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The Failure of Noise
The Failure of Sound
The Failure of Rock
The Failure of the Avant Garde
The Failure of the Space Age
The Failure of Jazz
The Failure of Psychedelia
The Failure of Krautrock
The Failure of Electronic
The Failure of Pop
The Failure of Free-form
The Failure of the 20th Century

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Options April 7, 2011: Failure in Motion

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Artist Track Album Approx. start time
James Last  Mr. Giant Man   Options Voodoo Party  0:00:00 ()
Pharoah Sanders  Balance   Options Izipho Zam  0:06:54 ()
Colin Stetson  From no part of me could I summon a voice   Options New History of Warfare Vol. 2: Judges  0:17:43 ()
chuck bettis and friends  Doumbek Chanter   Options community of commotion  0:27:22 ()
Min Bul  Strange Beauty   Options Min Bul  0:28:04 ()
Gabor Szabo  Caravan   Options Jazz Raga  0:28:26 ()
Can  Sing Swan Song   Options Ege Bamyasi  0:29:42 ()
Dickie Landry  Kitchen Solos   Options fifteen saxophones  0:48:36 ()
Jacques Berrocal  Parallèles   Options Parallèles  0:57:33 ()
Francisco Lopez  KRMN   Options Maurizio Bianchi & Francisco Lopez: KRMN  1:23:28 ()
Olivia Block  Heave To (Part 2)   Options Heave To  1:26:21 ()
Olivia Block  Heave To (Part 2)   Options Heave To  1:31:24 ()
Mauricio Kagel  Third part   Options Acustica  1:49:08 ()
Mountains  Newsprint   Options Air Museum  2:04:27 ()
Krauss  Telstar   Options Telstar  2:12:14 ()
Nurse with Wound  Spiral Insana Part B   Options Spiral Insana  2:21:05 ()
Teenage Jesus & the Jerks  Red alert   Options No New York (V/A)  2:45:41 ()
Mars  Hairwaves   Options No New York (V/A)  2:46:17 ()
Wire   Reuters   Options Pink Flag  2:46:32 ()
Wire  Red Barked Trees   Options Red Barked Trees  2:47:37 ()

Listener comments!

  Thu. 4/7/11 3:12pm old old brain:

all aboard the fail train, troopers.
  Thu. 4/7/11 3:13pm Barney:

there is no fail quite like sanders/sharrock fail.
  Thu. 4/7/11 3:15pm BSI:

I've failin' and i can't get up!
  Thu. 4/7/11 3:19pm ifny:

wowowow i surrender to the history of warfare
  Thu. 4/7/11 3:21pm clay:

how about some foghat?
  Thu. 4/7/11 3:21pm Pantagruel:

Feelin' stronger every day.
  Thu. 4/7/11 3:24pm MuttonChops:

  Thu. 4/7/11 3:26pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

good stuff, this
  Thu. 4/7/11 3:29pm MuttonChops:

I am watching the Masters and this is the perfect Spring soundtrack, Fabio
  Thu. 4/7/11 3:31pm john:

fabio... playing the hit's this afternoon!
  Thu. 4/7/11 3:33pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

we need a 20 minute zone out track!
  Thu. 4/7/11 3:34pm BSI:

favorite can LP. Bleshu.
  Thu. 4/7/11 3:36pm Looms:

Great first set.
  Thu. 4/7/11 3:39pm schizflow:

my friend had a copy of that szabo and he would put it on constantly
  Thu. 4/7/11 3:40pm schizflow:

cool story i know
  Thu. 4/7/11 3:41pm J J:

I know someone who saw a copy for sale on the wall of a record store, but he didn't buy it. True story.
  Thu. 4/7/11 3:43pm Barney:

I always end up pulling out Izipho Zam for christmas. It must be the sleigh bells on 'prince of peace'
  Thu. 4/7/11 3:45pm nn:

Sounds like crap.
Er, I mean outstanding. Sounds outstanding.
  Thu. 4/7/11 3:45pm naomi:

hello from france - fabio that's such great news! I really like Charlemagne Palestine
  Thu. 4/7/11 3:54pm Parq:

Hey, really digging this Landry.
  Thu. 4/7/11 3:55pm Wendy del Formaggio:

We're liking this Dickie Landry track a lot in the volunteer room. It caused me to have to go to the computer to find out what it was, and to look up some info on it. Good stuff!
  Thu. 4/7/11 4:08pm brian:

i think the french elvis is johnny hallyday
  Thu. 4/7/11 4:09pm Looms:

that's what i was about to say, unfortunately...
  Thu. 4/7/11 4:09pm brian:

  Thu. 4/7/11 4:09pm paul b:

Vince Taylor was the "British Elvis" as in the Golden Earring (who were Dutch) song "Just like Vince Taylor"
  Thu. 4/7/11 4:11pm steve:

hi all Steve here from colorado
  Thu. 4/7/11 4:25pm MuttonChops:

I love watching golf
  Thu. 4/7/11 4:27pm hamburger / london:

tv + golf = wrong!
  Thu. 4/7/11 4:28pm MuttonChops:

it's so relaxing
  Thu. 4/7/11 4:30pm Twain:

“Golf is a good walk spoiled.”
re TV: “Golf is a good watch spoiled.”
  Thu. 4/7/11 4:31pm MuttonChops:

TV is a good medium spoiled.
  Thu. 4/7/11 4:32pm BSI:

oh dear, oh dear..... it's all gone weird again....
  Thu. 4/7/11 4:33pm MuttonChops:

Warp 10 captain
  Thu. 4/7/11 4:34pm Looms:

  Thu. 4/7/11 4:41pm MuttonChops:

A performance space? that is what i call my job, and marriage and ever waking day of my life
  Thu. 4/7/11 4:42pm Cecile:

Why aren't you writing these liner notes, Fabio? You're way more interesting.
  Thu. 4/7/11 4:43pm MuttonChops:

Beautiful time for a drive
  Thu. 4/7/11 4:45pm Looms:

I experienced a quadraphonic sound performance by Francisco Lopez about one year ago, powerful stuff.
  Thu. 4/7/11 4:45pm Cecile:

Cagelnacht sounds like a tasty Austrian pastry with a creamy, almond and rum flavored filling.
  Thu. 4/7/11 4:46pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

that would really hit the spot about now, Cecile!
  Thu. 4/7/11 4:47pm MuttonChops:

Kogel Nacht 2011!!!!!!
  Thu. 4/7/11 4:59pm jimmy carl black:

  Thu. 4/7/11 5:00pm hungry Von Trapps:

Kagelnacht, Kagelnacht,
Every morning we eat you,
Almond rum, gimme some,
You kick-ass Viennese sweet, you!
  Thu. 4/7/11 5:01pm Reminded:

Gotta get back to those Kagel exercises.
  Thu. 4/7/11 5:03pm Twain:

The Damned Human Race!!!!!!
  Thu. 4/7/11 5:04pm MuttonChops:

Kagel is on the leaderboard at the Masters
  Thu. 4/7/11 5:05pm Cecile:

this is lovely, Fabio.
  Thu. 4/7/11 5:06pm MuttonChops:

Art is magic. - Bob Ross
  Thu. 4/7/11 5:12pm MuttonChops:

Chrissy Hynde Rocks
  Thu. 4/7/11 5:14pm B Z:

Hey, caught the end of Fabio's mic break twenty minutes ago... What was the show he was talking about?
  Thu. 4/7/11 5:26pm nasty Looms:

@B Z: you're late!

