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The Failure of Noise
The Failure of Sound
The Failure of Rock
The Failure of the Avant Garde
The Failure of the Space Age
The Failure of Jazz
The Failure of Psychedelia
The Failure of Krautrock
The Failure of Electronic
The Failure of Pop
The Failure of Free-form
The Failure of the 20th Century

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Options September 8, 2011: Failure of integrity
This show is dedicated to the memory of the recently deceased filmmakers: Jordan Belson & George Kuchar, who both passed this week.

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Artist Track Album Approx. start time
james Last  Mr. Giant Man   Options Voodoo Party  0:00:00 ()
Henry Jacobs  vaqrious bits   Options The Wide Weird World of Henry Jacobs  0:08:52 ()
Henry Jacobs Vortex  Chan   Options Electric Kabuki Mambo  0:11:51 ()
Spontaneous Music Orchestra  Sustained Piece (vocal)   Options Mouthpiece  0:19:12 ()
Hot Club  Satan sous la pluie   Options Straigh Outta Bagnolet  0:43:27 ()
Les Baxter  Lost City   Options African Jazz  0:52:12 ()
Hot Club  Lorsque Yvonne Descends   Options Straigh Outta Bagnolet  0:58:50 ()
Stephen Vitiello  Single Mix   Options Sounds Building in the Fading Light  1:10:57 ()
Phil Mouldycliff  Kettleblack   Options Written on Water  1:20:33 ()
Onde  Eb (excerpt)   Options Purple  1:32:15 ()
Bill Orcutt  How the Thing Sings   Options How the Thing Sings  1:42:28 ()
G.F. Fitz-Gerald & Lol Coxhill  Listen Collage   Options The Poppy Seed Affair  1:59:15 ()
Organ Eye  Tema 2   Options Organ Eye  2:11:24 ()
Horrific Child (J. P. Massiera)  Frayeur   Options L'Étrange Mr. Whinster  2:33:11 ()
Les Baxter  voodoo dreams   Options Jungle Jazz  2:53:15 ()
Nils Okland  Sjor   Options Bris  2:53:52 ()

Listener comments!

  Thu. 9/8/11 3:11pm hamburger:

howdy ho!
  Thu. 9/8/11 3:12pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

who you callin' ho?
  Thu. 9/8/11 3:12pm vaca:

vaqrious. MOOO!!!!
  Thu. 9/8/11 3:12pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

this is like my inner dialogue whenever I play the guitar...
  Thu. 9/8/11 3:13pm hamburger:

the high ho
  Thu. 9/8/11 3:14pm CodeGuy:

Sadly, this is like my inner dialog whenever I play the guitar...
  Thu. 9/8/11 3:14pm Hick:

This is a ho down?
  Thu. 9/8/11 3:14pm BSI:

Low ho can you go?
  Thu. 9/8/11 3:15pm Hoe:

Down ta da groun', BSI.
  Thu. 9/8/11 3:19pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

non-interestingly, my daughter and I watched a backhoe dig up my neighbor's lawn for awhile this morning. A two-year-old is fascinated by such doings.
  Thu. 9/8/11 3:22pm you dig?:

Never underestimate the power of the two/backhoe lobby.
  Thu. 9/8/11 3:23pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

sustained vocal piece...nice idea...think I might take a stab at something like this soon...recruit your friends and neighbors!
  Thu. 9/8/11 3:24pm Shhhh:

Keep it on the down hoe.
  Thu. 9/8/11 3:27pm Jack:

Damn! missed Giant Man. Can I keep listening, or do I have to wait for the archive?
  Thu. 9/8/11 3:28pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

the Giant will return. stay tuned in! this is making me dancey.
  Thu. 9/8/11 3:34pm mark:

Big big fan of Kuchar, but wasn't familiar with Belson. Will look into his work. I've heard the Jacobs "Wide Weird World" before though.
  Thu. 9/8/11 3:35pm dale:

ohhh, yeah. mrs. miller
  Thu. 9/8/11 3:35pm Bill F.:

Oh, Mrs. Miller. What great hits she produced.
  Thu. 9/8/11 3:37pm jeanne:

so glad you are giving shout-outs to the dead today. And starting with the Vocal OM piece
  Thu. 9/8/11 3:38pm still b/p:

Awww, Mrs. Miller was making me very happy.
  Thu. 9/8/11 3:46pm still b/p:

Where was it we could find the clip you stopped with her on the audio track?
  Thu. 9/8/11 3:46pm uli:

i miss merv
  Thu. 9/8/11 3:48pm alan:

Great show & a great visual companion to it -
  Thu. 9/8/11 3:50pm Stanley:

Where's Pierre or Looms when you want them?
  Thu. 9/8/11 3:52pm hamburger:

too busy eating baguettes I guess :/

  Thu. 9/8/11 3:54pm northguineahills:

That hot club was hot diggity!
  Thu. 9/8/11 3:57pm uli:

request for plastique bertrand
  Thu. 9/8/11 4:01pm northguineahills:

Very different then the Les Baxter recs I have.
  Thu. 9/8/11 4:02pm Cecile:

Maybe? He used to be in SPK, youi know.
  Thu. 9/8/11 4:07pm Cecile:

Graeme Revell
  Thu. 9/8/11 4:09pm Cecile:

He wrote the Bourne soundtrack music
  Thu. 9/8/11 4:09pm hubba:

I've got a soar throat in 100 degree heat... hiddy ho comment boardarinos!
  Thu. 9/8/11 4:09pm Cecile:

and he used to be in SPK.
  Thu. 9/8/11 4:10pm Cecile:

I would think Revell would have sophistimicated, eclectic taste and know of that record which you mentioned....
  Thu. 9/8/11 4:11pm Looms:

@hamburger: baguettes and snails ;)
  Thu. 9/8/11 4:13pm Cecile:

hubba, hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!
  Thu. 9/8/11 4:13pm dave:

this steven vitiello piece is one of my favorite things ever. thanks for playing it.
  Thu. 9/8/11 4:13pm uli:

Plastiquez vos baffles
  Thu. 9/8/11 4:13pm Parisian Dining:

That's a crock, monsieur!
  Thu. 9/8/11 4:14pm hamburger:

@Looms: I knew it :) Frog's legs for dessert no doubt..
  Thu. 9/8/11 4:15pm northguineahills:

Didn't Vitiello also record Hurricane Floyd from the WTC?
  Thu. 9/8/11 4:16pm hubba:

well, i've got about half an iced coffee... the bagel and baba ghanoush may have some residual h2o... oh, wait, a big water bottle, i forgot, thanks Cecile
  Thu. 9/8/11 4:16pm Parisian Dining:

de l'eau, hubba, de l'eau!!!!
  Thu. 9/8/11 4:17pm Looms:

@hamburger: of course (with strawberry sauce)
  Thu. 9/8/11 4:17pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

I think Kurt Andersen did an interview with this fella on NPR this weekend.
  Thu. 9/8/11 4:19pm Senor Chuleta:

Francisco Lopez also released recordings made at the WTC on his "Buildings,NYC" V2 Archief disc
  Thu. 9/8/11 4:19pm Bill Cosby:

I just lovvvvvve strawberry de l'eau (avec chantilly)
  Thu. 9/8/11 4:20pm BSI:

What the orange hamster hell is going on in here!?!??!
  Thu. 9/8/11 4:20pm Bill Cosby:

blew sausage!!!!
  Thu. 9/8/11 4:21pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

you feeling ok after that, Bill?
  Thu. 9/8/11 4:22pm Food Theme:

Vitiello = Veal (Italian)
  Thu. 9/8/11 4:22pm uli:

Téléphone à téléphone mon bijou
  Thu. 9/8/11 4:23pm hubba:

Dip it in pudding... I wanna dip my _____ in it.
  Thu. 9/8/11 4:23pm BSI:

........put it on the pizza!?!?
  Thu. 9/8/11 4:25pm Gourmandise:

Strawberry Jello Pizza topped with Snails, Veal, and Blue Sausage
  Thu. 9/8/11 4:26pm Chef Boyardee:

No. Vitello. Vitiello doesn't mean doody in Italian.
  Thu. 9/8/11 4:26pm Louie:

Hey! That is my catch phrase!
  Thu. 9/8/11 4:26pm Hick Accent Italian:

We ain't no fucking literary Florentine lingo.
  Thu. 9/8/11 4:28pm Carmichael:

I leave the comments board for a few minutes, and the place goes apeshit. It's like the comments and music are 2 distinct non-related entities. What?
  Thu. 9/8/11 4:29pm Cecile:

I tried to keep it on-topic. For once.
  Thu. 9/8/11 4:29pm Hick Accent Italian:

You ain't foolin' us. They aint no car named Michael.
  Thu. 9/8/11 4:30pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

yes, the music never mentioned anything about snails, strawberries, baguettes, pizza, vomiting, veal, or pudding.
  Thu. 9/8/11 4:32pm hubba:

well, I see the commenter's behavior influenced by the music... but how much do the commenters affect the music. "not at all mind puzzle dude... Fabio don't play that."
  Thu. 9/8/11 4:33pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

a good sociological study subject there for yas HubbaBubba
  Thu. 9/8/11 4:34pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

apply for grant NOW
  Thu. 9/8/11 4:34pm Fan Club:

Fabio, when Clay gives you the beef sandwich you didn't ask for, hit bonk him with an old shoe and say, "Fabio don't play that." don't smile either, the key is to keep a straight face, hold it... steady, steady
  Thu. 9/8/11 4:35pm Carmichael:

Before the ARRA funds dry up.
  Thu. 9/8/11 4:35pm FWIW:

Cecile in comments talked about water before the Mouldycliff track started, I do believe.
  Thu. 9/8/11 4:36pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

or apply for grant goodeve now
  Thu. 9/8/11 4:37pm Carmichael:

Holy crap, now I'm doing it. Never mind my rant, there is no topic to stay on.
  Thu. 9/8/11 4:37pm uli:

organizing the unorganizable
  Thu. 9/8/11 4:38pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

eight truly is enough
  Thu. 9/8/11 4:38pm hubba:

How much autonomy do WFMU djs have? What is the organizational structure WFMU?
Wanted to go to Chicago, maybe Toronto, but I'm moving the family to Jersey City!
  Thu. 9/8/11 4:38pm FWIW:

Comments are listeners talking to or with one another during the music.

They may or may not be footnotes to the piece currently playing.
  Thu. 9/8/11 4:39pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

Scott Williams will shoot you if you don't play Fille Qui Mousse; everything else is random
  Thu. 9/8/11 4:39pm BSI:

Well, everything made perfect sense before I ate the hamster with the infinite prism eyes and supernova of DNA molecules spraying from his pineal gland.... on a DARE, yet.
  Thu. 9/8/11 4:39pm hubba:

Sometimes I'm not listening... I jsut comment because my co-workers are terrifed of me.
  Thu. 9/8/11 4:40pm Hubba's Coworkers:

And w/ good reason, may I add.
  Thu. 9/8/11 4:40pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

nothing makes sense UNTIL you EAT THE HAMSTER!!
  Thu. 9/8/11 4:41pm hubba:

Bill, Bill Orcutt... 8 foot tall, sheep breeding, tangerine peeling Bill Orcutt?
  Thu. 9/8/11 4:41pm Hubba's Coworkers:

Shhh, hide under the desk, call 911.
  Thu. 9/8/11 4:42pm Carmichael:

BSI, chew up some Ibogaine. It'll soothe the nape-of-the-neck seizures.
  Thu. 9/8/11 4:43pm uli:

Coeur D'Acier mon nez du druide plus haut
  Thu. 9/8/11 4:43pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

there's some live footage of Orcutt a little down the page
  Thu. 9/8/11 4:44pm hubba:

"Hello? Judy, Tom, Francine? Where did everyone go? I'm so lonely and cold..." <trying to wrap self in padding from cubicle wall>
  Thu. 9/8/11 4:44pm Ike:

