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The Failure of Noise
The Failure of Sound
The Failure of Rock
The Failure of the Avant Garde
The Failure of the Space Age
The Failure of Jazz
The Failure of Psychedelia
The Failure of Krautrock
The Failure of Electronic
The Failure of Pop
The Failure of Free-form
The Failure of the 20th Century

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Options May 26, 2011: Failure as Salvation

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Artist Track Album Approx. start time
Koivistolaiset  Jättiläinen (Mr. Giant Man)   Options   0:00:00 ()
Alex neilson & Richard Youngs  Pictures for the Multitudes   Options Road is Open Life  0:10:46 ()
Kommissar Hjuler und Mama Baer & Ninni Morgia and Silvia Kastel  Fragments   Options Two Couples  0:23:23 ()
Diamanda Galas  Wild Women with Steak Knives   Options Litanies of Satan  0:25:35 ()
Jocy de Oliveira  Estoria IV   Options Estorias Para Voz Instrumentos  0:59:55 ()
Pierre Andre-Arcand  Lsé-tu Chsa pas Quoi Tiens Donc   Options Eres+7  1:08:08 ()
Frieder Butzmann  In Einem Netzwerk   Options Wie Zeit Vergeht  1:16:25 ()
Roger Doyle  Thalia parts I & II   Options Charlotte Corday/ Thalia  1:24:12 ()
Sindre Bjerga & Robert Horton  Jackadelic Psychpot   Options Can't Go Fast Enough To Get There Early  1:52:59 ()
Group Doueh  Ana Lakweri   Options Zayna Jumma  2:01:33 ()
Blumen Des Exotischen Eises  Die Ragafabrik   Options Karawane Der Mystiks  2:04:24 ()
Them  Square Room   Options Now and Them  2:03:08 ()
sundrips  Just a glimpse   Options Just a glimpse  2:41:41 ()
Alice Cooper  dEAD bABIES   Options kILLER  2:42:56 ()

Listener comments!

  Thu. 5/26/11 3:13pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

hey it's almost a long weekend! party!
  Thu. 5/26/11 3:13pm Rev. Camping:

The Failure of Rapture, The Rapture of Failure
  Thu. 5/26/11 3:14pm Looms:

The Failure has been raptured!?! Oh Jeez! :(
  Thu. 5/26/11 3:15pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

I'm going reverse-camping this weekend
  Thu. 5/26/11 3:16pm J J:

Finally, Fabio. I get tired of listening to rock n roll after noon.
  Thu. 5/26/11 3:16pm dc pat:

where's Clay?
  Thu. 5/26/11 3:17pm dc pat:

failure to have Clay on the show again...
  Thu. 5/26/11 3:18pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

need a little expansion, JJ?
  Thu. 5/26/11 3:19pm jaycjay:

Jättiläinen was a cool change of pace.
  Thu. 5/26/11 3:19pm Play Cigeon:

Hey Fabio, play some of that Kansas. You know that one? Carry on my wayward son! Don't you cry no more! Duh nuh nuhh, nuh nuh nuhh nuhh...
  Thu. 5/26/11 3:20pm northguineahills:

I love 90% of Richard Youngs output, and this falls under that 90%
  Thu. 5/26/11 3:20pm dc pat:

Yes! uh, that's -5.6 for Clay...
  Thu. 5/26/11 3:21pm dc pat:

..I mean Play
  Thu. 5/26/11 3:22pm Ike:

Yeah, the Finnish version of Mr. Giant Man always makes me smile.
  Thu. 5/26/11 3:24pm J J:

@DCE I need my mind BLOWN. @northguinea I like Richard Youngs album dedicated to a dead dog. Unexpectedly pretty stuff
  Thu. 5/26/11 3:25pm Adam in Portland:

My dogs are barking along with "Fragments." I love it! They love it?
  Thu. 5/26/11 3:27pm Adam in Portland:

My mistake: it's Diamanda Galas (of course) that has them inside out.
  Thu. 5/26/11 3:28pm Handsome Harry:

I used to live with the subject of this piece. Good times.
  Thu. 5/26/11 3:28pm J J:

I wonder if she makes these noises in bed?
  Thu. 5/26/11 3:28pm northguineahills:

I usually can't stand Diamanda Galas, I actually like this.
  Thu. 5/26/11 3:28pm Looms:

Well, cats and dogs have something in common, Adam.
  Thu. 5/26/11 3:28pm Ike:

