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Theme (n) - the subject of talk, a piece of writing, a person's thoughts, or an exhibition; a topic.

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Options July 28, 2011: Look! Up in the Sky! It's a Plane!

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Artist Track Album Approx. start time
The Minders  Paper Plane   Options Cul-De-Sacs & Dead Ends  0:00:00 ()
The Make-Up  International Airport   Options Destination: Love; Live! At Cold Rice  0:04:51 ()
Jimmy Hall  Airport   Options Jimmy Hall II  0:07:04 ()
Mavi Işıklar  The Great Airplane Strike of 1967   Options Turkish Delights-26 Ultrarareties from Beyond the Sea of Marmara  0:10:35 ()
  Virgin American Safety Video     0:13:43 ()
Music behind DJ:
Sounds From the Coney Island Boardwalk     0:17:35 ()
Al  The Invention of the Airplane   Options Fairy Tales For Hip Kids  0:21:26 ()
John Hartford  Steam Powered Aereo Plain   Options Aereo-Plain  0:24:26 ()
Royal Guardsmen  Airplane Song   Options Snoopy And His Friends  0:28:04 ()
Jonathan Richman & The Modern Lovers  I'm a Little Airplane   Options Best of Jonathan Richman & the Modern Lovers  0:30:46 ()
Air Miami  Airplane Rider   Options Fourteen Songs  0:33:28 ()
Björk  Aeroplane   Options Debut  0:35:29 ()
Neutral Milk Hotel  In the Aeroplane Over the Sea   Options In The Aeroplane Over The Sea  0:39:28 ()
The Black Keys  Aeroplane Blues   Options Rubber Factory  0:42:32 ()
Howlin' Wolf  Mr Airplane Man (alt take)   Options The Chess Box  0:45:20 ()
Music behind DJ:
Sounds From the Coney Island Boardwalk     0:49:37 ()
Robert Johnson  Terraplane Blues   Options The Gold Collection  0:53:43 ()
Astrud Gilberto  Trains and Boats and Planes   Options Astrud Gilberto's Finest Hour  0:56:36 ()
Royal Guardsmen  Biplane Evermore   Options   0:59:18 ()
Spanky and Our Gang  Jet Plane   Options Spanky and Our Gang  1:02:34 ()
Headcoatees  The First Plane Home   Options Girlsville  1:06:14 ()
Rolling Stones  Who's Driving Your Plane?   Options Singles Collection  1:07:49 ()
Red Crayola  Hurricane Fighter Plane   Options Songs the Cramps Taught Us 2  1:11:00 ()
Cramps  Mystery Plane   Options Demons of the Swamp  1:14:48 ()
Hüsker Dü  Private Plane   Options Flip Your Wig  1:17:10 ()
  Airplane! Trailer     1:20:19 ()
Music behind DJ:
Sounds from an Airport Terminal     1:23:28 ()
Angus and Julia Stone  Big Jet Plane   Options   1:31:32 ()
Village Sound  Hey Jack (Don't Hi-Jack My Plane)   Options 45 Detritus  1:34:34 ()
George Jones & Tammy Wynette  (We're Not) The Jet Set   Options 16 Biggest Hits  1:37:10 ()
John Gregory  Jet Stream   Options The Sound Gallery  1:39:45 ()
Daisy Dynamite  Jet Set   Options 7"  1:42:24 ()
Damned  Jet Boy Jet Girl   Options Rarities  1:45:40 ()
Dead Kennedys  Hop With the Jet Set   Options Bedtime for Democracy  1:48:57 ()
Greg Hawkes  Jet Lag   Options Choking on Cufflinks with Michael Goodstein 2009 Marathon Premium- Synth for One: Songs of the Solo North American Male, 1978-1985  1:51:13 ()
Digable Planets  Jettin'   Options Blowout Comb  1:54:04 ()
Music behind DJ:
Sounds from an Airport Terminal     1:58:58 ()
Eddie Cochran  Twenty Flight Rock   Options Best of Eddie Cochran  2:03:14 ()
3rd Flight  Third Flight   Options Fare Funk Uncovered  2:04:44 ()
Kaleidoscope  Flight From Ashiya   Options Nuggets II  2:07:16 ()
Electric Prunes  Long Day's Flight   Options Underground  2:10:07 ()
Led Zeppelin  Night Flight   Options Physical Graffiti  2:13:16 ()
A Certain Ratio  Flight   Options Early  2:16:19 ()
Chavez  Flight '96   Options Everything Is Nice: Matador 10th Ann'y Anthology  2:22:04 ()
Music behind DJ:
Sounds from an Airport Terminal     2:27:28 ()
  Sexy Airline Stewardesses     2:32:34 ()
Beirut  The Flying Club Cup   Options The Flying Club Cup  2:33:28 ()
The Beatles  Flying   Options Magical Mystery Tour  2:36:27 ()
Brian Eno  Burning Airlines Give You So Much More   Options Taking Tiger Mountain (By Strategy)  2:38:35 ()
Faces  Flying   Options Best of Faces- Good Boys... When They're Asleep  2:42:03 ()
Jimi Hendrix  Night Bird Flying   Options Experience Hendrix  2:45:57 ()
Ozzy Osbourne  Flying High Again   Options   2:49:44 ()
Bow Wow Wow  Mile High Club   Options Girl Bites Dog  2:54:04 ()

