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Join Nardwuar the Human Serviette for 60 minutes of clam chowder-flavoured (note Canadian spelling!) entertainment and interviews all the way from, yes, Vancouver, BC, Canaduh! Doot Doola Doot Doo... Doot Doo!
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Options September 14, 2011: Nardwuar vs. Geddy Lee

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Nardwuar The Human Serviette  Nardwuar vs. Geddy Lee   Options

Listener comments!

  Wed. 9/14/11 7:01pm Danne D:

  Wed. 9/14/11 7:02pm Danne D:

Full circle:
Geddy Lee and Rush famously collaborated with none other than famous FOT Aimee Mann on the classic Time Stand Still :)
  Wed. 9/14/11 7:02pm hamburger:

I have become DOOT, destroyer of DOO... :3
  Wed. 9/14/11 7:03pm Danne D:

:D good one hamburger :)
  Wed. 9/14/11 7:05pm Danne D:

Somewhere Loverboy's lead singer is gnashing his teeth.
  Wed. 9/14/11 7:06pm Danne D:

Here's a question for any Canadians in the Audience. Do you pronounce the Rush song YYZ as Why Why Zee or Why Why Zed?
  Wed. 9/14/11 7:06pm hopey:

Danne D: ahahha!
  Wed. 9/14/11 7:08pm Danne D:

If Alanis married Nardwuar would she become Alanis Morissette Serviette?
  Wed. 9/14/11 7:09pm hamburger:

  Wed. 9/14/11 7:10pm Danne D:

I'm chock full of questions today :)
  Wed. 9/14/11 7:16pm ?:

@Danne D: we pronounce it "why? WHY? Why does this song have this name?"
  Wed. 9/14/11 7:17pm hopey:

Why does this music remind me of Clay Pidgeon?
  Wed. 9/14/11 7:18pm alberto:

i was once asked to be in a rush cover band that dressed in drag. they were to be called "working man" featuring, betty lee, alice likesome & neil perky. i was to play the part of alice...i declined to join.
  Wed. 9/14/11 7:18pm Danne D:

@? Why, cuz it's airport code for Toronto :)

@hopey cuz he's probably played it on his show

@alberto - wise choice
  Wed. 9/14/11 7:21pm Danne D:

rare Nardwuar mistake - I believe it was a seagull that was struck, not a pigeon
  Wed. 9/14/11 7:23pm Nardwuar:

Danne D: I have no idea actually! Thank you for remembering that! Doot doo!
  Wed. 9/14/11 7:23pm Danne D:

<---- actually roots for the Blue Jays in the American League
  Wed. 9/14/11 7:24pm Danne D:

I bet Geddy has never quite had an interview like this!
  Wed. 9/14/11 7:26pm K:

Nardwuar talking about Geddy's annoying voice. Ha.
  Wed. 9/14/11 7:26pm Danne D:

Account of Winfield story:
  Wed. 9/14/11 7:28pm Danne D:

That's Fantastic - Strange Brew is one of my 5 favorite movies of all time! Sidenote - Strange Brew is loosely based on Hamlet.
  Wed. 9/14/11 7:29pm Danne D:

Glad that Geddy stuck it out here and got into the spirit of the interview - good stuff.
  Wed. 9/14/11 7:31pm hopey:

Yes, I'm glad he's warmed up. I love Nardwuar's interview style.
  Wed. 9/14/11 7:32pm tim:

Patricia Neal was the Tom Sawyer of the 1940s.
  Wed. 9/14/11 7:32pm John Galt:

Who is Geddy Lee?
  Wed. 9/14/11 7:32pm Danne D:

AynRandy is just a genius word that Nardwuar coined there :)
  Wed. 9/14/11 7:33pm Bad Ronald:

Yeah, Geddy's stand up. I hope Nardwuar gets a 'Salesmen!' outta him.
  Wed. 9/14/11 7:35pm Danne D:

In my case it was "Dig me able to listen to this 18-minute long song in 5/4 time!"
  Wed. 9/14/11 7:35pm hopey:

Triumph! Wow.
  Wed. 9/14/11 7:36pm Danne D:

awwwwwwwww no Doot Doo 8(
  Wed. 9/14/11 7:36pm Geddy???? You there???:

[crickets chirping]
  Wed. 9/14/11 7:37pm hopey:

Awwww, Geddy left him hanging. Hoser!
  Wed. 9/14/11 7:38pm flam:

Ayn Rand? Fluent Yiddish? I defy anyone to produce a photo of Geddy Lee and Alan Dershowitz together.
  Wed. 9/14/11 7:38pm Danne D:

If there was such a photo, Nardwuar probably has found it
  Wed. 9/14/11 7:39pm StuBot:

whats with the stupid voice?
  Wed. 9/14/11 7:40pm Danne D:

That's just the way Geddy sings, StuBot
  Wed. 9/14/11 7:40pm StuBot:

no, I mean the huy interviewing him Nadwad.
  Wed. 9/14/11 7:40pm Stanbach:

Good to hear that kind of adolescent smugness backed up by actual lowest-common-denominator music. Thought I was in a music store for a bit there.
  Wed. 9/14/11 7:41pm the glowing one:

Geddy sings like Nardwuar talks.
  Wed. 9/14/11 7:42pm StuBot:

No, Geddy sings the way Geddy sings, NadFad talks intentionally like a maroon.
  Wed. 9/14/11 7:42pm Danne D:

not sure what ya mean StuBot. Nardwuar's voice sounds pretty normal to me - don't think he was putting on any fake voices for Geddy.
  Wed. 9/14/11 7:43pm StuBot:

suure- yea, he always talks like a jerk, I get it now,
  Wed. 9/14/11 7:44pm StuBot:

Geddy was obviously just putting up with a guy who was fucking around like it's his shtick, but he came across like an idiot IMO
  Wed. 9/14/11 7:44pm hopey:

  Wed. 9/14/11 7:44pm depressed Persian cab driver:

Alex is a much more normal person. Allowed himself to be kidnapped on a great Trailer Park Boys episode. Geddy is a classic a-hole for not saying the doot-doot.
Rush was a great band.
  Wed. 9/14/11 7:45pm G:

StuBot is living proof that Nardwuar is an acquired taste for some.
  Wed. 9/14/11 7:45pm StuBot:

  Wed. 9/14/11 7:46pm G:

StuBot = Rush Fanboy
  Wed. 9/14/11 7:46pm the glowing one:

nardwuar is not a troll, those where all decent questions... most of them. geddy lee came across pretty stuck up anyway.
  Wed. 9/14/11 7:46pm StuBot:

yea, NargFlarg is a badly acquired taste. I came to the board to protest
  Wed. 9/14/11 7:47pm Danne D:

Nardwuar is good stuff. You can tell a lot of about his interview subject by how they react to him. The good ones can take it and will do multiple interviews. StuBot should check out the Snoop Dogg interviews to see how it's done.
  Wed. 9/14/11 7:47pm the glowing one:

StuBot = Geddy Lee
  Wed. 9/14/11 7:47pm G:

Could that be Geddy, lol
  Wed. 9/14/11 7:47pm Danne D:

This audio is all the proof anyone needs if they wonder how well Nardwuar fits on FMU :)
  Wed. 9/14/11 7:47pm G:

Great minds think alike :-)
  Wed. 9/14/11 7:49pm StuBot:

the questions were fine- it was his lack orf a real personality and stupid vocal nuances that ruined what might have been a good interview had he just acted like a normal human- Im sure he only talks like that for lack of a real presence- He certainly does NOT fit with WFMU- he sucks- sorry NoodFood.
  Wed. 9/14/11 7:49pm G:

That shut "Stu" up -- for now :-)
  Wed. 9/14/11 7:49pm Danne D:

Clearly StuBot saw "Geddy Lee" interview and got all excited and was unhappy that it was sufficiently fawning (even though Nardwuar called him God for cripes sake).
  Wed. 9/14/11 7:49pm G:

Oops, he was just a slow typist...
  Wed. 9/14/11 7:50pm StuBot:

sorry G- I wasnt even paying attention to your dellusions of intellectual grandeur.
  Wed. 9/14/11 7:50pm Danne D:

If you want the same old same old you can listen to 99% of the blather interviewers out there. Nardwuar's unique style brings out stuff that you never get anywhere else - when it works it's magic.
  Wed. 9/14/11 7:51pm D.Lactose:

Hey Stu, what are you favorite FMU shows?
  Wed. 9/14/11 7:51pm StuBot:

well, it didnt work in my opinion- he came off like a jerky jerk.
  Wed. 9/14/11 7:52pm StuBot:

Glen Jones- Terre T, Monica, the best show- mikle shelly
  Wed. 9/14/11 7:53pm StuBot:

the only shows I DONT like are the clicks and pops show and this guy- I dont like the guy who took over for Jeff Sarge- not much, he may get better, but he goes overtime and doesnt seem to give a fuck
  Wed. 9/14/11 7:54pm drewo:

Geddy could have been more game. Why did he bother?
  Wed. 9/14/11 7:54pm the glowing one:

@depressed Persian cab driver: this is the answer to the question you have been asking yourself the whole time watching Trailer Park Boys...
  Wed. 9/14/11 7:54pm StuBot:

its a matter of style- I just dont like his style- content was fine, but his style fucked up his interview. If youre gonna adopt a goofy style- cant expect that people will like it
  Wed. 9/14/11 7:55pm Danne D:

Different strokes for different folks StuBot. If somebody liked everything on FMU it means they need to go out and find some more stuff. FMU means range - you shouldn't like everything on it :)
  Wed. 9/14/11 7:55pm G:

dellusions? Wow, anyone who doesn't 100% agree with Stewie has certainly been put in their place now.
  Wed. 9/14/11 7:56pm StuBot:

totally agreed Danne- but I just dont care for it- ultimately it screwed uyp his otherwise good interview.
  Wed. 9/14/11 7:56pm Danne D:

Nardwuar's done pretty well for himself, so I think his style works :) Anyhow, in the exchanges I've had with him he's always been a nice guy and appreciative. He also holds the record for fastest e-mail reply to me from anyone (not just radio personalities - anybody I've ever sent an e-mail to)
  Wed. 9/14/11 7:57pm depressed Persian cab driver:

Some of us are jerks, Stu. I have met thousands. But the few nice people make it tolerable in my work. Mr Nardwuar is only trying to humanize the Gods in his wonderful way.
  Wed. 9/14/11 7:57pm Danne D:

his style gets folks off-guard. It's a good means for getting at honest, less rehearsed answers.
  Wed. 9/14/11 7:59pm Danne D:

Anyhow, have a good night everyone :)

And thanks to Nardwuar for another great show :)
  Wed. 9/14/11 7:59pm StuBot:

G: you're game is weak. Give it up son. I am allowed to say what I thought about the interview- like Danne said, different IS wfmu- Im willing to call it as it is- his show- he wants to interview people talking like hes not serious, thats his bag, I dont have to agree with it- 10 years from now, he may not be doing any more interviews and maybe he would agree with me. Its just like a bad version of the insult dog, or stuttering john of howard stern fame- a lot of people just shut them down- and they were actually funny at times- at least Nardo kept it respectful.
  Wed. 9/14/11 8:02pm Danne D:

Well Stu, Nard's already been at it almost 25 years, so I'm sure he'll still be going strong 10 years from now.
Here's more about him, in case you are curious :)
  Wed. 9/14/11 8:02pm G:

"You're game"! That says it all.
  Wed. 9/14/11 8:10pm StuBot:

Actually I'm kinda shocked- been around WFMU for about 15 years now, and I never heard his interviews, or if I had, I wasn't paying attention- forgive me insisting on expressing my opinion about your vocal style Nardwauar, it's your thing, and it's your right to do whatever you like- thats what's great about WFMU- not everybody will love everything here- and who knows- you MAY actually grow on me, it seems these folks have taken to your style; forgive my harsh critique- Stu
  Wed. 9/14/11 8:12pm StuBot:

G: I am fully aware of the correct usage of you, your and you're. Don't try so hard to be a dick- I know it's yoUR natural state.
  Wed. 9/14/11 8:13pm G:

We all evaluate people by what they put out. Your huge posts put out plenty to "get you" by.
  Wed. 9/14/11 8:14pm Bad Ronald:

@ stewie - u can prolly suck the fun outta an orgasm.
  Wed. 9/14/11 8:19pm Nardwuar:

Stubot: Thanks for the feedback! You Say " 10 years from now, he may not be doing any more interviews " . You know what? This Geddy Lee interview was actually taped December 4, 1998 ! Doot doo!
  Wed. 9/14/11 8:24pm G:

The weirdest thing is that StuBot came on saying "this sucks, and anyone who deeosn't agree is an idiot", but ten minutes after the show ended he decided the show was fine after all. Was that his Emily Litella impression?
  Wed. 9/14/11 8:25pm StuBot:

Well Nardwuar, maybe you do things differently now- or maybe not- I've already expressed what I thought, wether anyone here liked what I had to say or not. G: get a real name. SO many defenders of the Nardwuar here- enjoy your fans... doo doot to you too.
  Wed. 9/14/11 8:26pm StuBot:

No G, I never called anyone an idiot, but am tempted to in your case- try reading if you're going to quote people.
  Wed. 9/14/11 8:27pm G:

OK, a real name like StuBot. Got it. I'll get right on that.
  Wed. 9/14/11 10:15pm Nardwuar:

StuBot: I appreciate all feedback! Your friends tell you what is wrong , your enemies don't say a thing! So thank you for posting your feelings friend! Doot doo!
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