Oh NO! It's Diamanda Galas!! RUN! Run! SAVE YOURSELVES!
  Thu. 5/26/11 3:29pm dc pat:

this is just the kinda wild woman I like....
  Thu. 5/26/11 3:30pm dc pat:

see? http://www.mcachicago.org/perf_images/3dd74DiamandaGalas.jpg
  Thu. 5/26/11 3:31pm nic:

  Thu. 5/26/11 3:31pm dc pat:

funny, I didn't even see the name of this track!
  Thu. 5/26/11 3:36pm Adam in Portland:

@Looms: Everything's relatively resolved. I gave them edible treats to go along with Diamanda's audible treats.
  Thu. 5/26/11 3:37pm still b/p:

A mash-up of Diamanda with Clare Prophet could be nice.
  Thu. 5/26/11 3:37pm dc pat:

Diamanda at home:

Diamanda: Hi honey, I'm home.
Mr. Diamanda: Oh hey there, dear, how was work?
Diamanda: Ah, kinda tough today.
Mr. Diamanda: Do you want to talk about it?
Diamanda: NO.
  Thu. 5/26/11 3:38pm Ike:

@S. B/P: Probably not a good idea. That might cause the universe to implode.
  Thu. 5/26/11 3:39pm Julie:

Anything worthwhile might cause the universe to implode.
  Thu. 5/26/11 3:40pm Looms:

@Adam: still trying to get the pet out from under the sofa. It's the cat next door, have to look after him. Maybe for the last time after this show...
  Thu. 5/26/11 3:44pm Looms:

He's back.
  Thu. 5/26/11 3:47pm Adam in Portland:

@Looms: you might try soothingly reading the book Musicians on Music to him.
  Thu. 5/26/11 3:58pm Looms:

@Adam: Great idea! This bastard enjoys dating with his girlfriends right above our bedroom at night. I'll introduce him to Maja Ratkje while reading too - what a sweet revenge!
  Thu. 5/26/11 4:01pm Looms:

Correction: I'll introduce him to Fe-Mail played LOUD while reading.
  Thu. 5/26/11 4:08pm northguineahills:

I believe I read a decade ago that diamanda galas was once a sex worker, but that could be apocryphal.
  Thu. 5/26/11 4:11pm nic:

so cool_great 2
  Thu. 5/26/11 4:13pm jaycjay:

@Julie, I am stealing "Anything worthwhile might cause the universe to implode." as my new motto.
  Thu. 5/26/11 4:14pm ?:

Both Diamanda and Amanda are filed under 'oddball/novelty' recordings in this house. Nothing wrong with that.
  Thu. 5/26/11 4:15pm dc pat:

ngh: seems like she was classically trained musician from an early age and been doing music/sound her whole life, but that could be wikryphal
  Thu. 5/26/11 4:16pm other david:

ahh the soothing sounds of shortwave radio :)
  Thu. 5/26/11 4:16pm dc pat:

jeeze diamanda and amanda are filed under "things to aspire to" in my...head anyway.
  Thu. 5/26/11 4:16pm postmanpaul:

Coming out from behind my question mark.
  Thu. 5/26/11 4:22pm ?:

Popping back again.
  Thu. 5/26/11 4:25pm ?:

this is confusing. who am i?
  Thu. 5/26/11 4:25pm ?:

The Failure of Self-Identification
  Thu. 5/26/11 4:26pm !:

be proud of who you are!
  Thu. 5/26/11 4:26pm ?:

I front the Mysterians
  Thu. 5/26/11 4:27pm =:

All commenters are created equal.
  Thu. 5/26/11 4:27pm "":

  Thu. 5/26/11 4:27pm >u:

except me
  Thu. 5/26/11 4:29pm *:

There be hazards here, and an incautious ID could expose your asterisk.
  Thu. 5/26/11 4:29pm >u:

everybody kiss my *
  Thu. 5/26/11 4:30pm &:

yet another comment on the theme
  Thu. 5/26/11 4:33pm ^_^:

who will break the chain?
  Thu. 5/26/11 4:33pm Cecile:

Little cute white kiwi vid to cheer everyone up:
  Thu. 5/26/11 4:33pm ^:

nobody up there ^
  Thu. 5/26/11 4:35pm ^_^:

put the kiwi in a drawer and it comes out brown?
  Thu. 5/26/11 4:36pm meanie:

that kiwi is a little fruit
  Thu. 5/26/11 4:37pm :

Call it what you will.
  Thu. 5/26/11 4:37pm Cecile:

It's very cool. It's a Maori tohu or good omen.
  Thu. 5/26/11 4:38pm pierre:

pardon ?
  Thu. 5/26/11 4:39pm Peckish:

hey, droopy dog with feathers! at least it's about the right size for a decent sandwich!
  Thu. 5/26/11 4:41pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

bah, it's all feathers and fluff, you'd need lettuce and pickles to fill that sandwich out nicely
  Thu. 5/26/11 4:43pm still b/p:

Whatever you do, don't say sammy or sammich. We learned yesterday this disturbs some in the commenting population.
  Thu. 5/26/11 4:43pm Cecile:

pierre, the white kiwi in the video. It was the first hatched in captivity. Once he gets older, he'll return to the wild. they are very, very rare.
  Thu. 5/26/11 4:44pm Peckish:

and about to get even rarer! or medium rare, anyway. [rubs hands together, smacks lips]
  Thu. 5/26/11 4:47pm Granny:

*Smacks Sylvester/Peckish in the ass with broom repeatedly 'til white kiwi is ptooeyed out*
  Thu. 5/26/11 4:49pm Peckish:

thufferin thuccotath, what'th a guy gotta do to eat around here?
  Thu. 5/26/11 4:51pm ben drinken:

peeling kiwis is a pain in the ass. easier just to eat the whole thing brown furry skin and all.
  Thu. 5/26/11 4:51pm jaycjay:

@still b/p: 'sammich' I'mm fine with. 'Sammy', though... ugh. No, don't. Don't order a 'Jamie' at the bar, either.
  Thu. 5/26/11 4:52pm Cecile:

You jerks. It's tohu, not tofu! Don't eat the birdie.
  Thu. 5/26/11 4:55pm ben drinken:

I always thought tofu was a form of martial arts focused on using the toes for self defense...until I was informed otherwise.
  Thu. 5/26/11 4:55pm Looms:

We humans won't but the cat stares at the screen with eyes full of lust.
  Thu. 5/26/11 4:55pm Themis:

*Hauls "Jamie" orderer into men's room for a swirly*
  Thu. 5/26/11 4:56pm Peckish:

he's cute, actually. we're just, as you thoughtfully mentioned, being Jerks O:-)
  Thu. 5/26/11 4:58pm ferrets, stoats, cats, and dogs:

Vanilla! Yum!
  Thu. 5/26/11 4:58pm ben drinken:

then I thought that tofu was when someone had hairy toes and shaped the hair into a tofu manchu.
  Thu. 5/26/11 5:01pm ben drinken:

then i imagined a great martial arts warrior who practiced tofu and went around kicking peoples butts with his toes and his trademark was that his hairy toes had fu manchu mustaches on them.
  Thu. 5/26/11 5:04pm Looms:

Woo Hoo, just managed to order a copy! Didn't know where to start with Roger Doyle, thanks Fabio!
  Thu. 5/26/11 5:07pm ben drinken:

sometimes the fu manchu stache is called the "handle bar" in other parts of the world. imagine a big burly biker guy with a handle bar mustache riding a motorcycle and the bike has no handle bar...but the guy is USING his handle bar mustache to steer the bike!!!
  Thu. 5/26/11 5:07pm Ike:

Yeah that Roger Doyle track was fanta-xcelle-riffic, from the portion that I managed to catch.
  Thu. 5/26/11 5:08pm Peckish:

let's BBQ ben drinken. i'm freakin' famished.
  Thu. 5/26/11 5:08pm Looms:

Any other tip, Ike?
  Thu. 5/26/11 5:12pm trish:

This show is some kinda good audio anchor this fine afternoon. Thanks.
  Thu. 5/26/11 5:13pm ben drinken:

imagine if you went to the health food store and bought some tofu to BBQ. Then you open it up and it has a fu manchu mustache on it....!!!!
  Thu. 5/26/11 5:15pm ben drinken:

the hair on that tofu mustache must stink something fierce when it burns on the grill
  Thu. 5/26/11 5:17pm Looms:

Ike, sorry for my broken english. Ment any other recommandation?
  Thu. 5/26/11 5:19pm Looms:

RecommEndation. Jeez, i'm tired.
  Thu. 5/26/11 5:19pm Ike:

Hey Looms, sorry, no, I'm not that familiar with RD's work, although I'd like to be. I see that Rich H. played something by him last year, though:
  Thu. 5/26/11 5:20pm ben drinken:

i usually get pigs heads from a local farmer every fall because he just throws them out. I use them to make head cheese and also cook them outside on the grill. if I get one that has a handle bar fu manchu mustache i might consider shaving it off, otherwise the burning hair might stink too much. imagine that. a pig head with a fu manchu.
  Thu. 5/26/11 5:20pm sdfjones:

So good. Keep failing.
  Thu. 5/26/11 5:22pm hamburger / london:

howdy / wow ben drinken, that's pretty bad ass.. you get them for free?
  Thu. 5/26/11 5:23pm Looms:

@sdfjones: yeah, this is the perfect place to fail.
  Thu. 5/26/11 5:25pm hamburger / london:

I'd imagine pig's head to be pretty tasty, but it's just a bit too 'in-your-face' for my liking.. hohoho! I went there!
  Thu. 5/26/11 5:25pm jaycjay:

I would have to really be drinking a lot to cook a pig's head on my grill.
  Thu. 5/26/11 5:25pm ben drinken:

hey, hamburger= yes i get the heads for free. don't know what it's like in the UK but many places around the U.S. people just think the heads of any animal are garbage..when it is full of delicious and edible meat!!!
  Thu. 5/26/11 5:27pm Handsome Harry:

Duel On!
  Thu. 5/26/11 5:27pm Cecile:

head cheese is lovely. I'm a big fan of it.
  Thu. 5/26/11 5:27pm Starbuckle:

Pidge in the house!
  Thu. 5/26/11 5:27pm Duel:

Fabio can go out on the streets interviewing people about all their failures. What's your message for hate and vengeance?
  Thu. 5/26/11 5:28pm Nat the Parker:

The Doors album w/o Morrison is Other Voices
  Thu. 5/26/11 5:28pm seang:

what's up Clay? just finished listening to last week's show-great show
  Thu. 5/26/11 5:29pm Marmalade Kitty:

Fabio el crabio
  Thu. 5/26/11 5:30pm Looms:

Fabio le crabe?
  Thu. 5/26/11 5:31pm ben drinken:

oh my gosh. the best meat on a pig is first the belly meat then the meat around the eyes and the temple. the eye balls are especially good on a pig compared to other animals because it is firm and flavorful. a pig's eyeball is good with bacon wrapped around and with a toothpick in it for parties
  Thu. 5/26/11 5:31pm Bz:

Foot soldier for Fabio's army checking in!
  Thu. 5/26/11 5:32pm hamburger / london:

pig eyeballs? that's a bit too 'here's lookin' at you pig' for me! oh hohoho! I went there!
  Thu. 5/26/11 5:32pm Mike East:

@ben drinken - I'm partial to the skin myself
  Thu. 5/26/11 5:33pm Looms:

You're right, Clay! We're not good enough for Fabio.
  Thu. 5/26/11 5:33pm seang:

Horn rock
  Thu. 5/26/11 5:34pm J J:

It's okay. I don't want to talk to Fabio either. It's like those long car rides where you run out of things to say but it isn't uncomfortable or anything.
  Thu. 5/26/11 5:34pm Cecile:

I have Lorca.
  Thu. 5/26/11 5:35pm Heino:

by Krautrock, Clay means me.
  Thu. 5/26/11 5:36pm Cecile:

Emitt Rhodes is great.

No Beatles connection. He just sounds like he wanted to be in the Beatles.
  Thu. 5/26/11 5:36pm 67tele:

Yay Pezband!! Play "Baby it's Cold Outside" or Stop Wait a Minute" please Clay!!!
  Thu. 5/26/11 5:36pm ASB:

The Beatles connection to Emitt Rhodes is just that he sounds so much like Paul McCartney that people were constantly comparing him. Maybe you're thinking of Jackie Lomax?
  Thu. 5/26/11 5:37pm paulshrug:

On Emmitt Rhodes' Beatles connection - it was once thought that Rhodes was a pseudonym for Paul. It was of course untrue. There is no other connection.
  Thu. 5/26/11 5:37pm Cecile:

Emitt Rhodes was the lead singer of the Merry go Round, also great.
  Thu. 5/26/11 5:38pm david:

the walrus is Fabio
  Thu. 5/26/11 5:38pm Cecile:

The Bangles covered the Merry Go Round's "Live"
  Thu. 5/26/11 5:38pm Scott Shanley:

Emmet rhodes was in the group merry-go-round I think who had a hit with "Live"
  Thu. 5/26/11 5:39pm Looms:

Clay IS the Rapture.
  Thu. 5/26/11 5:40pm Stereocore:

Cooper- "i love the dead"- snarky theater piece- check it out-
  Thu. 5/26/11 5:41pm Handsome Harry:

AAAAhhhhhh. So good.
  Thu. 5/26/11 5:41pm Peckish:

Clay's radio handle should be "MC Manic"
  Thu. 5/26/11 5:42pm puzzled:

Why would dead babies need to take care of themselves?
  Thu. 5/26/11 5:43pm Lyric:

Because saying that gives you a chance to say "dead babies" over and over. Shock effect.
  Thu. 5/26/11 5:45pm Fresh Prince of Bel Air:

Dude, it's cool that's why. Parents just don't understand.
  Thu. 5/26/11 5:45pm ted:

Bob Ezrin wrote alot of this music, he was like the 5th Beatle for the Alice Cooper Group
  Thu. 5/26/11 5:46pm ben drinken:

dead zombie babies with a fu manchu mustache who practice tofu MAY be able to take care of themselves in a fight with the GIANT FU MANCHU PIDGEON!!!..as long as Clay is there to help...who knows who!!!
  Thu. 5/26/11 5:47pm Talking Heads:

When we said stop making sense, ben really took it to heart.
  Thu. 5/26/11 5:48pm Scott W:

so lovin listening to you morons from sunny spain! miss you guys...
  Thu. 5/26/11 5:49pm david:

clay, your recorded segment last week was great.
  Thu. 5/26/11 5:51pm Matt from Springfield:

"Fabio's cloned DNA hat person" by the side of the road waiting to kill people? A WTF entrance to the Triumvirate!
  Thu. 5/26/11 5:52pm Scott W:

fuck tapas, i'm eating Jon Spencer "Burger" Explosions!
  Thu. 5/26/11 5:52pm Fabio Lanzoni:

Fabio could certainly be a model, in fact he's practically a dead ringer for me.
  Thu. 5/26/11 5:52pm dave:

the girl band on the wfmu home page isnt fanny--wh0o is it?
  Thu. 5/26/11 5:53pm ben drinken:

does Scott still have his lovely beard? hope he is visiting anything GAUDI while there. Gaudi had often sported a short hair and beard look. wonderful buildings he was behind.
  Thu. 5/26/11 5:53pm glenn:

the triumvirate of terror is back.
  Thu. 5/26/11 5:53pm STP:

In Michigan, kids said it meant "Stop Teasing Polacks"
  Thu. 5/26/11 5:53pm wiki:

STP (motor oil company), ("Scientifically Treated Petroleum" or "Scientifically Treated Products")

STP was slang applied to the long-lasting psychedelic 2,5-dimethoxy-4-methylamphetamine, also known as DOM
  Thu. 5/26/11 5:54pm jaycjay:

"STP" was the drug more accurately known as DOM, an amphetamine.
  Thu. 5/26/11 5:54pm slick 50:

STP is for kids.
  Thu. 5/26/11 5:55pm Matt from Springfield:

I can see how early Suzi Quatro would work opening for "Welcome To My Nightmare".
  Thu. 5/26/11 5:55pm ben drinken:

thought it meant STILL THAT PIDGEON pestering Fabio
  Thu. 5/26/11 5:55pm Scott W:

beards gone ben. no time for gaudi this year - maybe monday
  Thu. 5/26/11 5:56pm Shanley:

pleasure seekers rocked
  Thu. 5/26/11 5:56pm Matt from Springfield:

Whoa, Mike Quatro IS real, and has apparently recorded several albums.
  Thu. 5/26/11 5:56pm Robert:

"STP" was for if you wanted to trip the whole weekend, instead of, say, half a day from LSD.
  Thu. 5/26/11 5:57pm oh, callers:

She's not hot so she was a lesbian oh my gawwwd
  Thu. 5/26/11 5:57pm NYCbackpacker:

STP = Serenity, tranquility and peace
  Thu. 5/26/11 5:57pm ben drinken:

Scott W- will you have a show on Monday?
  Thu. 5/26/11 5:57pm glenn:

half a day? must have been pretty lame acid.
  Thu. 5/26/11 5:58pm jaycjay:

"Serenity, Tranquility, Peace."
  Thu. 5/26/11 5:58pm Robert:

A lot of psychedelics have the chemical structure of an amphetamine, but only some of them have "speedy" qualities in addition to being hallucinogens.
  Thu. 5/26/11 5:59pm STP:

Clay never farted. That's why he's so full of hot air to this date :-P
  Thu. 5/26/11 5:59pm david:

all this drug talk calls for some Laurie Styvers
  Thu. 5/26/11 6:00pm Robert:

It's because of the relationship between some of the dopaminergic and adrenergic receptors.
  Thu. 5/26/11 6:01pm glenn:

the failure of drugs.
  Thu. 5/26/11 6:02pm ben drinken:

one of the best between DJ banter sessions since Kenny G and station manager Ken and along with it since
  Thu. 5/26/11 6:03pm david:

but that's Clay's first consonant flub in 6 years...
  Thu. 5/26/11 6:03pm No Prepared Show:

WELCOME TO MY DEADAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  Thu. 5/26/11 6:04pm Matt from Springfield:

You didn't do a taped show? I was hoping you had interviewed New Yorkers for their reaction to Obama's Israel speech.
  Thu. 5/26/11 6:05pm dave:

stumbling in
  Thu. 5/26/11 6:05pm Obama's Israel Speech:

  Thu. 5/26/11 6:06pm Matt from Springfield:

For Tim B: Heroin and Alcohol.
"Having diligently controlled his drug habit while on the road, his tolerance was lowered, and the combination of the drugs he took mixed with the amount of alcohol he had consumed throughout the day was too much."
  Thu. 5/26/11 6:07pm dale:

wasn't jeff found floating in the mississippi?
  Thu. 5/26/11 6:07pm Matt from Springfield:

"Buckley, in his inebriated state, walked in on Keeling while he was having sex, causing an argument between the two. Keeling, with the aim of placating him, handed Buckley a large dose of heroin and challenged him to "Go ahead, take it all". Given Buckley's contrary and rebellious nature, he duly snorted all the drug laid out for him."
  Thu. 5/26/11 6:08pm dave:

tim buckley singing dolphins ........
  Thu. 5/26/11 6:08pm Handsome Harry:

According to last.fm Tim rode the H train all the way to the terminal.
  Thu. 5/26/11 6:08pm david:

i always confuse the beckley's deaths and Phil Collins' "in the air tonight"
  Thu. 5/26/11 6:08pm david:

  Thu. 5/26/11 6:10pm Matt from Springfield:

For Jeff B: Straight-up drowning.
"Buckley went swimming in Wolf River Harbor, a slackwater channel of the Mississippi River, while wearing boots, all of his clothing, and singing the chorus of the song "Whole Lotta Love" by Led Zeppelin. Buckley had gone swimming there several times before...Foti looked up to see that Buckley had vanished. Despite a determined rescue effort that night, Buckley remained missing. On June 4, two locals spotted his body in the Mississippi River near a riverboat, and it was brought to land. Buckley's autopsy showed no signs of drugs or alcohol in his system and the death was ruled as an accidental drowning."
  Thu. 5/26/11 6:10pm John McCabe in L.A.:

should you close out STF and open up the comments for Dusty?
  Thu. 5/26/11 6:11pm Matt from Springfield:

Bravo Clay!! Your narration fit very well with the Lorca in the background!

That was Wiki, I myself have NO clue if there's any truth to that, but what a juicy, scandalous detail to Tim's death.
  Thu. 5/26/11 6:12pm Starbuckle:

Next year's Triumvirate marathon premium: a tshirt with a venn diagram intersecting the record collections of Clay, Fabio & Julie.
  Thu. 5/26/11 6:12pm NJ Turnpike Cell Phone:

"Now play Sussudio"
  Thu. 5/26/11 6:12pm dale:

how did red skelton die - any scandal there?
  Thu. 5/26/11 6:13pm david:

"well you told me you were drowning..."
  Thu. 5/26/11 6:13pm jaycjay:

Not to make light of that story, but if someone says "take it all!" and you comply by taking it all, you're not really being "contrary and rebellious." You're doing as you're told.
  Thu. 5/26/11 6:13pm ben drinken:

Matt from S_
remember when the post came out that the drummer from def leopard had as much alcohol in his blood..in Scottish accent..dooble hwaat kelled jon bonham...
  Thu. 5/26/11 6:14pm dave:

dolphins by tim buckley
  Thu. 5/26/11 6:14pm Matt from Springfield:

The description implied Jeff had done the exact same thing before, usually with people present (and possibly with clothes on). That's a risky thing to do in a river channel, particularly wearing boots and no flotation device nearby.
  Thu. 5/26/11 6:15pm dale:

speaking of dead drummers, anyone seen Stardust, starring david essex? keith moon is in it. decent movie, the music not especially.
  Thu. 5/26/11 6:16pm ben drinken:

at one point I lived in Tennessee near a place that was said to be the land of Red Skelton. I think he had a plane converted to a house...so it was said. or I could be thinking of someone else.
  Thu. 5/26/11 6:17pm Matt from Springfield:

All right, great Psychological Warfare by Tugboat Richie!