Great sounds. Sounds great.
  Thu. 9/8/11 4:44pm BSI:

too much too much, you took too much.......
  Thu. 9/8/11 4:45pm Carmichael:

This has a nice beat, and I can dance to it.
  Thu. 9/8/11 4:46pm Hubba's Coworkers:

This is REALLY scary, and I bet hubba could give beatings to it. Shhhh!
  Thu. 9/8/11 4:48pm hubba:

beets, beets, a beautiful fruit, the more you eat the more your stool turns into the same color that will be dripping from your ear if you touch my godamn bagel in the toaster. LEAVE IT ALONE!
  Thu. 9/8/11 4:48pm uli:

was that the theme for the rockford files
  Thu. 9/8/11 4:49pm Hubba's Coworkers:

  Thu. 9/8/11 4:49pm hubba:

Hey everyone, what's going on!? Hi Fabio... what did I miss so far?
  Thu. 9/8/11 4:50pm hamburger:

@hubba: hubba causing mischief and hijinx :3
  Thu. 9/8/11 4:50pm Ike:

@Fabio, it was Tower One (found via Google, Art Review Magazine, 2005).
  Thu. 9/8/11 4:53pm hamburger:

I was listening. but the names have escaped my head already.. scary
  Thu. 9/8/11 4:53pm Ike:

BSI, I will be plagiarizing your 4:39 comment at some point in the future for purposes as yet unknowable. Fair warning. Can't stop me (unless you come at me with infinite prism eyes).
  Thu. 9/8/11 4:53pm alberto:

oh my god!! i can't believe there is a film about them!!! i wish i lived in the nyc area, i'd definitely be calling in.
  Thu. 9/8/11 4:56pm hmmm:

does Fabio think his mic is on?
  Thu. 9/8/11 4:56pm uli:

why not,,,i cut and paste ALL my comments from other places ,,,including this one ,,, and this one ,,, and this one
  Thu. 9/8/11 4:57pm BSI:

Ike: no problem. Just at the moment, I'm too dazzled by the sheer number of "i"s in the word "plagiarizing" ... it's like an insane wilderness of levitating dots.
  Thu. 9/8/11 4:57pm Alphabet:

I's don't make an iota of difference.
  Thu. 9/8/11 4:58pm hamster with the infinite prism eyes:

@Ike Just be careful what you say about me
  Thu. 9/8/11 4:59pm NP:

Your DJ Leaves "Your DJ Speaks" Up.
  Thu. 9/8/11 5:02pm hubba:

I like when Fabio does this... i actually just listen, most of the time, to what is coming through the headphones. Other times, i'm obnoxious and show novice wit...
  Thu. 9/8/11 5:03pm Looms:

  Thu. 9/8/11 5:07pm NP:

a/k/a sonic macaroni!
  Thu. 9/8/11 5:12pm hamburger:

holy hell - satan's on the kazoo
  Thu. 9/8/11 5:14pm NP:

"This'll Shut Those Commenters Up"
  Thu. 9/8/11 5:15pm uli:

if only
  Thu. 9/8/11 5:16pm jeff-m:

  Thu. 9/8/11 5:18pm hubba:

Sometimes, when I say something on here, i feel like it annoys the DJ, devalues their selection, and they change it so they aren't reminded of people like me making off-hand comments, but... is probably just paranoia induced by alienating myself with strange music and equally strange thoughts in a place of monotony and routine
  Thu. 9/8/11 5:26pm hamburger:

@hubba - doubt it

this Organ Eye is intense.. not sure how to describe it.. beeping feedback-y-ness
  Thu. 9/8/11 5:27pm Carmichael:

  Thu. 9/8/11 5:27pm Cecile:

I had to stop listening to some DJs because they baited the commenters.
  Thu. 9/8/11 5:27pm Reno:

There he was, the one and only Fabio on the phone with me! Starstruck, I cold only mutter, "Thanks, Fabio". Didn't even get tease him about The Triumvirate.
  Thu. 9/8/11 5:28pm uli:

please ,,, tell us more
  Thu. 9/8/11 5:28pm NP:

@Cecile. Friday evening.
  Thu. 9/8/11 5:29pm Cecile:

hubba, I periodically feel weirded out by my voluminous commenting, and usually spend a week or two posting very lightly utnil the shame abates.

