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Options August 25, 2011: B is for Balkans.... Beware of Gypsies....

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Artist Track Album Comments Approx. start time
David Bowie  Warszawa   Options Low    0:00:00 ()
Swell Maps  Then Poland   Options Sweep the Desert    0:06:45 ()
Joy Division  Warsaw   Options Substance    0:07:53 ()
Born Against  Poland   Options 9 Patriot Hymns for Children    0:10:13 ()
RIAA  Beware of Poland, Baby (Walker Brothers vs Foetus)   Options Dirt Bacharach    0:12:00 ()
Them Crooked Vultures  Warsaw or the First Breath You Take After You Give Up   Options Them Crooked Vultures    0:16:45 ()
Chaston & Groditski  We Were Raised in Warsaw Poland   Options Rugged Hoarhadees    0:24:33 ()
Music behind DJ:
Sounds From the Coney Island Boardwalk       0:28:06 ()
Escape Act  Slovakia   Options Fast Forward: An Indie Music Companion to World Cup 2010    0:35:04 ()
Spions  Total Czeko Slovakia   Options Menekulj Vegre    0:37:34 ()
Many Things Untold  Slovakia   Options Atlantic    0:40:39 ()
Zarah Leander  Pa Cafe Zigan i Budapest   Options Svenska Sangfavoriter    0:45:48 ()
Bojtor Imre  Budapest   Options Postcard    0:49:17 ()
Valjean  Hungarian Mash #5   Options Mashin' the 'Classicks'    0:51:36 ()
Kerekes Band  Mr. Hungary   Options MR2 Akusztik    0:53:40 ()
Kaukazus  Budapest   Options Majdnem Kina    0:57:30 ()
Music behind DJ:
Sounds of Sideshows by the Seashore       1:01:04 ()
Roberto de Brasov  Cala noi in Romania   Options Majdnem Kina    1:07:44 ()
Taraf de Haïdouks  Dragoste De La Clejani   Options Taraf de Haidouks    1:13:41 ()
Iron Maiden  Transylvania   Options Iron Maiden    1:18:49 ()
Balkan Beat Box (feat. Vlada Tomova)  Bulgarian Chicks   Options Balkan Beat Box    1:23:04 ()
Various Artists/ Explorer Series  Bulgarska Suita (Bulgarian Suite)   Options Music of Bulgaria- Ensemble of the Bulgarian Republic/Koutev    1:28:58 ()
Ibro Lolov  Sofyisky Kjuchek   Options The Rough Guide to the Music of Balkan Gypsies    1:34:02 ()
Ladytron  CSKA Sofia   Options 604    1:37:50 ()
Music behind DJ:
Sounds from the Point Pleasant Beach       1:40:19 ()
Stratos Payoumtzis  I'll Build a New Hollywood in Greece (Tha htiso stin Ellada kenourio Holiyood)   Options Songs of Making Believe Recordings 1932-1957    1:47:43 ()
They Might Be Giants  Greek #3   Options Then: The Earlier Years    1:50:00 ()
Mark Clark  Ancient Greece   Options Sing Along with History    1:51:27 ()
Ivor Cutler  Crete/Greece   Options A Wet Handle    1:54:24 ()
Camper van Beethoven  Payed Vacation: Greece   Options Telephone Free Landslide Victory    1:55:12 ()
The Monofones  Back to Greece   Options Deranged    1:56:41 ()
Erin Smogor  Let's Go to Greece   Options Goes to Camp    1:59:01 ()
Frantics  Yugoslavia   Options Frantic Times    2:02:20 ()
Double Naught Spy Car  Macedonia 6-5000   Options Danger High    2:05:19 ()
Kocani Orkestar  Goodbye Macedonia   Options Alone at My Wedding    2:09:04 ()
Land of Leland  Macedonia   Options Land of Leland    2:13:36 ()
Music behind DJ:
Sounds from the Point Pleasant Boardwalk       2:17:29 ()
Neal Hefti  Eivol Ekdol-Albanian Genius   Options Batman and Other Hefti Bat Songs    2:25:30 ()
Foxes!  Albania   Options Who Killed Rob?    2:26:46 ()
Various Artists  Igranje u Dvoje (Dance in Pairs)   Options World Library of Primitive and Folk Music: Yugoslavia  song from Montenegro....  2:29:39 ()
Slideaway  Back in Serbia!   Options A No Win Situation    2:30:41 ()
Bono  Miss Sarajevo   Options Complete Solo Projects Vol. 2    2:34:23 ()
U.K. Subs  Party in Zagreb   Options Live in Croatia    2:39:57 ()
Uzjsme Doma  Uprostred Slov- In the Middle of Words   Options The Best of Uzjsme Doma    2:41:58 ()
Laibach  Slovania   Options Volk    2:51:01 ()