@ben: No, I never knew that! The thing with Def Lep (and Motley Crue and the like..) is probably that they never let their tolerance drop, unlike Keith Moon, Bonham, Gram Parsons, etc at their ODs.
  Thu. 5/26/11 6:19pm francés in Richmond:

Uh oh, don't let Julie out during Fleet Week! Sailor uniforms a go-go
  Thu. 5/26/11 6:19pm grumbler:

Should have enforced that "30 day" rule. Not a fan of the tugboat guy "keeping it real" by repeating his catch phrases, brother! Tugboat in the house!
  Thu. 5/26/11 6:21pm dale:

when i was a kid i loved the gertrude and heathcliff bit he did. i have no idea why.
  Thu. 5/26/11 6:22pm Keith Moon tolerance accusation patrol:

Keith Moon didn't really let his tolerance drop -- he took way way too much of a sedative that was supposed to help him dry out. He was taking them on an as-needed basis and apparently didn't realize he wasn't supposed to take more than 3 per day. Rather than 32, which is how many he took.
  Thu. 5/26/11 6:23pm ben drinken:

yes, it seems that tolerance for such things needs to be managed other than cold turkey. but at some point they were able to talk about it as the surviving members show up at shit supposedly clean.
  Thu. 5/26/11 6:26pm Depressed Person:

On the air with WFMU is a lot cheaper than going to therapy.
  Thu. 5/26/11 6:26pm Matt from Springfield:

@KMTAP: So that would mean Keith went from ODing on a different drug, one that was intended to get him off.
  Thu. 5/26/11 6:26pm david:

i get that caller... the grieving process is conflict, and in some sense one never reconciles past and present, particularly if things are left unsaid...
  Thu. 5/26/11 6:27pm John McCabe in L.A.:

I know you probably get ask this all the time but why do you call it The Dusty Show? what is the back story?
  Thu. 5/26/11 6:28pm Matt from Springfield:

@Julie: On the contrary, get out during Fleet Week, you would probably have fun if you do like men in uniform! But I think Sailors are in Summer Whites now, not DARK blues...
  Thu. 5/26/11 6:30pm Fredericks:

Only thing I kind of like is the bass.
  Thu. 5/26/11 6:30pm J J:

I like his mellower stuff, the laid back covers of Lilac Wine and Hallelujah.
  Thu. 5/26/11 6:31pm Matt from Springfield:

@Julie: Have you seen (or read) "American Psycho" since it was rec'd to you by someone here? I think you would like that--that's when that same listener said you seem to be looking for a Patrick Bateman--at least see the role that put Christian Bale on the map.
  Thu. 5/26/11 6:31pm another dave:

Julie is right, the Led is there in that sound.
  Thu. 5/26/11 6:31pm dale:

@john mccabe and mrs miller - the dusty show revolved around dusty and colonel carl. format changed - name didn't. @julie - remember, they have a woman in every port. may not be as 'clean' as clay says.
  Thu. 5/26/11 6:32pm Matt from Springfield:

Jeff's 5-octave vocal range makes his voice-heavy songs better--he was known for covering Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah", which was mighty fine.
  Thu. 5/26/11 6:32pm other david:

too many of us
  Thu. 5/26/11 6:32pm david:

haha I know what song Clay wants to play...
  Thu. 5/26/11 6:35pm SF Spike:

that Led Zep / "Angry Rush" song sounded like Mars Volta to me - which also sounds like angry Rush.
  Thu. 5/26/11 6:35pm Matt from Springfield:

@dale: "Dusty and Colonel Carl"? Tell us more.
@Clay: "Tuscan Red" or a brighter "Umber". GIS software lists colors similar to Fabio's.
  Thu. 5/26/11 6:37pm dale:

clay sometimes has the same inflections as flloyd the barber. matt, you'll have to go back three or four years in the archives.
  Thu. 5/26/11 6:37pm another dave:

I can't visualize Angry Rush since Eric was kidnapped on that great Trailer Park Boys episode...
  Thu. 5/26/11 6:39pm dale:

wasn't sally struthers in 5 easy pieces, too?
  Thu. 5/26/11 6:39pm Matt from Springfield:

I think Clay sounds like Will Forte.
  Thu. 5/26/11 6:41pm dale:

can one sing to poul vuh in the shower?
  Thu. 5/26/11 6:41pm John McCabe in L.A.:

my wife and I aren't speaking at the moment, not calling in, don't want to be a downer
  Thu. 5/26/11 6:41pm Matt from Springfield:

@dale: I was about to say, Five Easy Pieces. Also with Jack, Karen Black, and a young Toni Basil!

