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June 11, 2011 Options
Mark Smith (Creatures of the Golden Dawn) RIP
Fwd: Addenda to COTGD MarkSmith Tribute playlist
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Options The Cherry Blossom Clinic with hostess Terre T

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Note: The music bed between sets is the william orbit remix of pierre henry's "psyche rock" taken from the 1997 album metamorphose -- messe pour le temps present featuring the music of pierre henry and michel colombier (FFRR/polygram 4562942).

The last column may have tons or NO info depending on how reliable my notes are. (I write up the set list as I play it)
Artist Title Album, Label, Format, Year, Notes (NR = New Release) Approx. start time
THE MOVE  Cherry Blossom Clinic Revisited   Options Shazam!. Repertoire. CD. (1998) from 1970. 0:00:00 )  
KIDS  This is Rock 'n' Roll   Options The Kids. Sonik's Chicken Shrimp. CD. (2007) from 1977. Belgium! 30th anniversary CD issue of first LP.
The Kids played live on the Chery Blossom Clinic back in 2004 -- check it out right HERE
0:07:12 )  
VICTIM  The Teenage   Options Illuminated. 7". (1980) from Northern Ireland! 0:09:44 )  
HUMAN EYE  Junkyard Heart   Options They Came From the Sky. Sacred Bones. CD. -NR 0:12:34 )  
GIRLFRIENDS  Good to Be True   Options self released. 7". girlfriendstheband.com -NR 0:15:50 )  
BARRACUDAS  (I Wish It Could Be) 1965 Again   Options Drop Out with the Barracudas. EMI. CD. (2005) from 1980! The Barracudas (Redux) will be playing live on the Cherry Blossom Clinic sometime in June! 0:17:44 )  
BEAT BUDDIES  Pins in My heart   Options VA: That Driving Beat, Volume 2. Past & Present. CD. (2001) from 1966. The Netherlands! 0:21:09 )  
RUNNING JUMPING STANDING STILL BAND  'Aye-O   Options VA: Piccadilly Sunshine, Part Five - British Pop Psych and Other Flavours 1966-69. Past & Present. CD. -NR 0:23:07 )  
COLOURED BALLS  Do It   Options Heavy Metal Kid. Aztec Music. CD. (2006) from 1973 0:25:04 )  
GEARS  Wasting Time   Options Rockin' at Ground Zero. Iloki. CD. (1992) from 1979 0:27:07 )  
WHITE MYSTERY  Dead Inside   Options Blood & Venom. White Mystery. CD. recent live set from Cherry Blossom Clinic here -NR 0:29:43 )  
MEKONS  Dan Dare   Options The Quality of Mercy Is Not Strnen. virgin. CD. (1990) from 1979 0:31:40 )  
TED LEO AND THE PHARMACISTS  Woke Up Near Chelsea   Options The Brutalist Bricks. Matador. CD. (2010) 0:34:10 )  
HIGH TENSION WIRES  Backbone   Options Welcome New Machine. Green Noise. CD. -NR 0:50:39 )  
KIDNAPPERS  Give Me More   Options Will Protect You. alien snatch. -NR 0:52:57 )  
REATARDS  Quite All Right   Options Teenage Hate. Goner. CD. -NR 0:55:49 )  
ELECTRIC PRUNES  You Never Had It Better   Options Lost Dreams. Birdman. CD. (2000) from 1967 0:58:16 )  
