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Theme (n) - the subject of talk, a piece of writing, a person's thoughts, or an exhibition; a topic.

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Options July 7, 2011: The Royalty Remains the Same....the best of the rest

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Artist Track Album Comments Approx. start time
Teiji Ito  Tsar's Music   Options King Ubu    0:00:00 ()
George Formby  I'm the Emperor of Lancashire   Options     0:02:26 ()
Eldridge Holmes  Emperor Jones   Options The Shing-a Ling Ain't the Thing    0:05:18 ()
Stevie Wonder  Sir Duke   Options Original Musiquarium 1    0:07:25 ()
Music behind DJ:
Sounds From the Coney Island Boardwalk       0:11:17 ()
Ars Nova  March of the Mad Duke's Circus   Options Ars Nova    0:14:29 ()
Headcoats  Earl of Suave   Options 25 Years of Being Childish    0:17:30 ()
Royal Guardsmen  Snoopy Vs. The Red Baron   Options     0:19:22 ()
Frank Zappa  The Duke of Prunes   Options Absolutely Free    0:22:03 ()
Monty Python  The Spanish Inquisition   Options     0:24:18 ()
Music behind DJ:
Sounds of Sideshows by the Seashore       0:33:20 ()
Scott Walker  Duchess   Options Scott 4    0:36:49 ()
Steve Earle  Little Emperor   Options I'll Never Get Out of This World Alive    0:39:10 ()
Smokey Hormel  Sheik of Araby   Options Live At WFMU on Jeffrey Cobb's Show on 04/03/2008  Free Music Archive  0:42:10 ()
Louis Prima and Keeley Smith with Sam Butera and the Witnesses  When You're Smiling/ The Sheik Of Araby   Options The Call of the Wildest    0:46:03 ()
Neil Young  The Emperor of Wyoming   Options Neil Young    0:49:55 ()
Dire Straits  Sultans of Swing   Options Sultans of Swing: The Very Best of Dire Straits    0:52:02 ()
10cc  Baron Samedi   Options Sheet Music    0:57:44 ()
Music behind DJ:
Sounds from the Point Pleasant Beach       1:01:39 ()
Iggy Pop  Little Miss Emperor   Options Blah Blah Blah    1:07:17 ()
Japandroids  Art Czars   Options Art Czars B/W Racer-X    1:10:49 ()
Pretty Things  Baron Saturday   Options S.F. Sorrow    1:14:40 ()
Shawn Brown  Rappin' Duke   Options     1:18:39 ()
Music behind DJ:
Sounds from the Point Pleasant Boardwalk       1:22:59 ()
Lisa Gerrard  The Maharaja   Options The Black Opal    1:29:31 ()
The Merry Thoughts  Pale Empress   Options New Alternatives II    1:35:50 ()
The Stranglers  Duchess   Options Peaches The Very Best Of...    1:39:24 ()
Guided By Voices  Lord of Overstock   Options Under The Bushes, Under The Stars    1:41:51 ()
Neko Case  The pharoahs   Options Middle Cyclone    1:44:18 ()
Sinead O'Connor  The Emperor's New Clothes   Options I Do Not Want What I Haven't Got    1:47:48 ()
Music behind DJ:
Sounds From the Coney Island Boardwalk       1:53:08 ()
Gene Chandler  Duke of Earl   Options Nothing Can Stop Me    2:00:03 ()
Upfronts  I Stopped the Duke of Earl   Options Rarest Of The Rare, Vol. 7    2:02:02 ()
The Pearlettes  Duchess of Earl   Options     2:04:23 ()
Conquerors  Duchess Conquers Duke   Options The Detroit Girl Groups    2:06:37 ()
Cypress Hill  Hand on the Pump   Options Cypress Hill    2:08:49 ()
Music behind DJ:
Sounds From the Coney Island Boardwalk       2:13:11 ()
Mercyful Fate  Curse of the Pharaohs   Options Melissa    2:16:13 ()
Cathedral  Melancholy Emperor   Options Endtyme    2:19:52 ()
Celtic Frost  Dethroned Emperor   Options Morbid Tales    2:25:14 ()
Mastodon  The Czar: I. Usurper II. Escape III. Martyr IV.Spiral   Options Crack the Skye    2:30:37 ()
  Sounds of Sideshows by the Seashore       2:40:51 ()
Outhud  Emperor Selassie's Mo   Options Troubleman Mix tape Disc 2    2:42:39 ()
Hepcat  Pharoah's Dreams   Options Right on Time    2:44:46 ()
Jesters  Jesters Jump   Options Las Vegas Grind Vol. 2    2:48:04 ()
Yo La Tengo  Surfin' With the Shah   Options Genius + Love = Yo La Tengo    2:49:58 ()
Stereolab  Emperor Tomato Ketchup   Options Emperor Tomato Ketchup    2:52:05 ()
Music behind DJ:
MC Solaar 
Mollah Solaar   Options     2:56:28 ()

Listener comments!

