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Options March 25, 2011

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Artist Track Album
black lung  mr. love teeth   Options the soul consumer 
lumerians  black tusk, xulux   Options transmalinnia 
ultralyd  lahtuma   Options Inertiadrome 
The Peoples Temple  sons of stone   Options sons of stone 
Alexander Rishaug  things that dissapear   Options shadow of events 
deaf wish  the beat of nothing's wrong   Options mercy 
jowe head  diesel loco   Options pincer movement 
malachai  mid antartica (wearin sandals)   Options Return to the Ugly Side 
Servile Sect  Universe and Self, Sender, and Receiver   Options Realms of the Queen 
blank realm  full moon door   Options Deja What? 
beach fossils   out in the way   Options what a pleasure 
nocturnes  look at me   Options v/a picadilly sunshine part 5: british pop psych and other flavours 
neil diamond  red rubber ball   Options the bang years 
chuck bettis and friends  deathmetal dancehall   Options community of commotion 
zindagi jhoom kar  aur pyar ho gaya   Options v/a sufis at the cinema1958-2007 
keren ann  my name is trouble   Options 101 
bing ji ling  bye bye   Options shadow to shine 
fastest  million lies   Options theme 
Hunx and His Punx  keep away from johnny   Options too young to be in love 
brown recluse  impressions of a city morning   Options evening tapestry 
pains of being pure at heart  heaven's gonna happen now   Options belong 
whitehorse  progression   Options Progression 
slug guts  down in the mornin sun   Options howlin' gang 
Julianna Barwick  envelop   Options the magic place 
people like us   Wonderful Wonderful   Options welcome abroad 
plastikman  plasticine (sheet one)   Options the albums 
bionulor  nic nie jest prawdziwe   Options Sacred Mushroom Chant 
cyclo   id#6   Options id 

Listener comments!

  Fri. 3/25/11 9:24pm Vicki:

yayyy!!! I'm awake
not a reflection on your show you understand, dear, I'm just very pleased that you're only -4 at the moment rather than -5. Anyway, as you were...
  Fri. 3/25/11 9:26pm pseu:

xoxo hey!
  Fri. 3/25/11 9:26pm hamburger:

ahoy howdy
  Fri. 3/25/11 9:26pm pseu:

this Ultralyd is SICK
  Fri. 3/25/11 9:27pm Richard from Venezuela:

Great opening. This ultrayid song sound awesome.
  Fri. 3/25/11 9:32pm Vicki:

  Fri. 3/25/11 9:38pm Peteski:

what did I miss?
  Fri. 3/25/11 9:38pm Ike:

I loved that set of music too! You're sounding chipper.
  Fri. 3/25/11 9:39pm Richard from Venezuela:

@Peteski An awesome first set of music.
  Fri. 3/25/11 9:42pm pseu:

is Vicki back to sleep on her elbow?
  Fri. 3/25/11 9:42pm Vicki:

you sound different live, I've no idea what I'm talking about, but you do
  Fri. 3/25/11 9:42pm Vicki:

I've just been to a gig to see Ghedalia Tezartes, across town
now I'm all wired and blakjglghghh zzzzzz
  Fri. 3/25/11 9:44pm Richard from Venezuela:


For scrobbling this awesome set.
  Fri. 3/25/11 9:44pm Vicki:

I think we should all be in the same timezone - and then people who like nighttime can just bugger off there and then I can listen to your show
  Fri. 3/25/11 9:45pm Vicki:

Glad to make a valuable contribution to your playlist.
  Fri. 3/25/11 9:47pm pseu:

trust me, it IS.
  Fri. 3/25/11 9:48pm Vicki:

I'll have a look in the morning and let you know
I miiss you
I have to go to sleep soon
but first I'll take up lots of

  Fri. 3/25/11 9:49pm Kieran:

This is a great show.
  Fri. 3/25/11 9:50pm Richard from Venezuela:

Four Tet main man?
  Fri. 3/25/11 9:51pm Time:





  Fri. 3/25/11 9:52pm Vicki:

Ok it's noight noiight now, I'm climibing the stairs into the land of nod as loudly as possible. Domp domp domp domp
  Fri. 3/25/11 9:52pm Vicki:

nearly missed that one
  Fri. 3/25/11 9:54pm pseu:

g'noit missy
  Fri. 3/25/11 9:54pm Ike:

Vicki, believe it or don't, your comments are a big step up from the liter-of-LSD-gargling wobbly-brained dingbats who usually comment now. (I almost typed LDS-gargling, but that's a whole other thing. Mainly happens in Salt Lake, I suspect.) Although everybody seems shockingly lucid tonight.
  Fri. 3/25/11 9:55pm Vicki:

catch you in the archive, when I download you
oh modern life
driving to birmingham tomorrow and will play you
  Fri. 3/25/11 9:55pm Joe Mulligan:

Saw Malachai some months back at @LPRNYC and they were one of the loudest bands I've heard. Rebels without a cause
  Fri. 3/25/11 9:55pm Vicki:

I'm dribbling, Ike - not much better
  Fri. 3/25/11 9:57pm Droll:

I'm getting a contact high from Vicky
  Fri. 3/25/11 9:57pm Vicki:

if you wouldn't mind reading out some coordinates
  Fri. 3/25/11 9:58pm Vicki:

if you could do London-Birmingham and if you'd not mind reading tomorrow's weather forecast for Salt Lake
  Fri. 3/25/11 9:58pm pseu:

drunk lady on the phone again...she's a hoot. Unfortunately I can't take her request for the theme to "Cat People".
  Fri. 3/25/11 9:59pm Brimingham:

I haven't moved.
  Fri. 3/25/11 9:59pm Joe Mulligan:

Ike I've heard it costs extra for the the LDS garglers.
  Fri. 3/25/11 9:59pm Vicki:

perhaps a horoscope and I'm not sure what the exchange rates are right now
Cat People? I didn't ask for CAT PEOPLE
  Fri. 3/25/11 10:01pm ertha kitt:

leave me out of this... purrrrrr
  Fri. 3/25/11 10:01pm Horoscope:

Stop playing WITH YOUR FOOD.
  Fri. 3/25/11 10:01pm Joe Mulligan:

Pseu, there's gotta be a heinous cover out there somewhere, like the version of wicked game with the woman shrieking the chorus?
  Fri. 3/25/11 10:02pm Bryce and Frangry:

  Fri. 3/25/11 10:03pm Brat:

Bryce and Frangry, sittin' in a tree...
  Fri. 3/25/11 10:05pm Vicki:

anyone see the game last night?
  Fri. 3/25/11 10:06pm Richard from Venezuela:

Its tomorrow. will play lionel messi from argentina. Best soccer world player.
  Fri. 3/25/11 10:06pm Rhys:

sounds like someone wrote lyrics Guitar Trio
  Fri. 3/25/11 10:08pm Vicki:

I think my manic phase just ended
d e e p
s p a c e
it's a bit late now
sorry for spewing all over your comments
actually not sorry, just pretending to be
  Fri. 3/25/11 10:11pm pseu:

nappy nap nap
  Fri. 3/25/11 10:12pm Websie:

jeez, i guess i have to go see the Beach Fossils
  Fri. 3/25/11 10:12pm Vicki:

ok sleep now
ta ta for now :) xxxx
  Fri. 3/25/11 10:14pm Droll:

If she doesn't speak for more than 15 minutes are we supposed to call for an ambulance?
  Fri. 3/25/11 10:14pm pseu:

  Fri. 3/25/11 10:14pm Vicki:

  Fri. 3/25/11 10:15pm Vicki:

you're playing neil diamond
  Fri. 3/25/11 10:16pm Websie:

I didn't know Neil was doing Paul Simon covers in the Bang Years!
  Fri. 3/25/11 10:17pm Vicki:

I love Neil Diamond
  Fri. 3/25/11 10:21pm Websie:

I don't, but I do love "The Boat That I Row"
  Fri. 3/25/11 10:23pm Show Title:

Vicki's Nuit Blanche
  Fri. 3/25/11 10:25pm Maria:

Pseu!!!!! hearing your voe---ace here in Nola. ! feels like home. Ruint??/ what hapenned? happy 20 awesomeness
  Fri. 3/25/11 10:26pm Maria:

  Fri. 3/25/11 10:27pm slaxenger:

last set was very cool
  Fri. 3/25/11 10:28pm pseu:

hi merr-rear. I'm here all year, celebrating
  Fri. 3/25/11 10:28pm slaxenger:

whats with the sobriety test before each comment posting?
  Fri. 3/25/11 10:28pm pseu:

thanks slaxenger
  Fri. 3/25/11 10:29pm Droll:

Hey, I think that Vicki I took a while ago is starting to wear off.
  Fri. 3/25/11 10:30pm slax:

I laughed at that cialis bit
  Fri. 3/25/11 10:32pm slax:

I noticed that most of your plays are like sound scapes. Very deep.
  Fri. 3/25/11 10:35pm slax:

wow, zindagi is intense
  Fri. 3/25/11 10:43pm Kieran:

Bye Bye, best sone ever
  Fri. 3/25/11 10:45pm pseu:

I play the sones that make the whole world singe.
  Fri. 3/25/11 10:46pm Kieran:

  Fri. 3/25/11 10:46pm Websie:

Bing Ji Ling kinda epic.
  Fri. 3/25/11 10:49pm slax:

this song is freaking me out. its like some sicko whispering in your ear
  Fri. 3/25/11 10:50pm slax:

  Fri. 3/25/11 10:50pm Sicko:

I didn't say anything.
  Fri. 3/25/11 10:51pm slax:

  Fri. 3/25/11 10:52pm Droll:

Cialis -- For the voices in your other head
  Fri. 3/25/11 10:52pm slax:

This is a good song to say "wfmu" instead of "away from you"
  Fri. 3/25/11 10:53pm Dominick:

wotta set!
  Fri. 3/25/11 10:54pm slax:

Im not calling a doctor if I have an erection for more than 4 hours. Im calling National Geographic. Thank you Cialis!
  Fri. 3/25/11 10:55pm stiffy:

Thanks Cialis
  Fri. 3/25/11 10:56pm woody:

Thank you Cialis
  Fri. 3/25/11 10:57pm Websie:

thank you Diamanda Galas
  Fri. 3/25/11 10:57pm A:

I thought this was a noncommercial station??
  Fri. 3/25/11 10:57pm slax:

never ignore an erection
  Fri. 3/25/11 10:59pm Droll:

Slax, there are legal and hygenic reasons to ignore as fast as possible in many cases.
  Fri. 3/25/11 11:02pm slax:

I'll just slam it in a car door if it gets out of control but four hours? Ill need more than a car door i'm thinking sledge hammer
  Fri. 3/25/11 11:03pm slax:

Butchered 'Zindagi' ouch
  Fri. 3/25/11 11:03pm slax:

an idea at an inapropriate time
  Fri. 3/25/11 11:08pm Dominick:

  Fri. 3/25/11 11:14pm pseu:

  Fri. 3/25/11 11:30pm slax:

  Fri. 3/25/11 11:31pm Dominick:

  Fri. 3/25/11 11:32pm slax:

this is like going through an interdimensional porthole
  Fri. 3/25/11 11:34pm jack c:

  Fri. 3/25/11 11:50pm slax:

nic nie jest prawdziwe "
is polish for "nothing is real"
  Fri. 3/25/11 11:53pm Dominick:

too much fun
  Fri. 3/25/11 11:53pm pseu:

slax, a foundation of information not unlike google.
  Fri. 3/25/11 11:54pm slax:

  Fri. 3/25/11 11:56pm slax:

Pseu is an antonym for Sew.
  Fri. 3/25/11 11:56pm pseu:

a fountation.
  Fri. 3/25/11 11:58pm slax:

Sew is a homonym for Sue
  Sat. 3/26/11 6:46am Vicki:

  Wed. 3/30/11 9:29pm herbie:

thanks for playing my band brown recluse, sue. i <3 WFMU!
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