MOON DUO  In The Sun   Options Mazes. Sacred Bones. CD. -NR 1:10:10 )  
QUINTRON  All Night Right Of Way   Options Sucre du Sauvage. Goner. CD. (2011) -NR 1:15:14 )  
FEEDTIME  dead crazy   Options Feedtime. Rough Trade. CD. from 1985. 1:19:54 )  
NOBUNNY  Apple Tree   Options Raw Romance. burger. CD. (2010) 1:22:56 )  
THEE OH SEES  Corprophagist (A Bath Perhaps)   Options Castlemania. In the Red. CD. -NR 1:26:03 )  
CYNICS  Rock Club   Options Spinning Wheel Motel. get hip. CD. -NR 1:27:58 )  
Tribute to Mark Smith (Creatures of the Golden Dawn) RIP
CREATURES OF THE GOLDEN DAWN  Hemlock Row   Options Chaos . 7". (1987) from a vinyl EP. 1:36:49 )  
CREATURES OF THE GOLDEN DAWN  Just Like That   Options Keys to the Kingdom. Collectables. CD. (1997) Creatures of Golden Dawn pix for Trib playlist
L-R: Kevin Groller (drums), Michael Vallone (rhythm guitar), Mark Smith (vocals, harmonica, percussion), Stu Rutherford (bass) and Mike Lowe (lead guitar).
1:38:59 )  
CREATURES OF THE GOLDEN DAWN  Falling Down   Options 1000 Shadows. Dionysus. CD. (1993) 1:41:51 )  
CREATURES OF THE GOLDEN DAWN  Blood From A Stone   Options Butterfly Records. 7". (2003) vinyl EP 1:44:19 )  
CREATURES OF THE GOLDEN DAWN  Cynthia Cellophane   Options live on Bill Kelly's "Teenage Wasteland" 11/19/95! Engineered by Irene Trudel. 1:47:51 )  
CREATURES OF THE GOLDEN DAWN  I Tried So Hard   Options An Incident at Owl Creek Bridge. get hip. CD. (2007) 1:50:50 )  
CREATURES OF THE GOLDEN DAWN  Living In Sarah's Lies   Options Dionysus. 7". (1991) vinyl EP 1:53:47 )  
CREATURES OF THE GOLDEN DAWN  Tried My Best   Options Chaos. 7". (1987) vinyl EP 1:56:45 )  
CREATURES OF THE GOLDEN DAWN  Tripping   Options Keys to the Kingdom. Collectables. CD. (1997) Creatures of Golden Dawn pix for Trib playlist
Live at the Funhouse (Bethlehem, PA) -- Mike Lowe, Mark Smith, Kevin Groeller, Stu Rutherford, Michael Vallone.
1:59:18 )  
CREATURES OF THE GOLDEN DAWN  In A Lonely Room   Options 1000 Shadows. Dionysus. CD. (1993) 2:03:03 )  
CREATURES OF THE GOLDEN DAWN  Jump On You   Options An Incident at Owl Creek Bridge. Get Hip. CD. (2007) 2:29:19 )  
CREATURES OF THE GOLDEN DAWN  Stop, Listen to My Story   Options (1997) An outtake, post-"Keys to the Kingdom" sessions. 2:32:01 )  
CREATURES OF THE GOLDEN DAWN  Thinking Out Loud   Options Standing at the Gates of Time. Collectables. CD. (1994) recorded in 1986 2:35:09 )  
CREATURES OF THE GOLDEN DAWN  The Clown With the Broken Frown   Options Dionysus. 7". (1991) Creatures of Golden Dawn pix for Trib playlist
From Mike Lowe: "Mark makes his first 'appearance on record' in 1979! No, not with the Creatures of the Golden Dawn, but on the back cover of 'Buy Contortions.' That is him in the front row staring at James Chance."
2:37:21 )  
CREATURES OF THE GOLDEN DAWN  The Golden Dawn Is Near   Options Keys to the Kingdom. Collectables. CD. (1997)

