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I play rhinoceros and psychedelic fork.

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Options July 5, 2011: That Nineties Show

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Artist Track Album Label Year Approx. start time
THE IN-THEME          0:00:00 ()
FURNITURE HUSCHLE  Tricks   Options Waiting for Parts  Spare Me  1998  0:04:22 ()
CHEER ACCIDENT  The Family Business   Options Enduring the American Dream  Pravda  1997  0:06:51 ()
H.N.A.S.  Vogelzang   Options Willkur Nach Noten  Dragnet  1992  0:08:21 ()
ARTO LINDSAY  Horizontal   Options Mundo Civilizado  Bar None  1997  0:11:11 ()
NOVO TONO  Umi e Iko   Options Panorama Paradise  Creativeman  1996  0:14:42 ()
PRAM  Three Wild Georges   Options Sargasso Sea  Too Pure  1995  0:18:48 ()
VOE  Le Fond du Temps   Options Serre-Moi Fort  SMI  1998  0:23:43 ()
HOAHIO  Happy Mail   Options Happy Mail  Amoebic  1997  0:31:37 ()
LES SALLES COMBLES  La Clique   Options De Fond en Combies  Transmekanik  1993  0:35:31 ()
SFT (SIMON FISHER TURNER)  Sequel   Options Shwarma  Mute  1996  0:40:21 ()
TONE FLOAT  Ghenghiz Khan Android   Options Muzik von Tone Float  Timothy's Brain  1997  0:45:06 ()
ORCHESTRE MURPHY  Meanwhile Back at My Lair   Options Frankincense  Out of Depression  1992  0:48:01 ()
TAKUMI FUKUSHIMA & DOMINIQUE LENTIN  Opera Udu   Options Takumi Fukushima & Dominique Lentin  SMI/ Erosha  1999  0:50:09 ()
HUMAN FLESH  Bulgarian Movie   Options V.A.: A Highly Ragged Guide to My Kind of Blues  AMF  1994  0:52:57 ()
DADA'S NOISE  Combiens de Temps   Options V.A.: Tres Hors 2  Prikosnovenie  1995  0:59:57 ()
OLIVIA*NEW*TON*JOHN  Bermuda   Options Jose  More Music  1999  1:04:20 ()
PALINCKXQUARTET  Lemmy 2   Options Covers  Vonk  1992  1:06:28 ()
GOZ OF KERMEUR  Put It in Your Pocket   Options Goz of Kermeur  Noise Product  1992  1:07:46 ()
CHARLES HAYWARD & NICK DOYNE-DITMAS  November Building   Options My Sweet Alphabet  Sub Rosa  1993  1:10:41 ()
DER EXPANDER DES FORTSCHRITTS  Lonely Fritz   Options Ad Acta  Zong  1990  1:14:43 ()
DIANE LABROSSE  Constellations   Options Face Cachee des Choses  Ambiances Magnetiques  1995  1:18:45 ()
ASMUS TIETCHENS & PBK  Manifesto No. 3   Options Five Manifestoes  Realization  1990  1:21:48 ()
DIE TRIP COMPUTER DIE  Jackie X   Options Stadium Death  Alcohol  1999  1:32:05 ()
BROTHER JT & VIBROLUX  Optigan   Options Doomsday Rock  Siltbreeze  1996  1:37:18 ()
DANNY COHEN  Ranting on the Street   Options Museum of Dannys  Tzadik  1999  1:41:57 ()
THE MINERS OF BANAL  Right Bed, Right Room, Wrong Universe   Options The Miners of Banal  Slag  1999  1:47:22 ()
L'EMPIRE DES SONS  Manana Era Otro Dia   Options Le Saucisson de Mer  Musea  1990  1:49:28 ()
TINA GIL  Ponder a Prueba Tu Amor   Options V.A.: Noise Club Uno  Por Caridad  1994  1:53:54 ()
V. MAJESTIC  Red Ribbons   Options Dynamic Alloy  no label  1999  1:55:26 ()
SUGAR CONNECTION  Untitled #18   Options Plays Aliens Cakes  Review  1994  2:01:31 ()
FRED FRITH  Le Rencontre   Options Eye to Ear  Tzadik  1997  2:03:47 ()
RASCAL REPORTERS  Down on the Pharm   Options Purple Entrapment  Wafer Face  1995  2:07:56 ()
MD 1919  Notri   Options The Promise of Dresser's Door  no label  1996  2:17:01 ()
THE LARRY MONDELLO BAND  He Loves Me (1991)   Options The Giant  no label  2004  2:32:26 ()
PELAYO-NUBLA  Bien Bien   Options Galvana (CD EP)  SSS  1992  2:37:02 ()
IVO NAIF  Con Titulo   Options Catalogo  G3G  1995  2:40:54 ()
SOLID EYE  Gilbert   Options Fruits of Automation  Win   1999  2:43:15 ()
THE FROZEN AMBASSADOR  Untitled #6   Options The Frozen Ambassador  Kindercore  1999  2:47:46 ()
PERE UBU  Ray Gun Suitcase   Options Ray Gun Suitcase  Tim/Kerr  1995  2:49:27 ()
KLIMPEREI  Entre Deux Eaux   Options V.A.: Tres Hors 2  Prikosnovenie  1995  2:53:14 ()
PIERRE BERTHET & FREDERIC LE JUNTER  Love Is a Stranger (1994)   Options L'enclume des Jours  In Poly Sons  2011  2:55:00 ()
TOUPIDEK LIMONADE  Je Vous Salue les Copains   Options Il y a des Bulles dans la Banquise  In Poly Sons  1998  3:01:48 ()
CURD DUCA  Wind   Options Easy Listening 3  Normal  1994  3:04:28 ()

