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NRBQ - Live from the FMU Studios
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Artist Track Album / Format Year Comments Approx. start time
Hank Levine w/ Timothy Leary  Image, Part One / The Psychedelic Experience   Options (CD-R) from the Brainen Archive   1961 / 1966    0:00:00 )  
NRBQ  Boozoo & Leona   Options Keep This Love Goin' (CD) * from the Brainen Archive   2011  Brand new album!  0:01:57 )  
Nat 'King' Cole Trio w/ Willie Smith  Just You, Just Me   Options The Complete After Midnight Sessions (CD) from the Brainen Archive   1956 / 1987    0:06:17 )  
Hollies  Don't ever Think about Changing   Options For Certain Because... (CD) from the Brainen Archive   1966    0:09:16 )  
P.J. O'Connell  World of Love   Options Join The Crowd (CD) * from the Brainen Archive   2011    0:11:32 )  
Moby Grape  Fall On You   Options Moby Grape (LP) from the Brainen Archive   1967    0:15:45 )  
Mary Lou Williams  One   Options Mary Lou's Mass (CD) from the Brainen Archive   1970 / 2005    0:17:33 )  
Giles Giles & Fripp w/ McDonald & Dyble  I Talk To The Wind   Options The Brondesbury Tapes 1968 (CD) from the Brainen Archive   1968 / 2002    0:19:01 )  
Music behind DJ:
John Barry 
  Beat Girl       0:21:58 )  
Byrds  The World Turns All Around Her   Options Turn! Turn! Turn! (CD) from the Brainen Archive   1965 / 1996    0:28:01 )  
Todd Rundgren  Hope I'm around   Options Runt: The Ballad of Todd Rundgren (CD) from the Brainen Archive   1971    0:30:20 )  
Spampinato Brothers  My Mother's Mother's Day Card   Options Pie In the Sky (CD) from the Brainen Archive   2010    0:35:06 )  
Eric Dolphy  Les   Options The Complete Prestige Recordings (Boxed set) from the Brainen Archive   1960 / 1995    0:37:51 )  
Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong  The Nearness of You   Options (45) from the Brainen Archive   1956    0:43:04 )  
Music behind DJ:
  "Bob Brainen's Soul 'n RnB Instro cassette"       0:46:22 )  
The Casuals  Jesamine   Options (45) from the Brainen Archive   1968  Thanks to Sandi Rix  0:54:04 )  
Dick Hyman and Mary Mayo  Isn't it Odd?   Options Moon Gas (CD) from the Brainen Archive   1963 / 2004    0:57:41 )  
Lorne Greene  Ringo   Options (45) from the Brainen Archive   1964    1:00:47 )  
Harry Lookofsky  Fiddle Mambo   Options Miracle in Strings (CD) from the Brainen Archive   1955 / 1994    1:04:35 )  
Music behind DJ:
  "Bob Brainen's Soul 'n RnB Instro cassette"       1:05:39 )  
NRBQ - Live from the FMU Studios!
  Hey Little Brother         1:12:55 )  
  Keep This Love Goin'         1:13:14 )  
  Let Go         1:17:23 )  
  Toast that Lie again         1:20:44 )  
  Yes Yes Yes         1:24:14 )  
  When my Blue Moon turns to Gold Again         1:27:39 )  
  Original Wonder         1:30:53 )  
  San Francisco Holiday         1:34:02 )  
  Time & Place         1:38:10 )  
  A Girl like That         1:43:35 )  
w/ special Guest: P.J. O'Connell  Inconsiderate   Options       1:49:48 )  
w/ special Guest: P.J. O'Connell  12 Bar Blues   Options       1:51:54 )  
Leo Parker   Mad Lad Returns   Options Jumpin' & Jivin' (CD) from the Brainen Archive   1950 / 1997  VAR  1:55:35 )  
VAR    "Bob Brainen's Soul 'n RnB Instro cassette"        
Big thanks to the band: Terry Adams, Conrad Choucroun, Pete Donnelly and Scott Ligon, as well as P.J. O'Connell, John John Burke, Frank 'Xtc' O'Toole, Tom Priester & Diane Farris for engineering, & for being level headed during my 'Robotussin High.'

(* = new, from the Brainen Archive The marked selections are from the Brainen Archive.)

Listener comments!

