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Order and disorder in a freeform haze of terribly-played guitars, shorted-out electronics, found audio detritus, strange sounds from strange lands all around. Psych-punk-junk, collage, even pop. Lots of in-studio live performances to boot.

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Options July 26, 2011

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Artist Track Album Label Format Comments New Approx. start time
Mika Vainio  Open Up and Bleed   Options Life (...It Eats You Up)  Mego      *   0:00:00 ()
Bruno M  Takule Kuya   Options Various: Bazzerk - African Digital Dance  Mental Groove      *   0:08:36 ()
Zeigenbock Kopf  I Know Sorry When I See It   Options IDM LP  KSR        0:13:42 ()
Monument  Don't Run Me Down   Options The First Monument  Relics      *   0:16:00 ()
The Shining Path  I Think I am Becoming God   Options The Shining Path  Holy Mountain        0:18:46 ()
Opponents  Chapter 5   Options Temple of Decadence  Opposite      *   0:28:15 ()
G.F. Fitz-Gerald & Lol Coxhill  Fractal One   Options The Poppy Seed Affair  Reel      *   0:35:38 ()
Kim Fowley  Inner Space Discovery   Options Outrageous  Ascension        0:39:18 ()
Unknown  Excerpt   Options Tight Bros From Way Back tape          0:43:26 ()
Prizehog  Rammsong   Options Thought Nest  Saint Rose      *   0:50:26 ()
Lasse Marhaug  Excerpt   Options Angelica 2011/05/20  Robert & Leopold      *   0:56:34 ()
Tumul  Meeting Your Spirit Guide   Options Writing In Tongues  Carbon      *   1:07:41 ()
Black Randy booking a show              1:17:44 ()
Celer  Side A   Options Vestiges of An Onherent Melancholy  Blackest Rainbow      *   1:19:31 ()
Ghedalia Tazartes  Live on the radio   Options 1977          1:19:41 ()
Remi Kabaka  Brothers and Sisters   Options Soundtrack: Black Goddess  Soundway      *   1:24:44 ()
Little King / Robo / Jahcoozi  Take It Higher   Options Various: BLNRB Welcome to the Madhouse  Out / Here        1:30:39 ()
Ed Schrader's Music Beat  Rats   Options 7"  Load  7"    *   1:32:40 ()
The Fall  Fantastic Life   Options Fall In A Hole  Flying Nun        1:34:33 ()
The Men  ()   Leave Home  Sacred Bones    live here on the show next week!  *   1:52:17 ()
Solger  Do Me a Favor   Options Codex 1980  Empty        1:57:47 ()
Social Climbers  Chicken 80   Options Social Climbers  Drag City/Yoga      *   2:00:32 ()
Kiiiiii  3 Little Joeys   Options Various: Bratty - Liz Berg's 2011 Premium          2:04:08 ()
Starter  Machinedrum   Options Starter  Dark Enrtries      *   2:06:00 ()
Sightings  The Knotted House   Options Future Accidents  Our Mouth      *   2:10:06 ()
Phurpa  The Visualization   Options Trowo Purnag Ceremony  Editions Mego      *   2:22:14 ()
Ithi  Caterpillar Fantasies For Post Larval Life   Options The Persistence of Meaning  Utech      *   2:25:58 ()
Peoples Temple  1   Options April 20, 2011 Tape 1  No Label      *   2:33:04 ()
Trad Gras Och Stenar  Last Time   Options Live 1972  1/2 Special Skivor & Trams        2:44:45 ()

Listener comments!

  Tue. 7/26/11 3:11pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

Did I just lose 10 minutes of my life due to alien abduction?
  Tue. 7/26/11 3:14pm Matt from Springfield:

@DCE: I'll tell you 10 minutes ago...
  Tue. 7/26/11 3:14pm Matt from Springfield:

Hey Brian! How's it going!
  Tue. 7/26/11 3:15pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

nah, twern't no alien, twas some office goon making me run a spreadsheet...but my butt still feels funny...
  Tue. 7/26/11 3:15pm Marmalade Kitty:

Howdy partners!!!
  Tue. 7/26/11 3:16pm BT:

hey campers...
  Tue. 7/26/11 3:17pm Rodney:

Ziegenbock Kopf!
  Tue. 7/26/11 3:18pm Matt from Springfield:

Howdy MK!

