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Options March 23, 2011: Little known fact: If you eat only chocolate, you will live forever.

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Artist Track Album Approx. start time
Lee Morgan  Yes I Can, No You Can't (edit)   Options The Gigolo  0:00:00 ()
Irwin the DJ  The Show Is Over   Options By the Seat of His Little Pants  0:07:51 ()
Gerry Gibbs and the Third Trio From the Sun  Miss Nancy   Options First Visit  0:08:03 ()
Susan Cagle  Shakespeare   Options The Subway Recordings  0:13:54 ()
Davila 666  Ratata   Options Tan Bajo  0:17:48 ()
The Gothic Archies  Walking My Gargoyle   Options The Tragic Treasury: Songs from A Series of Unfortunate Events  0:26:25 ()
Mark Dagley  Mystery of the Guitar / Folia   Options Mystery of the Guitar  0:28:36 ()
Julian Cope  Sunspots   Options Fried  0:32:15 ()
The Michael J. Epstein Memorial Library  Civil Engineering   Options Volume One  0:37:28 ()
Friendly Fires  You'll Disappear (Munk Remix)   Options BuggedOut! Presents Suck My Deck Mixed by Friendly Fires  0:40:36 ()
Royal Family and the Poor  Rackets   Options A Factory Quartet  0:44:39 ()
Lame Drivers  Change Your Mind   Options Cruisin' Classics 2003-2010  0:58:10 ()
The Ponys  Double Vision   Options Turn The Lights Out  1:00:34 ()
Brvc3 SpringSuite  Fuzzy Pink Cadillac   Options U B teh Boss Today, 'K?  1:04:05 ()
The Bird and the Bee  I Can't Go For That   Options Interpreting the Masters, Vol. 1: Hall & Oates  1:07:03 ()
Children of Sunshine  It's A Long Way To Heaven   Options Dandelions  1:10:48 ()
Ben Lee  Yoko Ono   Options The Rebirth of Venus  1:12:30 ()
Brook Benton  Funny How Time Slips Away   Options The Best of Brook Benton  1:23:26 ()
Jennifer Warnes  Magdalene, My Regal Zonophone   Options Jennifer (prod. John Cale)  1:26:20 ()
Laura Smith  I'm Gonna Kill Myself   Options Baby, How Can It Be? Songs of Love, Lust, and Contempt from the 1920s and 1930s (V/A)  1:29:32 ()
Mose Allison  I'm Not Talking   Options Allison Wonderland: The Mose Allison Anthology  1:32:03 ()
Pigbag  Dozo Don   Options Volume One  1:34:33 ()
Julian Cope  Sqwubbsy the Olmec   Options Jehovahkill  1:38:17 ()
Cannonball Adderley  I've Told Ev'ry Little Star   Options Cannonball Takes Charge  1:44:52 ()
Lifeguards  Nobody's Milk   Options Waving at the Astronauts  1:48:12 ()
Spooky Tooth  Son of Your Father (single version)   Options The Last Puff  1:51:28 ()

Listener comments!

  Wed. 3/23/11 3:02pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

there it is
  Wed. 3/23/11 3:03pm Ike:

"If you eat only chocolate, you will live forever." Note: Hershey's exempted, of course. That'll kill ya lickety-split.
  Wed. 3/23/11 3:05pm ben drinken:

would be cool if there was a chocolate candy bar in the shape of a split that you lick.
  Wed. 3/23/11 3:07pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

wtf is going on?
  Wed. 3/23/11 3:08pm Sean Daily:


And... fifth comment! Woo hoo!
  Wed. 3/23/11 3:08pm Parq:

Needs more ukelele.
  Wed. 3/23/11 3:10pm Das:

Too bad this rendition wasn't available as a premium. Through the roof!
  Wed. 3/23/11 3:10pm AnAnonymousParty:

If you are going to live forever, you're going to NEED a LOT of chocolate.
  Wed. 3/23/11 3:10pm ben drinken:

very idiosyncratic
  Wed. 3/23/11 3:15pm Ike:

Yeah AAP, even with bulk supplies, like Trader Joe's Pound Plus chocolate bars, that's... hmmm.... Can I have the ones with almonds, or are plain ones required, straight-up, no add-ins?
  Wed. 3/23/11 3:17pm Sean Daily:

A chocolate bar that weighs a pound... plus? Sounds like something Willy Wonka woulda cooked up during one of his more lucid moments, Ike.
  Wed. 3/23/11 3:18pm Irwin:

Shut up and die happy:
  Wed. 3/23/11 3:20pm ben drinken:

you can get %100 pure cacao bars by the pound.
  Wed. 3/23/11 3:21pm Parq:

If I could just sorta jump right in here, if the issue is eating chocolate, I assume we're talking about, you know, actual chocolate, which pretty much lets out what's being sold nowadays by Hershey's, Nestle, M&M and the rest.
  Wed. 3/23/11 3:24pm Ike:

@Sean: Yep. Very utilitarian-looking though, but it's spectacularly fine quality. A bit much though. If I get fat, I'll blame these. Rumor is the actual source is Callebaut, re-branded as TJ's store brand, so a real value.

I think I've tried Taza, Irwin (unless it was a different stone-ground one). TJ's Pound Plus is better.
  Wed. 3/23/11 3:24pm ben drinken:

most mass produced chocolate candy comes from sub standard cacao from Africa. Just like blood diamonds this is blood chocolate. good chocolate comes from South America and can be fair trade.
  Wed. 3/23/11 3:25pm Sean Daily:

What'd I tell ya? Kenny G.
  Wed. 3/23/11 3:26pm Robert:

How about 100% pure coca bars?
  Wed. 3/23/11 3:26pm Cubicle Carl:

Your freaking my cat out with that speech impediment
  Wed. 3/23/11 3:26pm jojo:

OMG that set got me so excited!!! thanks irwin for keeping me up on my pop, i assume that what that was...
  Wed. 3/23/11 3:26pm Roberto:

Yes, strictly dark chocolate has been clinically proven to improve circulation, but crappy milk chocolate has no such benefits.
  Wed. 3/23/11 3:27pm ben drinken:

always a pedant on the playlist comments. 100%
  Wed. 3/23/11 3:27pm Ike:

@Carl, how'd you get a cat into that cubicle?
  Wed. 3/23/11 3:28pm tombom:

that was the best new i've ev er heard

thank you irwin
  Wed. 3/23/11 3:28pm jojo:

if kenny g came back, just for some fillins, it would take so much pressure off of irwin, i mean the station is so serious these days, thanks irwin for carrying the torch, it sounds difficult
  Wed. 3/23/11 3:29pm Help!:

how do I get to google.com?
  Wed. 3/23/11 3:29pm Sean Daily:

ZOMG THAT IS TH MOST AMZING TING EVAR!1!111!!1!!!!!!1!!one!1!!1!eleven!!1
  Wed. 3/23/11 3:29pm ben drinken:

Irwin, Kenny G, and the Old Codger had a baby
  Wed. 3/23/11 3:30pm minnesota jeff:

Whoa whoa whoa, what happend? I just turned the radio back on a minute ago.
  Wed. 3/23/11 3:31pm jojo:

100% must not stay in bar form very easily, do you snort it?
  Wed. 3/23/11 3:31pm tombom:

you missed the news

don't think anybody is going to tell you. that's what you get for turning the radio off.
  Wed. 3/23/11 3:31pm Lizardner Dave:

I use webcrawler. Don't think that whole google thing will ever take off. Stupid page had nothing on it.
  Wed. 3/23/11 3:31pm Sean Daily:

WFMU is on teh google, Jeff! That means if you can't find it on teh interwebs, you can find it on teh google!
  Wed. 3/23/11 3:32pm still b/p:

I recently heard a Lindt chocolatier adivse that we should experience fine chocolate with all our senses: look at it, feel it's texture, smell it, of course, listen to how it breaks, then taaaa-hey-hey-aaste it.
  Wed. 3/23/11 3:34pm ben drinken:

I eat 100% bars all the time. Sometimes if I leave one in my car during the summer it doesn't melt like other chocolate, but turns light in color like coco powder. But doesn't actually turn to powder.
  Wed. 3/23/11 3:36pm Parq:

