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The Failure of Noise
The Failure of Sound
The Failure of Rock
The Failure of the Avant Garde
The Failure of the Space Age
The Failure of Jazz
The Failure of Psychedelia
The Failure of Krautrock
The Failure of Electronic
The Failure of Pop
The Failure of Free-form
The Failure of the 20th Century

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Options March 31, 2011: Failure will see you through the dark hours

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Artist Track Album Comments
James Last  Mr. Giant Man   Options Voodoo Party   
Natural Snow Buildings  This Ice Fortress   Options Waves Of The Random Sea   
Floris Vanhoof  Untitled B-side   Options Time Slime   
Chris Forsyth  Paranoid Cat pt. 3   Options Paranoid Cat   
Floris Vanhoof  Untitled B-side   Options Time Slime   
Fabio Orsi & Valerio Cosi  The Frozen Seasons of Lysergia (Part One)   Options Thoughts Melt in the Air   
Eternal Tapestry  Galactic Derelict   Options Beyond the 4th Door   
Pink Floyd  Pow R. Toc H.   Options The Piper at the Gates of Dawn   
AG Davis / Jamison Williams  May 6, 1937   Options May 6, 1937   
Pastor John Rydgren  An Offering in Music   Options Silhouette Segments   
Twink  the coming of the Other One   Options Think Pink   
Utom Alla  Varldens Minsta Hast (pt.1)   Options Varldens Minsta Hast   
Bee Mask  Canzoni dal Laboratorio del Silenzio Cosmico II   Options Canzoni dal Laboratorio del Silenzio Cosmico   
Charlemagne Palestine  Voice Study   Options March 7, 1975  Voice study recorded during mid-sixties, NYC. 
Opera Mort  ouverture: Des Machines dans les Yeux   Options Des Machines dans les Yeux   
Annette Peacock  I'm the One   Options I'm the One   
Ghédalia Tazartès  Works   Options Granny Awards   
Ghédalia Tazartès  Singing   Options Granny Awards   
Ludo Mich & Blood Stereo  The Peeling Spirit   Options From Tapes & Throats   
Squim   sword lightning   Options Nazarearu   
Bruno Menny  Cosmos (excerpt)   Options Cosmographie   
John Sangster  the Kaleidoscope of Life   Options Once Around the Sun   
Sven Ake Johansson  Untitled   Options Cymbals In the Night   
Titu Nath & Company  Sounds of the Indian Snake Charmer   Options Sounds of the Indian Snake Charmer   

Listener comments!

  Thu. 3/31/11 3:05pm hamburger / london:

love this song :)
  Thu. 3/31/11 3:07pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

hey Fabio. Melt the snow.
  Thu. 3/31/11 3:10pm BSI:

great gobbling crap i dig these buildings.
  Thu. 3/31/11 3:17pm Denise in DC:

Don't know whose voice this is, but it cut through the office noise and made me stop and listen.
  Thu. 3/31/11 3:23pm MuttonChops:

Thanks Fabio. I cant believe its butter?
  Thu. 3/31/11 3:26pm MuttonChops:

Radio and web streaiming for that delay effect nice!
  Thu. 3/31/11 3:26pm Wendy del Formaggio:

I thought this sounded familiar (other than the Pink Floyd reference); then I logged on and realized: Hey! I uploaded this to the FMA! Volunteers In Action! Anyway, Hi Fabio. Great sounds in the first half-hour. Looking forward to the rest.
  Thu. 3/31/11 3:26pm Pantagruel:

I forgot to fasten my seatbelt and now I've drifted impossibly far away.
  Thu. 3/31/11 3:27pm CobraDan:

Yorke Street Represent...way to go Chris.
  Thu. 3/31/11 3:27pm Brian in Madison, WI:

Wow...Forsyth is riding the lightning
  Thu. 3/31/11 3:27pm MuttonChops:

  Thu. 3/31/11 3:28pm MuttonChops:

plus the minimalism of the pulse
  Thu. 3/31/11 3:30pm MuttonChops:

Whiskie Time
  Thu. 3/31/11 3:30pm BSI:

seatbelts hinder levitation.
deep breath. go floaty.
  Thu. 3/31/11 3:32pm Brian in Madison, WI:

Sounds like how nitrous feels - synesthesiastic
  Thu. 3/31/11 3:33pm hamburger / london:

@BSI : that is a great line :)
  Thu. 3/31/11 3:34pm Ike:

Mr. BSI is as full of tasty verbal bon mots as Fabio is full of brilliant sounds.
  Thu. 3/31/11 3:37pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

  Thu. 3/31/11 3:38pm BSI:

...depends on the amount of hot sauce available during lunch.
  Thu. 3/31/11 3:41pm Looms:

A set by Palestine and Conrad would be nice indeed! :)
  Thu. 3/31/11 3:41pm hamburger / london:

@BSI: when you reach your awesome-quote-quota, you can look forward to this present: http://www.scorchio.co.uk/sauce-with-bullet-keychain-600000-scoville-p-594.html :)
  Thu. 3/31/11 3:43pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

hot sauce that comes w a disclaimer...jeeezus!
  Thu. 3/31/11 3:45pm dc pat:

ho jeeze, all you need is: Tabasco, Schriracha, El Yucateca. that's it.
  Thu. 3/31/11 3:45pm BSI:

lethal hot sauce + palestine + conrad = just about right.
  Thu. 3/31/11 3:46pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

yeah, there' s not much point in self-mutilation
  Thu. 3/31/11 3:49pm hamburger / london:

any april fool's plans for tomorrow people?
  Thu. 3/31/11 3:51pm MuttonChops:

What is the best take out food to order when you are zonked!?!?
  Thu. 3/31/11 3:51pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

with a name like Fabio, it's got to be good!
  Thu. 3/31/11 3:52pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

MuttonChops--cheap--Taco Bell; not as cheap--good Thai curry
  Thu. 3/31/11 3:52pm BSI:

hamburger: i had a kickstarter campaign set to expire on midnight / april fool's day, but after the site was dead for a day, deadlines got padded & now the symbology is wrecked.... so I'll just stay at home & guzzle hot-sauce.
  Thu. 3/31/11 3:54pm MuttonChops:

As dusk settles toward the end of the show, I will go to . . .THE BELL
  Thu. 3/31/11 3:56pm Handsome Harry:

Nothing but winners today. Highly enjoyable.
  Thu. 3/31/11 3:57pm Chris from DC:

This Eternal Tapestry slays.
  Thu. 3/31/11 4:01pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

  Thu. 3/31/11 4:01pm Cheri Pi:

floyd pink!
  Thu. 3/31/11 4:02pm Pantagruel:

I feel about ready to dance the giant way...
  Thu. 3/31/11 4:03pm dc pat:

MuttonChops: Giant slices of pizza of course! ...loaded with Tabasco.
  Thu. 3/31/11 4:05pm Cheri Pi:

I slather all my food with Tabasco, starting with breakfast.
  Thu. 3/31/11 4:06pm Denise in DC:

Including the pi, Cheri?
  Thu. 3/31/11 4:08pm Perv:

"that's hot"
  Thu. 3/31/11 4:10pm MuttonChops:

I can eat a global burrito with tabasco now
  Thu. 3/31/11 4:11pm BSI:

Hail Twink!
  Thu. 3/31/11 4:12pm dc pat:

I tried brownies with Tabasco about a year ago and it was good. Not amazing but I'd do it again.
  Thu. 3/31/11 4:13pm Cheri Pi:

Starting with the Pi, an moving slowly towards the epsilon.
  Thu. 3/31/11 4:13pm Looms:

yes, Think Pink is an amazing album.
  Thu. 3/31/11 4:14pm BSI:

rocket-fuel-strength chili chutney is the drug of choice over here.
  Thu. 3/31/11 4:17pm Mike East:

cholula or tapatio is preferred to tabasco- more flavor and thicker...I keep some at my desk if anyone needs some.
  Thu. 3/31/11 4:17pm HΘRNΣT MΘNTANA:

Pity those who indulge in bunnies with Tabasco.
  Thu. 3/31/11 4:18pm Brian in UK:

Was there not an a female car racer in the USA in the 70s maybe that had THINK PINK on her crash helmet?
  Thu. 3/31/11 4:21pm Brian in UK:

Fabio Toc H was an organisation similar to the Salvation Army helping those who were in need of help.
  Thu. 3/31/11 4:21pm Parq:

"The Piper at the Gates of Dawn" is the title of a chapter in "The Wind in the Willows", in which the characters meet the Pan. It's kinda lovely, actually.
  Thu. 3/31/11 4:21pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

probably Shirley Muldowney, Brian in UK
  Thu. 3/31/11 4:23pm john:

killing of a chinese bookie
  Thu. 3/31/11 4:23pm Brian in UK:

Noir = Raymond Chandler The man
  Thu. 3/31/11 4:24pm mark:

Big Heat is a good one - not sure if it's being shown. How about Gun Crazy? Two of my faves. Love Tod Haynes. Wish I was in the area.
  Thu. 3/31/11 4:25pm Brian in UK:

Thanks DCE I bow to your knowledge and name
  Thu. 3/31/11 4:25pm JJ:

Twink? Think Pink? Coming of the other one? Just occurred it makes me think of "It's Only Right and Natural"
  Thu. 3/31/11 4:26pm Richard from Venezuela:

Waz up yo'
  Thu. 3/31/11 4:27pm Parq:

Seeing the Ben Katchor and Marc Ribot events at the New School on Saturday. My brilliant wife scored some tix.
  Thu. 3/31/11 4:28pm Richard from Venezuela:

Marc Ribot killin' it. Good for you parq.
  Thu. 3/31/11 4:32pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

ha ha Brian in UK--no credit, I'm a googler
  Thu. 3/31/11 4:42pm Looms:

  Thu. 3/31/11 4:43pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

  Thu. 3/31/11 4:44pm MuttonChops:

I need delivery. So Thai, Pizza, Chinese, or stalk the neighborhood
  Thu. 3/31/11 4:46pm MuttonChops:

This music is therapy
  Thu. 3/31/11 4:48pm Tristram in Brooklyn:

Fabio = Perfect cure for computer brain freeze.....
  Thu. 3/31/11 4:49pm BSI:

make it thai. .. a decent gang pak with thai iced coffee. I have spoken.
  Thu. 3/31/11 4:49pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

trying to inhale these notes
  Thu. 3/31/11 4:54pm Parq:

Yeah, Richard, I'm psyched. I've dug him ever since he was the top recording-session player for strange music in the late 80s.
  Thu. 3/31/11 4:54pm Looms:

The cat next door's just chimed in and seems to be very interested by this piece too :)
  Thu. 3/31/11 4:59pm MuttonChops:

Radio man rules
  Thu. 3/31/11 5:00pm Mary Wing:

Love the radio magic, Fabio!
  Thu. 3/31/11 5:01pm BSI:

Still recovering from hearing the Charlemagne Palestine + Gol album for the first time.... that one's deadly marvelous. A true scalp-toaster.
  Thu. 3/31/11 5:02pm MuttonChops:

Sounds like a Friday Night Plan
  Thu. 3/31/11 5:04pm schizflow:

  Thu. 3/31/11 5:05pm Joe McG:

An afternoon of failure coming up this weekend at PS1: http://ps1.org/calendar/view/275. Must've stolen the idea from Fabio.
  Thu. 3/31/11 5:12pm Handsome Harry:

Great use of the 'ol ring mod. Diggin' it.
  Thu. 3/31/11 5:20pm nyoukis:

Tazartes was sublime last Friday in London..
  Thu. 3/31/11 5:20pm schizflow:

some opera mort here http://tanzprocesz.free.fr/operamort.htm
  Thu. 3/31/11 5:23pm Fabio:

Dylan: I heard - and I'm jealous! But here you go with Ludo. Looking forward to shows here in NYC & in the studio...
  Thu. 3/31/11 5:25pm nyoukis:

i will try my upmost to keep the airwaves clean and free of garbled scottish curse words
  Thu. 3/31/11 5:34pm Manny:

Ah, Strength Through Fabio.
  Thu. 3/31/11 5:34pm Fabio:

You'd better, or your ass is outta here! Looking forward.
  Thu. 3/31/11 5:39pm Vicki:

  Thu. 3/31/11 5:42pm Looms:

Yes, machines in the eyes.
  Thu. 3/31/11 5:48pm Tim C:

Great set - criminal that they never re-release "I'm the One"!
Palestine and Conrad playing here in June - Four Hour show. Sublime, I hope..
  Thu. 3/31/11 5:55pm trapper:

oop I missed your show; archive quick!
  Thu. 3/31/11 5:55pm Looms:

Excellent show, thanks Fabs!
  Thu. 3/31/11 5:57pm Parq:

Guys, the cobra was wrapped around equipment in the Reptile House machine room.
  Thu. 3/31/11 5:57pm david:

tell me you didn't get child-pred frames, fabio.
  Thu. 3/31/11 6:00pm Parq:

Time to start a new joke! Didja hear they found the Bronx Zoo cobra? He was in _________. Non-professional submissions only, please.
  Thu. 3/31/11 6:02pm trapper:

haha Fabio fears the square
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