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Crossing the t's, dotting the lower-case i's. Music with which to watch windshield wipers.

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Options May 31, 2011: Hot 91. (Fill-in for Brian Turner)

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Artist Track Album Label New Approx. start time
Tod Dockstader  Clocking   Options Aerial #2  Sub Rosa    0:00:00 ()
Randy  Voicemail   Options none  none    0:02:16 ()
Serani  No Games (Brackles remix)   Options none  none  *   0:02:20 ()
French Fries  Senta   Options none  none    0:08:16 ()
Os Carrascos  Labrinto Dos Carrasco   Options senor coconut presents coconut fm: legendary latin club tunes  Essay    0:14:01 ()
Ghostdad  Vuvuzela Beat   Options none  none    0:16:53 ()
Mono/Poly  Punch the Troll in the Neck   Options Manifestations  Brainfeeder  *   0:18:30 ()
Fat Ray & Black Milk  Lookout   Options The Set Up  Music House    0:21:02 ()
Randy  Voicemail   Options       0:24:54 ()
Ciara  Ride   Options       0:26:12 ()
Vanity 6  Make-Up   Options S/T  Warner Bros.    0:31:45 ()
Vanity 6  Bite the Beat   Options S/T  Warner Bros.    0:34:16 ()
TV Babies  No Stranger to Glenda J.   Options Apt. 621  Rockin' Horse    0:37:22 ()
Randy   Voicemail   Options       0:40:55 ()
The Men  If You Leave...   Options Leave Home  Sacred Bones  *   0:40:59 ()
Entrance  Grim Reaper Blues   Options Prayer of Death  Tee Pee    0:48:15 ()
Patto  The Man   Options S/T  Akarma    0:53:28 ()
Sleeparchive  Ronan Point 4   Options 12"  Tresor  *   1:08:30 ()
Hyetal  Diamond Islands (Boddika Remix)   Options 12"  Black Acre  *   1:13:14 ()
Alpha Omega  Unknown   Options 12"  none    1:18:02 ()
Lil Silva  Cheese and Bun   Options 12"  Good Years  *   1:25:23 ()
The Weeknd  The Morning   Options House of Balloons  None    1:29:00 ()
Jeremih  Birthday Sex (DJ Mic juke remix)   Options none  none    1:33:54 ()
Suburban Boyz  Demon   Options 12"  Dance Mania    1:36:19 ()
Blawan  Getting Me Down   Options 12"  none  *   1:40:33 ()
Pearson Sound  Deep Inside refix   Options 12"  Night Slugs  *   1:48:02 ()
Kimmo Rapatti  Untitled   Options 12"  Dum    2:06:01 ()
Anne-James Chaton          2:08:46 ()
Beyonce  Video Phone (Stalker mix?)   Options none  none    2:14:11 ()
Beyonce   Video Phone   Options       2:15:42 ()
w/ Tod Dockstader          2:18:15 ()
Continuous Mode  Direct Out Mode 2   Options 12"  Chain Reaction    2:19:12 ()
Vanity 6  Make-Up   Options S/T  Warner Bros.    2:24:55 ()
Soft Pink Truth  i owe it to the girls   Options Do You Want New Wave Or Do You Want The Soft Pink Truth?  Tigerbeat6    2:27:29 ()
Instra:mental  When I Dip   Options 12"  Nonplus  *   2:31:15 ()
Big Tuck  Not A Stain on Me   Options       2:35:53 ()
Digital Mystikz  Education   Options 12"  DMZ    2:40:46 ()
The Sound Symposium  Mr. Tambourine Man   Options Plays Bob Dylan  Dot    2:46:30 ()
Charles Bernstein  Bath - Attack   Options The Entity sdtk.      2:50:17 ()
Anne-James Chaton  Barack Obama   Options Evenements 09  Raster-Noton  *   2:53:11 ()
Randy  Voicemail   Options       2:54:03 ()

Listener comments!

