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The Failure of Noise
The Failure of Sound
The Failure of Rock
The Failure of the Avant Garde
The Failure of the Space Age
The Failure of Jazz
The Failure of Psychedelia
The Failure of Krautrock
The Failure of Electronic
The Failure of Pop
The Failure of Free-form
The Failure of the 20th Century

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Options May 5, 2011: The Peepshow of Failure

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Artist Track Album Approx. start time
James Last  Mr. Giant Man   Options Voodoo Party  0:00:00 ()
Julia Kent  Missed   Options Green & Grey  0:10:11 ()
Zeitkratzer: John Cage  Hymnkus (1986)   Options Old School  0:11:10 ()
Colin Stetson  Judges   Options   0:47:02 ()
Ennio Morricone   Primo Rito   Options Escalation OST  0:59:15 ()
Dickie Landry  Kitchen Solos   Options Fifteen Saxophones  0:53:03 ()
Ennio Morricone   Luca's Sound   Options Escalation OST  0:59:38 ()
Ennio Morricone   Senza Respiro   Options Escalation OST  0:59:51 ()
Guillermo Gregorio  Improvisacion Duo II   Options Otra Musica: Tape Music, Fluxus & Free Improvisation in Buenos Aires 1963-70  1:04:30 ()
Don Dietrich & Ben Hall  Untitled   Options Spitfire  1:09:46 ()
X-ray Spex  Identity   Options Germ Free Adolescents: The Anthology  1:26:25 ()
X-ray Spex  Plastic Bag   Options Germ Free Adolescents: The Anthology  1:27:52 ()
X-ray Spex  Germ Free Adolescents   Options Germ Free Adolescents: The Anthology  1:33:19 ()
X-ray Spex  Oh Bondage! Up Yours!   Options   1:33:47 ()
Otomo Yoshihide  Cathode #4   Options Ensemble Cathode  2:00:10 ()
Eli iKeszler  Part 1   Options Oxtirn  1:58:06 ()
Churinga Canaries  A Sovtek Swirl (excerpt)   Options Churinga Canaries  2:13:33 ()
Leyland Kirby  Untitled   Options Intrigue & Stuff  2:14:33 ()
Camizole  Electronic Alarm   Options Musiques Electroniques en France 1974-1984 (V/A)  2:29:49 ()
Gilli Smyth  Mother   Options Mother  2:28:55 ()
Gilli Smyth  Shakti Yoni   Options Mother  2:30:15 ()
Gilli Smyth  Keep the Children Free   Options Mother  2:33:22 ()
Kevin Ayers  Rheinhardt and Geraldine/Colores Para Dolores   Options Shooting at the Moon  2:37:18 ()
Cecil McCartney  Sacrifice   Options OM  2:42:40 ()
Goblin  Suspiria (Main Titles)   Options Suspiria OST  2:43:14 ()

Listener comments!

  Thu. 5/5/11 3:13pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

  Thu. 5/5/11 3:16pm raga:

The touch, the feel of Failure - the fabric of our lives.
  Thu. 5/5/11 3:19pm Peepshow:

Want that failure with an unhappy ending? Only costs a little extra.
  Thu. 5/5/11 3:20pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

would a failed happy ending necessarily be an unhappy ending?
  Thu. 5/5/11 3:23pm glenn:

i'm gonna open up a home and bath outlet, and call it "the tub and rug". i think i'll do well.
  Thu. 5/5/11 3:24pm glenn:

or maybe the rug and tub. i could go either way.
  Thu. 5/5/11 3:25pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

this piece is all tension and no release. not that I mind.
  Thu. 5/5/11 3:27pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

glenn, it took me a few minutes....
  Thu. 5/5/11 3:33pm glenn:

i pride myself on being obtuse.
  Thu. 5/5/11 3:34pm Peepshow:

The Failure of Lucidity
  Thu. 5/5/11 3:45pm Pantagruel:

Fabio, Clay, 2 turntables and a microphone...
  Thu. 5/5/11 3:55pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

zis is fabulous
  Thu. 5/5/11 4:00pm Bill Spooner:

An appointment, glenn, please, NOW! Or knees, PLOW!
  Thu. 5/5/11 4:04pm glenn:

no appointment required. just walk in and we will serve your needs. in the bath and home line, pervert.
  Thu. 5/5/11 4:08pm dc pat:

holy heck, this Guillermo Gregorio is smokin!
  Thu. 5/5/11 4:09pm Bradd in Spokane:

Smokin' indeed. Nice show thus far, Fabio.
  Thu. 5/5/11 4:10pm Cheri Pi:

This is INSANE!!!
  Thu. 5/5/11 4:11pm dc pat:

..or Holy smoke, this Guillermo Gregorio is heckin!
  Thu. 5/5/11 4:20pm dc pat:

I mean Don Dietrich & Ben Hall? that was the insane free-jazz?
  Thu. 5/5/11 4:21pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

that was the indication, dc pat
  Thu. 5/5/11 4:21pm yair yona (tel aviv):

you should all check out Bruno Nicolai's 1973' una vergine tra i morti viventi. for killer soundtracks fans.
  Thu. 5/5/11 4:22pm dc pat:

oh, GREAT! That changes EVERYTHING....
  Thu. 5/5/11 4:27pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

so you've decided not to go back in time to Buenos Aires and seek out a nightclub with Guillermo blowing the roof of, dc pat?
  Thu. 5/5/11 4:29pm dc pat:

well, no it just changes posts 4:08, and 4:11 I guess...
  Thu. 5/5/11 4:34pm Mike East:

does anyone know anything about the upcoming judgement day on 5/21? Billboards say the bible guarantees it...but my copy doesn't say anything about it.
  Thu. 5/5/11 4:35pm slugluv1313:

thanks so much for all the X-RAY SPEX, Fabio -- i miss Poly . . . :(
  Thu. 5/5/11 4:38pm jaycjay:

@Mike East, I read somewhere recently the gyrations they went through to come up with that date. Of course, they also say that the world isn't going to end on that date, that's just the beginning of a months-long period of judgment. The rapture isn't until sometime in October or November.
  Thu. 5/5/11 4:39pm Family Radio:

@Mike, it's as clear as 5 x 10 x 17 x 5 x 10 x 17 = 722,500

  Thu. 5/5/11 4:40pm Mike East:

Ah, ok. I thought I had heard that the chosen were getting raptured on the 21st. I was looking forward to finally getting rid of all the squares.
  Thu. 5/5/11 4:42pm Mike East:

@Family Radio, I guess I can't argue with Infallible Proof.
  Thu. 5/5/11 4:43pm slugluv1313:

Ms. Poly was born in 1957, i believe -- she would have been 54 in July
  Thu. 5/5/11 4:43pm Stanley:

She was 53, one year older than me. I remember seeing her on stage in 1980...mm let's see she would have bee 22 then (Victoria Park - Rock against Racism)
  Thu. 5/5/11 4:44pm Stanley:

Sorry Slugluv, Imy mistake
  Thu. 5/5/11 4:44pm Mike East:

geez, that's too young. What a shame...what a talent. Such a cool voice.
  Thu. 5/5/11 4:44pm mistleflick:

the swans
  Thu. 5/5/11 4:47pm jaycjay:

Hmm... that linked page says that's the date "the true believers are raptured into Heaven," so my earlier information that it will be months later may be incorrect.
  Thu. 5/5/11 4:49pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

some will be raptured, others will be ruptured
  Thu. 5/5/11 4:51pm Yo Weh:

Rap the ture, judge the meant, cap the sin, bring the muthafuckin' ruckus, yo!
  Thu. 5/5/11 4:53pm Charlie Sheen:

I'm sinnin' and winnin'!
  Thu. 5/5/11 4:54pm slugluv1313:

@ Stanley -- please, do not apologize! i am just going by the Wikipedia page (which, i believe, is based on her website?) anyway, YES way too young (i was born in 1959) . . . Ari Up was only 48 years old, i think -- so sad, we are losing our STRONG and BEAUTIFUL and UNIQUE and INDIVIDUAL and ETERNALLY INSPIRING women to cancer -- ugh
  Thu. 5/5/11 4:58pm slab:

missed the enitre info about the samurai movie as i was sauteing some beans. heard jim jarmusch and other names. was it samurai dog with forest whitaker?
  Thu. 5/5/11 5:00pm slab:

or rather, ghost dog way of the samurai
  Thu. 5/5/11 5:00pm Stanley:

It ia sad and beautiful world
  Thu. 5/5/11 5:01pm littledannydiamond:

Just got the Earmark Reissue of GFA.. really amazing shit
  Thu. 5/5/11 5:01pm slugluv1313:

  Thu. 5/5/11 5:02pm slugluv1313:

"Screamin Jay -- he is my main man"
  Thu. 5/5/11 5:07pm slab:

slugluv, is the icesceam ref about Down by Law from Jim Jarmusch where Roberto Benigni does the "iya screama youa screama..." thing in the jail cell?
  Thu. 5/5/11 5:11pm Mike East:

@slab - so is Its a sad and beautiful world.
  Thu. 5/5/11 5:13pm slugluv1313:

@ slab - YUP! :)
  Thu. 5/5/11 5:14pm slab:

iya screamyio youa screamio wea all a screamyio for a fabioiyo
  Thu. 5/5/11 5:20pm Sven:

Cool! Time for Fabio to speak!
  Thu. 5/5/11 5:25pm jaycjay:

Sovtek also makes guitar and bass amps, not just tubes. Decent stuff, actually, very solidly built and reasonably priced.
  Thu. 5/5/11 5:27pm jaycjay:

Or probably should have said "used to make" amps. I don't think they do anymore... not even sure the company still exists.
  Thu. 5/5/11 5:28pm Wiki Wickardo:

"At this time Sovtek is used only as a nameplate for vacuum tubes manufactured by the New Sensor Corporation."
  Thu. 5/5/11 5:32pm jaycjay:

Yep, was just looking into it and also came across that wikipedia entry. Plenty of Sovtek amps still in use, though, I do live sound at a couple small venues and see them fairly frequently.
  Thu. 5/5/11 5:34pm glenn:

so what tubes do i replace to give my blues junior more crunch?
  Thu. 5/5/11 5:42pm jaycjay:

Blues junior, nice. How old is it?
  Thu. 5/5/11 5:44pm glenn:

no idea. i just bought it used a couple months ago.
  Thu. 5/5/11 5:44pm jaycjay:

You might already know this site, but it's the go-to for blues junior maintenance/modification info:
  Thu. 5/5/11 5:45pm glenn:

i didn't. thanks.
  Thu. 5/5/11 5:47pm jaycjay:

if you look at the "revision history" page, you'll be able to find out when it was made and which model it is.
  Thu. 5/5/11 5:51pm Pantagruel:

Although I wasn't inspired to dance the giant way, I enjoyed today's failure. Especially the saxophones.
  Thu. 5/5/11 5:52pm channeling Pidge:

"Goblin and Starcastle had the same producer, you know."
  Thu. 5/5/11 5:56pm Handsome Harry:

Rough Trade Doctors!!
  Thu. 5/5/11 5:56pm wiki Wickardo:

" In April 1997, Smyth married former tennis star John McEnroe. They presently live in New York and have six children between them (three from his previous marriage to Tatum O'Neal, Smyth's daughter Ruby, and two together: daughters Anna and Ava)."
  Thu. 5/5/11 5:57pm Bradd in Spokane:

Yes, Mike McGear was/is Paul's bro. His only one I believe.
  Thu. 5/5/11 5:57pm david:

the scaffold
  Thu. 5/5/11 5:59pm david:

i didn't realize phoebe snow was the voice in all those stouffer's commercials
  Thu. 5/5/11 6:00pm glenn:

it's crap.
  Thu. 5/5/11 6:00pm Adriana Cordero:

Yep, Mike McGear. And I think he did have a music attempt.
  Thu. 5/5/11 6:00pm m:

almay unscented
  Thu. 5/5/11 6:00pm Unused Deoderant Name:

Pit Stop
  Thu. 5/5/11 6:02pm glenn:

didn't toto or somebody do a bunch of that cheesy porn music?
  Thu. 5/5/11 6:03pm Ralphine:

Warren Oates's greatest role-Sgt. Hulka in Stripes.
  Thu. 5/5/11 6:04pm Upcoming Dusty Show Interview Question:

"Do you have a parting message of peace and love for Osama?"
  Thu. 5/5/11 6:04pm Pantagruel:

Three-way duel?!
  Thu. 5/5/11 6:06pm hamburger / london:

howdy all
  Fri. 5/6/11 2:14pm Joe's Diner:

The Jonathan Kane trivia question blew my mind because I actually knew the answer right away. This is such a great radio station. RIP Poly Styrene – the X-ray Spex material really stands the test of time because the material casts such a long shadow over more contemporary stuff.
  Wed. 8/3/11 12:38pm FROM cecil mccartney:

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