Saturday, July 2 at 9:00pm at the the Funhouse (5 E 4th St., Bethlehem, PA)
Pizza & Vodka party celebrating the life of Mark Smith
Featuring: Brother JT, Danielle Lubené, Tavern Tan, Several Species,The Steeds, and other special guests.

Facebook page HERE
2:39:42 )  
CREATURES OF THE GOLDEN DAWN  Cy-O-Nide   Options Standing at the Gates of Time. Collectables. CD. (1994) recorded in 1986. 2:41:55 )  
CREATURES OF THE GOLDEN DAWN  Seeing Things   Options An Incident at Owl Creek Bridge. Get Hip. CD. (2007) 2:45:01 )  
CREATURES OF THE GOLDEN DAWN  The Acid Test   Options (1996) outtake from the "Keys to the Kingdom" session.
Joe Belock did a fine tribute to Mark Smith on his "Three Chord Monte" radio show right HERE
2:47:08 )  

Listener comments!

  Sat. 6/11/11 3:14pm Listener Jumpy from Brooklyn:

"This is Rock N Roll" is my new fave!
  Sat. 6/11/11 3:15pm Mark Watkins:

This is Rock n Roll 4 sure!! Hi Terre! best Mark (Reading UK)
  Sat. 6/11/11 3:15pm listener mark:

  Sat. 6/11/11 3:16pm michael:

like this... we love it here in germany. Hi, Terre.
  Sat. 6/11/11 3:17pm artie:

diggin' the Vicitim!
  Sat. 6/11/11 3:18pm artie:

timmy v. getting his mark arm on.
  Sat. 6/11/11 3:33pm Marmalade Kitty:

What a show!! COME ON!!!!!!!
  Sat. 6/11/11 3:33pm Mark Watkins:

WOW! Gears are great!!
  Sat. 6/11/11 3:48pm RMH:

White Mystery in Fort Wayne, IN tonight! 8PM at C2G, with River City Tanlines and Elky Summers!
  Sat. 6/11/11 4:01pm Nate K:

Oh so THAT'S what the Kidnappers sounds like. Sick.
  Sat. 6/11/11 4:08pm Nate K:

Teenage Hate is also available in a sweet double-LP vinyl format too.
  Sat. 6/11/11 4:08pm David Shortell:

I always learn something new listening to this program. This is the first I've heard of a band named Running, Jumping, Standing Still. I'd only known of the 1960 Dick Lester short film that inspired the great The Ergs! song of the same title.
  Sat. 6/11/11 4:15pm Mark Watkins:

Moon Duo are cool. The new single over here (UK) is When You Cut.
  Sat. 6/11/11 4:19pm yair Yona (Tel Aviv, Earth):

Hello everyone
  Sat. 6/11/11 4:28pm Mark Watkins:

Great show (live) Terre. Will catch the 2nd half on Listen Again 2morrow! 9.30pm here!!
  Sat. 6/11/11 4:47pm swamp azz:

Just like that rules
  Sat. 6/11/11 4:55pm Marmalade Kitty:

Which one is Mark in the photograph?
  Sat. 6/11/11 4:59pm Marmalade Kitty:

...? How come I'd never heard of this AWESOME band ? Until the last week or so? I scratch my head..
  Sat. 6/11/11 5:04pm Marmalade Kitty:

they really nailed the retro psych/garage rock, back in the 80'ssssssss
  Sat. 6/11/11 5:05pm Marmalade Kitty:

RIP Mark Smith
  Sat. 6/11/11 5:07pm DJ Terre T:

@Everybody thanx for the nice words!
@Marmalade Kitty MARK SMITH in the B&W photo is 3rd from the left , my esteemed cohost Stu Rutherford who is programming this great set (& was in CREATURES OF THE GOLDEN DAWN) is 2nd from the right.
In the color photo Mark Smith is in the center in black. Stu is in the Black & white striped shirt.
  Sat. 6/11/11 5:15pm Marmalade Kitty:

Hey, Stu I didnt know, sorry man.. That's an amazing band you got!! I really need to pull my head out! all these great bands i've never heard or seen! Thanks Terre, Stu and all!
  Sat. 6/11/11 5:20pm Marmalade Kitty:

Stu, on bass..?
  Sat. 6/11/11 5:30pm Listener Jumpy from Brooklyn:

I still have the cassette demos of the Creatures Mark passed me at one of his Southern Funk Cafe bands!
  Sat. 6/11/11 5:30pm Marmalade Kitty:

What a buzz..!!
  Sat. 6/11/11 5:31pm Marmalade Kitty:

What a buzz..!!!!
  Sat. 6/11/11 5:41pm DJ Terre T:

@Jumpy That is amazing u have cassette demos of CREATURES OF THE GOLDEN DAWN that Mark gave u! Ya got a way to digitize those or at least make a cassette copy? (maybe Larry H. "King Kassette"an help us out!)
  Sat. 6/11/11 5:41pm Michael Lo:

Superb job, Stu - you are really knocking me dead. Even as a former member I never realized the colossal body of work! And I've plum forgotten about some of those songs even though I'm on them! It's a stone gas to hear them again. Stay gold, M.
  Sat. 6/11/11 5:44pm Michael Lo:

PS - Shut UP! "Stop, Listen to My Story"??? Stu, you have that?? PLEASE send me a copy. I forgot how good that was!

