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Options May 19, 2011

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Artist Track Album Comments Approx. start time
The Carter Family  Meeting in the Air   Options The Carter Family: Vol Two (1935-1941)  Photobucket  0:00:00 ()
Louvin Brothers  The Great Atomic Power   Options Louvin Brothers: Close Harmony    0:02:27 ()
The Stanley Brothers  I'll Fly Away   Options 16 Greatest Gospel Hits  Photobucket  0:05:16 ()
Hank Williams  I'll Never Get Out of This World Alive   Options The Complete Hank Williams    0:07:34 ()
Skeeter Davis  End of the World!!!!!!!!!   Options The Essential Skeeter Davis  Photobucket  0:10:05 ()
Music behind DJ:
Ralph Mooney 
Moon's Boogie   Options Wail, Man, Wail!    0:12:35 ()
Dottie West  Night Life   Options RCA Country Legends: Dottie West  Photobucket  0:14:57 ()
Johnny Cash & June Carter Cash  I Got a Woman   Options Carryin' On with Johnny & June    0:17:13 ()
Dolly Parton & Porter Wagoner  Fight & Scratch   Options Once More  Photobucket  0:20:26 ()
Music behind DJ:
Harlow Wilcox 
Loco Locust   Options Plantation Gold: The Mad Genius of Shelby S. Singleton Jr.    0:22:47 ()
Tanya Tucker  If You Touch Me, You've Got to Love Me   Options Delta Dawn  Photobucket  0:25:21 ()
Tammy Wynette  Don't Touch Me   Options Your Good Girl's Gonna Go Bad    0:27:32 ()
Dolly Parton  Touch Your Woman   Options Touch Your Woman  Photobucket  0:30:21 ()
Music behind DJ:
Harlow Wilcox 
The Gold Eagle   Options Groovy Grubworm and Other Golden Guitar Greats    0:32:53 ()
George Jones  Play it Cool Man Play It Cool   Options Ragged But Right: the Starday Years  Photobucket  0:35:00 ()
Buck Owens  Cryin' Time   Options I've Got a Tiger By the Tail    0:37:35 ()
Jean Shepherd  Don't Fall in Love with a Married Man   Options The Melody Ranch Girl  Photobucket  0:40:01 ()
Lefty Frizzell  You Want Everything But Me   Options Look What Thoughts Will Do    0:42:51 ()
Dave Dudley   It's Gotta Be That Way   Options The Country Rock Sound of Dave Dudley  Photobucket  0:45:29 ()
Music behind DJ:
Harlow Wilcox 
Honky Tonk   Options Groovy Grubworm and Other Golden Guitar Greats    0:47:42 ()
Stringbean   Banjo Pickin' Girl   Options Live on Hee-Haw  Photobucket  0:50:47 ()
The Osborne Brothers  You Are My Flower   Options Hillbilly Fever    0:52:54 ()
Music behind DJ:
Joe Maphis 
Coffee Break   Options The Amazing Joe Maphis: King of the Strings  Photobucket  0:55:56 ()

Listener comments!

  Thu. 5/19/11 7:04pm Betsy:

Special set alert: End-times, country style!!
  Thu. 5/19/11 7:07pm dave:

if only i believed in god so i could be evapourated
  Thu. 5/19/11 7:07pm benbunch:

Digging the timely "theme".
  Thu. 5/19/11 7:07pm dave:

bad spelling
  Thu. 5/19/11 7:09pm Betsy:

Hey Dave & Ben, hope to see you in Heaven on Saturday!
  Thu. 5/19/11 7:09pm jaycjay:

Heh... thanks for the "alert" – and I'll be glad if it's just one set. Honestly, I am getting tired of so much attemtion being paid to that silliness.
  Thu. 5/19/11 7:10pm mrmucho:

hit me with some skeeter davis then
  Thu. 5/19/11 7:11pm Betsy:

JayC, I hear ya. Skeeter's comin' right up, Mucho!
  Thu. 5/19/11 7:12pm Pablo:

Hey Betsy - it's Pablo from Rouge Neck -Hank Williams cover band - check us out on youtube - Hank Williams/Nyack, or rougeneck
  Thu. 5/19/11 7:12pm jaycjay:

I do, though, really love this Hank song! Takes me back to childhood because it was one of my mom's favorites records.
  Thu. 5/19/11 7:13pm Webster:

with our weather this week, evapourated might make more sense...
  Thu. 5/19/11 7:14pm Betsy:

Hey Pablo, will do! Yeah JayC, this old end-times music is pretty tolerable. :)
  Thu. 5/19/11 7:14pm dave:

yes jay this is an ideal time to encourage all of our friends and loved ones to leave jesus,allah etc by the side of the road
  Thu. 5/19/11 7:15pm Hugh:

Them Jersey 'skeeters' should be enough to fly ME outta here in time. And, I wouldn't want to be Eva pour-rated, I'm pretty sloppy at the bar.
  Thu. 5/19/11 7:15pm Greg from Bloomfield:

I'm gonna blast this from a boombox outside my ex-girlfriend's wedding on Saturday.
  Thu. 5/19/11 7:16pm glenn:

at least you got invited.
  Thu. 5/19/11 7:17pm PMD:

Country rapture!
  Thu. 5/19/11 7:17pm dave:

yes Greg---go on
  Thu. 5/19/11 7:18pm glenn:

if i'm a lawyer, i'm licking my chops in anticipation of all the fraud related law suits coming up.
  Thu. 5/19/11 7:18pm Ike:

Leaving Jesus, Allah et al. by the side of the road? That sounds like the start of a bad joke: Jesus and Allah and Buddha were trying to hitch a ride on U.S. Route 50 one day when....
  Thu. 5/19/11 7:18pm Greg from Bloomfield:

Oh, but I *wasn't* Not that I would've gone if I was. I'd eat my hat before I get stuck at the floatsam and jetsam table with cousin so-and-so...
  Thu. 5/19/11 7:18pm Pablo:

Nice Hank selection = I thought Michael Hurley was wonderful - Brooklyn Bowl however sucks =
  Thu. 5/19/11 7:20pm glenn:

what zackly is the difference between flotsam and jetsam?
  Thu. 5/19/11 7:20pm dave:

greg--you got invited?
  Thu. 5/19/11 7:21pm rusty beltway:

My preacher, the Rev. Richard Penniman, says these End Times guys are full of bull. "But of that day and hour no one knoweth, not the angels of heaven, but the Father alone." Matthew 24:36
I believe everything he tells me. You might know Rev. Penniman by his stage name: Little Richard.
  Thu. 5/19/11 7:21pm Betsy:

Pablo, totally agree about Brooklyn Bowl - lame place to see Hurley anyway, though I kinda wanted to bowl!
  Thu. 5/19/11 7:22pm Betsy:

Rusty! Where you been? Great to see ya.
  Thu. 5/19/11 7:22pm PMD:

@Ike... how about Why did Jesus cross the road?
Answer? (um... haven't thought of one)
  Thu. 5/19/11 7:22pm glenn:

ooh. do they have cosmic bowling?
  Thu. 5/19/11 7:23pm rusty beltway:

My neighbor didn't pay his wifi bill for April.
  Thu. 5/19/11 7:23pm glenn:

nobody fucks with the jesus.
  Thu. 5/19/11 7:25pm Greg from Bloomfield:

Floatsam floats on top, and jetsam sinks to the bottom...
  Thu. 5/19/11 7:27pm glenn:

i honestly had no idea.
  Thu. 5/19/11 7:27pm glenn:

so why isn't it sinksam? hmmmmmmm?
  Thu. 5/19/11 7:28pm theendglenn:

cosmic bowling is ugly
  Thu. 5/19/11 7:29pm Greg from Bloomfield:

Good question! Wikipedia has a more detailed description...
  Thu. 5/19/11 7:29pm rusty beltway:

Anybody want to lend me $25 to see Todd Snider this weekend? I promise to stay sober so I can tell you all about the show. Oh, and I need a ride too.
  Thu. 5/19/11 7:29pm glenn:

nothing from god less america, betsy? seems perfect for the rapture.
  Thu. 5/19/11 7:29pm Betsy:

Yeah, I prefer old bowling alleys, but Brooklyn Bowl does have all the bells & whistles...
  Thu. 5/19/11 7:31pm glenn:

ugly? i don't know. cheesy, yes. still a whole bunch of fun.
  Thu. 5/19/11 7:31pm Greg from Bloomfield:

Speaking of which! I'm spending Apocalypse Day at Asbury Lanes! And the Silverball Museum.
  Thu. 5/19/11 7:31pm Listener John:

Note to Mr. Rusty Beltway: Those folks at Family Radio have a lengthy explanation of why Matt 24:36 doesn't apply on their website . . . Despite what Rev. Penniman says . . .
  Thu. 5/19/11 7:32pm rusty beltway:

F*ck em. Little Richard is infallible.
  Thu. 5/19/11 7:32pm Betsy:

Ohh, Greg that sounds like a great place to let the last grains of sand run out!
  Thu. 5/19/11 7:33pm Pablo:

Too many damned cool kids - he was busting on the concept a lil' too - hey the rougeneck at oaktree on youtube is dark
but to our credit we have Once upon a Time in the West being projected over
us Henry Fonda shoulda played a badsass more often - if you haven't seen that moveie
- you have to
  Thu. 5/19/11 7:33pm glenn:

seems like family radio has a lengthy explanation for everything. maybe if i give mr. camping all the data, he can tell me when the maple leafs are gonna win the stanley cup again.
  Thu. 5/19/11 7:33pm Listener John:

Betsy, I love all the songs so far . . . especially the Louvins & the Stanleys . . . And the "don't touch me if you don't love me" theme sounds like good advice to all . . .
  Thu. 5/19/11 7:33pm Van Del Ization:

I just edited the wiki page Greg. It now includes your planned action and location. Hope the wikibot doesn't delete it before THE END!
  Thu. 5/19/11 7:34pm Greg from Bloomfield:

They serve their gin & tonics in red plastic glasses, like Pizza Hut in the 80s.
  Thu. 5/19/11 7:35pm jaycjay:

As I recall, Listener John, it comes down to something written some time after that particular passage, that says that some people (good, holy people) WILL know. Another of the Bible's internal contradiction.
  Thu. 5/19/11 7:35pm Betsy:

I remember those red plastic glasses!
  Thu. 5/19/11 7:35pm glenn:

these touchin' songs have got me thinkin' - how about a country version of rocky horror picture show?
  Thu. 5/19/11 7:36pm rusty beltway:

Rocky Top Hollar?
  Thu. 5/19/11 7:37pm glenn:

before saturday, of course. since nobody will be around for the midnight show
  Thu. 5/19/11 7:38pm Greg from Bloomfield:

And Glenn Jones said he saw The Boss there! God I can't wait for Apocalypse Day.
  Thu. 5/19/11 7:38pm Listener John:

Jaycjay, I'm afraid that one can prove almost anything by referring to Bible verses at random . . . if your epistemology is sufficiently forgiving . . . Still, I think that those Family Radio people believe what they're saying . . . I suppose that in a few years some sociologists will have written some books and articles about the group.
  Thu. 5/19/11 7:38pm rusty beltway:

Which is why we should go see Todd Snider. He's playing at 8.
  Thu. 5/19/11 7:39pm Betsy:

Rusty, is that shew in NY? Don't know Todd Snider.
  Thu. 5/19/11 7:39pm Listener John:

I'm all for the country version of Rocky Horror . . . and I'd love to attend that C&W karaoke that our DJ mentioned!
  Thu. 5/19/11 7:41pm glenn:

they absolutely believe it. i'm bewildered and fascinated in equal measures.
  Thu. 5/19/11 7:42pm rusty beltway:

No, it's in Jim Thorpe, PA, at the Opera House. Sat. Night. Snider is a songwriter. Plays solo acoustic. Funny, good writer, good stories inbetween. YouTube-able. Some mp3's on blogs floating out there.
  Thu. 5/19/11 7:43pm Greg from Bloomfield:

Good paintball in Jim Thorpe, too.
  Thu. 5/19/11 7:43pm Pablo:

Hey I'm sure you have your playlist set - any Hurley selections for tonight? Like say eyes,eyes
  Thu. 5/19/11 7:43pm Listener John:

Glenn, I gotta agree with you 100% -- bewildered & fascinated . . . I didn't get a chance to stop & talk to the woman carrying one of their "world is ending" signs who I saw in February . . . I were a sociologist, I'd have contacted these folks months ago to begin some research . . .
  Thu. 5/19/11 7:44pm rusty beltway:

I think Eilen Jewel played there last December. The town has a good country bar, Penn's Peak. Loretta and Jones played there. And some former stadium rock acts.
  Thu. 5/19/11 7:44pm glenn:

jim thorpe huh? and people say canada's got some funny names for towns.
  Thu. 5/19/11 7:44pm Betsy:

Hey Pablo, Eyes, Eyes is one of my very faves of his, but sorry not on the roster for tonight.
  Thu. 5/19/11 7:45pm rusty beltway:

Greg in Bloom: the locals don't do paintball. We just take out the AK's to the woods and shoot up old cars and washing machines. While drinking.
  Thu. 5/19/11 7:46pm See you Sunday for bloody mary's cure:

An interview with a group of church leaders noted that all of them have scheduled services as usual for Sunday, May 22. Radio host Harold Camping previously claimed that the world would end in September 1994.
  Thu. 5/19/11 7:46pm glenn:

i heart eilen jewell. heart, heart, heart.
  Thu. 5/19/11 7:47pm Pablo:

Hey - been a great show anyhow=how can i hear your record with Snock?
  Thu. 5/19/11 7:47pm rusty beltway:

Jim Thorpe is an old olympic gold medal winner who played pro football, and lost his medals. But he's from Oklahoma. The family sold his remains to the city as a tourist attraction, and here we are. Although some folks are trying to repatriate him.
  Thu. 5/19/11 7:48pm Greg from Bloomfield:

Sounds like an evening!
  Thu. 5/19/11 7:49pm Betsy:

Pablo, put yer email address in a comment & I'll email you
  Thu. 5/19/11 7:49pm Webster:

legally, flotsam is random stuff floating in the water, and jetsam is stuff someone deliberately threw in the water. it has to do with the law of ownership that kicks in when you find stuff floating in the water, or washed up on a shoreline, from a shipwreck etc.
  Thu. 5/19/11 7:50pm glenn:

take that, wikipedia, you little poseur.
  Thu. 5/19/11 7:52pm Pablo:

cpgalesi@yahoo.com - thanks for another great week of music
  Thu. 5/19/11 7:53pm Greg from Bloomfield:

I see! Scheider and Dreyfuss at the end of Jaws: Flotsam. Big Pussy from the Sopranos: Jetsam.
  Thu. 5/19/11 7:53pm See you Sunday for bloody mary's cure:

The group Seattle Atheists formed the Rapture Relief Fund which they will use "to help survivors of any Armageddon-sized disaster in the Puget Sound area";if the rapture fails to come as predicted, the money will fund a camp that teaches children about critical thinking. The group American Atheists has sponsored billboards in several American cities declaring the Rapture to be "nonsense", and are holding a party during the period of the predicted rapture.
  Thu. 5/19/11 7:54pm Robert:

Not Jean PARKER Shepherd, right? I was aware of the other one (this one), but hadn't heard his music identified before, thanks.
  Thu. 5/19/11 7:58pm Betsy:

Hey everybody, thanks so much for checking in!! See ya next week.
  Thu. 5/19/11 8:00pm Listener John:

Thanks for another great show, DJ Betsy!
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