  Thu. 7/7/11 6:05am Marmalade kitty:

:) morning meghan!
  Thu. 7/7/11 6:07am -_-:

morning meghan!

have you done a show that's 'radio' themed? I came across this page about pirate stations in the 60s and thought of your show.


from the site:
"'We Love The Pirate Stations'... Under the terms of The Marine etc, Broadcasting (Offences) Act it has been technically illegal to play it anywhere in Britain inside territorial waters since 14th August 1967 as it 'promotes the cause' of pirate stations"
  Thu. 7/7/11 6:07am Meghan:

Good Morning Marmalade! or shall I say afternoon!
  Thu. 7/7/11 6:08am Dave B:

Hidie ho!
  Thu. 7/7/11 6:08am Meghan:

My first show was a radio theme! Haven't hit any of my themes twice..... YET. Thanks for the site. I'll check that out!
  Thu. 7/7/11 6:08am Marmalade kitty:

11:09 here!
  Thu. 7/7/11 6:09am Meghan:

Ha! then it still can count as morning then! Morning Dave!
  Thu. 7/7/11 6:12am Andy in Berlin:

Good morning everyone! Gonna be in and out for this one but here nonetheless.
  Thu. 7/7/11 6:14am hamburger / london:

good morning all - I hope some kid koala made the scrape-idge
  Thu. 7/7/11 6:16am dirty old man:

  Thu. 7/7/11 6:17am Meghan:

Hello Andy, Hamburger and DOM
  Thu. 7/7/11 6:24am KevinWho:

sorry I missed Sir Duke. everything, everywhere should begin with Sir Duke!
  Thu. 7/7/11 6:25am Meghan:

You could set your alarm to play that every morning! Then you know your day is starting off right!
  Thu. 7/7/11 6:27am Dave B:

  Thu. 7/7/11 6:28am hank:

the royal scam...
  Thu. 7/7/11 6:33am Rob:

The comfy chair!!

And damn, I missed the Royal Guardsmen.
  Thu. 7/7/11 6:37am Dave B:

I had a knock off version of Snoopy v Read Baron when I was a little kid:

  Thu. 7/7/11 6:40am Meghan:

I remember having some version on a kids album.... it also had yellow polka dot bikini on it too.....
  Thu. 7/7/11 6:41am Andy in Berlin:

re the ship theme, I know we did space already but there seems to be a lot of rocket ship songs so can we do a rocket ship/space ship theme sometime?
  Thu. 7/7/11 6:43am Chuck:

Whew, made it!
  Thu. 7/7/11 6:43am Meghan:

Yay! Morning Chuck!
  Thu. 7/7/11 6:45am Chuck:

Over slept a bit. G'Kar woke me in the middle of the night carrying on with noises. I think he had a nightmare....
  Thu. 7/7/11 6:45am hamburger / london:

(would a song like 'sittin' on the dock of the bay' qualify for the ship theme?)
  Thu. 7/7/11 6:46am Meghan:

I almost overslept myself! Now that would have been bad. I shut off my alarm and started to have a dream again. It was odd. I kinda wanted to see what it was about. I remember old 1970's glasses in it....
  Thu. 7/7/11 6:47am Meghan:

hmmmm, It could hamburger..... If we do a lead up to the ship, about docks...
  Thu. 7/7/11 6:49am Chuck:

Crap! I missed the Spanish Inquisition skit! Archive....
  Thu. 7/7/11 6:49am Dave B:

I have a killer opening track for next week...

I'll get stuff to ya today
  Thu. 7/7/11 6:50am KevinWho:

Smokey Hormel to Louis Prima deserves some kudos, a golf clap at least!
  Thu. 7/7/11 6:51am Meghan:

hehe..... golf clap.....