I assume you'll find the answer here: http://empac.rpi.edu/events/2011/spring/lopez/
  Thu. 4/7/11 5:28pm jimmy carl black:

  Thu. 4/7/11 5:35pm B Z:

Looms, I am always late. Thanks!
  Thu. 4/7/11 5:35pm Looms:

De nada.
  Thu. 4/7/11 5:37pm MuttonChops:

Like Tom Jones
  Thu. 4/7/11 5:38pm Alice Liddell:

Define "late". Philosophically and logically.
  Thu. 4/7/11 5:39pm Looms:

@Alice Liddell: B Z
  Thu. 4/7/11 5:42pm Jimmy carl black:

  Thu. 4/7/11 5:43pm MuttonChops:

Alice, that is a trick question. "late" doesnt exist definitionally in any philosophical or logical way. It is all a subjective imposition of causation relative to your experience
  Thu. 4/7/11 5:44pm MuttonChops:

Tell my wife that, Mutton.
  Thu. 4/7/11 5:45pm Pedant:

Define "define," "Philosophically" and "logically."
  Thu. 4/7/11 5:46pm Looms:

  Thu. 4/7/11 5:47pm J J:

Define "and"
  Thu. 4/7/11 5:47pm MuttonChops:

I may be late for a doomed airflight, but on time to save my neck/
  Thu. 4/7/11 5:49pm Grim Reaper:

I've got my eye on you, pal.
  Thu. 4/7/11 5:50pm david:

uh oh, this sounds like a prelude to the Pidge...
  Thu. 4/7/11 5:51pm MuttonChops:

Wire did this song on Jimmy Fallon on Tuesday
  Thu. 4/7/11 5:58pm Hopey:

Pat Travers!?!
  Thu. 4/7/11 5:59pm MuttonChops:

Fabio has Scritti politti
  Thu. 4/7/11 6:04pm Hopey:

WFMU: now with Bladder Cam!
  Thu. 4/7/11 6:04pm Parq:

W-a-a-y too much information.
  Thu. 4/7/11 6:04pm FMU Ustream Account:

We gotta new reality show. "Clay's Bladder Cam"!
  Thu. 4/7/11 6:05pm Ike:

Gross, dude.
  Thu. 4/7/11 6:05pm Gramsci:

and I have scritti politti
  Thu. 4/7/11 6:07pm MuttonChops:

Fabio Bladder Cam on Ustream get it UStream
  Thu. 4/7/11 6:09pm MuttonChops:

Talk about the end of the world
  Thu. 4/7/11 6:11pm badger:

Hahaha AM Dusty! Gold!
  Thu. 4/7/11 6:12pm Urethra:

Just rename me "YouTube"
  Thu. 4/7/11 6:12pm Urethra:

or "EwwwTube"
  Thu. 4/7/11 6:13pm david:

Good answer about Manson, Fabio.
  Thu. 4/7/11 6:13pm Jimmy carl black:

  Thu. 4/7/11 6:13pm Looms:

I'm devastated... :)
  Thu. 4/7/11 6:14pm Listener John:

RE: bands who go to bed early after the show, because the members are hitting their early 50s.
A few years ago the mekons played 3 nights of shows in New York to celebrate their 30th anniversary as a band. The 3 shows sold out quickly, and so they added a 4th show at the Mercury Lounge that started at 6 pm. They looked out on the big crowd, and one of them said from the stage, "I see we've found the perfect time for our fans. Start at 6:00, and all of our fans can be home safely, tucked up in bed, by 9:00."

OK, I thought it was funny . . .
  Thu. 4/7/11 6:16pm MuttonChops:

He butters your bagel!! WHat more can you ask for?
  Thu. 4/7/11 6:16pm Listener John:

Please don't settle for anyone not good enough for you. OK Julie?
  Thu. 4/7/11 6:16pm EzSezz:

Julie is the straw that stirs the drink!
  Thu. 4/7/11 6:17pm Anthony:

Fabio, Clay & Julie, Can we keep the Springsteen related questions coming? I grew up in Rumson, NJ. The Boss belonged to the same beach club as my family, and it took me moving to the west coast to become obsessed with his music. In fact, I was listening to "My Hometown", a few minutes before I tuned in here. Crazy coincidence.
  Thu. 4/7/11 6:17pm Bob Ferraplz:

I'm free and easy!
  Thu. 4/7/11 6:17pm Parq:

Listener John, I would totally go to a show that gauranteed I could hear a full set and still be home by 9.
  Thu. 4/7/11 6:17pm Urethra:

and the comments board is the straw that breaks the camel's back
  Thu. 4/7/11 6:17pm Patrick Bateman:

I'm the man for you.
  Thu. 4/7/11 6:18pm Urethra:

Is that you. Master Bateman?
  Thu. 4/7/11 6:19pm Irene:

Hey Fabio, I love hearing Clay Pigeon with you and Julie! Like those messages of love.