Did you ask him what he was wearing?
  Thu. 9/8/11 5:29pm dale:

streams and creeks are like raging rapids up here. a lot of culverts and road shoulders washed away. people all along the susquehana being evacuated. just stay by your radio and listen to the other reality that is clay pigeon.
  Thu. 9/8/11 5:29pm Cecile:

NP, I'll take your word for it. That's movie night for me.
  Thu. 9/8/11 5:31pm Reno:

Will he mention the death of the great director and film teacher George Kuchar?
  Thu. 9/8/11 5:31pm Looms:

Agreed, the movie about Gainsbourg is disposable.
  Thu. 9/8/11 5:32pm Cecile:

Fab, someone on Slate said the best musician biopics are the ones about fake musicians. I think I might have to agree. I mean, I'd rather watch Walk Hard any day of the week...
  Thu. 9/8/11 5:32pm Cecile:

Reno, he dedicated the show to him.
  Thu. 9/8/11 5:33pm Carmichael:

Spinning the stacks of wax.
  Thu. 9/8/11 5:33pm NP:

The 5PM hour has definitely kicked ass.
  Thu. 9/8/11 5:33pm Reno:

Oh, excellent! Thanks, Cecile. Missed that while up on the roof applying patching.
  Thu. 9/8/11 5:34pm ben drinken:

Fabio was playing cop show music last week
  Thu. 9/8/11 5:34pm Cecile:

Surfing the digital waves
(stolen from Bret McKenzie's Video Kid)
  Thu. 9/8/11 5:35pm Ike:

Some DJs? I can only think of one. OK, maybe two. I still fall for it sometimes. I am such a sucker.
  Thu. 9/8/11 5:36pm Cecile:

I am trying not to put my foot in my mouth, Ike. It upsets people.
  Thu. 9/8/11 5:36pm polygon window:

Surfing on sine waves.
  Thu. 9/8/11 5:37pm Carmichael:

Duane always plays some kind of TV music. Nice touch in between tracks.
  Thu. 9/8/11 5:37pm NP:

@Cecile: Easily upsettable types are easily upset!
  Thu. 9/8/11 5:37pm northguineahills:

Ahhh, Tortoise sampled this.....
  Thu. 9/8/11 5:39pm Cecile:

NP, I do it enough unintentionally. Trying to turn over a new leaf.
  Thu. 9/8/11 5:40pm NP:

Autumn means you can even turn over an old leaf!
  Thu. 9/8/11 5:40pm hubba:

Well, I just get so excited... other commenters stoke the desire to post. I'm learning, as I'm new to this environment. With that, smitten as a milk mustach kitten precariously hanging from a branch... hanging in there, indeed. Bye everyone. Great show, will catch the beginning on archives.
  Thu. 9/8/11 5:41pm uli:

lays it on a bit thick dont you think
  Thu. 9/8/11 5:41pm Cecile:

feel better, hubba!
  Thu. 9/8/11 5:42pm ben drinken:

Anyone from outside the airwave listening area going to record fair? I am making my plans. I Just need to find a cheap hostel. Stayed at sunbright in Chinatown last time. Maybe are some hostels in nj would like that better
  Thu. 9/8/11 5:45pm Carmichael:

See you there, Hubba.
  Thu. 9/8/11 5:53pm NP:

Ashton Kucher died? :-P
  Thu. 9/8/11 5:54pm ben drinken:

The thing about staying someplace for the record fair if you are from a far is that convenience is staying in manhattan but even as an outsider manhattan pisses me off.
  Thu. 9/8/11 5:54pm uli:

if only
  Thu. 9/8/11 5:54pm Robert:

If Mr. Pigeon confused George Kuchar with Adolph Cuckor, at he'd be closer.

