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Options September 15, 2011: Back in the Former USSR......

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Artist Track Album Approx. start time
Fanfare Vagabontu  Batuta din Moldova   Options Raving Rabbids/Rabbids Go Home Soundtrack  0:00:00 ()
Loredana  Trandafir de la Moldova   Options Agurida  0:01:36 ()
Orkestra del Sol  Sketches of Moldova   Options Lung Capacity  0:05:05 ()
Loyko  Moldova   Options Loyko in Russia  0:09:18 ()
Zdob Si Zdub  Sirba de la Chisinau   Options Agroromantica  0:15:01 ()
Music behind DJ:
Sounds From the Coney Island Boardwalk     0:18:23 ()
Golem!  Train Across Ukraine   Options Citizen Boris  0:22:29 ()
Prisca  Mon Ukraine   Options Bastringue  0:25:40 ()
Viktor Wronski  Ukraine Fun Song   Options Authentic Former Soviet Repulbics  0:29:04 ()
Caterina Valente  En Ukraine   Options Vintage Music No. 45  0:30:40 ()
Yid Vicious  Anarchy in the Ukraine   Options Klez, Kez, Goy mit Fez  0:33:02 ()
No Soliciting  Ukraine   Options No Soliciting  0:42:20 ()
  Sounds of Sideshows by the Seashore     0:45:38 ()
Low  Belarus   Options Drums and Guns  0:52:45 ()
Zakarya  De Pinsk A Minsk   Options Something Obvious  0:55:47 ()
Prairie Fire  Loose in Belarus   Options Lucky Lucky Me  1:00:33 ()
Lyapis Trubetskoy  Belarus Freedom   Options Manifest  1:04:08 ()
Refuzer  Belarus Gabber Action   Options Gabberterror  1:07:44 ()
Music behind DJ:
Sounds from the Point Pleasant Beach     1:10:31 ()
Those Darn Accordions  Lithuania   Options Vongole Fisarmonica  1:15:06 ()
Sputnik Weazel & the Teasing Power of Leena  Lithuania Love Yourself   Options Hungry Ghost Blues  1:17:03 ()
InCulto  Welcome to Lithuania   Options Easter European Funk  1:20:17 ()
Nora Bumbiere, Viktors Lapcenoks  Lauku Gurkis Rigas Tirgu   Options Latvijas Pavasaris  1:24:02 ()
Carlos Peron  Popt in Riga (Vodka Mix)   Options Impersonator II  1:26:46 ()
  Sounds from the Point Pleasant Boardwalk     1:32:47 ()
Drexel  Viva Estonia   Options Sexual Pancakes  1:38:30 ()
Royhka Ja Ratto Ja Lehtisalo  Saarenmaa   Options Hiekkarantaa  1:42:21 ()
Sleepy Sleepers  Back to Eesti   Options   1:44:51 ()
Evgeny Osin  Tallinn   Options Work on Bugs  1:47:55 ()
Music behind DJ:
Sounds From the Coney Island Boardwalk     1:52:23 ()
Shona Laing  Soviet Snow   Options South  1:58:14 ()
Sisters of Mercy  Dominion/Mother Russia   Options Floodland  2:04:00 ()
Dead Kennedys  Back in the USSR   Options Live at the Deaf Club  2:11:01 ()
Cheetahs  Russian Boat Song   Options Star Club:The Singles  2:12:53 ()
Orange Juice  Moscow   Options The Glasgow School  2:15:26 ()
Supergrass  St. Petersburg   Options Road To Rouen  2:17:41 ()
Brazillian Girls  St. Petersburg   Options New York City  2:20:34 ()
J.M.K.E.  Tbilisi Tanavad   Options Kulmale maale  2:24:55 ()
Salome & Bedina  Tbilisis Kechebi   Options The First Georgian Rap Festival  2:28:41 ()
Music behind DJ:
Sounds From the Coney Island Boardwalk     2:32:32 ()
A Hawk and a Hacksaw  Turkiye   Options Delivrance  2:36:58 ()
The Four Lads  Istanbul (not Constantinople)   Options The Four Lads Greatest Hits  2:41:47 ()
The Residents  Constantinople   Options Duck Stab  2:44:07 ()
Erkin Koray  Ankara Sokaklari   Options   2:46:41 ()
Tormentos/Phantom Surfers  Istanbul   Options Go!  2:52:39 ()
The Pogues  Turkish Song of the Damned   Options If I Should Fall From Grace With God  2:54:51 ()

Listener comments!

