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Options August 11, 2011: The Land of Vikings, Fairies, Fjords, Little Mermaids and the Midnight Sun.....

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Artist Track Album Approx. start time
Chet Baker  The Girl From Greenland   Options Chet in Paris  0:00:00 ()
Kathy Troxel  Greenland Song   Options Geography Songs  0:05:37 ()
Van Dyke Parks  Greenland Whale Fisheries   Options Rogue's Gallery - Pirate Ballads, Sea Songs, & Chanteys  0:06:45 ()
The Pogues  Greenland Whale Fisheries   Options Red Roses For Me  0:11:27 ()
DDR  Kap Farvel Til Umanarssuaq   Options Protestange.dk  0:13:57 ()
Music behind DJ:
Sounds From the Coney Island Boardwalk     0:17:22 ()
Fall  Iceland   Options Hex Enduction Hour  0:24:24 ()
The Fiery Furnaces  Tropical Ice-Land   Options The Rough Trade Guide to Field Music Volume 1  0:30:49 ()
Eliza Newman  Eyjafjallajokull   Options Pie in the Sky  0:34:11 ()
The Mountain Goats  Going to Reykjavik   Options Nothing for Juice  0:37:33 ()
Interpol  Leif Erikson   Options Turn On the Bright Lights  0:40:16 ()
The Mercury Program  To/From Iceland   Options A Data Learn the Language  0:45:11 ()
Music behind DJ:
Sounds of Sideshows by the Seashore     0:50:28 ()
Olaf Sveen  Gallop From Norway   Options Dining and Dancing with Olaf Sveen  0:58:37 ()
Blonde Redhead  Oslo   Options Penny Sparkle  0:59:46 ()
Beach House  Norway   Options Teen Dream  1:03:16 ()
Robyn Hitchcock  Goodnight Oslo   Options Goodnight Oslo  1:07:09 ()
The Beatles  Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown)   Options Rubber Soul  1:13:15 ()
Volcano the Bear  Oslo Top   Options Volseptor  1:15:10 ()
Negativland  Oslo Norway and Psychic Freeze   Options Over The Edge Vol. 4: Dick Vaughn's Moribund Music of the 70's  1:16:15 ()
Showcase Showdown  Fuck You, Norway   Options Permanent Stains  1:20:53 ()
Music behind DJ:
Sounds from the Point Pleasant Beach     1:23:01 ()
  Frusen Glädjé Commercial     1:31:03 ()
Monty Python  Finland   Options The Final Rip Off  1:31:18 ()
Deltahead  Don't Move to Finland!   Options Deltahead  1:33:00 ()
Heartstrings  Finland Woods   Options In a Land Far Away That Is Fair  1:37:19 ()
Es  Summer And Smiles of Finland   Options Summer and Smiles of Finland (V/A)  1:41:22 ()
Prima Donkey  Heaven or Helsinki   Options Rythme Exotique  1:44:16 ()
Damon & Naomi  Helsinki   Options False Beats and True Hearts  1:48:23 ()
Music behind DJ:
Sounds from the Point Pleasant Boardwalk     1:52:42 ()
Lee Hazlewood  No Train To Stockholm   Options Cowboy in Sweden  1:57:27 ()
Maia Hirasawa  Gothenburg   Options   1:59:19 ()
Nils Waldemar  Dancing in Stockholm Tonight   Options   2:03:04 ()
Zarah Leander  Stockholm blir Stockholm   Options Svenska Sangfavoriter  2:04:12 ()
Swedish Chef  Yes We Have No Bananas   Options   2:07:21 ()
A. C. Newman  Submarines of Stockholm   Options Get Guilty  2:10:04 ()
The Stranglers  Sweden (All Quiet on the Eastern Front)   Options Black and White  2:12:46 ()
The Minus 5  Ghost Tarts of Stockholm   Options Let the War Against Music Begin  2:15:36 ()
Tokyo Police Club  Swedes in Stockholm   Options   2:19:01 ()
Yo La Tengo  Stockholm Syndrome   Options Prisoners of Love  2:20:44 ()
Music behind DJ:
Sounds From the Coney Island Boardwalk     2:25:18 ()
Scott Walker  Copenhagen   Options Scott 3  2:27:44 ()
The Kinks  Denmark Street   Options Part One Lola Vs. Powerman and the Moneygoround  2:29:56 ()
Birthe Wilke  Tivoli Nights   Options Reptilicus Soundtrack  2:31:58 ()
Vivi Bak  Tivoli Twist   Options It's Twistin' Time- Twist i Danmark 1961-1966  2:33:48 ()
Rasmus Nohr  Sjaelland   Options Rasmus Nohr  2:36:12 ()
Stig Moller  Min by   Options Derfra Hvor vi Stod  2:39:48 ()
Natasja  Gi' Mig Danmark Tibage   Options I Danmark Er Jeg Fodt  2:41:45 ()
Gasolin'  Kap Farvel til Umanarssuaq   Options Stakkels Jim  2:45:13 ()
Nekromantix  Gargoyles Over Copenhagen   Options   2:48:47 ()
Sort Sol  Copenhagen   Options Fog Things  2:52:54 ()