Listener comments!

  Thu. 7/28/11 6:03am Chuck:

Morning, morning, morning....
  Thu. 7/28/11 6:03am Dave B:

  Thu. 7/28/11 6:05am Meghan:

hehe... morning!
  Thu. 7/28/11 6:05am Robin The Fog:

BOIIIIINNNNG!!!! Helllo all! Let the good times roll!
  Thu. 7/28/11 6:06am Chuck:

Nice! You've segued out of MVL's show with similar material...
  Thu. 7/28/11 6:06am Meghan:

morning Robin!
  Thu. 7/28/11 6:07am marika from estonia:

so flying theme huh? :) that gives a lot of material
  Thu. 7/28/11 6:08am Chuck:

PG would be proud of ya!
  Thu. 7/28/11 6:09am Dave B:

Sorry 'bout the DropBox mixup. Not sure what happened there
  Thu. 7/28/11 6:09am Robin The Fog:

Hello Meghan, sorry for recent absence, damn day job getting in the way again!
But I'm here now and ready for EAR CANDY!!! Hurrah!
  Thu. 7/28/11 6:09am Meghan:

not as many as you would think Marika...... I thought the same!

Why is that Chuck?
  Thu. 7/28/11 6:11am Chuck:

Because it's like you tapped into one of his play lists for this set, Meg....
  Thu. 7/28/11 6:12am Meghan:

I was going to say..... I have always played the Make-up..... saw them long ago when I lived in Boston....

Yeah Dave, that was strange. Not sure what happened with that!
  Thu. 7/28/11 6:13am Chuck:

Isn't that an F4F in the photo you have up, Meghan? I'm pretty sure it is...
  Thu. 7/28/11 6:15am Dave B:

Chuck - I believe it's a Hellcat. That stubby body type is definately a Grumman. Could be a Wildcat too... I can't recall the marques....
  Thu. 7/28/11 6:16am Andy in Berlin:

Hold the door - ready to board!
  Thu. 7/28/11 6:19am dirty old man:

Good morning.
  Thu. 7/28/11 6:20am Robin The Fog:

I'm ALWAYS upright!!! Woof! Snargle!
  Thu. 7/28/11 6:20am T-Zero:

Morning. . . Wondering how long it'll be before Jefferson Airplane lol
  Thu. 7/28/11 6:22am dirty old man:

I believe it was Quantas that in order to get people to pay attention, did the safety video in the nude.
  Thu. 7/28/11 6:22am Chuck:

Just checked Wiki, Dave, it is an F4F Wildcat. Hellcat F6F has similar body style but different landing gear....
  Thu. 7/28/11 6:22am Dave B:

Gotta represent the Bailiwicks of Guernsey and Jersey!
  Thu. 7/28/11 6:23am Meghan:

I saw that one too.... it was New Zealand Air....
  Thu. 7/28/11 6:24am Robin The Fog:

Naked flying, eh? That sounds like a job for THE FOG!
  Thu. 7/28/11 6:30am hamburger:

hey - weren't there any songs about security guards groping your junk to start this show off?
  Thu. 7/28/11 6:32am Meghan:

I think that would be a very contemporary song.... that hasn't been written yet! Go for it Hamburger!
  Thu. 7/28/11 6:34am Dave B:

"Don't Touch My Junk"

  Thu. 7/28/11 6:37am Chuck:

Leave it to Dave to come up with the appropriate...
  Thu. 7/28/11 6:39am Dave B:

You Tube search for "TSA Song" - that was the top hit!
  Thu. 7/28/11 6:40am Dave B:

oh, and hooray Bjork!
  Thu. 7/28/11 6:41am Chuck:

I haven't been on an airplane since the early 80s. Considering the security BS I don't think I will be any time soon just to avoid that nonsense....
  Thu. 7/28/11 6:43am Robin The Fog:

And hooray NMT as well!
  Thu. 7/28/11 6:43am Chuck:

When did everyone on the planet become so paranoid?
  Thu. 7/28/11 6:44am Robin The Fog:

I meant NMH. Not sure what the 'T' was doing there...
  Thu. 7/28/11 6:45am Dave B:

I kinda freaked out my manager at work yesterday. He's on the west coast, so we use skype for instant messaging...

There's this executive named Tom Jones at work. So my manager asked me to call him to explain something... and I responded with "It's Not Unusual" and the following picture:

  Thu. 7/28/11 6:45am Meghan:

Figured as much Robin.....

Hey, I don't mind getting felt up to board a plane..... but they could at least pay ME beforehand, not me pay them! But either way, I am getting on that damn plane! *taps her passport getting stamped addiction*
  Thu. 7/28/11 6:46am Meghan:

That is funny and wrong Dave....
  Thu. 7/28/11 6:47am Chuck:

Sick, sick, sick! Just the way we like you, Dave!
  Thu. 7/28/11 6:51am dirty old man:

@ Dave: A man after my own heart.
  Thu. 7/28/11 6:51am Chuck:

  Thu. 7/28/11 6:56am Dave B:

@Chuck -

  Thu. 7/28/11 6:58am Chuck:

Ha, Dave! That's from one of The Twilight Zone episodes The Shat was in! heheh...
  Thu. 7/28/11 6:59am Dave B:

Yup. The one with the monster out on the wing....

  Thu. 7/28/11 7:00am Chuck:

General query: Have any of you ever flown in a really small airplane, like a Cessina 150? I have, in fact, I've taken flying lessons in such....
  Thu. 7/28/11 7:02am Dave B:

me - not yet, but its on the bucket list. I have flown in a glider. THAT was cool....
  Thu. 7/28/11 7:02am T-Zero:

I have. Well, I don't know if it was a Cessna, but it was small like that.
  Thu. 7/28/11 7:03am Chuck:

John Lithgow played The Shats character in the film version of The Twilight Zone if you recall, Dave....
  Thu. 7/28/11 7:04am Chuck:

As long as it was a plane that could only carry 4 or less people it qualifies, T-Zero!
  Thu. 7/28/11 7:04am Dave B:

oh yeah... I forgot about that...
But the SHAT is where it's at!
  Thu. 7/28/11 7:04am dirty old man:

Went flying in a bi-plane that my friend built! All I could do was look at the rivets to see if they were backing off. Took a hour before I could relax.
  Thu. 7/28/11 7:06am Chuck:

That's awesome, DOM! I love biplanes...
  Thu. 7/28/11 7:06am T-Zero:

I'm having to stretch my memory. Not sure if carried 6, but know it was no more than that. It was bank in the '60s.
  Thu. 7/28/11 7:09am dirty old man:

Now he's building a mid-engined car that weighs 1700 lbs
  Thu. 7/28/11 7:09am Chuck:

Speaking of Shat, that's what I almost did the first time I went up in a Cessna. You feel EVERYTHING, every little wind gust, the vibration of the engine, etc...
  Thu. 7/28/11 7:10am T-Zero:

No! Wait. It only carried 4, because it was a pilot and co-pilot and two passengers. I remember becase 3 cousins and I flew in it and only two of us could go at a time.
  Thu. 7/28/11 7:12am T-Zero:

I was really young then and an aunt paid for us 3 kids as a Christmas gift.
  Thu. 7/28/11 7:13am T-Zero:

Well 4 kids counting me. lol
  Thu. 7/28/11 7:14am Chuck:

Ah, so it was just for a ride then, T-Zero. I did it because I wanted to get a private pilots license. I didn't get it, the lessons became prohibitively expensive...
  Thu. 7/28/11 7:15am T-Zero:

Yeah. I didn't realize you were asking if we'd FLOWN one. ;) It was middle of winter and we only flew around for about 4 hours.
  Thu. 7/28/11 7:17am Chuck:

Yuppers, CRAMPS!
  Thu. 7/28/11 7:17am T-Zero:

I was looking at pics on Wiki and pretty sure it was a Cessna. But it didn't have that back rear window. So it was one of the early models.
  Thu. 7/28/11 7:19am Chuck:

Yes, I was flying the air craft everyone. If that doesn't scare the Bejeezus out of you I don't know what will. Dave, show them something scarier....
  Thu. 7/28/11 7:19am T-Zero:

@Chuck. Well, as I said, I was just a kid, maybe 8 or 9 and wasn't very big, so don't recall it being cramped. lol
  Thu. 7/28/11 7:21am Chuck:

Husker Duuuuu! Where's Elwyn, he's missing this?
  Thu. 7/28/11 7:21am T-Zero:

Oh. Doh! You said that about the group. (blushes)
  Thu. 7/28/11 7:22am Dave B:

How's this?

  Thu. 7/28/11 7:23am Robin The Fog:

....But this is an entirely different kind of flying. Altogether...
  Thu. 7/28/11 7:25am Chuck:

Yes, that truly is quite frightening, DB! At least if the plane goes down in water you could use that guy as a flotation device....
  Thu. 7/28/11 7:27am mohawkdave!:

I missed the Cramps!!!!!!!!!!!!! Urrrrrrrr. Sleep is "cramping" my entertainment again! Morning all.....
  Thu. 7/28/11 7:29am Dave B:

  Thu. 7/28/11 7:29am Chuck:

Welcome aboard, mohawkdave!
  Thu. 7/28/11 7:31am marika from estonia:

where can i vote?
  Thu. 7/28/11 7:32am Meghan:

Vote HERE- http://www.facebook.com/?ref=home#!/pages/Underwater-Theme-Park/168483837728?sk=questions
  Thu. 7/28/11 7:32am Dave B:



hey there mohawkdave!
  Thu. 7/28/11 7:34am marika from estonia:

thanks meghan!
  Thu. 7/28/11 7:34am jeff p:

Crap, I meant to suggest "paper planes" by m.i.a.
  Thu. 7/28/11 7:34am Chuck:

Great. Now I'm gonna have that stuck in my head all day. Thanks, Dave. :P
  Thu. 7/28/11 7:35am Dave B:

oh, Meghan - when you do grab the stuff from the Dropbox - The League of Gentlemen has some good 80's bass playing courtesy of Sara Lee (who later went on to Gang Of Four) - good stuff!
  Thu. 7/28/11 7:36am Meghan:

no worries Marika!

i'll have to grab it later, since I am not home at all until WAY late tonight! (Billy Bragg tonight!)
  Thu. 7/28/11 7:37am Dave B:

Oh yeah! Give a holler later. Maybe I'll see ya there...
  Thu. 7/28/11 7:38am Meghan:

you got tix? Pretty sure it's sold out.....
  Thu. 7/28/11 7:39am Dave B:

oh... :-(

I thought it was the nice price. DAMNIT!
  Thu. 7/28/11 7:40am Chuck:

George and Tammy! Sweet!
  Thu. 7/28/11 7:41am Meghan:

ha! NOPE! I bought these tix last year! It hurt then.... but since it got rescheduled, it didn't hurt any more....
  Thu. 7/28/11 7:42am fred von helsing:

  Thu. 7/28/11 7:43am Robin The Fog:

Wow! The Jet Stream! Nice one, Meghan!
  Thu. 7/28/11 7:43am mohawkdave!:

Hi Chuck, Hey Dave B. Hellooooo Jeffrey P.
Now this is grooooooooo-vie. Ahh yeahhhh.
  Thu. 7/28/11 7:44am Dave B:

ah... City Winery, not the busking event at Lincoln... and crapola - that was yesterday!

