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The Failure of Noise
The Failure of Sound
The Failure of Rock
The Failure of the Avant Garde
The Failure of the Space Age
The Failure of Jazz
The Failure of Psychedelia
The Failure of Krautrock
The Failure of Electronic
The Failure of Pop
The Failure of Free-form
The Failure of the 20th Century

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Options July 21, 2011: Failure is the Medium (The medium is Failure) - Happy Birthday Marshall McLuhan

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James Last  Mr. Giant Man   Options Voodoo Party    0:00:00 ()
Don Cherry  Humus - The Life Exploring Force   Options Don Cherry/Krzysztof Penderecki - The New Eternal Rhythm Orchestra - Actions    0:15:33 ()
Marshall McLuhan  Medium is the message   Options The Medium is the message    0:20:57 ()
Ghédalia Tezartès  Un Amour si Grand qu'il Nie Son Objet   Options Diasporas    0:21:39 ()
Marshall McLuhan  Medium is the message   Options The Medium is the message    0:28:03 ()
Well Crucial   English Second Language   Options V/A Agdam    0:45:04 ()
Marshall McLuhan  Medium is the message   Options The Medium is the message    0:45:55 ()
Haruki  Don't moan unless Asked   Options To Humble a Nest    0:54:24 ()
H  Flutter   Options Nevada    0:54:50 ()
H  #8   Options Nevada    0:55:07 ()
Tuusanuuskat  Untitled   Options Naaksaa Naa Mun Kyyneleet    1:02:19 ()
Marshall McLuhan  Medium is the message   Options The Medium is the message  In a Mix with the following: in no particular order: Belong (TOE lp), Christina Kubisch (Magnetic Flights), Metal Rouge (Ephemeroptera o5), Bitchin Bajas, Key of Shame, Tor Lundval, Jliat...  1:22:09 ()
Tannhäuser Sterben & Das Tod  2011   Options Eigengift    2:10:26 ()
Mani Neumeier  Smoking the Contracts (excerpt)   Options Smoking the Contracts    2:12:59 ()
Aidan Baker  Still Lives   Options Still Life    2:17:34 ()
Starfuckers  Off Blues   Options Infinitive Sessions    2:31:57 ()
Pulse Emitter  Ramped   Options Ramped disc 2    2:45:31 ()
Raveen  Relax and Stop smoking!   Options Relax with Raveen    2:46:15 ()

Listener comments!

  Thu. 7/21/11 3:15pm Handsome Harry:

ONWARD to Failure. Now and Forever.
  Thu. 7/21/11 3:17pm Marmalade kitty:

Hi Ho!! :)
  Thu. 7/21/11 3:18pm hubba:

Hello everyone!

Fabio is making an arguement against the failure of the noosphere... feel connected man, feeling it.
  Thu. 7/21/11 3:18pm don:

shit! failing to sit still
  Thu. 7/21/11 3:18pm BSI:

  Thu. 7/21/11 3:18pm Wendy del Formaggio:

WOW, this Don Cherry track is fantastic. I'm not well-versed at all in his music, so this is a good introduction. Thank you, Fabio!
  Thu. 7/21/11 3:19pm postmanpaul:

Hi ho Fabio! Hi ho listeners!
  Thu. 7/21/11 3:20pm BSI:

Wendy: my personal favorite is the "Brown Rice" LP from 1971. It's got vibe you can drown in...
  Thu. 7/21/11 3:22pm bruceleh:

Moving out, need to get rid of lots of stuff, but I'd hate to put this in the recycling bin!

Free to a good home!

20 issues, from good to excellent condition.

2001 23
2002 24,25,26,27
2003 28,29,30,31
2004 32,34,35
2005 37,38,39
2006 42,43
2007 45,47
2008 49
+ a handle of "Wire"s and a couple of Leonardo Music Journal
You pick up in North Slope, 3 flight walk up.
  Thu. 7/21/11 3:22pm bruceleh:

forgot the e-mail:
  Thu. 7/21/11 3:23pm Wendy del Formaggio:

BSI, thank you. I will put it on the "must get" list :-)
  Thu. 7/21/11 3:27pm JT:

this is a killer set so far..
  Thu. 7/21/11 3:30pm bruceleh:

oh, those are "signal to noise" issues
  Thu. 7/21/11 3:30pm Handsome Harry:

Marshall McLuhan is killin' it.
  Thu. 7/21/11 3:30pm hubba:

Everyone grab their Gregg Manual...
  Thu. 7/21/11 3:32pm bruceleh:

failure to post an offer of free music nerd magazines
  Thu. 7/21/11 3:34pm stefica:

Failure to cool off...
  Thu. 7/21/11 3:36pm Handsome Harry:

You can find "Humus - The Life Exploring Force" on Spotify as well.
  Thu. 7/21/11 3:36pm BSI:

cherry / jodorowsky's work on HOLY MOUNTAIN soundtrack is to kill for.
  Thu. 7/21/11 3:37pm George of Troy:

Fabio- You might be thinking of Don Cherry and Jon Appleton.
  Thu. 7/21/11 3:38pm Carmichael:

I'm about a medium on the Failure scale right now. End of message.
  Thu. 7/21/11 3:40pm hamburger / london:

howdy hey - i think i 'tried' to watch el topo once.. couldn't get through much..
  Thu. 7/21/11 3:41pm BSI:

god, this is tremendous.
  Thu. 7/21/11 3:42pm BSI:

  Thu. 7/21/11 3:43pm hubba:

  Thu. 7/21/11 3:44pm nic:

  Thu. 7/21/11 3:45pm hubba:

Hey Carmichael... need I remind you of what day it is? Actaully, i don't know if that is still going on... I was incredibly ill two weeks ago, and I told self and others that I will be less fun in hopes of being healthy for the remainder of the summer. How quickly I forget these resolutions.
  Thu. 7/21/11 3:47pm hubba:

This is from 1986? Azerbaijan?
  Thu. 7/21/11 3:50pm Fabio:

No! it's from England 1986, but the record is from azerbaijan...
  Thu. 7/21/11 3:50pm Carmichael:

Yes, it's Firkin day! Irish Stout dry-hogged with bacon and brown sugar. I think they meant dry-hopped.
  Thu. 7/21/11 3:52pm Carmichael:

I was just looking at the spine of a McLuhan book last night, trying unsuccessfully to pare down my overstuffed bookshelf.
  Thu. 7/21/11 3:55pm hubba:

@Fabio - whole different context... thank you for the info

@Carmichael "dry-hogged" has a nice ring to it
  Thu. 7/21/11 3:56pm BSI:

Dry-hogging is illegal in at least 65 states, I reckon.
  Thu. 7/21/11 3:56pm JC:

"I hogged a man in Reno, just to watch him dry."
  Thu. 7/21/11 3:57pm Brian in UK:

  Thu. 7/21/11 3:58pm hubba:

Much like my records, I do not enjoy trying to purge my books... it takes an impulsive reckoning that is at once fleeting and overbearing... I usually sink into depression and watch Netflix.
  Thu. 7/21/11 4:00pm Das:

You can't toss 'the medium' - there's pictures of boobies in it.
  Thu. 7/21/11 4:00pm Das:

Well, I guess you could toss
  Thu. 7/21/11 4:00pm hubba:

We named our pet hog Daisy, after my grandfather's mother... sometimes she'd roll around in damp cabbage... oh the glistening!
  Thu. 7/21/11 4:01pm Carmichael:

I procured many craploads of literature in my liberal arts college years, and I am seemingly unable to even transfer them out of sight to the garage. I must caress them on occasion.
  Thu. 7/21/11 4:01pm Das:

Daisy cabbage rolls, mmm
  Thu. 7/21/11 4:02pm JT:

I think it's dry hogged in a hogshead. In Hogsmeade.
  Thu. 7/21/11 4:02pm hubba:

Writing made "puns the lowest form of wit"...
  Thu. 7/21/11 4:04pm Harry:

We learned the process at Hogworts.
  Thu. 7/21/11 4:04pm hubba:

Feeling depresed? Try St. Hog's Wort...
  Thu. 7/21/11 4:05pm Wendy del Formaggio:

Hubba, why didn't anyone try to stop your grandfather's mother from rolling around in damp cabbage?
  Thu. 7/21/11 4:05pm Adam in Portland:

Sir Denis Eaton-Hogg.
  Thu. 7/21/11 4:06pm hubba:

Have you ever looked a hog in the eye... what about both eyes?
  Thu. 7/21/11 4:07pm hubba:

Finnish mind-meld goodness... This sounds amazing
  Thu. 7/21/11 4:20pm still b/p:

On TV, IFC still has some good films, but has changed to become a terrible disappointment with many more ads, ad breaks during films -- which they didn't do before, and doing things as aggravatingly ridiculous as breaking for a commercial in the active middle of a Bruce Lee fight! They're making me switch away easily and quickly.
  Thu. 7/21/11 4:23pm hubba:

I don't have cable, but I'd like to have a small selection of channels, IFC being one...it is disturbing to know that iFC is undermining it's brand
  Thu. 7/21/11 4:24pm steve_in_colorado:

IFC does show reruns of Larry Sanders
  Thu. 7/21/11 4:25pm Ike:

That doesn't encourage me to subscribe to IFC TV. I'd watch it if it was in my fios package, but I won't pay extra for it, not with commercial breaks. Not surprising, though, considering that it's owned by Cablevision.

