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The Failure of Noise
The Failure of Sound
The Failure of Rock
The Failure of the Avant Garde
The Failure of the Space Age
The Failure of Jazz
The Failure of Psychedelia
The Failure of Krautrock
The Failure of Electronic
The Failure of Pop
The Failure of Free-form
The Failure of the 20th Century

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Options June 2, 2011: Poetic Failure

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Artist Track Album Approx. start time
James Last  Mr. Giant Man   Options Voodoo Party  0:00:00 ()
Gil Scott-Heron  I'm New Here   Options I'm New Here  0:10:19 ()
Gil Scott-Heron  Home Is Where the Hatred Is   Options Pieces Of A Man  0:09:39 ()
Gil Scott-Heron  Where did the Night Go   Options I'm New Here  0:10:56 ()
Gil Scott-Heron  Whitey On The Moon   Options The Revolution Will Not Be Televised  0:12:32 ()
Gil Scott-Heron  The Revolution Will Not Be Televised   Options The Revolution Will Not Be Televised  0:12:59 ()
Gil Scott-Heron  Me and the Devil   Options I'm New Here  0:14:44 ()
Älgarnas Trädgård  5/4   Options Garden of the Elks  0:27:41 ()
VOLCANO THE BEAR  Military Improvisation   Options HOTBITE LIVE AT THE NIGHTLIGHT  0:43:51 ()
Anima Sound  It Loves - Want To've Done It   Options Stürmischer Himmel  0:57:06 ()
Pipeline Alpha  Evocation of an African Djin   Options Demons and Dances  0:58:15 ()
Sick Llama  Untitled   Options Born Again To Die  0:59:09 ()
Decimus  Untitled   Options Decimus 5  1:15:24 ()
Servile Sect  Untitled   Options Stratospheric Passenger  1:28:07 ()
Chapels  FFGB   Options That Incorrigible Death's Head  1:34:05 ()
David Sutton  Elevation   Options American Wildlife  1:34:42 ()
David Sutton  Arcadia   Options American Wildlife  1:44:18 ()
The Hafler Trio  Suppressed Noise   Options Bang! - An Open Letter  1:53:01 ()
The Hafler Trio  Inherent Aggression   Options Bang! - An Open Letter  1:53:26 ()
The Hafler Trio  Controller of the Instrument #2   Options Bang! - An Open Letter  1:54:15 ()
The Hafler Trio  The Inner Church   Options Bang! - An Open Letter  1:56:38 ()
The Hafler Trio  Bang!   Options Bang! - An Open Letter  1:56:47 ()
Makigami Koichi & Anton Brühin   Electric Eel   Options Electric Eel  2:04:17 ()
Extraordinary Popular Delusions  He kept in Touch with the sea by Telephone   Options Apocryphal Fire in the Warehouse, and other explanations  2:17:47 ()
Richard Pinhas  Schizophrenia (Silver)   Options Metal/Crystal  2:23:01 ()
Folke Rabe/Jan Bark  Ach Chamberlin   Options ARGH!  2:39:29 ()
Dan Froberg  Tio   Options Sag, Ar Det Konstigt Att Man Langtar Bort Nan Gang?  2:43:22 ()
TG   Les Adieux   Options La Nuit  2:46:56 ()

Listener comments!

  Thu. 6/2/11 3:10pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

the failure of maintaining a sleep schedule...went out and saw Richard Pinhas last night.
  Thu. 6/2/11 3:10pm PKNY:

God bless you, Gil.
  Thu. 6/2/11 3:11pm Cecile:

Fabio, thank you.
  Thu. 6/2/11 3:14pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

come to think of it, since he died I really haven't heard any of his music anywhere
  Thu. 6/2/11 3:15pm Dale from North Dakota:

"Whitey's on the Moon"... this is the greatest song evah, lol
  Thu. 6/2/11 3:16pm Grubbus:

Often times only the absence of a great soul/being makes it acceptable to acknowledge theri existence-Love ur sho!
  Thu. 6/2/11 3:17pm Grubbus:

  Thu. 6/2/11 3:17pm Dale from North Dakota:

Hey Fabio, I entered your Premium CD into CDDB this morning, and I'm sorry to say that you (and, thus, I,) mixed up the Philip Marshall and Brion Gysin songs on the track listing.
  Thu. 6/2/11 3:20pm Lawrence:

Thank you for this GSH tribute.
  Thu. 6/2/11 3:20pm still b/p:

Whitey on the Moon is probably among the greatest titles for a song, too. Sez much, fast.
  Thu. 6/2/11 3:22pm Pantagruel:

(I am now dancing the giant way)
  Thu. 6/2/11 3:29pm Marmalade Kitty:

Great tribute set, Fabio
  Thu. 6/2/11 3:31pm Moltar:

Oh goodness, yes.
  Thu. 6/2/11 3:41pm Adam in Portland:

@Dead Corporate Eyes: Joe McGasko and Noah have also put together some great shows this week in remembrance/honor of Gil Scott-Heron. Both archived.

Fabio, your show is yet again a great pleasure today!
  Thu. 6/2/11 3:42pm BSI:

holy crap!
  Thu. 6/2/11 3:42pm stefica:

still b/p, re whitey on the moon, agreed!!
  Thu. 6/2/11 3:43pm Das:

Wow, this is incredible
  Thu. 6/2/11 3:44pm Cheri Pi:

I'm with you! This is effin' cool.
  Thu. 6/2/11 3:44pm Carmichael:

Failure to avoid work. But at least I'm listening.
  Thu. 6/2/11 3:48pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

failure to continue working. I'm sittin on my ass and listening!
  Thu. 6/2/11 3:52pm Ike:

Älgarnas Trädgård -- great sounds. Also that's a pretty great name. Well, not as great as Turbo-Cat Grundlehorn. But close.
  Thu. 6/2/11 3:53pm BSI:

I'd prefer simply TURBOCAT. All caps, no hyphen. Grundlehorn optional.
  Thu. 6/2/11 3:55pm BSI:

a bit close to Sailcat, though. Potentially nevermind...
  Thu. 6/2/11 3:55pm Handsome Harry:

Wonderful sounds in this set thus far.
  Thu. 6/2/11 3:58pm Ike:

I didn't realize until nigh upon this very moment, via Google, that Turbocat is already taken by a bicycle headlight company. And a vacuum cleaner attachment. Otherwise I would agree, BSI.
  Thu. 6/2/11 4:01pm ppc:

hothothot show today -- woww!!!
  Thu. 6/2/11 4:03pm Ike:

Pipeline Alpha! Sick Llama! Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah man!
  Thu. 6/2/11 4:05pm BSI:

In this post-rapture world, we're all sick llamas on the bus.
  Thu. 6/2/11 4:25pm Pantagruel:

Whatever this is playing right now, I want it on my team, not the other team.
  Thu. 6/2/11 4:55pm BSI:

  Thu. 6/2/11 4:58pm BSI:

...ahem... meaning, haven't heard this release in ages. Many thanks, splendid. ahem. holy crap. etc.
  Thu. 6/2/11 5:05pm Mike East:

Superb show today, Fabio.
  Thu. 6/2/11 5:06pm moose:

good with sunburn
  Thu. 6/2/11 5:07pm wuuj:

shocked by these electric eels. transcendent show, fabio
  Thu. 6/2/11 5:07pm Constipated Man:

Electric Eel! This is my jam!
  Thu. 6/2/11 5:08pm pierre:

Bonsoir everyone !
Bonsoir Fabio
  Thu. 6/2/11 5:09pm Mike East:

Is this throat singing, didgeridoo, and a jaw harp?
  Thu. 6/2/11 5:10pm Mike East:

...amidst other random sounds...
  Thu. 6/2/11 5:13pm Robert:

Just picturing a turbine-powered cat....
  Thu. 6/2/11 5:13pm postmanpaul:

My god, I've just eaten the most amazingly tasty English pork pie with mouth-watering jelly between the meaty inner and crusty outer pastry... yum yum pigs bum.
Can I say that on jewishy radio!?!
  Thu. 6/2/11 5:14pm MD:

  Thu. 6/2/11 5:14pm BSI:

Without looking it up, i would've placed Bang! at '84 as well...
  Thu. 6/2/11 5:26pm Cecile:

Cheri Pi, if you're around, I can give you my recs...
  Thu. 6/2/11 5:28pm Fredericks:

Love this Pinhas.
  Thu. 6/2/11 5:32pm BSI:

The new Pinhas/Merzbow cd (recorded live here in DC at last year's sonic circuits fest) is highly recommended....... by the way....
  Thu. 6/2/11 5:35pm Julie:

This is a lot of notes
  Thu. 6/2/11 5:37pm Pantagruel:

(I am now stumbling about the room the giant way)
  Thu. 6/2/11 5:45pm glenn:

p.m.p.- tonight for dinner i am stir frying pork loin with ginger, garlic and scallions. also steamed broccoli and rice. and some nice chilly white wine. if there was a pork tree, i would have about five in my back yard.
  Thu. 6/2/11 5:45pm BSI:

cranking the FMU stream and licking atoms off the inside of my head, the giant way...
  Thu. 6/2/11 5:46pm Julie:

@Glenn I'm coming over. I'll bring wine.
  Thu. 6/2/11 5:47pm glenn:

  Thu. 6/2/11 5:48pm moose:

ha and BSI i'm more aligned with you
  Thu. 6/2/11 5:48pm Matt from Springfield:

And the music fades out, like a dream coming to its close...

@glenn: Sounds quite delicious!
  Thu. 6/2/11 5:49pm glenn:

if you bring clay, i can beat him over the head with old styx albums.
  Thu. 6/2/11 5:53pm Pantagruel:

Thanks for being a dj, Fabio!
  Thu. 6/2/11 5:53pm moose:

what was the name of those little records made of bubblegum with the sleeves and all i forget
  Thu. 6/2/11 5:55pm Matt from Springfield:

"Segments and Songs and You and Julie and I"

If the Triumvirate issues a "Best Of" premium, there's your title!
  Thu. 6/2/11 5:56pm Matt from Springfield:

And albums? Sounds like an "afternoon zoo" show is in the works!

And you all rocked 7SD yesterday!
  Thu. 6/2/11 5:56pm glenn:

records made of bubblegum? what magical world is this?
  Thu. 6/2/11 5:58pm glenn:

is the 7sd from yesterday in the archive? i don't see it.
  Thu. 6/2/11 6:00pm Matt from Springfield:

@Julie: No, PLAY 7 minute tracks! As long as they're good, we'll like them! Plus with all the Pink Floyd/Moody Blues, your regular listeners expect at least a few of those each week.
  Thu. 6/2/11 6:01pm hopey:

@ moose: Chew Bops! I remember collecting those!
  Thu. 6/2/11 6:01pm Matt from Springfield:

@glenn: It's under Fabio's "Strength Through Failure" playlists--Jun 1 2011, comments and Archive for yesterday.
  Thu. 6/2/11 6:02pm david:

50 lb bag of purina
  Thu. 6/2/11 6:02pm glenn:

yep. i just found it. thank you.
  Thu. 6/2/11 6:02pm seang:

great tune!!
  Thu. 6/2/11 6:03pm Cecile:

the Fixx....hrm.
  Thu. 6/2/11 6:03pm Matt from Springfield:

Oooh, 80s stuff! Dig that bass!
Never heard this one...waiting to recognize part of it...
  Thu. 6/2/11 6:05pm Matt from Springfield:

@Cecile: Is this The Fixx then?
@glenn: No prob; comments related to the Triumvirate can usually be found on Fab's playlists in most cases.
  Thu. 6/2/11 6:08pm Cecile:

  Thu. 6/2/11 6:10pm Night Al:

check out this live Fixx show...
  Thu. 6/2/11 6:11pm Cecile:

How about "The Heroic Trio"?
  Thu. 6/2/11 6:13pm Matt from Springfield:

I like "The Triumvirate"; but if they don't...hmm...
  Thu. 6/2/11 6:15pm Matt from Springfield:

..."The Confluence"? Three separate DJ powers flowing into something greater. But that's also as wordy as "triumvirate", but I also feel they should be "The__" something. Hmm...
  Thu. 6/2/11 6:16pm Matt from Springfield:

..."The Combined Powers"?...
  Thu. 6/2/11 6:19pm Greg from Bloomfield:

Tricolor Pasta?
  Thu. 6/2/11 6:21pm Night Al:

here we go with Floyd the barber again..a recurring theme the last 2 shows...hmmmm
  Thu. 6/2/11 6:22pm Ike:

It used to be Alan Smithee, but didn't they change it?
  Thu. 6/2/11 6:23pm Night Al:

from the net...
The official cause of death was acute cerebral edema (swelling of the brain) brought about by a hypersensitivity to aspirin. Bruce's brain was found to have swollen from a normal 1,400 grams to a lethal 1,575 grams.
  Thu. 6/2/11 6:28pm Night Al:

Aaron Eckhart
  Thu. 6/2/11 6:29pm Night Al:

Jennifer Aniston and Aaron Eckhart star in the romantic drama Love Happens
  Thu. 6/2/11 6:34pm Matt from Springfield:

Gymnasium = Greek "gymnos", for "naked"--
Because the Greeks always exercised in the raw (think Greco-Roman wrestling).
  Thu. 6/2/11 6:36pm Matt from Springfield:

"The Davenport Episode"?
Most call it "The Oprah couch incident"...both would be great band names, especially the former.
  Thu. 6/2/11 6:36pm Night Al:

the threeway deejay
  Thu. 6/2/11 6:36pm Matt from Springfield:

"The Davenport Episode"?
Most call it "The Oprah couch incident"...both would be great band names, especially the former.
  Thu. 6/2/11 6:37pm Matt from Springfield:

"Yes It Is"??? This was recently played in the 7SD Name That Beatles song episode--it took a while for anyone to get this one.
  Thu. 6/2/11 6:40pm Matt from Springfield:

They DID just re-work "This Boy"!
And yes, "A Hard Day's Night" is a brilliant film, an early self-aware, postmodern take on fame. Dick Lester was vital in bringing that out.
  Thu. 6/2/11 6:42pm Matt from Springfield:

"One Thing Leads To Another". 1983.
  Thu. 6/2/11 7:01pm Night Al:

A few other 1976 hits...Silly Love Songs, Let 'Em In, 50 Ways, Sara Smile, She's Gone, My Best Friend, Bohemian Rhapsody, Play That Funky Music, Take It to the Limit, Moonlight Feels Right, Golden Years, Dream Weaver, Lowdown, Show Me the Way, Dream On, Devil Woman, Fooled Around, Evil Woman, Rhiannon, Still the One, Slow Ride, The Boys Are Back in Town, Take the Money and Run, Squeeze Box. Magic Man, Crazy On You, (Don't Fear) The Reaper, Tonight's The Night, Sailing, Love Hurts, Fox On The Run, Got To Get You Into My Life, Shower The People, Do You Feel Like We Do, Baby I Love Your Way, The Edmund Fitzgerald, Beth, Rock N' Roll All Night, Still Crazy, Strange Magic, Love Is The Drug, More Than A Feeling, Locomotive Breath, Suite Madam Blue. ‎1976 albums...The Ramones, Songs in the Key of Life, Hotel California, Boston, 2112, Station to Station, Aerosmith Rocks, A Day At The Races, Thin Lizzy Jailbreak, Kiss Destroyer, ELO A New World Record, Led Zepplin The Song Remains The Same, CCR Chronicle...Bob Marley Rastaman Vibration, Warren Zevon debut, Tom Waits Small Change, Al Stewart Year Of The Cat, Alan Parsons Project, ACDC Dirty Deeds, Heart Dreamboat Annie, Kansas Leftoverture, The Pretender, Frampton Comes Alive!, Bob Seger Night... Moves, Steely Dan The Royal Scam, Lynyrd Skynyrd One More From The Road, Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers Debut, Jaco Pastorius, Fly Like A Eagle, Zoot Allures, Blondie debut, Silk Degrees, The Runaways, Popsicle Toes, Roots Rock Reggae, Tubular Bells.
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