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The Failure of Noise
The Failure of Sound
The Failure of Rock
The Failure of the Avant Garde
The Failure of the Space Age
The Failure of Jazz
The Failure of Psychedelia
The Failure of Krautrock
The Failure of Electronic
The Failure of Pop
The Failure of Free-form
The Failure of the 20th Century

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Options June 16, 2011: The Long Arm of Failure

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Artist Track Album Approx. start time
James Last  Mr. Giant Man   Options Voodoo Party  0:00:00 ()
Pharoah Sanders  Upper Egypt and Lower Egypt   Options Tauhid  0:11:39 ()
Neokarma Jooklo Trio  Elevation of the Carpet   Options Time's Vibes  0:12:26 ()
Michel Potage  Free, Frit   Options Occupé  0:47:27 ()
Gerard Herman  Fêta Justice - pt. 2   Options Fêta Justice  0:48:46 ()
Gen Ken Montgomery  Codec - Unreleased soundtrack to a film by Benton Bainbridge   Options Ende Tymes Fest Promo  1:01:58 ()
Lo Jengi  Eläköön Mummo   Options Dans Les Toilettes Du Paradis/Eläköön Mummo  1:26:53 ()
Koen Holtkamp  Loosely Based On Bees (excerpt)   Options Koen Holtkamp  1:28:38 ()
Valerio Tricoli/Thomas Ankersmit  Hunt   Options Forma II  1:35:54 ()
Blood Stereo  non Wretched Drone, No Blooze   Options Tape hiss for Brainwash  1:40:36 ()
Melmac  Killer   Options Le desert Avance  2:01:12 ()
Toho Sara  Mei Jou Tan Sho pt. 5   Options Mei Jou Tan Sho  2:07:58 ()
Third Ear Band  Area Three   Options Alchemy  2:12:49 ()
Nick Drake  Three Hours   Options Five Leaves Left  2:18:11 ()
J.O. Mallander  Degnahc Ev'ouy   Options v/a Love Records Anthology 1967-1976  2:29:43 ()
aTelecine  sixth pass   Options ...And Six Dark Hours Pass  2:32:33 ()
Jean-Claude Eloy  Gaku-no-Michi pt. III (excerpt)   Options Gaku-No-Michi  2:40:13 ()
Helene Breschand & Sylvain Kassap  Mange-moi   Options Double-peine  2:50:43 ()
Helene Breschand & Sylvain Kassap  Fontome   Options Double-peine  2:50:52 ()
Vultures Quartet & Philippe Petit  Tourbillon   Options Tourbillon D'Obscurite  2:52:36 ()

Listener comments!

  Thu. 6/16/11 3:14pm Listener Bill:

No Neil Young?
  Thu. 6/16/11 3:17pm Impulse!:

  Thu. 6/16/11 3:17pm Hubba:

What happen to duo?
  Thu. 6/16/11 3:18pm Hubba:

Any chance there is a Leon Thomas shout out?
  Thu. 6/16/11 3:18pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

try explaining karma to a two year old
  Thu. 6/16/11 3:18pm Looms:

Groove it up, Fabio!
  Thu. 6/16/11 3:26pm Looms:

  Thu. 6/16/11 3:29pm Hubba:

Is this still the Trio?
  Thu. 6/16/11 3:30pm moose:

we're the luckiest secret rightnow people in history musicwise
  Thu. 6/16/11 3:37pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

I was lucky enough to catch the Jooklo Duo + Bill Nace a couple weeks back
  Thu. 6/16/11 3:37pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

blew my friggin head off!
  Thu. 6/16/11 3:37pm Carmichael:

Late as usual. Can't focus without my Restorative Beer.
  Thu. 6/16/11 3:41pm jojo:

funny name, more of a crevice than a ridge
  Thu. 6/16/11 3:41pm Hubba:

Did Bill Nace jam with the duo?
  Thu. 6/16/11 3:42pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

yes, indeed he did
  Thu. 6/16/11 3:43pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

my eyes were rolled back in ecstasy, so I didn't "see" too much of it
  Thu. 6/16/11 3:44pm Hubba:

Actually, you saw everything
  Thu. 6/16/11 3:45pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

no doubt, Hubba
  Thu. 6/16/11 3:47pm Hubba:

They played this last winter in Davis... I live in Sacramento. Maybe it was last spring? They played on the same bill as Odd Clouds... maybe. memory fuzzy.
  Thu. 6/16/11 3:52pm Hubba:

no... not odd clouds... cotton museum... it was a year ago... i do not get out often.
  Thu. 6/16/11 3:54pm Cecile:

this piece reminds me of the transition between Clay's and Fabio's shows. :D
  Thu. 6/16/11 3:55pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

cotton museum is something to experience too
  Thu. 6/16/11 3:55pm Hubba:

Time for a meeting... Thanks for lifting me higher Fabio!
  Thu. 6/16/11 3:59pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

feta justice, gorgonzola righteousness
  Thu. 6/16/11 4:03pm postmanpaul:

Jolly good evening (here)/afternoon Fabio, city slackers and officionados. Forgive me, for a moment I thought I was listening to Resonancefm, Londons very own arts/freeform radio station. Certainly worth a gogo.
  Thu. 6/16/11 4:10pm bruceleh:

  Thu. 6/16/11 4:11pm ChrisG:

yeah, its called accent circomflex
  Thu. 6/16/11 4:11pm ScottC:

it's called a "Circumflex"
  Thu. 6/16/11 4:11pm Fern:

Fabio, the "hat" on the "e" is called a circumflex
  Thu. 6/16/11 4:14pm ê:

Mom! I'm on the radio!
  Thu. 6/16/11 4:14pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

I'm trying to figure out what it does to the vowel...really not sure from that wiki article.
  Thu. 6/16/11 4:18pm Looms:

@DCE: if you wanna have a good sleep tonight, give it up (just saying)
  Thu. 6/16/11 4:19pm moose:

this page doesn't help at all
  Thu. 6/16/11 4:20pm Cecile:

Phantom of the Paradise! We actually have that soundtrack album...
  Thu. 6/16/11 4:20pm AnAnonymousParty:

The ^ gives a vowel a certain 'lilt'.
  Thu. 6/16/11 4:21pm Cecile:

Hey, Fabio, are they also showing Scorcese's New York, New York? still haven't seen it.
  Thu. 6/16/11 4:21pm Carmichael:

As do I ("does" I?). I love the Juicy Fruits' "Upholstery".
  Thu. 6/16/11 4:22pm Looms:

It all depends on the language, AAP
  Thu. 6/16/11 4:23pm Rev. Camping Van Beethoven:

The troll was on Jimmy Fallon last night. Not sure why - took my dog for a walk before he sang or whatever he was going to do.
  Thu. 6/16/11 4:23pm Marmalade Kitty:

Bonbon Fêtard!! Fêta Justice - celebrated justice
  Thu. 6/16/11 4:24pm AnAnonymousParty:

Agreed. But I stand by my words.
  Thu. 6/16/11 4:25pm Cecile:

I respect him and his wife at the time for their reaction to Anita Bryant and her gay-bashing in Dade County. They took out a full page ad in some trade paper saying, "Until further notice, Mr and Mrs Paul Williams have now given up drinking screwdrivers".

(Bryant was the Florida juice spokeswoman at the time.)
  Thu. 6/16/11 4:29pm Looms:

Try explaining karma and circumflex to a two year old...

