/29/11 8:11am fred:

@pierre: sure, saturday would be fine (starting from late afternoon). I have tentative plans for all weekend, but I'm very willing to shuffle all that for the meetup
  Thu. 9/29/11 8:11am Meghan:

Good Morning Magda, Elwyn (you're late... you are walking through Iran) and Jeff P.
  Thu. 9/29/11 8:12am Dave B:

Elwyn will be singing that Flock Of Seagulls song....
  Thu. 9/29/11 8:13am fred von helsing:

est-ce qu'il y a d'autres du FMU à Paris? I know the station had a pledge map page where you could see where pledgers were coming from
  Thu. 9/29/11 8:13am glenn:

i'm happy the bosox lost, but i'm not going to gloat.
  Thu. 9/29/11 8:14am Meghan:

Wise choice Glenn..... though they way they played this past month, they didn't deserve it.....
  Thu. 9/29/11 8:14am fred:

@fred: when I get the info I'll forward it to Lucas (he may be working though)
  Thu. 9/29/11 8:15am Cheri Pi:

I just love that version of the Slits. G'Mornin Meghan and all!
  Thu. 9/29/11 8:15am glenn:

sinead can bring the reggae, huh?
  Thu. 9/29/11 8:15am pierre:

yeah, there is Lucas, Dave B (when he's around), my friends anchovy and Lonious Monk, from time to time.
  Thu. 9/29/11 8:15am Dave B:

@Fred V H / Fred / Pierre:


  Thu. 9/29/11 8:16am Meghan:

morning Cheri Pi!
  Thu. 9/29/11 8:16am Elwyn:

@Meghan: Has the world lost respect for Australians ever since our previous government chose to participate in Gulf War 2? I'm hoping I'm not American enough to become a political prisoner...
  Thu. 9/29/11 8:16am fred von helsing:

hey the more, the merrier! maybe there's a place where you can sit in the sun and drink liter mugs of belgian beer? (fast track to destruction :)
  Thu. 9/29/11 8:17am Cheri Pi:

WFMU listener meetup in Paris! That sounds excellent!!
  Thu. 9/29/11 8:18am glenn:

well, i don't think there isn't a single team that has never choked, but they do seem prone to it, that's fer sure.
  Thu. 9/29/11 8:19am Dave B:

I lost respect for Australians after "Young Einstein"
  Thu. 9/29/11 8:19am fred:

@fred: Bouillon Belge doesn't have liter mugs nor outside tables, but has the WMD you're talking about in both variety and quantity.
  Thu. 9/29/11 8:19am Unclear on the concept:

Great Babylon set. Amityville is next, right?
  Thu. 9/29/11 8:20am glenn:

i gained respect for australians after "the dish".
  Thu. 9/29/11 8:20am Meghan:

Oh Dave.... It's just Yahoo Serious. Don't blame all Austrialians for his lameness....
  Thu. 9/29/11 8:20am Elwyn:

@Dave B: You monster! How could you NOT love an Aussie scientist who rocks?
  Thu. 9/29/11 8:20am Meghan:

Unclear... Babylon is in Iraq... so a little segue you know....
  Thu. 9/29/11 8:21am Dave B:

I KEED... I KEED!!!!

@Unclear - Copaigue, Lindenhurst first....
  Thu. 9/29/11 8:22am glenn:

on the other hand, flight of the conchords has made new zealand dead to me.
  Thu. 9/29/11 8:23am mohawkdave!:

dAMMIT; missed the slits...... =:( stupid work.
  Thu. 9/29/11 8:25am Meghan:

here's to stupid work! CHEERS!

GASP! how can you say that about Flight of the Conchords?!
  Thu. 9/29/11 8:26am pierre:

@ Cheri Pi : it would be great to have all of you here !

@ fred : i'm not a beer places specialist (althougth i enjoy it), i know near this area there must be places with terasse and good beer, a start at the Bouillon Belge, and then moving (or not) to other places.
  Thu. 9/29/11 8:27am glenn:

it's easy. next to little britain, flight of the conchords is the worst thing i've ever seen.
  Thu. 9/29/11 8:27am Dave B:

OK - I take that back. It WAS just Yahoo Serious. Dundee kinda sucked too
  Thu. 9/29/11 8:29am Elwyn:

@Dave: Next you'll slag off Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior!
  Thu. 9/29/11 8:30am Andy in Berlin:

Suffering through the flu - only just made it to the show. Have to listen from the archive
  Thu. 9/29/11 8:30am cubicle carl:

banana stand
  Thu. 9/29/11 8:31am luh3417:

if you want to see an Australian film that will change your view about Australian films I recommend Bad Boy Bubby
  Thu. 9/29/11 8:31am Dave B:

Nah. The Max Trilogy was pretty good.
  Thu. 9/29/11 8:31am Dave B:

Romper Stomper was pretty good too!
  Thu. 9/29/11 8:32am glenn:

picnic at hanging rock.
  Thu. 9/29/11 8:32am Meghan:

Awww, feel better Andy! That is miserable!