  Sat. 4/9/11 9:04am Listener Bill:

Hi Bob
  Sat. 4/9/11 9:05am Tom Tom Browne:

My favorite band on my favorite show. YEAH!
  Sat. 4/9/11 9:06am SmokinJ:

Hey! It's a party! Mornin' bb!
  Sat. 4/9/11 9:10am David:

The 2 hour party started at 9am!
  Sat. 4/9/11 9:14am Stacey:

Yay PJ!!
  Sat. 4/9/11 9:48am Looms:

Hello Bob and listeners.
Enjoying my lazy saturday at home with FMU.
  Sat. 4/9/11 9:51am matt in Hoboken:

What a great app for WFMU!
  Sat. 4/9/11 10:00am david:

saw NRBQ yesterday at the un-godly hour of noon in Philadelphia - strange time, strange place - but they sounded great - Terry's got a great group around him - those boys can play!
  Sat. 4/9/11 10:13am Charlie:

The new 'Q is sounding great!
  Sat. 4/9/11 10:14am clarke:

not meaning to be complete buzkill, here, i feel i must weigh in on "nrbq"*. i don't think ANYone can dispute that Joey has earned the right of at least refusal in the name NRBQ - that is anyone that knows the REAL story. just as indesputably, consider the outrage had, say John Lennon decided to name The Plastic Ono Band, after releasing a great record, The Beatles. even Lennon knew he couldn't get away with that. a lot of people that don't know the REAL story think that Joey must be fine with this name-change thing, or are waiting for Joey to weigh in.
i personally talked to Joey this week, and i can tell you that he is too DEVASTATED and disappointed to say ANYthing, at this point. the story that Terry postulated is a nice one, and EVERYone is glad that he has had such a miraculous recovery! but, Joey is so VERY upset to have his YEARS of service just basically thrown aside, he can't even formulate his own words. i know Joey's feelings very well, as a similar thing happened to me, once. he is NUMB. i have never had any reason to doubt a THING Joey has said.
so, no matter how great this set sounds - for me and many: NO Joey - NO Q. bottom line!
  Sat. 4/9/11 10:16am Tom Tom Browne:

Suggestion: Hear the band, listen to the new CD.
At least judge with a little evidence, dude.
  Sat. 4/9/11 10:20am Q fan:

What "evidence" are you talking about, Tom Tom? The quality of the music is not the issue. The issue is whether Terry has the right to call this band NRBQ.
  Sat. 4/9/11 10:21am clarke:

heard them all
i have ALL the evidence, "dude"
if you are saying that i can't appreciate a good record or performance because i can't get around the name, you are wrong. this has NOTHING to do with the quality of the music - which i have never disputed. i am even friends with some of the terry quartet. i just have a huge problem with the surrepticious grabbing of the name - if you knew the real story - you might too.
  Sat. 4/9/11 10:25am Charlie:

Clarke: Well, that's definitely sad to hear about Joey's feelings. It's gotta be like seeing your old girlfriend with a new guy. But I don't see how it diminishes anything Joey did. The guy is my absolute hero. But he's in a band with his brother now and it seems he's happy there. <shrug> I understand both sides. Hopefully time will heal all wounds.
  Sat. 4/9/11 10:25am david:

all valid - and now I'm buying records from Terry AND Joey - no matter what the name(s) - and despite the growing pains - I'm enjoying both artists; both bands sound great - hope these guys can work it all out
  Sat. 4/9/11 10:26am clarke:

personally, i think it actually does a disservice of this fine band to hang an ancient name upon them. personally, i have no problem with letting old bands just die out. i was trying to let everyone know that Joey is SO not cool with this. and that one day, the full story might emerge.
  Sat. 4/9/11 10:29am SmokinJ:

"The music business is a cruel and shallow money trench, a long plastic hallway where thieves and pimps run free, and good men die like dogs. There's also a negative side." -- Hunter S. Thompson
  Sat. 4/9/11 10:33am clarke:

and not to hawg all the time, here, one other thing that i personally believe is IF A RECORD IS GOOD ENOUGH, these days, THEN THE PEOPLE WILL FIND IT. and it doesn't matter what name is on it!! i guess some people just don't realize that. i say what's in a name,? it is just a friggin' band name but, it ain't me we are talkin' about, here.
  Sat. 4/9/11 10:38am Q fan:

True dat, Clarke. But I also think club owners will be more likely to book a band called NRBQ than a band called the Terry Adams Quartet. Surely that has something to do with the name change, which seems a little sleezy to me.
  Sat. 4/9/11 10:39am Pete L:

that's a GREAT gtr solo
and Terry should also go solo
be a big "jazz" star
  Sat. 4/9/11 10:40am seang:

twang baby
  Sat. 4/9/11 10:41am Where's Joey?:

This Time & Place just doesn't sound right to me.
  Sat. 4/9/11 10:47am RickA:

Have always loved Girl Like That - fabulous! Conrad sounds great on this!
  Sat. 4/9/11 10:50am Eddie:

Go PJ!
  Sat. 4/9/11 10:52am Pete L:

this band is OK - I miss Tom - sorry new guy - what would RINGO DO? maybe it's the mix - And that's right about booking - but if people don't recognize the name TERRY ADAMS there's plenty of blame to go around
OH I LOVE THIS "A Girl Like That" thanks BOB for all this - I will continue to get the new stuff - this Pete guy isn't so riveting as a singer - and go to the shows - I think Adams needs HIS NAME OUT THERE - there is something about NRBQ that just has JOEY and TOM in it's JEANS and KROMASOounds
  Sat. 4/9/11 10:53am Irene:

I'm just hearing two different bands. Glimmers of the old band are here but this sounds like a new entity. There's no shame in calling this the Terry Adams Rock and Roll Quartet and retiring the NRBQ name.
  Sat. 4/9/11 10:55am Pete L:

THAT'S A GOOD NAME -thank you
  Sat. 4/9/11 10:55am Irene:

I also have to say whoever mixed this did a really great job!
  Sat. 4/9/11 10:55am Mark from Neptune:

I saw the Spampinato Brothers at Ocean County library on March 21 and Terry et al at the Turning Point on April 1. Enjoyed both shows tremendously. I really appreciate the TARRQ - a great band, every last one of them. However, I can't bring myself to call them NRBQ.
  Sat. 4/9/11 10:56am Pete L:

true dat
  Sat. 4/9/11 10:58am Q fan:

Pete L, in fairness, Tommy should not really be part of the discussion, because he is simply not performing anymore, with anybody (I'm not sure why).
  Sat. 4/9/11 10:58am Bob:

Thanks for the great show Bob B. Love and support Terry, but c'mon. This is a very good band on its own. Scott is great, I've seen him play for years prior to this band. Pete is great too, I'm a dedicated Figgs fan. Still, no Joey, no NRBQ.
  Sat. 4/9/11 10:58am Pete L:

Bob I hope Terry sees this stuff - the people care
  Sat. 4/9/11 11:00am rick:

Terry a big mistake! What a joke you should join the Spampinatos a real band
  Sat. 4/9/11 11:01am Pete L:

I can still say Tommy is one ONE OF THE ALL TIME TIME GREATS - a natural - what is he doing??
  Sat. 4/9/11 11:01am Irene:

Ah Diane Kamakazee! Great mix!
  Sat. 4/9/11 11:05am Ed J:

Truth is terry can't get gigs without using the name NRBQ. The guy is a major talent but also a major jerk. another classless move Terry
  Sat. 4/9/11 11:10am RickA:

I believe Tom is telling people he's 'retired,' but from reports, he joined NRBQ onstage for a couple of shows last weekend playing alongside Conrad (NRBQ with two drummers - wish I'd seen that!). At terryadams.net/recordings.html there's a short statement from Tom endorsing the new lineup, saying "NRBQ is back!"
  Sat. 4/9/11 11:49am Poodlehead:

Tommy IS retired, but that doesn't mean he won't do occasional one-offs here n' there. Clarke, like you I too know the backstory, and have since 2004, and actually kind've wish I didn't, but in the name of peace, I hope it doesn't come out. My hopes are that the Spamps & Al will be ok if T continues by calling it "the New NRBQ" so that it doesn't erase the former members from it's legacy, yet still allows T to make a living booking the band. I can see that T has a little more claim to the name since it's evolution began in his teenage home basement, prior to mtg Joey...and his own brother D came up w/the name. I love the Spamps, and I forgive T and love him too. He had a lot on his plate, and was dealing with a lotta stress in 2004, not just the illness. He did things I'm sure he regrets, but I think he has grown since then into a more conscious version of himself. I forgive him, but maybe he should make restitution so the Spamps can put it to rest as well. Keep this love goin, to everyone, and here's to the continuing sequel...The New NRBQ, and also to the fabulous Spampinato Brothers. Peace to all.
  Sat. 4/9/11 12:48pm Joe:

don't see how this is any different than Joey touring as NRBQ as the only original member
  Sat. 4/9/11 1:45pm OnLy hUmAn:

The past is tense
the future perfect.......
  Sat. 4/9/11 3:36pm Jim jim:

Not NRBQ. Tom Tom is really Bob Brainen I think.
  Sat. 4/9/11 4:34pm Chief:

Been racking my brains since Terry's strange announcement. Should call it NNRBQ or A(nother)NRBQ. Brand New NRBQ (BNNRBQ). Something different. Best to let go of the grand name & continue with TARRQ. This band is tight, but sounds like they learned from listening to Q records. In other words, don't have the collective personalities and references of earlier and truer versions. Oh well. Yes, Tommy sat in last weekend--sounds great, looks frail and strangely, way older than Terry. I think he's just tuckered out from the road. And yes, this all sounds like a booking decision in the end--it's sad that things with Terry and Spamps have ended this poorly, but like Clarke says, there's a lot not being said. And like the other guy noted, at least we get two good bands out of this rift. Just don't call it Q.
  Sat. 4/9/11 5:43pm Kurt:

The NRBQ song "Let Go" would segue well with the B-52's "Follow Your Biss" - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Txo2wEfm-Q&feature=related
  Sat. 4/9/11 6:24pm Kurt:

Oops another seque - NRBQ's "Inconsiderate" goes with Elivs Costello's "Man Out Of TIme" - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lYftZ0hd4FQ
  Sat. 4/9/11 7:29pm CT fan:

I am amazed (and not in a good way) that the NRBQ name is being used for this band. It just seems unnecessary and to the discredit of all involved. I wish them all (old and new) well.
  Sat. 4/9/11 9:44pm Pussypaws Kittypants:

Meow !! Didn't Clarke replace Rikki Bates in The Casuals ? Prrrrfect example
of band de-evolution without an easy name solution !! Kindness and forgiveness are where its at, for all the very hippest cats !!
  Sat. 4/9/11 10:46pm Daddy-O:

Sounds like the Q to me. Just the latest version. Joey and Johnny are doing what they wanted to do, ie. not playing with Terry. Be careful what you ask for, I guess. NRBQ would have folded a long time ago had it not been for Terry writing most of the songs and arrangements, especially in the latter days of the old band. People said no Fergie, no Q when he left, too. Bob Wills still had the Texas Playboys after Tommy Duncan left, I guess Terry can still have NRBQ after Joey. Most importantly, Keep This Love Going is to my ears the strongest Q album since Grooves In Orbit. Terry's writing is better than ever and the chemistry with the new guys is great. I wanna see where this goes.. None of these guys are getting any younger. Let's appreciate them while they're still among us. I'll always support the Q and all its offshoots.
  Mon. 4/11/11 12:46am 1whoknows:

Wow!!!! So much to be said about Joey....This is all so simple! After almost 40 years together the chemistry between the band members shifted. Terry became VERY sick, which forced NRBQ to take a break. Joey moved on.............. Did not want to continue playing as NRBQ!!!!!!!! Terry, founder and band leader, simply wanted to continue with his lifes work. Let him freakin' do it !!!!!!! A new NRBQ, is so much better than no NRBQ!
  Mon. 4/11/11 9:18am Kanzus J Kanzuz:

1st off, great show Bob! This is my 1st oppourtunity to tune in to the show (thanks to the WWW). Love the tunes you're spinning. You can bet i'll be tuning in again.
As far as the NRBQ controversy, If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck!
  Sun. 4/17/11 11:14am Babs:

Simple: If Joey has a side to this story, why isn't he speaking about it? There is nothing about this on the Spampinato Brothers' website. That speaks volumes to me.
  Tue. 4/19/11 7:58pm Otterboy:

Someone mentioned Joey going silent in shock when he heard the news of the revamped NRBQ moniker. Do you think the first song on the wonderful new Spaminato Bros. CD
is addressing the situation ?
I don't know for sure, 'cause I've never been able to understand Joey's words. That is a complement, by the way, not a criticism .
I dig all the music. Long live all the factions therein !
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