I wonder how much longer Turner Classic Movies will hold out before adding commercial breaks.
  Thu. 7/21/11 4:26pm Das:

I'll never understand why you have to pay to watch commercials on those stations.
  Thu. 7/21/11 4:26pm steve_in_colorado:

good ? Ike
  Thu. 7/21/11 4:27pm Cecile:

IFC is OK. Sundance is better, but that isnt' what it used to be, either. I only watch the premium channels on free weekends. Unless they are giving them away to new subscribers. Then I call and ask for them.
  Thu. 7/21/11 4:27pm Cecile:

And I'm told that the Larry Sanders DVD packaages are excellent. That's a show that ended beautifully, although i miss it a lot.
  Thu. 7/21/11 4:31pm Cecile:

Hey, those of you with classic lit - a lot of stores won't take it. I'm thinking of donating the detritus of an English degree to a prison books program.
  Thu. 7/21/11 4:31pm hubba:

It is now streaming... Rip Torn is well cast in that show... He was Larry's boss, right? He makes sense as Baldwin's boss on 30 Rock
  Thu. 7/21/11 4:31pm hubba:

Rip also made sense in Airplane 2
  Thu. 7/21/11 4:34pm Fredericks:

Love MuLuhan
  Thu. 7/21/11 4:34pm still b/p:

IFC changes get mentioned by the miffed:

And the comments after this article show a predictable and understable irk factor:

Betrayal...'s what it is.
  Thu. 7/21/11 4:34pm Cecile:

Rip was fantastic on that show. He was their version of Carson's Fred Cordoba.
  Thu. 7/21/11 4:36pm Cecile:

I see a lot of good indie movies on Logo of all places. I wish when they run the movies overnight that they would do limited commercial interruption.
  Thu. 7/21/11 4:36pm Marmalade kitty:

how can people submissively tolerate commercial ads. most people hate them but are so used to the constant deluge that they hardly even notice the.. BRAINWASHING
tv zombies!
  Thu. 7/21/11 4:37pm still b/p:

If TCM goes the same way, I'll fill a big pool with ass milk like Claudette Colbert had in Sign of the Cross, and drown myself.
  Thu. 7/21/11 4:37pm hubba:

ad dasein
  Thu. 7/21/11 4:38pm Cecile:

I think all of you (and myself) should write TCM and tell them how thankful we are they don't have ads...
  Thu. 7/21/11 4:39pm Ike:

Yeah, commercials are barfy. The DVR is the savior of TV junkies everywhere. Best invention since bread. ANY bread, not just sliced bread.

@Cecile -- Logo? Really? I get that now on my phone co. TV. I'll have to check it out.
  Thu. 7/21/11 4:40pm Mike East:

I think I'm the same as most FMU listeners in that I can't stand commercials of any kind. For this reason I watch all my TV on DVD, except for Jeopardy which I still find enjoyable...but I turn the volume down when it gets to the ads. My poor kid only gets to watch PBS cartoons.
  Thu. 7/21/11 4:41pm Marmalade kitty:

  Thu. 7/21/11 4:41pm Carmichael:

IFC was my go-to for Asian horror movies on Saturday nights. But yeah, they killed themselves with commercials and fewer literate choices.

Ovation did the same thing, but at least they have some decent movies and documentaries.

And the Reel Channel is the worst of the lot. I swear you can't watch 4 minutes of a movie before some loud infomercial screams onto your screen.
  Thu. 7/21/11 4:41pm hubba:

Isn't everything a commercial? Not to be antagonistic or naive, but it is true... I was watching something from my upbringing and I almost cried when I realized all the product placement I've been forced to accept in my life as "prop" or "story line"...
  Thu. 7/21/11 4:42pm hubba:

I keep waiting for Brainticket to kick in...
  Thu. 7/21/11 4:43pm Cecile:

It's spotty and there are a lot of crappy "cute meet" comedies, but you can see things like C.R.A.Z.Y. and Priscilla and I saw a nice tragicomedy called Boy Culture. Also there are some great documentaries.
  Thu. 7/21/11 4:43pm Listener Bill:

I used to watch IFC. I no longer watch it. The commercials are annoying as hell and the quality of the programming has gone down.
  Thu. 7/21/11 4:44pm Cecile:

I have TiVO to zap thru the commercials.

Also, you may get the Documentary channel. There are commercials, but the docs are great.
  Thu. 7/21/11 4:44pm hubba:

global village = collective slums
  Thu. 7/21/11 4:44pm Cecile:

I also watch Logo for Rick and Steve, Drag Race and Noah's Arc re-runs, but that's a whole 'nother story.
  Thu. 7/21/11 4:45pm phillip:

do they still have food party on IFC?
  Thu. 7/21/11 4:46pm Cecile:

I watched that once or twice on a free weekend. Yacht were unbelivably annoying, but Sharon Jones was great.
  Thu. 7/21/11 4:46pm still b/p:

My postponed message to IFC of my mile-wide unhappiness will get sent soon.