Ha! Carl, sadly Dave beat you to the banana stand!
  Thu. 9/29/11 8:33am luh3417:

man of flowers
  Thu. 9/29/11 8:33am Andy in Berlin:

Thanks Meghan - working on it...
  Thu. 9/29/11 8:34am tivey:

Meghan ... "O, Afghanistan" by the Firesign Theatre (1980)
  Thu. 9/29/11 8:34am glenn:

and anything with noah taylor or thandie newton.
  Thu. 9/29/11 8:35am luh3417:

last but not least Wake In fright
  Thu. 9/29/11 8:36am Elwyn:

Russell Crowe was at his best when he guest starred as Shirty the Slightly Aggressive Bear in "The Late Show" (a skit show)
  Thu. 9/29/11 8:38am glenn:

oh, and there was a show called the games ( i think) about the preparation for the sydney olympics. that was hilarious.
  Thu. 9/29/11 8:42am luh3417:

the games was great but again a New Zealander Fred Dag aka John Clarke in fact was largely responsible for it; but if we want to blame a film that got Australia into Ahghanistan then maybe Gallipoli?
  Thu. 9/29/11 8:42am fred von helsing:

wait... the show is traveling to Bananastan ?
  Thu. 9/29/11 8:44am glenn:

i do like gallipoli. personally, if i was a british soldier, i would have shot all the british officers before i shot anybody else.
  Thu. 9/29/11 8:48am Parq:

Much as I would love to go to a WFMU meet-up in Paris, I was kind of hoping the Underwater meet-up would be accessible by MTA or PATH.
  Thu. 9/29/11 8:49am Dave B:

kinda wishing I was still at the old office now...

  Thu. 9/29/11 8:49am Andrew:

great music tonight ^_^ some songs i found that you played too.
you've done a good job finding songs for these countries tonight ^_^
  Thu. 9/29/11 8:49am Meghan:

Sadly, I will not be a part of the Paris meet up..... though I think that would be amazing! I am thinking I might do a skee ball meet up.....
  Thu. 9/29/11 8:50am Meghan:

Thanks Andrew! Next week..... now that is where I maybe sink! or stink! ha!
  Thu. 9/29/11 8:50am glenn:

i want roller derby meet up.
  Thu. 9/29/11 8:51am Andrew:

Young Einstein is one of my favourite movies! (just scrolling up & catchign up)
  Thu. 9/29/11 8:51am pierre:

yeah the point of the WFMU parisian meet up, is to greet fmu-ers friends in the city, its for all shows, djs, listeners… !
  Thu. 9/29/11 8:51am fred von helsing:

skeeball and MTA, that don't sound half bad either
  Thu. 9/29/11 8:52am mohawkdave!:

Mother Fmu-ers!
Skee Ball and/or Roller Derby!!!!!!!!
  Thu. 9/29/11 8:53am Meghan:

Mohawkdave and Jeff..... can you get to Brooklyn on a Friday night?
  Thu. 9/29/11 8:53am James Caan:

Rollerball!!!! I'm in!
  Thu. 9/29/11 8:53am glenn:

i figured nobody would do a ball hockey meet up. so i went for the next best thing.
  Thu. 9/29/11 8:54am Dave B:


  Thu. 9/29/11 8:54am Mike East:

I heard the Babylon set on the way in to work. Nice to hear you on the airwaves!
  Thu. 9/29/11 8:55am Meghan:

Ha! Thanks Mike..... at first I read it as Middle East.....
  Thu. 9/29/11 8:56am mohawkdave!:

mohawkdave can make it most any Friday night if planned in advance. Is he hearing Meetup ala Brooklyn? That would be swell!
  Thu. 9/29/11 8:56am Parq:

Meghan, I had a great time at the last meet up in Coney Island and would be quite pleased to attend another one.
  Thu. 9/29/11 8:56am jeff p:

oh, i forgot...
  Thu. 9/29/11 8:58am Dave B:

@Jeff P - hehehehehehehe
  Thu. 9/29/11 8:58am noah:

Hi hi hi
  Thu. 9/29/11 8:58am mohawkdave!:

Whoooooa! Talk about an F-Bomb! sheesh.
  Thu. 9/29/11 8:59am Dave B:

  Thu. 9/29/11 9:00am but who's counting:

  Thu. 9/29/11 9:00am mohawkdave!:

  Thu. 9/29/11 9:00am Elwyn:

@Dave: That needs more "C" and "K"
  Thu. 9/29/11 9:01am Andrew:

thanks Meghan ^_^
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