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The Failure of Noise
The Failure of Sound
The Failure of Rock
The Failure of the Avant Garde
The Failure of the Space Age
The Failure of Jazz
The Failure of Psychedelia
The Failure of Krautrock
The Failure of Electronic
The Failure of Pop
The Failure of Free-form
The Failure of the 20th Century

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Options March 10, 2011: marathon failure

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Artist Track Album Approx. start time
James Last  Mr. Giant Man   Options Voodoo Party  0:00:00 ()
Crevice  Seizure 1 (excerpt)   Options These sounds have not failed me (2011 marathon premium)  0:14:31 ()
Bill Orcutt   Sad News from Korea   Options A New Way To Pay Old Debts  0:43:49 ()
Fille Qui Mousse  Untitled   Options Trixie Stapelton 291 Se Taire Pour Une Femme Trop Belle  0:44:32 ()
Jean Claude Vannier  je m'appelle geraldine   Options L'Enfant Assasin Des Mouches  1:08:40 ()
François Dufrêne  Un retour a mes sources   Options   1:22:27 ()

Listener comments!

  Thu. 3/10/11 3:14pm Cecile:

Bow Wow Wow did C60.
Sigue Sigue Sputnik had Tony James from Gen X in it.
  Thu. 3/10/11 3:15pm G:

42.195 kilometres of failure? Ultra epic, dudes.
  Thu. 3/10/11 3:16pm pierre:

with my headphone on, i can hear a whole lot more of details in each and everyone's voices.

Bonjour Mr Pigeon, Bonjour Fabio > a shame we can't witness the french sailor look.

  Thu. 3/10/11 3:16pm βrian:

Greetings from FitzWalkerstan. We're a bit distracted at the moment, but we're trying to send our dairyLand love to WFMU.
  Thu. 3/10/11 3:17pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

Hi fellas. I will enjoy the banter today in between the music.
  Thu. 3/10/11 3:17pm Pantagruel:

How about some Strength Through Donations?
  Thu. 3/10/11 3:18pm jeremy the listener:

i'm glad to be listening to WFMU and not being subject to death by charlie sheen news. wfmu rocks
  Thu. 3/10/11 3:18pm Looms:

All in good time, Panta. he he..
  Thu. 3/10/11 3:18pm Mary Wing:

Thank you, Cecile, for setting the record straight. I nearly jumped out of my chair from the frustration of not having the comments page up yet, heh.

Hello Fabio and Clay! Pledge now at 1-800-989-9368 or wfmu.org
  Thu. 3/10/11 3:19pm Cecile:

Dinkytown is a little neighborhood around the U of M.
  Thu. 3/10/11 3:20pm bb:

this is brilliant banter, gents

this bill orcutt record is great, people should pledge
  Thu. 3/10/11 3:21pm Cecile:

You guys are my spirit animals.
  Thu. 3/10/11 3:21pm fred:

@DCE: I don't want to hear banter, I want to hear thanks for a pile of donations worthy of Mr Giant Man.
  Thu. 3/10/11 3:21pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

no one can keep up with the Pigeon!
  Thu. 3/10/11 3:22pm Pantagruel:

I want a t shirt of The Triumvirate.
  Thu. 3/10/11 3:23pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

Fabio, just give up and let him run where he will run
  Thu. 3/10/11 3:25pm Bill:

Frostburg is nowhere near Fredrick...it is about 1.5 hr further west!
  Thu. 3/10/11 3:25pm JCJ:

Asking Clay to "bring it down a bit" has to be the ultimate in futility. Or in failure.
  Thu. 3/10/11 3:25pm Ike:

Frostburg is way out in western MD, way west of Frederick. It's pretty out there.

Somebody give Clay Pigeon some of Ken's dog meds.
  Thu. 3/10/11 3:25pm Cecile:

  Thu. 3/10/11 3:25pm Jim:

  Thu. 3/10/11 3:26pm JCJ:

Congratulations Cecile!
  Thu. 3/10/11 3:26pm Mike East:

You are cleaning up this year, Cecile! Congrats!
  Thu. 3/10/11 3:27pm Cecile:

I know! I am really grateful.
  Thu. 3/10/11 3:28pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

the occult is in my pocket
  Thu. 3/10/11 3:29pm Cecile:

Wow, those sound like Swans album titles from the 80s/
  Thu. 3/10/11 3:29pm seang:

i love the smell of boiling rice
  Thu. 3/10/11 3:30pm Cecile:

Wow, Clay's stream of consciouness mirrors about 75% of mine....yow.
  Thu. 3/10/11 3:30pm Julie:

Support my guys! 1-800-989-9368 or pledge right HERE
  Thu. 3/10/11 3:30pm Apocalypse Now:

@seang: Not as good as burning napalm
  Thu. 3/10/11 3:31pm Jim:

You forgot The Incredible Mr. Limpet, Clay. Knotts as animated dolphin.
  Thu. 3/10/11 3:32pm Cecile:

Jim, he's not down with the Limpet.
  Thu. 3/10/11 3:34pm Cecile:

I went to college and did college radio with Rob and Katie.
  Thu. 3/10/11 3:35pm Ike:

@Cecile, is that how you found FMU?
  Thu. 3/10/11 3:35pm Mary Wing:

Julie's a revelation, woo!
  Thu. 3/10/11 3:36pm Cecile:

Yeah, from Rob and sending fanzines to other college radio stations.
  Thu. 3/10/11 3:37pm jill o.:

Got any Floyd?
  Thu. 3/10/11 3:37pm Cecile:

I even have a scene report for Rob in one of my old 'zines. I did a station zine for CBn for a couple of years.
  Thu. 3/10/11 3:37pm BSI:

bah, I did my pledge via the website & didn't have a place to make a goofy-assed comment for Clay's amusement!
  Thu. 3/10/11 3:38pm TDK60:

Can we send Reverend Billy to Wisconsin, quickly?
  Thu. 3/10/11 3:39pm BSI:

somewhat blushing with clenched cloaca...
  Thu. 3/10/11 3:41pm Mary Wing:

Bah, this is killing me! Clay and Fabio are ON FIRE!