Listener comments!

  Thu. 8/25/11 6:02am Chuck:

  Thu. 8/25/11 6:03am Meghan:

Morning Morning Morning!
  Thu. 8/25/11 6:04am Chuck:

*yawn* Hope some up tempo stuff is coming. I need to get conscious....
  Thu. 8/25/11 6:05am Roy:

good morning! very nice start.
  Thu. 8/25/11 6:06am Meghan:

Yup...... Bowie starts the mood.... we pick it up from there...
  Thu. 8/25/11 6:07am Chuck:

Dancing bears is what we need!
  Thu. 8/25/11 6:09am Chuck:

Now this is an eye opener!
  Thu. 8/25/11 6:10am Meghan:

ha! told you! Morning Roy!
  Thu. 8/25/11 6:11am Roy:

and now we're dancing!
  Thu. 8/25/11 6:15am Chuck:

I thought I recognized the music from "The Blob"! heheh...
  Thu. 8/25/11 6:23am Chuck:

Guess everyone is having trouble waking up today....
  Thu. 8/25/11 6:24am Meghan:

I know that feeling too well....... I was about to snuggle with Bosco and go back to bed.... ha!
  Thu. 8/25/11 6:26am T-Zero:

... or getting the gear together for Irene?
  Thu. 8/25/11 6:28am Meghan:

I'll be amazed if it makes it up here.... And I missed the damn earthquake too!
  Thu. 8/25/11 6:30am Chuck:

Racial profiling, Meg! What do you have against gypsies?
  Thu. 8/25/11 6:32am T-Zero:

Yeah. I missed the earthquake as well... Did any of Japan's songs mention Poland or Warsaw?

Heh, Chuck, when I first saw the comment I thought of the trouble she'd be in for anti-Romani insinuations as well, if in the EU.
  Thu. 8/25/11 6:34am halbstar:

poland is far away (on nort) from balkan
  Thu. 8/25/11 6:37am Meghan:

Chuck I have nothing against gypsies! I love them! What do you have against dancing bears?!

Halbstar.... you might want to look at a map...... Poland is right next to the Balkans....
  Thu. 8/25/11 6:41am halbstar:

Balkan is south from rivers Sava and Danube. Its a big peninsula. Slovakia is also out of Balkan...
  Thu. 8/25/11 6:41am Chuck:

Stop that! You know I was kidding, Meg! Interesting that I was just reading that Slovakia hasn't been an independent state since the 10th century...
  Thu. 8/25/11 6:44am Meghan:

Halbstar.... follow the journey.....
  Thu. 8/25/11 6:46am dirty old man:

Good morning Meghan
  Thu. 8/25/11 6:46am halbstar:

Ok. Try excellent gyspy balkan hip hop group GRUBB. Nice show so far...
  Thu. 8/25/11 6:47am Dave B:

Hey gang

Where am we?
  Thu. 8/25/11 6:47am Meghan:

We just entered Hungary.....