I see the very bottom of Clay's archives--was that a 30-episode radio play serial Clay did in his first shows?
  Thu. 5/26/11 6:44pm Matt from Springfield:

@John McCabe: You're never a downer--your calls into Clay's shows have shown us a side of you we never understood from the other FMU shows, and all of us are sympathetic to your struggles. We're here, and listening.
  Thu. 5/26/11 6:44pm J J:

  Thu. 5/26/11 6:45pm dale:

matt, yeah - look for a one-off show that ired on thanksgiving called 'that dirty clown'. john - go for it
  Thu. 5/26/11 6:48pm Matt from Springfield:

I'll check that out, dale, once I get home where I have the "archaic" RealPlayer installed.
  Thu. 5/26/11 6:48pm John McCabe in L.A.:

lets have another 99 person conf. call i like that
  Thu. 5/26/11 6:48pm francés in Richmond:

delicious snap crackle pop of vinyl: how music was meant to be heard...
  Thu. 5/26/11 6:49pm Record Needle:

Ah hahahaha!!
  Thu. 5/26/11 6:49pm George H from Tampa:

Clay Pidgeon's real name is Kacy Ross. He was the frontman/guitarist/singer for popular Florida band 'Deloris Telescope' back in the 80's and early 90's. He had a similar show on WMNF here in Tampa.
  Thu. 5/26/11 6:50pm Clay:

My real name is Lloyd Fink
  Thu. 5/26/11 6:50pm Wheeler:

Love Gun. You see Ronnie, his dick is the gun!
  Thu. 5/26/11 6:51pm Matt from Springfield:

Ha! I listened to the beginning of that 7SD at work, and finished the archive last night! "The worst 7SD ever!"...and that was Ken & Andy's intention! If anything, I think the archive is better mixed, and less cacaphonous than the live Internet stream was.
  Thu. 5/26/11 6:51pm glenn:

one of the great canadian bands.
  Thu. 5/26/11 6:51pm J J:

Oh yeah, about to pop open a Budweiser.
  Thu. 5/26/11 6:51pm northguineahills:

rock on, John McCabe in L.A....
  Thu. 5/26/11 6:52pm dale:

clay's ADD kickin' in.
  Thu. 5/26/11 6:52pm francés in Richmond:

And man was I happy when I stumbled upon this on Flickr http://www.flickr.com/photos/scojo/3226372203/
  Thu. 5/26/11 6:53pm J J:

I love that Fabio averages about 4 songs an hour.
  Thu. 5/26/11 6:53pm Matt from Springfield:

Shit, have you SEEN the Wiki article for "Deloris Telescope"?! No idea it was that significant! Well done George H, you have followed Clay's advice to "always remember"...
  Thu. 5/26/11 6:55pm George H from Tampa:

Deloris Telescope used to be a great party band. We would get FUBAR and rock out!
  Thu. 5/26/11 6:55pm dale:

why are clay and terry gross obsessed with who's gay?
  Thu. 5/26/11 6:56pm mikecabe:

Clay is the id of wfmu.
  Thu. 5/26/11 6:56pm seang:

this rocks!
  Thu. 5/26/11 6:57pm Fredericks:

Jan Hammer has ruined many decent records.
  Thu. 5/26/11 6:58pm francés in Richmond:

i'm not much of a jam band fan, but this does, indeed, rawk.
  Thu. 5/26/11 6:58pm dale:

deloris tscope on youtube, as well. this drum noodling is getting.....
  Thu. 5/26/11 6:59pm Matt from Springfield:

Clay! Fabio! Julie! Thanks for the fun!
Everyone have a great night (and a fun and safe Memorial Day weekend, if I don't "see" ya!)
  Thu. 5/26/11 7:00pm J J:

musical masturbation
  Thu. 5/26/11 7:00pm George H from Tampa:

check out Clay's old band...

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