I think Clay and Tom Scharpling should co-host every show for the rest of the marathon!
  Thu. 3/10/11 3:41pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

  Thu. 3/10/11 3:42pm Ike:

Wurtsboro is indeed near 90.1 FM. I've driven past there to go hiking (and collect blueberries) at Sam's Point Preserve.

@Mary, HA! That would drive some of the DJs CRAZY! Can you imagine Mr. Finewine vs. Clay Pigeon?!?
  Thu. 3/10/11 3:42pm Cecile:

I've always considered WFMU an ovipositive culture.

I forgot to say, hi Mary WIng!
  Thu. 3/10/11 3:42pm βrian:

What is it, now? Fille qui mousse?
  Thu. 3/10/11 3:43pm Looms:

  Thu. 3/10/11 3:43pm Mary Wing:

Mr. Fine Wine will just have to unclench also, heh. Clay will show him how.
  Thu. 3/10/11 3:44pm seang:

Monica is coming in at 6 -alright!
  Thu. 3/10/11 3:46pm Cecile:

Is Clay playing air guitar to this yet?
  Thu. 3/10/11 3:47pm glenn:

will fabio and clay be performing mr. giant man with the hoof and mouth sinfonia this year?
  Thu. 3/10/11 3:48pm marc:

Clay pigeon for 4 hours...who could ask for anything more?
  Thu. 3/10/11 3:48pm Cecile:

Let's Active.
  Thu. 3/10/11 3:48pm nyoukis:

Clay is having a Sheen moment
  Thu. 3/10/11 3:48pm marc:

I pledged last week to Clay's show.
  Thu. 3/10/11 3:48pm glenn:

although clay will probably want to channel his inner dennis de young.
  Thu. 3/10/11 3:51pm Cecile:

that's true, Clay.
The Ambassador bar in Houghton, MI makes a good one.
  Thu. 3/10/11 3:52pm BSI:

i highly recommend the tempeh ruben.
and whatever clay had with his vivarin....
  Thu. 3/10/11 3:53pm Julie:

I'm here answering phones! give me something to do 1-800-989-9368
  Thu. 3/10/11 3:53pm Reuben S. Jackson:

ham reuben? it was a reference to clay's endless classic rock sets,,,,hello?
  Thu. 3/10/11 3:54pm Al:

It is also called a Turban when sour kraut is not substituted with coleslaw
  Thu. 3/10/11 3:54pm βrian:

That's because Cecile is from Houghton.
  Thu. 3/10/11 3:54pm Rob W:

Pronouncer: Houghton - That's pronounced HO - ton - the brilliant Cecile's original stomping grounds!
  Thu. 3/10/11 3:55pm chris:

you people know your sandwiches!
  Thu. 3/10/11 3:55pm Cecile:

that is true. I also recommend the tostada pizza. Inauthentically delicious!
  Thu. 3/10/11 3:56pm βrian:

Not to perseverate, but Houghton is within driving distance of FitzWalkerstan. C'mon down and help us make some noise.
  Thu. 3/10/11 3:57pm Mary Wing:

Lars Von Trier
  Thu. 3/10/11 3:58pm βrian:

I'll never forgive Fabio for recommending the Enigma of Kaspar Hauser.
  Thu. 3/10/11 3:59pm Ike:

Right angles! HA HA... *what*?!? Oh, maybe he's thinking of German artwork and album covers?!?
  Thu. 3/10/11 4:00pm glenn:

what if it was kaspar hausu?
  Thu. 3/10/11 4:00pm BSI:

If it were possible, I'd pledge my goddamned KIDNEYS to Fabio for turning me on to Natural Snow Buildings this year. I have spoken!
  Thu. 3/10/11 4:01pm Cecile:

You guys have got to star in the next Judd Apatow bromance movie. It is imperative.
  Thu. 3/10/11 4:01pm βrian:

@BSI: The team is on the way.
  Thu. 3/10/11 4:01pm AnAnonymousParty:

I used to have the Midas touch. Everything I touched turned into a muffler.
  Thu. 3/10/11 4:02pm Cecile:

And Rob, you are too kind.
  Thu. 3/10/11 4:02pm don:

fabio and clay should just let the other shoe drop and do a weekly 3-hour talk show!
  Thu. 3/10/11 4:03pm clay:

manic m a n i c pollack s h e e n
  Thu. 3/10/11 4:04pm AnAnonymousParty:

Only on WFMU will you hear someone say "this is actually a great album" and think to yourself "despite the way it sounds."
  Thu. 3/10/11 4:05pm βrian:

I'm embarrassed to say I love the Bandoneon.
  Thu. 3/10/11 4:05pm Cecile:

I have a movie recommendation: The Illusionist. It's a cartoon, but it's very adult and melancholy, and despite its Frenchness :D, very funny.

