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The Failure of Noise
The Failure of Sound
The Failure of Rock
The Failure of the Avant Garde
The Failure of the Space Age
The Failure of Jazz
The Failure of Psychedelia
The Failure of Krautrock
The Failure of Electronic
The Failure of Pop
The Failure of Free-form
The Failure of the 20th Century

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Options June 9, 2011: Failure to Raise the Ceiling

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Artist Track Album Approx. start time
James Last  Mr. Giantman   Options Voodoo Party  0:00:00 ()
Ray Russell  Spinetree   Options Secret Asylum  0:13:56 ()
Insiememusicadiversa  Momento   Options Insiememusicadiversa  0:14:32 ()
Gravity Adjusters Expansion Band  Autumnal Equinox Harvest Dance   Options One  0:18:23 ()
David Broekman  Carlsbad Cavern   Options V/A Creel Pone Assorted Singles Comp. Vol.2  0:31:06 ()
Anthony Pateras  Residue   Options Chasms  0:35:57 ()
Ennio Morricone  Once Upon A Time In The West - Theme   Options Once Upon A Time In The West OST  0:46:54 ()
Gus Coma  Televisions   Options Color Him Coma  0:51:15 ()
Gus Coma  Avril Shower   Options Color Him Coma  0:53:05 ()
Presocratics  Radio Esplanade   Options Works and Days  0:53:37 ()
Gus Coma  Tourist   Options Color Him Coma  1:05:26 ()
Gus Coma  Are you Swede?   Options Color Him Coma  1:05:43 ()
Gus Coma  The Cup is Clean   Options Color Him Coma  1:06:10 ()
Gus Coma  Advice to the elderly   Options Color Him Coma  1:06:33 ()
John Mannion  Slice through Or/In Glassmetal   Options Slice through Or/In Glassmetal  1:10:21 ()
Al Qaeda  Grizzly Fungus   Options Al Qaeda/Cave Bears split cassette  1:32:12 ()
Delired Cameleon Family  Raganesh   Options Musique du Film "Visa de Censure n C. de Pierre Clementi"  1:32:58 ()
Starving Weirdos  I walked into the Ancient River   Options Rolled in the Midst of Never-Ceasing Currents Flowing without a Rest Forever Onward  1:42:25 ()
J. A. CAESAR (AKA J.A. Seazer)  Minkan Iryou Jutsu   Options Kokkyou Junreika  1:47:26 ()
Key of Shame  Untitled   Options Key of Shame  1:59:26 ()
Svarte Greiner  Til Seters (Field Recording)   Options A Room Forever  2:10:57 ()
Ulaan Khol  Untitled   Options I I  2:18:30 ()
Master Musicians of Bukkake  Tainted Phenomena   Options Elogia de la Sombra  2:32:26 ()
Alog  The Beginner   Options Amateur  2:43:11 ()
Morphogenesis  Charivari Remnant   Options In Stream Vol. 1, 1996-1999  2:54:23 ()
The Poetics  Waiting   Options Remixes of Recordings 1977-1983  2:58:06 ()

Listener comments!

  Thu. 6/9/11 3:15pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

here we are again
  Thu. 6/9/11 3:16pm Looms:

Oh yes, here we are!
  Thu. 6/9/11 3:17pm nyoukis:

wine in hand
  Thu. 6/9/11 3:26pm Parq:

Three hours of cool sounds, and then the Fabio-Clay-Julie Transitional Nugget.
  Thu. 6/9/11 3:28pm dc pat:

anybody going to the Royal Ballet's performance of Rite of Spring?......me neither, dammit...
  Thu. 6/9/11 3:29pm BSI:

DCP: what!?!?!? where/when was this? (evidently me neither)
  Thu. 6/9/11 3:32pm Marmalade Kitty:

Hi Fabio!! :) cool show
  Thu. 6/9/11 3:32pm dc pat:

Roayal Opera House, fekkin England. Just want to see the ballet WITH the music once before I'm dead.
  Thu. 6/9/11 3:33pm ben drinken:

could you imagine if Clay was sandwiched between Ken and Irwin on Wednesdays? I am not quite sure if Irwin likes Clay, yet. I don't know if he liked Kurt. Who knows how Duane will be in that slot. But it is indeed fun to have Clay and Fabio on a time slot next to each other.
  Thu. 6/9/11 3:34pm dc pat:

I would like Clay and Kenny G to do a show together.
  Thu. 6/9/11 3:37pm Parq:

Ben, I wish you could have been here when the Wednesday noon slot was Kenny G. The Thursday morn show in those days was Trouble, and after a day of Ken/Kenny/Irwin/7SD, you needed Trouble's relatively quiet approach, so as to cool down.
  Thu. 6/9/11 3:39pm ben drinken:

Parq-I was here for those golden days. i miss them.
  Thu. 6/9/11 3:40pm BSI:

True enough; that Ken/Kenny/Irwin/7SD sequence was quite a ride. Having ScottW transition into Fabio was prob.my other favorite combination...
  Thu. 6/9/11 3:41pm Parq:

I hadn't realized the new sked was out. I'm stunned to see Reggae Schoolroom taking a break, and I sure will miss Toothpick Rhythm, but mostly, I'm diggin' it.
  Thu. 6/9/11 3:47pm Handsome Harry:

This song is F***ing Glorious.
  Thu. 6/9/11 3:47pm Looms:

Master Morricone :)
  Thu. 6/9/11 3:49pm ben drinken:

yes. i was really digging toothpick, i thought that her stuff would be good for her own stream. i think we need a country stream.
  Thu. 6/9/11 3:50pm Swami:

Real country, with the yodelin and the Nudie suits and stuff!
  Thu. 6/9/11 3:51pm Looms:

A yodelin stream? Hell yes!
  Thu. 6/9/11 3:53pm mike tp:

pickle suits and yodel action
  Thu. 6/9/11 3:56pm Wunde (Berlin):

Thanks Fabio ... great show!
  Thu. 6/9/11 3:58pm ben drinken:

pickle suits..funny..i just opened up a jar of bubbies pickles and ate a couple then noticed mike tp's post.
  Thu. 6/9/11 3:58pm ex:

hi all
  Thu. 6/9/11 3:58pm Chris from DC:

This Presocratics thing is sublime.
  Thu. 6/9/11 3:59pm Parq:

I heartily second Ben's motion for a country stream, or at least add Miss Laura's and Miss Betsy's archives to Ichiban.
  Thu. 6/9/11 4:07pm mike tp:

this is a good day to see the gents wear their pickle suits. gus coma live at red rock
  Thu. 6/9/11 4:08pm ex:

  Thu. 6/9/11 4:14pm BSI:

I would've been more timely with a well-placed HOLY CRAP! ... but was all Gus Coma-tose & whatnot. Killer stuff.
  Thu. 6/9/11 4:18pm ben drinken:

i looked up gus coma and now i know what mike tp is talking about the pickle suits. i still wonder why i started craving a pickle when Fabio played gus coma when i did not know about the pickle suits.
  Thu. 6/9/11 4:23pm glenn:

did anybody see the nifty little guitar string thingy on the google home page today?
  Thu. 6/9/11 4:24pm ex:

yes ..nice
  Thu. 6/9/11 4:26pm Cecile:

Samples of Linda' Manz's voice are used in songs on Ratatat's record LP4 from last year, most notably Neckbrace. In interviews in the 90s, she said she didn't get much work because there wasn't a call for naturalistic actors like her.
  Thu. 6/9/11 4:26pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

hey, that's pretty cool, glenn!
  Thu. 6/9/11 4:27pm Cecile:

They said that they just called her up at her office, and expected an agent or assistant, but nope, they got her and she was really cool.
  Thu. 6/9/11 4:27pm glenn:

fun, huh?
  Thu. 6/9/11 4:28pm Cecile:

they interviewed her, and snippets from the interview were used in the songs.
  Thu. 6/9/11 4:33pm david:

what's up fabio? good tunes as usual.
  Thu. 6/9/11 4:37pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

Scott Williams played some of that on Monday (Delired Cameleon Family)...gotta find that one!
  Thu. 6/9/11 4:52pm david:

Reminds me of early butoh, Fabio...
  Thu. 6/9/11 4:53pm Mr. Chu:

you are such a tard fab
  Thu. 6/9/11 4:56pm Cecile:

Stop baiting us, Fab. You're not Irwin. :D
  Thu. 6/9/11 4:57pm Bill F.:

Yeah, Fabio, that's enough of that now.
  Thu. 6/9/11 5:03pm david:

I picture Clay off singing "I Did It My Way" at some karaoke bar in the Philippines...
  Thu. 6/9/11 5:06pm david:

...though I'm looking forward to the taped show, mind you...
  Thu. 6/9/11 5:09pm Starbuckle:

I'm looking forward to a taped show of Clay singing "I Did It My Way" at some karaoke bar in the Philippines...
  Thu. 6/9/11 5:13pm moose:

wonderful show, somehow cooling
  Thu. 6/9/11 5:15pm BSI:

Dear Fabio: Play this track forever please.
Thanking you in advance for your understanding in this matter, I remain:
  Thu. 6/9/11 5:16pm nic:

this is awesome_love this !!!!!!!!!!!
  Thu. 6/9/11 5:21pm Chris from DC:

Gotta catch the rest on archive. Great show.
  Thu. 6/9/11 5:33pm Julie:

this is kinda scary....
  Thu. 6/9/11 5:35pm BSI:

(holy crap!)
  Thu. 6/9/11 5:35pm Night Al:

I just saw the color violet, I'm almost there keep playing this song...
  Thu. 6/9/11 5:36pm denys:

clay is in the philippines? booo.
fabio, this music is changing my life.
  Thu. 6/9/11 5:36pm Fabio:

Close your eyes...
  Thu. 6/9/11 5:37pm Julie:

Clay is in an undisclosed location.
  Thu. 6/9/11 5:38pm rst-w:

nice in the earphones
  Thu. 6/9/11 5:39pm BSI:

Undisclothed? Like a nudist colony?
  Thu. 6/9/11 5:39pm Night Al:

  Thu. 6/9/11 5:40pm ben drinken:

finally my daughter finished watching an episode of Glee so I could hear Fabio's show a little better in the kitchen cookin chicken. Fabio plays such great sounds. funny how Clay needs to hear the "hits" or other pop music. I think it is because he is so connected, or wants to be, with the average everyday goings on in the world...or something like that.
  Thu. 6/9/11 5:41pm denys:

you can say bukkake on the radio??? (!)
  Thu. 6/9/11 5:41pm Marmalade Kitty:

That Tainted Phenomena was beautiful! Julie, fear not close your eyes and trust the inner soul
  Thu. 6/9/11 5:44pm Night Al:

Listen to Clay play a song called 'Honey, Honey, Honey' as his alter ego in the 'Deloris Telescope' band last year!

  Thu. 6/9/11 5:48pm glenn:

you could probably even do it. who would know?
  Thu. 6/9/11 5:48pm Cecile:

denys, the word isn't bad in and of itself. It's just the slang attached to it....

Once I was at a Japanese restaurant with a friend and snickered at "bukkake" on the menu. He didnt' know what it meant, so looked it up later. He said he had to bleach his eyes after the Google search.
  Thu. 6/9/11 5:49pm Julie:

@MK you know I am not afraid of the dark!
  Thu. 6/9/11 5:49pm Cecile:

Originally it was a Japanese noodle dish.
  Thu. 6/9/11 5:49pm glenn:

i think bukkake means milk, which makes sense.
  Thu. 6/9/11 5:50pm denys:

@Cecile that's great info! i will make a point of ordering it one day. :)
  Thu. 6/9/11 5:50pm ben drinken:

must have been over cooked rice noodles. that looks a lot like......when splattered about.
  Thu. 6/9/11 5:51pm Cecile:

at a restaurant, please.
  Thu. 6/9/11 5:51pm glenn:

ooops. i'm wrong. it means "pour over" or "splash".
  Thu. 6/9/11 5:53pm Anthony W.:

pour over, i like the sound of that!
  Thu. 6/9/11 5:53pm Night Al:

Listen to Clay play a song called 'Heavy Philosophy" as his alter ego in the 'Deloris Telescope' band last year!

  Thu. 6/9/11 6:02pm nic:

fuck so sad you're finished for today
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