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Earth's only supernatural slumber-party-style call-in show.

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Options July 28, 2011: Movies Explained!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Listener comments!

  Thu. 7/28/11 7:01pm Clay:

Young People!
  Thu. 7/28/11 7:02pm Bouncer:

Under 30s only. ID, please.
  Thu. 7/28/11 7:02pm Listener Dave From Seattle:

Evening people!
  Thu. 7/28/11 7:02pm Listener Thomas from Dallas:

Night Neeble!
  Thu. 7/28/11 7:04pm Dylan:

Never trust anyone from daylight.
  Thu. 7/28/11 7:04pm other david:

  Thu. 7/28/11 7:04pm Listener Dave From Seattle:

Hold on, I'm going to make some popcorn.
  Thu. 7/28/11 7:05pm Jason from Huntsville, AL:

It's the beginning.
  Thu. 7/28/11 7:05pm Dan B From Upstate:

Calendars from Spain start on Mondays.
  Thu. 7/28/11 7:05pm Kendall!:

Jews rest on Saturday because it's the 7th day. Also, I grew up a Quaker and instead of Sunday School we called it "First Day School" so Sunday is definitely the first day of the week.
  Thu. 7/28/11 7:07pm jon:

bourbon? check. peanuts? check. night people!
  Thu. 7/28/11 7:08pm Dude...:

Are you guys seriously this retarded?
  Thu. 7/28/11 7:08pm hamburger / london:

don't know what this says about myself, but big lebowski and fight club I could watch over and over again..
  Thu. 7/28/11 7:08pm Dan B From Upstate:

@hamburger, Fight Club is actually #1 on my list.

And Lebowski is just classic cinema.
  Thu. 7/28/11 7:09pm other david:

Is this skipping for anyone else - dare I mention skyping host?
  Thu. 7/28/11 7:09pm Jason from Huntsville, AL:

1967 "Planet of the Apes"
  Thu. 7/28/11 7:09pm depressed Persian cab driver:

@Chipotle- Then how come you have the most Imigrantes sin papeles? That is what makes the US dining industry great! Slave labor. Tasty.
  Thu. 7/28/11 7:10pm Jason from Huntsville, AL:

@Other David: Dave's mic sounds like it's going in and out a bit.
  Thu. 7/28/11 7:10pm cheri:

has anybody seen "FRIENDS WITH BENEFITS"? yet??
  Thu. 7/28/11 7:10pm other david:

cheri, no, no I haven't. Should I?
  Thu. 7/28/11 7:11pm Jason from Huntsville, AL:

@cheri: I would only see that if ordered by a court of law.
  Thu. 7/28/11 7:11pm jon:

dump this dude on the line, right?
  Thu. 7/28/11 7:11pm Dude...:

This guy creeps me out.
  Thu. 7/28/11 7:12pm glenn:

i think i'd risk a contempt of court charge.
  Thu. 7/28/11 7:12pm jon:

good save guys. classic joan rivers
  Thu. 7/28/11 7:13pm other david:

  Thu. 7/28/11 7:13pm Dan B From Upstate:

That was definitely among one of my favorite Sandy Hang Ups Ever.
  Thu. 7/28/11 7:14pm Joan Rivers:

I was no where near there...can we talk?
  Thu. 7/28/11 7:14pm hamburger / london:

mellow yellow, ban-rack, apparently
  Thu. 7/28/11 7:14pm Matt from Springfield:

Donovan Leitch--yes, still alive.
  Thu. 7/28/11 7:14pm glenn:

yes, donovan's alive.
  Thu. 7/28/11 7:15pm Listener Thomas from Dallas:

The whole smokin' banana peels thing was invented by Country Joe from Country Joe and the Fish
  Thu. 7/28/11 7:15pm Dylan Clayburn:

Dave's mic is real shitty.
  Thu. 7/28/11 7:15pm tim:

oh that donovan
  Thu. 7/28/11 7:15pm glenn:

really? country joe? awesome.
  Thu. 7/28/11 7:16pm Matt from Springfield:

It depends what you can say on the radio, but...
"Mellow Yellow" comes down to the "E-lec-tric-al ba-na-na"...refering to a yellow dildo. BUT, in an era when everything had the suggestion of drugs, some teens starting smoking banana leaves, thinking that was the message and you could get high off of it.
  Thu. 7/28/11 7:16pm Jason from Huntsville, AL:

"The Company of Wolves"
  Thu. 7/28/11 7:16pm Dude...:

Don't forget Street Trash.
  Thu. 7/28/11 7:17pm Listener Dave From Seattle:

Big yellow joint
  Thu. 7/28/11 7:17pm Matt from Springfield:

Not like the smart teens, who worked at plant nurseries to swipe Morning Glory seeds :)

Much like how "Yellow Submarine" is not about drugs...if you don't get that, you don't get Psychedelia. But certain yellow pills were named "yellow submarines", also after the fact.
  Thu. 7/28/11 7:18pm Dude...:

Frankenhooker had that box that you could press a button and she says "wanna date?"
  Thu. 7/28/11 7:19pm glenn:

i have tried to watch yellow submarine about ten times. i still haven't made it all the way through.
  Thu. 7/28/11 7:20pm Matt from Springfield:

Hi Jason!
You're always a great caller, without fail! I was just joking about taking Dave's thunder as the "Southern gents", but call often, great voice and great conversationalist!
  Thu. 7/28/11 7:21pm Listener Dave From Seattle:

I watched a movie once.
  Thu. 7/28/11 7:21pm Matt from Springfield:

@glenn: Oh the movie. Yeah, it could have (should have) been better, I still like the underlying concept.
  Thu. 7/28/11 7:21pm glenn:

it's the berlin alexanderplatz of animated beatles movies.
  Thu. 7/28/11 7:21pm Marc in Liverpool:

Bad Taste was one, the alien flipping the finger but then someone made me watch it.
  Thu. 7/28/11 7:21pm Catfish:

the box I remember from a video I never got to rent as a kid was Gator Bait, and Gator Bait 2.
  Thu. 7/28/11 7:21pm Dude...:

@Comment Reader These guys don't seem to remember or know anything. What was your favorite colored M&M?
  Thu. 7/28/11 7:21pm Matt from Springfield:

@Seattle Dave: I call BULLSHIT! LIAR!!!
  Thu. 7/28/11 7:22pm Jason from Huntsville, AL:

@Matt for Springfield: You're very kind to say so. Nice to "meet" you.
  Thu. 7/28/11 7:22pm Catfish:

  Thu. 7/28/11 7:22pm mitchell:

  Thu. 7/28/11 7:22pm Listener Dave From Seattle:

I can prove it! Somehow!
  Thu. 7/28/11 7:22pm depressed Persian cab driver:

And my fare just now has said you are a waste of time, but I try hard to defend you. The time wasting to me would be if bland music were playing all day for her fat ass not to be offended in my cab! This is America.
  Thu. 7/28/11 7:23pm Kendall!:

What about Laser Discs?
  Thu. 7/28/11 7:24pm jaycjay:

We had super-8 when I was a kid, but mostly it was for home movies. But, I do remember a couple of movies my dad purchased that we could watch. Nothing that was a real "commercial" or hit film, though.
  Thu. 7/28/11 7:25pm Kendall!:

I found a few laser discs on the street a while ago could I please borrow your player dave?
  Thu. 7/28/11 7:25pm Matt from Springfield:

Wow glenn, amazing allusion. By that do you mean "right before the Wall came down" (the Beatles personal relationships were coming apart around the time that came out)

@Seattle Dave: Is your ticket stub available from the Hawaii Department of Live Births? Even then I warn you that some will never believe it.
  Thu. 7/28/11 7:25pm other david:

got some super-8 tape converted to dvd recently, it's just begging for a post rock sound track, with some unctuous title
  Thu. 7/28/11 7:25pm fred:

there was this kid (or really his mother) who would give me a home alone vhs at every birthday party
  Thu. 7/28/11 7:26pm Jason from Huntsville, AL:

Sweet Liberty: Lise Hilboldt
  Thu. 7/28/11 7:27pm Dude...:

Maybe you guys should organize and research for your show a bit before you get on the air talking like a couple morons. Jesus.
  Thu. 7/28/11 7:27pm Matt from Springfield:

@Jason: Nice to "meet" you as well!
  Thu. 7/28/11 7:28pm w dawg:

she' was in superman!!!
  Thu. 7/28/11 7:29pm Listener Dave From Seattle:

I ate some popcorn?
  Thu. 7/28/11 7:29pm Matt from Springfield:

@fred: The mid 90s equivalent (also starring Macaulay) was "Richie Rich"--every single present everywhere was a VHS of that. It was spreading like Kudzu!
  Thu. 7/28/11 7:29pm Kendall!:

If it's not a true story, then who owns the Bubba Gump's shrimp house in Times Square?
  Thu. 7/28/11 7:30pm Dan B From Upstate:

There's the studio owned Bubba Gump Shrimp Company in Times Square. That's probably where the people are getting the hats.
  Thu. 7/28/11 7:30pm w dawg:

as "1st Secratary"....remember?
  Thu. 7/28/11 7:33pm Dan B From Upstate:

It's a Michael Bay movie.... Michael Bay is my mortal enemy.
  Thu. 7/28/11 7:34pm Listener Dave From Seattle:

About Tootsie?
  Thu. 7/28/11 7:34pm fred:

i think michael bay is everyone's mortal enemy and if he isn't he should be
  Thu. 7/28/11 7:35pm Listener Dave From Seattle:

Ha, I wrote that right before I heard Dave say it!
  Thu. 7/28/11 7:37pm Kendall!:

VHS is totally a brand name
  Thu. 7/28/11 7:38pm Dan B From Upstate:

  Thu. 7/28/11 7:38pm fred:

video home system
  Thu. 7/28/11 7:39pm glenn:

mostly what i meant was that an unwatchable 1hr 15 minute or so long beatle movie was the same as an unwatchable 15 hour long fassbinder film.
  Thu. 7/28/11 7:39pm Comment Reader:

New Show Title: Instead of the game "20 Questions", this could be "300 Unanswered Questions."