Also, in music reviews, the new Faust disc is great.
  Thu. 3/10/11 4:06pm JJ:

whistle tips go WOO WOO
  Thu. 3/10/11 4:06pm jill o.:

Maybe Fabio & Clay could do an in-depth program on hair-metal?
  Thu. 3/10/11 4:07pm Danne D:

Julie :) Hope the phone rings a lot for you :)
  Thu. 3/10/11 4:07pm stool pigeon:

stop being a douche to fabio you phoney, lefty,sensitve dick.
  Thu. 3/10/11 4:07pm Danne D:

Talk live and in personable with an FMU DJ now 800-989-9368!
  Thu. 3/10/11 4:07pm JJ:

see if clay can hold his breath for 5 minutes.
  Thu. 3/10/11 4:08pm AnAnonymousParty:

I'ma gonna start my own whistle tip orchestra. I'ma gonna need some more cars.
  Thu. 3/10/11 4:08pm Ike:

@jill o., I doubt Fabio could bear that! He'd tear his hair out and run screaming! (So would I.) Heh!
  Thu. 3/10/11 4:09pm AnAnonymousParty:

Thomas the Tank Engine.
  Thu. 3/10/11 4:09pm Emily:

I had *movie recommendations* in my comment, but swapped it for "reviews" for brevity's sake!
  Thu. 3/10/11 4:09pm stool pigeon:

he won't shut up...
  Thu. 3/10/11 4:09pm BSI:

KIDNEYS, I tell you. Kidneys!
  Thu. 3/10/11 4:09pm ted:

we love you
  Thu. 3/10/11 4:10pm stool pigeon:

talk love shit
  Thu. 3/10/11 4:12pm ted:

husker du += Minniapolis
  Thu. 3/10/11 4:14pm Jim:

And Zulu, as Kono.
  Thu. 3/10/11 4:14pm stool pigeon:

fabio,take your show back fab,he's not funny.
  Thu. 3/10/11 4:16pm Emily:

that said, this does kinda sound like a movie review.......
  Thu. 3/10/11 4:17pm Mike East:

john c reilly
  Thu. 3/10/11 4:18pm Hornet Montana:

Brian immediately declares his sign, random!
  Thu. 3/10/11 4:20pm Hornet Montana:

This could be the sound inside Clay's mind.
  Thu. 3/10/11 4:20pm stool pigeon:

hey hornet,screw you
  Thu. 3/10/11 4:23pm Hornet Montana:

You have been on many playlists under different guises saying "hey, screw you". Notice is taken.
  Thu. 3/10/11 4:24pm JJ:

  Thu. 3/10/11 4:25pm Hey:

"stool pigeon" is actually best described on a first-name-only basis.
  Thu. 3/10/11 4:25pm jeremy the listener:

Clay rocks.
  Thu. 3/10/11 4:25pm bb:

oh no, bring back clay pigeon!!!!
  Thu. 3/10/11 4:25pm ADM:

since it is marathon time, we should have TOLLS instead of TROLLS
  Thu. 3/10/11 4:26pm ted:

i'll bet stool pigeon has a small penis (or maybe none at all) and a large gas sucking car
clay...your funny as hell!!
  Thu. 3/10/11 4:27pm BSI:

we are all clay pigeons on the bus.
  Thu. 3/10/11 4:28pm Brutus:

eat pigeon stool, stool pigeon
  Thu. 3/10/11 4:28pm Ike:

Fabio's premiums are the BEST.
  Thu. 3/10/11 4:28pm Pete (The Flicker):

Don't listen to the naysayers. The biggest hit of the year on 'FMU is the collaboration between Fabio and Clay. Nothing short of magic. I can't stop listening!
  Thu. 3/10/11 4:29pm stool pigeon:

hey ted, screw you
  Thu. 3/10/11 4:30pm BSI:

Fabio's "drone zone" premium from a couple of years ago was the bee's knees hellbomb of eyelid cartoons, man, worth its weight in angel saliva.
  Thu. 3/10/11 4:30pm Hey:

you're a deep thinker, eh, stool dude?
  Thu. 3/10/11 4:31pm Pete (The Flicker):

Grover Cleveland is o the $1000.00 bill.
  Thu. 3/10/11 4:31pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

well, this doesn't happen very often, does it? don't bait the guy, he's looking for a fight
  Thu. 3/10/11 4:32pm Cecile:

Dale, my fellow Porcupine Tree fan? Aw, sorry to hear that.
  Thu. 3/10/11 4:32pm minnesota jeff:

That bastard Grover Cleveland is on the $1000.00! What'd he'd ever do to make it on there!!?
  Thu. 3/10/11 4:32pm WHITEY:

Hey,HEY,screw you...
  Thu. 3/10/11 4:32pm Cecile:

From the Halls of Montezuma is the Marine Song. I heard it enough growing up.
  Thu. 3/10/11 4:32pm yes but:

"i'll bet stool pigeon has a small penis (or maybe none at all)"

I would like to point out that having no penis at all would make him a lady, which isn't actually an insult?
  Thu. 3/10/11 4:32pm Pete (The Flicker):

He became a dead president!
  Thu. 3/10/11 4:32pm Hornet Montana:

Maybe wifey being in the building is contributing to his silver tongue!
  Thu. 3/10/11 4:33pm Dale from North Dakota:

Thanks, Fabio and Clay. And yes, WFMU has most certainly been part of my healing. No failure here.
  Thu. 3/10/11 4:33pm Danne D:

Grover Cleveland = only President born in New Jersey by the way :)
  Thu. 3/10/11 4:34pm orginal dale (from the hudson valley):

i've never heard so many 'dales' as i have with this marathon.
  Thu. 3/10/11 4:35pm minnesota jeff:

@Fabio - Its true. I looked it up on the internet.
  Thu. 3/10/11 4:35pm Mary Tyler Moore:

I'm not from Minnesota, silly! I'm from Brooklyn!! (True)
The U.S. Treasury doesn't issue a $1000 note. No Grover. No nuthin'.
  Thu. 3/10/11 4:35pm ted:

movie tip of the day for Fab and Clay

Black Narcissus
  Thu. 3/10/11 4:36pm Dale from North Dakota:

@original dale: I noted that a long time ago, so always post as this. Makes me seem obscure, too, lol. @Cecile: thank you so much.
  Thu. 3/10/11 4:36pm Hey:

Why Cleveland on the 1000 bill?, people asked. Cleveland was the only Democrat President from Lincoln till Woodrow Wilson, over 50 years later. He was very interested in economic policy. He was born in NEW JERSEY, fwiw.
  Thu. 3/10/11 4:37pm Cecile:

Yes, they were. Nudie was the tailor.
  Thu. 3/10/11 4:37pm Tired:

I really need to know what substance Clay is on today - pleeze!
  Thu. 3/10/11 4:37pm minnesota jeff:

@mary tyler moore - It was printed as a small-size Federal Reserve Note in 1928, 1934
  Thu. 3/10/11 4:38pm Danne D:



Over hill and dale, people should come to pledge to WFMU :)
  Thu. 3/10/11 4:38pm orginal dale (from the hudson valley):

must be a baby boomer thing. there were 3 dales in my high school class - haven't run into another since. i'll bet we are all around 50
  Thu. 3/10/11 4:38pm Skirkie:

Woodrow Wilson is on the $100,000 bill. And apparently there's a $10,000 with some dude named Salmon P. Chase on it.
  Thu. 3/10/11 4:38pm truth:

he's had one beer
  Thu. 3/10/11 4:39pm Ike:

@YB, presumably the assumption is that 99.99% of net trolls are male. I bet a female troll is as rare as a $1000 bill. Another way in which the ladies are superior.
  Thu. 3/10/11 4:39pm Cold Sesame Noodles:

No! His FIRST name was Nudie. Nudie Cohn:
  Thu. 3/10/11 4:39pm Skirkie:

Anyone want to throw some Wilsons or Chases WFMU's way, I say go for it.
  Thu. 3/10/11 4:39pm Dale from North Dakota:

@original dale: yep, I'm 48. Was supposed to be "Dave", but the kid next door was named Dave and was a real terror, so here I am...
  Thu. 3/10/11 4:39pm Hey:

Salmon Chase founded Chase Bank and was Sec'y of the Treasury under Lincoln when the US first issued paper money to fund the Civil War.
  Thu. 3/10/11 4:40pm Hornet Montana:

Is knife crime still a problem in London?
  Thu. 3/10/11 4:40pm Danne D:

Betcha a lot more Dales have been born in the last 10 years, especially down south.
  Thu. 3/10/11 4:40pm Danne D:

Really woulda thought all this talk about currency denominations woulda happened on the Thunk Tank btw.
  Thu. 3/10/11 4:41pm mulling:

Fabio - give away a psychedelic music cd and the pledges will follow
  Thu. 3/10/11 4:41pm harry t:

are beards still a problem in brooklyn?
  Thu. 3/10/11 4:42pm Most of Brooklyn:

@harry: Oy gevalt.
  Thu. 3/10/11 4:42pm βrian:

"Don't be sceard, It's just a beard."
  Thu. 3/10/11 4:42pm Mary Tyler Moore:

Where can I see a picture of this Fabio? He really sounds... hot!
  Thu. 3/10/11 4:43pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

the beard thing is pretty much reaching the mainstream now, so all the hipsters soon will have clean faces
  Thu. 3/10/11 4:43pm Rerun Watchers:

@mary: Go pick up your hat.
  Thu. 3/10/11 4:43pm JJ:

Beards on baby faces, yeah. They're harmless though.
  Thu. 3/10/11 4:43pm Hornet Montana:

From what I've read about Brooklyn, Harry, yes.
  Thu. 3/10/11 4:44pm JCJ:

"Chin beards are over!" -Portlandia
  Thu. 3/10/11 4:44pm harry t:

frigin civil war extras all over the streets
  Thu. 3/10/11 4:44pm Hornet Montana:

Is the Whaling Wall even near the SEA?
  Thu. 3/10/11 4:45pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

Vicki, did you bring the BAKED BEANS for BRYCE???
  Thu. 3/10/11 4:45pm Judy Carne?:

What's just like Judy Carne?
  Thu. 3/10/11 4:45pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

Garth Brooks has friends in low places
  Thu. 3/10/11 4:45pm JJ:

The problematic ones are the ones wearing overpriced peacoats with slacks rolled up, boat shoes on with no sock, in the winter time.
  Thu. 3/10/11 4:45pm Hornet Montana:

A: chili con carne
  Thu. 3/10/11 4:46pm harry t:

such deep questions horney
  Thu. 3/10/11 4:48pm ?:

Clay, YOU loop reality . . .
  Thu. 3/10/11 4:48pm hilli kay:

Garth Brooks holds the attendance record at an outdoor Central Park show; like about 900,000.
  Thu. 3/10/11 4:48pm chris:

buddha boxes are so effin cool. I've got a throbbing gristle buddha box and I can barely put it down... pledge to get one people!
  Thu. 3/10/11 4:48pm Hornet Montana:

The facility employs me to formulate the deep queries, Mr. T.
  Thu. 3/10/11 4:49pm βrian:

Loup Garou. Werewolf. ("There wolf!")
  Thu. 3/10/11 4:49pm Mike East:

Loup Garou is a Willy Deville album, i think. It means werewolf. correct me if I'm wrong.
  Thu. 3/10/11 4:50pm βrian:

WI assembly just passed the union-busting bill.
  Thu. 3/10/11 4:50pm Mike East:

There castle...
  Thu. 3/10/11 4:50pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

time to RIOT
  Thu. 3/10/11 4:50pm harry t:

must be minimum security
  Thu. 3/10/11 4:53pm Danne D:

Clay is a trip.
  Thu. 3/10/11 4:53pm Dale from North Dakota:

What's a tasty cake and why would Fabio refuse to eat one? Maybe he should offer to drink some 4-Loco instead, that did in Tom Scharpling!
  Thu. 3/10/11 4:54pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

it's like a nastier twinkie
  Thu. 3/10/11 4:54pm harry t:

  Thu. 3/10/11 4:54pm Julie:

He doesn't like processed food. Tasti-kakes are all about being non-food...but yummy
  Thu. 3/10/11 4:54pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

anyone who cares about their health would do well to avoid a tastykake
  Thu. 3/10/11 4:54pm HΘRNET MΘNTANA:

Durning and Dennehy should sumo wrestle for FMU.
  Thu. 3/10/11 4:54pm JCJ:

  Thu. 3/10/11 4:55pm I just wanted to see this written down:

"Marshalls? Marshall amps. At the Wailing Wall, baby. Great White."
  Thu. 3/10/11 4:55pm ?:

Tastykakes--Philly's finest. Philly is home of all that is good about junkfood.
  Thu. 3/10/11 4:55pm Dick Clark:

I think this stuff has a nice beat AND you can dance to it.
  Thu. 3/10/11 4:56pm orginal dale (from the hudson valley):

i'm a lil' debbie man
  Thu. 3/10/11 4:57pm Danne D:

I'm trying to wrap my head around what Clay Pigeon would be like if he ever lost his mind :)

Drakes for me, btw, love me some Devil Dogs :)
  Thu. 3/10/11 4:57pm jeremy the listener:

i just ordered an oxygen tank for delivery to WFMU Studio A
  Thu. 3/10/11 4:57pm Emily:

omg! i cant wait to pledge to Clay's show - he's too awesome.
  Thu. 3/10/11 4:58pm JCJ:

I'm with Danne... Drakes Cakes! And you don't even have to go outside, you can order them online!
  Thu. 3/10/11 4:58pm harry t:

i will be tuning out at 5,can't take the dude
  Thu. 3/10/11 4:58pm HΘRNET MΘNTANA:

If the suggestion about lax security is based on my ability to be here instead of guarding the facility, this is based on an erroneous assumption that I am security personnel. This is untrue and impossible, in truth. Those employees are not allowed to learn how to type, so as to foster dedication to awareness.
  Thu. 3/10/11 5:00pm Adam from Lynnwood, Washington:

Julie, great Dark Night of the Soul show the other night!! Fabio, you have pointed me in the direction of SO MANY amazing albums I have gone on to purchase! Clay Pigeon, when is Norton Records releasing your poetry and prose box set, to be followed by your tour with Neil Hamburger? WFMU!!!!!
  Thu. 3/10/11 5:00pm Dialipl Panfleet:

Fabio, had I the money, I would have 'adopted' you 'cause you have to coolest picture online, compared to all of the other dj's.
  Thu. 3/10/11 5:00pm harry t:

back to your cell,horey
  Thu. 3/10/11 5:01pm Dialipl Panfleet:

'have the' ... sorry.
  Thu. 3/10/11 5:02pm Listener David:

The episode of Star Trek was called "Miri"
  Thu. 3/10/11 5:03pm Figgest Fettlemont:

The Facebook group, WFMU Twin Cities Listener Club is now open.
  Thu. 3/10/11 5:04pm HΘRNET MΘNTANA:

Choose your OWN adventure, Truman.
  Thu. 3/10/11 5:05pm fred:

Someday, I hope Clay and Kenny G will be paired for a marathon shift.
  Thu. 3/10/11 5:06pm Danne D:

Prize vulturing should be winding down right about now :)
  Thu. 3/10/11 5:08pm Danne D:

Kardashian has a nice voice :)
You should call her :)
  Thu. 3/10/11 5:08pm hank:

noel coward... mad dogs and....
  Thu. 3/10/11 5:08pm orginal dale (from the hudson valley):

kenny g in a codpiece. clay in seersucker
  Thu. 3/10/11 5:09pm JJ:

Does WFMU have a graphic thermometer somewhere showing where they're at as far as their donation goal? I love those charity thermometers.
  Thu. 3/10/11 5:09pm fred:

Though a Clay Pigeon / Dave Emory could lead to amazing revelations.
  Thu. 3/10/11 5:09pm Danne D:

Flood warnings mean the power goes down means the internet goes down means you can't get your pledge in later - SO PLEDGE NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 800-989-9368! 800-989-9368! 800-989-9368! 800-989-9368! 800-989-9368! 800-989-9368! 800-989-9368!
  Thu. 3/10/11 5:10pm Mary Wing:

It's usually on the main page at wfmu.org, JJ. Check later today, maybe they'll take Rev. Billy off the front page.
  Thu. 3/10/11 5:10pm Danne D:

JJ - they do actually - it's a Radioland theme - it's not always up but it is often up on the home page where the Reverend Billy is right now.
  Thu. 3/10/11 5:10pm fred:

@JJ: there is one sometimes on the front page, but right now it's Reverend Billy instead
  Thu. 3/10/11 5:11pm Danne D:

Ultimate FMU panel:
Clay Pigeon, Dave Emory, Nardwuar, and Andy Breckman
  Thu. 3/10/11 5:11pm Denver Pyle:

  Thu. 3/10/11 5:11pm Danne D:

with Bronwyn to try and moderate :)
  Thu. 3/10/11 5:12pm HΘRNET MΘNTANA:

Imagine Fabio as Saruman (Christopher Lee) and Clay as Peregrin Took (Billy Boyd). And give yourself a hard time.
  Thu. 3/10/11 5:12pm Danne D:

Hogan's Heroes was basically just a free for all in that category. Apparently the set was right by the USC campus...
  Thu. 3/10/11 5:12pm smh:

Forrest Tucker, not Forest Whitaker, you guys.
  Thu. 3/10/11 5:12pm Kenzo:

Roddy McDowell horror? Fright Night!
  Thu. 3/10/11 5:13pm Kwikset:

eliminate the pigeon shit!
  Thu. 3/10/11 5:13pm ?:

...imagining hornet montana as an anal wart... BSI too.
  Thu. 3/10/11 5:13pm Danne D:

True Fact:

The Baby Ruth candy bar was named after President Grover Cleveland's daughter.

And it all comes full circle.
  Thu. 3/10/11 5:14pm Kwikset:

thanks for your'up with people' crap there danne.
  Thu. 3/10/11 5:15pm Kenzo:

Someone tap Clay Pigeon's shoulder. Did y'all lose my web pledge from 15 mins ago?
  Thu. 3/10/11 5:15pm ?:

Clay Pigeon needs a tap from a 2x4.
  Thu. 3/10/11 5:16pm Kwikset:

or a ball peen hammer
  Thu. 3/10/11 5:17pm BSI:

Somebody needs a hug.
  Thu. 3/10/11 5:17pm HΘRNET MΘNTANA:

Explain "BSI too".
  Thu. 3/10/11 5:17pm Danne D:

Anytime, glad to be of service.

  Thu. 3/10/11 5:18pm Explaining Nothing:

I bet Clay will be all tuckered out by the end here, and Monica will carry the 6:00 hour.
  Thu. 3/10/11 5:18pm Ike:

@Kenzo have you noticed that Teaneck and Far Rockaway are now located in South Africa?!? :)
  Thu. 3/10/11 5:19pm HΘRNET MΘNTANA:

Grand F__k Railroad is quite an image.
  Thu. 3/10/11 5:19pm fred:

@danne: the only Ruth I know is Thierry Müller (who Fabio did play a few times)
  Thu. 3/10/11 5:19pm Danne D:

My favorite is that Sacramento is now in Haiti
  Thu. 3/10/11 5:19pm ?:

Come Sail Away
  Thu. 3/10/11 5:19pm glenn:

fabio hates styx. yes!
  Thu. 3/10/11 5:20pm Kenzo:

I will get out my power tools and relocate those pledgers. Thanks.
  Thu. 3/10/11 5:20pm Jex:

Fabio sounds like he needs a tasty cake.
  Thu. 3/10/11 5:20pm Kwikset:

yeah-HM yeah, you're right!
  Thu. 3/10/11 5:20pm HΘRNET MΘNTANA:

Starr just pledged?
  Thu. 3/10/11 5:21pm Danne D:

If I had gotten to marry Christie Brinkley, I would've written a whole album about it too.
  Thu. 3/10/11 5:22pm Kwikset:

I will pledge to get rid of clay..
  Thu. 3/10/11 5:22pm Disturbed Frank Ifield:

I dismembered youou, You're the one without arms and legs. Or fingers and toes.
  Thu. 3/10/11 5:22pm HΘRNET MΘNTANA:

He left his cake out on his motorcycle in the rain.
  Thu. 3/10/11 5:22pm SiHV:

Billy Joel hates WFMU. That's why you should pledge.
  Thu. 3/10/11 5:22pm FMUers:

We hate anything that got into any top ten chart, because that indicates average people like it. We must maintain at all times our thesis that we are not average.
  Thu. 3/10/11 5:23pm Danne D:

Explain this Clay:

Um, I see a certain song about a certain town In Pennsylvania that had a recent pledger on a certain dusty show...
  Thu. 3/10/11 5:23pm HΘRNET MΘNTANA:

Is Billy Joel's pre-first album with Attila rockin'?
  Thu. 3/10/11 5:25pm RUSS:

I've noticed that noone cares for you r questions there monte.
  Thu. 3/10/11 5:25pm Kenzo:

No, I wanted you to know that Clay + Fabio is magic!!
  Thu. 3/10/11 5:26pm Nutella stoat:

I think Whorenet, BSI, and Kwikset are all the same nitwit.
  Thu. 3/10/11 5:27pm sigurdur:

billy joel and chuck norris......... classic
  Thu. 3/10/11 5:27pm George of Troy:

Fabio should spin some Whitehouse to set Clay straight, and purge the studio of all this Joelspeak!
  Thu. 3/10/11 5:27pm RUSS:

Stop trying to spin it away from the fact that this clay dude is horrible
  Thu. 3/10/11 5:28pm FMUers:

@Nutella: You forgot RUSS, too.
  Thu. 3/10/11 5:28pm Nutella stoat:

Get over it. Clay isn't going anywhere soon.
  Thu. 3/10/11 5:28pm BSI:

Another hug! Deploy the 'Pidge!
  Thu. 3/10/11 5:28pm HΘRNET MΘNTANA:

Russ? Where do we draw the line?
  Thu. 3/10/11 5:29pm Danne D:

Isn't Don't Know What You Got Til You're Gone a Cinderella song?