  Tue. 5/31/11 3:05pm bennett4senate:

  Tue. 5/31/11 3:09pm B. LaBonte:

B4S in the hausss.
Afternoon, everyone!
  Tue. 5/31/11 3:13pm Ike:

Why is it so hot? It's not even June yet. Let's blame this on Brad. He is a convenient scapegoat.
  Tue. 5/31/11 3:13pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

Hello there! Having just a wonderful first day back in the office!
  Tue. 5/31/11 3:13pm mike g:

hiya B!
  Tue. 5/31/11 3:14pm bennett4senate:

killin it already - did you hear the Girl Talk-produced Jim Jones track? http://pitchfork.com/news/42461-listen-girl-talk-teams-up-with-jim-jones/ think its got too many cusses for daytime radio... heard it on Funk Flex's annual Memorial Day mix, always choice
  Tue. 5/31/11 3:15pm BSI:

Ike: I always blame the goat. For everything. Damned goat...
  Tue. 5/31/11 3:17pm still b/p:

Ike -- The interplay of currents and atmosphere. There's El Nino, La Nina and LaBonte.
  Tue. 5/31/11 3:20pm bennett4senate:

oh shiiiiiiiiiiiiii DJ Ghostdad!!! that's the dude right there, he's on tour with Win Win right now
  Tue. 5/31/11 3:21pm jack m.:

sweet, mr. la-bron-tay!
  Tue. 5/31/11 3:21pm ben drinken:

sometimes you can get goat meat around here. some of the Bosnians and some of the Jamaicans get whole goats for really cheap. I like the milk the best. The meat is kind of tough but good taste. Saw some goat meat in a bag in the frozen section at the grocery store. "goat pieces" or chunks I think it said on the package. turned out mostly shank parts and the tough meat around parts of the ribs.
  Tue. 5/31/11 3:23pm still b/p:

Yes, exactly! Punch ALL the trolls in the neck. Yes!
  Tue. 5/31/11 3:24pm Matt from Springfield:

@ben: I first tried goat at an Indian restaurant, as a curry. The meat is tasty, but it is tough and very boney, like the pack of frozen goat you found. Also, they told me that without a lot of spices, goat has what many consider an unpleasant odor and taste.
  Tue. 5/31/11 3:25pm index gallery:

  Tue. 5/31/11 3:26pm Ike:

There are Bosnians in VT?? Do they sell bureks?

I've seen goat milk yogurt at Trader Joe's. A bit pricey. I'll try it sometime.
  Tue. 5/31/11 3:29pm yukadoodle:

Wow, Tuesday afternoons now suck on WFMU....Here I come Luxuria and Pandora.
  Tue. 5/31/11 3:31pm Monty Python:

@yd: Spam spam spam spam spam
  Tue. 5/31/11 3:33pm Pepperpot Housewife:

  Tue. 5/31/11 3:33pm ben drinken:

yes, plenty of Bosnians and Jamaicans in VT. Vermont has a special contract with Jamaica to allow seasonal workers. Many of them stay here and live after. Many of them hang around long enough to become father like in-laws that are helpful enough to not have any weed when you want it. The Bosnians came around when the blow up happened in that area in the 90's. plus many other refugees welcome in VT. VT has programs that allow and help refugees and others, Jamaicans not refugees, but we need it because VT is the second oldest state in the nation and one of the whitest. great to have the diversity.
  Tue. 5/31/11 3:35pm Ike:

I nominate BSI and Ben Drinken for the post of goatmaster general. They will have to duel for it.
  Tue. 5/31/11 3:35pm paul:

vanity 6 fuck yes!!!!
  Tue. 5/31/11 3:35pm Monty Python:

yep, VT is all whiteass hippies who were refugees from NYC real estate prices
  Tue. 5/31/11 3:37pm still b/p:

Maine #1 oldest pop. state. But that don't mean we can't punch troll necks when they need it.
  Tue. 5/31/11 3:37pm giraffe-o:

Think there was a version of 'Make-up' on a Soft Pink Truth album?
  Tue. 5/31/11 3:41pm B. LaBonte:

Right-o, giraffe-o. All time killer track.
  Tue. 5/31/11 3:42pm ben drinken:

yes. monty, i was going to go there with that but you know. VT is a plenty with what would now be second or third generation flatlanders. Flatlanders is a term used by generational Vermonters (and people from NH and Maine I think maybe in some places?) to describe a person who ain't from here but came here.
  Tue. 5/31/11 3:45pm jack m.:

i feel bad for randy.
  Tue. 5/31/11 3:47pm jaycjay:

The Men... rock. Especially live.
  Tue. 5/31/11 3:49pm BSI:

I'm not sure if it would be cooler to receive a greeting like that or to be the guy shouting it...
  Tue. 5/31/11 3:51pm ben drinken:

hey wait a minute here now then. Am I in a duel? What would be the prize? a goat? or would the loser need to give up his goat. That would really get the loser's goat.
  Tue. 5/31/11 3:52pm jack m.:

ready, steady, goat!
  Tue. 5/31/11 3:53pm Ike:

I forgot to mention that you have to duel solely with goat horns, goat bones, and by throwing goat yogurt at each other.

LOVE that track by the Men. Not a very inventive band name though. Hazy guitar noise is always sexy. Sexier than Ciara for sure.
  Tue. 5/31/11 3:54pm Monty Python:

Winner gets a set of goat nads
  Tue. 5/31/11 3:56pm Billy:

When things get gruff, the gruff get goating.
  Tue. 5/31/11 3:57pm Matt from Springfield:

Does rotten yogurt count?
Even fresh yogurt has bacterial cultures--Biological Warfare!!
  Tue. 5/31/11 3:57pm Monty Python:

By illogical warfare
  Tue. 5/31/11 3:58pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

I was at a metal show last Halloween and there were honest to the devil goat bones being flung around. Not really enjoyable!
  Tue. 5/31/11 3:59pm ben drinken:

i get goat yogurt and goat keifer at the local co-op. i always hope and want for a surprise goat horn in every container.
  Tue. 5/31/11 4:00pm Goat Antidefamation League:

Don't make scapegoats of us.
  Tue. 5/31/11 4:00pm ben drinken:

oh, and goat nads in the container, as well. yummy
  Tue. 5/31/11 4:00pm Goat Antidefamation League:

nuts to ben.
  Tue. 5/31/11 4:02pm jack m.:

oh, goat to hell!
  Tue. 5/31/11 4:03pm IB trashtalker:

I'm-a-goata-defeata, baby...
  Tue. 5/31/11 4:04pm ben drinken:

ever encountered a randy goat. not fun.
  Tue. 5/31/11 4:04pm Goat Antidefamation League:

go at it, y'all
  Tue. 5/31/11 4:07pm ben drinken:

goats can chew up cans, fences etc. they can also chew up your knee. but which knee? the left knee, the right knee, the high knee, or....the wee kneee!!!ouch.
  Tue. 5/31/11 4:12pm Matt from Springfield:

Re: ben
Do any other "Reading Rainbow" viewers remember the one about goats? LeVar goes into a "goat restaurant" and tries to order normal food, like a "cheeseburger", and instead is offered a "jeans burger" and other such things goats eat.
  Tue. 5/31/11 4:19pm Matt from Springfield:

(pin drop)
Enjoying your set Brad, though in the comments it looks like either goats, or nothing!
  Tue. 5/31/11 4:21pm ben drinken:

@ Matt from S-

oh, no! I don't remember that one. maybe it is available on Netflix. Asa kid, or young adult, maybe even as an adult i can't remember, I saw his reading rainbow show and could not get over the fact that he could SEE without the visor thingy.
  Tue. 5/31/11 4:22pm bennett4senate:

whoa just started air drumming really hard when the DNB kicked in, kinda caught myself there
  Tue. 5/31/11 4:25pm ben drinken:

@b4senate-has anyone ever caught themselves air commenting on the wfmu playlist comments board. strange thing is that i bet many people have.
  Tue. 5/31/11 4:25pm Marmalade Kitty:

  Tue. 5/31/11 4:30pm Matt from Springfield:

@ben: Maybe Geordi will need the visor only in the future, not now.

