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Riff rock for riff raff, pop fizzle for the frazzled, chord changes of life for the menopausal teenagers, a safari in the jingle-jangle jungle. (Visit homepage.)

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Options August 26, 2011

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Artist Track Album
Half Japanese  Thing With a Hook   Options loud & horrible ep 
hole   awful   Options  
kelly jones  subway song   Options  
Christina Aguilera vs. Strokes   Stroke of Genie-Us   Options  
spirit  nature's way   Options  
fiona apple   get him back   Options  
oppehheimer   look up   Options  
Walter Egan  Magnet & Steel   Options  
Adult Net  take me   Options  
Doug Gillard  breaking in two   Options  
melanie  Look What They've Done to My Song, Ma   Options  
Beach Fossils  what a pleasure   Options  
goldbergs  ain't gonna stop   Options  
jarvis cocker   heavy weather   Options  
robert pollard   aspersion   Options Lord of the Birdcage 
the clientele   (I can't seem to) make you mine   Options  
Neutral Milk Hotel  where you'll find me now   Options On Avery Island 
the spectrum   London Bridge Is Falling Down   Options  
family dogg  the storm   Options  
Matthew Sweet  not when i need it   Options  
travis   why does it always rain on me   Options  
celebrity pilots  happy bloom day   Options  
Belle & Sebastian  seeing other people   Options  
gallery   nice to be with you   Options  
Sportsguitar  gong gong   Options Fade / Cliché 
holiday flyer   trains   Options  
can  Turtles Have Short Legs   Options  
Eleanor Friedberger  my mistakes   Options  
ben folds & regina spektor  you don't know me   Options  
Ken Stringfellow  Any Love (Cassandra et Lune)   Options  
the loft  why does the rain   Options  
charlotte hatherley  rescue plan   Options  
bubblerock  satisfaction   Options  
huey lewis & Gwyneth Paltrow  cruisin   Options  
db's  feel alright   Options  
adem  something's going to come   Options  
critters   Don't Let The Rain Fall Down On Me   Options  
daniel johnston  Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Your Grievences   Options  

Listener comments!

  Fri. 8/26/11 9:09pm ?:

Hi, Pseu. I hope you can hold on to something and not get blown away tomorrow!
  Fri. 8/26/11 9:11pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Hi. Good luck this weekend with Hurricane Irene. How close is the station to the Hudson River? Here's a link to the 50 US states ranked 1-50. Some of the comments made me laugh. http://gawker.com/5831724/the-worst-50-states-in-america?tag=50-states
  Fri. 8/26/11 9:13pm Seminal:

hi all from near Chicago
  Fri. 8/26/11 9:15pm frenchee:

Oh you did NOT open up a can of Spirit! God bless you Pseu.
  Fri. 8/26/11 9:15pm Tom ( The Bactrian Support Network ):

Hi Pseu !! and hi everyone !
! nice tunes !! sooothing even now !!
  Fri. 8/26/11 9:16pm PiLA:

Goodnight, Irene
  Fri. 8/26/11 9:16pm old,yet, awake:

Play more of this, from tornado alley, yes survived hurricanes too, damn buck up
  Fri. 8/26/11 9:17pm pseu:

hello ... we are ON the Hudson, 2 /3-ish blocks away.
  Fri. 8/26/11 9:17pm PiLA:

Why are all the anchor women on the Weather Channel pregnant visibly?
  Fri. 8/26/11 9:19pm ?:

@PiLA: pregnancy symbols life... so.
  Fri. 8/26/11 9:24pm Weather Channel:

We traffic in flyover taste.
  Fri. 8/26/11 9:25pm seang:

we'll get through this
  Fri. 8/26/11 9:25pm Stu Range:

For some reason this show was making me think of Boogie Nights (maybe the Fiona Apple dating PT Anderson) and then this song comes on, which is in the movie!
  Fri. 8/26/11 9:25pm texas scott:

Hi Pseu.
You feeling sentimental?
  Fri. 8/26/11 9:26pm moose:

i'll be riding it out a few blocks from the hudson too

this show is sweet
  Fri. 8/26/11 9:26pm Weather Channel:

Whatever! Tomorrow, you'll be feeling really wet.
  Fri. 8/26/11 9:28pm New Orleans:

"You're next, man!"
  Fri. 8/26/11 9:32pm pseu:

OK, knuckleheads, any more shenanigans and I'll shut this board down faster a lawnchair can fly at your fat head.
  Fri. 8/26/11 9:34pm Weather Channel:

What's for snacks on mic?
  Fri. 8/26/11 9:37pm Weather Channel:

Kettle corn! Hurricane party, I called it!
  Fri. 8/26/11 9:38pm Tom :

That's Not Shy Walter Egan record loved it .. although at the time in came and with my "alternate" tastes in music I would never admit it back then anyway ...
  Fri. 8/26/11 9:49pm marc:

what memories. my mom played this song so many times when i was a kid.
  Fri. 8/26/11 9:49pm EzSezz:

Yeah, for Melanie! All the way from Astoria (Flood Zone C)
  Fri. 8/26/11 9:50pm CJ The Great:

Rejoice maids & maidens! I appear before thee through wireless 3G witchcraft! Hurricanes taste like chicken...although the name Irene makes this one a bit hotter.
  Fri. 8/26/11 9:51pm herb:

ooh, the chanson song (sorry to be redundant). me & my french friend were singing along, un peu. thanks pseu. take care.
  Fri. 8/26/11 9:57pm eastvanhalen:

I would post something pithy, but I am afraid that I would be guilty of shenanigans.
  Fri. 8/26/11 9:58pm G:

^^^ Deletion bait.
  Fri. 8/26/11 10:01pm eastvanhalen:

Good pop makes me giddy.
  Fri. 8/26/11 10:09pm CJ The Great:

Stock the cabinets with Wonder Bread and Squeezy Cheese! A hurricane's -a-comin'! Bah!
  Fri. 8/26/11 10:10pm G:

Ironically, "irene" means peace in Greek.
  Fri. 8/26/11 10:11pm pseu:

that is ironic, especially if you've ever heard the work of Irene Pappas (the Excorcist and Aphrodite's Child 666)
  Fri. 8/26/11 10:20pm snoop:

that ain't my family, dogg
  Fri. 8/26/11 10:22pm marc:

WOW... i love music. so i'm gonna love this
  Fri. 8/26/11 10:23pm Skirkie:

Actually this is nice, can we hear it all?
  Fri. 8/26/11 10:25pm marc:

toby mac, Irene on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HJ1DHhobVVg
  Fri. 8/26/11 10:27pm EzSezz:

Nice segue from Fatburger to Goldfish
  Fri. 8/26/11 10:27pm CJ The Great:

Toby Mac is a spiritual hip hop type dude. Fatburger's pretty chill stuff. Dexy's Midnight Runners Come On Eileen in Asian could be Come On Eye-wrreenee???
  Fri. 8/26/11 10:28pm frenchee:

  Fri. 8/26/11 10:28pm marc:

i like the toby mac song
  Fri. 8/26/11 10:29pm another dude:

Okay this irene thing is pretty great. That lullaby song was kind of creeptastic. This is fatburger? Is this stairway to heaven now? Okay that one sounded good. Wtf it's the lullaby song again. Oh this is not... geez. Anyway this is a good idea.
  Fri. 8/26/11 10:30pm Kieran:

You're torturing us... Point made Irene was a b----
  Fri. 8/26/11 10:30pm frenchee:

  Fri. 8/26/11 10:31pm fatty jubbo:

just keep it on the Beefheart, please. pleeeeeeeeze!
  Fri. 8/26/11 10:31pm frenchee:

harry irene
  Fri. 8/26/11 10:31pm frenchee:

what fatty jub said!
  Fri. 8/26/11 10:32pm CJ The Great:

Patrick O' Hearn has a song called Irene and he rocks! I love his music.
  Fri. 8/26/11 10:32pm EzSezz:

My favorite Goodnight Irene is Japheth Dean on the Hokey-Pokey Out on the Rolling Sea Joseph Spence compilation CD
  Fri. 8/26/11 10:33pm PB:

Speaking of Beefheart, I never did get Trout Mask Replica. I love Safe as Milk but Trout Mask is beyond me.
  Fri. 8/26/11 10:33pm Food Scientist:

Little known fact: Double blind testing suggests that high levels of kettle corn consumption correlate with intensely misanthropic ideation.
  Fri. 8/26/11 10:45pm pseu:

  Fri. 8/26/11 10:47pm raga:

my pale blue storm. my rainbow, how good it is to know your lightning! strike me with your lightning. bring me down and bury me with ashes.
  Fri. 8/26/11 10:49pm PB:

If you're going to play rain songs, how about Happy When it Rains by J&M Chain?
  Fri. 8/26/11 10:53pm patrick:

Loved you taking off on everyone for the obvious good night irene. Not that I knew any of the songs you played instead, but that kind of personal interaction is one of the reasons I love wfmu.
  Fri. 8/26/11 10:53pm major deeg'n:

Q. What's worse than a boggie on a reggae woman?
A. Come on Irene. (or Eileen)
  Fri. 8/26/11 10:55pm major deeg'n:

typo - meant to type "boogie". Sorry, joke ruined.
  Fri. 8/26/11 10:59pm john:

Why did it take me nearly 40 years to figure out that Gallery wanted to be Neil Diamond?
  Fri. 8/26/11 11:00pm pseu:

  Fri. 8/26/11 11:01pm minor gideon:

john: i felt the same way about 2 minutes ago too !
  Fri. 8/26/11 11:01pm Joshua:

Thanks for the twee breakup rock last last song. Seriously. And the Cap'n Beefheart earlier. More from the Celtic Diaspora, please.
  Fri. 8/26/11 11:01pm 12539:

@john: I always thought that song *was* Neil Diamond
  Fri. 8/26/11 11:04pm john:

Well, Gallery also Believe(d) In Music, especially if it sounded like the Jewish Elvis.
  Fri. 8/26/11 11:06pm dave:

oooh, that holiday flyer track is pure twee goodness
  Fri. 8/26/11 11:07pm Colin from Vancouver British Columbia Canada:

Sportsguitar....that tune was released from my apartment circa 1996.
  Fri. 8/26/11 11:07pm frenchee:

  Fri. 8/26/11 11:07pm minor gideon:

@john - KTel reference!! Yes!
  Fri. 8/26/11 11:12pm john:

I had that K-Tel record! Still do, actually. The introduction to the greatness that was Gallery for so many of us...not to mention Daniel Boone.
  Fri. 8/26/11 11:15pm marc:

  Fri. 8/26/11 11:16pm pseu:

  Fri. 8/26/11 11:19pm minor gideon:

hey john - i had "Fantastic", featuring a waay edited down version of Hocus Pocus by Focus, Little Willy (Sweet), Raspberries, Barry White, 'Misdemeanor' by Foster Sylvers, "I'm Doin Fine Now" by New York City, and many more.
  Fri. 8/26/11 11:22pm john:

I missed that one, but I did have a couple of those singles!
  Fri. 8/26/11 11:23pm john:

The perfect mid 80s jangle pop nugget!
  Fri. 8/26/11 11:28pm marc:

WHAT ABOUT the "The Rain, the Park, and Other Things" by the Cowsills?
  Fri. 8/26/11 11:29pm Colin from Vancouver British Columbia Canada:

  Fri. 8/26/11 11:36pm iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiike:

Can't get no satisfaction? What is satisfaction anyway? I don't even know what that is. I'm going to go blow bubbles in the corner now. BLOOP!
  Fri. 8/26/11 11:45pm James from ATL:

Great Pop - this is becoming one of my favorite WFMU shows.
  Fri. 8/26/11 11:47pm G:

You got the "promote more" memo, eh?
  Fri. 8/26/11 11:48pm marc:

This IS my Favorite WFMU SHOW!!!
  Fri. 8/26/11 11:51pm Colin from Vancouver British Columbia Canada:

This is the second-best show on WFMU.
  Fri. 8/26/11 11:56pm G:

Isn't Daniel Johnston a bit more Irwiny than Hooky?
  Fri. 8/26/11 11:57pm 12539:

Thank you, Pseu.
  Fri. 8/26/11 11:59pm G:

Here's where Pseu gets Rich so discombobulated he forgets to put up his experimental art link.
  Sat. 8/27/11 12:09am another dude:

Psue, every Friday your show is the first best of every radio show ever. Therest of the time, it's still pretty great.
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