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The Failure of Noise
The Failure of Sound
The Failure of Rock
The Failure of the Avant Garde
The Failure of the Space Age
The Failure of Jazz
The Failure of Psychedelia
The Failure of Krautrock
The Failure of Electronic
The Failure of Pop
The Failure of Free-form
The Failure of the 20th Century

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Options August 25, 2011: Constitutional Failure

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Artist Track Album
james Last  Mr. Giant Man   Options Voodoo Party 
Mama Baer  Asylum Lunaticum part 5   Options Asylum Lunaticum 
Kommissar Hjuler und Frau  Red Bugs   Options Hopi Torvald/Kommissar Hjuler und Frau split cassette 
AF Ursin  Ombre Oubliee   Options Aika 
Ennio Morricone  Macchie Solari   Options Macchie Solari OST 
Ennio Morricone  Sibili   Options Macchie Solari OST 
Ennio Morricone  Con Voce Strozzata   Options Macchie Solari OST 
Pekko Kappi  Yhtena Paivana Kompastuip   Options Thoughts from Screeching Lake (v/a) 
Michel Magne  Pointes de Feu Amorties au Dolosal   Options Le Monde Experimental de Michel Magne 
Pere Ubu  Non Alignment Pact   Options Modern Dance 
The Adverts  One Chord Wonders   Options The Adverts - Anthology 
Iggy Pop  China Girl   Options The Idiot 
Buzzcocks  Everybody's Happy Nowadays   Options Singles Going Steady 
Ghédalia Tazartès  Untitled   Options Repas Froid 
Nurse With Wound  A handjob from the Laughing Policeman (excerpt)   Options A handjob from the Laughing Policeman 
Catalogue  Je   Options Brussel Live 
Tor Lundvall  Blinding Sun   Options Field Trip 
Natsuki Tamura  Black Hole   Options A Song for Jyaki 
Karlheinz Stockhausen  Aus den Sieben Tagen (excerpt)   Options Aus den Sieben Tagen 
Mika Vainio  A Ravenous Edge   Options Life (...It Eats You Up) 
Decimus  #3 - excerpt   Options Decimus #3 
Chrome  New Age   Options Red Exposure 
Decimus  Untitled   Options Decimus #3 
Hobo Sonn  Untitled   Options Wary the Mind 
Hobo Sonn  Untitled   Options Wary the Mind 
Sperm  jazz jazz excerpt   Options shh! 
Sperm  Dodekafoninen Talvisota (excerpt)   Options shh! 
Kweli ould seyyid...  Wezin   Options Wallahi le Zein!: Wezin, Jakwar and Guitar Boogie from the Islamic Republic of Mauritania 

Listener comments!

  Thu. 8/25/11 3:10pm Lachrymoso:

I've had massages like that.
  Thu. 8/25/11 3:10pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

that was the Bigfoot sex tape again! woo!
  Thu. 8/25/11 3:12pm Woodlandia:

Sasquatch on the down-low.
  Thu. 8/25/11 3:13pm Yeti:

Yeah, I'm pretty turned on right now.
  Thu. 8/25/11 3:28pm maja:

first time listener over here, normally i'm in another timeslot, Now i've got a new archives goal: Fabio with Strength Through Failure. I like these dry barren sounds.
  Thu. 8/25/11 3:31pm Fred:

Fabio, greetings from the west coast.
  Thu. 8/25/11 3:32pm Ike:

From a long-standing fan of Failure, I say, welcome Maja. Normally the show does not feature quite so much NSFW female breathing, but that's free-form for ya.
  Thu. 8/25/11 3:33pm jenna:

fabio > irwin
  Thu. 8/25/11 3:35pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

jenna, that's comparing apples to lemons
  Thu. 8/25/11 3:38pm maja:

i like apples and lemons and spinach too
  Thu. 8/25/11 3:40pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

mix them with psilocybin and you have WFMU!
  Thu. 8/25/11 3:40pm jenna:

no it's not - they're both on around the same time of day.
  Thu. 8/25/11 3:45pm BDR:

Holyfuck, I love Ubu.
  Thu. 8/25/11 3:46pm Fern:

pere ubu! Awesome!
  Thu. 8/25/11 3:48pm hubba:

Hey everyone...
  Thu. 8/25/11 3:48pm wiLd NeiL:

This kicks ass!
  Thu. 8/25/11 3:48pm Cheri Pi:

  Thu. 8/25/11 3:48pm Coach MP from EVR:

Hi Fabio ~ Mike here from the overpriced cafe Blue Bottle.. great chatting to you the other day. Always, Always enjoy the show.. All the best.
  Thu. 8/25/11 3:53pm hubba:

Ennio has never sounded so sexy!
  Thu. 8/25/11 3:55pm hubba:

wow... this is fun!
  Thu. 8/25/11 3:56pm Julie:

I am always perplexed when I recognize things Fabio plays
  Thu. 8/25/11 3:57pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

this is a different kind of fabio we have here
  Thu. 8/25/11 3:57pm Parq:

Love the jangly rhythm guitars in this Michel Magne. I take it I missed some crucial explanation in the last mike break?
  Thu. 8/25/11 3:58pm Julie:

Heck you can DANCE to this
  Thu. 8/25/11 3:58pm Julie:

(checking to make sure radio is on right station)
  Thu. 8/25/11 3:58pm Pete Shelley:

What is going on here?
  Thu. 8/25/11 3:59pm J J:

I can't dance to any of this shit?!
  Thu. 8/25/11 3:59pm rst-w:

coffee and radio -- an afternoon ahh
  Thu. 8/25/11 3:59pm Coach MP from EVR:

yay!! pete shelley!
  Thu. 8/25/11 4:01pm Pete Shelley:

I'm just a shell of the man
  Thu. 8/25/11 4:02pm Homo:

We are all HOMO sapiens.
  Thu. 8/25/11 4:02pm hubba:

HMO sapiens
  Thu. 8/25/11 4:03pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

HMO sapping all my f&*%'in $
  Thu. 8/25/11 4:04pm Coach MP from EVR:

Pete, remember Chris Fahey from Costa Mesa?.. work for him.. in turn for you at one point..
  Thu. 8/25/11 4:05pm Pete Shelley:

I remember the Alamo, but not much else
  Thu. 8/25/11 4:06pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

Hertz, don't it?
  Thu. 8/25/11 4:06pm Brawny Man:

I thkink we should all donate some handiwipes and Depends to WFMU
  Thu. 8/25/11 4:07pm frenchee:

It was a noble Enterprise
  Thu. 8/25/11 4:07pm wiLd NeiL:

Constitutional Failure? Yes, we are all boiling frogs now...happily boiling in our safety !!!
  Thu. 8/25/11 4:07pm hubba:

Not if you're Thrifty
  Thu. 8/25/11 4:09pm silverbackbrewer:

beer taste's better with the fmu
  Thu. 8/25/11 4:09pm PMD:

Fabio sounds really tired...
  Thu. 8/25/11 4:09pm hubba:

Oaky Fabio, enough with the jukebox favorites... let's hear something a little more challenging, like Mathcbox 20.
  Thu. 8/25/11 4:10pm wiLd NeiL:

I said WFMU to somebody in my office and they thought I was saying STFU or somthing like that!
  Thu. 8/25/11 4:10pm Sean Daily:

  Thu. 8/25/11 4:11pm Ike:

Yes, but extra apostrophes do NOT taste better with FMU, SilverbackBrewer. Bad silverback! Bad!
  Thu. 8/25/11 4:13pm hubba:

I wonder if Ghedalia is a fan of The Golden Girls?
  Thu. 8/25/11 4:21pm maja:

Ghédalia Tazartès is a man and i'll have to check him out as well. i like it here!
  Thu. 8/25/11 4:21pm Parq:

Ike, suppose he was saying "Beer taste is better with FMU" - wouldn't that work?
  Thu. 8/25/11 4:22pm troublemaker:

Ye's, that would work we'll.
  Thu. 8/25/11 4:24pm BSI:

beer? ... what?
  Thu. 8/25/11 4:26pm Ike:

Awkward. Beer taste IS better? Why not just say beer tastes better? If you have to use "is," then say "the taste OF beer is better." </pedantic> I don't even like beer. Yes, I know I have malfunctioning taste buds. <eats more chocolate>
  Thu. 8/25/11 4:27pm hubba:

dude... chocolate and beer are great together.

