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Keilidh [kay-lee] (n.) 1. Gaelic word for a musical gathering in celebration.

Beastin' [bee-stihn] (ger., adj.) 1. An unnecessarily extreme reaction. 2. Pwning everyone at video games. 3. Tearin' up some pussy. 4. Really, really, REALLY cool.

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Options September 18, 2011: Abstract Artimus live at WFMU

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Artist Track Comments Approx. start time
Kate Bush  Houdini   Options   0:00:00 ()
The Field  The More That I Do   Options   0:05:02 ()
Schlomo  Just Us   Options   0:13:31 ()
Little Dragon  Seconds (Syd the Kyd Remix)   Options   0:19:20 ()
Cocorosie  Animals   Options Image and video hosting by TinyPic  0:21:48 ()
Bjork  Crystalline   Options   0:27:37 ()
PS 22 Chorus  Joga (Bjork Cover)   Options   0:32:43 ()
Baths  Hall (Asura Remix)   Options   0:43:14 ()
Junior Boys  Kick The Can   Options Image and video hosting by TinyPic  0:46:22 ()
Thom Yorke  Analyze (Various Remix)   Options   0:52:10 ()
Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs  Garden (Joe Goddard Remix)   Options   0:56:28 ()
Casiokids  Det Haster!   Options   1:02:16 ()
Spector  What You Wanted (S.C.U.M. Remix)   Options   1:06:21 ()
The Soft Moon  Total Decay   Options   1:11:38 ()
Jealousy  Downs   Options   1:15:13 ()
GDFX  Bathe-In-D   Options   1:18:03 ()
Picture Plane  Thee Power Hand   Options   1:23:55 ()
True Womanhood  Sympathy (Clinic Remix)   Options   1:32:19 ()
Ema  Soul On Fire   Options   1:32:36 ()
Ommacobba  Policeman   Options Image and video hosting by TinyPic  1:41:08 ()
Deaf Wish  Broken Eyes   Options   1:44:59 ()
Mudhoney  Ritzville   Options   2:14:16 ()
Yussuf Jerusalem  The Death Of Cleninus   Options   2:14:43 ()
Mickey  Dance   Options   2:14:58 ()
Abstract Artimus LIVE @ WFMU      2:02:28 ()
Finally Punk  Boyfriend Application   Options   2:46:46 ()
Lana Del Rey  Kinda Outta Luck   Options   2:48:20 ()
Shannon & the Clams  Blood   Options   2:51:52 ()
Shark?  Hip Hop Hooray   Options   2:53:07 ()
KEEP BEASTIN'   SEE YOU NEXT WEEK!   Options Image and video hosting by TinyPic   

Listener comments!

  Sun. 9/18/11 6:08am Danne D:

Yay :)
  Sun. 9/18/11 6:08am Danne D:

Hi Keili :) Hi Everyone. Um, I sorta didn't go to sleep last night. Thus there's a practical limit to how long I will be with you guys :(
  Sun. 9/18/11 6:09am Danne D:

But until then yay :)
  Sun. 9/18/11 6:09am DJ Keili:

  Sun. 9/18/11 6:09am Jay/ London:

hey hey !!!
  Sun. 9/18/11 6:10am DJ Keili:

  Sun. 9/18/11 6:10am Danne D:

Yay Kay :)
  Sun. 9/18/11 6:10am hamburger:

hey! good morning, chaps chums, folks, geezers, ebenezers
  Sun. 9/18/11 6:10am Danne D:

hiya hamburger
  Sun. 9/18/11 6:11am fred:

Good morning Keili, Danne, Jay and hamburger!
  Sun. 9/18/11 6:12am hamburger:

more red bull & coffee Danne D :D
  Sun. 9/18/11 6:15am Danne D:

hey fred

Believe it or not my last caffeine was about, oh 9 hours ago from a hot chocolate I had at starbucks
  Sun. 9/18/11 6:16am Jay/ London:

did you know this YAY n; Slang for Cocaine, popular in California's Bay Area. he he
  Sun. 9/18/11 6:16am Danne D:

Whoa, Keili's got a new intro on her page. And it does not acknowledge her awesomeness. What's up with that!?
  Sun. 9/18/11 6:16am DJ Keili:

  Sun. 9/18/11 6:18am Danne D:

I'm only high on Keili's show, Jay :)
  Sun. 9/18/11 6:18am hamburger:

ah cocaine - one hell of a drug, so I've heard, from dave chapelle
  Sun. 9/18/11 6:20am Jay/ London:

@ danne D way to be :)
  Sun. 9/18/11 6:20am hamburger:

jeebus - just had a sin-sanely huge breakfast.. pasta salad & spam! enough for three people I reckon
  Sun. 9/18/11 6:21am Danne D:

where's Stormtrooper Elwyn at?
  Sun. 9/18/11 6:21am fred:

Hey Danne, that intro reminds me of John Allen's in a way. We all know better anyway, and your being awake at this hour is acknowledgement enough
  Sun. 9/18/11 6:22am Danne D:

LOL or ackknowledgement that I desperately need to get my work done, Fred ;)

I realize it's self effacement by Miss Keili but it really should say how much ass she kicks :)
  Sun. 9/18/11 6:23am hamburger:

I'm sure he'll turn up all blu-ray enhanced sooner or later :3
  Sun. 9/18/11 6:24am DJ Keili:

Hahaha I got my first bad review, Danne! I made the big time! Found it on a blog from an anonymous source, But the original post was about how Tom Scharpling had the worst show on WFMU, so I'm in good company,
  Sun. 9/18/11 6:26am hamburger:

I only tune in to Keili's show cos it's bad... bad ass! oh ho ho ho ho jiminy jilikers...
  Sun. 9/18/11 6:27am DJ Keili:

ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhsnapppppppppp hamburger u wack, swagmaster
  Sun. 9/18/11 6:28am Danne D:

LOL :) You sure it's not just a Wurster put on :o)

Congrats on it only taking 3 1/2 years to get your first bad review ;)
  Sun. 9/18/11 6:29am Jay/ London:

keili i never read reviews if its good we do not believe it and bad we just get down so beasting not to read them .. you can tell how good or bad you are by the real people who tune into your show :)
  Sun. 9/18/11 6:31am fred:

Yeah Jay, not to mention those of us who schedule their Sundays around this show
  Sun. 9/18/11 6:32am Danne D:

Here'a goofy video of people playing Jazz for Cows who seem to be enjoying it to watch after Keili's show is over :)
  Sun. 9/18/11 6:32am Danne D:

Ooops link:
  Sun. 9/18/11 6:33am Danne D:

Keili is world famous :)
  Sun. 9/18/11 6:34am DJ Keili:

@Jay - and I have the best listeners in the world, so wooooo!
  Sun. 9/18/11 6:36am Jay/ London:

ohhhhhhhhhhh keili you do know the right thing to say ( face going red) lol
  Sun. 9/18/11 6:37am Danne D:

Still sad that Noah's going away :(
  Sun. 9/18/11 6:40am fred:

Right on Danne. I think we should try to convince him to set up an alternate stream. With all his regular guests and connections, there's probably enough material. Throw in Billy Jam and his friends, and that could be the best hip-hop source bar none.
  Sun. 9/18/11 6:41am Danne D:

I heard that it's at least possible that he'll do the pod thing. I hope that's the case.
  Sun. 9/18/11 6:42am Danne D:

  Sun. 9/18/11 6:42am Fake Name:

Hey :)
  Sun. 9/18/11 6:43am Jay/ London:

  Sun. 9/18/11 6:43am Mary Wing:

  Sun. 9/18/11 6:45am Sammy:

Hey Keili ! !
  Sun. 9/18/11 6:53am DJ Keili:

@Jay - "ohhhhhhhhhhh keili you do know the right thing to say ( face going red) lol " HAHAHA you rock gawrsh ohohoho (whips out hand fan and turns into an asian grandmother)
@Danne - I KNOW. I'm really angry that he's leaving. He was my buddy after Trent. And then Trent left. And now he's leaving. WHY MUST THEY ALL LEAVE??
  Sun. 9/18/11 6:57am Danne D:

awwwwww 8(
good thing you're good at making buddies :D

but it's gonna be tough not hearing him after EFD.

I'm going to get a bagel to eat then I'm coming back and then I'm passing out. But I promise I'll say bye first :)
  Sun. 9/18/11 7:01am fred:

@Keili: How would they ever come back if they didn't leave first?
  Sun. 9/18/11 7:02am DJ Keili:

@Fred - good point. IM STILL SAD.
@Danne - enjoy your gluten!
  Sun. 9/18/11 7:02am Elwyn:

Hey everyone!
  Sun. 9/18/11 7:04am DJ Keili:

  Sun. 9/18/11 7:08am fred:

@Elwyn: just in time, man, I hope Danne will indeed check back in
@Keili: I am too. I had somehow stopped listening to hip-hop for years, and Noah drew me back in. I so owe him for that. I'm talking about him being back because as Kate Bush sang "just saying it could make it happen"
  Sun. 9/18/11 7:11am Jay/ London:

@ keili thanks for the fan feel cooler now also the music helps he he
  Sun. 9/18/11 7:12am Richard from Venezuela:

Hello Keili and all the listeners.
  Sun. 9/18/11 7:14am Elwyn:

Hanging here has been the best part of this weekend. I had to miss out some stuff due to having a cold.
But now I get Beasting to be the soundtrack of my zombie killing (playing Dead Island atm)
  Sun. 9/18/11 7:18am Danne D:

I have my bagel :) yay :)
Hiya Stormtrooper Elwyn! Hope you feel better soon :(
Hola Senor Ricardo!
  Sun. 9/18/11 7:19am Jay/ London:

total decay this sounds a bit like the music from the film Near Dark does anyone else think so or is it just me ?
  Sun. 9/18/11 7:20am fred:

Hey guys let's all show up on Noah's last playlist and show him he'll be missed. And wish him the best for his next steps
  Sun. 9/18/11 7:24am Elwyn:

@Danne D: felt a lot better than yesterday. I think I might just take tomorrow off work.
  Sun. 9/18/11 7:25am Danne D:

This is good music to greet Stormtrooper Elwyn with :)
  Sun. 9/18/11 7:27am Richard from Venezuela:

Hi Danne D. Glad yoube awake, hahahaha. :D
  Sun. 9/18/11 7:31am fred:

@Elwyn: do it. health > work
  Sun. 9/18/11 7:36am Jay/ London:

picture plane !!! :)
  Sun. 9/18/11 7:42am Danne D:

awwww, I just saw that crazy picture on the playlist :) did Elwyn get you that Phaser?
  Sun. 9/18/11 7:42am Jay/ London:

sympathy was just awesome fearful !!!
  Sun. 9/18/11 7:43am Joel:

just tuned in from olympia, wa! this playlist is ruling the night right now.
  Sun. 9/18/11 7:43am Danne D:

I have to sleep now :( I've stayed up way too long. But I will catch the rest on archives and will actually have the rest of the show on while I pass out :) Have a great day everyone :)

xoxo Keili :)

Props to DJ Mama :)

Keep Beastin' Everyone!
  Sun. 9/18/11 7:45am hamburger:

moar coffeeee!
  Sun. 9/18/11 7:50am Jay/ London:

hey keili do you shoot that guy in the back with your phaser lol
  Sun. 9/18/11 8:04am fred:

@Keili: when will you have John Swenson on your show? I'm reading his New Atlantis and it's a great book.
  Sun. 9/18/11 8:10am Richard from Venezuela:

Terrific rock to wake up. Thanks for this live session Keili.
  Sun. 9/18/11 8:15am Lonious Monk:

Bonjour bonjour friends and Keili!
  Sun. 9/18/11 8:18am fred:

Hi Lonious Monk. Did they get in touch with you about your application? (not the one and only BBA, you know what I mean)
  Sun. 9/18/11 8:25am Lonious Monk:

Salut Fred. Some did some did not (you know what i mean) yet. HA! Fingers still crossed and still hurt. HA!
  Sun. 9/18/11 8:26am Jay/ London:

does it say no smoking ?
  Sun. 9/18/11 8:30am fred:

@lonious monk: I guessed it was fake. I'm still pissed I was right. I'll remember that slight.
  Sun. 9/18/11 8:32am Lonious Monk:

@fred:let's wait a bit still however
  Sun. 9/18/11 8:37am fred:

@monk: that's so gracious of you, I just have to follow your lead. At least it got you into their address book, that might lead somewhere
  Sun. 9/18/11 8:41am tombom:

hello! i'm sorry, i just really really overslept
  Sun. 9/18/11 8:42am fred:

tombom! Stop stealing Danne's lines, will you?
  Sun. 9/18/11 8:52am pierre:

Bonjour Everyone !
Bonjour Keili !
  Sun. 9/18/11 8:52am fred:

Hey tombom that bang meant I'm happy to see you're around, If I was flippant enough to drive you to lurking, that wasn't my intent at all!
  Sun. 9/18/11 8:55am fred von helsing:

  Sun. 9/18/11 8:55am fred:

Pierre I owe you an apology: Fred Nipi played yesterday and I was already on the move when I remembered that I should have told you about it. I suck
  Sun. 9/18/11 8:55am seang:

I'm awake and listening
  Sun. 9/18/11 8:57am Jeff H:

YO DJ......just pulled in from Rochester (Still Saffire gig yesterday) Misssed you last couple weeks!!! :-(
  Sun. 9/18/11 8:58am fred:

Still Saffire rock!
  Sun. 9/18/11 8:59am Jeff H:

  Sun. 9/18/11 9:02am pierre:

FRED you rock, don't you worry about it !
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