Well Slacker Brady..... (as Elwyn would say....)
  Thu. 7/7/11 6:51am Chuck:

Ship/boat theme next week, Meg?
  Thu. 7/7/11 6:52am Dave B:


Speaking of slacking, where is our favorite Storm Trooper?
  Thu. 7/7/11 6:52am Meghan:

Yuppers Chuck.

Dunno.... maybe he's got a hot date.... or at the gym.
  Thu. 7/7/11 6:53am hamburger / london:

my bet's getting caught on a food order
  Thu. 7/7/11 6:55am Meghan:

okay, everyone get their bets on...... mine is gym.... hamburger saying food......
  Thu. 7/7/11 6:56am Chuck:

Split decision on food or gym....
  Thu. 7/7/11 6:57am Chuck:

Clearly I don't have enough coffee in me yet....
  Thu. 7/7/11 6:58am Dave B:

Stuck on the bus, between work and gym
  Thu. 7/7/11 7:01am Meghan:

or his phone died..... cause he's usually listening via the phone....
  Thu. 7/7/11 7:02am Dave B:

excuses excuses
  Thu. 7/7/11 7:05am Dave B:

It's not the heat, its the stupidity....
  Thu. 7/7/11 7:06am Chuck:

What long weekend? I worked....
  Thu. 7/7/11 7:06am annie:

i've just been too lazy to log on to the comments.
  Thu. 7/7/11 7:10am Meghan:

well you are all exempt.... you are here!
  Thu. 7/7/11 7:11am hamburger / london:

doctor's office dream... could be a latent desire to become a hoarder
  Thu. 7/7/11 7:11am Robin The Fog:

Hello Meghan! Hello Everybody! Made it back! Just woken up! What did I miss?
  Thu. 7/7/11 7:13am Meghan:

Morning Robin! wipe the sleep from your eyes and grab a cup of coffee..... you must have heard my call to wake up!

Hamburger..... I do have a desire to hoard.... but not in a bad way.
  Thu. 7/7/11 7:14am hamburger / london:

the environment suggests that you are aware of your condition, so you write a note as a cry for help, only intentionally letting it get lost so you can succumb to your madness - DAMN MEGHAN. YOU MESSED UP!!
  Thu. 7/7/11 7:16am Meghan:

  Thu. 7/7/11 7:16am mohawkdave!:

Hello allllllllllll!! =:) Sorry if that was a little loud; didn't mean to scream, but this song is trying to wake me up.
  Thu. 7/7/11 7:17am Meghan:

wake everyone up mohawkdave!
  Thu. 7/7/11 7:17am Chuck:

Ah, The Pretty Things! Always good...
  Thu. 7/7/11 7:17am Robin The Fog:

I did, just as I was fumbling with my 'set', as it were. I also heard your possible plans to visit our fair island. How shamelessly exciting! Now could someone please get me some coffee? Too weak to get out of bed,,,
  Thu. 7/7/11 7:19am Meghan:

ummmm, we all know how you are normally naked and listening.... I think most of us would be a little hesitant to bring you any..... hehe
  Thu. 7/7/11 7:19am Elwyn:

@Brady: Stuck on the cross trainer at the gym!

Hey everyone!
  Thu. 7/7/11 7:20am Meghan:

I win!!!
  Thu. 7/7/11 7:20am Chuck:

Does one have to cross dress to use a cross trainer I wonder?
  Thu. 7/7/11 7:20am Robin The Fog:

Not wanting to disuade you from visiting jolly old England, but one look out the window today makes me want to put on as many layers as possible! But if you'd prefer me to listen naked for old times sake, I'll do that for you....
  Thu. 7/7/11 7:21am KevinWho:

a wonderful old Southern Rock parody ... "(We're the) Dukes of Badass"
  Thu. 7/7/11 7:22am Meghan:

cold.... that actually sounds nice considering the humidity that has been here....
  Thu. 7/7/11 7:23am mohawkdave!:

WAAAAAKE UP MOTHERF&*#@^S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How's that, M#%&@N??! Or they can all just come to NJ and share a "Box O' Joe" with me. Yes, I might share.
  Thu. 7/7/11 7:24am Dave B:

dah ha...
  Thu. 7/7/11 7:24am Meghan:

ha! I think that might work......
  Thu. 7/7/11 7:24am Chuck:

Do you have a year for "Rappin' Duke", Meg? I'm trying to remember....
  Thu. 7/7/11 7:25am Robin The Fog:

At this rate you'll need flippers to visit us. Or a canoe or something. PS What exactly is a box of joe?
  Thu. 7/7/11 7:25am Elwyn:

@Chuck: the cross trainer dresses the user in a dress and a cross. It's designed to teach brain dead jocks and fundamentalist Christians some cultural diversity and sensitivity.
  Thu. 7/7/11 7:27am Dave B:

@Chuck - in gonna gues 83 or 84
  Thu. 7/7/11 7:27am Chuck:

Ha! Then they ALL should be required to use it, Elwyn!
  Thu. 7/7/11 7:28am KevinWho:

@Chuck: Nineteen-Aught-Earsbleeding?
  Thu. 7/7/11 7:29am Chuck:

Sounds about right, Dave. I was in college...
  Thu. 7/7/11 7:30am Chuck:

Wipe your ass with it and hand it back....
  Thu. 7/7/11 7:30am hamburger / london:

that is an awesome quote
  Thu. 7/7/11 7:33am Meghan:

a box of joe is a box of coffee.....
  Thu. 7/7/11 7:35am Robin The Fog:

Of course. How silly of me! And you've run out? This is a living nightmare!
  Thu. 7/7/11 7:36am Chuck:

What luck! Didn't think there actually was a song with Maharaja in the title...
  Thu. 7/7/11 7:36am Meghan:

I KNOW! it's sad! I had a feeling I should have bought the larger size......
  Thu. 7/7/11 7:36am ?:

So is there any Gary Numan on the playlist today or no?
  Thu. 7/7/11 7:37am Meghan:

hehe... morning Jeff.....
  Thu. 7/7/11 7:38am jeff p:

Yeah, i see my name wasn't there now. Should have bought the larger size. That's what SHE said.
  Thu. 7/7/11 7:40am mohawkdave!:

Ummmm.......Is it me?? Or did "Robin the Fog" used to have an R in Fog? Or is the lack of glasses (again)?
  Thu. 7/7/11 7:42am Meghan:

nope it's always Fog.... no R. He's not french....
  Thu. 7/7/11 7:42am mohawkdave!:

@ jeff p: just thought you wanted to be mysterious. I like the "?". In fact, I even liked you better then.
  Thu. 7/7/11 7:43am Robin The Fog:

@mohawkedave You mean like 'FROG'? No, no, definitely not. The moniker 'Robin The Fog' is a very specific one that I earned after a very obscure incident involving a live broadcast, an air-conditioning system and a can of cheap deodorant...
  Thu. 7/7/11 7:44am Chuck:

Hum, wonder how many times The Stranglers have made one of your playlists now, Meg...
  Thu. 7/7/11 7:44am Meghan:

wow, now that is something I would NEVER have guessed....
  Thu. 7/7/11 7:45am mohawkdave!:

@ Meghan: Well, then my computer spells fog with an r! That's all I'm sayin'.
@ R the F: Wow! Your story is so much better than my mis-read!! I think! =:)
  Thu. 7/7/11 7:45am Meghan:

As many times as I can fit them in!
  Thu. 7/7/11 7:46am mohawkdave!:

Now THAT IS what She Said, Jeff p!!
  Thu. 7/7/11 7:47am Robin The Fog:

Well, Dave, like all Englishmen, I'm literally bursting at the seams with obscure references!
Meghan, how's the marmite supply? Surely you haven't run out of THAT?!
  Thu. 7/7/11 7:47am jeff p:

  Thu. 7/7/11 7:50am Meghan:

well Elwyn sent over gummi pizzas.... no marmite!
  Thu. 7/7/11 7:50am Elwyn:

Good to see the Egyptian demographic being catered for.
  Thu. 7/7/11 7:51am KevinWho:

@Robin The Fog:
Greek debt, Marmite---what will become of Europe? http://www.cnn.com/2011/WORLD/europe/05/25/marmite.ban.britain.denmark/
  Thu. 7/7/11 7:53am mohawkdave!:

mmmmmmmmm Sinead.......her voice just makes mohawkdave very happy. now he doesn't even mind being at work. not too much.
  Thu. 7/7/11 7:54am annie:

here here, MD.. i concur!
  Thu. 7/7/11 7:54am Robin The Fog:

Tell me about it, Kevin! It's shaken the brits to their very foundations!
All-out war was only just averted and the border remains closed...
Meghan, you'd better stock up when you come over just in case it becomes a global incident...
  Thu. 7/7/11 7:54am other david:

Denmark is a bit mad on the old food regulation; they've also banned Kellogs cereals because of their iron content.