  Thu. 9/15/11 6:02am Chuck:

Yo! This is psycho music to start with!
  Thu. 9/15/11 6:03am fred von helsing:

  Thu. 9/15/11 6:03am Meghan:

Walking you all up the proper way!
  Thu. 9/15/11 6:03am hamburger:

that bear.. is awesome...
  Thu. 9/15/11 6:03am Tim Serpas:

Доброе утро!
  Thu. 9/15/11 6:06am Meghan:

good morning Tim!
  Thu. 9/15/11 6:08am fred von helsing:

  Thu. 9/15/11 6:09am Dave B:

Cheers! I'll be lurking for a bit. But I.m here!!
  Thu. 9/15/11 6:11am Meghan:

So that is the feeling I had over my shoulder..... Stop breathing so hard.... hehe... morning dave
  Thu. 9/15/11 6:17am Dave B:

been up since 1am....
  Thu. 9/15/11 6:18am Tim Serpas:

Careful, fred. You don't want to risk an international incident.
  Thu. 9/15/11 6:18am Meghan:

ewwwwww, that is not good....
  Thu. 9/15/11 6:21am Chuck:

No amount of coffee will cure the tongue twisters....
  Thu. 9/15/11 6:23am ERM:

im from latvia yoo. Can I sand u something?
  Thu. 9/15/11 6:23am T-Zero:

hamburger, the bear's name is Mishka ;) He was designed by children's books illustrator Victor Chizhikov (per Wiki)
  Thu. 9/15/11 6:24am fred von helsing:

For a few years Ukraine was one of the very few successful functioning anarchies in the 20th century
  Thu. 9/15/11 6:25am Chuck:

I took a few graduate courses with someone from Ukraine...
  Thu. 9/15/11 6:25am Meghan:

ERM, do you have a song about Latvia?! If I can get the song, I'll see if I can play it in time..... send it to underwater@wfmu.org
  Thu. 9/15/11 6:26am hamburger:

cheers T-Zero
  Thu. 9/15/11 6:29am ERM:

this one is cool http://youtu.be/baaX4-1_df0 . U need in english about Latvia, Meghan?
  Thu. 9/15/11 6:29am the anchovy:

Bonjour Meghan, hello everyone!
cheking in, right in time for Prisca
  Thu. 9/15/11 6:30am Dave B:

I used to have a Ukraine Dynamo shirt. Alas it did not survive the reunion show at B.B. Kings back in 2006

  Thu. 9/15/11 6:32am Meghan:

Bonjour Anchovy! ERM, someone sent me that same link! ha! Is it a traditional? Songs can be in English or in native tongue
  Thu. 9/15/11 6:33am fred von helsing:

Ukraine, I kraine, we all kraine for ice kraine
  Thu. 9/15/11 6:34am ERM:

sent u another song, Meghan
  Thu. 9/15/11 6:35am fred von helsing:

I think we need the Cheese Shop sketch where he starts by yelling to turn those bloody bazukis off :)
  Thu. 9/15/11 6:37am david:

what a country...
  Thu. 9/15/11 6:38am Meghan:

got it ERM..... gotta upload! Morning David
  Thu. 9/15/11 6:42am Meghan:

Ohhhhh ERM... nice one..... I am going to save it for either Africa or antartica..... (not many songs about there.....) PERFECT! Спасибо!
  Thu. 9/15/11 6:44am fred von helsing:

  Thu. 9/15/11 6:49am ex:

thank you lizzz ...its good i catch your show ..great musica..ill stick ...
  Thu. 9/15/11 6:49am ex:

ah megan LOL
  Thu. 9/15/11 6:52am Dave B:

Pierre's trying to get a kickstarter going to raise funds to get here
  Thu. 9/15/11 6:53am Dave B:

  Thu. 9/15/11 6:54am Dave B:

or as Darth Vader once said:

  Thu. 9/15/11 6:55am Meghan:

Ha! Nice Ex! Oh, I hope Pierre gets to come over! That would be great!
  Thu. 9/15/11 6:55am ex:

lol -how to donate te pierre (or he accept only organs)?
  Thu. 9/15/11 6:55am fred von helsing:

Whoops! Meghan! BELARUS FREEDOM!
  Thu. 9/15/11 6:57am Meghan:

ha! Well I am sure he'd accept organs only if he could sell them!
  Thu. 9/15/11 6:58am prettyboybitch:

marry me meghan
  Thu. 9/15/11 6:58am ex:

bad call
  Thu. 9/15/11 6:59am Meghan:

Oh prettyboybitch.... you are too late..... but thanks!
  Thu. 9/15/11 6:59am fred von helsing:

It's in English and rocks !
  Thu. 9/15/11 7:02am Meghan:

Fred.... I think I may already have this one!
  Thu. 9/15/11 7:02am ex:

thankkkk youuuuuu.......great slavic tunes
  Thu. 9/15/11 7:03am Meghan:

Ha! I totally do Fred! It is the next song! Thanks Ex!
  Thu. 9/15/11 7:06am Dave B:


(thank you)
  Thu. 9/15/11 7:07am Dave B:

I'm busy crunching movies for Detention. I'll email you the line up. And I have Goonies for ya Meghan!
  Thu. 9/15/11 7:08am Chuck:

Cool song even though I don't understand the language!
  Thu. 9/15/11 7:09am Meghan:

Woohoo Dave! Yay for Goonies!
  Thu. 9/15/11 7:13am Andrew:

been listening since the start & it's been good so far (that gabber one was a bit weird, but I like this show ^_^
I also have a stuffed bear, Mishka I think, same as the pic of the magazine ^_^
  Thu. 9/15/11 7:14am fred von helsing:

Bring Your Own Felafel
  Thu. 9/15/11 7:14am Chuck:

Are you Syrius?
  Thu. 9/15/11 7:14am maestroso:

Great job, Meghan! Some really awesome music here.
  Thu. 9/15/11 7:14am fred von helsing:

But what about Djibouti
  Thu. 9/15/11 7:18am Chuck:

Not knowing what the capitol of Syria is got Sir Robin dumped into The Chasm of Eternal Peril....
  Thu. 9/15/11 7:18am Andrew:

I have a couple of compilation CDs of Russian music, I like it ^_^
  Thu. 9/15/11 7:19am Meghan:

Thanks Andrew and Maestroso.... Not the easiest of topics, but I am glad it's going over well!
  Thu. 9/15/11 7:19am Dave B:

Pittsburg to Lebanon - Butthole Surfers
  Thu. 9/15/11 7:20am abby in france:

that last one sounded a little like perhaps perhaps perhaps
  Thu. 9/15/11 7:20am Chuck:

One of my best friends in high schools parents were from Lithuania...
  Thu. 9/15/11 7:21am Andrew:

Cedars of Lebanon - U2
Egypt - Mental As Anything
  Thu. 9/15/11 7:22am Dave B:

trying to type Lithuania reminds me of trying to type linoleum

thanks BOG for spell check...
  Thu. 9/15/11 7:23am Chuck:

NO U2, Andrew! "Walk Like An Egyptian"....
  Thu. 9/15/11 7:25am Andrew:

Mesopotamia - B-52s
  Thu. 9/15/11 7:25am fred von helsing:

Siouxsie - Israel !
Fantastic, wonderful song.
Her personal penance for the swastika garb.
  Thu. 9/15/11 7:26am Chuck:

Right on, Fred!
  Thu. 9/15/11 7:30am Dave B:

Any chance on that Simferopole tune I shared? It's the capital of Crimea. And has a badassed album cover:

  Thu. 9/15/11 7:30am fred von helsing:

Don't forget the Kurds ! (just because the rest of the world does is no excuse... right now they are the largest nationality in the world that does not have their own country...)
  Thu. 9/15/11 7:31am Andrew:

Africa by Crawlspace
Voodoo Slaves by Minuteman (kind of African/Carribbean there)
Igloo by The Screaming Tribesmen (for an Arctic theme) (also Ice by the same band)

this is a pretty cool song ^_^
  Thu. 9/15/11 7:31am Dave B:

Kurds and Way

no WHEY!
  Thu. 9/15/11 7:33am fred von helsing:

Kurd'll Up a Little Closer, Baby
  Thu. 9/15/11 7:36am Dave B:

  Thu. 9/15/11 7:37am Dave B:

Talking Heads - Electric QATAR
  Thu. 9/15/11 7:38am fred von helsing:

Yeah baby yeah ladies Ye-men

Yeah Meghan next week's show is a cavalcade of wordplay and horrible PUNS
  Thu. 9/15/11 7:39am Dave B:

which Iranian disc Meghan?