Morning DOM
  Thu. 8/25/11 6:48am T-Zero:

Meghan: Asked about Japan 'cause I couldn't remember what the location was for the songs on Adolescent sex.
  Thu. 8/25/11 6:49am fred von helsing:

Morning, all !
  Thu. 8/25/11 6:49am Meghan:

You know... I didn't find any. But I wasn't fully looking either. I don't own a lot of Japan, so I didn't look!
  Thu. 8/25/11 6:50am T-Zero:

I know Obscure Alternatives was Rhodesia and Berlin, but you've been there already.
  Thu. 8/25/11 6:50am Dave B:

Groovy. I'll be lurking for a bit
  Thu. 8/25/11 6:50am Rob from Maryland:

Morning all. Are you ready for the hurricane?
  Thu. 8/25/11 6:52am pierre:

Bonjour Meghan And everybodies
  Thu. 8/25/11 6:52am Meghan:

Morning Fred and Rob! Not sure what we will see of the hurricane up here..... kinda bummed since it's gonna ruin a bbq I am going to!
  Thu. 8/25/11 6:54am Meghan:

Bonjour Pierre! Next week we are visiting YOU! I expect some tasty suggestions!
  Thu. 8/25/11 6:54am Chuck:

Mmmm, Goulash!
  Thu. 8/25/11 6:55am Rob from Maryland:

Meghan, looking at the latest predicted track from the National Hurricane Center (http://www.nhc.noaa.gov/), it looks like you guys will be seeing lots of the hurricane. I will too. It looks like everyone's barbecue will be ruined this weekend.
  Thu. 8/25/11 6:56am Meghan:

That stinks..... It usually goes to the ocean by the time it hits the Carolinas......
  Thu. 8/25/11 6:57am pierre:

Whoa! i need to be totally prepared then, > i know Dave B has tasty french stuff from his collection/research we've exchange about that. And i will do my best ! I'll put on my favourite shirt to welcome you in my country. So songs about France right ?

One of my best friend is in a band called WARSAWASRAW, i invite all of you to check they play "power violence" kind of music. They are signed on the 3 ONE G music label.
  Thu. 8/25/11 6:59am Rob from Maryland:

Meghan, yeah, usually but not always. And north Jersey's soil is saturated, making its impact that much worse. It should have gone to Texas, they really really need rain.
  Thu. 8/25/11 7:00am Meghan:

I have faith in you Pierre! You can do it! Yes songs about France (country or cities)

Now that would be a first.... a hurricane that moves west.....
  Thu. 8/25/11 7:00am Dave B:

Hey was that " rumania rumania " the same song?
  Thu. 8/25/11 7:01am fred von helsing:

Songs about France? You got it, Mlle le Chief !
  Thu. 8/25/11 7:02am Chuck:

I should be fairly safe from hurricane stuff. I just get heavy rain because I'm far enough inland.
  Thu. 8/25/11 7:04am Rob from Maryland:

Chuck, where are you located?
  Thu. 8/25/11 7:07am fred von helsing:

Biblical plagues !
  Thu. 8/25/11 7:08am Chuck:

The Catskill region of New York state, Rob...
  Thu. 8/25/11 7:09am Dave B:

It's rainin' frogs!
It's raingin' frogs!
  Thu. 8/25/11 7:11am Rob from Maryland:

Chuck, it looks like you will indeed just have rain, and maybe some wind. It looks like we'll have some rain and some wind too. Good luck to you and all you northeasterners.
  Thu. 8/25/11 7:12am Meghan:

Rob, where in Maryland are you? Coastal or inland?
  Thu. 8/25/11 7:17am Rob from Maryland:

Meghan, I'm in the suburbs of DC. We get power outages at the drop of a hat. After the 2003 hurricane, I was without electricity for 5 days. I'm already stocking up on Starbucks instant coffee mix, little aseptic cartons of milk, cans of chili, etc.
My electricity utility (Pepco) was in the top 5 on that recent list of most disliked companies. I'm expecting the worst from this storm, even though the center will pass a good ways from us.
  Thu. 8/25/11 7:19am Rob from Maryland:

Whoa, Pepco was #1 on that list of most hated companies.

