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The Failure of Noise
The Failure of Sound
The Failure of Rock
The Failure of the Avant Garde
The Failure of the Space Age
The Failure of Jazz
The Failure of Psychedelia
The Failure of Krautrock
The Failure of Electronic
The Failure of Pop
The Failure of Free-form
The Failure of the 20th Century

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Options April 28, 2011: A Needle in the Eye of Failure

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Artist Track Album Approx. start time
James Last  Mr. Giant Man   Options Voodoo Party  0:00:00 ()
can  She Brings the Rain   Options soundtracks  0:08:09 ()
The Alps  Today & Tomorrow   Options Easy Action  0:09:01 ()
Popol Vuh  engel der gegenwart   Options coeur de verre  0:16:30 ()
The Alps  Pink/Orange   Options Easy Action  0:18:17 ()
Ramases  Jopurney to the Inside   Options Space hymns  0:24:27 ()
The Alps  Loves of a Blonde (redux)   Options Easy Action  0:42:40 ()
Tabassian/Martel/Tabassian  Vanier   Options Masafat  0:49:29 ()
Shalabi Effect  Saint Orange   Options The Trial of St-Orange  0:53:49 ()
Idea Fire Company  Memories   Options Music From the Impossible Salon  0:59:48 ()
Reines D'Angleterre  Les Comores (pt. 1)   Options Les Comores  1:06:35 ()
Ilitch  sequence 3: Impasse raga   Options periodikmindtrouble  1:27:49 ()
GHQ  drift - void   Options Cosmology Of Eye  1:28:29 ()
F/i  Shallow Inlet of the Meadow   Options Space Mantra  1:31:37 ()
Sun Araw  Deep Cover   Options On Patrol  1:46:10 ()
Butch McKoy  Sin   Options V/A Voyage: Facing the History of French Modern Psychedelic Music  1:49:39 ()
starving weirdos  Everything Glass   Options Into An Energy  1:53:23 ()
Ilitch  periodikmindtrouble (excerpt)   Options periodikmindtrouble  2:13:51 ()
Emeralds  Magic   Options solar Bridge  2:21:31 ()
Leyland kirby  Memories live longer than dreams   Options Sadly, The Future Is No Longer What It Was  2:46:06 ()
Unknown  Prophecies, Pentacost Community (1960s)   Options Okkulte Stimmen - Mediale Musik: Recordings of Unseen Intelligences 1905-2007  2:46:57 ()
Tommy Wooden  Pig Square Dance   Options Historische Aufnahmen Volume 1 [V/A]  2:47:40 ()
Lionel Marchetti / Yoko Higashi  Saturne   Options Red dust  2:48:42 ()

Listener comments!

  Thu. 4/28/11 3:05pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

Ho Ho, I will be there too
  Thu. 4/28/11 3:06pm Mike East:

I'll be dancing in double time.
  Thu. 4/28/11 3:07pm Cheri Pi:

One of my fave Can songs.
  Thu. 4/28/11 3:13pm glenn:

i just found out james last does a cover of silver machine. and guess what - it kills. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gF2ODWluPlY
  Thu. 4/28/11 3:17pm Pantagruel:

Over the weekend I visited my parents and my Dad was playing James Last easy listening music in the car. It made me smile.
  Thu. 4/28/11 3:17pm glenn:

plus this -http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yKv7zB-gwbE&NR=1
  Thu. 4/28/11 3:20pm Ike:

Tip for link-happy YouTubers: Shorten it baby! Just type youtu.be/ and then all the characters AFTER the = and exclude any & and anything after that. So the 3:17 link becomes:
Fits in comments betterer!
  Thu. 4/28/11 3:22pm rst-wiley:

whois youtu.be ?
  Thu. 4/28/11 3:22pm Bitly:

u, tube.
  Thu. 4/28/11 3:23pm listen honey,:

Fabio is playing our song
  Thu. 4/28/11 3:24pm rst-wiley:

  Thu. 4/28/11 3:29pm jaycjay:

youtu.be is a youtube shortlink, similar to goo.gl for google links – provided by youtube/google, that is the're both "official".
  Thu. 4/28/11 3:31pm glenn:

i'm just copy/pasting, which works betterer for me.
  Thu. 4/28/11 3:31pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

the things I never knew about the internet
  Thu. 4/28/11 3:32pm Tinyurl:

Me neither, DCE.
  Thu. 4/28/11 3:33pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

pass the dip
  Thu. 4/28/11 3:33pm rst-wiley:

I see - registered at http://www.dns.be/
  Thu. 4/28/11 3:36pm Cecile:

  Thu. 4/28/11 3:40pm Mike East:

I haven't seen any of these modern 3D movies in the theaters. Am I missing something?
  Thu. 4/28/11 3:42pm Cecile:

You guys. Have you checked this out. I was screaming with laughter. It's all the old myths re-told in a badass way:
  Thu. 4/28/11 3:43pm Obvious Guy:

@Mike East: Yes. One D.
  Thu. 4/28/11 3:43pm Cecile:

I think the only one that really was great in 3-D was How to Train Your Dragon. Breathtaking. Rio might be good, too. But Coraline and Up were just there.
  Thu. 4/28/11 3:44pm joe:

czech. milos foreman. btw, after grizzlyman, my roommate started narrating everything in the house in a german accent: now he is turning on the blender. watch him salavate as he opens the fridge...
  Thu. 4/28/11 3:45pm Obvious Guy:

Is that because he is looking for sal(a)vation from the fridge?
  Thu. 4/28/11 3:46pm rst-wiley:

Creature From the Black Lagoon was the one that most impressed me.
  Thu. 4/28/11 3:46pm Parq:

Joe, sort of the coffehouse set's answer to the fad in the 70s for Marlin Perkinds impressions, eh?
  Thu. 4/28/11 3:47pm rst-wiley:

These days 3d means action sequences set on 'repeat'. Formula 3d, wow!
  Thu. 4/28/11 3:49pm Dale from North Dakota:

Thanks for the link to the "Silver Machine" vid, but I have to agree with one of the commenters -- James needs to work on his Stacia impression, he seems kind of superfluous in that clip :-)
  Thu. 4/28/11 3:52pm Mike East:

I did intend to see Avatar, being a self proclaimed scifi nerd, but I never got around to it. Seems pointless to watch it in 2D, which is I guess the problem I have with movies that are made specifically for the 3D format...once they're out of theaters, what's the point?
  Thu. 4/28/11 3:52pm moose:

my favorite tv announcer is the guy who does 'forensic files'
sometimes i imagine him narrating my day, but it makes me feel like i'm about to be killed
  Thu. 4/28/11 3:55pm moose:

'moose's day started like any other, in the peaceful town of jersey city...'
  Thu. 4/28/11 3:56pm rst-wiley:

3d buoyed by good stories or good stories marred by formulaic 3d?
  Thu. 4/28/11 3:56pm Ike:

@MEast, I thought Avatar was fun enough in 2D. Never did catch it in 3D. The storyline is nothing new but I got sucked in anyway. But then I like all that post-colonial-type stuff.
  Thu. 4/28/11 3:56pm Peter Thomas:

But Moose did not notice the two shady looking characters who had been waiting all night in a a car on his street.
  Thu. 4/28/11 3:57pm Looms:

  Thu. 4/28/11 3:57pm Count Floyd:

  Thu. 4/28/11 4:00pm BSI:

screw 3D. I'd prefer 0.5D if I could just figure out what the gabbling hell that would mean...
  Thu. 4/28/11 4:03pm Mike East:

Cool, Ike. I'll put in on the queue. btw, everybody, Wonderwoman was in the studio today.
  Thu. 4/28/11 4:07pm Ike:

@BSI, isn't that half an infinite line? Only a critter that's part of a line, or a point, could live in that line. So those wouldn't be very interesting movies... unless you're really, really, really high.
  Thu. 4/28/11 4:08pm ?:

DARA BIRNBAUM? Or Lynda Carter?
  Thu. 4/28/11 4:11pm r.r.r. high:

we're all critters living in half an infinite line
  Thu. 4/28/11 4:12pm BSI:

DAMMIT, IKE, THAT'S STILL TOO MUCH! I need to puncture the membrane and go down, down.... This movie is gonna be -15D at the most/least! C'mon, psychedelic superheroes! Who's with me?!?!?!!
  Thu. 4/28/11 4:12pm Mike East:

Lynda Carter. Also, Bang on A Can is rehearsing some Reich pieces within earshot.
  Thu. 4/28/11 4:13pm rst-wiley:

Living on a bumpy sphere that's some decimals beyond that 3.0
  Thu. 4/28/11 4:16pm Pi:

How far beyond 3. ?
  Thu. 4/28/11 4:19pm Looms:

Pretty good pronunciation!
  Thu. 4/28/11 4:22pm glenn:

Another Woman Apollo Failed to Bone. my fave from myths retold.
  Thu. 4/28/11 4:22pm Rebecca Black:

Fun fun fun fun
  Thu. 4/28/11 4:22pm jaycjay:

What's wrong with food?
  Thu. 4/28/11 4:23pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

food is good
  Thu. 4/28/11 4:23pm jaycjay:

Two Lane Blacktop is great! I hae the DVD, and the VHS version!
  Thu. 4/28/11 4:23pm glenn:

she is this chick
who is one of the daughters
of king priam of troy
you know
the city i just got finished describing the doom of
or actually i did not finish describing the doom of it
because the fucking iliad is a giant cocktease like that
but my friends
the iliad
is not the ONLY cocktease we're going to be discussing today
  Thu. 4/28/11 4:24pm Cecile:

I know, glenn, I have to set it to the side til later. I read about three of them and was on the floor...
  Thu. 4/28/11 4:24pm SLeeReverbee:

Are you trying to blow my mind?
  Thu. 4/28/11 4:26pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

I won the Two Lane Blacktop DVD Fabio gave away during the telethon...just got it a few weeks back but haven't had time to view it yet.
  Thu. 4/28/11 4:26pm glenn:

so the moral of the story is
never tease a cock
because it WILL tease you back
(also never pay hookers in advance
unless you have the power to curse them with your spit)
  Thu. 4/28/11 4:26pm glenn:

just some excerpts. jesus that's fuckin' funny shit.
  Thu. 4/28/11 4:29pm Orthographic Correction:

periodik minDtrouble
  Thu. 4/28/11 4:29pm The Late Great:

Harry Dean Stanton is still alive, right? He was in that film too. Played the possibly male prostitute hitchhiker. Love Warren Oates line in that scene.
  Thu. 4/28/11 4:29pm moose:

watching this laurie bird interview, goes well with the sounds
(sorry i didn't do the mini-link)
  Thu. 4/28/11 4:30pm jaycjay:

When I was about 12 I read a review of 2LB in some car magazine, Motor Trend or something. It pretty much focused on the cars, not the 70s-film existentialism, but it stuck with me. Years later I was talking to a friend and somehow she mentioned it as something she had seen in film school. I didn't even realize til then that it was anything other than some car movie. But she tracked down a VHS copy for me. It wasn't even available on DVD yet.
  Thu. 4/28/11 4:30pm glenn:

just one more. HERE COME LESBIANS
Fuck you guys it's greek myth time

So there's this chick telethusa
which sounds like the name of some cthonian internet service provider
and she is married to some asshole who got her knocked up
and one day he calls her over like hey honey
i hate to say this
but if you squirt a girlchild out of your womb I am going to have to kill it
goddd this is soooo awkward
and Telethusa is like NO SHIT DICKWEED
but actually she stops halfway through the sentence because of UNBEARABLE LABOR PAIN
  Thu. 4/28/11 4:30pm Cecile:

I know, glenn. The Loki one had me laughing until I was gasping
  Thu. 4/28/11 4:32pm glenn:

it's hard to type when you're doubled over with laughter.
  Thu. 4/28/11 4:32pm Loki Made Me Do It:

I like the Norse Crisis Flowchart.
  Thu. 4/28/11 4:33pm glenn:

what's even more disturbing is that now they make sense.
  Thu. 4/28/11 4:38pm Parq:

@jayc, 4:30. I read that review, too. At the time, I had the shooting script in paperback form, a birthday present from a bud who was kind of my car guru. I still haven't seen it, and may need to make my way down to AFA this weekend.
  Thu. 4/28/11 4:42pm Mike Fun:

Nice to hear F/i! Sitting at home about 1/2 mile from RRR as I listen.
  Thu. 4/28/11 4:43pm jason:

hey Fabio diggin the show! And hello to all the listeners!

just a friendly PSA to let y'all know that this incredible Sun Araw track is available for download at http://freemusicarchive.org/music/sun_araw
  Thu. 4/28/11 4:43pm Cecile:

Here's a great one about Kali:

ok so this story begins like all stories about kali:
kali just killed a bunch of dudes
probably demons
but really
who the fuck knows
anyway to celebrate
kali takes up residence in a nearby forest
with a bunch of her asshole friends
and starts terrorizing the countryside
stabbing the villagers
than stabbing their stab wounds
then stabbing the blood in their stab wounds
shit like that

so finally one of the villagers
who is sick of getting stabbed every day
and is also a follower of shiva
comes running up to shiva like
and shiva is like what shit
i am busy
and the dude is like KALI IS STABBING EVERYONE
and shiva is like ok my schedule just cleared up
  Thu. 4/28/11 4:47pm Cecile:

Ay yi yi. Funny.
  Thu. 4/28/11 4:51pm glenn:

my new favourite website.
  Thu. 4/28/11 5:01pm moose:

a lot of potty-talk!
  Thu. 4/28/11 5:04pm Cecile:

Yeah, but it's funny. There was probably just as much cussing when they were told around the fire before they got all cleaned up.

Also? The HP Lovecraft synopsis is hysterical.
  Thu. 4/28/11 5:05pm Cecile:

the suggestion is to substitute all his adjectives with "spooky" and then mentally delete all the "spookies" and then you actually know what's going on...
  Thu. 4/28/11 5:14pm Michael from EP:

I think the title of the Illitch LP is Periodikmindtrouble (perhaps the top of the "d" in "mind" was scratched off on your copy and looked like an "o"?)
  Thu. 4/28/11 5:17pm glenn:

i don't know, cecile. i'm not sensing a lot of comment board love for retold myths. i'm kinda disappointed.
  Thu. 4/28/11 5:19pm Cecile:

Ah, well. We tried. Also? It's happy hour time in most locations. People are choosing drinking over Fabio. I know!
  Thu. 4/28/11 5:21pm fabio:

Yes Michael, that was it, bad printing job on my copy...
  Thu. 4/28/11 5:22pm fabio:

say it ain't so! Booze over Failure?! How can that be?
  Thu. 4/28/11 5:23pm Barkeep:

Booze and Failure are in no way incompatible. Just sayin.
  Thu. 4/28/11 5:24pm david:

OK, this Ilitch is outta control. You've done it again, Fabio.
  Thu. 4/28/11 5:24pm Cecile:

Perhaps you should your listeners snacks over happy hour. A nice taco bar, for example.
  Thu. 4/28/11 5:24pm BSI:

oh....... i'm here....... in der drone zone.
drooling on my feet in a levitating bath of stars. yep.
  Thu. 4/28/11 5:25pm glenn:

it's kinda like how deadwood retold the tale of the west, but leaving all the swearies in. also the whores.
  Thu. 4/28/11 5:31pm Cecile:

Also, now Fabio can say we discuss classical literature on the comments board. Might draw some more people! :D
  Thu. 4/28/11 5:32pm davin:

just tuned in. what's the music playing behind the announcements?
  Thu. 4/28/11 5:35pm Cecile:

Dirty Mary, Crazy Larry?
  Thu. 4/28/11 5:35pm Looms:

This is no bad printing, Fabio, only a strange design. The 2CD issue of Periodikmindtrouble (on Fractal back in 2000) is quite hard to read as well.
  Thu. 4/28/11 5:36pm jaycjay:

That is an easy one, but unfortunately I have to go to a memorial gathering that night so couldn't use the tickets.
  Thu. 4/28/11 5:36pm Cecile:

One of my least favorite singers did that soundtrack.
  Thu. 4/28/11 5:36pm glenn:

Calamity Jane: “I'm calling on the widow and the little one in her care, and if I was you I wouldn't try to stop me."

EB Farnum: "Be brief."

Calamity Jane: "Be Fucked!"

EB Farnum: "Her gutter mouth, and the widow in an opium stupor. A conversation for the ages.”
  Thu. 4/28/11 5:40pm glenn:

After Reverend Smith advises against publicizing the smallpox outbreak in biblical terms:

Al: Yeah, we need to nip that Sodom and Gomorrah shit in the bud.
  Thu. 4/28/11 5:42pm glenn:

Al - “In life you have to do a lot of things you don't fucking want to do. Many times, that's what the fuck life is... one vile fucking task after another.”
deadwood - best show evah!
  Thu. 4/28/11 5:45pm Barkeep:

Deadwood uses that "one f word minimum per sentence" rule also seen in the Sopranos. For some audience members, it makes obvious stuff sound impassioned.
  Thu. 4/28/11 5:47pm glenn:

My favorite Ellsworth line: "I may have fucked my life up flatter than hammered shit, but I stand here before you today beholden to no human cocksucker." I may have to embroider that one on a pillow.
  Thu. 4/28/11 5:52pm brendan:

thanks for a great set, fabio
  Thu. 4/28/11 5:55pm Pantagruel:

Good show, Fabio!
  Thu. 4/28/11 5:55pm moose:

clay joy
  Thu. 4/28/11 5:56pm david:

cmon fabio, shave on the radio! :)
  Thu. 4/28/11 5:57pm BSI:

It was all dreamy there, then I turn my back & now we're in deep with the shaving talk......... LIFE CAN GET NO BETTER THAN THIS HERE....
  Thu. 4/28/11 5:57pm mark:

Has anyone seen my kirward derby?
  Thu. 4/28/11 5:57pm Cecile:

Alan Parsons!
  Thu. 4/28/11 5:58pm Cecile:

Roger Waters is a dick.
  Thu. 4/28/11 5:59pm Bill F.:

Thanks for speaking truthfully about Roger Waters, Fabio. You did the world a great service.
  Thu. 4/28/11 5:59pm northguineahills:

W00hoo! got here in time for the last minute of Fabio!
  Thu. 4/28/11 5:59pm Cecile:

Yeah, we're talking about classical literature with lots of swears in it.
  Thu. 4/28/11 6:01pm BSI:

  Thu. 4/28/11 6:01pm Pantagruel:

Bring on the duel!
  Thu. 4/28/11 6:02pm Cecile:

Let's elope, Fabio.
  Thu. 4/28/11 6:02pm Cecile:

You and all us listeners. We've been waiting for that for years.
  Thu. 4/28/11 6:05pm Cecile:

But seriously, the Clay/Fabio duel must happen.
  Thu. 4/28/11 10:58pm Clay:

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