Just like coffee and hummus or stuffed intestine with saurkraut.
  Thu. 8/25/11 4:31pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

or rice and moth larvae!
  Thu. 8/25/11 4:31pm maja:

and spinach
  Thu. 8/25/11 4:32pm hubba:

Rememebr in The Lost Boys when the rice turned to maggots... Jason Patrick almost crapped his pants!
  Thu. 8/25/11 4:33pm Jason Patric:

You smelt my name wrong.
  Thu. 8/25/11 4:36pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

moths have gotten intimately involved with all my staples--rice, flour, couscous, pasta. I have to go on several killing sprees per day.
  Thu. 8/25/11 4:37pm Jason Patric:

That's what you get for hanging out with Kiefer Sutherland...
  Thu. 8/25/11 4:41pm maja:

hahaha! i know that DCE! I'm afraid you have to buy yourself some plastic boxes
  Thu. 8/25/11 4:44pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

I'm going to put my whole house in a plastic box and keep everything bad out
  Thu. 8/25/11 4:44pm hubba:

That rules DCE!
  Thu. 8/25/11 4:45pm hubba:

bad = Kiefer Sutherland
  Thu. 8/25/11 4:45pm PMD:

@DCE... wow. Have you opened a box of cereal yet and had a moth fly out?
  Thu. 8/25/11 4:45pm hauswoolf:

ich haf confidence in deer
  Thu. 8/25/11 4:46pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

@PMD--every morning! doesn't really bother me that much but the wife, she's freaking.
  Thu. 8/25/11 4:46pm the horror:

ST. LOUIS (AP) — The moth that forced Matt Holliday from the outfield is done causing mischief. What remained of the offending bug was tucked inside a sandwich bag, perfect for TV cameras and for the St. Louis Cardinals' star to show it off around the clubhouse.

"He died overflowed of wisdom being inside my head," Holliday joked Tuesday, a day after the insect flew deep inside his right ear during in the eighth inning of a game against the Los Angeles Dodgers.
  Thu. 8/25/11 4:47pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

ah, now that's disorienting
  Thu. 8/25/11 4:48pm Bill F.:

A handjob from a laughing policeman. Great title.
  Thu. 8/25/11 4:48pm Mike East:

we had moths in our closet a few months back. Cedar balls did the trick.
  Thu. 8/25/11 4:49pm Looms:

Good translation and first class show, Fabio.
  Thu. 8/25/11 4:49pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

I think those are different, Mike. And Bill F, that's disturbing. I tried picturing it, but had to stop quickly.
  Thu. 8/25/11 4:49pm PMD:

@DCE, I'd be freaking!!! You could just tell her it's protein... good for her.
  Thu. 8/25/11 4:50pm rst-w:

Ever see a luna moth? The mother of all moths.
Or some moths
  Thu. 8/25/11 4:51pm Phil:

House of Bamboo is great!
  Thu. 8/25/11 4:51pm mark:

Fuller film just popped up on Netflix. Put it in my queue. Much rather see on the big screen though.
  Thu. 8/25/11 4:51pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

these moths are really dumb and don't even move when I squash them. they leave behind a black dust upon smooshing.
  Thu. 8/25/11 4:53pm hubba:

Fabio: you should insert movie samples more often... you seem to enjoy cinema...

I agree, nothing better than seeing films at a theater... i don't know about random gatherings to watch film with toerhs, it needs to be presented by a union projectionist.
  Thu. 8/25/11 4:55pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

what is "toerhs"?
  Thu. 8/25/11 4:55pm toerhs:

come, come watch films with us... it... is... blisssssss
  Thu. 8/25/11 4:55pm BSI:

proper question would be: What ARE toerhs?
  Thu. 8/25/11 4:56pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

where is Tours?
  Thu. 8/25/11 4:57pm BSI:

I reckon "toerhs" be them bigass trucks what they use to drag cars around when they parked all wrong & sheeit. Yeh?
  Thu. 8/25/11 4:57pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

you've got a toothpick hangin' out yet mouth
  Thu. 8/25/11 4:58pm G:

Tours the city is in central France.
  Thu. 8/25/11 4:58pm hubba:

others... others... have, like, 8 disabilities or something, so, just, leave me alone
  Thu. 8/25/11 4:58pm BSI:

Aint no toothpeck, that's a nerve ending. I gotta see a dintist.
  Thu. 8/25/11 5:00pm BSI:

Hubba, it isn't you man: Long day. My mind is a surrealist spongebath right now. Will pipe down promptly.
  Thu. 8/25/11 5:00pm hubba:

  Thu. 8/25/11 5:02pm hubba:

Fabio is threatening us with severe thunder storms... we're goign to need a fleet of toehrs to get out of all the mud puddles and stuff
  Thu. 8/25/11 5:03pm JP Sartre:

L'enfer, c'est les toerhs.
  Thu. 8/25/11 5:03pm hubba:

BSI, it is me... all me. The only disability I have is: me
  Thu. 8/25/11 5:04pm JP Sarte Blues Explosion:

L'enfer, c'est les "big ass" toehrs!
  Thu. 8/25/11 5:05pm maja:

missed it: what's a toehr?
  Thu. 8/25/11 5:06pm JP Sartre:

Let's ask Fabio to pronounce and translate toehr.
  Thu. 8/25/11 5:14pm hubba:

  Thu. 8/25/11 5:18pm maja:

bye, thanks!
  Thu. 8/25/11 5:27pm hubba:

Gotta go... Great show as always Fabio, gracias... was fun to chat with ya'll.
  Thu. 8/25/11 5:27pm Julie:

is that my alarm clock?
  Thu. 8/25/11 5:32pm Julie:

love this bed music
  Thu. 8/25/11 5:32pm J J:

We are all so old. We're also as young as we'll ever be.
  Thu. 8/25/11 5:34pm Julie:

aww man I wanna see the Gainsbourg movie
  Thu. 8/25/11 5:39pm moose:

i enjoy dozing during the fabio show
  Thu. 8/25/11 5:46pm Sean:

A Show most Fair, greetings from Berlin and Bastiaan M. (albeit years later)
  Thu. 8/25/11 5:49pm amh:

Classic Pekka Airaksinen.
  Thu. 8/25/11 5:52pm Listener Dave from Seattle:

Thursday is the new Friday.
  Thu. 8/25/11 5:53pm Matt from Springfield:

Hooray, more North African guitaring, courtesy of WFMU!
(It's right south of Morocco!)
  Thu. 8/25/11 5:53pm Listener Dave from Seattle:

Strange fact - I remastered the Sperm LP. It is a small world.
  Thu. 8/25/11 5:53pm mauritania:

It is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean in the west, by Western Sahara in the north, by Algeria in the northeast, by Mali in the east and southeast, and by Senegal in the southwest.
  Thu. 8/25/11 5:55pm ?:

Didn't he call in? Or was that some other fill in show?
  Thu. 8/25/11 5:56pm Matt from Springfield:

Algeria is the largest country in Africa by size (2381741 sq km), closely followed by Democratic Rep of Congo/Zaire (2344858 sq km).
  Thu. 8/25/11 5:56pm Matt from Springfield:

Duck And Cover!
  Thu. 8/25/11 5:56pm George of Troy:

Clay made us listen to terrible, terrible things, Fabio. Just so you know.
  Thu. 8/25/11 5:56pm hopey:

My ex is from NE. Odd place indeed.
  Thu. 8/25/11 5:57pm Ike:

Algeria recently took the crown, per answers.com. It *was* Sudan until Sudan split apart.
  Thu. 8/25/11 5:58pm Matt from Springfield:

Congrats Ike! I'm surprised and glad someone else was aware of this implication of Sudan being divided!
  Thu. 8/25/11 5:59pm hamburger:

some people like the smell of freshly cut grass... others.. pig vomit..
  Thu. 8/25/11 5:59pm Kirsten:

Cow x smells good, pig x smells bad
  Thu. 8/25/11 6:00pm Ike:

I just found out, MfS. I got curious when the topic came up, and searched.
  Thu. 8/25/11 6:01pm Matt from Springfield:

LOL, "The Pidg Goes Dij!"
  Thu. 8/25/11 6:01pm Matt from Springfield:

@Ike: Geographical knowledge is important to understanding anything in the world (says this professional Geographer) :)
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