And nice show this morning.
  Thu. 8/25/11 7:19am Chuck:

5 days! Awful! Get your fridge emptied out to, Rob....
  Thu. 8/25/11 7:20am fred von helsing:

Yeah Pepco blows and when the A/C's out in DC it's unfreakinbelievably barfy
  Thu. 8/25/11 7:21am Meghan:

wow! that sucks! My brother and dad live in Baltimore.... but they don't have those complaints. Maybe my dad should go stay at my brother's and get off his boat..... hmmmmm

Wise choice stocking up instant coffee. Might want to stock up on camping fuel too!
  Thu. 8/25/11 7:22am Rob from Maryland:

Chuck, yes, I am working on it. I was lucky, quite a few people had no electricity for 10 to 15 days.

fred, absolutely. And I have my a/c set around 78 to 80 so when the power goes or the a/c fuses crap out, we're s-c-r-e-w-e-d!
  Thu. 8/25/11 7:23am Dave B:

Next accordion piece that comes on, watch this with the sound on the clip off. (I'm glad I saved that link)

  Thu. 8/25/11 7:23am Chuck:

Where's that list, Rob? I want to see if my power company, Central Hudson, is on it...
  Thu. 8/25/11 7:25am Dave B:


Turn it up!

  Thu. 8/25/11 7:25am Rob from Maryland:

Meghan, it might be a good idea for your dad to do that, given the current forecast (which could of course change). This is a large (wide) storm and east or west its effects will be felt further than the usual powerful hurricane.
  Thu. 8/25/11 7:26am Roy:

Yeah, love this one from balkan beat box.
keep the good tunes, Time to Lunch, but I always ear the final on the archives.
  Thu. 8/25/11 7:27am fred von helsing:

in DC dog days, three showers a day just to keep cool. ya walk out the door and you're covered in a sheen of sweat in about 200 milliseconds, it's crazy. frickin' swampland, just add alligators
  Thu. 8/25/11 7:27am Meghan:

enjoy lunch Roy! Glad to hear you finish up in archives!
  Thu. 8/25/11 7:29am Dave B:

Aw man, just checkin the first set - missed RIAA! Ken played a god one from them earlier this week. There stuff cracks me up!
  Thu. 8/25/11 7:30am Rob from Maryland:

Chuck, here it is: http://rockville.patch.com/articles/national-survey-puts-pepco-last-in-customer-satisfaction.

I'm betting Rockville.patch is based in Rockville, MD, in the center of Pepco's area.

Pepco's area is only DC and the two bordering Maryland counties. The fact that it headed the list speaks volumes.
  Thu. 8/25/11 7:34am jeff p:

Listened on the way in to work this morning - friggin loved the first Hungary song!
  Thu. 8/25/11 7:35am Rob from Maryland:

fred, who needs alligators when we have politicians?

Off for my first shower of the day then to the store to stock up on dry goos.

This song is wonderful!
  Thu. 8/25/11 7:35am Dave B:

man I'm having a hard time spelling today. Well, considering I've only slept for 2.5 hrs
  Thu. 8/25/11 7:35am jeff p:

Also thought you should play "Hungary Like The Wolf"
  Thu. 8/25/11 7:36am Meghan:

Jeff, you plan on tarping the back yard, yes?!
  Thu. 8/25/11 7:37am jeff p:

Not really. There will be two tents but that's it. Dress appropriately! Either that or treat it like Woodstock.
  Thu. 8/25/11 7:38am Dave B:

I'm bumbed I'll be missing that little piggy... Tempted to bail on the Del Lords in Rhode Island.

Next year?
  Thu. 8/25/11 7:38am Meghan:

Bosco might stay home..... sounds like the inside will packed with too many people and dogs....
  Thu. 8/25/11 7:38am Dave B:

and now - watch this with no sound:

  Thu. 8/25/11 7:39am jeff p:

We'll certainly plan on it! I wouldn't bail on the show unless you think the storm is really going to be a problem.
  Thu. 8/25/11 7:39am Randy in Toledo:

Just got on. I didn't miss Slovenia did I?
  Thu. 8/25/11 7:40am Dave B:

I don't think the storm, just driving my silly little Smart car down I-95 in the wind!
  Thu. 8/25/11 7:40am jeff p:

Well we're going to encourage people to NOT be in the house... we just don't have that much room! That could change tho, of course :-) I'm just glad we don't have nice things to worry too much about getting wet and dirty.
  Thu. 8/25/11 7:40am fred von helsing:

Ladytron <3 but their last show I saw they seemed out of gas
  Thu. 8/25/11 7:47am jeff p:

It'll be Rick Perry instead!
  Thu. 8/25/11 7:48am Dave B:

If you don't vote, you don't get to complain.
  Thu. 8/25/11 7:49am jeff p:

I get to do a lot of biatching then!
  Thu. 8/25/11 7:49am Dave B:


  Thu. 8/25/11 7:50am Meghan:

I vote so I can complain! I only didn't vote once.... Bush/Gore. I couldn't pick the best from the worst!
  Thu. 8/25/11 7:50am jeff p:

Without looking I'm going to guess that's the cheese shop skit. Mostly because I considered posting it here as well.
  Thu. 8/25/11 7:50am Rob from Maryland:

Dave B: Oh Yes!!!
  Thu. 8/25/11 7:50am Dave B:

- I meant for the BASS show.

  Thu. 8/25/11 7:52am Meghan:

Ahhh, yes Dave! Very true! No bitching about the winning songs if you didn't vote!
  Thu. 8/25/11 7:53am Dave B:

Speaking of cheese shops.... Mark Clark!
  Thu. 8/25/11 7:54am hamburger:

halloumi all
  Thu. 8/25/11 7:54am fred von helsing:

Mlle. DJ, will you have a "Europe" show? If not, how to squeeze in Veruca Salt's "I'm Taking Europe With Me", megafab breakup song, pounding guitar intro :-D
  Thu. 8/25/11 7:57am Meghan:

hmmm, not a bad idea Fred...... end Europe with a set of Europe songs!
  Thu. 8/25/11 7:58am Dave B:

  Thu. 8/25/11 7:59am fred von helsing:

Monofones ROCKS
  Thu. 8/25/11 8:01am jeff p:

Dammit, i step away from the computer for a few minutes to do some actual work and Dave B. jumps on my Europe joke.
  Thu. 8/25/11 8:02am fred von helsing:

oh dear what was that? if anyone drives up and asks, it was "let's frolic on the beach"
  Thu. 8/25/11 8:03am Meghan:

Ha! It's the joys of web radio!
  Thu. 8/25/11 8:06am karen:

'Morning, Meghan. Love the dancing bears. They look like more fun than sheep!!
  Thu. 8/25/11 8:07am Meghan:

Dancing bears are WAY more fun than sheep! sheep just make you sleepy.....
  Thu. 8/25/11 8:08am karen:

Thats not what Arthur says!!!
  Thu. 8/25/11 8:11am Dave B:

Sorry Jeff P!

(I had to Google it too, drew a blank on their fine body of work!)
  Thu. 8/25/11 8:13am hamburger:

this is like... gypsy huumpa
  Thu. 8/25/11 8:14am jeff p:

A couple of the guys from Europe were also in a glam band called Easy Action that I was familiar with back in the day. They were sort of like Hanoi Rocks.
  Thu. 8/25/11 8:14am Meghan:

I love this, but I made sure to not torture you all with 3 hours of oompa sounds!
  Thu. 8/25/11 8:15am jeff p:

huumpa? I just met her....

actually that odd meter stuff was positively hypnotic
  Thu. 8/25/11 8:15am Dave B:

fingers crossed for U.K Subs
  Thu. 8/25/11 8:16am hamburger:

Iz gotz no qualms for an oompa themed show
  Thu. 8/25/11 8:16am mohawkdave!:

I'm not sure what we're all bitching about but I wanna get in on it! I did *almost* forget about the show..... I start with that! Since when has it been on Thursday anyway??
  Thu. 8/25/11 8:17am Meghan:

hehe morning Mohawkdave! bitch away!
  Thu. 8/25/11 8:18am Dave B:

oompa loompa!
  Thu. 8/25/11 8:19am hamburger:

it could be kenny-g-esque eh?
  Thu. 8/25/11 8:19am jeff p:

Hey Mohawk Dave, you around tomorrow? I need your help with the grill!
  Thu. 8/25/11 8:20am Dave B:

hey... it's all Greek to me.

