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Shamanic vibrational love frequencies for the infinite mind. Shed all fear and allow the forces of nature to rattle your spine. We are the future. Welcome to the 5th Dimension.

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Options August 26, 2011: Count Your Blessings

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Artist Track Comments Approx. start time
Agf  Let's Make Our Movies   Options   0:00:00 ()
TAINONEGRO  Celestial Star   Options   0:02:29 ()
Agf  MYpatch   Options   0:05:19 ()
Silver Strain  La Main Gauche   Options §§§§§§§§§§§  0:08:25 ()
Björk  My Juvenile (Niburu edit)   Options   0:13:38 ()
Silver Strain  A Blue Rose   Options §§§§§§§§§§§  0:16:38 ()
Tanka  Shackles   Options   0:22:54 ()
$LE$H [BASS SQUAD]  Pelè   Options   0:28:06 ()
Jaloo  Poe the Brega   Options   0:31:24 ()
Björk  Hyperballad (Jaloo Remix)   Options   0:33:35 ()
Banda UO  Nao Quero Saber   Options   0:39:29 ()
Hudson Mohawke x Aaliyah  Somebody   Options R.I.P. Aaliyah Dana Haughton (January 16, 1979 – August 25, 2001)  0:41:49 ()
Wheez-ie   Big Gulp   Options   0:44:53 ()
K.R. Ufo  Run Off   Options   0:50:09 ()
rrritalin  Bonga   Options   0:54:06 ()
Datsik  Firepower   Options   0:57:22 ()
Music behind DJ:
    1:01:30 ()
Kanji Kinetic  Bang Harder   Options   1:08:59 ()
Mike G  Throwback   Options   1:13:28 ()
Maelstrom  You Play   Options


1:18:25 ()
Admin & Tanka  Bright Eyes   Options   1:22:31 ()
LowRIDERz  Africa (feat. Samba)   Options   1:26:41 ()
An-Ten-Nae  Alien   Options   1:30:17 ()
KRUEGER   Reach   Options   1:35:04 ()
DJ Cabide  O BAILE PEGA FOGO   Options   1:38:10 ()
El Mayonesa  Kes Ei Tantsi On Politsei (Los Reyes De la Milanga Remix)   Options   1:41:32 ()
Chulita  Cholita Sound (Cherman folcore mix)   Options   1:45:23 ()
Angeles Negros  Como Quisiera Decirte (Telesforo Remix)   Options PARA LA TETONA!!!  1:50:30 ()
RADIO REBELDE SOUNDSYSTEM  Colombia   Options   1:52:54 ()
Jimi Hendrix vs. MC Créu  João Brasil   Options   1:58:11 ()
Los Chicos Altos  Pa'lante   Options   2:07:51 ()
Arabb  Weet Bred / Yah   Options   2:11:37 ()
Boreta  Bubblin in the Cut   Options   2:17:20 ()
Distal  ANGRY ACID   Options   2:20:44 ()
Butterclock  MlLKY WORDS   Options   2:25:35 ()
Kaglar Omega  Shivers   Options   2:28:42 ()
Kriva Nottah  Gaida Step   Options   2:32:25 ()
Mimi The Hedgehog  Full On   Options   2:35:46 ()
JMAY ft King Ramses  Fire In The Dark   Options   2:41:40 ()
Peace Treaty  Change (Dj DaGo Remix)   Options   2:44:32 ()
Canblaster  Timemaster's Chronicles   Options   2:50:36 ()
Lucid  Based   Options   2:55:06 ()

Listener comments!

  Fri. 8/26/11 6:02am antonia jane:

so happy im listening to this live :)
  Fri. 8/26/11 6:04am pierre:

Chaud !

Bonjour Hot Rod !

Bonjour all and dear listeners !
  Fri. 8/26/11 6:04am HotRod:

Binaural Beats 432Hz. Hello! :)
  Fri. 8/26/11 6:11am pierre:

this night we (parisian) had lihtnings just like that.