Mr. Pigeon, are you still gonna fill in for me the next two Mondays? I didn't get a confirmation directly from you. I'd love to hear me some more "Dusty Gold!"
  Thu. 4/7/11 6:20pm Parq:

As Fabio channels Soupy Sales.
  Thu. 4/7/11 6:21pm All of Irene's regular listeners:

Oh, please do!
  Thu. 4/7/11 6:21pm Hopey:

I'm crying now.
  Thu. 4/7/11 6:22pm david:

The Pidge Prayer Circle
  Thu. 4/7/11 6:24pm MuttonChops:

No it was a Skywalker thing
  Thu. 4/7/11 6:26pm david:

yeah luxuria radio is ok... but the caller should listen to the Ichiban stream
  Thu. 4/7/11 6:27pm jimmy carl black:

SHUT UP !& play me something I can enjoy!
  Thu. 4/7/11 6:29pm Looms:

Now that's a DJ!!!
  Thu. 4/7/11 6:30pm Urethra:

My Ichiban is itching
  Thu. 4/7/11 6:30pm Irene:

Whadda ya mean JCB? This is enjoyable!!
  Thu. 4/7/11 6:30pm Marmalade kitty:

wrong speed -speed it up
  Thu. 4/7/11 6:32pm Looms:

Bonsoir Chaton!
  Thu. 4/7/11 6:36pm Marmalade Kitty:

Bonsoir Looms! :)
  Thu. 4/7/11 6:38pm Typical Caller:

Please hang up on me. I'll never shut up if you don't.
  Thu. 4/7/11 6:39pm Caller:

I'm famous! Famous, I tell you!! Famous for being clueless!!!
  Thu. 4/7/11 6:40pm First Time Caller:

Last Time Listener
  Thu. 4/7/11 6:41pm First Time Caller:

How dare he impugn the high-mindness of Clay's interviews
  Thu. 4/7/11 6:44pm First Time Caller:

Try Libya Clay
  Thu. 4/7/11 6:47pm gross:

dear men: please don't call up and ask what the woman looks like
  Thu. 4/7/11 6:47pm david:

non sampled Fredericks
  Thu. 4/7/11 6:48pm Marmalade Kitty:

nothing is real..
  Thu. 4/7/11 6:48pm Caller:

and nothing to get hung up on about
  Thu. 4/7/11 6:49pm Caller:

i have a great face for radio.
  Thu. 4/7/11 6:50pm First Time Caller:

Peace and Love = Ringo
  Thu. 4/7/11 6:52pm First Time Caller:

  Thu. 4/7/11 6:52pm Anthony:

So many DJs, so many wives.
  Thu. 4/7/11 6:53pm Ike:

Clay seems to take criticism really personally. Don't worry, Clay, people love ya! Don't let cranky people (like me) get you down, just take the criticism constructively if you can.
  Thu. 4/7/11 6:53pm First Time Caller:

Ask Wire to bring the sandwiches
  Thu. 4/7/11 6:55pm Caller:

Don't worry about Ike, Clay. he's always in a bad mood!
  Thu. 4/7/11 6:56pm Ike:

It's true!
  Thu. 4/7/11 6:57pm First Time Caller:

Have you ever choked on a Skittle? should be a clay question
  Thu. 4/7/11 6:58pm Ike:

Clay is the master of the non sequitur!
  Thu. 4/7/11 7:00pm JCJ:

A "jib" is a particular sail, at the front of a vessel. That's why there is a "cut of your jib" to like.
  Thu. 4/7/11 7:00pm Anthony:

When is the last time you went? Is one of my favorite Clay questions.
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