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Just two girls. Having a good time. On a Friday night. (Visit homepage.)

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Options July 15, 2011: I Wanna Do Bad Things To You

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Andy & Frangry  Shut Up,. Weirdo   Options

Listener comments!

  Fri. 7/15/11 6:02pm seang:

now it's dark
  Fri. 7/15/11 6:02pm stinkbug:

  Fri. 7/15/11 6:02pm FRANGRY:

  Fri. 7/15/11 6:02pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Hail Frangry, Queen of Weirdos!
  Fri. 7/15/11 6:03pm Listener Dave From Seattle:

  Fri. 7/15/11 6:03pm MISTER JOHNNY:

It's so nice outside - will anyone call in?
  Fri. 7/15/11 6:04pm stinkbug:

dave, which part of seattle?
  Fri. 7/15/11 6:04pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Getting high! Right Frangry?
  Fri. 7/15/11 6:05pm mission beach:

did u visit mission beach frangry? see slow mo ?
  Fri. 7/15/11 6:05pm JCJ:

Andy, Andy... this "there can only be favorite" is exactly the kind of argument you can not win against a woman.
  Fri. 7/15/11 6:05pm MISTER JOHNNY:

I really missed the bickering! Welcome back Andy & Frangry.
  Fri. 7/15/11 6:05pm TubaRuba:

I came here thinking the topic was "What's your favorite day?" but now I'm sincerely confused
  Fri. 7/15/11 6:05pm Orlando:

  Fri. 7/15/11 6:07pm wormie:

Boy they are really hating on each other already. What happened before the show started?
  Fri. 7/15/11 6:07pm MISTER JOHNNY:

I fantasize about invading Pancake "Chucky"- style, and doing filthy things to Frangry in her sleep.
  Fri. 7/15/11 6:08pm Listener Dave From Seattle:

I live in the elite Central District of Seattle
  Fri. 7/15/11 6:09pm Robert in Seattle:

Ha, Dave! It actually is starting to get that way.
  Fri. 7/15/11 6:09pm Pinball:

this is sad.
  Fri. 7/15/11 6:09pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Is Andy on suicide watch, again?
  Fri. 7/15/11 6:09pm stinkbug:

did you read mudede's columbia city essay?
  Fri. 7/15/11 6:09pm Listener Dave From Seattle:

It is sort of half and half
  Fri. 7/15/11 6:09pm TubaRuba:

And *then* you bragged about how great this topic was going to be when you got back from vacation
  Fri. 7/15/11 6:09pm beano:

Wormie, you know it's all luv
  Fri. 7/15/11 6:10pm Sammy:

@wormie: If Andy & Frangry got along, I wouldn't listen.
  Fri. 7/15/11 6:10pm Listener Dave From Seattle:

No, I don't know about that
  Fri. 7/15/11 6:11pm stinkbug:

cover story in current Stranger. check it out, yo.
  Fri. 7/15/11 6:11pm TubaRuba:

Boehner would be into the girlfriend experience, since he would need someone's shoulder to cry on
  Fri. 7/15/11 6:11pm Robert in Seattle:

I haven't read the Stranger for years.
  Fri. 7/15/11 6:11pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Is it the weeping that sets off your GayDar, Spike?
  Fri. 7/15/11 6:12pm Listener Dave From Seattle:

Oh, OK thanks stink. Where do you other Seattle guys live?
  Fri. 7/15/11 6:12pm Orlando:

"Pray the gay away?" haha
  Fri. 7/15/11 6:12pm Robert in Seattle:

I'm on lower Queen Anne.
  Fri. 7/15/11 6:12pm stinkbug:

are half of us in here from seattle?
  Fri. 7/15/11 6:13pm Ike:

Um, guys, when using the words "fantasize" and "inappropriate," you may want to specify, y'know, that callers shouldn't, um, get too dirty for the air, right?
  Fri. 7/15/11 6:13pm hamburger / london:

kinda like ordering pizzas to your neighbor, but instead ring up call girls to go to every hotel room that dominque strauss kahn visits :2
  Fri. 7/15/11 6:13pm Pinball:

  Fri. 7/15/11 6:13pm Listener Dave From Seattle:

It seems like it for some reason.
  Fri. 7/15/11 6:13pm Robert in Seattle:

We're a strong contingent.
  Fri. 7/15/11 6:14pm Pinball:

hate me frangry!
  Fri. 7/15/11 6:14pm Listener Dave From Seattle:

I get to listen to the show while I'm still at work which is nice
  Fri. 7/15/11 6:14pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Frangry feels guilty for hating someone? REALLY?
  Fri. 7/15/11 6:15pm Robert in Seattle:

Me to. Hard to call in sometimes, though.
  Fri. 7/15/11 6:15pm Pinball:

Take it all Off!
  Fri. 7/15/11 6:15pm TubaRuba:

Andy's gossipy nature confuses me
  Fri. 7/15/11 6:15pm other david:

You're welcome in Ireland anytime, weirdos
  Fri. 7/15/11 6:16pm Listener Dave From Seattle:

Yeah, I usually don't try to call because I am trying to work at the same time.
  Fri. 7/15/11 6:16pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Spike, does Andy set off your GayDar?
  Fri. 7/15/11 6:16pm Pinball:

gay hooker.
  Fri. 7/15/11 6:16pm Robert in Seattle:

I've gotten some strange looks from co-workers when I've called in.
  Fri. 7/15/11 6:17pm Danne D:

Hi Andy :)
Hi Frangry :)
Hi Weirdos :)
  Fri. 7/15/11 6:17pm Marmalade Kitty:

Frangry, if you're super nice to people you hate.. how would you explain your relationship with Andy?
  Fri. 7/15/11 6:17pm Danne D:

How many cannibalism stories did I miss?
  Fri. 7/15/11 6:18pm Ike:

The question is: Did Frangry have a good reason to hate her? Or was she just cuter than Frangry?
  Fri. 7/15/11 6:18pm Listener Dave From Seattle:

@Robert - I'm sure!
  Fri. 7/15/11 6:18pm MISTER JOHNNY:

@Marmalade Kitty

That's a great point!
  Fri. 7/15/11 6:18pm Danne D:

Shut Up Weirdo: Everybody's Wicked Fantasy
  Fri. 7/15/11 6:18pm stinkbug:

i fantasize about going into a meeting here at work and calling into Shut Up, Weirdo.
  Fri. 7/15/11 6:18pm Danne D:

is that the first time buttocks has been said on SUW?
  Fri. 7/15/11 6:18pm TubaRuba:

Hi Danne happy Friday
  Fri. 7/15/11 6:18pm stinkbug:

er, meeting room
  Fri. 7/15/11 6:19pm JCJ:

But, Ike... Using the words "fantasize" and "inappropriate" along with Frangry's post somewhere titled "I wanna do bad things to you"... well, it all falls into place.
  Fri. 7/15/11 6:19pm other david:

I nearly spewed my drink out when he said "You want *her* name?"
  Fri. 7/15/11 6:19pm Robert in Seattle:

I think my call about Ewan McGregor and Gael Garcia Bernal was very confusing to people sitting next to me.
  Fri. 7/15/11 6:19pm Danne D:

Hi TubaRuba :D
  Fri. 7/15/11 6:20pm stinkbug:

meeting ROOM, not meeting, i corrected it.
  Fri. 7/15/11 6:20pm Orlando:

Web cam for summer!
  Fri. 7/15/11 6:20pm stinkbug:

topic should have been: Your Best/Worst Summer Vacation
  Fri. 7/15/11 6:20pm Robert in Seattle:

Stinkbug, where in Seattle are you?
  Fri. 7/15/11 6:20pm Danne D:

Lame fantasy of mine: In one of my college classes the professor always had this big Russki hat on his desk - I always wanted to run up to the front of the class, steal it, and run out.
  Fri. 7/15/11 6:20pm Listener Dave From Seattle:

Do it!
  Fri. 7/15/11 6:20pm New Topic:

Andy's Plunger Fantasy
  Fri. 7/15/11 6:21pm josh:

prank calls!!
  Fri. 7/15/11 6:21pm stinkbug:

presently I am downtown-ish
  Fri. 7/15/11 6:21pm other david:

  Fri. 7/15/11 6:21pm MISTER JOHNNY:

You guys should do remotes during the summer. Drive around Manhattan and accost pedestrians.
  Fri. 7/15/11 6:21pm New Topic:

Genius on the line! I called it first!
  Fri. 7/15/11 6:22pm Pinball:

hang up
  Fri. 7/15/11 6:22pm Danne D:

This Walken call really might be the worst call ever.
  Fri. 7/15/11 6:22pm trembling eagle:

My fantasy is to box 12 rounds with Tom Scharpling.
  Fri. 7/15/11 6:22pm TubaRuba:

All the show topics boil down to either "What's something that annoys you?" or "Come up with some huge detailed hypothetical situation"
  Fri. 7/15/11 6:22pm New Topic:

Worse than a Spike call.
  Fri. 7/15/11 6:23pm MISTER JOHNNY:

The SS Uniforms are very slimming, Andy.
  Fri. 7/15/11 6:23pm Orlando:

Why not a KKK hood?
  Fri. 7/15/11 6:23pm Danne D:

you forgot "and flirt with Frangry", TubaRuba
  Fri. 7/15/11 6:23pm Robert in Seattle:

John Jacob Jingleheimer smith?
  Fri. 7/15/11 6:23pm stinkbug:

i'm going to try to say "what's your name, mister?" at some point in the next month.
  Fri. 7/15/11 6:23pm JP:

You guys should do remotes during the summer...especially at bars.
  Fri. 7/15/11 6:23pm Jess:

I once fantasised about hiding a hoover underneath my housemate's bed, on a low setting so that the faint humming would slowly drive him insane..
  Fri. 7/15/11 6:23pm Pinball:

my freind went shopping in a hippy coop in a kkk outfit and they secritly filmed it
  Fri. 7/15/11 6:24pm other david:

Frangry seems in the throws of despair tonight, I think she may in fact walk out.
  Fri. 7/15/11 6:24pm TubaRuba:

@Danne - I'd gladly welcome the return of Flirt with Frangry; it was funny
  Fri. 7/15/11 6:24pm JCJ:

@Jess, seriously I misread that as "hiding a hooker underneath my roommate's bed" until I couldn't figure out what the low setting would be.
  Fri. 7/15/11 6:25pm moE:

I want to walk down the street and every time I see a baby or little toddler I want to run up and scream at each one "you're ugly! Ugly! Ugly! I hate yoU!" then walk away.
  Fri. 7/15/11 6:25pm Robert in Seattle:

I think it would be great if Frangry actually walked out.
  Fri. 7/15/11 6:25pm ?:

@Tuba: Andy got too jealous.
  Fri. 7/15/11 6:25pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Hot porno title:

"Frangry - She Wolf of the SS"
  Fri. 7/15/11 6:26pm Listener Dave From Seattle:

Is this conference room dump down with or without the extra sex organs?
  Fri. 7/15/11 6:26pm TubaRuba:

7SD taught the listening audience that you can say "asshole" on air
  Fri. 7/15/11 6:26pm trembling eagle:

  Fri. 7/15/11 6:26pm marc:

prince harry dressed like hitler for haloween a few yrs ago.
  Fri. 7/15/11 6:27pm stinkbug:

did Frangry scare Jenna away?
  Fri. 7/15/11 6:27pm Danne D:

Andy makes a bris sound like a trip to the barber shop "a little off the top"
  Fri. 7/15/11 6:27pm G:

Thank god, no damn kid call yet this week.
  Fri. 7/15/11 6:27pm Danne D:

apparently every caller has a fantasy that they want to call a radio station in a crappy fake voice
  Fri. 7/15/11 6:28pm Orlando:

"You should do it!" - Motivational Frangry
  Fri. 7/15/11 6:28pm hamburger / london:

at the supermarket, checking in premium potatoes as regular ones at the self-check out.. that's pretty hardcore no?
  Fri. 7/15/11 6:29pm G:

*This* dude is squirrelly himself.
  Fri. 7/15/11 6:29pm Pinball:

maybe play music
  Fri. 7/15/11 6:29pm other david:

this guy is going to get arrested, nice work detective frangry
  Fri. 7/15/11 6:30pm trembling eagle:

Elephant in the room - Andy and frangy in a remake of "Last Tango In Paris".
  Fri. 7/15/11 6:30pm Ike:

Fluorescent squirrels in Wal-Marts FOR THE WIN
  Fri. 7/15/11 6:30pm oh my:

hamburger / london, you are hardcore!
  Fri. 7/15/11 6:30pm Grammar Fascist:

I fantasize about executing people who put a period right after a comma.
  Fri. 7/15/11 6:30pm jerry:

i wish i could put a curse on someone where they lose control of their body and dance to "boogy wonderland" until they die
  Fri. 7/15/11 6:31pm alberto:

ever since i can remember i've fantasized about eating a steak of myself, you know, a nice filet off my thigh fresh off the grill
  Fri. 7/15/11 6:31pm Sean:

Extremely low frequency sounds can make you physically uncomfortable. I want to place speakers in a crowded public place and let the sounds roll. it might lead to other people pooping on the floor, something I myself would never be comfortable doing.
  Fri. 7/15/11 6:32pm Spike:

Jenny From the Bedroom is divorcing.
  Fri. 7/15/11 6:32pm Orlando:

someone got their BUTTOCKS glued to the toilet seat at the walmart. He had to be taken to the hospital with the seat still stuck to said BUTTOCKS.
  Fri. 7/15/11 6:32pm Grammar Communist:

Most people fantasize about using active voice.
  Fri. 7/15/11 6:32pm MISTER JOHNNY:

I want to kill Casey Anthony and dump her corpse in a swamp.
  Fri. 7/15/11 6:32pm TubaRuba:

Oh sheets this is awesome: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_jLGa4X5H2c
  Fri. 7/15/11 6:32pm Listener Dave From Seattle:

Robert getting in trouble at work
  Fri. 7/15/11 6:33pm Orlando:

It even made the cnn.com homepage.
  Fri. 7/15/11 6:33pm other david:

  Fri. 7/15/11 6:34pm timotato:

Politicians who don't give a damn about our needs really annoy me. I wish them nothing but harm.
  Fri. 7/15/11 6:34pm Larry da Perv:

He der' Frangry, it's Larry....
  Fri. 7/15/11 6:35pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Frangry, soak a steak in anti-freeze and give it to the dog. GAME OVER.
  Fri. 7/15/11 6:35pm Robert in Seattle:

Yeah, unfortunate that I work in a hospital...
  Fri. 7/15/11 6:35pm Driver:

I fantasize having a button to blow up the cars of NYC drivers who ignore right of way, and/or who have insurance fraud plates from FL, VA, PA, MI, etc.
  Fri. 7/15/11 6:35pm hamburger / london:

oh, sneaking some nasty porn into someone's powerpoint slides just before they're about to give a presentation...
  Fri. 7/15/11 6:36pm Larry da Perv:

Let's hang out at the M
  Fri. 7/15/11 6:36pm Ike:

Wow, I'm not very violent, I guess. I've never wanted to attack people, not since I was 12, as far as I can remember. And annoying loud bratty kids in public just make me want to duct tape their mouths, not punch them or anything like that. But it would be LOTS OF DUCT TAPE.
  Fri. 7/15/11 6:37pm moE:

I also fantasize about pretending to have tourette's and walk around yelling every insult and derogatory words and phrases at people walking by.
  Fri. 7/15/11 6:37pm MISTER JOHNNY:

I fantasize about stealing gum from a woman's purse when she goes to the bathroom. That's pure Hitler-evil!
  Fri. 7/15/11 6:37pm Driver:

Frangry's New Air Name: Scatry
  Fri. 7/15/11 6:38pm Driver:

What Mister Johnny Said! Creepy!
  Fri. 7/15/11 6:38pm Larry da Perv:

I put food coloring in a nun's shampoo.
  Fri. 7/15/11 6:39pm PMD:

Trip a blind person
  Fri. 7/15/11 6:39pm ZZZZZZZZ:

Dumb. Hang up on this guy.
  Fri. 7/15/11 6:39pm Robert in Seattle:

Mister Johnny - what kind of monster would do such a thing?
  Fri. 7/15/11 6:40pm Driver:

A world-class sociopath, Robert
  Fri. 7/15/11 6:40pm TubaRuba:

Ugh let the funny voices through - they are our only hope
  Fri. 7/15/11 6:40pm Peter Tourette:

oh for crying out loud (oops, pun), folks with Tourette's don't just run around shouting obscenities.
  Fri. 7/15/11 6:41pm Robert in Seattle:

Can you say "jerk wad" on the radio?
  Fri. 7/15/11 6:41pm Driver:

Danne D has a nerd voice, Woot!!!!!
  Fri. 7/15/11 6:41pm Navy Yard Davin:

I pissed in an ex-roommates pair of boots once when we were fighting. Did it while they were away for the weekend so they had a chance to dry and retain the smell indefinitely.
  Fri. 7/15/11 6:41pm Julie:

I dream of making my ex a member of NAMBLA
  Fri. 7/15/11 6:41pm Merle Allin:

I want to butt punch everyone on this board, then leave an upper decker in the bathroom at Starbucks.
  Fri. 7/15/11 6:41pm Eric:

I want to take my kayak and land on Plum Island ("Anthrax Island") and camp on the beach one night.
  Fri. 7/15/11 6:42pm JCJ:

Better would be to toss like ten lit cigarettes back into their car.
  Fri. 7/15/11 6:43pm Starbux:

yeah, wiping feces, my own or borrowed, on the handles of Starbucks doors and then bringing it to the attention of the staff very loudly
  Fri. 7/15/11 6:43pm Driver:

Andy's biggest fear: A lit cigarette glued to a plunger with mayo.
  Fri. 7/15/11 6:43pm Danne D:

LOL @Driver - that's gotta be the least surprising revelation ever
  Fri. 7/15/11 6:43pm TubaRuba:

Haha I liked Danne's idea - at least it wasn't in the genre of "stuff 14-year-olds talk about during lunch period"
  Fri. 7/15/11 6:43pm Danne D:

Damn, Julie - that's pretty hardcore
  Fri. 7/15/11 6:43pm Driver:

Yeah, shocking, huh?
  Fri. 7/15/11 6:43pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Borrowed feces?
  Fri. 7/15/11 6:44pm moE:

Lately I've been thinking about shoving people out of the subway car right before the door closes then waving bye bye to them.
  Fri. 7/15/11 6:44pm Julie:

@Danne there is no limit to my anger ;) I'd settle for sending him right wing propaganda at work
  Fri. 7/15/11 6:45pm Danne D:

Wait, Julie - do you want to make them a member of NAMBLA or do you want to frame them?
  Fri. 7/15/11 6:45pm Sean:

I teach at a college, and some of my students are serious pains. I wouldn't feel right giving them bad grades just because I don't like them, so I'd like to teach them a foundational concept entirely wrong, and seriously drive the point home. My hope is that it intellectually screws them over for the rest of their lives, and everybody treats them like the moron I've made them.
  Fri. 7/15/11 6:46pm Robert in Seattle:

Hey, someone on the board already mentioned a cigarette glued to a plunger. Disqualified!
  Fri. 7/15/11 6:46pm Julie:

@Danne whatever works
  Fri. 7/15/11 6:46pm Driver:

Mikey was in prison for stalking.
  Fri. 7/15/11 6:46pm Danne D:

um, a close relative of mine used to do the whole "send a guy you don't like a bunch of embarrassing subscriptions" thing.

my one winning call was on the revenge show btw
  Fri. 7/15/11 6:47pm other david:

Sean wins! FRANGRY!
  Fri. 7/15/11 6:47pm derwood:

i plugged the toilet at the inlaws house and couldn't find a plunger in the bathroom. went out to ask my wife where they kept the plunger and her mother went in the bathroom. she came out and got the plunger and plunged my turd. i was so embarrased.
  Fri. 7/15/11 6:47pm Driver:

People stealing my material from the board for calls is a COMPLIMENT. I have plenty of shirts.
  Fri. 7/15/11 6:47pm Danne D:

Note to self: be extra nice to Julie the next time I see her around the station...
  Fri. 7/15/11 6:47pm moE:

This guy always sounds like he's going to have something good to say then it's like shut up.
  Fri. 7/15/11 6:48pm hamburger / london:

BWAR! I just figured out who's been shining a laser pointer into my room from across the block.. least I got some 'inspiration' now
  Fri. 7/15/11 6:48pm TubaRuba:

@moE - ha!
  Fri. 7/15/11 6:48pm MISTER JOHNNY:

How about another slooow dance?
  Fri. 7/15/11 6:48pm Robert in Seattle:

You're a saint, Driver.
  Fri. 7/15/11 6:49pm Danne D:

wtf, dude just like ripped off my call
  Fri. 7/15/11 6:49pm Driver:

@Robert: Me and Mother Fucking Theresa.
  Fri. 7/15/11 6:49pm other david:

Some Catholic churches here in Ireland broadcast their sermons live over the radio, I've got a transmitter.. and I've thought about jamming them with a voice reading out reports on the clerical sex abuse, alongside the best in uncouth music.

Not done, yet.
  Fri. 7/15/11 6:50pm Julie:

OH that shrimp story was priceless
  Fri. 7/15/11 6:51pm Orlando:

I throw loose change at cars that cut me off on the road.
  Fri. 7/15/11 6:52pm Driver:

Andy is a guaranteed funny-killer.
  Fri. 7/15/11 6:52pm Admiral:

I want to hack a luggie (sp?) in my hand and go up to the petition people who want to save the forests and shake their hand telling them I just jacked-off.
  Fri. 7/15/11 6:52pm Pinball:

i want to make the tea baggers live in boston....
  Fri. 7/15/11 6:54pm TubaRuba:

Waiter guy sounds like he's permanently doing a stand-up bit
  Fri. 7/15/11 6:54pm JP:

My wife's cat peed on 14 pairs of my shoes...I fantasize about putting it into a smal cage and peeing on it!
  Fri. 7/15/11 6:55pm Pinball:

i wish david lee rosth would round house kick waiter guy
  Fri. 7/15/11 6:55pm JCJ:

Ah man... whenever a caller says "I have good one here" before they start, it's a disappointment.
  Fri. 7/15/11 6:55pm Danne D:

pretty much - that's why I said I have one for the topic - made no claims of cigarette flicking call being a good one
  Fri. 7/15/11 6:56pm Navy Yard Davin:

@Merle Allin. We're related by marriage, man. Steven Lewis is my stepbrother.
  Fri. 7/15/11 6:56pm Danne D:

That'd be a great show - Andy pretends to be Frangry for a show and vice versa.
  Fri. 7/15/11 6:57pm Driver:

great end, fake spike even worse than the real one. UGH
  Fri. 7/15/11 6:57pm Danne D:

I feel like my call was above average today.

That's a bad sign.
  Fri. 7/15/11 6:57pm Driver:

ditto, danne
  Fri. 7/15/11 6:58pm Danne D:

8( Frangry doesn't love me 8(
  Fri. 7/15/11 6:58pm Driver:

  Fri. 7/15/11 6:58pm Pinball:

i want to make frangry and andy listen to this show over and over until they promiss not to do another one like this
  Fri. 7/15/11 6:58pm FRANGRY:

  Fri. 7/15/11 6:58pm Good Co.:

I have man mammaries, and I want to ride Transit holding a small stuffed bear up to my bare chest... give it a little milk mustache... then burp the lil guy over my shoulder while smiling and humming Proud to be an American.
  Fri. 7/15/11 6:58pm Danne D:

Pick me Frangry! :)
My call wasn't' bad (for me)
  Fri. 7/15/11 6:59pm Yul:

Man, this show SUCKS! Justify yourself!
  Fri. 7/15/11 6:59pm Danne D:

Boooooooooo. I wanted to win.

Bye weirdos :)
Bye Andy :)
Bye Frangry :)
Love you guys anyway
  Fri. 7/15/11 7:00pm TubaRuba:

Ha! They hung up on the comments board
  Sat. 7/16/11 5:41am zombies:

The Bill O'Reilly caller was stupid. He had his radio on all the time and didn't even disclose anything he'd like to DO himself. I regretted Frangry not hanging up on them.
  Sun. 7/17/11 2:17pm Sid from White Plains:

I hadn't seen the comments page when I called w/ cig butt glued to plunger bad, bad thing. This was an instance of great minds thinking alike.
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