Need more coffee....
  Thu. 7/28/11 7:45am jeff p:

hey anyone else use the wfmu app for the iphone? when i'm driving i hate that the display goes dim/blank. I much prefer to see what's playing without having to keep pressing the button
  Thu. 7/28/11 7:46am Meghan:

yup..... the days have smooshed together.....
  Thu. 7/28/11 7:46am Chuck:

I imagine the disco monster looks much like the gremlin from the afore mentioned Twilight Zone episode...
  Thu. 7/28/11 7:47am Meghan:

Chuck, I imagine Grover in a white jumpsuit......

Jeff P- It would kill your battery. I use it on my phone all the time.
  Thu. 7/28/11 7:48am Chuck:

OMG, this is a cover of Plastic Bertrand!
  Thu. 7/28/11 7:48am Chuck:

Sort of....
  Thu. 7/28/11 7:49am jeff p:

Meghan: it would be great if it always was on when plugged in, tho. or at least an option. I have power to the phone in the car.
  Thu. 7/28/11 7:49am Dave B:

@jeff p - if it's connected to power, try Settings --> General --> Autolock --> Never
  Thu. 7/28/11 7:49am Robin The Fog:

  Thu. 7/28/11 7:49am mohawkdave!:

Jet boy Jet Girl!!!!!!!!!! There could be a whole set of this number!! That'd be great. Meghan: will we be hearing O Superman; Laurie Anderson?
  Thu. 7/28/11 7:50am jeff p:

o superman - friggin' brilliant, md.
  Thu. 7/28/11 7:50am dirty old man:

@Jeff P: Try going to settings/general/autolock
  Thu. 7/28/11 7:51am Chuck:

"Here come the planes.... They're American planes...."
  Thu. 7/28/11 7:52am mohawkdave!:

Made in America
  Thu. 7/28/11 7:52am jeff p:

good call on the autolock, guys. it doesn't look like there's separate settings for battery vs connected to power
  Thu. 7/28/11 7:52am Chuck:

"Smoking, or non-smoking...."
  Thu. 7/28/11 7:52am mohawkdave!:

smoking and non-smoking (but now not so much!)
  Thu. 7/28/11 7:53am Meghan:

Oh Superman I want to save for a possible Super hero theme....
  Thu. 7/28/11 7:55am mohawkdave!:

Don't Save; REUSE!
  Thu. 7/28/11 7:55am Dave B:

@Jeff P - bummer. But easy enough to get in the habit for when driving.

How's the iPhone experience? My contract is just about up, and was thinking of making the switch.
  Thu. 7/28/11 7:56am Jefff:

Greg Hawkes, nice suprise!
  Thu. 7/28/11 7:56am jeff p:

jen and i have had old phones for almost three years. i decided to make the jump right before verizon got rid of their unlimited data plan
  Thu. 7/28/11 7:58am Meghan:

Mohawkdave.... I don't reuse songs....... I try not to play the same song twice (though some slip in on accident....) There is too much music out there to play twice!
  Thu. 7/28/11 7:59am mohawkdave!:

@Jeff p: Nothings "old" after 3 years!
  Thu. 7/28/11 8:00am mohawkdave!:

@ Meghan; Sorry, I thought The Stranglers only had one song. =;)
  Thu. 7/28/11 8:00am Chuck:

Certainly not my cat who is older than 3, mohawkdave...
  Thu. 7/28/11 8:01am mohawkdave!:

@ Meghan; I agree with your plan; it's a great one! Just doesn't mean I won't pick on you.
  Thu. 7/28/11 8:02am Elwyn:

Hey everyone!

Mmm. I can't get away from that Angus and Julia Stone song. It was even played on the plane when I landed in Sydney. It's been overplayed in Australia.