Is this performance art, maybe?? Just a thought.
  Thu. 7/28/11 7:39pm byrd:

video home system
  Thu. 7/28/11 7:39pm Marc in Liverpool:

Toshiba developed VHS, Sony Betamax. Sony won with BluRay. The winner gets a royalty for every disc sold.
  Thu. 7/28/11 7:39pm Listener Dave From Seattle:

I think you are talking about blue ray
  Thu. 7/28/11 7:40pm Listener Dave From Seattle:

Beta was superior. I had a beta machine back in the day. I lost :(
  Thu. 7/28/11 7:41pm jaycjay:

Wikipedia: JVC, "The Victor Talking Machine Company of Japan, Limited" was a subsidiary of the United States' leading phonograph and record company, the Victor Talking Machine Company.
  Thu. 7/28/11 7:41pm Jason from Huntsville, AL:

I heard that the Pornography industry influenced the victory of VHS. I remember using BetaMax and TV jobs I had.
  Thu. 7/28/11 7:41pm jaycjay:

In 1929 majority ownership was transferred to RCA-Victor. So yes, it was part of the U.S. "Victor Company".
  Thu. 7/28/11 7:42pm Matt from Springfield:

@glenn: Ah, Fassbinder. I'm familiar with various Fassbinder refs, but haven't actually seen any of his.
  Thu. 7/28/11 7:42pm Marc in Liverpool:

JVC sorry, Toshiba was HD DVD. Got them mixed up.
  Thu. 7/28/11 7:42pm Listener Dave From Seattle:

VHS was cheaper I think, which helped
  Thu. 7/28/11 7:42pm jon:

tell us your lists
  Thu. 7/28/11 7:43pm Dan B From Upstate:

I'll boycott Betamax tapes!
  Thu. 7/28/11 7:43pm Marc in Liverpool:

BluRay's get called BD's.
  Thu. 7/28/11 7:44pm glenn:

digital video disc, ya numpty.
  Thu. 7/28/11 7:44pm Matt from Springfield:

@Seattle Dave: They said how Beta was superior, but you could only tell by sophisicated technical instruments. Could YOU yourself actually tell it was better? Higher quality, more durable?
  Thu. 7/28/11 7:44pm Listener Dave From Seattle:

News flash - they are never going to tell us their lists
  Thu. 7/28/11 7:46pm glenn:

i wonder what betsy's doing right now. ..sigh...
  Thu. 7/28/11 7:48pm Listener Dave From Seattle:

I don't remember the specifics. Betamax had a better picture in general and the machines were more pro.
  Thu. 7/28/11 7:48pm jaycjay:

Existenz, definitely Jennifer Jason Leigh. That was the only reason I watched it.
  Thu. 7/28/11 7:48pm Fun Fact:

Did you know that WFMU has five alternate streams and over ten years of archives? If you don't like what you're hearing, feel free to switch to one of those!
  Thu. 7/28/11 7:49pm Listener Dave From Seattle:

Right turn Clyde
  Thu. 7/28/11 7:49pm Marc in Liverpool:

Orangutangs frighten me.
  Thu. 7/28/11 7:50pm Orangutang:

But we're so cuddly.
  Thu. 7/28/11 7:51pm Marc in Liverpool:

I like the song in Vally Girl when he meets the girl at the party. Eyes of a Stranger.
  Thu. 7/28/11 7:51pm Dan B From Upstate:

Astronauts love Orangutang.
  Thu. 7/28/11 7:51pm Sarah:

Read "The Murders in the Rue Morgue" once too often, eh?
  Thu. 7/28/11 7:53pm fred:

nice fade
  Thu. 7/28/11 7:53pm Dan B From Upstate:

I never get tired of the slow fade. So much better than Scharpling cutting some one off mid--
  Thu. 7/28/11 7:53pm jon:

the fadeout is the distinguished hangup
  Thu. 7/28/11 7:54pm fred:

you never know when they've figured it out
  Thu. 7/28/11 7:57pm Dan B From Upstate:

This has potential to be the five greatest minutes in the history of radio.
  Thu. 7/28/11 7:58pm emily:

are dave and sandy in the same place?
  Thu. 7/28/11 7:58pm Sarah:

This show is too damn short.
  Thu. 7/28/11 7:59pm Marc in Liverpool:

Yep. Just getting started.
  Thu. 7/28/11 7:59pm Dan B From Upstate:

Starting to get dark out much earlier now. Night People actually ends when it's night out!
  Thu. 7/28/11 8:00pm Marc in Liverpool:

1am here.
  Thu. 7/28/11 8:01pm Listener Dave From Seattle:

I guess we can just keep talking on here
  Thu. 7/28/11 8:07pm Show Prep:

Wat's the point?
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