Nice pics, too. Haha, the black and white pic shows one of my favorite apartments I ever had.
  Sat. 6/11/11 5:46pm Bluesman:

A fabulous celebration of Mark and the Creatures! Well done Terre and ya'all.
  Sat. 6/11/11 5:46pm DJ Terre T:

@Mike Lo- thanx for chiming in! For the peeps out there in radio land- Mike Lo played guitar in the CREATURES OF THE GOLDEN DAWN,1994-97 & he wrote "Stop, Listen to My Story" & "Cynthia Cellophane" & "Tripping" --i think that's right ?
  Sat. 6/11/11 5:47pm DJ Terre T:

@Bluesman! Thanx ! So glad u got to hear it!
  Sat. 6/11/11 5:48pm DJ Terre T:

@Michael Lo- also i cribbed yr note & pic of MARK SMITH on the back cover of the BUY CONTORTIONS comp! WOW! I had no idea abt that!
  Sat. 6/11/11 5:52pm Michael Lo:

Terre - I did write both of those songs, although it should be noted that the lyrics for Cynthia Cellophane were composed my Mark. I only wrote the chorus, the verses were all Mark. Tripping was a song I used to do with Stu in another band prior to us both joining the Creatures in 1995.
  Sat. 6/11/11 5:53pm andreasheinz:

Thanks to Terre T - monster DJ
  Sat. 6/11/11 5:53pm Stevel:

Thanks for the White Mystery earlier. Heading out to see them in lil ole Fort Wayne Indiana with River City Tanlines and the Elky Summers.
  Sat. 6/11/11 5:54pm Michael Lo:

Re: the Contortions LP, Mark told me that in a rare quiet moment one time. I don't know it was not more widely discussed. I honestly think we wanted to play down his punk and post-punk background. When we were recording, he insisted on me deleting some guitar lines I played that were "too Television", ironically one of his favorite early bands.
  Sat. 6/11/11 5:55pm Michael Lo:

Sorry, that should be "he" wanted to play down his post-punk background. He wanted to be known as `60s purist at the time.
  Sat. 6/11/11 5:57pm Ron:

What a great and heartfelt show today! RIP Mark Smith! And thanks for the great rock today Terre!
  Sat. 6/11/11 6:00pm Marmalade Kitty:

must do this again! there's never, enough TIME.. Great show :)
  Sat. 6/11/11 6:03pm Listener Jumpy from Brooklyn:

I can, Terre. But of course it can't be used for commercial purposes.
  Sat. 6/11/11 10:07pm NJU:

anyone know where one could download "The Acid Test"?? song rules!
  Sat. 6/11/11 10:26pm Joe B:

regarding the Funhouse in Bethlehem, Pa., the Creatures' residency was the last Friday of every month, the Original Sins were the second Friday of every month. Psyclone Rangers were great too! forget what their day was.
  Sat. 6/11/11 11:36pm Stu R:

Marmalade Kitty - Thanks so much for the kind words. Yeah, that is me on the bass.

NJU - To my knowledge, none of the Creatures music is available as downloads and if it is, it would be just the released material, not outtakes like "The Acid Test". Check out the archive for Bill Kelly's show from 6/5/11 if you'd like to hear a different version of "Acid Test" which was recorded a few years prior to the one I played today.
  Sun. 6/12/11 11:41am Mike Chaffier:

Greetings all. This is Mike Chaffier, one of many drummers for The Creatures (of the Golden Dawn). My stint was back in '87-'88 when we were just known as The Creatures. I miss Mark very much. Even though I didn't get out a lot to see him perform after I left the band, the times I did he always treated me like a friend even though I was only in the group a short time. I still have unreleased recordings that we did in '87 and a lot of video tape of performaces they did at The Funhouse in Bethlehem, PA back in the 90's. Check out my YouTube channel, "mikechaffier", because I will be putting a lot more clips up in the near future.
  Sun. 6/12/11 11:47am Mike Chaffier:

Stu R. - Don't know if you will see this, but check out this Creatures clip from The Funhouse. I have more to come. Friend me on facebook or subscribe to my YouTube channel to let me know you're out there waiting.

  Wed. 10/10/12 12:28pm Nick Zhdanow:

A great radio station, one of the best i think. could upload this radio programme (with Mark Smith of course) I want to download and listen it every day)
  Fri. 10/26/12 1:58pm Bob:

Could you upload a programme with creatures of the golden dawn in mp3, I want to download its radio/
  Sat. 10/27/12 3:34am Bob:

@DJ Terre T:
Could you upload radio programme "Tribute To Mark Smith" in mp3 ?
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