Because so many users get them through their cable or satellite companies or use TiVO, stand-alone DVRs aren't a big retail item with many choices. I needs me one, but I say not another dime for the programming provider pirates!
  Thu. 7/21/11 4:47pm Cecile:

But if you have TVOne, commericals for Jodeci-based reality shows or not, you have to watch Unsung. Better and more heartfelt than Behind the Music. Real people with real lives.
  Thu. 7/21/11 4:47pm Cecile:

Anyone who makes docs about Sylvester and Billy Preston for a national audience is OK in my book.
  Thu. 7/21/11 4:48pm Ike:

Nope, no Doc. channel on Verizon. That's one of the very few we don't get, along with Shorts HD.

@Mike East, PBS cartoons? Bad news:
  Thu. 7/21/11 4:49pm Marmalade kitty:

@:Mike East: You're protecting your children from bullshit, they will surely thank you when they are old enough to realize. ;)
  Thu. 7/21/11 4:50pm Cecile:

Man, that sucks. IFC going just reminds me of how A&E went from showing Alexander Nevsky in the morning, to reality hell. And I loved Project Runway, but it was the final nail.
  Thu. 7/21/11 4:51pm Cecile:

I mean, Bravo. Whoops.
  Thu. 7/21/11 4:52pm Mike East:

@Ike: that sux. @Marmalade Kitty: that is my hope. Also, Martin Short as the Cat in The Hat is actually pretty entertaining...and educational!!
  Thu. 7/21/11 4:53pm Ike:

A&E also used to be an arts channel, back in the dark ages when TLC was the Learning Channel. All three are reality TV slime-pits now.
  Thu. 7/21/11 4:54pm hubba:

I let my 5 year old watch whatever, Disney product was difficult for me, but it is highly integrative in her world, yet her cynicism is well fueled... but we all watch junk... But, yes! the big deal is commercials... We watched the Ronald and greinds commericals I wa ssubjected to in the 80's and 90's... she laments not having the same type of advertising...I don't take her to Mcdonald's which is my BIG stand on society, and it tells her a lot about me, something she doens't quite appreciate, maybe never will...
  Thu. 7/21/11 4:54pm phillip:

these channels are falling fast. no education anymore!
  Thu. 7/21/11 4:55pm Cecile:

I remember some great art movie marathons on A&E. Both were proud of having tiny operating budgets so that they could run what they want. That didn't last.
And then Current got Keith Olbermann and cancelled two of my very favorite shows, as well as discontinuing a lot of the user-made content that was its reason for existing.
  Thu. 7/21/11 4:57pm phillip:

does anyone remember Night Flight on the USA Network?
  Thu. 7/21/11 4:57pm hubba:

My parents let me watch The Shining when I was 5... Watched all of the Porky's and late night Showtime when I was 7... I think it lead me to social isolation and cultural saturation, in many forms... just another brick in the wall, bro!
  Thu. 7/21/11 4:57pm Cecile:

YES! That was amazing. It was where I saw "Ladies and Gentlemen, the Fabulous Stains"
  Thu. 7/21/11 4:57pm Marmalade kitty:

I won't subscribe to pay tv.. £40 month to Rupert Murdoch & co, no chance!
  Thu. 7/21/11 4:58pm still b/p:

Some of the reality stuff manages to go to an odd joke-squared level: promos for a show about towing and repos in South Beach exclaim loudly and proudly that Jennifer Lopez produces it.
  Thu. 7/21/11 4:59pm hubba:

Yes! I saw Fantastic Planet on Night Flgiht in a Howard Johnson's when I was 7 or so... the saggy breasts on the animated women stuck with me until I saw them again at a show with Madlib and J -dilla and MF Doom... it was being projected behind them. KIt has a really groovy fusion soundtrack... I think it is Czech?
  Thu. 7/21/11 4:59pm phillip:

First time i ever saw Barnes and Barnes "Fish Heads" was on Night Flight. Also there was a great short horror film called "Horror Brunch". Check that film out on Youtube sometime.
  Thu. 7/21/11 5:00pm hubba:

This was prior to the Gilbert Godfrey era, correct?
  Thu. 7/21/11 5:01pm Cecile:

French, Hubba.