Greece is the word.
  Thu. 8/25/11 8:21am Randy in Toledo:

Macedonia was only a part of Yugoslavia!
  Thu. 8/25/11 8:21am mohawkdave!:

First the coolers; now the grill! Sorry, I'll be at the wave with Jess.
  Thu. 8/25/11 8:22am jeff p:

That's on Sunday! I'll give you beer....
  Thu. 8/25/11 8:23am mohawkdave!:

But I can steal your beer for Free.
  Thu. 8/25/11 8:26am Dave B:

Moist Europe Gourd....
  Thu. 8/25/11 8:31am jeff p:

That doesn't mean I can't GIVE it to you as well....
  Thu. 8/25/11 8:32am Meghan:

Where is that Elwyn......
  Thu. 8/25/11 8:33am mohawkdave!:

I'll bring the bell!
  Thu. 8/25/11 8:33am Chuck:

Good question...
  Thu. 8/25/11 8:34am Elwyn:

Hey Everyone!

Have we gotten rid of fruit cups for baklava?

I just got home from gym... Had quite a weird sight when I got home. A fire truck was in the shared driveway. Some's car had caught fire. This is the second car fire our block has had this year!
  Thu. 8/25/11 8:34am Dave B:

Elwyn = Held up at immigrations at Mos Isley Brothers Spaceport.
  Thu. 8/25/11 8:35am Meghan:

I was just about to ask where Chuck was too! Ah! there you all are!
  Thu. 8/25/11 8:35am jim dunlop:

  Thu. 8/25/11 8:36am Dave B:

Fresh Fruit Cups For Rotting Baklavas
  Thu. 8/25/11 8:36am Chuck:

I just can't see to get fully awake today, Meghan. It must be the weather...
  Thu. 8/25/11 8:36am Chuck:

And being overworked!
  Thu. 8/25/11 8:37am Elwyn:

I can't remember the last time Meghan played anything U2 or from a solo member of U2...
  Thu. 8/25/11 8:37am Meghan:

Jim, what does it mean in Bosnian?
  Thu. 8/25/11 8:37am Dave B:

I was over served by an inexperienced bartender.

  Thu. 8/25/11 8:38am fred von helsing:

I'm still waiting for that passel of songs about The Most Serene Republic of San Marino !
  Thu. 8/25/11 8:39am jeff p:

Hopefully it's the last time Meghan plays something from a solo member of U2... :-)
  Thu. 8/25/11 8:40am jim dunlop:

it's serbina rockenroll band from belgrade, it says "noise in fashion", like noise is his style
  Thu. 8/25/11 8:42am Dave B:

Hey - can we squeeze Andora in next week?

It's kinda on the way....

  Thu. 8/25/11 8:42am Elwyn:

Miss Sarajevo was released by Passengers which I thought was not a solo project but U2 and Brian Eno.
  Thu. 8/25/11 8:42am Meghan:

Don't worry Jeff..... it is! Not a fan, but when you have this as a theme, you'll take anything. Like when you are starving, you will eat anything....
  Thu. 8/25/11 8:43am jeff p:

ok kids stay safe this weekend and i'll see you at the pig roast!
(Dave B come on down if you change your mind about RI)
  Thu. 8/25/11 8:44am pierre:

So solo Bono project would be like what, in terms of food comparaison ?
  Thu. 8/25/11 8:44am Dave B:

I supplied that Bono track from a boot compilation I found...

Thanks Jeff P - I will let ya know!
  Thu. 8/25/11 8:45am Chuck:

Early U2 was good, now not so good...
  Thu. 8/25/11 8:45am jeff p:

Crap! I should have sent you all the Pidzama Porno stuff I have here at work!
  Thu. 8/25/11 8:45am pierre:

for me it would be like some Endive and Beetroot salad, i would eat that if i'm starving.
  Thu. 8/25/11 8:45am fred von helsing:

@pierre donut holes ?
  Thu. 8/25/11 8:45am -> Ming The Merciless <-:

Uzjsme Doma! One of my favourite bands! There's a song calles "Zopot" (or "Sopot"? A town in Poland), too… Best Greetings from Germany! (Berlin)
  Thu. 8/25/11 8:46am Meghan:

hmmmm, let me think Pierre..... Bono now is like aged pompous meat..... so maybe mutton?
  Thu. 8/25/11 8:46am Elwyn:

Okay. I'll blame Evil Brady. I should have submitted this song but totally forgot.