@BT: At first I thought Zeigenbock Kopf was that "Molvanian" guy!
  Tue. 7/26/11 3:20pm Matt from Springfield:

How's your hayfever treatin' you, MKitty?
  Tue. 7/26/11 3:20pm hamburger / london:

howdy doody - me got some serious choc chip cookie production line going on!
  Tue. 7/26/11 3:21pm Marmalade Kitty:

lets get those pants öff.. :D
  Tue. 7/26/11 3:24pm Marmalade Kitty:

@Matt, aww, it's a bad year! on/off.. on mostly ! Thanks
  Tue. 7/26/11 3:24pm Homer S.:

Mmmmmm...hamburger between chocolate chip cookies. Arrhhhhhhhhh....
  Tue. 7/26/11 3:25pm lordgrenville:

wicked exscarple disease
  Tue. 7/26/11 3:26pm Matt from Springfield:

@MK: Hopefully you won't rotten much longer.
@hamburger: Is this the Smell-O-Net? They probably smell great, but I can't tell!
  Tue. 7/26/11 3:26pm hamburger / london:

yea some freeform cookie baking here! just found the ingredients and winged it - baking a batch like every 6 minutes!!
  Tue. 7/26/11 3:27pm Matt from Springfield:

6 minutes??? Is that at a much higher temp than usual? Usually takes me at least 10--if it's freeform, go with it! You might discover something new!
  Tue. 7/26/11 3:28pm Matt from Springfield:

@MK: Did I type that? Hopefully you won't FEEL rotten much longer. Hopefully I won't TYPE rotten much longer!!
  Tue. 7/26/11 3:31pm Matt from Springfield:

The Shining Path just works their way into an irresistible crescendo, then a soft fade away. Love it!!
  Tue. 7/26/11 3:31pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

hamburger must be in hypermanicwarp mode w those cookies. they might be a little black on the outside but they're all gooey inside.
  Tue. 7/26/11 3:38pm Marmalade Kitty:

any John Cooper Clarke, Brian? :)
  Tue. 7/26/11 3:42pm Tom G:

Whoa, this Poppy Seed Affair looks excellent.
  Tue. 7/26/11 3:42pm Handsome Harry:

Kim Fowley layin' it down.
  Tue. 7/26/11 3:47pm Matt from Springfield:

Is this (Tight Bros) caller still around? He should talk to Clay Pigeon on the Air!
  Tue. 7/26/11 3:48pm patrick:

going off dude....
  Tue. 7/26/11 3:49pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

I've heard this before and it's just as funny now
  Tue. 7/26/11 3:49pm Mr. Two-Arms:

Tight bros is UNREAL
  Tue. 7/26/11 3:50pm don:

i love this.
  Tue. 7/26/11 3:51pm lactose:

get this guy on a conference call the the jaco call guy.
  Tue. 7/26/11 3:51pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

DUDE, what about MICK BOX!@!!??!?!#
  Tue. 7/26/11 3:52pm ?:

"i was FLIPPING on acid . . ." nice
  Tue. 7/26/11 3:53pm don:

dude, i gotta go to the bathroom.
  Tue. 7/26/11 3:53pm hamburger / london:

wuff, all done.. @Matt - they're really thin and ultra choccy heh..
  Tue. 7/26/11 3:54pm bill:

Oh my GOD!!!!!!
  Tue. 7/26/11 3:55pm Matt from Springfield:

And the Tight Bros caller?? OH MY GAWD, it was amazing! And he was telling the truth too!! I know, because I was right in FRONT of my earbuds, and I was FLipping on acid! I was feeling his whole vibe, and it happened! It happened!
  Tue. 7/26/11 3:56pm Matt from Springfield:

@hamburger: Good point, if I made "mini" cookies I could prob get them done in less time.
  Tue. 7/26/11 4:03pm Marmalade Kitty:

Hamburger, try (as finely as possible) chopping a few shreds of fresh chillies into your choc cookies..! a nice fragrant zing!!!
  Tue. 7/26/11 4:08pm hamburger / london:

I might just try that next time MK! - alls I got is some burn your tongue off chili sauce heh..
  Tue. 7/26/11 4:12pm Matt from Springfield:

Aaaaaah! Eardrum killer in the right channel!!!
  Tue. 7/26/11 4:13pm other david:

It's like having a pissed off wasp in your ear canal
  Tue. 7/26/11 4:17pm Matt from Springfield:

@david: You got it! And instead of stinging, they just flap their wings against the inner ear!
  Tue. 7/26/11 4:18pm scottC:

I worked this Black Randy Show. I remember it very well.
  Tue. 7/26/11 4:21pm Matt from Springfield:

@BT: Do promoters and managers regularly record conversations about gigs, in case promises are broken and legal action is taken? I'm wondering why there are so many tapes like this.
  Tue. 7/26/11 4:22pm BT:

I think Black Randy recorded it
  Tue. 7/26/11 4:25pm scottC:

that was Paul Rat - an infamous promoter form SF so maybe BR was trying to be safe but more likely he was just doing it for fun.
  Tue. 7/26/11 4:27pm Matt from Springfield:

Thanks BT, scottC. I was wondering myself who records these tapes and why, sometimes it could just be for fun!
  Tue. 7/26/11 4:33pm scottC:

BR's was being a total asshole there so maybe that accounts for it. At the time there was a real devide between the SF and LA scenes and one of the deviding lines was acceptance of gay people in the scene. We in SF didn't give a fuck and even had a venue that was the called the Gay Cultural Center ( on Grove - now a parking garage) I saw many shows there. I worked security for Paul Rat and it was a really cool scene but it got a lot meaner when the bands from LA started coming up
  Tue. 7/26/11 4:34pm Cheri Pi:

  Tue. 7/26/11 4:35pm other david:

thanks for the background scottc :)
  Tue. 7/26/11 4:36pm Matt from Springfield:

Yes, thank you scottC - living history!
  Tue. 7/26/11 4:38pm eric:

the mighty Fall!
  Tue. 7/26/11 4:38pm BT:

Scott did Nervous Gender ever come thru?
  Tue. 7/26/11 4:42pm scottC:

I remember the name so maybe yes. We were the most active promoters
(RRZ( so we most likely did the show if they did come through.
  Tue. 7/26/11 4:47pm Tom G:

Not even Mark E singin over Mumford could save that band.
  Tue. 7/26/11 5:08pm Matt from Springfield:

Thumbs up to "3 Little Joeys". I don't quite know why, but THUMBS UP!!
  Tue. 7/26/11 5:13pm Matt from Springfield:

Same with "Machinedrum"--toe-tapping catchy.
  Tue. 7/26/11 5:14pm Marmalade Kitty:

Matt, you know that bob monkhouse was an obssesive recorder of tv/radio.. he had over 40 years of tv recorded on vhs, with little gaps, which he kept in an archive library until his death.. he used some of the earliest, *expensive* video recording equipment back in the 60's..
  Tue. 7/26/11 5:17pm Marmalade Kitty:

there was a fascinating bbc documeary on his obssesive hoarding 6 onths ago, or so..
  Tue. 7/26/11 5:19pm Ike:

Too bad he didn't have any lost 1960s Dr. Who.
  Tue. 7/26/11 5:25pm Marmalade Kitty:

He had tons of thought to be lost forever -tv film footage. all kinds of film footage that had been deleted destroyed or lost by the beeb, turned up in his private archive..
  Tue. 7/26/11 5:31pm Marmalade Kitty:

"They laughed when I said I was going to be a comedian ... They're not laughing now.."
-Bob Monkhouse
  Tue. 7/26/11 5:38pm Matt from Springfield:

@MK: Sorry, was out of the room for a bit. That sounds fascinating! Particularly with all the wiped tapes of British TV...
  Tue. 7/26/11 5:40pm Matt from Springfield:

So he was a comedian on TV a lot, and probably had access to taping equipment even in the 60s. Have they posted any of his archive yet?
  Tue. 7/26/11 5:45pm Marmalade Kitty:

Kaleidoscope -tv archive organization have his video and film collection, over 50,000 vhs tapes! so it's safe.. don't know how or if it's available..
  Tue. 7/26/11 5:47pm Matt from Springfield:

BFI has looked through them, I guess their "Missing Believed Wiped" shows are annual or so. Bet he's contributed a lot towards that!
  Tue. 7/26/11 5:48pm Marmalade Kitty:

"the secret life of BobMonkouse" bbc4 doc..
  Tue. 7/26/11 5:50pm Matt from Springfield:

I've heard the Swedish Trad Gras och Stenar before, trying to find what else I heard...for those of you who can't get enough of Trad Gras singing the Stones:

Part of Joe McGasko's All-"Satisfaction" show!
  Tue. 7/26/11 5:54pm Matt from Springfield:

@MK: Thanks for the heads up! There appear to be a few places online I can watch that...will come back with a review!
  Tue. 7/26/11 5:56pm Marmalade Kitty:

where, Matt? do tell..? ;)
  Tue. 7/26/11 6:00pm Matt from Springfield:


I'll have to see which ones have it when I get home!
  Tue. 7/26/11 6:01pm Matt from Springfield:

Thanks Brian! Have a good day!

See you later, MKitty and anyone else still out there :)
  Tue. 7/26/11 6:01pm Marmalade Kitty:

Great show BT!!!! Thank you! :)
  Sun. 7/31/11 4:00pm paul newtape:

thx as always for a great show and the heads up on lots of new stuff.
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