Bonjour Chaton :)
  Thu. 6/16/11 4:31pm Das:

...and no more Cantatas either!
  Thu. 6/16/11 4:31pm Carmichael:

I honestly thought Paul Williams was dead. He was on Fallon last night? Not that I wanted to see him; the statement just kicked me in the compass, that's all.
  Thu. 6/16/11 4:34pm Marmalade Kitty:

Bonjour Looms! :)
  Thu. 6/16/11 4:36pm AnAnonymousParty:

I thought Paul McCartney was dead.
  Thu. 6/16/11 4:37pm Das:

Just his music
  Thu. 6/16/11 4:37pm Carmichael:

I know he wasn't the walrus.
  Thu. 6/16/11 4:38pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

cranbery sauce!
  Thu. 6/16/11 4:38pm postmanpaul:

@Cecile, Scorecese's New York New York is powerful and faultless. Like they used to be.
  Thu. 6/16/11 4:40pm BSI:

What the sam hill is going on in here?
  Thu. 6/16/11 4:40pm Allan Holdsworth:

Oh, the other Paul Willams. Nevermind.
  Thu. 6/16/11 4:40pm Cecile:

I'll have to check it out.
  Thu. 6/16/11 4:40pm Carmichael:

Oh crap, there's more than one?!?
  Thu. 6/16/11 4:44pm BSI:

Clearly I missed some critical piece of data. So what's up with the little guy from Phantom of the Paradise?
  Thu. 6/16/11 4:44pm Hubba:

I regret discarding all the chocolate monk stuff... i forget how absolutley embryonic this stuff is... new hanson tape was spun on some show recently.
  Thu. 6/16/11 4:45pm Fabio:

I gotta say that New York, New York is one of my least favorite Scorsese films. Well, I dislike musicals anyway, but as a Scorsese film, it's not so strong -- he has admitted as much himself, saying that it was an attempt to do a musical which didn't work out as well as he'd expected...
  Thu. 6/16/11 4:45pm Mike East:

He sold his soul to the devil...that's why he doesn't age
  Thu. 6/16/11 4:45pm Looms:

  Thu. 6/16/11 4:46pm Hubba:

White Lodge bro
  Thu. 6/16/11 4:49pm BSI:

This here Blood Stereo track = both knees of the bee.
  Thu. 6/16/11 4:50pm Marmalade Kitty:

that was a non wretched done
  Thu. 6/16/11 4:50pm BSI:

or i guess that would be 'all six knees of the bee in question' ... sigh...
  Thu. 6/16/11 4:50pm Marmalade Kitty:

that was a non wretched drone!
  Thu. 6/16/11 4:51pm Hubba:

Where does everyone reside? I live in Sacramento. Just realized I can listen while at work. Hence, here I am.
  Thu. 6/16/11 4:52pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

everyone probably resides in different places. I'm from Cleveland. OHIO.
  Thu. 6/16/11 4:54pm Carmichael:

Hey Hubba, wherabouts in Sac? You can see by my name where I live.
  Thu. 6/16/11 4:54pm Hubba:

Midtown... I thought it was a Hoagie reference.
  Thu. 6/16/11 4:55pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

you can't say that on the radio anymore
  Thu. 6/16/11 4:55pm BSI:

we're not livin' in the dark aegis.
  Thu. 6/16/11 4:55pm Mike East:

I live in Jersey/work in NYC. Its an amazing thing to start listening at work...I started being able to do so when I got a promotion, and thus work in front of a computer screen. The outgoing shipping area didn't get a good FM signal.
  Thu. 6/16/11 4:55pm rst-wiley:

Sounded like being on some dark, northern, cold ocean. Plus something on the horizon?
  Thu. 6/16/11 4:55pm Carmichael:

He he ... I hang out at the Rubicon a LOT. That's where I get my restorative beers.
  Thu. 6/16/11 4:55pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

I figured it was just your name, Carmichael
  Thu. 6/16/11 4:57pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

next thing you know Cecile will tell us her name really isn't Cecile
  Thu. 6/16/11 4:58pm Carmichael:

OK, for the record, it's an unincorporated "town" that's a suburb of our great Capitol, where our Governor just vetoed the last-minute budget antics of our Assembly.
  Thu. 6/16/11 4:58pm Hubba:

Dude, man, Dude... the cask IPA! Like salmon nigiri covered in butter dipped in fondu, but beer.
  Thu. 6/16/11 4:58pm Mike East:

That'd be more heartbreaking than learning your name isn't really Dead Corporate Eyes.
  Thu. 6/16/11 4:59pm Carmichael:

I think I know you, Hubba .... :-)
  Thu. 6/16/11 5:00pm Rev. Camping Van Beethoven:

Turns out that Paul Williams sang "Rainbow Connection" with The Roots last night!?!
  Thu. 6/16/11 5:01pm Hubba:

nights of cabiria, fav fellini
  Thu. 6/16/11 5:01pm Hubba:

were you the person who told me about the cask ipa?
  Thu. 6/16/11 5:03pm Carmichael:

I'm joking. But I do love the stuff. I'm an IPA fanatic, and the Rube is the only place in town that can make a great one.
  Thu. 6/16/11 5:07pm Hubba:

Are you with a state agency wondering where all the bandwidth crept off to?
  Thu. 6/16/11 5:08pm Hubba:

  Thu. 6/16/11 5:08pm Hubba:

Nothing Exceeds Like Excess
  Thu. 6/16/11 5:09pm Carmichael:

Nope, not a state agency. No BF, either (whatever that means).
  Thu. 6/16/11 5:11pm Hubba:

This is a bit more active than some of the jams on the s/t album
  Thu. 6/16/11 5:12pm Julie:

man I need to catch up, Paul Williams is dead? And if so which one?
  Thu. 6/16/11 5:14pm Marmalade Kitty:

Killer; That was a wretched drone. Strings -bad! (but bad, very well!) Drum good (also bad, very well!) ?:)
  Thu. 6/16/11 5:15pm Julie:

I know Crawdaddy williams (Cindy lee berryhill's hubby) has been very ill. Hello Manchester Kitty!
  Thu. 6/16/11 5:16pm Hubba:

How in h double L this end up on Harvest?
  Thu. 6/16/11 5:17pm Marmalade Kitty:

Hi Julie! :)
  Thu. 6/16/11 5:19pm hopey:

Very active board today.
  Thu. 6/16/11 5:20pm Hubba:

Pulling off the jew's harp
  Thu. 6/16/11 5:20pm Marmalade Kitty:

Julie, are you in London yet? use your London tag to let us know where you are!
  Thu. 6/16/11 5:20pm Carmichael:

I love this 3rd Ear. And WFMU made a Melmac believer out of me long ago.
  Thu. 6/16/11 5:20pm Julie in London:

Yep! just got in..having dinner, going to go to sleep after Clay's show. Weird.
  Thu. 6/16/11 5:21pm hopey:

Nick Drake!
  Thu. 6/16/11 5:21pm Julie in London:

Nick Drake! I love Nick Drake. yay, thank you Fabio!
  Thu. 6/16/11 5:21pm Hubba:

"bored" today... plus, I'm new to this community, so I'm excited to be here.
  Thu. 6/16/11 5:22pm Carmichael:

I swoon, in a manly way, at the sound of Nick Drake's voice. Tine of No Reply is probably my favorite, at least today.
  Thu. 6/16/11 5:23pm Marmalade Kitty:

Beautiful guitar in this one!
  Thu. 6/16/11 5:23pm sudo:

My favorite tends to be the last one I listened to.
  Thu. 6/16/11 5:23pm Julie in London:

I am all for the manly swooning! It is sad that no film of him (as an adult anyhow) exists. i would love to be able to see him
  Thu. 6/16/11 5:24pm Julie in London:

I'm with Sudo. Hard to choose one!
  Thu. 6/16/11 5:25pm J J:

Too damn shy to be filmed.
  Thu. 6/16/11 5:25pm Julie London:

boy am I done...Julie London is much cooler
  Thu. 6/16/11 5:26pm northguineahills:

Very happy hearing nick drake on Failure.....
  Thu. 6/16/11 5:28pm Marmalade Kitty:

Never gone, just part of something, Fabio ;)
  Thu. 6/16/11 5:30pm Julie London:

I hope he's there because his cassette flipper is overseas
  Thu. 6/16/11 5:30pm Dale from North Dakota:

Don't have to look real hard to find Third Ear Band, they're even on iTunes! Purchasing now, thanks for the intro, Fabio!
  Thu. 6/16/11 5:32pm Hubba:

yes, but the crackle of an old vinyl copy really makes the difference in the journey...
  Thu. 6/16/11 5:35pm Hey Kids!:

...there's a little picture of Fabio on the fmu homepage...
  Thu. 6/16/11 5:36pm Mike East:

did anyone catch mark maron mention the WFMU blog on his podcast this morning?
  Thu. 6/16/11 5:44pm Carmichael:

That's the Mark Maron from AirAmerica way back when? I haven't followed him since, but I liked his show.
  Thu. 6/16/11 5:46pm thomas:

sounds like we're in the submarine
  Thu. 6/16/11 5:47pm Mike East:

Yes, same Mark Maron. I enjoy his podcastings. Not as political as his AirAmerica days, though
  Thu. 6/16/11 5:48pm Cecile:

Carm, MN is on the verge of a state shutdown, too. Good governor fed up with the cost-slashing of the House.
  Thu. 6/16/11 5:48pm Cecile:

I only heard the Maron podcast where he talked to Gallagher, and that was a doozy.
  Thu. 6/16/11 5:49pm Julie London:

someone better take the plastic bag off that girl's head
  Thu. 6/16/11 5:51pm J J:

This sounds like it would be serious mind fuck on headphones volume turned up full blast while walking on the street or operating large machinery.
  Thu. 6/16/11 5:51pm Mike East:

That Gallagher interview was funny....much shorter than his usual interviews since he walked out on him
  Thu. 6/16/11 5:54pm moose:

i do the street-way often with iphone
  Thu. 6/16/11 5:55pm Julie London:

  Thu. 6/16/11 5:55pm moose:

i mean the show and the station in general

whee it's time
  Thu. 6/16/11 5:55pm Julie London:

You guys make me homesick..or WFMU-sick
  Thu. 6/16/11 5:56pm Cecile:

Shoulder is painful. Feel better, Fabio!
  Thu. 6/16/11 5:57pm Carmichael:

Good luck, Cecile. We've been in the toilet for a number of years. Looks like Jerry Brown means business, though. He dissed his own party this morning.
  Thu. 6/16/11 5:57pm Julie London:

are you out of your sling?
  Thu. 6/16/11 5:57pm Cecile:

opium, I think.
  Thu. 6/16/11 5:57pm dale:

laudenum - opium
  Thu. 6/16/11 5:57pm bruceleh:

opium is the other ingredient
  Thu. 6/16/11 5:58pm dale:

there was a spinoff of gunsmoke called dirty sally - she was addicted one episode.
  Thu. 6/16/11 5:58pm Carmichael:

Fabio, thanks for the great sets. I'm getting surgery on my shoulder next month. We can commiserate.
  Thu. 6/16/11 5:58pm jaycjay:

Julie! Very cool to see you here even though your voice is being missed.
  Thu. 6/16/11 5:59pm New Name for Fabio:

Methodone Man
  Thu. 6/16/11 5:59pm Julie London:

hiya jay!
  Thu. 6/16/11 5:59pm Cecile:

dale! I remember Dirty Sally! With Dack Rambo!
  Thu. 6/16/11 6:00pm Julie London:

Hey I didn't miss it!
  Thu. 6/16/11 6:01pm Dusty fanatic:

IT IS 6:01PM!!!!
  Thu. 6/16/11 6:01pm dale:

i think it was only on for one or two seasons.
  Thu. 6/16/11 6:01pm man!:

Clay, stop talking over the names!
  Thu. 6/16/11 6:02pm Hahaha!:

Fabio torturing Clay with the back announce.
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