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Shamanic vibrational love frequencies for the infinite mind. Shed all fear and allow the forces of nature to rattle your spine. We are the future. Welcome to the 5th Dimension.

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Options June 24, 2011: Cooperate With The Cosmic Rhythms

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Artist Track Album Comments Approx. start time
Jay Clarke  Red Giant   Options   Clip from the Charlie Chaplin film, The Great Dictator.  0:00:00 ()
HOLY OTHER  Touch   Options     0:06:29 ()
Modern Witch  Desire   Options     0:10:50 ()
Remy LBO  Succession   Options     0:15:10 ()
Entropy Stew  Falling Down the Stairs in the Fifth Dimension   Options     0:16:53 ()
Actress  Hubble   Options     0:21:26 ()
Ibunshi  Deadwoods   Options     0:29:56 ()
Damu  Bubblejet   Options     0:38:09 ()
Raiden & Outrage  Tornado   Options     0:42:35 ()
Dub-One  Lion Step   Options     0:45:57 ()
Music behind DJ:
Chakra Illum   Shout!  Relax...  0:49:01 ()
Javier Estrada  Ayahuasca   Options     1:11:10 ()
Kavinsky  Nightcall (Los Reyes De La Milanga Cumbiastyle Remix)   Options     1:13:43 ()
Silver Columns  Brow Beaten   Options     1:17:44 ()
Ophex  Go Gadget Go   Options     1:22:07 ()
MC DALESTE  Complicado Amar   Options     1:25:47 ()
Sapabonde  Vai Nao Se Esconde (Diamond Bass RMX)   Options     1:30:26 ()
J-Trick  Ese Papi / Wannabe Francis   Options     1:35:26 ()
Nicki Minaj  Monster (AirrickDynamic Creature Feature Riverside Rework)   Options     1:41:05 ()
Fellow  Boisterous   Options     1:44:08 ()
COMRADE DA XÃO  Fogo Power 2011   Options     1:49:00 ()
Noreaga  Superthug   Options     1:51:24 ()
KRS ONE  Ah Yeah (Quique Cruz Remix)   Options     1:56:07 ()
Music behind DJ:
Chakra Illum       1:59:10 ()
HotRod   Shamanic Power [2011 MINIMIX #4]   Options     2:05:37 ()
The Count & Sinden  Future (Canblaster Remix)   Options     2:15:07 ()
SETz  NoiZe   Options     2:21:16 ()
HumbleDinosaur  Circuit Board   Options     2:26:51 ()
DJ Rooy  Ometeotl   Options     2:31:47 ()
LO:TEK  You Dont Know My Name...   Options     2:36:08 ()
Phaeleh  Perilous (feat. i-mitri)   Options     2:40:52 ()
Teengirl Fantasy ft. Shannon Funchess  Dancing in Slow Motion (M.E.S.H. Weird Mood mix)   Options     2:43:10 ()
Onra  L.O.V.E.   Options     2:47:41 ()
  Divine Light Shield 777       2:51:31 ()
Richard Devine  Volume Sound Effect Track artwork Track artwork Recordings of my Echocardiogram-Cardiac Ultrasound-Sounds of blood flow   Options     2:55:17 ()

Listener comments!

  Fri. 6/24/11 6:03am hamburger / london:

howdy howdy howdy howdy! headphones are turned UP! :D
  Fri. 6/24/11 6:03am marion:

it's been forever! So happy to catch you live!
  Fri. 6/24/11 6:06am antonia jane:

thank god it's friday!
  Fri. 6/24/11 6:06am procedura:

  Fri. 6/24/11 6:07am 15M-Spanish revolution:

Hi. Sorry to disturb but I think this has to be known (power to the people!)

You just have to see what's going on in Spain, almost everyday since the 15th of may and in every city.

... and so many more. Police violence, politician corruption facts, bank frauds evidences,... People's in the streets and the official power is backing fascist actions.

'This is Inside Job exposed, lived in real time.'

Get informed and spread the info, please.