"Air commenting"? Oh, you mean when some idiot you're talking to fails to take notice of your BRILLIANT point or reference; so you keep hitting 'Enter' in mid air, and retrying the math question, thinking they didn't see your comment. But they just don't get it! And they start calling YOU strange!!!
  Tue. 5/31/11 4:31pm Lowell:

  Tue. 5/31/11 4:34pm Julie:

I air comment only because I enjoy math. Oh, no wait, that's meth.
  Tue. 5/31/11 4:37pm cheri:

hello brad & julie!!!
  Tue. 5/31/11 4:37pm Ike:

Take your meds.
  Tue. 5/31/11 4:38pm cheri:

julie did you get my e-mail?
  Tue. 5/31/11 4:39pm bennett4senate:

oh, this is The Weeknd. noted. (brad see also Soulja Boy - 1Up, also Lupe Fiasco (feat. Trey Songz) - Out of My Head.)
  Tue. 5/31/11 4:40pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

let's get back to where we were a half hour ago
  Tue. 5/31/11 4:41pm the guess who:

speaking of air commenting! go pull the cake
  Tue. 5/31/11 4:41pm ben drinken:

no, Matt. that is just drunk commenting. air commenting would be when someone is enthralled with the comments board, such as someone would be enthralled watching and listening to someone play guitar, but can't do it themselves, yet has the passion behind it.
  Tue. 5/31/11 4:41pm Julie:

yes Cheri
  Tue. 5/31/11 4:41pm Julie:

@Ben that's comment voyeurism
  Tue. 5/31/11 4:42pm Ike:

No disrespect, love the show, but a little puzzled by mix of mainstream R&B with oddball rock/electronic/etc. Seems asymmetrical. The rock equivalent to the Weeknd and Ciara would be Dave Matthews Band or Nickelback. So, I guess you need to play some DMB then.
  Tue. 5/31/11 4:42pm Matt from Springfield:

I didn't finish your episode at work today, but I did complete the KRISTEEN YOUNG SET!!!

Every bit as great as I thought it would be. Does Kristeen do any vocal exercises, to get her scales down--or does she just jump into her octave jumping w/o any warm-up?
  Tue. 5/31/11 4:44pm Julie:

@Matt she may have warmed up before she came in, she didn't do anything like that in front of me. And thank you. Leave me some comments there :)
  Tue. 5/31/11 4:44pm Julie:

Is free form radio supposed to be symmetrical?
  Tue. 5/31/11 4:45pm B. LaBonte:

Yo Bennett -- will check dose out. I have a soft spot for Trey Songz.

Ike -- does this Blawan edit of Brandy clear things up?

Can someone air comment a brief summary of that goat conversation?
  Tue. 5/31/11 4:45pm Ike:

I'd say most of the DJs here are symmetrical, but maybe that's only in my own warped brainstem.
  Tue. 5/31/11 4:45pm Matt from Springfield:

@ben: Drunk commenting usually winds up on the board, talk to Ike about how Friday nights, but no other nights seem to attract mindless drunk-commenting (Chris T's and Pseu's playlists show the remnants of which).
  Tue. 5/31/11 4:46pm Julie:

  Tue. 5/31/11 4:46pm Julie:

@Ike respect for admitting that it's warped
  Tue. 5/31/11 4:47pm ben drinken:

hows about air DJ. where people who wish and want to be DJ's do it air style. could be wonderful game on the Wii thngy
  Tue. 5/31/11 4:47pm the guess who:

@B.: a lot of baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad comments
  Tue. 5/31/11 4:47pm Ike:

Yes Brad, that's much better, thx! :)
  Tue. 5/31/11 4:47pm Matt from Springfield:

@Julie: "Free-hand" doesn't need to be symmetrical, so I guess free-form doesn't either--as balanced or UNbalanced as you wish!