Raks, Raks, Raks

Do tell. DO SHARE!
  Thu. 9/15/11 7:40am Dave B:


The programmer of this drum machine needs to learn quantization.
  Thu. 9/15/11 7:42am Andrew:

I have a CD of Iranian underground metal & rock I got off some magazine. It's got some good stuff.

(I also have a couple of ones of international rock & metal, mostly Indian for some reason)
  Thu. 9/15/11 7:42am marika from estonia:

hey! just tuned in as you started talking about estonia. greetings from tartu!
  Thu. 9/15/11 7:42am Dave B:

@Chuck - Dancing Chekov!

  Thu. 9/15/11 7:43am fred von helsing:

Pomegranates? Isn't that the famous scene with Faye Dunaway in Mommy Dearest?

  Thu. 9/15/11 7:43am Chuck:

Like the album title, "Sexual Pancakes"!
  Thu. 9/15/11 7:43am Meghan:

That was in the Ukraine Dave.....

Fred.... Kurds are in Iran... I haven't full done songs about the native peoples.... so if you have some.... lemme know!

Dave- It's Back From the Brink- Kourosh Yaghmaei
  Thu. 9/15/11 7:45am Meghan:

Hello Marika! Greetings!

Andrew- sharing is caring! post all that up! Send me goodies!
  Thu. 9/15/11 7:45am fred von helsing:

Kurds are all over that neck of the woods! And half of Helsinki's kebab places...
  Thu. 9/15/11 7:45am Chuck:

Heheh, Dave....
  Thu. 9/15/11 7:47am maestroso:

I've actually heard this band before (Royhka)! Stan played one of their tracks a couple of years ago...
  Thu. 9/15/11 7:48am Dave B:

I have a soft spot for Iranian music, pre 1979. The other two collections are pretty sweet.

and if you leave the milk on the counter overnight, you'll have kurds there too!
  Thu. 9/15/11 7:51am Andrew:

I'll put it on the FB page? (I just liked it before) ^_^
I'll have to ask my friend if he's got the 2 international ones, I found the iranian one though.
Found an Arabic CD though
  Thu. 9/15/11 7:51am fred von helsing:

It's actually a dude, his name is Kauko Röyhkä, he's something of an institution here http://www.spinefarm.fi/press/ranka/kake/183.jpg
  Thu. 9/15/11 7:54am fred von helsing:

"close enough" :-D
  Thu. 9/15/11 7:56am Dave B:

Chef In Love is a pretty good flick set in Georgia.

Check it...
  Thu. 9/15/11 7:56am fred von helsing:

Georgian brandy is great (Stalin's favorite!) and there's Georgian restaurants in Tallinn, NUM
  Thu. 9/15/11 7:57am Chuck:

Don't eat no red meat? Don't eat no GREEN meat!
  Thu. 9/15/11 7:57am Andrew:

couple off this russian CD-
Netslov - 33 & 1/3
Cabaret Deneuve - Pod Vodoi (and also Shastye)
Poltergeist - Tamagotchi
Karl Khlamkin - Svad'ba
  Thu. 9/15/11 7:58am karen:

Morning Meghan, interesting music. Doesn't sound like the Lithuania my grandparents left!
  Thu. 9/15/11 7:59am Simon:

Good afternoon. Sorry I'm late, have I missed anything good?
  Thu. 9/15/11 8:00am Simon:

Mmmm Gabber... I bet that sounded good first thing in the morning..
  Thu. 9/15/11 8:01am Meghan:

Morning Simon and Karen....

Of course you did Simon! but that is what archives are for! Karen, your grandparents should have brought over some music about Lithuania!
  Thu. 9/15/11 8:02am jeff p:

good morning, everyone!
  Thu. 9/15/11 8:02am Chuck:

When did this song come out, Meghan? Russia hasn't been soviet since '89, as we all know...
  Thu. 9/15/11 8:02am Andrew:

I've only heard one song by her before. I love the shows on WFMU, always something new &/or different. ^_^
hi jeff
  Thu. 9/15/11 8:04am Meghan:

Morning Jeff!