I still like U2 but thought "No Line on the Horizon" was boring. I'm kind of strangely fond of their crazy 90s period because it was different.
  Thu. 8/25/11 8:47am Dave B:

Hey Meghan - think it'd be cool to bring some DVDs for the Tiki party? Nothing directly Tiki'd, but similarly related...

Bono solo / food comparison?

Dry Matzoh
  Thu. 8/25/11 8:47am mohawkdave!:

Dave B: Late, but I must comment on the above...... You can "smartly and inexperiencedly" serve me cheap beer at the pig roast! (unless you bring good stuff of course!)
  Thu. 8/25/11 8:47am Meghan:

Yeah, go for it Dave! we'll come up with a list of 80's stuff there!
  Thu. 8/25/11 8:48am mohawkdave!:

Tiki party??
  Thu. 8/25/11 8:48am Chuck:

Bono solo is like me attempting to eat bell peppers. It ain't happening!
  Thu. 8/25/11 8:49am Meghan:

I find that most bands that go through a change (or break up for the millionth time) always come back as a crappy version of themselves. REM- shaved head, U2- stupid glasses, The Cure- broke up, ohhhh and of course bands that stopped taking drugs... Aerosmith!
  Thu. 8/25/11 8:50am fred von helsing:

Hey yeah how 'bouts a Polynesia tiki show ? California surf guitars admitted by special dispensation. Rum songs too.
  Thu. 8/25/11 8:51am Dave B:

Groovy! I have my favorite Hawaiian shirt on the ready!

@Mowhawk - I might just change plans.... was supposed to go to Rhode Island - not so sure now.

That little piggy looks delicious. And he can go "Wee Wee Wee" all the way into MY BELLY!
  Thu. 8/25/11 8:51am fred von helsing:

... not to mention bikini girls with machine guns !
  Thu. 8/25/11 8:52am pierre:

Nice guys, now i know what i don't want to eat while listening to Bono.
  Thu. 8/25/11 8:53am Elwyn:

Ha ha! I offended the girl I last dated by saying she had Bono sunglasses. We weren't dating at the time.
Eddie Van Halen sucked when he gave up booze and smokes... then again, you could argue his music started sucking long before that...
  Thu. 8/25/11 8:53am fred von helsing:

well if you're listening to Bono you obviously can't taste a thing !
  Thu. 8/25/11 8:53am Meghan:

Did an all surf show already! And that cramps song was either played for the gun show or for the swimming theme.....

Mohawkdave.... tiki party tonight at LITM..... (my third gig of the day)
  Thu. 8/25/11 8:54am Dave B:

(insert Walter "Radar" O'Riley voice)

Ahhhhh.... Laibach!
  Thu. 8/25/11 8:55am fred von helsing:

oh oops beggin' yer pardon, I shall revert to the archives with all due speed !
  Thu. 8/25/11 8:55am Meghan:

hehe.... no worries!
  Thu. 8/25/11 8:57am pierre:

(Another WFMU related party that is impossible for me to attend… sigh)
  Thu. 8/25/11 8:57am Parq:

Miss Megs, been here most of the time, just distracted. Fine show. Looking forward to next week's trip to the Mediterranean.
  Thu. 8/25/11 8:59am mohawkdave!:

Meghan: I'll be at the Trenton Thunder with jeff p.
Dave B: COME THE THE PARTY!! And--the piggie--SHE-- in honor of the storm the pigs name is Irene!
  Thu. 8/25/11 8:59am fred von helsing:

Touring? FZ 4eva!
  Thu. 8/25/11 8:59am Dave B:

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