I'm discovering Binaural Beats
  Fri. 8/26/11 6:19am pierre:

i'm slowly climbing http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/4/48/Banachs_fractal_steps.gif
  Fri. 8/26/11 6:20am Isa GT:

locked in!
  Fri. 8/26/11 6:21am Isa GT:

how's everyone? Hotrod? prepared for the storm?
  Fri. 8/26/11 6:22am HotRod:

This is the storm! :)
  Fri. 8/26/11 6:25am HotRod:

Hello Isa! Nice gif, Pierre! HAPPY FRIDAY!
  Fri. 8/26/11 6:25am T-Zero:

heh, you say that now, just wait 'til the millions of rats come running up out of the subways from storm surge.
  Fri. 8/26/11 6:27am HotRod:

  Fri. 8/26/11 6:34am annie:

  Fri. 8/26/11 6:35am HotRod:

Hello Annie! :D
  Fri. 8/26/11 6:37am annie:

closing this window, chickie, it's slowing things down..
  Fri. 8/26/11 6:48am La Peruana Tetona:

Good morning all and HR <3Thirsty as hell up in here!
  Fri. 8/26/11 6:49am HotRod:

Tetooooooooooooooooooona! Ahhhhhhhhhh!!!
  Fri. 8/26/11 6:51am HotRod:

Polish Juke :D
  Fri. 8/26/11 6:55am Ozzy Skateboard:

good morning coffee is done:)
  Fri. 8/26/11 6:56am Topher and Izzy:

Lovin' Linus! Good Morning HotRod! All.
  Fri. 8/26/11 6:58am La Peruana Tetona:

Mmm cafecito...
  Fri. 8/26/11 7:03am maja:

morning! i keep staring at those dancers/sleepwalkers
  Fri. 8/26/11 7:08am annie:

ahhh. so that's where ozzy is... hey ozzy i have real sugar today; have that coffee?
  Fri. 8/26/11 7:09am Isa GT:

love the shout outs! and love the bjork and this track's vibe! love the stormy vibes!!!
  Fri. 8/26/11 7:10am T-Zero:

I'm fine, thanks, hotrod! Just doing some work while listening.
I just couldn't resist the earlier comment about the rats after reading a comment about that by the head of the NYC subways, talking about Irene. ;)
  Fri. 8/26/11 7:13am Ozzy Skateboard:

hey Annie oh goody sugar sugar :)
  Fri. 8/26/11 7:33am Ozzy Skateboard:

HA! I just noticed Gogira and Gamera nice :)
  Fri. 8/26/11 7:35am HotRod:

Where's Dave B??? He gave me that Gamera gif! Thanks Dave! ;)
  Fri. 8/26/11 7:39am HotRod:

LET'S GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  Fri. 8/26/11 7:41am La Peruana Tetona:

Eu amo isso, caramba!
  Fri. 8/26/11 7:46am HotRod:

  Fri. 8/26/11 7:48am Isa GT:

gotta sign off but will check the rest of the show later on, great tunes as always hotrod! I think this week I recruited two more people! ;)
my friend matthew stone is been listening from the start of the show and my sis is hooked. until next week!
  Fri. 8/26/11 7:49am HotRod:

BYE ISA!!!! I LOVE IT!!!!! ;)
  Fri. 8/26/11 7:52am La Peruana Tetona:

I loooooove Chulitas!!!! Sigh...This song takes me back to when I was a little Cholita Tetona <3
  Fri. 8/26/11 7:57am La Peruana Tetona:

Loving all this goodness. Thank you HR :)
  Fri. 8/26/11 8:17am HotRod:

How many of you are freaking out over the upcoming storm??
  Fri. 8/26/11 8:18am HotRod:

Too much fear in the air.
  Fri. 8/26/11 8:19am Ozzy Skateboard:

I am 200 miles away from nyc, but I was already preparing for September anyways ya know hehe ;)
  Fri. 8/26/11 8:20am T-Zero:

Not I. I'm way far away inland, but have been keeping an eye on it with concern for those of you in the area. As of 5 am Irene was 420 miles south-southwest of Cape Hatteras and moving north at 14 miles per hour with winds approximated at 100mph.
  Fri. 8/26/11 8:23am antonia jane:

i am enjoying every minute of the show so much, wow....
  Fri. 8/26/11 8:24am HotRod:

  Fri. 8/26/11 8:27am T-Zero:

... hotrod, that's not to say if internet/power service for WFMU gets knocked out, I won't "freak". lol
  Fri. 8/26/11 8:28am Mike East:

I'm a bit freaked out. I'm think I may go on a paranoid shopping spree for batteries and water when I get off of work.
  Fri. 8/26/11 8:30am HotRod:

We will survive the weekend. I will return in exactly one week! I promise! :)
  Fri. 8/26/11 8:33am T-Zero:

You on the coast Mike?
  Fri. 8/26/11 8:34am HotRod:

JOIN ME ON FACEBOOK! www.facebook.com/HotRod2011
  Fri. 8/26/11 8:37am T-Zero:

Sorry. Don't do Facebook or Twitter.
  Fri. 8/26/11 8:38am HotRod:

That's too bad, T-Zero! Thanks for listening though...
  Fri. 8/26/11 8:38am Mike East:

In Manhattan right now, I live about 45 minutes from the city in a town in Jersey that tends to flood...though my house should be safe.
  Fri. 8/26/11 8:38am seang:

locked in
  Fri. 8/26/11 8:39am Tim Serpas:

Will Butterclock fulfill my needs for more Portishead?
  Fri. 8/26/11 8:42am T-Zero:

@Mike East; Check Google Earth for your areas' elevation, then check what the surge height is expected to be. That should give you an idea of flooding. (I've been through "real" earthquakes and tornados so tend to take these things a bit seriously.)
  Fri. 8/26/11 8:42am HotRod:

Avoid the Subway!
  Fri. 8/26/11 8:42am Lives in the great outdoors/Sweden:

Most excellent! As for the flood, hope you´re all alright over there..
  Fri. 8/26/11 8:45am T-Zero:

LOL @Hotrod. Yeah. Watch out for those fleeing subway rats. I had to laugh at Bloomberg though when he told people to move their cars out of underground garages. Like, *where* are they going to move them? (and who will pay for it)
  Fri. 8/26/11 8:46am T-Zero:

Actually, hotrod, I read earlier that if it *does* hit NYC, they'll shut down transit. (Except maybe buses.)
  Fri. 8/26/11 8:47am still b/p:

Basement Jaxx Red Alert be a nice complement to Don't Panic message. My local fear is that expected drenching and blowing on Sunday will threaten the music festival I'll be attending.
  Fri. 8/26/11 8:47am DaveB:

I haven't slept like that in forever. Thank G*D for the archives.
  Fri. 8/26/11 8:49am HotRod:

haha! good morning!
  Fri. 8/26/11 8:50am Mike East:

still b/p, what festival is that?
  Fri. 8/26/11 8:50am DaveB:




Stay safe this weekend.
  Fri. 8/26/11 8:51am Mike East:

thanks for the tip, T-Zero
  Fri. 8/26/11 8:53am still b/p:

American Folk Festival in Bangor -- ranges from blues, zydeco, western swing and Quebecois to Congolese, Mexican, Irish, Egyptian, Rajasthani, Chinese and Eskimo!
  Fri. 8/26/11 8:53am Mike East:

Dig the show, HotRod. I don't usually get to work this early on Fridays. This has been a great way to start the day.
  Fri. 8/26/11 8:54am R I S K Y!:

  Fri. 8/26/11 8:56am T-Zero:

@Mike East; You're welcome. Stay safe.

@hotrod: Thanks, as usual, for the music. "See" you next week. And you take care as well.
  Fri. 8/26/11 8:56am HotRod:

everything's gonna be alright!!!! love you all!!!
  Fri. 8/26/11 8:58am pierre:

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