Yeah, I wanted to know what he died of too. I met him once, was also friendly with his onetime collaborator, John Keel.
  Thu. 9/8/11 5:54pm NY Times:

The cause was prostate cancer, his twin brother, Mike, said.

  Thu. 9/8/11 5:55pm Robert:

Thank you, Mr./Ms. Times.
  Thu. 9/8/11 5:55pm juli:

"Shut up , little man"
  Thu. 9/8/11 5:56pm alberto:

clay is e-tarded
  Thu. 9/8/11 5:57pm hopey:

Odd. I just watched the doc on him and his brother last weekend. Loved it.
  Thu. 9/8/11 5:58pm hopey:

Warm Gatorade reminds me of saliva.
  Thu. 9/8/11 5:58pm Carmichael:

Fabio, don't play any Styx.
  Thu. 9/8/11 5:58pm The People:

We're fine.
  Thu. 9/8/11 5:59pm Carmichael:

Dinty Moore?
  Thu. 9/8/11 6:00pm Ike:

"Salt" is not bad, as action movies go.
  Thu. 9/8/11 6:01pm NP:

No, Demi Moore contains way more cheese than Dinty Moore.
  Thu. 9/8/11 6:03pm juli:

really good for 16mm
  Thu. 9/8/11 6:04pm Carmichael:

And don't let Clay play any Styx, either.
  Thu. 9/8/11 6:05pm HacksawJenkins:

We need more Starcastle
  Thu. 9/8/11 6:05pm juli:

i was a roadie for styx ,,, buncha assholes
  Thu. 9/8/11 6:05pm NP:

amazing how every digidusty is an epic fail... -- self-fulfilling prophecy?
  Thu. 9/8/11 6:06pm hopey:

Who has the Mrs Miller album from the 60s? On Capitol, I believe.
  Thu. 9/8/11 6:06pm Carmichael:

I have Mitch Miller, but no Mrs.
  Thu. 9/8/11 6:08pm Jim:

Not surprising that Rick Perry's capital punishment remarks would get applause in a state in which a local solicitor once said that he would like to have electric sofas.
  Thu. 9/8/11 6:09pm hopey:

I would love some airbrushing.
  Thu. 9/8/11 6:09pm juli:

  Thu. 9/8/11 6:11pm Lizardner Dave:

Civil War battlefields are tourist spots. Pearl Harbor is a tourist spot. Battlefields throughout Europe are tourist spots. It is inevitable.
  Thu. 9/8/11 6:12pm Ike:

I agree w/Julie. This playing up of the anniversary seems *really* exploitative.
  Thu. 9/8/11 6:13pm Carmichael:

We can't have a moment of silence. We have to have many moments of loud "patriotic" infomercials.
  Thu. 9/8/11 6:14pm Lizardner Dave:

What is exploitative is the newspapers and magazines and radio and TV doing special coverage that this year for the first time will be advertiser supported. And I'm speaking as someone who works in the media business (and sadly, I am a minority voice). Well good night all, I'll hear you on the archives if Clay allows.
  Thu. 9/8/11 6:17pm some guy:

i was in union sq and watched the first one go in. for years it would piss me off when people from out of town would talk about how traumatic their experience was for them. i understand that i was being unfair , their experience is valid but , i dont know , its just the way i felt.
  Thu. 9/8/11 6:17pm dale:

remember those abc movies of the week? kim darby and the little undergound people who come up out of the basement to take her for there queen? trilogy of terror? all kinds of salem witchcraft-y movies?
  Thu. 9/8/11 6:17pm Robert:

That's another confusion Mr. Pigeon might've abetted: Kubrick with Kuchar.
  Thu. 9/8/11 6:18pm HacksawJenkins:

  Thu. 9/8/11 6:18pm PMD:

Is Clay expanding his empire?
  Thu. 9/8/11 6:18pm hopey:

@dale Bad Ronald?
  Thu. 9/8/11 6:18pm Mike Fun:

Wow, Fabio, I would have guessed 10 years younger
  Thu. 9/8/11 6:18pm ben drinken:

I would love to have fimdb. Faboi's Internet movie database
  Thu. 9/8/11 6:20pm HacksawJenkins:

Kevin Arnold
  Thu. 9/8/11 6:21pm alberto:

kevin seconds
  Thu. 9/8/11 6:21pm Nicole:

Kevin Costner
  Thu. 9/8/11 6:21pm Scott Jacoby:

kim darby wasn't in Bad Ronald.
  Thu. 9/8/11 6:21pm Scott S.:

kevin eubanks is the gtr player for Jay Leno right
  Thu. 9/8/11 6:21pm dale:

which one was bad ronald, hopey?
  Thu. 9/8/11 6:23pm dale:

here's the list:
  Thu. 9/8/11 6:23pm Scott Jacoby:

@dale - http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0071186/
  Thu. 9/8/11 6:25pm dale:

love the premise of that movie!!
  Thu. 9/8/11 6:26pm PMD:

RI - has the longest name too. State of rhode Island and PRovidence PLantations.
  Thu. 9/8/11 6:26pm Listener Bill:

DJ Trouble is from RI
  Thu. 9/8/11 6:29pm hopey:

Thanks, Scott Jacoby! I had a crush on that nerdy/f'ed up character when I was little.
  Thu. 9/8/11 6:29pm PMD:

  Thu. 9/8/11 6:30pm PMD:

  Thu. 9/8/11 6:30pm Scott Jacoby:

hah! My pleasure.
  Thu. 9/8/11 6:30pm PMD:

What do you call a water fountain?
  Thu. 9/8/11 6:31pm moose:

kevin hewick
  Thu. 9/8/11 6:32pm moose:

ha, don't call it that!
  Thu. 9/8/11 6:32pm dale:

louse-y with ticks - HA!!!
  Thu. 9/8/11 6:33pm ruli:

break a deal spin the wheel
  Thu. 9/8/11 6:35pm alberto:

fun fact: robert patrick's brother is the lead singer of the band, filter
  Thu. 9/8/11 6:36pm KP:

Caller never got aroujnd to what a malted is called in Providence. Answer is a cabinet, i think.
  Thu. 9/8/11 6:36pm Stanley Kubrick:

Shelly's a pain in the ass.
  Thu. 9/8/11 6:38pm wiki:

Shelley Duvall was born in Houston, Texas on July 7, 1949.
  Thu. 9/8/11 6:38pm dale:

clay needs a talk show. maybe on whatever channel robin byrd is on.
  Thu. 9/8/11 6:39pm Scott S.:

robert duvall is related to Obama and Cheney
  Thu. 9/8/11 6:39pm dale:

duel is one of the abc movies of the week!!! destroyed that dodge dart.
  Thu. 9/8/11 6:40pm moose:

i vaguely remember a wfmu public access show
  Thu. 9/8/11 6:40pm Tom Heinsohn:

Kevin McHale.
  Thu. 9/8/11 6:41pm ruli:

kevin mchales navy
  Thu. 9/8/11 6:41pm Jim:

I think it was a Plymouth Valiant rather than a Dodge Dart.
  Thu. 9/8/11 6:41pm dale:

animal husbandry colonel carl? you married a cow?
  Thu. 9/8/11 6:42pm Robert:

Give him some of the cheese lover's act.
  Thu. 9/8/11 6:44pm Scott S.:

kevin nealon
  Thu. 9/8/11 6:44pm dale:

the incredible hulk show had a scene where the hulk smashes a semi and they 'borrow' the end shot of the semi going over the cliff. great shot, groaning and screeching as it goes over.
  Thu. 9/8/11 6:44pm D. Weaver:

Radiator hose!!!
  Thu. 9/8/11 6:44pm Cousin Kevin:

Try Audacity - http://audacity.sourceforge.net/
  Thu. 9/8/11 6:45pm ruli:

the hulk smashes demi moore
  Thu. 9/8/11 6:45pm jaycjay:

Garage Band? Don't give up on digital, just get some real software.
  Thu. 9/8/11 6:46pm James:

Fabiola what is your fav herzog movie?
  Thu. 9/8/11 6:47pm dale:

i been 'learning myself' since i was about 12.
  Thu. 9/8/11 6:47pm dale:

kasper hauser!
  Thu. 9/8/11 6:48pm dale:

bruno s died a year and a half ago, sadly
  Thu. 9/8/11 6:48pm jaycjay:

Yeah, it was a Valiant. I remember that clearly because my grandmother had one when I first saw the movie as a kid.
  Thu. 9/8/11 6:48pm Herzog:

I would've guessed Heart of Glass.
  Thu. 9/8/11 6:48pm James:

Fata morgana for me
  Thu. 9/8/11 6:48pm Scott S.:

bad lieutenant new orleans is great. very polarizing movie
  Thu. 9/8/11 6:50pm James:

Good call on bad lieut
  Thu. 9/8/11 6:50pm dale:

popul vuh soundtrack to heart of glass is fantastic. don't know if this stuff is on cd.
  Thu. 9/8/11 6:50pm jaycjay:

@dale, yeah, a bunch of pieces of the film were sold as stock footage. Supposedly Spielberg since then has included contract clauses stating that won't happen for each of his films.
  Thu. 9/8/11 6:50pm J J:

Noticed Herzog used the same song in the shooting of the dead breakdancer scene in Bad Lieutenant as in the end of Stroszek.
  Thu. 9/8/11 6:50pm Once Were Warriors:

  Thu. 9/8/11 6:50pm SUE:

the name of the female directed independent movie
that you were discussing earlier?
  Thu. 9/8/11 6:51pm jaycjay:

I picture Fabio in his early 30s, because even though I do know what he looks like he sounds exactly like a friend of mine... so I can't help picturing that guy instead of Fabio when I hear him.
  Thu. 9/8/11 6:51pm dale:

the dancing chicken song?
  Thu. 9/8/11 6:52pm dale:

fabio - do flloyd the barber, stutter a bit and sound homespun
  Thu. 9/8/11 6:52pm J J:

@dale Yeah. That one.
  Thu. 9/8/11 6:52pm James:

Six flags music: venga boys "the venga bus" on the "party album"
  Thu. 9/8/11 6:53pm moose:

seeing dj's is always weird
  Thu. 9/8/11 6:53pm Scott S.:

the dancing chicken song is called Lost John I think
  Thu. 9/8/11 6:53pm kym:

Clay was referencing 'My Winnipeg' by Guy Maddin, I think.
  Thu. 9/8/11 6:54pm dale:

old blues whooping and such? i gotta look it up.
  Thu. 9/8/11 6:54pm ruli:

pfffffffft,,, all the guys on fmu are in there 70's
  Thu. 9/8/11 6:54pm HacksawJenkins:

zager and evans
  Thu. 9/8/11 6:55pm Maya Deren:

Fabio looks like Sarah McLachlan's piano player.
  Thu. 9/8/11 6:55pm Mike Fun:

Clay sounds a bit like Garrison Keillor. I'm sorry.
  Thu. 9/8/11 6:56pm dale:

how howard sprague ever got millie at the diner is beyond me. she was HOT!
  Thu. 9/8/11 6:56pm James:

Leave floyd the barber alone!
  Thu. 9/8/11 6:56pm catfish:

I pictured Clay to look like a younger, slightly more dapper version of Mister Burns if his lifepath had been changed by a visit from time Quantum Leaping Dr. Sam Beckett.
  Thu. 9/8/11 6:58pm ruli:

the wormhole from slider opens and whoosh clay is gone
  Thu. 9/8/11 6:58pm dale:

scott s - Old Lost John shows up when i google with my noodle
  Thu. 9/8/11 7:00pm James:

Wow Julie has a lovely voice!
  Thu. 9/8/11 7:02pm Clay as Keillor:

WFMU, where all the Djs are strong, and the records are above average.
  Thu. 9/8/11 7:04pm moose:

and the listeners are good looking
  Thu. 9/8/11 7:05pm Handsome Listener:

Are these the two guys that sound like complete retards?
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