Wait, I had to look at a file, what was that news? WFMU is buying Google? I missed that? Dang!
  Wed. 3/23/11 3:39pm Rebecca Black:

I heard Irwin likes them young. I'm 13. Where do I put in my application? <3 Yes, I know it's Wednesday, not Friday, but what the hay! :-)

BTW, I have 37 million hitz and 300,000 commentz on the utubez since last week O:-)
  Wed. 3/23/11 3:40pm minnesota jeff:

Parq: I had left for lunch and came back to Irwin doing some scratchy voice announcing something and now no one will answer on the Playlist.
  Wed. 3/23/11 3:42pm BSI:

What? I just turn my back for a minute and it sounds like everyone else turned their backs for a minute and now there's a void in time that nobody understands, like a bubble of nitrogen in the blood supply, coursing towards the conquering brain like a rolling cheese of doom.... what?
  Wed. 3/23/11 3:42pm jojo:

have you ever smoked it?
  Wed. 3/23/11 3:43pm G:

I took the tour here last week (BK) --

  Wed. 3/23/11 3:44pm Lizardner Dave:

Google lost all of their money to Madoff and Andy Breckman bought it and is turning it into a combination auto-prank calling and search-a-joke service. Happy now?
  Wed. 3/23/11 3:45pm Ike:

That's much funnier than what Irwin actually said, LD.
  Wed. 3/23/11 3:46pm minnesota jeff:

I am happy now. (i'll listen to the beginning when its archived)
  Wed. 3/23/11 3:48pm Parq:

"Rolling Cheese of Doom" would be a cool name for a band.
  Wed. 3/23/11 3:49pm yair yona (tel aviv):

nnniiiceeee! Royal Family!
talking about unknown Factory band, what about Gas Chair?
  Wed. 3/23/11 3:50pm Dan and Joel:

May we have thirty seconds of your valuable time? No crazed airhogging this week, we promise!
  Wed. 3/23/11 3:50pm Lizardner Dave:

Thanks Ike. I'll be here all show. Try the fish.
  Wed. 3/23/11 3:54pm postmanpaul:

Sophisticated, debonair, worldly, cultivated, cultured, civilized, cosmopolitan; smooth, polished, refined, self-possessed; courteous, well-mannered, civil, charming and gentlemanly, it could only be Irwin :")
When is Prof Elemental appearing in-person on your show, Irwin?
  Wed. 3/23/11 3:56pm the news:

  Wed. 3/23/11 3:57pm Mike East:

doot doo.
  Wed. 3/23/11 4:00pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

Don't go there, Irwin
  Wed. 3/23/11 4:04pm MuttonChops:

Love da Ponys
  Wed. 3/23/11 4:04pm Parq:

Nooooo! I had to take a call just as the announcement started! Noooo!
  Wed. 3/23/11 4:05pm ben drinken:

what would wfmu do with the "I'm feeling lucky" option in google
  Wed. 3/23/11 4:07pm Laura L:

I am boycotting the 7SD show tonight in protest. Both the Lord and I don't want Andy to get pierced!

"According to Judaism and the Old Testament, God did not want the Jewish people to mark their bodies. Tattoos were used in Pagan rituals and worship, and they were also used to mark slaves. In Leviticus 19:28, we find the following verse: "Ye shall not make any cuttings in your flesh for the dead, nor print any marks upon you: I am the LORD." Many people take this to refer to piercings ("cuttings in your flesh") and tattoos ("print any marks upon you")."