Listener comments!

  Thu. 8/11/11 6:02am Chuck:

  Thu. 8/11/11 6:02am other david:

*hops aboard the viking longboat*

greetings all, this is going to be a good one :)
  Thu. 8/11/11 6:03am Meghan:

yes it is..... And I went to bed when it was morning too...... Yawn!
  Thu. 8/11/11 6:03am hamburger:

  Thu. 8/11/11 6:03am Meghan:

Hamburger and Other David are pining for the Fjords....
  Thu. 8/11/11 6:04am Dave B:

Hey hey hey
  Thu. 8/11/11 6:05am Marmalade kitty:


  Thu. 8/11/11 6:06am Slartibartfast:

I designed the fjords, you know....
  Thu. 8/11/11 6:07am other david:

Indeed I'm about as awake as the referenced parrot, so I must have fjords on the brain.

*gets to work on brewing coffee*
  Thu. 8/11/11 6:07am hamburger:

one awards for them.. I've heard
  Thu. 8/11/11 6:07am Dave B:

I used to drive a Fjord Focus.
  Thu. 8/11/11 6:08am hamburger:

*WON WON. not one. jeez., more tea.
  Thu. 8/11/11 6:08am Robert Plant:

  Thu. 8/11/11 6:09am Chuck:

Ah, another use for the pirate comp!
  Thu. 8/11/11 6:09am other david:

Meghan - break this to me gently - will there be any Swedish chef?
  Thu. 8/11/11 6:09am Meghan:

I think we are all just waking up huh? Even those of you that HAVE been up longer! one of those days....
  Thu. 8/11/11 6:10am Meghan:

*giggles* yes.... I almost forgot about him totally and then in an amazing brain jolt at 1 am...... he made it
  Thu. 8/11/11 6:11am other david:

Yusssss! :D
  Thu. 8/11/11 6:12am Dave B:

I think the swedish chef should sing "hurdy gurdy man"
  Thu. 8/11/11 6:12am Simon:

Morning! Is there any link between a visit from the Underwater Theme Park and widespread rioting? This picture is doing nothing to allay my fears of a sinister connection...
  Thu. 8/11/11 6:12am hamburger:

yes! Swedish Chef! and some humpa would be awesome..
  Thu. 8/11/11 6:13am Marmalade kitty:

So, Ringo, how do you find America..?
  Thu. 8/11/11 6:13am Chuck:

Need to get people to stop drinking the mead, Simon. I makes them into berserkers....
  Thu. 8/11/11 6:14am Meghan:

Ha! I thought the same thing Simon....... I did not know I had this power!
  Thu. 8/11/11 6:15am Chuck:

Hum, reminds me that I haven't made mead or home brewed beer in quite some time. I should look into that....
  Thu. 8/11/11 6:15am Ring 0:

I'm a mocker...
  Thu. 8/11/11 6:21am Dave B:

"Do you like Viking Movies, Timmy?"
  Thu. 8/11/11 6:21am Brian Boru:

Tell me about it Meghan, we chased the viking hordes out of Dublin - but then one of the buggers put an axe through my head :(
  Thu. 8/11/11 6:22am Daniel T from Copenhagen:

Thanks. And you're welcome! :-)
  Thu. 8/11/11 6:23am Marmalade kitty:

Iceland also
  Thu. 8/11/11 6:25am hamburger:

ohyea.. bad joke: what sound does a swan make when it gets impaled by an icelandic woman?

bjork! bjork!
  Thu. 8/11/11 6:25am Dave B:

and the water smells like an egg fart
  Thu. 8/11/11 6:26am Marmalade kitty:


..I always put my footinit, Meghan!
  Thu. 8/11/11 6:27am Meghan:

hehe..... don't we all Marmalade.... don't we all!
  Thu. 8/11/11 6:34am ?:

I heard about this Finnish delicacy on QI, and now have a morbid fascination, wondering just how disgusting it is - despite being a veggie:

  Thu. 8/11/11 6:35am other david:

ugh that was me ^

comment fail, caffeine coming shortly should help though
  Thu. 8/11/11 6:35am hamburger:

ohyea - I wanted to get some of that in Sweden, but they don't allow it on planes / due the possibility of it exploding!
  Thu. 8/11/11 6:36am Chuck:

That stuff does seem to be rather disgusting, other david....
  Thu. 8/11/11 6:36am Dave B:

There's a herring in my Hagen Daas...

Like the Scandinavian equivalent of Durrian?
  Thu. 8/11/11 6:38am other david:

Hm, David Cameron recalled parliament and it's sitting at the exact same time as Underwater Theme Park - coincidence?
  Thu. 8/11/11 6:38am Dave B:

Nina Hagen daas not like surströmming.
  Thu. 8/11/11 6:40am other david:

Dave B, you're going to hell for that.. and so am I for laughing at loud :P
  Thu. 8/11/11 6:41am Chuck:

My general rule is "if it smells bad, it can't be good for you"....
  Thu. 8/11/11 6:42am other david:

Btw this show is particularly bloody good today, loving it
  Thu. 8/11/11 6:43am Chuck:

There are a few exceptions, like southeast Asian fish sauce...
  Thu. 8/11/11 6:43am Simon:

If the Tories propose an Early Day Motion to restrict sales of Mead then our fears will be confirmed.
  Thu. 8/11/11 6:44am Chuck:

Ooops! That's southwest Asian. Sorry....
  Thu. 8/11/11 6:44am fred von helsing:

Terveiset suomesta! Valitettavasti en pääse kuuntelemaan päivän show'ta - liikkaa tehtäviä tänään! :-( mut' kyllä aijon kuulla arkistosta!
  Thu. 8/11/11 6:45am Chuck:

Ha! I once made a batch of homemade mead that had an alcohol content of 16%, Simon! There is cause for worry....
  Thu. 8/11/11 6:46am Meghan:

woah.... Fred went all wacky on us! Translation please!

And thanks Other David.... (and not a coincidence.... remember, I started the riots...)
  Thu. 8/11/11 6:46am other david:

Se on sääli Fred: (

Se on todella hyvä!
  Thu. 8/11/11 6:47am other david:

I probably just murdered the Finnish language there - blame good translate, not me
  Thu. 8/11/11 6:48am Dave B:

Right Said, Fred.
  Thu. 8/11/11 6:48am other david:

According to Google he said:
Greetings from Finland! Unfortunately, I can not get to listen to the show today - much at the tasks today! :-( But yes I am going to hear the archive!
  Thu. 8/11/11 6:49am Meghan:

Hooray for Google Translate! Awww, we'll miss you Fred, since you represent Finland!
  Thu. 8/11/11 6:49am Daniel T from Copenhagen:

Hi Fred. I'm half Finnish, but don't know the language unfortunately, besides a few words.
  Thu. 8/11/11 6:49am Chuck:

Is there going to be any cheese Danish today, Meghan? Need something to go with my coffee. heheh....
  Thu. 8/11/11 6:50am Jay/ London:

good morning meghan at home today so can listen live on the down side have got a virus also on the upside your show is making me feel better :)
  Thu. 8/11/11 6:50am other david:

Is the bass too high on this track or are my laptop speakers just proving their awfulness again
  Thu. 8/11/11 6:52am annie:

wow, i loved that!!
  Thu. 8/11/11 6:53am Jay/ London:

@ other david can you not change the setiings
  Thu. 8/11/11 6:53am fred von helsing:

We need an official Finnish representative today ! APUVA !!
  Thu. 8/11/11 6:55am Marmalade kitty:

You want a world riot!
  Thu. 8/11/11 6:56am Simon:

And Luxembourg?
  Thu. 8/11/11 6:56am Chuck:

Squeaky Chair!
  Thu. 8/11/11 6:57am other david:

Jay - dear god my brain is not in gear, yep it was just the built in speakers crapping out, vlc equalizer to the rescue :)
  Thu. 8/11/11 6:58am Dave B:

i got stuck on a sand bar Sunday.

Talk about dry martinis....
  Thu. 8/11/11 7:01am Meghan:

Actually Chuck, that is a squeaky mic arm.....
  Thu. 8/11/11 7:02am Chuck:

WD40 that bad boy, Meg...
  Thu. 8/11/11 7:03am Jay/ London:

@ other david i put the sound though my hi fi its the smart thing to do :)
  Thu. 8/11/11 7:03am Dave B:

hehe - I offered Scott W a few new mic arms (they dismantled a podcast studio at work) but he said he didn't need 'em.
  Thu. 8/11/11 7:04am Meghan:

If I knew where there was some...... it's been that way for years!
  Thu. 8/11/11 7:05am Dave B:

Is it me, or does this sound like its warped....

Good song. She reminds me of Siouxie..
  Thu. 8/11/11 7:06am Mermaid:

давай трахатся!
  Thu. 8/11/11 7:08am Meghan:

добрый день! Мне понадобится ваша помощь для русских песен!
  Thu. 8/11/11 7:11am Chuck:

Yay, Robyn!
  Thu. 8/11/11 7:15am Mermaid:

ok, I can help ya a lil bit
  Thu. 8/11/11 7:16am Meghan:

Thanks Mermaid!
  Thu. 8/11/11 7:16am Bjørge Lillelien:

We are the best in the world! We are the best in the world! We have beaten England on Underwater Theme Park!! It is completely unbelievable! We have beaten England! England, birthplace of giants. The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Lord Nelson, Lord Beaverbrook, Sir Winston Churchill, Sir Anthony Eden, Clement Attlee, Henry Cooper, Lady Diana--we have beaten them all. We have beaten them all.

Your boys took a hell of a beating! Your boys took a hell of a beating!"
  Thu. 8/11/11 7:17am Meghan:

hmmm, Musical Olympics.....
  Thu. 8/11/11 7:19am Simon:

Bjorge - when listing the Great and Good of my fair country it is customary to mention Benny Hill. Please bear this in mind for any future exhuberant outbursts.
  Thu. 8/11/11 7:19am Simon:

Bjorge - when listing the Great and Good of my fair country it is customary to mention Benny Hill. Please bear this in mind for any future exhuberant outbursts.
  Thu. 8/11/11 7:20am Simon:

Ideally twice
  Thu. 8/11/11 7:20am other david:


theme or not, this show is ridiculously good. british isles just got stomped.
  Thu. 8/11/11 7:21am karen:

Morning Meghan, Thanks for Norwegian Wood.......love it.
Saw the shaggy-haired boys in Boston 1964!
  Thu. 8/11/11 7:22am Chuck:

And now for something completely different....
  Thu. 8/11/11 7:23am Bjørge Lillelien:

JEG ikke godkjenne AV DETTE!!
  Thu. 8/11/11 7:24am Meghan:

Morning Karen! Not sure if I am coming up there this weekend. Still have to finish up the little stuff..... and relax finally! so we shall see!
  Thu. 8/11/11 7:26am Chuck:

You have the name spelled "Volcacno the Bear", Meghan...
  Thu. 8/11/11 7:27am :

why not Baltic states?
  Thu. 8/11/11 7:28am Chuck:

Belgian Bar by Eric Andersen comes to mind, Meghan...
  Thu. 8/11/11 7:29am karen:

@ Meghan: Hope to see you this week-end.

