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The Failure of Noise
The Failure of Sound
The Failure of Rock
The Failure of the Avant Garde
The Failure of the Space Age
The Failure of Jazz
The Failure of Psychedelia
The Failure of Krautrock
The Failure of Electronic
The Failure of Pop
The Failure of Free-form
The Failure of the 20th Century

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Options June 23, 2011: Failure is an energy

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Artist Track Album Approx. start time
James Last  Mr. Giant Man   Options Voodoo Party  0:00:00 ()
Takehisa Kosugi  Mano-Dharma '74   Options Catch-Wave  0:09:40 ()
Joshua Abrams  Cabin   Options Natural Information  0:27:43 ()
Huntsville  The Appearance Of A Wise Child   Options For The Middle Class  0:45:10 ()
Svein Finnerud Trio  Ballade   Options Preachers: The Unreleased Works 1969 - 1980  0:55:50 ()
Okay Temiz  Savsat Bari   Options Drummer of Two Worlds  1:03:19 ()
Vultures Quartet & Philippe Petit  Soufflé   Options Tourbillon D'Obscurité  1:05:10 ()
Zodiac Mountain  Hinge Hex   Options V/A Bound with Skin  1:13:56 ()
Bas Sheva  Lust   Options The Passions  1:23:55 ()
Cassis Cornuta  untitled   Options 25 Jaar de Gebraden Zwaan Zingt  1:47:26 ()
Martin Siewert/Martin Brandlmayr  Is this Love?   Options Too Beautiful to Burn  1:47:59 ()
Pan Sonic  Ahdin   Options A  1:49:55 ()
Fennesz  Live in Japan (Excerpt)   Options Live in Japan  2:06:11 ()
The Caretaker  Mental Caverns without Sunshine   Options An Empty Bliss Beyond This World  2:07:00 ()
L'Atelier Méditeranée  Méditeranée   Options L'Atelier Méditeranée  2:19:51 ()
Falter Bramnk  Untitled   Options In Volt Ure  2:20:28 ()
Ilitch  Chambre 4   Options Rainy House  2:22:21 ()
M.B.  Sordide Sentimental   Options Symphony For a Genocide  2:27:23 ()
M.B.  Anesthethsie Total   Options Symphony For a Genocide  2:27:46 ()
Basil Kirchin  Evolution (excerpt)   Options Worlds within Worlds  2:34:40 ()
Ennio Morricone  Evaporazione   Options Gli Occhi Freddi Della Paura  2:45:55 ()
Ennio Morricone  Notte e Misteri   Options Gli Occhi Freddi Della Paura  2:46:16 ()
Foetus  Primordial Industry   Options Limb  2:48:03 ()

Listener comments!

  Thu. 6/23/11 3:11pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

is it necessarily a negative energy? I don't think so. Really enjoying this piece with the violin.
  Thu. 6/23/11 3:12pm Jack:

love it!
  Thu. 6/23/11 3:13pm northguineahills:

bravo beginning.
  Thu. 6/23/11 3:13pm hamburger:

hi ho!
  Thu. 6/23/11 3:15pm Looms:

Is failure positively negative or negatively positive?
  Thu. 6/23/11 3:15pm Mike East:

I agree. What a way to start the show. This is space-tastic!
  Thu. 6/23/11 3:15pm Mike East:

Hi hamburger! I just ate one of you!
  Thu. 6/23/11 3:16pm yes:

just thought mr Henry Flynt came flying down the stairs - BEAUTIFUL
  Thu. 6/23/11 3:16pm Paul Messis:

Takehisa Kosugi is amazing, this is far-out and totally making me see thigns I shouldn't be seeing.... amazing.... I'm on ebay now to purchase one of his records!!
  Thu. 6/23/11 3:17pm hamburger:

erm, anything else you're on now paul? :3 tho agreed, this is neat :)
  Thu. 6/23/11 3:20pm Paul Messis:

Just absorbing the pure DRONE, Hamburger!!!
  Thu. 6/23/11 3:23pm hamburger:

:) fair enough - don't happen to have synesthesia by any chance?
  Thu. 6/23/11 3:26pm Looms:

This track is tripy indeed!
  Thu. 6/23/11 3:29pm Tripe:

I take no responsibility for this totally trippy tuneage. Drone on!
  Thu. 6/23/11 3:29pm postmanpaul:

Hi everyone, this is fab, fab. What's for afters?!
  Thu. 6/23/11 3:40pm hamburger:

hello postmanpaul! you ever had any dog-related postal issues?
  Thu. 6/23/11 3:43pm Dogs:

We've never had any issues with Paul. He is slow and tender. Good eatin'.
  Thu. 6/23/11 3:45pm hamburger:

heh - not sure if I picked up that stereotype(?) from garfield comics. there was this strip that from time to time had some postman with some torn up trousers..
  Thu. 6/23/11 3:47pm J J:

Faster! Faster!
  Thu. 6/23/11 3:50pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

nice review of the Huntsville record here:
  Thu. 6/23/11 4:20pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

space is certainly the place
  Thu. 6/23/11 4:21pm BSI:

soaking in it.
not palmolive.
  Thu. 6/23/11 4:24pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

softens synapses, while you do the dishes
  Thu. 6/23/11 4:26pm jaycjay:

@hamburger, it's a pretty common comic strip image, whether Garfield or not:
  Thu. 6/23/11 4:28pm Cecile:

The Dog Whisperer had a whole show on it. Dog bites are the most common on the job injury for letter carriers.
  Thu. 6/23/11 4:35pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

man, I was real close to falling asleep there until the phone rang. It's hard to look like you're working when you're almost asleep.
  Thu. 6/23/11 4:37pm hamburger:

good way to look like you're busy at work, frown a lot and come across as though you're really stressed :)
  Thu. 6/23/11 4:38pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

if you fake that for more than a few minutes, it will affect you. better to smile--everybody likes a smile.
  Thu. 6/23/11 4:39pm fleep:

Explain to your superiors that Edison got his best ideas while napping on the job.
  Thu. 6/23/11 4:40pm hamburger:

that is true DCE, but I'm just saying if you wanna avoid 'detection' / frowning helps :)
  Thu. 6/23/11 4:41pm Carmichael:

I just type like a bastard, nonstop. Anyone who comes by thinks I'm jamming out work, and they don't bother me. And a lot of the time, I actually am.
  Thu. 6/23/11 4:42pm fleep:

"All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy" over and over ...
  Thu. 6/23/11 4:42pm hamburger:

though if you start picking up the phone pretending you've got someone on the other line and start a conversation, then you've got a problem :)
  Thu. 6/23/11 4:43pm hamburger:

I really hate loud typers Carmichael, tho I never thought they could be doing your special trick until now :)
  Thu. 6/23/11 4:43pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

hamburger, I've done that quite a bit!
  Thu. 6/23/11 4:45pm BSI:

Learned to type on a manual portable, so I type loud and hard as HELL by default, lo these many years later...
  Thu. 6/23/11 4:47pm hamburger:

loud typing = pent up aggression as far as I'm concerned :)
  Thu. 6/23/11 4:49pm Cecile:

No, they taught you to strike the keys firmly back in the day.

I'm a not particularly loud typer, but I am fast!
  Thu. 6/23/11 4:49pm hamburger:

tho I have found myself flipping the bird, or giving a wanking gestures to my monitor at times when I get 'asshole' emails in my inbox, luckily I haven't been spotted tho, at least I hope not..
  Thu. 6/23/11 4:50pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

I can't type at all on the newer-style keyboards they been giving you with your machines the last few years, where the keys are all kind of flush. I hate the bastards.
  Thu. 6/23/11 4:51pm hamburger:

so BSI/Cecil - you one of those double space after fullstop heathens? :)
  Thu. 6/23/11 4:51pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

yeah, and I give the finger to my monitor too, when the machine freezes
  Thu. 6/23/11 4:51pm Ike:

Some of us type faster than we think sometimes. That's why my comments sometimes go on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and oh one oh one oh one comma backslash and on and on and on....
  Thu. 6/23/11 4:51pm BSI:

And whoever was responsible for those "ergonomic" split keyboards of the mid-90s needs to be strung up by his......... nostrils. Or something.
  Thu. 6/23/11 4:52pm Cecile:

Yeah. I'm trying to break myself of it. Twitter is helping...
  Thu. 6/23/11 4:52pm BSI:

Oh hell, Hamburger (@4:51), it took so long to unlearn that. Screw progress.
  Thu. 6/23/11 4:53pm Cecile:

BSI, no kidding.
  Thu. 6/23/11 4:54pm Carmichael:

I have a soft-touch keyboard, so no annoying clack-clack sounds. And i'm in an actual office with an actual door. So I just tap-tap the day away, listening to failure.
  Thu. 6/23/11 4:54pm hamburger:

@Ike: yea I'm amazed at how many words I leave out when I'm typing, it's like some weird freudian-type/slip going on
  Thu. 6/23/11 4:54pm Hubba:

Blast from the past!
  Thu. 6/23/11 4:56pm Hubba:

Cask Day!
  Thu. 6/23/11 4:58pm Carmichael:

And thanks God for spell-check. I know how to spell, but my hand-muscle memory constantly misspells the same words all the time.
  Thu. 6/23/11 4:58pm Carmichael:

Ya, cask day. See you there. Off to a meeting. See you all in a little bit.
  Thu. 6/23/11 4:59pm hamburger:

But summertime spells cheque doesn't have 'sense cheque'! :D
  Thu. 6/23/11 5:25pm Julie London:

whoa did I see Paul Messis on the comment board?
  Thu. 6/23/11 5:29pm BSI:

This is frikkin' frikkin' wonderful frikkin'.
  Thu. 6/23/11 5:32pm Hubba:

Is this the reissued lp on Weird Forest?
  Thu. 6/23/11 5:35pm Julie London:

good grief
  Thu. 6/23/11 5:35pm Julie London:

  Thu. 6/23/11 5:43pm phillip:

your still in london julie from castle hills? ha!
  Thu. 6/23/11 5:43pm Julie London:

yes I am
  Thu. 6/23/11 5:44pm Julie London:

I may not come back!
  Thu. 6/23/11 5:45pm phillip:

lucky lucky! great weather right now i bet. beats the 106 in san antonio
  Thu. 6/23/11 5:45pm Julie London:

yes it is pretty nice :)
  Thu. 6/23/11 5:49pm phillip:

did you head to manchester?
  Thu. 6/23/11 5:51pm Julie London:

  Thu. 6/23/11 5:52pm Julie London:

today was the excitement that is Muswell Hill
  Thu. 6/23/11 5:52pm phillip:

super lucky you!
  Thu. 6/23/11 5:54pm phillip:

neat homes in muswell hill
  Thu. 6/23/11 5:54pm hamburger:

here's clay! :D
  Thu. 6/23/11 5:56pm phillip:

  Thu. 6/23/11 5:56pm Julie London:

wow that's cool, I never heard of that
  Thu. 6/23/11 5:57pm dale:

i agree with fabio. first time i went to halloween parade some guy was dry humping my rear end. i hate crowds after that
  Thu. 6/23/11 5:58pm phillip:

great show fabio! as always
  Thu. 6/23/11 5:58pm david:

clay pigeon asking the tough questions...
  Thu. 6/23/11 5:59pm Julie London:

Oh man Fabio pogo-ing
  Thu. 6/23/11 6:00pm Julie London:

I like Soap Opera too
  Thu. 6/23/11 6:00pm dale:

can you pogo to prog?
  Thu. 6/23/11 6:00pm moose:

give the people what they want
was a good record
  Thu. 6/23/11 6:00pm the Davies sisters:

Of COURSE Clay's favorite Kinks record is Soap Opera
  Thu. 6/23/11 6:00pm Julie London:

@moose I agree..I like that one..
  Thu. 6/23/11 6:01pm david:

  Thu. 6/23/11 6:02pm dale:

don't forget the hager twins from hee haw. one died, then the other one just died inside - until he really died.
  Thu. 6/23/11 6:02pm Ike:

Fabio doesn't need to rip G. Keillor -- Tom S. has done such a brilliant job verbally ripping that condescending lump that, y'know, why revisit it here?
  Thu. 6/23/11 6:03pm Julie London:

Jan berry
  Thu. 6/23/11 6:03pm phillip:

keillor is horrid
  Thu. 6/23/11 6:03pm dale:

nicholas cage should give up the chestnut brown just for men
  Thu. 6/23/11 6:03pm Cecile:

He was great in Valley Girl.
  Thu. 6/23/11 6:04pm Peach Pants:

Take a bite out of peach.
  Thu. 6/23/11 6:04pm moose:

fabio and mr pigeon should do a live radio variety show a la prarie home
  Thu. 6/23/11 6:04pm Julie London:

Cecile I was just thinking that!
  Thu. 6/23/11 6:04pm phillip:

wild at heart
  Thu. 6/23/11 6:04pm hopey:

He was also good in Kick Ass.
  Thu. 6/23/11 6:05pm amanita a:

  Thu. 6/23/11 6:05pm Keillor:

Fabio, Clay, Julie: A Jersey City Home Companion
  Thu. 6/23/11 6:05pm moose:

with duets and everything
  Thu. 6/23/11 6:06pm sam:

I'm laughing my *** off right now.
  Thu. 6/23/11 6:06pm david:

Fabio, save some Vics for the next triumvirate duo.
  Thu. 6/23/11 6:06pm phillip:

i was in a bobby peru fan club
  Thu. 6/23/11 6:06pm Cecile:

hopey, that too!
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