  Wed. 3/23/11 4:07pm minnesota jeff:

Whoa, did Bruce sign to Siltbreeze?
  Wed. 3/23/11 4:08pm MuttonChops:

Ba Ba Bruce getting static. Just like being in an Humvee overseas.
  Wed. 3/23/11 4:09pm minnesota jeff:

Laura - Both Ken and Andy have a tattoo.
  Wed. 3/23/11 4:10pm AnAnonymousParty:

This sounds like Pink Cadillac played in a 70's Pink Cadillac on an 8-track player.
  Wed. 3/23/11 4:10pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

this is the only way I can stand this tune
  Wed. 3/23/11 4:11pm Laura L:

@MJ--I know, it's bad enough as it is! I say Leave the nipple alone!
  Wed. 3/23/11 4:11pm MuttonChops:

The sweet sounds of white Philly soul, boys and girls! Brought to you by Utz.
  Wed. 3/23/11 4:11pm Denise in DC:

DCE, apparently Bird and the Bee consider Hall & Oates as among the Masters.
  Wed. 3/23/11 4:12pm Parq:

Wait, Jeff, Ken and Andy share a tattoo?
  Wed. 3/23/11 4:14pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

actually I don't hate on the Hall and Oates, it was the Pink Cadillac song
  Wed. 3/23/11 4:14pm Matt from Springfield:

Hey all.
I'm coming late to the comments today, but NOT listening! With my work's network nothing has been streaming this week: but the Pop-Up Player IS working! So I'm catching up with BT's show yesterday while commenting here, getting envious that I can't hear this great stuff now!
  Wed. 3/23/11 4:14pm still b/p:

The Fuzzy Pink Cadillac sound reminded me of Keith capturing Street Fighting Man guitar riffs with cassette recorder that allowed "very distorted overrecording."
  Wed. 3/23/11 4:15pm Matt from Springfield:

@Denise: I first heard Bird and the Bee on "Outsourced"--I think it's a rather good sound (admittedly odd to see a Hall & Oates tribute album though).
  Wed. 3/23/11 4:15pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

don't worry Matt...one day you'll catch up to us!
  Wed. 3/23/11 4:16pm Matt from Springfield:

@DCE: My friend says: "You can never get ahead of yourself, unless you're going faster than light."
  Wed. 3/23/11 4:16pm minnesota jeff:

Parq: They both wanted the same tattoo but didn't want to both have it. So they switch back and forth every month. On the first of each month if they have the tattoo they have it recoved via laser, and the other gets the tattoo reapplied. Then the next month vise versa.
  Wed. 3/23/11 4:17pm Denise in DC:

"Outsourced" rings a very, very faint bell, Matt -- can you remind me what it is?
  Wed. 3/23/11 4:17pm aaron in chicago:

matt: record and time-stamp your every thought until 5pm EDT, then when you go back and listen to the archive of this show follow along on your mind-pad
  Wed. 3/23/11 4:17pm minnesota jeff:

  Wed. 3/23/11 4:17pm pedant:

isn't it slitbreeze?
  Wed. 3/23/11 4:17pm Matt from Springfield:

Oooh! Maybe I can make disparaging comments to Fabio about how the Archive I'm listening to is better than what's playing now!
(Incidentally I saw Grauzone's "Eisbär" playing yesterday but was so pissed I couldn't hear it--finally did just now!)
  Wed. 3/23/11 4:17pm Denise in DC:

MJ: that sounds like an awfully complicated way of sharing a tattoo. Why don't they just use a single skin graft?
  Wed. 3/23/11 4:19pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

(too busy eating crackers)
  Wed. 3/23/11 4:19pm minnesota jeff:

pedant: Nope, Siltbreeze http://www.siltbreeze.com/
  Wed. 3/23/11 4:19pm Matt from Springfield:

@Denise: "Outsourced"--NBC Thursday's, was 9:30, now 10:30 -- the show a novelty product call center outsourced to somewhere near Mumbai, India. A great showcase for actors of Indian ancestry.
  Wed. 3/23/11 4:19pm ben drinken:

i think you can make comments on an archived show and the dj will get an email
  Wed. 3/23/11 4:19pm Parq:

"Single Skin Graft" would make a good -- wait, no it wouldn't, jeez I gotta start thinking these things through.
  Wed. 3/23/11 4:19pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

that hot girl isn't Indian, though
  Wed. 3/23/11 4:20pm Steven Wright:

I once put instant coffee in a microwave and went back in time.
  Wed. 3/23/11 4:20pm MuttonChops:

Now that is incredible!
  Wed. 3/23/11 4:21pm Matt from Springfield:

@DCE: Asha's not Indian?? I beg to differ!
(Pippa Black, the Aussie, star of soaps in her home country. Breathtaking...but what if she eats VEGEMITE?!!)
  Wed. 3/23/11 4:23pm Dead Corporate Eyes:


I guess I assumed with a name like Rebecca Hazlewood she wasn't Indian, but she is "of Indian ancestry". Thank god WFMU bought that Google thing!
  Wed. 3/23/11 4:23pm Matt from Springfield:

@aaron: I got Apple to make a mInd-pad app, so now I'm thinking comments with the date and time, and typing comments here.
Oh, should I be doing work while at work, or something?
  Wed. 3/23/11 4:24pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

what's "work" again? ohhhh wait....
  Wed. 3/23/11 4:25pm Matt from Springfield:

What are you saying, Irwin??!!!
I gotta know!!!

And can I type relevant comments back in time, once I get this Archive?
  Wed. 3/23/11 4:25pm aaron in chicago:

@matt: well, would slacking off at work help to Bleed The Corporate Beast, or do you have some hippy job at a food dispensary?
  Wed. 3/23/11 4:28pm Matt from Springfield:

@aaron: The War Machine would get dusty if I slacked off completely, which would be ideal except that our guys haven't returned yet. As long as someone's deployed, I help them out with maps and such geographic items.
  Wed. 3/23/11 4:31pm aaron in chicago:

you too, matt? you wouldn't happen to have better mozambique gazetteer data than what's available on the NGA geonet names server?
  Wed. 3/23/11 4:31pm ben drinken:

maybe Kenny G will be there to ensure Andy a "real" nipple piercing since i bet most anything there will be some way of him wiggling out of this
  Wed. 3/23/11 4:31pm hamburger:

what are the odds on Andy weaselin'?
  Wed. 3/23/11 4:32pm Andy's Nipple:

Unhappily, wiggling is not one of my many talents.
  Wed. 3/23/11 4:32pm rrg:

Faking this sort of thing is easy "if you know how". Teller does it all the time.
  Wed. 3/23/11 4:33pm Denise in DC:

Matt -- ahhh, the TV show. I feel better now. I've never had the slightest impulse to watch it.
  Wed. 3/23/11 4:35pm Matt from Springfield:

Whoa shit! YOU rock the acronym-bureaucratese speak way out in the Heart of America, Home of the Brave...
I'll see if there's any good open source data for Mozambique, although I usually have at least 3 sources open to get some place names here.
  Wed. 3/23/11 4:35pm PMD:

Hi Irwin!
  Wed. 3/23/11 4:36pm ben drinken:

he will probably have a clip on ready and say he got it done.
  Wed. 3/23/11 4:38pm hamburger:

I reckon a mad-dash out of the theater
  Wed. 3/23/11 4:39pm Laura L:

I hope someone in the audience will scream LEAVE THE NIPPLE ALONE! à la the old "Leave Britney alone!" youtube thingee.
  Wed. 3/23/11 4:43pm ben drinken:

I bet he is more worried about his stand up routine than his nipple right now. His comedy thing from the past could have used a nipple piecing stunt in it to make it good.
  Wed. 3/23/11 4:43pm RLB:

Jolie Holland just Facebooked that she'll be live in studio at 6:00. Can't wait!
  Wed. 3/23/11 4:44pm Matt from Springfield:

Noticed you were talking about Google earlier. Here's something I noticed close to my heart, hopefully to yours, as well:

Have you noticed that "WFMU" is NOT the first choice for "WFM" in Google's AutoComplete? No, it's WFMD, an AM news/talk station in Frederick MD! And now, it's slipped to THIRD behind WFMZ (FM or TV). Googlebomb "WFMU" until we're #1!!!
  Wed. 3/23/11 4:45pm Lizardner Dave:

I heard googling WFMD or WFMZ gave you bedbugs.
  Wed. 3/23/11 4:46pm Aha:

So the truth outs. Irwin is nipple-piercing voyeur.
  Wed. 3/23/11 4:46pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

it just gave me something that rhymes with snerpes
  Wed. 3/23/11 4:46pm PMD:

Irwin, I hope you enjoy the show! I kinda agree with someone who wrote earlier... they should use it as a chance for FMU to get more money - save Andy fund! Or, make sure he pays fund.
  Wed. 3/23/11 4:47pm Wikipedia:

"WFMD is a News/Talk/Sports formatted broadcast radio station licensed to Frederick, Maryland, serving Central Maryland. WFMD is owned and operated by Clear Channel"...