Chuck, it came out 1987/88. It wasn't that long ago.....
  Thu. 9/15/11 8:05am Chuck:

It does have that '80s sound to it. Just wondering...
  Thu. 9/15/11 8:05am Dave B:

  Thu. 9/15/11 8:05am jeff p:

BTW wanted to say thanks for playing "Tour of Japan" last week.
  Thu. 9/15/11 8:06am fred von helsing:

Russia's greatest love machine
  Thu. 9/15/11 8:06am jeff p:

SoM! I love this song!
  Thu. 9/15/11 8:07am karen:

It was 1903...not sure they had any LPs then.
  Thu. 9/15/11 8:07am fred von helsing:

got Rennaissance? Their Russia song is about Solzhenitsyn, it's a goodie
  Thu. 9/15/11 8:08am Chuck:

1903! Seems unlikely, Karen....
  Thu. 9/15/11 8:09am Meghan:

Oh Karen.... They had LP's..... they just probably broke them!

Jeff P- no problem!
  Thu. 9/15/11 8:09am Andrew:

I thought this sounded familiar...I think i have it on vinyl. I know i've got some Sisters of Mercy album & singles.
They had 78s then?
  Thu. 9/15/11 8:10am Meghan:

  Thu. 9/15/11 8:11am Dave B:


I bet you got little save pitiful, portable picnic players. Come with uncle and hear all proper! Hear angel trumpets and devil trombones. You are invited
  Thu. 9/15/11 8:12am Chuck:

Interesting stuff about recording from Wiki: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/78_rpm#78_rpm_disc_developments
  Thu. 9/15/11 8:13am hamburger:

wa wa weewa back in da u s s arr
  Thu. 9/15/11 8:13am Meghan:

  Thu. 9/15/11 8:14am Andrew:

Jello is in Melbourne sometime soon. doing some sort of talk.
I haven't heard this version before though ^_^
  Thu. 9/15/11 8:15am hamburger:

there's a funny bbc radio 4 blooper of the announcer cracking up while talking about that oldest voice clip, then announces the death of a writer and loses it..
  Thu. 9/15/11 8:16am Chuck:

Is it "theme legal" to use USSR, Meghan? Again, Russia isn't soviet anymore...
  Thu. 9/15/11 8:16am jeff p:

@Meghan, Dave B., Elwyn and Jefff - I thought about you this morning!

  Thu. 9/15/11 8:17am will:

Don't forget to play "Mother Russia," 9 minutes of 1970s prog rock bliss from the band Renaissance!
  Thu. 9/15/11 8:19am Andrew:

It's still the same area as the USSR was, part of it.
  Thu. 9/15/11 8:20am Meghan:

Ha! nice Jeff....

Chuck, it's theme legal. You can't deny the past and plus it's in the title for the show. And most importantly- it's my show and I can do what I want! Stomp Stomp!
  Thu. 9/15/11 8:21am Elwyn:

Hey Everyone!

Marcus here. I tracked down Elwyn and murdered him for his package from a few weeks ago. I hear you have fruitcups.
  Thu. 9/15/11 8:21am Chuck:

I'm not questioning that it's your show, Meg....
  Thu. 9/15/11 8:22am jeff p:

was it a nice package?
  Thu. 9/15/11 8:22am fred von helsing:

I'd say I was sorta kinda nostalgic for the USSR but hey we have the next best thing: Post-9/11 USSA
  Thu. 9/15/11 8:23am Elwyn:

@Jeff: 1/6 scale biker scout figure.
  Thu. 9/15/11 8:23am Meghan:

haha..... Elwyn's Alter ego to the rescue!
  Thu. 9/15/11 8:23am Chuck:

My thought was that you could have used songs with USSR in ANY set, since all these countries were part of it...
  Thu. 9/15/11 8:24am Elwyn:

I feel sorry for the former USSR. Putin gives me the creeps and I feel sorry for Georgia.
  Thu. 9/15/11 8:24am Dave B:

HEHEHE - good one Jeff
  Thu. 9/15/11 8:25am Chuck:

Murdered for his "package", Marcus! Was it bigger than yours?
  Thu. 9/15/11 8:25am righto:

i think its a great idea, and the use of USSR needs no interpretation in my view :)
  Thu. 9/15/11 8:27am Chuck:

And then Marcus asks for "fruitcups"? Whoa...
  Thu. 9/15/11 8:27am Elwyn:

@Chuck: Some guy in Australia got murdered by his estranged wife by removal of his "package"... Of course, he had returned from China with a new girlfriend.
  Thu. 9/15/11 8:28am mohawkdave!:

I'm baaaaack --apparently to the USSR? Late teday. Bugger! I like this one! But I mst not have had enough coffee; can't understand a thing he's sayin'. Or maybe I'm still deaf from Sat. night.....Jeff P.
  Thu. 9/15/11 8:29am mohawkdave!:

I like fruitcups!
  Thu. 9/15/11 8:29am righto:

thats because hes singing not in english
  Thu. 9/15/11 8:30am Andrew:

biker scout? rides a harley while tying knots for old ladies crossing the street?

i think i vaguely remember hearing of that guy. That sort of thing happens a lot. I remember one threw boiling water on his package.
  Thu. 9/15/11 8:31am Marcus aka Elwyn:

I've looked through Elwyn's collection of DVDs and Blu-Ray and he hasn't bought the Star Wars Blu-Ray.
  Thu. 9/15/11 8:31am Chuck:

How could it be that any guy would let an angry woman get close enough to do that?
  Thu. 9/15/11 8:31am Meghan:

That is such a great mental image..... Sons of Anarchy riding around helping old ladies cross the street....
  Thu. 9/15/11 8:33am Simon:

Glad at last to hear some truly dodgy European rapping. So many missed opportunities on previous shows...
  Thu. 9/15/11 8:33am Dave B:

"He was a very nice boy. He used to cut the grass"
  Thu. 9/15/11 8:33am Meghan:

Chuck.... I can TOTALLY answer that. Women are evil! We can turn on our charms.... and then BAM! or wait until you are asleep. If men didn't always think with their package, then the majority of them would still have them! ha!
  Thu. 9/15/11 8:34am Marcus aka Elwyn:

@Chuck: Didn't Lorraine Bobbitt do it while her husband was sleeping? And with a sharp knife! Not a butter knife.
  Thu. 9/15/11 8:34am Andrew:

I like this song by Saloma & Bedina
  Thu. 9/15/11 8:35am Dave B:

Me and Him - Griffin Dunne (1988)

A man's enthusiastic penis starts talking to him, getting him into awkward situations and convincing everyone he tells that he's completely insane.
  Thu. 9/15/11 8:37am Chuck:

Just creepy...
  Thu. 9/15/11 8:38am Dave B:

@Elwyn - what the hell goes on in Brisbane...

@Chuck - actually that film is pretty funny. It was a German film "Ich und Er"
  Thu. 9/15/11 8:39am Chuck:

Though I must confess that I never really understood the human emotions that lead to a need for REVENGE. Does revenge actually make you feel better when you're hurt?
  Thu. 9/15/11 8:39am Dave B:

and tomorrow being my last day in I.T. I'm gonna get hammered like a dulcimer.
  Thu. 9/15/11 8:40am Meghan:

Everyone has their reasons..... I am not out for revenge, I fully believe that karma is a bitch... and it will come back and bite them on the ass!
  Thu. 9/15/11 8:41am Andrew:

Is Iran tonight or next time?
  Thu. 9/15/11 8:41am hamburger:

Dulcimer? I doesn't get. Wiki'd and still doesn't get. What mean Joke?
  Thu. 9/15/11 8:42am Meghan:

Andrew, it's in 2 weeks!
  Thu. 9/15/11 8:43am Simon:

""Karma is a bitch"... yes I remember the Dalai Lama using those exact words is speech to the UN a couple of years back.
  Thu. 9/15/11 8:43am Chuck:

It's way of playing a dulcimer, hamburger, not an instrument itself...
  Thu. 9/15/11 8:43am glenn:

hammered dulcimer is a musical instrument usually associated with folk / old time music.
  Thu. 9/15/11 8:44am jeff p:

What are you moving on to, Dave B?
  Thu. 9/15/11 8:44am glenn:

or what chuck said.
  Thu. 9/15/11 8:44am Dave B:

re Karme: in Robin Williams' case in "The World According To Garp" it bit him in the package!