More info in FB: http://www.facebook.com/pages/15M-Spanish-Revolution-English/209245865784905
  Fri. 6/24/11 6:07am Topher:

Good Morning HotRod!
  Fri. 6/24/11 6:10am HotRod:

  Fri. 6/24/11 6:12am annie:

good morning!! wake me up, baby!
  Fri. 6/24/11 6:17am marion:

ouh YEAH!
  Fri. 6/24/11 6:18am Dave B:

  Fri. 6/24/11 6:18am annie:

... and i have to say it's wonderful getting to know you, miss hotrod..i'm honored
  Fri. 6/24/11 6:25am david from ks.:

Ms Hr,,,, Move Your Audience with Your mind of musical knowlege and entertain us with your keen wit.Luvkeeps these beats going. Cmon HR ,,,,,melt down those hot rods,,,,,,,,,,remember Johnny Nucleo SCTV Hero of The top of the reactor resteraunt......da
  Fri. 6/24/11 6:26am HotRod:

Viva La Revolucion!!!
  Fri. 6/24/11 6:27am antonia jane:

holy other, modern witch, actress,,,, this is so perfect
  Fri. 6/24/11 6:32am marion:

is that Janet?
  Fri. 6/24/11 6:33am HotRod:

Marion!!!!!!!!!!!! Damn it!!! Yes, it's Janet! :)
  Fri. 6/24/11 6:33am other david:

loving the music, perfect start to the day
  Fri. 6/24/11 6:37am angelicaw:

OW!!!! Knew there was a reason I popped awake at 5 am. My internal clock is set to the awesomeness of your show!!!
  Fri. 6/24/11 6:38am marion:

Touch-A Touch-A Touch me! Creature of the Night! Oh, did I sing this one heehee
  Fri. 6/24/11 6:39am Deutchland ueber alles:

good photek plagiarism. i like, very oldschool, reminds me my childhood
  Fri. 6/24/11 6:46am hamburger / london:

everybody loves a slinky :)
  Fri. 6/24/11 6:47am Dave B:

it's fun for a girl and a boy!
  Fri. 6/24/11 6:48am other david:

indeed, especially perpetual slinky awesomness!
  Fri. 6/24/11 6:49am HotRod:

Close your eyes. Breathe deeply. Still your mind.
  Fri. 6/24/11 6:51am other david:

  Fri. 6/24/11 6:53am Marmalsade kitty:

Morning HotRod & everybody!!
  Fri. 6/24/11 6:53am Deutchland ueber alles:

very avantgarde mix
  Fri. 6/24/11 6:54am annie:

awesome.. just. awesome
  Fri. 6/24/11 6:59am Dave B:

I like how that frequency stimulates my ear cilia...
  Fri. 6/24/11 7:02am HC:

Love it love it... ( ♥ _ ♥ )
  Fri. 6/24/11 7:03am other david:


What a lovely host
  Fri. 6/24/11 7:05am Elisa:

revolución! Need to fix the system...how to fix the system after the revolution?
  Fri. 6/24/11 7:08am other david:

Wont be too long before the same scenes as Spain take place here in Ireland :(
  Fri. 6/24/11 7:10am other david:

Elisa - with slinkys of course!
  Fri. 6/24/11 7:12am Deutchland ueber alles:

do you play mostly unreleased music>?
  Fri. 6/24/11 7:13am HotRod:

Most of it is unreleased...not all
  Fri. 6/24/11 7:15am Dave B:

just curious - where do you source your GIFs from? Or do you create them yourself? I was hoping to find one of ferofluids, but alas - I can only offer you something from the youtubes:

  Fri. 6/24/11 7:16am HotRod:

I collect gifs. I also have artists make me gifs sometimes...but not lately. If anyone is interested, hit me up!
  Fri. 6/24/11 7:16am Elisa:

other david - Of course!

Ireland has been protesting as far as I know especially the students! The Irish are pissed with the IMF and the banks.

Iceland is the only country really fighting the bankers head on. They refuse to pay the banks.
  Fri. 6/24/11 7:17am marion:

loving this cumbia remix !
  Fri. 6/24/11 7:20am Dave B:

@Elisa - this guy tells it like it is:
  Fri. 6/24/11 7:22am other david:

@Elisa, there's a whole lot of anger, but no real action - yet. It'll boil over soon though, people are getting squeezed to breaking point.