Ah, yes, barnes and barnes!
  Thu. 7/21/11 5:01pm Cecile:

Yeah, it was the mid-to-late 80s
  Thu. 7/21/11 5:01pm b-minus:

seems like the FM signal is down. . .
  Thu. 7/21/11 5:02pm phillip:

Night Flight was amazing. Two Live Jew, the Ronald Reagan pro drug message, roughly 81 to 91 Night flight aired
  Thu. 7/21/11 5:02pm George of Troy:

Enjoyed that McLuhan mix, Fabio!
  Thu. 7/21/11 5:03pm still b/p:

I watched Night Flight and used to lament the same thing that's still lamentable now with movies on USA, Bravo, A&E, AMC, even the Documentary Channel -- the editing/censoring.
  Thu. 7/21/11 5:03pm hubba:

imdb tells me I saw it on Night Flight...
  Thu. 7/21/11 5:04pm Listener #565:

I'm here for the Triumvirate Duel. Is it gonna happen?
  Thu. 7/21/11 5:04pm Wendy del Formaggio:

is anyone else listening to the 91.1 terrestrial signal? it seems to be down.
  Thu. 7/21/11 5:04pm phillip:

now infomercials killed Night Flight. As well as Night Tracks, USA Up All Night, Commander USA, all of the horror host shows, we could keep on going
  Thu. 7/21/11 5:04pm Carmichael:

It is, Wendy.
  Thu. 7/21/11 5:05pm Cecile:

I liked what Comedy Central did with the South Park movie and other graphic comedy classics - they'd air them at 2:00 a.m. EST with lots of warnings. Then they'd run them with limited interruption.
  Thu. 7/21/11 5:05pm hubba:

Metal Rouge are totally awesome folks... they totally shred as well... could not differentiate in that mix.
  Thu. 7/21/11 5:05pm Wendy del Formaggio:

poor overheated transmitter... I can only imagine the temp in that shed right now. Oy.
  Thu. 7/21/11 5:05pm Adam in Portland:

@Phillip: I loved Night Flight as well. It always kind of disturbed/excited me that one never saw the host, and instead was treated to a disembodied voice-over narration. More common now, I suppose.
  Thu. 7/21/11 5:06pm Carmichael:

TNT Monster Vision with Joe Bob Briggs. Bad movies with a snappy, wise-ass host.
  Thu. 7/21/11 5:06pm phillip:

USA Network used to have some really good goofy stuff too. Kung Fu Theater, Saturday Nightmares, The Hitchhiker, Ray Bradbury Theater, Alfred Hitchcock Presents, man i miss it all
  Thu. 7/21/11 5:07pm Cecile:

Carm, even Joe Bob left because he hated how they cut the movies for commericals. That and the fact that the movies sucked. And not in a good way.
  Thu. 7/21/11 5:07pm Carmichael:

Working with Ted Turner likely contributed, too.
  Thu. 7/21/11 5:08pm Liz B.:

Yay, the transmitter is back on!
  Thu. 7/21/11 5:08pm Peter Gunn:

listening in Scotland on stream. Marshall McLuhan seems very appropriate over here per the News of the World phone hacking scandal, dig the loop of tools shaping us!
  Thu. 7/21/11 5:08pm hubba:

I was entranced and disturbed by most cable programming as a youth... I liked the after hours programming following SNL in Wisconsin... DC Follies, Tales from the Darkside, Friday the 13th the series... I don't know if that stuff holds water today
  Thu. 7/21/11 5:08pm Adam in Portland:

Where is Clay to comment on Fabio having crawled around under the piers? Hahaha.
  Thu. 7/21/11 5:09pm Carmichael:

You swing a mean ohmmeter, Liz!!
  Thu. 7/21/11 5:09pm phillip:

yes, Monstervision and 100% Weird. Yes Adam, i was exposed to Night Flight at a super young age. That voiceover woman on Night Flight does Time Warner cable commercials now. sad
  Thu. 7/21/11 5:09pm Ike:

Re: Rupert Murdoch, he is even into Iran! Wow! Check out this Wash. Post article:
  Thu. 7/21/11 5:10pm Adam in Portland:

Liz stands on the tower with one arm held aloft, shooting the signal into the firmament above. She's THAT powerful!
  Thu. 7/21/11 5:11pm Greg G:

Hey, the song title is my TM mantra .... I thought it was a secret?
  Thu. 7/21/11 5:12pm phillip:

I don't know anyone who wasn't afraid of the Tales From the Darkside beginning credits
  Thu. 7/21/11 5:12pm Adam in Portland:

@Phillip: a demotion to be sure.
  Thu. 7/21/11 5:12pm phillip:

Monsters was a good follow up of Tales From the Darkside
  Thu. 7/21/11 5:15pm phillip:

another thing that has really died out is the art work on film posters and the artwork on VHS boxes how bad ass they were. DVDs could look so much better and creepier if they just had great art work
  Thu. 7/21/11 5:16pm Adam in Portland:

HAUSU!!! ;-)
  Thu. 7/21/11 5:16pm phillip:

you can come across tons of out of print VHS horror films on Ebay but damn they go for way too much money at times.
  Thu. 7/21/11 5:17pm Cecile:

I think there should be a WFMU for TV.
  Thu. 7/21/11 5:18pm Adam in Portland:

Over the Edge was my favorite film during my grade school years. Thanks, HBO, for showing it dozens of times in a month. :-)
  Thu. 7/21/11 5:20pm Ike:

@hubba, I remember Fri. the 13th: The Series. I bet that wouldn't hold up today. I also liked War of the Worlds: The Series back then.
  Thu. 7/21/11 5:20pm hubba:

I was on a VHS buyng spree for a while... had to slow down, but this video chain went out of business, and a bunch of it ended-up in a used record store chain... nothing like watching a grainy copy of the first couple Twin Peaks episodes, Predator and The Shining!
  Thu. 7/21/11 5:20pm phillip:

not long ago i bought out a huge collection of b movies from an old drive-in theater here in Texas. 40x60 monster size posters. over 1000 of them. damn i need to sell them. Motel Hell, YOR, Hunter from the Future, Marathon Man, Happy Birthday to Me, Empire of the Ants, Tentacles, Squirm, Prophecy, Car Wash, the sequel to Mandingo. Adam was Over the Edge about steroid use?
  Thu. 7/21/11 5:21pm phillip:

That was an odd series too Ike, still watchable
  Thu. 7/21/11 5:21pm Cecile:

You should take them to an SF or horror con, Phillip.
  Thu. 7/21/11 5:21pm Cecile:

War of the Worlds was great through most of its 1st season. Then it lost its way.
  Thu. 7/21/11 5:22pm phillip:

find any really obscure films Hubba?
  Thu. 7/21/11 5:23pm phillip:

i was thinking about that Cecile but they weigh a ton. its high quality stock car. two posters alone weigh almost 3 lbs.
  Thu. 7/21/11 5:23pm Adam in Portland:

@Phillip: At first glance I thought you were questioning whether I used loads of steroids? Hahaha. No, the film was about teens looking to play foosball in a rec center, and being held down by the pigs, who hated foosball, rec, and kids. ;-)
  Thu. 7/21/11 5:25pm hubba:

We have a Motel Hell movie poster hanging in our closet... freaks the kid out... the poster next ot it is the re-released Antonioni's The Passenger poster.
@phillip it depends... My favorite was Galaxina... a 1980 sci-fi b-movie who had a playmate as the star, who coicidentally was killed by her boyfriend shortly after the films release, or something like that...
  Thu. 7/21/11 5:25pm phillip:

Haha, no, no steroid use.
  Thu. 7/21/11 5:26pm Adam in Portland:

@Hubba: Dorothy Stratton, I think.
  Thu. 7/21/11 5:27pm phillip:

i remember that one Hubba. It popped up in an exploitation film poster book that i have
  Thu. 7/21/11 5:27pm Adam in Portland:

Eric Roberts is finely creepy in Star 80.
  Thu. 7/21/11 5:29pm phillip:

My wife just recently made me watch Welcome to the Dollhouse the other day for the first time. Very seedy and dirty
  Thu. 7/21/11 5:30pm phillip:

yes you were right Adam, Stratten
  Thu. 7/21/11 5:31pm Cecile:

Galaxina! Our SF club sponsored a showing of that back in the day, before Dorothy Stratten was murdered. She was involved with Peter Bogdonovich at the time, who later married her sister. Star 80 was a good idea on paper, but not real watchable.
  Thu. 7/21/11 5:32pm Cecile:

It was a double bill with the almost as unwatchable The Final Countdown. Galaxina was OK in a trashy, 3 am kind of way.
  Thu. 7/21/11 5:32pm hubba:

There are tons of duds... This one about jungle canibalism with Peter Fonda "Jungle Fever" was pretty cool, but not like Cannibal Holocaust... This brooke Shields movie Alice, Sweet alice was fun... on IMDB it is titled Communion...
  Thu. 7/21/11 5:32pm phillip:

well when i finally start putting those posters up on Ebay if capitalism ever picks up again, i will let you guys know. You never know, you might find something i might have
  Thu. 7/21/11 5:33pm Cecile:

Oldtimers, remember when college campuses would show movies that didn't show up on TV. Before cable took off...
  Thu. 7/21/11 5:33pm hubba:

I think my favorite part was of Galxina is the male lead's incessant use of a row-machine...
  Thu. 7/21/11 5:33pm Adam in Portland:

Thanks, Phillip. Sounds a pleasure.
  Thu. 7/21/11 5:34pm phillip:

did that girl really toss that kitten on the ground in Alice, Sweet Alice?
  Thu. 7/21/11 5:35pm Cecile:

We used to go see R-rated movies when we were 15 and 16, the students didn't care how old you were as long as you had your buck.
  Thu. 7/21/11 5:35pm phillip:

you guys are always on here right? I've been popping up in here lately.
  Thu. 7/21/11 5:36pm Cecile:

Yeah, during the weekdays. When I'm not busy out of my head.
  Thu. 7/21/11 5:36pm Mike East:

I find a lot of beach rental houses usually stock VHS tapes for their guests. A few weeks ago I was enjoying Predator 2 and Dead Bang with Don Johnson (which I didn't make it through)
  Thu. 7/21/11 5:37pm phillip:

WWW.coppfilms.com has a bunch of out of print films and made for TV movies to get ahold of. Really great website
  Thu. 7/21/11 5:37pm Fabio:

Alice in Acidland!
  Thu. 7/21/11 5:37pm Adam in Portland:

@Phillip: I'm on more in the evenings, as I'm on the West Coast.
  Thu. 7/21/11 5:38pm Cecile:

I need a copy of The Oscar, seriously. And the original Sounder.
  Thu. 7/21/11 5:40pm hubba:

Here in Sacramento we have this summer event at this old art house, now live venue/indie film theatre, called Trash film ORgy... it is for nerds, punks, perverted, and weird... much like WFMU!

This Satruday is Heavy Metal, but me and my buddy are going to see Werewolves Wheels in a couple weeks... there is like an hour of debauchery, as the volunteers set-up a midway of sorts with themed games and unsightly costumes, the bar is open, there is plenty of ganja haze.... they crank the volume so we don't have to hear endless non sequiturs
  Thu. 7/21/11 5:40pm phillip:

Gotcha. I really need to see Pray for the Wildcats. It has William Shatner, the dad from the Brady Bunch, and Andy Griffith. Andy is a weird hippie molesting biker
  Thu. 7/21/11 5:43pm phillip:

Correction, it is www.cinemawasteland.com, not coppfilms.com
  Thu. 7/21/11 5:46pm hubba:

There is also an intermission, every show has a talking tiki, this wooden construction with one of the organizers hosting the event... usually intemrission ends with a wet t-shirt contest or some gulible teen girls covered in jello... it is part of their shtick, as every summer a "Queen of Trash" is crowned... they also make really horrible films... none i care to promote, but the point is it is a dying practice that more need to take-up... Like having a showing of Last Tango in Paris and giving out free packets of butter.
  Thu. 7/21/11 5:48pm Adam in Portland:

Ironically, this Pulse Emitter has me perking right up.
  Thu. 7/21/11 5:48pm Julie:

This is making me want to smoke
  Thu. 7/21/11 5:49pm Listener Dave From Seattle:

I am getting very, very sleepy
  Thu. 7/21/11 5:49pm Adam in Portland:

@Hubba: hahaha! The imagery.
  Thu. 7/21/11 5:49pm Carmichael:

This sounds like Firesign Theatre's Sleep Poem, or whatever the hell they called it. Mesmerizing, odd, and oddly mesmerizing.
  Thu. 7/21/11 5:50pm Adam in Portland:

My mistake. App is a bit fritzy today. Raveen is a charge.
  Thu. 7/21/11 5:50pm ASB:

This is freaking me the fuck out, but I'm afraid that if I turn it off, it will still be there.
  Thu. 7/21/11 5:51pm phillip:

San Antonio is a boring city. They will never have anything even that close to what you just described Hubba
  Thu. 7/21/11 5:51pm Adam in Portland:

This is more out than Rosemary's Baby. Hahahaha.
  Thu. 7/21/11 5:51pm david:

this is making me itch... for Clay Pigeon's on-air guided breathing
  Thu. 7/21/11 5:52pm hubba:

Occasionally some of the employees get to host a special screening for their birthday... sometimes it is lame, like Weird Science or Goonies... other times El Topo or The Tenant... it just depends, but the theatre is the organizational conduit to allow this awesomenss to happen... same place does French and Japanese film fests... so every year you can see a Kurosawa film on a huge screen thousands of people in the 40's used to pack the house to stare at... you can feel the residual gaze and it is most wonderful.
  Thu. 7/21/11 5:52pm john:

there is a track on the new(ish) books album that is like the pop music version of this track...

on the topic of Marshall Mcluhan, i made a little video piece inspired by that "medium is the message" stuff a few months back...

  Thu. 7/21/11 5:52pm Julie:

San Antonio is very family-oriented. And the weather today is making me NOT homesick.
  Thu. 7/21/11 5:53pm hubba:

To me, The Crest Theatre and KDVS, and the people that make this stuff happen are what keeps me happy about living 80 miles from cultural overload in the Bay.
  Thu. 7/21/11 5:53pm phillip:

I'm sure if Clay is hearing this right now, he would be laughing at Fabio. Too family oriented Julie
  Thu. 7/21/11 5:54pm hubba:

Sacramento is quite conservative, but there is a pulse for sure
  Thu. 7/21/11 5:54pm phillip:

Austin is very family oriented throughout the city too, but they have way better things to do.
  Thu. 7/21/11 5:54pm Carmichael:

Clay is lost in the ohmmmm right now, palms upward. I just know.
  Thu. 7/21/11 5:55pm Adam in Portland:

@Hubba: I'm going to have to propose something similar to the powers at the St. Johns Cinema in North Portland. :-)
  Thu. 7/21/11 5:55pm other david:

This is driving me to smoke
  Thu. 7/21/11 5:55pm Matt from Springfield:

@Julie Is the weather even WORSE in San Antonio today? I swear, we're on the verge of spontaneously combusting here...
  Thu. 7/21/11 5:55pm david:

either that or making final edits :)
  Thu. 7/21/11 5:55pm nic:

think i'll start smoking
  Thu. 7/21/11 5:55pm Carmichael:

Adam, doesn't the Herbst Theater do anything similar?
  Thu. 7/21/11 5:56pm Cecile:

other david, I was just going to say that. And I wasn't a smoker before.
  Thu. 7/21/11 5:56pm ASB:

Don't purchase expensive tobacco simply to burn it up.
  Thu. 7/21/11 5:56pm phillip:

San Antonio is 100 today. as always
  Thu. 7/21/11 5:56pm dale:

raveen is probably MORE hypnotizing overdubbed. he has a crappy arrogant accent, however.
  Thu. 7/21/11 5:57pm Carmichael:

If I lit up, I bet this noise would stop. I just know.
  Thu. 7/21/11 5:57pm Matt from Springfield:

Clay just played a self-hypnosis LP by "Dr. Dante" that was like this, but single-tracked of course. So yes, I bet Clay is laughing at this!
  Thu. 7/21/11 5:57pm Adam in Portland:

Carmichael: sad to say not familiar, but sounds suited for Hollywood Theatre as well perhaps.
  Thu. 7/21/11 5:57pm ASB:

buy a nice display case.
  Thu. 7/21/11 5:57pm hubba:

@Adam - you should... just have some type of overhead to cover the intial losses, like with any venture, but it would work... I'd have to imagine Portland is more than ready... a lot of it is the general management being into Psychic TV and John Waters...
  Thu. 7/21/11 5:58pm hubba:

Pensive much?
  Thu. 7/21/11 5:59pm moosie downer:

dang it i missed the whole show
(my old dog went to heaven during last week's!)
  Thu. 7/21/11 5:59pm hubba:

Reminds me of The Simpsons when Homer orders the "stop eating" tpae, but gets the "vocabulary building" tape... vocab increases with appetite...
  Thu. 7/21/11 5:59pm Adam in Portland:

Thanks, Hubba, great suggestion.
  Thu. 7/21/11 5:59pm david:

morphic resonance, man...
  Thu. 7/21/11 5:59pm other david:

Yay James Randi reference, Julie++
  Thu. 7/21/11 6:00pm phillip:

James Randy debunked everyone
  Thu. 7/21/11 6:00pm Carmichael:

Adam. I was thinking of the Mission Theater. They used to be pretty hip back in the 90s - 00s.
  Thu. 7/21/11 6:00pm dale:

raveen looks like big daddy ed roth
  Thu. 7/21/11 6:00pm Adam in Portland:

Sorry to hear about your loss, Moosie. :-(
  Thu. 7/21/11 6:01pm Adam in Portland:

Clay, hypnotize Julie and Fabio for the hour.
  Thu. 7/21/11 6:01pm moose:

thanks Adam... it's been rough! (ruff) 15 1/2 years though! (boston terrier)
  Thu. 7/21/11 6:02pm phillip:

San Antonio doesn't know how to preserve anything also Julie. We used to have 26 drive-in theaters at one time. Now zero
  Thu. 7/21/11 6:02pm Matt from Springfield:

DigiDusty?? BLAS-PHEMY!!!
  Thu. 7/21/11 6:02pm david:

Mark Slaughter the guy from Slaughter?
  Thu. 7/21/11 6:02pm hubba:

I bought the McCartney 12"... thanks Clay!

Great show Fabio!

Take care everyone!
  Thu. 7/21/11 6:02pm Carmichael:

We just got a new doggie for the 1st time in 12 years, for the same reason, Moosie.
  Thu. 7/21/11 6:02pm other david:

oh my god stop!
  Thu. 7/21/11 6:02pm Matt from Springfield:

This is W F M UUUU East Oranggggeee...
W M F UUUUU Mount Hoooooopeee...
W F M U dot ORGGGGGG....
  Thu. 7/21/11 6:03pm moose:

ah, dogs
they're somthin'!
fmu helps!
  Thu. 7/21/11 6:10pm moose:

to playlist readers of the future,
sorry for bringing up my dead dog!!!
and spelling 'somethin' without the e.
  Thu. 7/21/11 8:28pm Oona:

Fabs, you outdid yourself with this one. Supreme failure!
  Fri. 7/22/11 12:08am Dippold:

Making this episode the soundtrack to Stan Brakhage's silent Dog Star Man.
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