I had the best Sat night at a roller derby after party... but not as good as it should have been. I hit it off with a feisty faker who was very geeky and didn't find my stormtrooper pictures creepy. I didn't get her number or anything else but she lives in a different state.
  Thu. 7/28/11 8:03am Chuck:

"Adventures in a Yorkshire Landscape" - Be Bop Deluxe
  Thu. 7/28/11 8:04am hamburger:

there's a great parody of that Jay-Z Empire State of Mind - but instead of New York, they say 'Newport' which is a small town in Wales - might be taken down tho..
  Thu. 7/28/11 8:07am Chuck:

It's a near certainty that you already have "London Calling" by the Clash on the list, Meg....
  Thu. 7/28/11 8:07am Meghan:

Elwyn! You should have! You NEVER know.....
  Thu. 7/28/11 8:08am mohawkdave!:

ROCK - A - BILL!! Thanks Big M! Now I'm boppin' 'round! [Sorry for the delayed response; someone interrupted me].
  Thu. 7/28/11 8:08am Chuck:

Yes, Elwyn! "One never knows, do one" - Fats Waller
  Thu. 7/28/11 8:08am hamburger:

newport song! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1f_CxjeGNVQ
  Thu. 7/28/11 8:10am Dave B:

The Craic Was Ninety In The Isle Of Man - The Dubliners
  Thu. 7/28/11 8:12am mohawkdave!:

Meghan, I failed earlier to comment on the AWESOME FIGHTER PLANE "Keep 'Em Flying" PIC that greeted me upon entering today. Beautiful! Thanks; I love it!!
  Thu. 7/28/11 8:12am Chuck:

Electric Prunes! Loving it!
  Thu. 7/28/11 8:14am Dave B:

and the Ministry song I posted on Facebook.

Gotta represent the Manx!
  Thu. 7/28/11 8:14am Meghan:

Sometimes picking out the image is the funnest/hardest part!
  Thu. 7/28/11 8:15am mohawkdave!:

Electric prunes....Chuck, I hope I'm not near you when you have them! =;]
  Thu. 7/28/11 8:15am Elwyn:

@hamburger: I think empire state of mind has always annoyed me when played normally. Thank gawk for the parody/ cover on Keili's DJ premium for this year's marathon.
  Thu. 7/28/11 8:15am Dave B:

@mohawkdave - SHOCKING!
  Thu. 7/28/11 8:16am Chuck:

We've determined that it's an F4F from WWII, mohawkdave. Burritos are more dangerous in my case, dude...
  Thu. 7/28/11 8:16am mohawkdave!:

@ Meghan; Well, you done good! I even put it in my pictures.
  Thu. 7/28/11 8:19am Chuck:

Meghan, was this the first appearance of Led Zepp in the Theme Park? Thinking back on previous shows I don't remember...
  Thu. 7/28/11 8:20am Meghan:

nope, they've been played
  Thu. 7/28/11 8:22am Dave B:

A Zeppelin is not a plane.

It's not even a balloon...


  Thu. 7/28/11 8:22am mohawkdave!:

@ chuck; thanks for the info. Well, half of it! Ha!
  Thu. 7/28/11 8:23am Chuck:

I just noticed you've amassed quite a back log of shows at this point, Meghan. But who's counting?
  Thu. 7/28/11 8:24am glenn:

geez, i bet i haven't heard a certain ratio in 25 years.
  Thu. 7/28/11 8:25am Meghan:

morning Glenn!

Well Chuck, I've been doing the show (with some fill ins) for 3 years!
  Thu. 7/28/11 8:25am pierre:

hey Bonjour everyone !
Bonjour Meghan, checking in late, but checking in.
  Thu. 7/28/11 8:26am Meghan:

Bonjour Pierre! Ca va?
  Thu. 7/28/11 8:26am mohawkdave!:

3 years; that's OLD! =:) Right, Jeff P?
  Thu. 7/28/11 8:26am Chuck:

Time flies as we do now!
  Thu. 7/28/11 8:27am glenn:

i see you played the royal guardsmen. i grew up about a mile away from the red baron's granddaughter. she owned a horse farm.
  Thu. 7/28/11 8:27am mohawkdave!:

Nice, Chuck!
  Thu. 7/28/11 8:27am Dave B:

This Chavez track crushes!
  Thu. 7/28/11 8:27am Meghan:

ha! nice dig Mohawkdave....
  Thu. 7/28/11 8:28am Chuck:

Manfred von Richtoffen had kids!? I was not aware of this, Glenn...
  Thu. 7/28/11 8:28am pierre:

tout va bien Meghan i'm usually afrad of plaes, there your show is my favourite way to take a plane.
  Thu. 7/28/11 8:29am hamburger:

why do they make you keep the window shades open when the plane lands? WHAT POSSIBLE AFFECT COULD THAT HAVE?
  Thu. 7/28/11 8:29am mohawkdave!:

Don't look now, but that wa's some ROCK that just happened right there!
  Thu. 7/28/11 8:29am hamburger:

  Thu. 7/28/11 8:30am jeff p:

a 3 year old phone is pretty old. nothing wrong with it if it's working correctly and does what you want it to do. i really, really like being able to take notes and update my calendar from my phone, tho. and listen to wfmu in my car!
  Thu. 7/28/11 8:30am mohawkdave!:

@hamburger: ...........FEAR.
  Thu. 7/28/11 8:31am hamburger:

@mohawkdave! ... of??? the dark???
  Thu. 7/28/11 8:32am mohawkdave!:

I really like my new phone! Is it 4 years old now, Jeff p?? =;)
  Thu. 7/28/11 8:33am glenn:

well, her name was michaela von richtoffen, and my parents told me she was his g.d. and that was way before google, so i guess i believed them. and of course, my folks would never lie to me. would they? oh no, now i'm questioning my entire childhood. thanks a lot, chuck.
  Thu. 7/28/11 8:33am Chuck:

They want you to be able to kick the freaking glass out when the plane crash lands and that's easier to do with the shade up!
  Thu. 7/28/11 8:33am Robin The Fog:

Speaking of jolly old England, I can think of no better tribute to my homeland than this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VL-NeEbJw28&playnext=1&list=PLE3786F25DE3D1A12
  Thu. 7/28/11 8:34am Magda:

Good monring everyone. Still trying to wake up here at work.
  Thu. 7/28/11 8:34am hamburger:

mm all makes sense now Chuck
  Thu. 7/28/11 8:34am mohawkdave!:

I love stewardesses. Like this!
  Thu. 7/28/11 8:34am Dave B:

England Half English meets John Barleycorn by The Forgotten Village feat. Billy Bragg....
  Thu. 7/28/11 8:37am Meghan:

You can't kick out airplane glass..... it's not like a subway car or train. That is some double insulated glass!
  Thu. 7/28/11 8:37am Elwyn:

Damn iPhone! I actually have decent games on a phone and I was distracted when I should have noticed my bus coming. Gotta wait another half hour!
  Thu. 7/28/11 8:38am schadenfreude-burger:

  Thu. 7/28/11 8:38am Meghan:

Elwyn.... You can't blame the phone..... only the user!
  Thu. 7/28/11 8:39am Chuck:

Interesting, Glenn. I'm not saying you weren't told the truth, but I'm sort of a history buff especially about WWI. Manfred was killed at the age of 25 and I'm fairly certain he didn't have a wife much less children. I suppose it's possible that he had a sibling that this woman may have been the grandchild of...
  Thu. 7/28/11 8:39am glenn:

no, it won't break, but you should be able to kick the whole sheet out.
  Thu. 7/28/11 8:39am Jonas:

"Bitish Isles"...
Martin Carthy - Springhill Mine Disaster
  Thu. 7/28/11 8:39am Dave B:

one of my all time fav Beatles tracks
  Thu. 7/28/11 8:40am Dave B:

Smart phone.
'nuff said.
  Thu. 7/28/11 8:41am Elwyn:

Dave needs to pull out his google skills to find out the truth re the Red Baron
  Thu. 7/28/11 8:41am Andy in Berlin:

Please don't forget the Small Faces - Flying
  Thu. 7/28/11 8:42am glenn:

springhill mine disaster is about springhill mine in nova scotia.
  Thu. 7/28/11 8:42am mohawkdave!:

Elwyn, Maybe if your phone was 3 or more years old you wouldn't have missed your bus.
  Thu. 7/28/11 8:43am mohawkdave!:

Red Baron flew with Snoopy. What's wrong with you people!?!
  Thu. 7/28/11 8:43am glenn:

well, my parents and michaela are all dead, so i can't ask them.
  Thu. 7/28/11 8:44am Andy in Berlin:

whoa! that was timing!
  Thu. 7/28/11 8:44am Chuck:

Q:How many enemy planes did The Red Baron shoot down?
A: 83
It's a sickness that I remember junk like this....
Mohawkdave, you're cracking me up!!!
  Thu. 7/28/11 8:45am Meghan:

I know Andy! You just happen to ask for it when it was next!
  Thu. 7/28/11 8:46am glenn:

how about united breaks guitars? it's kinda flight related.
  Thu. 7/28/11 8:46am Dirty Old Man:

Why is it that my requests are routinely ignored, but Dave B went out of his way last week? Liked the Kaleidoscope though (saw them live at Club 47, back in the old days).
  Thu. 7/28/11 8:47am Dave B:

Didn't Richtoffen roll with Monty Python...
  Thu. 7/28/11 8:47am hamburger:

don't know about you guys, but all this flying music gives me this image of a flying farting unicorn in my head...

  Thu. 7/28/11 8:47am hamburger:

farting rainbows that is..
  Thu. 7/28/11 8:47am ?:

Hello all, all right then Flying by Arthur Lee & Love from False Start. That should wake everyone up. Tee Hee.
  Thu. 7/28/11 8:48am Andy in Berlin:

@ meghan: I call it telepathy, my shrink calls it paranoia.
  Thu. 7/28/11 8:48am Chuck:

Farting is always amusing, hamburger! Especially after I've had burrito...
  Thu. 7/28/11 8:48am Meghan:

Oh hush DOM....... father in laws.... I tell ya..... You got an entire show dedicated to you... or shall i take that back?
  Thu. 7/28/11 8:49am Yair Yona (Tel Aviv, Earth):

Hey Meghan
there''s a cool version of the Beatles 'Flying' perfromed by Parasites Of The Western World. do you know it?
  Thu. 7/28/11 8:50am Dirty Old Man:

Sorry, my wife made a mistake
  Thu. 7/28/11 8:50am Meghan:

I don't know that version Yair.... the original is so nice, i'd be curious!
  Thu. 7/28/11 8:50am Meghan:

Don't blame Karen......
  Thu. 7/28/11 8:52am Chuck:

What a way to finish up a show! The OZ! Nice work, Meg....
  Thu. 7/28/11 8:52am mohawkdave!:

I'll blame Karen. I heard Karen broke out the window glass on a 3 year old plane because she missed her bus!
  Thu. 7/28/11 8:53am Yair Yona (Tel Aviv, Earth):

It's not on youtube, but it's worth the search. it's was re-released via De Stijl. Highly recommended album
great set so far!
  Thu. 7/28/11 8:53am Chuck:

LOL! You're KILLING me, mohawkdave!!!
  Thu. 7/28/11 8:55am Chuck:

Tanx, Man!
  Thu. 7/28/11 8:55am Dave B:

mohawkdave is on FIRE!
  Thu. 7/28/11 8:59am Robin The Fog:

Great show, Meghan, as ever! Looking forward to next week's show! Try and crowbar a couple of references to Scones in, won't you?
  Thu. 7/28/11 8:59am mohawkdave!:

Bow Wow WOW! Nice way to wind down another great show! Thanks Meghan, Nice chattin' with y'all again. Have a great weekend!! =:) Unfasten seat belts, Exit straight up and to your left.
  Thu. 7/28/11 8:59am Robin The Fog:

Bye, y'all, always a pleasure!!!!
  Thu. 7/28/11 9:01am Elwyn:

@Chuck: just read the Wikipedia page. I vaguely remember there was debate over who got the kill. Didn't remember Australians being involved!
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