@hamburger - no meaning. I plan to get hammered in celebration of leaving one job. The dulcimer was playing in the background...
  Thu. 9/15/11 8:44am hamburger:

ahh yea I see now... thanks!
  Thu. 9/15/11 8:44am Chuck:

What? Did you find a new and very different job, Dave B?!
  Thu. 9/15/11 8:45am Andrew:

hehe, I love this song. I like when Rizzo does it on the Muppets

good, I have time to add some songs to the list ^_^
  Thu. 9/15/11 8:45am Parq:

Simon, is that how that expression goes? I always thought they were saying "Carmen is a bitch." Having seen the Bizet opera, I felt they had a point.
  Thu. 9/15/11 8:46am Dave B:

@Jeff P - from IT @ the internet group of CBS to an internal video production/telecommunication still at CBS

IBEW here I come! No more helpdesk tickets!
  Thu. 9/15/11 8:46am glenn:

i think the turks call it stamboul, to be honest.
  Thu. 9/15/11 8:46am Cheri Pi:

I was praying that you'd play this Resident's song-Huzzah!
  Thu. 9/15/11 8:46am fred von helsing:

The Finnish all-girl garage band Thee Ultra Bomboos has a "cool" song about Mrs. Bobbit... it's not on YouTube tho :-(
  Thu. 9/15/11 8:47am fred von helsing:

oops, bImboos
  Thu. 9/15/11 8:47am Marcus aka Elwyn:

@Dave: Brisbane is part of Queensland. I always think of them as the Florida of Australia - it's sunny and fully of crazy people. That state of Australia had a crazy but successful racist poltical party, One Nation.
  Thu. 9/15/11 8:47am blackgreen13:

great. now I'll be thinking of the residents all day.
  Thu. 9/15/11 8:49am Dave B:

still = stint
The telecommunication part is all the video conferencing gear they have. Telepresence between HQ and LA - a few of those big Cisco virtual conference units. Some Final Cut Pro SANs etc... So still in technology, just not SysAdmin/Helpdesk crap...
  Thu. 9/15/11 8:50am Andrew:

I think One Nation is still going.

I like tonights theme ^_^
  Thu. 9/15/11 8:50am Chuck:

As long as you like the job, DB....
  Thu. 9/15/11 8:50am maestroso:

@fred von helsing, thanks for the info regarding Kauko Röyhkä. Another artist I'll have to look up when I finally return to Finland.
  Thu. 9/15/11 8:51am Meghan:

Is it me or is there a heavy Led Zepplin guitar riff in this?
  Thu. 9/15/11 8:51am Chuck:

"Be happy in your work." (Name the film, DB!)
  Thu. 9/15/11 8:52am jeff p:

It's like Zepplin with the guy from Trio singing
  Thu. 9/15/11 8:52am Simon:

@ Dave B, I travel to the beautiful world of UWTP to escape my dull and soul-less existence in IT. You've just broken the spell. I wonder if the magic will ever come back. Cracking tune btw.
  Thu. 9/15/11 8:52am blackgreen13:

I heard Page got a lot of his ideas from Middle East and N Africa
  Thu. 9/15/11 8:52am Dave B:

Chuck - its a new challenge. The group hiring me created the job with me in mind, and after 20 years of I.T. stuff, I'm burnt...

Ya got me on that quote Chuck.

"I don't think burger flipping techniques has changed much in the past 20 years"
  Thu. 9/15/11 8:53am glenn:

well, jimmy was pretty good at stealing great riffs from anybody, and i am okay with that.
  Thu. 9/15/11 8:53am Chuck:

"The Bridge on the River Kwai", Dave. Remember now?
  Thu. 9/15/11 8:54am mohawkdave!:

  Thu. 9/15/11 8:54am fred von helsing:

  Thu. 9/15/11 8:55am Dave B:

Simon - I do too... Sorry if I let ya down...

Ah - Kwai! I haven't seen that in AGES!
  Thu. 9/15/11 8:55am Andrew:

I didn't realise it was 10.50pm already, i missed the start of the late late show. only been listening to WFMU for about 8 hours then....

oohhh this is a cool version
  Thu. 9/15/11 8:57am fred von helsing:

The Surfin' Bird was a turkey... that's a mental image to savor... *belch*
  Thu. 9/15/11 8:57am Chuck:

Me either, Meg! Crap it's over! And heavy work to do today....
  Thu. 9/15/11 8:57am jeff p:

You know, it would be great if you could find an iranian band doing a cover of the flock of seaguls' "I ran"
  Thu. 9/15/11 8:58am Dave B:

Til next time gang!

See ya!
  Thu. 9/15/11 8:58am Simon:

Cracking last hour Meghan. No worries Dave B, the magic is still there.
  Thu. 9/15/11 8:58am Andrew:

what was the song?
it's over already O_Q
  Thu. 9/15/11 8:58am Andrew:

thanks Meghan! cya later everyone
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