Listener comments!

  Tue. 7/5/11 12:01pm tonyc:

Hullo dere! All music today will be from the 1990s....
  Tue. 7/5/11 12:02pm Alf from Upstate:

Welcome back Tony!
  Tue. 7/5/11 12:03pm listener james from westwood:

good tuesday and hello to all! sorry my early tuesday attendance has been scattershot; the archives have been my copilot lately....
  Tue. 7/5/11 12:03pm Ricardo Montalban:

Hola, Senor Tony!
Viva la 90's!
  Tue. 7/5/11 12:04pm J J:

Trips me out when I see the sign in the corner store that says you have to be born on this day in 1993 to buy cigarettes. So long ago!
  Tue. 7/5/11 12:04pm listener james from westwood:

the 90s is when i actually first heard tony's show. mondays @ noon, iirc (?).
  Tue. 7/5/11 12:05pm tonyc:

You are correct, James! Hello to everybody....
  Tue. 7/5/11 12:06pm Drummer Some:

The '90s? I have ties 20 years older that the '90s. (I never wear them, of course.)
  Tue. 7/5/11 12:06pm Ricardo Montalban:

I spent a good chunk of the nineties living at the foot of a mountain that effectively blocked any radio waves from coming to my house.
  Tue. 7/5/11 12:07pm holland oats:

my dog is digging this one
  Tue. 7/5/11 12:08pm tonyc:

Your dog digs the human beatbox?
  Tue. 7/5/11 12:11pm holland oats:

she won't do no tricks for me because i am biscuit free
  Tue. 7/5/11 12:15pm listener james from westwood:

true story: tony's old opening cut (purolator? spelling?) used to be my go-to-lunch cue way back then. one day, tony hosted an hour earlier. i heard the opening theme at 11, and got FIERCELY hungry. pavlov, you magnificent bastard.
  Tue. 7/5/11 12:16pm tonyc:

What I find weird is that a CD from 1990, no matter how good it is, is much less likely to get reissued these days than an LP from 1975.
  Tue. 7/5/11 12:17pm tonyc:

Listener James: Yep, my old in-theme was Pyrolator's "Im Zoo"
  Tue. 7/5/11 12:17pm gerardo:

buenas tardes senor coulter
  Tue. 7/5/11 12:18pm tonyc:

Greetings, Gerardo!
  Tue. 7/5/11 12:25pm tonyc:

Is there actually anything distinctive about the music of the '90s that would make it different from something recent? Not sure....
  Tue. 7/5/11 12:26pm listener james from westwood:

weird on that reissuance difference. could it be a financial thing on the part of the record co's? i know i spent parts of the late 90s looking for music i didn't buy in the early part of the decade.
  Tue. 7/5/11 12:27pm Drummer Some:

My father is in his 90s. Maybe he should tune in.
  Tue. 7/5/11 12:28pm tonyc:

Listener James: I think it has something to do with the way people fetishize decades and media. The '80s and vinyl are in; the '90s and CDs are not.
  Tue. 7/5/11 12:28pm listener james from westwood:

and he's presumably still the original pressing!
  Tue. 7/5/11 12:32pm tonyc:

My father plays at 79 RPM.
  Tue. 7/5/11 12:37pm Ike:

Hey! Loving that Hoahio!

Missing the first 30 min. of yr show is the fault of the Hackensack River PATH drawbridge going up... I'm gonna get a vat of industrial glue and seal that sucker shut for good!
  Tue. 7/5/11 12:38pm tonyc:

Hey Ike -- welcome the '90s. (All music today from the '90s and from CD.)
  Tue. 7/5/11 12:38pm Drummer Some:

Tony played a cut by Hackensack River Drawbridge LAST week. (I love their early stuff.)
  Tue. 7/5/11 12:40pm Brian in UK:

I heard HRD couldn't pull the skin offof a rice puddin'
  Tue. 7/5/11 12:42pm Brian in UK:

Now Antelope Freeway there was a band. 40 mile/minute jams.
  Tue. 7/5/11 12:48pm Ike:

This is outstanding. I love the sounds of the 90s.
  Tue. 7/5/11 12:54pm tonyc:

Thanks Ike! The sound of the 90s loves you.
  Tue. 7/5/11 1:02pm Alf from Upstate:

Tony Coulter, the leading edge of the '90s fetish. We heard it here first!
  Tue. 7/5/11 1:03pm tonyc:

You got it. Better start buying up '90s clothes in thrift stores.
  Tue. 7/5/11 1:06pm tonyc:

Whatever '90s clothes are....
  Tue. 7/5/11 1:08pm Ricardo Montalban:

I thought Punk Rock in the 80's used up all the air raid siren sounds.
Apparently not.
  Tue. 7/5/11 1:09pm Alf from Upstate:

Got plaid flannels?
  Tue. 7/5/11 1:12pm Ricardo Montalban:

I remember seeing dudes in Portland wearing in the mid eighties what became the grunge look in the nineties. It was totally a thriftstore aesthetic.
  Tue. 7/5/11 1:13pm Conrad:

"Is there actually anything distinctive about the music of the '90s that would make it different from something recent?" - gangsta rap, techno/rave, Fatboy Slim-style "big beat" all make me think "'90s." And bad ska/punk.

But, yeah, since those styles are still being made to some extent, recordings from the '90s don't sound as trapped in their time period as does the music of other decades.
  Tue. 7/5/11 1:14pm J J:

Northwest, trees, flannels, what if it had been called lumberjack rock instead?
  Tue. 7/5/11 1:17pm tonyc:

Early 90s music of all styles uses certain kinds of breathy digital synths that have thankfully fallen out of favor, but other than that there probably isn't anything that '90s specific, as you (Conrad) say.
  Tue. 7/5/11 1:22pm Brian in UK:

The further we move into the future the more grist there is to absorb/adsorb from previous decades. Add to that technology advances and it becomes harder to pin down music to a certain period in time. It's say 40 years since Dark Side of the Moon then go back another 40 and it's early Victrola recordings of 'country' music & Louis. Most music journalists who probably do not like what they hear anyway always seem to feel the need to relate what they hear to something previously recorded.
  Tue. 7/5/11 1:27pm Ricardo Montalban:

Ironically, the two biggest bands in terms of mainstream influence that I can think of from the 90s - Nirvana and The Pixies - really sound like an amalgam of other people's styles and trends from the previous decade. While I enjoyed some of the Pixies and had this 'home town pride' about Nirvana, I've never thought either band was all that original.
  Tue. 7/5/11 1:28pm tonyc:

Have to admit I completely missed out on the whole grunge/alternative thing. Have no idea what most of those bands sound like....
  Tue. 7/5/11 1:31pm Brian in UK:

Mass popularity = Originality Very rarely.
  Tue. 7/5/11 1:32pm Ricardo Montalban:

I remember thinking that the 'Seattle sound' owed a perhaps unconscious debt to Cher in terms of vocal histrionics. Really obnoxious. I think the movie Hype really covered the so-called Grunge phenomenon really well. The money quote from Steve Fisk went something like 'money ruined it for everyone'.
  Tue. 7/5/11 1:35pm tonyc:

I do like Beat Happening, though -- guess they were sort of part of the Northwest alternative scene, no?
  Tue. 7/5/11 1:36pm Ricardo Montalban:

Yeah, Beat Happening, K Records, sort of their own little art movement.
  Tue. 7/5/11 1:37pm Conrad:

Yeah, but both Beat Happening and The Pixies started in well back in the '80s! And Nirvana was def. the less original, ripping off the Pixies, actually ("Teen Spirit" = "Gigantic").
  Tue. 7/5/11 1:40pm Ricardo Montalban:

I know someone who knew Kurt and he claimed he was racked by this weird guilt that they made it so big when there were bands he liked that he thought were more deserving of the attention. He also said that he hated how the kinds of people who he hated in high school came to his concerts.
  Tue. 7/5/11 1:43pm tonyc:

They burned the taco intentionally....
  Tue. 7/5/11 1:57pm tonyc:

Technical question: Is there any difference in the sound quality of today's all-CD show, versus a typical mostly vinyl show? (In both cases, heard compressed, of course, since this is an mp3 stream.)
  Tue. 7/5/11 1:58pm Carmichael:

Hiya Toney, post 4th celebration. Much heat, conducive to much beer consumption. Good set thus far.
  Tue. 7/5/11 1:58pm tonyc:

Thanks, Carmichael! Not much heat over here, but lots of explosions.
  Tue. 7/5/11 2:01pm listener james from westwood:

i don't know if i have the "ear" for sound quality, but it sounds good to me. of course, part of my 90s was continuously repositioning a dipole antenna to reduce the static nipping at fmu's musical heels, so i'm broadly tolerant of varying sound quality. diggin the show regardless!!
  Tue. 7/5/11 2:02pm tonyc:

Thanks, James!
  Tue. 7/5/11 2:11pm Drummer Some:

Just sounds like great radio, Tony. Thoughtful, surprising, adventurous. In other words, wicked good quality.
  Tue. 7/5/11 2:13pm tonyc:

Thanks, Doug. Talking about "wicked," my tube of Tom's toothpaste claims to be "wicked fresh."
  Tue. 7/5/11 2:14pm Drummer Some:

Can you play that next, or is it too compressed?
  Tue. 7/5/11 2:15pm tonyc:

I'd have to really squeeze the tube to get it out.
  Tue. 7/5/11 2:18pm J J:

NOticed Tom's toothpaste has changed the packaging. The tube no longer springs a leak and oozes out of a hole in the side. I was starting to wonder why I continued to buy a product that kept leaving white toothpaste dung heaps everywhere.
  Tue. 7/5/11 2:19pm Ricardo Montalban:

It's hard to judge sound quality in terms of compression, CD vs analog, etc., when the webstream's at 128kbps
  Tue. 7/5/11 2:21pm tonyc:

Senor Montalban: Figured as much, but thought I'd ask, as I'm always curious. Next week, it's back to scratchy LPs.
  Tue. 7/5/11 2:29pm tonyc:

Er ... I mean two weeks from now.
  Tue. 7/5/11 2:31pm Ricardo Montalban:

I love scratchy LPs.
  Tue. 7/5/11 2:34pm tonyc:

I love itchy LPs.
  Tue. 7/5/11 2:38pm Ricardo Montalban:

That sounded like Vachel Lindsay on that track.
  Tue. 7/5/11 2:39pm tonyc:

Could be! No "credit" is given....
  Tue. 7/5/11 2:39pm Ricardo Montalban:

It seems like the nineties were a great era for cassette only releases and cassette compilations.
  Tue. 7/5/11 2:42pm tonyc:

True enough -- people tend to associate the "cassette underground" with the '80s, but there were still tons of cassette-only releases in the '90s.
  Tue. 7/5/11 2:51pm tonyc:

I want to be a suitcase....
  Tue. 7/5/11 2:53pm Ricardo Montalban:

I've noticed that too. I wonder how much of it was a sort of backlash to the CD seeming to be a 'corporate' medium, and vinyl being a really expensive option, comparatively. Cassettes seemed really immediate. Now vinyl is king again, but some of these boutique labels with their 30 dollar records have got to go!
  Tue. 7/5/11 2:54pm Ricardo Montalban:

I've noticed that too. I wonder how much of it was a sort of backlash to the CD seeming to be a 'corporate' medium, and vinyl being a really expensive option, comparatively. Cassettes seemed really immediate. Now vinyl is king again, but some of these boutique labels with their 30+ dollar records have got to go!
  Tue. 7/5/11 2:54pm tonyc:

Hope you're all enjoying the mellow sounds of the '90s. Will be running over a couple of minutes today....
  Tue. 7/5/11 2:54pm Ricardo Montalban:

whoops! Posted that twice. Sorry. My browser's buggy!
  Tue. 7/5/11 2:58pm tonyc:

No problemo! The issue I have with much modern vinyl is that it sounds really awful. Often it's really obvious that compressed digital files mastered on a computer have simply been transfered to vinyl -- the worst of both worlds
  Tue. 7/5/11 2:58pm J J:

Sounded like Adam Sandler.
  Tue. 7/5/11 2:58pm Steve:

We can thank the 90's for pulling us out of the clean and spiffy 80's. The rhythm section actually meant something again; long lost since the mid-70's when you know what took over. Thanks for the show Tony.
  Tue. 7/5/11 2:59pm Ricardo Montalban:

Beware the re-issue of the Residents on vinyl, by the way.
  Tue. 7/5/11 3:00pm Ricardo Montalban:

This is a great show, Tony! Nice to hear so much stuff from the mystery era that was the nineties.
  Tue. 7/5/11 3:02pm listener james from westwood:

thanks for the fine program and the little something extra at the 3 pm hour!
  Tue. 7/5/11 3:02pm tonyc:

Thanks Ricardo & Steve -- and everyone else for tuning in. See you in two weeks....
  Tue. 7/5/11 3:03pm Drummer Some:

Make that next Tuesday!

Coming up on the stream:
The Pebbles
Thanasis Gaifilias
The Donations
Ice Water Slim
Asha Bhosle
Sideney Bechet
Shel Silverstein

If you keep it where it is...
  Tue. 7/5/11 3:04pm tonyc:

You're welcome, James! Love being able to go over without stepping on anyone's toes (robot toes don't count).
  Tue. 7/5/11 3:06pm tonyc:

As the Dougster says: stay tuned to Give the Drummer Radio!
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