Morning Meghan and assorted chaps.

As for the debt thing.. eep :(
  Thu. 7/7/11 7:55am Robin The Fog:

...Though I must admit the photograph of three pots of the stuff on the breakfast table is probably inaccurate...
  Thu. 7/7/11 7:56am Chuck:

I always thought it was totally weird for anyone to refer to themselves in the third person, mohawkdave....
  Thu. 7/7/11 7:57am jeff p:

Bob Dole didn't have a problem referring to himself in the third person....
  Thu. 7/7/11 7:57am Dave B:

It cost Bob Dole the election.

well, that and the pen grabby thing he did, and the fact that he looked Lon Chaney in Phantom of the Opera
  Thu. 7/7/11 7:58am jeff p:

Sinead's first album was friggin' awesome.
  Thu. 7/7/11 7:58am mohawkdave!:

@chuck: stop talking like that about mohawkdave!
  Thu. 7/7/11 7:58am Chuck:

Need I say more then, Jeff?
  Thu. 7/7/11 7:59am Dave B:

See what I mean:

  Thu. 7/7/11 7:59am KevinWho:

@Robin The Fog:
CNN stock photo dept. is HOARDING! MARMITE!
(Nice to be able to tie hours of thread together.)
  Thu. 7/7/11 8:00am Dan:

Please describe what Sinead looks like since her transformation
  Thu. 7/7/11 8:00am jeff p:

What Rush bass lines are on the list?
  Thu. 7/7/11 8:01am Dave B:

and Sinead played a good Virgin Mary in "The Butcher Boy"
  Thu. 7/7/11 8:01am mohawkdave!:

@ kevinwho: well done. =:)
  Thu. 7/7/11 8:03am Robin The Fog:

@Kevinwho: Yes indeed, well done! :- 0How do you stay so sharp this early on in the morning?
  Thu. 7/7/11 8:04am Elwyn:

@Jeff: I wonder if there's a Rush bass line that's been sampled or ripped off that people can vote for. That might slip under Meghan's radar or should I say Rush-dar?
  Thu. 7/7/11 8:04am mohawkdave!:

For chuck only: Sinead thinks Sinead played a great virgin mary. =;)
  Thu. 7/7/11 8:05am KevinWho:

@Robin The Fog:
Box O' Joe! Too easy!
  Thu. 7/7/11 8:05am Chuck:

Don't get me wrong folks I don't have a problem with weird. In fact I always recommend it!
  Thu. 7/7/11 8:08am Robin The Fog:

DAMN, KEVIN! You are on FIRE!!!
  Thu. 7/7/11 8:10am mohawkdave!:

@chuck: mohawkdave has never agreed with you more!
  Thu. 7/7/11 8:10am KevinWho:

not following the whole bass-line thing too carefully, but my fave is probably another one from The Key Of Life ... "I Wish"
  Thu. 7/7/11 8:11am Chuck:

Certainly makes life much more interesting, don't it, mohawkdave?
  Thu. 7/7/11 8:13am mohawkdave!:

Indeed Chuck!
Meghan.........do you have Youth Brigade's version of Duke of Earl?
  Thu. 7/7/11 8:15am Chuck:

It's cuz your not wearing your super hero cape, Meghan.....
  Thu. 7/7/11 8:17am Dave B:

Know your food!
  Thu. 7/7/11 8:17am annie:

what a lot of bull!!!
  Thu. 7/7/11 8:18am Chuck:

I know exactly where my venison came from. About 40 yards from my tree stand...
  Thu. 7/7/11 8:18am Dave B:

Reminds me of a Wonder Showzen skit

"I named that one Mortimer"

  Thu. 7/7/11 8:19am Dave B:

\m/ (>_<) \m/
~ R A W K ~
  Thu. 7/7/11 8:20am Chuck:

Or "The Restaurant At the End of the Universe" where the cow talks to you about what cut you want off of it!
  Thu. 7/7/11 8:20am Robin The Fog:

Reminds me of this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C1nxaQhsaaw&feature=related (ignore the fact it says 'a pig', its definitely a cow)
  Thu. 7/7/11 8:21am Robin The Fog:

@Chuck - Jinx!
  Thu. 7/7/11 8:21am mohawkdave!:

I want to know what "hamburger/london" has to say about all this!
  Thu. 7/7/11 8:21am Robin The Fog:

Obviously we won't watch it until after the show, right?
  Thu. 7/7/11 8:22am Chuck:

Glad we're on the same page, Robin!
  Thu. 7/7/11 8:22am Dave B:

@RtF - 'natch
  Thu. 7/7/11 8:23am KevinWho:

never heard of Mercyful Fate, but they sound like a serious version of The Bags
  Thu. 7/7/11 8:24am jeff p:

  Thu. 7/7/11 8:24am Meghan:

there.... sinead.....it's up
  Thu. 7/7/11 8:24am Chuck:

Good God, Meghan! Sinead looks like Maureen with black hair now! WTF!!!
  Thu. 7/7/11 8:25am hamburger / london:

no... that's not sinead
  Thu. 7/7/11 8:25am annie:

holy shit
  Thu. 7/7/11 8:25am Meghan:

OMG... You are right Chuck!! Sadly it is her......
  Thu. 7/7/11 8:26am seang:

that's not Sinead is it?
  Thu. 7/7/11 8:27am seang:

oops didn't look at the comments before commenting
  Thu. 7/7/11 8:27am mohawkdave!:

Holy crap!! I just saw that picture of Sinead...???? Holy crap holy crap holy crap! Wah?? Looks like here eyebrows under all that hair, but............
  Thu. 7/7/11 8:29am Meghan:

Here's more info... http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-2010532/Sinead-OConnor-barely-recognisable-long-hair-mumsy-trouser-suit.html
  Thu. 7/7/11 8:29am Dave B:

yep.. Manchester Fest a few days ago:


Still has the voice according to the article
  Thu. 7/7/11 8:30am Robin The Fog:

She may well have borrowed that powder-blue blouse from my Gran...Wow, I appear to suddenly know what powder blue is! Cool, thanks Sinead!
  Thu. 7/7/11 8:31am other david:

  Thu. 7/7/11 8:31am Marmalade kitty:

Great show Meghan! Let us know when you'll be coming to uk :)
  Thu. 7/7/11 8:32am Meghan:

ha! I'll make sure you all know!!
  Thu. 7/7/11 8:32am other david:

And promise you'll wave out the window when you fly over Ireland :P
  Thu. 7/7/11 8:32am Jeff:

Okay you had me with mercyful fate, but I just had to pull over to say... Holy shit this rocks! Over the top for uwtp!
  Thu. 7/7/11 8:33am Dave B:

Damn - Mercyful Fate AND Celtic Frost in the same set!

  Thu. 7/7/11 8:33am Robin The Fog:

We'll make sure Joe is waiting for you at the airport holding the marmite.
  Thu. 7/7/11 8:34am Chuck:

So, what is marmite actually made of, Robin? Cows that want to be eaten?
  Thu. 7/7/11 8:35am Meghan:

ha! Everyone digging the Celtic Frost!

As of right now, it is in the list as British Isles..... So we haven't fully decided London, Dublin or possibly somewhere in Scotland!
  Thu. 7/7/11 8:35am Marmalade kitty:

we'll all be eaten! Ahahaha
  Thu. 7/7/11 8:36am Elwyn:

Just got home and can use Wi-Fi!

@Chuck: How's the BFG going?
  Thu. 7/7/11 8:36am Dave B:


  Thu. 7/7/11 8:37am Robin The Fog:

Nobody knows, Chuck, nobody knows...
But 'people' is a distinct possibility...
  Thu. 7/7/11 8:37am other david:

Meghan if your hopping around Dublin is fine for a few days, I'd reccomend going out to the west coast though for a better Irish experience. You must go to London though!
  Thu. 7/7/11 8:37am Elwyn:

@Dave: Still waiting for more viceroy songs.
  Thu. 7/7/11 8:38am Dave B:

@Meghan - Wales never gets any love.... I think that'll be my next Euro Destination one day
  Thu. 7/7/11 8:38am Marmalade kitty:

The Mar beetles off spring or seepage relating to..?
  Thu. 7/7/11 8:38am Robin The Fog:

Yeah, I'll show you how we do low-budget art radio over here!
  Thu. 7/7/11 8:39am glenn:

see, if you're gonna get your arms tatted up, you gotta make sure they (the arms) don't get all flabby. hit the gym, sinead.
  Thu. 7/7/11 8:39am Chuck:

Shouldn't marmite be green or yellow then guys? hehe....
  Thu. 7/7/11 8:41am pierre:

Difficult for me to listen right now… Lot of work to do.
But i wanted to make sure to say Hi to Meghan Emperess of the parkies !
And hi to every loyal subjects !
  Thu. 7/7/11 8:41am Chuck:

At a stand still on the project, I'm sorry to report, Elwyn. I've got a client that has been a complete pest for the past month with clear resin castings he wants done. (i.e. the crap that makes me break out in a rash!)
  Thu. 7/7/11 8:41am Meghan:

Bonjour Pierre! we miss you!!!
  Thu. 7/7/11 8:42am Robin The Fog:

Hey Pierre! :-)
  Thu. 7/7/11 8:42am Elwyn:

@Chuck: You've got to take care of the bills. I hope this pest pays you well. Clear resin sounds interesting. Is he getting you to make crystal skulls?
  Thu. 7/7/11 8:43am Dave B:

@Elwyn -

Alas - the Viceroy is an under appreciated title.
  Thu. 7/7/11 8:44am pierre:

i miss you all to, very much.

:' (
  Thu. 7/7/11 8:45am Dave B:

@Glenn - maybe when she got the tat, it was written in a 3 pt font. Now that its all stretched, its easier to read!
  Thu. 7/7/11 8:45am Chuck:

I will not attempt to describe this guy's "art", Elwyn. Personally I think his stuff is garbage, but I don't get paid to be an art critic. Meghan knows what I mean....
  Thu. 7/7/11 8:47am Dave B:

@Chuck - If its what I saw a month ago, I concur.

@Elwyn - better late than never with the Viceroy:

  Thu. 7/7/11 8:48am Meghan:

oh yeah..... and sadly a lot of it has been famous. Don't know how or why, but someone thinks it's cutting edge. I still think it pure shite
  Thu. 7/7/11 8:48am Elwyn:

@Chuck: Is he somebody Michael Bay hired? :-)
  Thu. 7/7/11 8:49am other david:

"pure shite", eee gads the Irishness is strong in you Meghan!
  Thu. 7/7/11 8:50am Chuck:

Ha! No Michael Bay, Elwyn. I will say that that the "art" is TOTALLY GAY! I'm talking penises and bondage stuff everywhere on his "sculpture"!
  Thu. 7/7/11 8:51am Meghan:

ha! If only I knew if it is totally Irish or if it is Scottish.... McKee lands in both areas....
  Thu. 7/7/11 8:51am Chuck:

And it looks like stuff someone in junior high school could make...
  Thu. 7/7/11 8:52am Chuck:

Wouldn't it be Mackee if it was Scottish, Meghan?
  Thu. 7/7/11 8:53am PKNY:

Taking a break from cleaning my kitchen. The Fate/Frost/Mastodon set had me attacking the stove with vigor, nicely done!
  Thu. 7/7/11 8:54am Dave B:

Mac vs Mc:

  Thu. 7/7/11 8:55am glenn:

pkny, did you also use Vim, to go with the vigour?
  Thu. 7/7/11 8:56am other david:

stereolab <3
  Thu. 7/7/11 8:56am still b/p:

Just wanted to say that strictly as an address, http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-2010532/Sinead-OConnor-barely-recognisable-long-hair-mumsy-trouser-suit.html should go in in an internet address hall of fame.....and probably should go in a lyric somewhere, too.
  Thu. 7/7/11 8:56am Chuck:

I sit corrected, DB...
  Thu. 7/7/11 8:56am Meghan:

I was just about to say that they are the same thing! nice dave.....
  Thu. 7/7/11 8:57am Elwyn:

@Chuck: Beware of Evil Brady's mad Google kung-fu skills.
  Thu. 7/7/11 8:57am Meghan:

ha! so true Still.... so true...
  Thu. 7/7/11 8:58am jeff p:

ok everyone, have a great weekend!
  Thu. 7/7/11 8:58am Robin The Fog:

@still b/p - Good one! I hate the expression 'LOL', but that's pretty much what happened...
  Thu. 7/7/11 8:59am Dave B:

There I do not slack:

Brady is a surname derived from the Irish surname Mac Brádaigh.
  Thu. 7/7/11 9:00am Robin The Fog:

Dammit, is it that time already? Bloody marvellous show as ever! Thanks Meghan and forum friends! I missed you all when I was away!!!
  Thu. 7/7/11 9:01am Meghan:

glad you are back Robin! until next week!!
  Thu. 7/7/11 9:01am hamburger / london:

thanks meghan!
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