Not much of a gif maker, although I did make this one of my friend and her (possibly evil) cat

  Fri. 6/24/11 7:23am annie:

i love iceland.. i want to go there someday..
  Fri. 6/24/11 7:25am Dave B:

  Fri. 6/24/11 7:25am other david:


  Fri. 6/24/11 7:27am Dave B:

@annie - it is a magical land. I highly recommend going. Every time I go to Europe its via Iceland Air, if only for the 3 day layover...
  Fri. 6/24/11 7:27am Deutchland ueber alles:

I call it Russian Minimalism http://youtu.be/LXI2AUqZBIY
  Fri. 6/24/11 7:29am JJJ:

Sailor Venus! <3
  Fri. 6/24/11 7:33am Deutchland ueber alles:

is she singing: bay-satana-budzheen?
  Fri. 6/24/11 7:36am hamburger / london:

quick question, is the -ACTUAL- colour of a tennis ball green or yellow?
  Fri. 6/24/11 7:38am other david:

you've opened a can of worms, yellowy green ones.
  Fri. 6/24/11 7:38am Curmudgeon:

They used to be white, dammit.
  Fri. 6/24/11 7:42am other david:

Back when we tied onions on our belts, as was the style at the time...

ham: wikipedia tells me the colour is "optic yellow" - I consider this code for yellowy green, or greeny yellow
  Fri. 6/24/11 7:49am hamburger / london:

NO SITTING ON THE FENCE!! as was tradition for the ballmen at the time
  Fri. 6/24/11 7:49am Dave B:

Hello? Downstairs neighbor, are you awake?


  Fri. 6/24/11 7:51am hamburger / london:

hahaha Dave B - it ain't loud enough till their lights are shaking!!!
  Fri. 6/24/11 8:02am Torbjørn:

We're doing fine out here in Radioland.
Enjoying the set, keep it up !
  Fri. 6/24/11 8:03am Parq:

Here for the last third! What's the scene in the GIF above Sailor Moon?
  Fri. 6/24/11 8:04am JJJ:

I think it's one of the X-men movies
  Fri. 6/24/11 8:06am Dave B:

@Hamburger & other david - the optic yellow tennis balls were left behind by the Blanc Manges, from the planet Skyron...

  Fri. 6/24/11 8:11am Cheri Pi:

Good Morning Hot Rod! I'm just staggering in.
  Fri. 6/24/11 8:19am hamburger / london:

  Fri. 6/24/11 8:24am Dave B:

(@ . @)
  Fri. 6/24/11 8:25am HotRod:

  Fri. 6/24/11 8:34am Dave B:

  Fri. 6/24/11 8:37am hamburger / london:

  Fri. 6/24/11 8:38am Dave B:

That pyramid gif needs a warning:

"The included graphics may contain flashing images that have been known to cause seizures in some individuals. Viewer discretion is advised"

  Fri. 6/24/11 8:39am HotRod:

Thank you!
  Fri. 6/24/11 8:42am JJJ:

I'm building a cardboard pyramid for an 18' speaker later :)
  Fri. 6/24/11 8:43am Dave B:

an 18 foot speaker?!?!?!?

Or is that a Spinal Tappian typo, like what happened to Stonehenge?
  Fri. 6/24/11 8:45am JJJ:

18 millimetre wireless pyramid speaker ear rings would be nice
  Fri. 6/24/11 8:48am Dave B:

where the demons dwell
and the banshees live
and they do it well....
  Fri. 6/24/11 8:56am Dave B:

where the music swells
and the speakers thump
cause she does it well...
  Fri. 6/24/11 8:57am Camos:

  Fri. 6/24/11 8:58am JJJ:

Great show <3
  Fri. 6/24/11 8:59am Parq:

Wishing you luck. I tried camping once, but there was no place to plug in my lava lamp.
  Fri. 6/24/11 8:59am hamburger / london:

thanks for the fun - REMEMBER TO BRING A TOWEL!
  Fri. 6/24/11 11:13pm Ben Tundra:

Thanks for playing Desire! Glad you dig it! Order the 7" here: http://tundradub.bandcamp.com
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