"The two most well-known on-air staff of the station were "Happy" Johnny Zufall who came to the station in the 1950s to do the early morning shift. It is said that when local farmers had "Happy" Johnny on their barn radios the cows heard him and gave more milk."
  Wed. 3/23/11 4:48pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

who asked you?
  Wed. 3/23/11 4:48pm Frederick Cows:

FMU is more contenting!
  Wed. 3/23/11 4:49pm Wikipedia:

"WFMZ (104.9 FM) is a radio station broadcasting a Classic Hits format. Licensed to Hertford, North Carolina, USA, it serves the Hampton Roads area. The station is owned by Capsan Media"
  Wed. 3/23/11 4:49pm Robert:

Matt, what you gotta do is link from any pages you have to WFMU, if it still works by link count like that.

Irwin, I'm sorry you did that. I never liked this body modif'n business with Andy & Ken. I don't mind hurting them in non-physical ways, maybe even in transient physical ways like electric shocks, but not the tattoo & piercing stuff. Except that Ken confessed later he really wanted a tattoo.
  Wed. 3/23/11 4:49pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

  Wed. 3/23/11 4:50pm ben drinken:

my idols are from wfmu for the most part and not from pop culture. Hoopla surrounds events like tonight when celebrities are involved. I like to picture in my own mind how the various wfmu personalities arrive at such events. what they are wearing. who they are with. Who gets red carpet treatment. not really. I don't give a damn.
  Wed. 3/23/11 4:50pm 12539:

@Matt: wfmu IS is the first choice for "WFM" in Google's AutoComplete when I try. Maybe it uses IP for geographic location, or cookies for previous browser history.
  Wed. 3/23/11 4:50pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

  Wed. 3/23/11 4:50pm Matt from Springfield:

I actually lived in Frederick for a short time a few years ago. Never heard of that station--in fact, the way the terrain is and built-up areas are, FM radio would often cut out for short intervals on some roads.
  Wed. 3/23/11 4:51pm Matt from Springfield:

@12539: Wow--maybe it does that geographically by IP...still, we're gonna have to change that!
  Wed. 3/23/11 4:52pm Robert:

Did you have just one shoe for a long time, Dead? And are they for EACH foot?
  Wed. 3/23/11 4:52pm Cat:

  Wed. 3/23/11 4:53pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

some of us can't afford a shoe for EACH foot.
  Wed. 3/23/11 4:53pm Wikipedia:

"WFMZ-TV is a general interest independent television station in Allentown, Pennsylvania"...

"The schedule consists of first run syndicated programs like Judge Judy, Judge Joe Brown, Family Feud, Dr. Phil, Cold Case Files, Cash Cab and Don't Forget the Lyrics! and classic TV shows Matlock and Mission: Impossible, along with news rebroadcasts and a simulcast of "The AccuWeather Channel" during the over night hours"
  Wed. 3/23/11 4:53pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

  Wed. 3/23/11 4:54pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

  Wed. 3/23/11 4:55pm WFM*:

There are 25 possibilities for the asterisk besides U. I'm gonna settle in for a long afternoon.
  Wed. 3/23/11 4:55pm rrg:

  Wed. 3/23/11 4:55pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

there you go!
  Wed. 3/23/11 4:57pm sock shoe sock shoe:

wfm radio merseyside?
  Wed. 3/23/11 4:58pm Tiny Time:

I see you finally got Monica to take my final e off her last-Sunday playlist. :-( :-( Now I'm in search of lost time...
  Wed. 3/23/11 4:58pm Lizardner Dave:

WFMZ shows up first on bing for wfm too. Anyone check AltaVista or Excite yet?
  Wed. 3/23/11 4:59pm ben drinken:

Irwin will arrive in red carpet fashion. He should be anyway
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