@Chuck: A man with two buttocks....
  Thu. 8/11/11 7:29am other david:

Of course Jacques Brel - Amsterdam
  Thu. 8/11/11 7:32am fred von helsing:

Hah! I get back from a meeting JUST IN TIME! YEAY!
  Thu. 8/11/11 7:33am Chuck:

Does he live in Finland, Karen?
  Thu. 8/11/11 7:33am Meghan:

ha! Your inner Finnish feelings pulled you to the radio!
  Thu. 8/11/11 7:33am other david:

  Thu. 8/11/11 7:35am Marmalade kitty:

Meghan, have you ever had a riot theme?
  Thu. 8/11/11 7:35am karen:

Chuck, I think he has 3 buttocks (my error)...not sure where he lives! Do you?
  Thu. 8/11/11 7:37am Chuck:

No, Karen. I would like to know so I can avoid going there. Obviously something is terribly wrong there! heheh....
  Thu. 8/11/11 7:38am Meghan:

I have not done a riot theme...... but by the end of this, I just might! No rioting you Scandinavian countries!
  Thu. 8/11/11 7:38am Chuck:

Crap! The audio stream is screwing up!
  Thu. 8/11/11 7:39am fred von helsing:

Heippä hei, kaikille ! Palataan asiaan !
  Thu. 8/11/11 7:39am jeff p:

good thursday morning, everyone!
  Thu. 8/11/11 7:40am Daniel T from Copenhagen:

Chuck. The MP3 stream seems to be working fine. I just switched over.
  Thu. 8/11/11 7:40am other david:

yup mp3 stream is fine here
  Thu. 8/11/11 7:41am Meghan:

good morning Jeff......
  Thu. 8/11/11 7:41am Daniel T from Copenhagen:

Why are all the songs about Finland so far either making fun of it or saying cruel things about it. :-(
  Thu. 8/11/11 7:42am jeff p:

had to abort the show on the drive in - iphone app wouldn't stop buffering after the Beach House song.
  Thu. 8/11/11 7:42am andrew (finland):

Nice show as always! Thinks :)
  Thu. 8/11/11 7:43am Chuck:

Having buffering problems myself here, Jeff. Still no sound...
  Thu. 8/11/11 7:44am Meghan:

Thanks Andrew! Finland was a hard country to find songs about. Or at least decent songs, I should say!

Jeff, that happens to me with my Iphone. I have to abort Ken's show usually cause it won't stop buffering. It's annoying
  Thu. 8/11/11 7:44am jeff p:

working ok at work in itunes, not that that helps much
  Thu. 8/11/11 7:46am jeff p:

ok, so a couple years ago a guy i worked with did a ren faire wedding. the guys i work with and i dressed as vikings and invaded.

  Thu. 8/11/11 7:50am Chuck:

Well this is damn annoying! I may have to leave the Theme Park early just because the stream keeps cutting in and out...
  Thu. 8/11/11 7:52am maestroso:

I feel lucky that the Android stream is working so well...
  Thu. 8/11/11 7:55am Dave B:

Streams are flowing.
  Thu. 8/11/11 7:58am Kelly:

  Thu. 8/11/11 7:59am Meghan:

  Thu. 8/11/11 8:00am Dave B:

  Thu. 8/11/11 8:03am Chuck:

Whew! Finally got you back after missing 4 songs and Meghan's commentary. First time this has ever happened....
  Thu. 8/11/11 8:04am Kevin:

Göteborg is not so bad...
  Thu. 8/11/11 8:05am Marmalade kitty:

i remember Trent doing a swede theme
  Thu. 8/11/11 8:06am Kevin:

haha "the north's venice..."
  Thu. 8/11/11 8:07am Meghan:

Yep! I helped give him some songs. He wanted all bands from Sweden...... amazingly, I came up with all metal bands. ha!
  Thu. 8/11/11 8:08am Marmalade kitty:

There is a Stranglers song for every occasion
  Thu. 8/11/11 8:09am other david:

  Thu. 8/11/11 8:09am hamburger:

swedish chef!!
  Thu. 8/11/11 8:09am hamburger:

voice of a generation...
  Thu. 8/11/11 8:10am Kevin:

  Thu. 8/11/11 8:12am other david:

Kerflurgen defluffen borky de BORK!
  Thu. 8/11/11 8:12am hamburger:

that'd be an awesome epitaph.. 'BORK BORK BORK' :D
  Thu. 8/11/11 8:13am Kevin:

det är inte äkta svenska, jävlar!
  Thu. 8/11/11 8:14am Cheri Pi:

I'm Sveeedish!!!
  Thu. 8/11/11 8:15am Elwyn:

Hey Everyone!

Am I in time for "Stockholm Syndrome"? :-)

Tonight, I hung out with the roller derby ladies as they appeared on the Austrralian production of "Beauty and the Geek". What a fking awful show. :-)
  Thu. 8/11/11 8:15am Kevin:

ja ja men jag bor här...
  Thu. 8/11/11 8:16am Marmalade kitty:

Sven :)
  Thu. 8/11/11 8:16am Meghan:

ha! Well, in that case Kevin!
  Thu. 8/11/11 8:18am krzy:

hey, here is a bunch of creepy polish tracks:

kazik/kult (the same track with different versions/quality)

bayer full (one of main figures in polish 'disco polo' movement, extinguishing crappy disco for first transformation times in beginning of 90s)

polish Yma Sumac - Violetta Villas singing about Virgin Mary Queen of Poland

polish psychodelia about warsaw (capital)

early polish hiphop singing about polish language

eugeniusz bodo - mid war actor and singer - orming song about polish soldier

and totally bizarre anthem of polish footbal representation ;) ;)

  Thu. 8/11/11 8:18am Marmalade kitty:

Which group/artist has totted up the most plays in the theme park? the stranglers must be up there!
  Thu. 8/11/11 8:18am Jim Devoid:

While this is not a request, here's the drummer of the Hellacopters (from Sweden) playing/smashing a drum set made of ice...doesn't get any more Scandinavian than that!

  Thu. 8/11/11 8:19am jeff p:

jävlar! I love learning new curse words! Thank you Kevin and Google Translate!
  Thu. 8/11/11 8:20am Cheri Pi:

Swell Maps-Then Poland
  Thu. 8/11/11 8:20am fred:

Hi Meghan and listeners, and Hello Sweden! (as Ken would trigger)
@Chuck: I just received my copy of the new Juliana Hatfield record, so it is indeed out
  Thu. 8/11/11 8:21am Meghan:

go Krzy! Awesome! Thanks!!!!

and Jim.... I heart Hellacopters.... so good!
  Thu. 8/11/11 8:22am other david:

YLT <3
  Thu. 8/11/11 8:23am jeff p:

  Thu. 8/11/11 8:23am Chuck:

Thanks for the heads up, Fred! How is it?
  Thu. 8/11/11 8:23am Jim Devoid:

Meghan, just did a quick search of the Hellacopters discography...no songs that I could quickly find with a "Sweden" reference....bloody hell...
  Thu. 8/11/11 8:25am fred:

@Chuck: I only listened to it once so it's a bit early. More electric than the last few, but less rocking than Made in China if that makes sense
  Thu. 8/11/11 8:26am other david:

Superb borking A++
  Thu. 8/11/11 8:26am Elwyn:

Swedish Chef is better than ABBA!
  Thu. 8/11/11 8:27am Jim Devoid:

Touring: Motorhead's "We Are the Road Crew".
  Thu. 8/11/11 8:28am Dave B:

Crew Slut - Zappa
'nuff said
  Thu. 8/11/11 8:28am karen:

Thanks Meghan..Interesting show...gotta go.
Have an urge to make Sweedish meatballs!
  Thu. 8/11/11 8:29am Chuck:

I'll be checking it out ASAP, Fred. Thanks...
  Thu. 8/11/11 8:29am krzy:

enjoy and have fun!!
two more oldies about warsaw

and one more polska punk

  Thu. 8/11/11 8:30am Chuck:

Ah, we do have cheese Danish after all!
  Thu. 8/11/11 8:31am Dave B:

It looks just like a Telefunken U47
  Thu. 8/11/11 8:32am dirty old man:

Good morning Meghan. Just soaking it all in.
  Thu. 8/11/11 8:32am Kevin:

jeff p: jävlar is literally "devils" rather than the "motherfuckers" you get out of google translate.
  Thu. 8/11/11 8:32am Dale B:

With leather?
  Thu. 8/11/11 8:32am Meghan:

Morning DOM.... You taking Karen's place?
  Thu. 8/11/11 8:33am dirty old man:

No, separate venues at the moment.
  Thu. 8/11/11 8:34am Dave B:


  Thu. 8/11/11 8:35am Chuck:

Ha! There's a town up here called Tivoli. One of my friends lives there. Hope everyone has seen Reptilicus at some point! Awesome cheesy monster movie!
  Thu. 8/11/11 8:35am jeff p:

Kevin: actually, when I put jävlar in alone it came up as "bastards" tho I'll defer to your actual knowledge :-)
  Thu. 8/11/11 8:36am Dave B:

When I was searching for songs about Copenhagen, most were redneck country songs

Reptilicus is the BEST!
  Thu. 8/11/11 8:38am Dave B:

Gotta blast out early today. See ya next time!
  Thu. 8/11/11 8:38am Chuck:

I think all monsters need to spew corrosive vomit, Dave!
  Thu. 8/11/11 8:39am Dave B:

All monsters need to look like Ollie...

Or was that Kukla?
  Thu. 8/11/11 8:39am Daniel T from Copenhagen:

Is it just me, or is the sound a bit distorted?
  Thu. 8/11/11 8:39am Meghan:

see ya Dave!
  Thu. 8/11/11 8:40am Chuck:

Kukla, I think, Dave...
  Thu. 8/11/11 8:41am Jim Devoid:

To late for this one, but I'll try:

NO HOPE FOR THE KIDS - Copenhagen Suicide City:
  Thu. 8/11/11 8:44am Kevin:

holy shit this Natasja track is amazing
  Thu. 8/11/11 8:45am Meghan:

You can thank Daniel T from Copenhagen for this!
  Thu. 8/11/11 8:53am jeff p:

have a good rest of the week, everyone!
  Thu. 8/11/11 8:54am Chuck:

"Gargoyles", another cheesy monster movie!
  Thu. 8/11/11 8:54am Meghan:

You too Jeff!
  Thu. 8/11/11 8:54am Daniel T from Copenhagen:

Yes, I was hoping you would play this track. :-)
  Thu. 8/11/11 8:55am other david:

Brilliant show Meghan :)

Got to skedaddle and do some work, bye for now!
  Thu. 8/11/11 8:56am Meghan:

Bye Other David!

Yeah, this song was too good to not play! Save the best for last!
  Thu. 8/11/11 8:57am AC/DC:

Dirty Danes Done Dirt Cheap
  Thu. 8/11/11 8:58am Chuck:

Dat is allen! Tot ziens iedereen!
  Thu. 8/11/11 8:59am Touring Song:

John Entwistle "Cell Number 7"
  Thu. 8/11/11 9:00am hamburger:

fun show!
  Thu. 8/11/11 9:12am krzy:

ah, i missed poland..

Dezerter (punk)

A tu jest warszawa (old song)

Partia - Warszawa i Ja

A tu jest Warszawa - Mieczysław Fogg (about vanihing)
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