Now that Tony Visconti has finished engineering the session, you can stop playing his singles and start playing his ex-wife's again :)
  Tue. 5/31/11 4:48pm Matt from Springfield:

Come to think, you may have set a landmark by playing a Mary Hopkin AND Tony Visconti record in the exact same radio set!
  Tue. 5/31/11 4:51pm Chuck:

Loving the show Brad - that Blawan tune is huge, Lil Silva is killing it too.
  Tue. 5/31/11 4:51pm ben drinken:

@the guess who- if you meant by b followed by several a's being the sound of a goat...goats make more of an eehghh..eeggh.. sound. sheeps do the b followed by A's sound.
  Tue. 5/31/11 4:52pm Chuck:

Wow, I was literally about to suggest something from Night Slugs and here we are.
  Tue. 5/31/11 4:55pm BSI:

May I continue to air goat?
  Tue. 5/31/11 4:56pm jaycjay:

@Julie, I did get to catch the final hour of your show that I couldn't stay up for, earlier... thanks to the RSS feed, I knew it was waiting as soon as I started working this afternoon.
  Tue. 5/31/11 4:56pm Matt from Springfield:

@BSI: Um, as long as it's within FCC rules.
  Tue. 5/31/11 4:56pm Joe Mulligan:

hoy foshiznit, a Deep Inside remix from the night slugs label. didnt know they were listening to that sort of stuff
  Tue. 5/31/11 4:57pm BSI:

Matt: It's very asymmetrical, you see. That's the issue.
  Tue. 5/31/11 4:57pm jaycjay:

Having long ago myself been a freeform DJ, I'm proud to say that I never did a show that was anywhere close to symmetrical.
  Tue. 5/31/11 4:57pm cheri:

so when will the summer schedule be posted??
  Tue. 5/31/11 4:58pm Chuck:

he's hitting the good stuff, would love to hear something from butterz now.
  Tue. 5/31/11 4:59pm Ike:

Ken won't post it until you take your meds.
  Tue. 5/31/11 5:00pm ben drinken:

oh, yeah. waiting for the summer schedule. wondering if Kenny G will be back for an hour or so of pain.
  Tue. 5/31/11 5:01pm Matt from Springfield:

@Ike: And talk on-air with Clay about what meds you've taken.
@ben: That would be cool--and I loved Vicki's hour-long Do Or DIY last summer, would like to hear that again.
  Tue. 5/31/11 5:02pm jaycjay:

Of course, as long as those listeners complaining about the same songs being played keep on listening... the same songs will be played over and over.
  Tue. 5/31/11 5:04pm Ike:

@Matt: I think Vicki comes back every summer.

@Brad I think I have diagnosed your problem: You listen to Hot 97. ;) But there are no meds for that. There must be a good indie-R&B/rap stream out there somewhere. That will heal up that Ciara/Drake rash.
  Tue. 5/31/11 5:06pm ben drinken:

i am always taken over when I hear something twice on wfmu. anytime I go in a convenience store, grocery store, any place public business, no fail I hear a song played that I have heard a thousand and more times. what is up with this. it is like the worls is trapped in a bubble that only recognizes one hit from the 70's and 80's and plays it over and over. and the DJ's on these stations pretend to not know any better
  Tue. 5/31/11 5:07pm Richard from Venezuela:

Good indie pop. Free EP

  Tue. 5/31/11 5:08pm Julie:

there are sooo many songs to choose from it seems unlikely you'd want to play the same one twice. Of course I say that having been guilty of it myself.
  Tue. 5/31/11 5:11pm Julie:

I have to say one thing, studio A is a very nice place to be on a day like today. It was downright chilly this morning.
  Tue. 5/31/11 5:11pm jaycjay:

Of course there are songs you want to hear more than once, but that doesn't mean five or ten times a day! Certainly though when you are only doing one show a week there's nothing wrong with occasionally playing something you've played before. I wouldn't call it being "guilty of it" of all.
  Tue. 5/31/11 5:12pm cheri:

julie just off the cuff,,do you agree with me when i say that bubble gum music is devil's music??
  Tue. 5/31/11 5:12pm ben drinken:

many songs are like iconic fine art and deserve hearing many times. like the stuff Glenn Jones plays. not the kind of stuff I would listen to all the time but he recognizes some iconic songs as deserving multiple plays. wish more everyday local yocal radio staions could be staffed by people like him. but then the world would end and X-Ray would take over and play all kinds of crap and talk to us about the world ending...even though it already did.
  Tue. 5/31/11 5:13pm Julie:

"regular" radio stations have playlists. It's their own special hell.
  Tue. 5/31/11 5:13pm B. LaBonte:

I kind of like "You Be Killin' Em" for the line about "shoe-icide."
  Tue. 5/31/11 5:14pm Julie:

something tells me I need to check out Jonesie's rapture show
  Tue. 5/31/11 5:14pm Richard from Venezuela:

Here is raining.
  Tue. 5/31/11 5:15pm Julie:

@Brad are those sneakers you see hanging up by traffic lights victims of shoe-icide?
  Tue. 5/31/11 5:15pm jaycjay:

Yep, in "real world" radio you don't get to play just whatever you want to. If you get to actually "play" anything at all, as opposed to just watching over whatever has been pre-programmed for you.
  Tue. 5/31/11 5:16pm Chuck:

@cheri I think that's a rather broad statement. like anything, there's good and bad bubblegum music.
  Tue. 5/31/11 5:17pm Matt from Springfield:

It's especially irritating to hear the same songs being played in the same hour, but on a different weekday. Don't commuters suffer enough? Or my fav, the "12 hour adjustment"--Maybe the morning listeners will be home by the time we play this one again! Commercial radio's already circling the Ninth Circle of Hell, getting ready to plunge in.
  Tue. 5/31/11 5:17pm Marmalade Kitty:

I like Anne-James Chaton
Why is everyone complaining?!
  Tue. 5/31/11 5:19pm Julie:

@Chuck @Cheri I rather enjoy some bubblegum music, as well as some actual bubble gum (Bubblemint, actually)
  Tue. 5/31/11 5:22pm Ike:

Ah ha -- just realized I forgot to bring any chocolate to work today. Maybe that's why I'm so cranky.

  Tue. 5/31/11 5:24pm ben drinken:

I can isolate my radio experience for myself, including having NPR in my car, and only one locally owned station, but what I can't avoid is other places and businesses that I need to go in that have "local" not really local but some corporation blasting "hit" in the place. I think it unlike getting purfume on you when around some lady, or colgnee on some dude when out and about. don't like it. regular radio is like nasty perfume oder all over the place
  Tue. 5/31/11 5:25pm cheri:

well julie--i have to split now,,,as always thnx for your company,, see you soon julie!!! nite
  Tue. 5/31/11 5:25pm Julie:

@Ben indeed..if I have to hear paparazzi in one more supermarket..including the deli down the street from WFMU, talk about a letdown
  Tue. 5/31/11 5:28pm Marmalade Kitty:

How is wfmu regarded locally, generally?
  Tue. 5/31/11 5:28pm Julie:

@Ike do not mention chocolate (or cake!) on the comment board unless you can share with the whole class
  Tue. 5/31/11 5:29pm jaycjay:

Another bane; "internet jukeboxes". Machines that let people play any of tens of thousands of songs, but they just choose the same ones over and over. So you can't really blame "commercial radio": they're giving the people what they want.
  Tue. 5/31/11 5:33pm jaycjay:

@Julie, we can only hope that playlist technology someday advances that far!
  Tue. 5/31/11 5:34pm Ike:

I was mentioning an unfortunate LACK of chocolate. I can share my total lack of chocolate with the whole class.
@Marm, we unique elite are the listeners, but many in NYC do not know it exists. Poor FM reception -- tall buildings. Every time I see a blank or outdated billboard, I want to climb up and paint WFMU 91.1 FM: LISTEN NOW, FOOL! on it, but I'm not good with paint. Or heights. Or breaking laws.
  Tue. 5/31/11 5:35pm ben drinken:

is it funny to anyone else when a motorcycle rolls along and blasting music. they need to have it so loud to hear it. funny thing that I always laugh at is that if I ever road a motorcycle it would be about freedom and just enjoying the ride. not about listening to some dumb radio station. or some dumb played a thousand times song. i would want to hear the sounds of the bike on the pavement and see the sites enjoying the freedom of the air. cracks me up when i see people on bikes blasting music.
  Tue. 5/31/11 5:36pm Julie:

How can you hear music over a motorcycle's noise anyhow?
  Tue. 5/31/11 5:36pm jaycjay:

@Ike, yeah, have to rely on just wearing a WFMU t-shirt as often as is practical.
  Tue. 5/31/11 5:37pm Chuck:

this is another huge choon. the instra:mental fabriclive was really good, i liked the pearson sound one too.
  Tue. 5/31/11 5:38pm jaycjay:

(As a former rider, most of the time, you wouldn't be able to. Maybe when moving slowly at a near-idle. But just like the stereos blasting from cars, the radio is probably more to bring attention from people around them than for them to hear for themselves.
  Tue. 5/31/11 5:38pm stingy d:

ben drinken!
  Tue. 5/31/11 5:39pm Julie:

I always loved the album title Do You Want New Wave...
  Tue. 5/31/11 5:40pm ben drinken:

yeah, julie. that is what gest me. when a bike goes by blasting music i can hear and make out the exact dumb played over song. but can he or she hear it? what is the point. I imagine these people not really listening to the music anyway but listening to some imaginary idea in their heads about being "free" or what they think freedom is. maybe also thinking that they are risky and could die at any moment like a soldier even though they would not themselves enlists for a war.
  Tue. 5/31/11 5:41pm Chuck:

Actually, many outlaw biker clubs are made up of former soldiers (or were in times past). I believe the original clubs were WWII vets.
  Tue. 5/31/11 5:41pm jaycjay:

And, ben, I even feel that way when I'm driving. I like driving (outside the city anyway) and like a fun car... I want to hear the tires on the pavement, the sound of the engine as I go through the gears, the wind. And then in the city, I want to hear the garbage truck that's about to back into me. When I'm driving I always have the radio on law if at all, except out on the open road when I might blast it.
  Tue. 5/31/11 5:42pm Chuck:

They have bluetooth helmets today so it's very possible to have music playing in your helmet.
  Tue. 5/31/11 5:43pm BSI:

Is this that hippity-hoppy I've been hearing about?
Can I air-goat to this?
  Tue. 5/31/11 5:44pm Chuck:

I was really feeling that Big Tuck song!
  Tue. 5/31/11 5:45pm jack m.:

mc malibu!!
  Tue. 5/31/11 5:45pm B. LaBonte:

@chuck, absolutely, that track is awesome. Also, I like this switch from goats to biker clubs.
  Tue. 5/31/11 5:45pm Ike:

Worst lyrics ever... what an illiterate-sounding money-obsessed doofmeister. Rap by numbers. A musical style meant to be about the power of words, frittered away, dignity all lost... oh jeez I need chocolate.
  Tue. 5/31/11 5:45pm B. LaBonte:

Haha, have you played that yet, Jack?
  Tue. 5/31/11 5:46pm jack m.:

no, but filling in for stan on june 10, so...
  Tue. 5/31/11 5:46pm ben drinken:

yes, chuck-original bikers were soldiers from WWII. to think that weekend warrior bikers who never faught keep thinking that they are free on bikes baffles me. they even wear eather and "pretend" on the weekends with their wives. crazy stuff.
  Tue. 5/31/11 5:47pm Julie:

Someone get Ike a syringe of fudge. STAT
  Tue. 5/31/11 5:50pm the guess who:

let's play comment board dating game, and match up ike with cheri 0:-)
  Tue. 5/31/11 5:52pm Chuck:

@BLB I'll be checking out more Big Tuck. The bass on that was pretty great.

@Ike Wow. Agree to disagree I guess.
  Tue. 5/31/11 5:53pm ben drinken:

one with the goat thing? I guess it wasn't me, or even BSI.
  Tue. 5/31/11 5:53pm cheri:

ike???? EWWWWW
  Tue. 5/31/11 5:54pm the guess who:

see? i knew it <qvells> cheri never *really* leaves, though her MO is always to *say* she's leaving.
  Tue. 5/31/11 5:55pm Ike:

Ha ha ha ha ha... I think "she" is too busy stalking Mila Kunis to go out with anybody.
  Tue. 5/31/11 5:55pm the guess who:

she'd date danne d ):-)
  Tue. 5/31/11 5:55pm Julie:

Mila Kunis is infinitely stalk-worthy
  Tue. 5/31/11 5:56pm BSI:

I find the Big Tuck stuff amusing, usually. About halfway through a track like that I end up thinking, jeez..... this fellow sure has a lot to say. I never talk this much. Golly...
  Tue. 5/31/11 5:56pm stingy d:

Buzkashi anyone?
  Tue. 5/31/11 5:57pm Ike:

Careful Julie, you just guaranteed yourself more e-mails from "her" rhapsodizing about the greatness of Mila, I'm sure.
  Tue. 5/31/11 5:57pm BSI:

Right on. Time to put down the goat & go stalk somebody.
  Tue. 5/31/11 5:57pm Chuck:

@BSI well when you have that much swag, it's important others know it.
  Tue. 5/31/11 5:57pm Matt from Springfield:

Enjoyable show and conversations! Have a good night everyone!

@Julie: I'll + some comments to your playlist when I get home :)
  Tue. 5/31/11 5:58pm Matt from Springfield:

I hope Randy is earning some serious royalties from his voicemail message!
  Tue. 5/31/11 5:59pm Marmalade Kitty:

@everybody:which singer was nicknamed "the electric goat"?
  Tue. 5/31/11 5:59pm Ike:

Well @BSI I don't imagine you'd spend five minutes stringing together a bunch of cliches about how much money you have and associated materialism.
  Tue. 5/31/11 5:59pm Julie:

Thanks for a great show, Brad!
  Tue. 5/31/11 6:00pm Julie:

Stevie nicks?
  Tue. 5/31/11 6:00pm Marmalade Kitty:

Goodnight Matt :)
  Tue. 5/31/11 6:01pm bennett4senate:

yo Brad, super great show, miss u on the airwaves, I'm goin back to look up a bunch of these traxxx.... take care mayne, you helped me power through a bumpy afternoon of potential probs
  Tue. 5/31/11 6:01pm Chuck:

@Ike Isn't there plenty of guitar-based music that does the same thing?
  Tue. 5/31/11 6:01pm Ike:

Thanks Brad!
  Tue. 5/31/11 6:01pm Ike:

@Chuck, is there? If so then I'm not keen on that either.
  Tue. 5/31/11 6:01pm Marmalade Kitty:

Roger chapman - Family...
Nice show brad!!
  Tue. 5/31/11 6:02pm B. LaBonte:

Take care, y'all!
  Tue. 5/31/11 6:03pm Ike:

@Chuck actually that goes back to my point about asymmetry: I didn't hear that kind of guitar music today... unless I wasn't paying attn. (?)
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