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The Failure of Noise
The Failure of Sound
The Failure of Rock
The Failure of the Avant Garde
The Failure of the Space Age
The Failure of Jazz
The Failure of Psychedelia
The Failure of Krautrock
The Failure of Electronic
The Failure of Pop
The Failure of Free-form
The Failure of the 20th Century

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Options June 30, 2011: the Limits of Failure can never be known

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Artist Track Album
James Last  Mr. Giant Man   Options Voodoo Party 
Hawkwind  Orgone Accumulator   Options Space Ritual 
Sylvester Anfang II  Damia[a]n   Options Commune Cassetten 
George Harrison  Out of the Blue   Options All things must Pass 
Pain Teens  Noh Jam   Options Born in Blood 
Der Blutharsch / Aluk Todolo  Untitled [B-1]   Options Der Blutharsch / Aluk Todolo -- and the infinite Church of the Leading Hand 
Michael Flower  Untitled #1   Options Returning to knowing Nothing (Phase One) 
Dirty Beaches   Black Nylon   Options Badlands 
Birchville Cat Motel  Ghastly Star   Options Seventh Ruined Hex 
Dirty Beaches  Lord Knows Best   Options Badlands 
John Oswald  Don't   Options Plunderphonics 
Hertta Lussu Ässä  Cocktail of Life Fluids   Options Hertta Lussu Ässä 
Lawrence English & Stephen Vitiello  Soft Plastic Shell   Options Acute Inbetweens 
Kuupuu  Ingalle   Options Kevätlauluja 
Kuupuu  Mustaruhtinaan laula   Options Kevätlauluja 
Barn Owl & the Infinite Strings Ensemble  Light   Options The Headlands 
Raglani  Heart of Glass   Options Raglani/Outer Space split 
Morton Subotnick  Touch (pt. I)   Options Touch 
Trevor Wishart  Imago   Options Fanfare and Contrapunctus/Imago 
Teresa Rampazzi  Environ   Options Musica Endoscopica 
Bruno Nicolai  La Coda Dello Scorpione Seq. 1   Options La Coda Dello Scorpione OST 
Bruno Nicolai  La Coda Dello Scorpione Seq. 5   Options La Coda Dello Scorpione OST 
Bruno Nicolai  La Coda Dello Scorpione Seq. 12   Options La Coda Dello Scorpione OST 
Brigitte Fontaine and Areski  Leo   Options Comme à la Radio 

Listener comments!

  Thu. 6/30/11 3:14pm hamburger / london:

hi! ho!
  Thu. 6/30/11 3:14pm john:

Space Ritual... Long live Barney Bubbles!!
  Thu. 6/30/11 3:14pm MS:

Space Ritual def. one of the better album covers out there.
  Thu. 6/30/11 3:15pm ted:

i was sitting here wondering who this was....and then it came to me...Hawkwind

nice choice Fabio! Quark Strangness & Charm!
  Thu. 6/30/11 3:15pm john:

^^ Hell Yes!!
  Thu. 6/30/11 3:15pm hubba:

You know... it is a Hawkwind-like day... Thanks Fabio!
  Thu. 6/30/11 3:17pm PKNY:

I'm fully prepared for a sonic attack! Good looking out on the Hawkwind!
  Thu. 6/30/11 3:18pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

good afternoon good peoples
  Thu. 6/30/11 3:19pm hubba:

  Thu. 6/30/11 3:19pm Carmichael:

Oh man, Fabio's in rockin' mode. This is gonna be great!
  Thu. 6/30/11 3:20pm ted:

are your eyes really dead?..just always wondered.
and if so, dam those corporations
  Thu. 6/30/11 3:20pm Evan:

Jersey Native, Still rockin in UTAH! Thanks WoofMoo.
  Thu. 6/30/11 3:21pm ?:

This is Echoes-esque
  Thu. 6/30/11 3:21pm hubba:

Is this the side long jam? and... is Eric Clpaton on here?
  Thu. 6/30/11 3:21pm john:

wow.. george harrison now.. Fabio must be in a mood
  Thu. 6/30/11 3:22pm Das:

@Hubba - he couldn't be, we're still awake
  Thu. 6/30/11 3:23pm Mike East:

There was a Harrison record other than All Things Must Pass that someone on the comments board recommended to me a while back. Does anyone know what it might have been?
  Thu. 6/30/11 3:25pm Mike East:

...unless it was All Things Must Pass and I just smoke too much grass...
  Thu. 6/30/11 3:25pm hubba:

oooh dang!@Das... well, the Clap is on here somewhere, maybe not this track, but he is there ... I can feel his presence.
  Thu. 6/30/11 3:25pm rst-wiley:

Nope, but here's a good search that may help ? You could add the year and dj, too..
  Thu. 6/30/11 3:26pm BSI:

bloody hell! I turn my back for 25 minutes and lookit this playlist!
  Thu. 6/30/11 3:26pm hubba:

There is the record where it is a close-up of his mug.. that had some redeemable stuff on it. Title escapes me..
  Thu. 6/30/11 3:26pm rst-wiley:

or in search box terms : "george harrison" site:wfmu.org
  Thu. 6/30/11 3:27pm easymate13:

I love wfmu
  Thu. 6/30/11 3:27pm quinn:

fabio is killin it today. BITCHIN
  Thu. 6/30/11 3:29pm hubba:

"whipping post" or dark star"... choose your own adventure.
  Thu. 6/30/11 3:29pm hamburger / london:

dark star?
  Thu. 6/30/11 3:32pm hubba:

sorry... i'm a closet dead-head
  Thu. 6/30/11 3:34pm hopey:

Patti Boyd Harrison (at the time)
  Thu. 6/30/11 3:34pm Looms:

"Best Beatles solo album of all times"? I approve that.
  Thu. 6/30/11 3:37pm Pantagruel:


"Orgasmatron Comes to Brooklyn"
  Thu. 6/30/11 3:40pm still b/p:

Kids! Build your own!
  Thu. 6/30/11 3:41pm ?:

apparently, Ringo was (is) the best-selling Beatle as a solo artist. hard to believe, and I may have just made that up
  Thu. 6/30/11 3:41pm hubba:

how? I like his narration in The Point... "me and my arrow"
  Thu. 6/30/11 3:42pm Das:

His cds make the best coasters
  Thu. 6/30/11 3:43pm hubba:

"Maybe a Ringo ate your baby?"
  Thu. 6/30/11 3:45pm hamburger / london:

that a seinfeld reference by any chance?
  Thu. 6/30/11 3:46pm hubba:

yes.. yes it was. sorry.
  Thu. 6/30/11 3:49pm hamburger / london:

  Thu. 6/30/11 3:51pm Das:

@still b/p: I can finally get hooked on junk - now I can afford my own Orgone accumulator!
  Thu. 6/30/11 3:56pm rst-wiley:

'i'm waiting for the femme fatale' ?
  Thu. 6/30/11 3:57pm Tom ( The Bactrian Support Network ):

Thought this was "Fille Qui Mousse" for a moment ....
  Thu. 6/30/11 4:02pm still b/p:

I've been in the neighborhood of the Wilhelm Reich Museum several times....but maybe I fear the...accumulation.
  Thu. 6/30/11 4:04pm hubba:

I was going to say matt bower... I love that double cd, Beautiful Speck Triumph...
  Thu. 6/30/11 4:06pm Chris from DC:

Bower's on this one, actually.
  Thu. 6/30/11 4:07pm hubba:

interesting... thanks for the info.
  Thu. 6/30/11 4:19pm jaycjay:

Yep, Pain Teens were from Houston, but Bliss Blood, the singer, moved to NYC in the late 90s and performs in the city occasionally with Evanescent and a few other projects.
  Thu. 6/30/11 4:19pm john:

what??? Labyrinth!!!

  Thu. 6/30/11 4:20pm hubba:

umm... his pudding pouch plays a central role in Labyrinth
  Thu. 6/30/11 4:21pm hubba:

dance magic dance... wasn't he Warhol (hole, like in holes).
  Thu. 6/30/11 4:23pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

the barbecue will NOT be televised
  Thu. 6/30/11 4:26pm phillip:

love this song. very eerie
  Thu. 6/30/11 4:27pm hubba:

This dude loves his loops man... was it Brian's show? a track that sampled Denudes...
  Thu. 6/30/11 4:28pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

yeah, on Tuesday. Seems like an easy way to make a career to me.
  Thu. 6/30/11 4:29pm BSI:

Behold! The God of Plunder!
  Thu. 6/30/11 4:29pm hubba:

It makes me want to start a band... or tell other people to do it... kinda like a Ghostface track
  Thu. 6/30/11 4:36pm jeanne:

a great great track. its keeping me from the sunshine. o_O
  Thu. 6/30/11 4:37pm hubba:

Is this Hertta Lussa Assa?
  Thu. 6/30/11 4:37pm hubba:

  Thu. 6/30/11 4:38pm Carmichael:

I'm at fiscal year end here at the local Gub Mint office. Naturally, I'm pondering the Failure of Public Bureaucracy. Spin on, Fabio my man.
  Thu. 6/30/11 4:39pm hubba:

Tax Branch?
  Thu. 6/30/11 4:41pm hubba:

  Thu. 6/30/11 4:41pm hamburger / london:

oh this loop is so sweet
  Thu. 6/30/11 4:46pm hamburger / london:

loop / track / vat-evarz
  Thu. 6/30/11 4:49pm hubba:

This show makes me want to drop my entire paycheck on records...
  Thu. 6/30/11 4:51pm rst-wiley:

er '..waiting for the Venus in..'
  Thu. 6/30/11 4:54pm BSI:

@hubba: story of my (recent) life, i'm afraid...
  Thu. 6/30/11 4:57pm hubba:

seriously, right!? I think when I got my tax return I damn near took out a loan just to release that "pent-up demand." It's happening again... hand getting shakes... typing de stijl... summoning paypal... NNOOOO!
  Thu. 6/30/11 5:01pm J J:

I just enjoy the music streaming, man. Takes up less space.
  Thu. 6/30/11 5:09pm BSI:

I shall name my first jellyfish Kuupuu.
  Thu. 6/30/11 5:09pm Julie:

plunderphonicing..love it
  Thu. 6/30/11 5:11pm Stanley:

Waddya mean find something better?
  Thu. 6/30/11 5:12pm Carmichael:

I prefer to remain vague, Hubba, for under-the-radar reasons.
  Thu. 6/30/11 5:16pm BSI:

I shall name everything Kuupuu.
  Thu. 6/30/11 5:20pm hubba:

I should do the same... appologies.
  Thu. 6/30/11 5:21pm Carmichael:

No problemo, Hubba Kuupuu.
  Thu. 6/30/11 5:24pm Looms:

Didn't know this Subotnick piece, sounds great.
  Thu. 6/30/11 5:27pm Mike East:

You've raised the bar with this show today, Fabio. Top notch.
  Thu. 6/30/11 5:28pm EricJ:

This one's like Raymond Scott on steroids! Great stuff!!
  Thu. 6/30/11 5:36pm seang:

waitin for the pidge
  Thu. 6/30/11 5:42pm Carmichael:

Fabio Kuupuu, you're messin' with my MIND, man.
  Thu. 6/30/11 5:43pm hamburger / london:

what in the depths of Kuupuu is going on?
  Thu. 6/30/11 5:44pm Looms:

What a trippy set! Thank you Fabio.
  Thu. 6/30/11 5:47pm phillip:

wfmu off the air?
  Thu. 6/30/11 5:48pm Pantagruel:

I have nothing to vent.
  Thu. 6/30/11 5:48pm hubba:

  Thu. 6/30/11 5:49pm phillip:

there we are!
  Thu. 6/30/11 5:52pm Carmichael:

Life is a rosy little cute poochie, Fabio.
  Thu. 6/30/11 5:57pm BSI:

BEHOLD! Kuupuu Pigeon manifesteth!
  Thu. 6/30/11 5:58pm Looms:

Here are the troublemakers again
  Thu. 6/30/11 5:58pm hopey:

  Thu. 6/30/11 5:58pm Matt from Springfield:

Hi Fab, Clay, Julie, everyone! Welcome back Julie!

And stop Mal-teasing us! Can you send us some through the Inter-Tubes?
  Thu. 6/30/11 5:58pm hubba:

This has been a hoot! Fabio, you rule. Everyone, you too!
  Thu. 6/30/11 5:59pm Matt from Springfield:

The Triumvirate, Triad..."Tricycle"... The "Troublemakers", now THAT'S a great one, Looms!
  Thu. 6/30/11 6:00pm phillip:

i do care clay
  Thu. 6/30/11 6:00pm Carmichael:

I'm so-so, Clay.
  Thu. 6/30/11 6:00pm Freddie and the Dreamers:

@Fabio: MAN-CULEAN!!
  Thu. 6/30/11 6:01pm Pantagruel:

  Thu. 6/30/11 6:01pm BSI:

  Thu. 6/30/11 6:01pm Carmichael:

  Thu. 6/30/11 6:01pm hopey:

  Thu. 6/30/11 6:01pm davin:

they call themselves, MANCUNIANS
  Thu. 6/30/11 6:01pm Matt from Springfield:

@Looms: Oh yeah, The "Dumbasses"!
Music duels can be:
"The Great Show on WFMU with The Dumbasses"!!
  Thu. 6/30/11 6:02pm BSI:

  Thu. 6/30/11 6:07pm rax:

brigitte fontaine sounded like morricone... incredibile...
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