Anyhow, Terre T has the honor of being the one DJ to play the original Cinderella:

There's a 2nd one that's all girls. Liz Berg has played them.
  Thu. 3/10/11 5:29pm FMUers:

At the asshole-nonasshole boundary, Hornet
  Thu. 3/10/11 5:30pm HΘRNET MΘNTANA:

An asshole would be someone attacking someone else.
  Thu. 3/10/11 5:30pm Pete (The Flicker):

Stormcock, another name for the Mistle Thrush
  Thu. 3/10/11 5:30pm Nutella stoat:

I guess /b/ must be offline, today.
  Thu. 3/10/11 5:30pm dc pat:

Jeeze, lotta bad vibes on the comments--is this typical for this time of day BSI?
  Thu. 3/10/11 5:31pm Brian in Madison, WI:

Clay is very disinhibited today.
  Thu. 3/10/11 5:32pm seang:

yeah that Sun city girls was something else
  Thu. 3/10/11 5:32pm ?:

Yes, an asshole WOULD be someone attacking someone else. Like BSI's earlier comments.
  Thu. 3/10/11 5:32pm BSI:

@DCP, I don't think so, it's very weird. I'm all in my marathon bliss mode. The haters can go piss up a rope.
  Thu. 3/10/11 5:32pm dc pat:

Personally I think Clay is like performance art
  Thu. 3/10/11 5:32pm endtime34:

when are they gonna bring up Ratt?
  Thu. 3/10/11 5:33pm BSI:

wait, whut? awesome. BSI is unmasked. The buddha machine is mine.
  Thu. 3/10/11 5:33pm smh:

I don't understand how you can enjoy WFMU but not appreciate somebody who can be counted on to say at least one totally baffling thing every minute.
  Thu. 3/10/11 5:33pm Today's Board:

It's the comments battle of the Clay Appreciators (and open minded people), against 2 or 3 Clay Haterzzz who started it
  Thu. 3/10/11 5:34pm helen:

clay: cash had delia's gone.
  Thu. 3/10/11 5:34pm Cecile:

I have Ratt's 1st album.
  Thu. 3/10/11 5:34pm Ike:

@DCP, definitely not. This is very unusual. And mundane. @SMH -- ha!
  Thu. 3/10/11 5:35pm dc pat:

Shouldn't you guys be over commenting on youtube?? C'mon!
  Thu. 3/10/11 5:35pm glenn:

clay fuckin' rocks. anybody who doesn't think so is a dick.
  Thu. 3/10/11 5:35pm Danne D:

Steppenwolf on FMU:

Btw, Ratt on FMU:

The 2 DJs to play Ratt: Evan "Funk" Davies (who sung it also) and one Clay Pigeon
  Thu. 3/10/11 5:36pm Danne D:

*Ponders the idea that perhaps it's actually Clay making the hater comments and making it part of a larger performance piece* - it'd be a very Clay thing to do.
  Thu. 3/10/11 5:37pm HΘRNET MΘNTANA:

The "Bertie" reference did not pass uncomprehended.
  Thu. 3/10/11 5:37pm endtime34:

I'm enjoying Clay (this is the first time I've heard this show due to my teaching schedule). It's just borderline completely ridiculous...
  Thu. 3/10/11 5:37pm Pete (The Flicker):

What about a Captain Action doll?
  Thu. 3/10/11 5:38pm seang:

"flesh-colored jalopy"
  Thu. 3/10/11 5:38pm Ike:

The haters are prob. just one guy using different aliases. @Danne no Clay is not disingenuous enough for that. Maybe Irwin would do that to himself though.
  Thu. 3/10/11 5:38pm endtime34:

"...am I pegging the meter?"
  Thu. 3/10/11 5:38pm Pantagruel:

(I had a Captain Action doll)
  Thu. 3/10/11 5:39pm glenn:

"im on a drug called....clay pigeon?
  Thu. 3/10/11 5:39pm JCJ:

Yeah, Vivarin is just caffeine. You can still buy it.
  Thu. 3/10/11 5:40pm Danne D:

@Sean that would be a great band name. Their first album could be called "Pegging the Meter"

@Ike :) You're probably right :) but it's fun to ponder and helps me discount the baby bottle crew here.
  Thu. 3/10/11 5:40pm Cecile:

Listening to them is like listening to the two halves of my brain talking to each other.
  Thu. 3/10/11 5:40pm Cecile:

Listening to them is like listening to the two halves of my brain talking to each other.
  Thu. 3/10/11 5:40pm endtime34:

actually, this show is exactly why FMU rules. not even the most ridiculous college stuff comes close to this beyond the fringe, stream of conscience, impassioned insanity...
  Thu. 3/10/11 5:40pm BSI:

I had a torrid relationship with extra-strength Vivarin. If memory serves, it's a 200mg dose. Caffeine, yep.
  Thu. 3/10/11 5:40pm endtime34:

best NWW jam!
  Thu. 3/10/11 5:41pm Danne D:

Pledge in honor of Julie who has come in to this chaos with her whip and chair to try and keep order :)
  Thu. 3/10/11 5:42pm Danne D:

I'm fully behind everyone doing at least one pledge for a show that they can't stand just for the principle of it.
  Thu. 3/10/11 5:43pm Jex:

does anyone know if this song was in a movie...?
  Thu. 3/10/11 5:43pm glenn:

i'm pretty sure roger whittaker's from south africa, no?
  Thu. 3/10/11 5:43pm Pete (The Flicker):

You go Danne D!
  Thu. 3/10/11 5:44pm Adam from Lynnwood, Washington:

Clay's stream of consciousness-speak is the best!!!!!! Nice Morrisound reference, Clay. Love it!
  Thu. 3/10/11 5:45pm Pete (The Flicker):

Is there any place in the US that Clay doesn't have a tidbit of trivia about?
  Thu. 3/10/11 5:45pm Today's Board:

@Cecile: Or like listening to your adjacent accidental duplicate comments dialogue with one another. :-)
  Thu. 3/10/11 5:45pm truth:

it's called simple autism.
  Thu. 3/10/11 5:46pm Today's Board:

WFMU: Audio Salute to Aspergers
  Thu. 3/10/11 5:46pm endtime34:

They should have a pop filter for the mic that listeners can adopt...
  Thu. 3/10/11 5:47pm fred:

Well done looms!
  Thu. 3/10/11 5:47pm Pete (The Flicker):

Clay = Rainman?
  Thu. 3/10/11 5:48pm truth:

not nearly as entertaining
  Thu. 3/10/11 5:48pm endtime34:

could Clay out-rap ODB?
  Thu. 3/10/11 5:48pm AB:

How can we hook Clay up with Dave Emory? I like how Fabio moved quickly to keep Clay from continuing to imitate Weezy Jefferson.
  Thu. 3/10/11 5:49pm Today's Board:

re Rainman: Kenny G could recite the phone book for an hour without batting an eye. Clay's not an exception, he's more like part of the rule.
  Thu. 3/10/11 5:49pm Robert:

I've just got to observe how funny, compared to the forfeits Andy & Ken make for pledges, is Fabio's token threat to eat a Tasty Kake or some such.
  Thu. 3/10/11 5:50pm Today's Board:

@Robert: Fabio will pull out one arm hair on mic for a pledge. OOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!
  Thu. 3/10/11 5:50pm Pete (The Flicker):

They're all nuts in their own way. Is there a better reason to listen?
  Thu. 3/10/11 5:50pm fred:

@today's board: That was a long time ago. By now he would karaoke it to Billy Joel.
  Thu. 3/10/11 5:51pm Lalena:

I won? Awesome! Thank you and happy 25th anniversary Fabio!
  Thu. 3/10/11 5:51pm bb:

brion gysin might just have loved this

even if herr pigeon called me a rat, im truly loving this...how is this not a classic era wednesday line-up show?
  Thu. 3/10/11 5:51pm Robert:

Arm hairs actually hurt a lot. Make sure not to get a Band-Aid on a hairy area if you get blood drawn.
  Thu. 3/10/11 5:52pm Lalena:

Wait, what? What did I win? I wanted a chance to win the Japansese DVDs! Oh, well. Thanks anyway.
  Thu. 3/10/11 5:52pm today's bored:

todays board
  Thu. 3/10/11 5:53pm endtime34:

today ROARED
  Thu. 3/10/11 5:53pm Today's Board:

@Robert: It hardly compares to Andy supposedly getting his nipple pierced and travelling back from Boston just to sing his nemesis's "Vincent"
  Thu. 3/10/11 5:53pm Danne D:

Lalena :) if the DVDs are a grand prize then you still have a chance (if you pledged enough to qualify). Check the archive later though - you probably won something cool anyway :)

Pork Lava sounds like an awesome foodstuff
  Thu. 3/10/11 5:54pm Cecile:

Fabio, we love you, skinny legs and all.
  Thu. 3/10/11 5:54pm fred:

re: Andy not weaseling out. I'll believe it when I see it.
  Thu. 3/10/11 5:54pm Danne D:

The irritament has become the irritatee :)
  Thu. 3/10/11 5:54pm Robert:

The involuntary piercings and tattooings bother me. Actually all physical hurting does, but body mutilation, unless they secretly WANT it -- as it seems Ken really did with his tattoo -- just makes me sad.
  Thu. 3/10/11 5:55pm Today's Board:

True, fred. And I forgot the pot brownie thing, too. We'll see/hear.
  Thu. 3/10/11 5:55pm AB:

Clay, that is not how Rod Stewart sings "Handbags and Gladrags." You are singing it like Ethel Merman.
  Thu. 3/10/11 5:56pm BSI:

oh crap, that CD reissue of Disco 3000 is fully awesome. Beautiful package as well.
  Thu. 3/10/11 5:56pm Robert:

But I was most afraid for Ken with the balloons, and would've pledged for cinder blocks if I'd had money.
  Thu. 3/10/11 5:56pm Danne D:

Andy knows what he's signed up for by now Robert so no worries :)

Last year was MUCH worse for Andy probably with his cell number getting given out.
  Thu. 3/10/11 5:58pm Robert:

But I'm guessing he didn't really WANT a piercing. Then again, maybe that's all a front.
  Thu. 3/10/11 5:58pm Fabio's Muffler:

  Thu. 3/10/11 5:58pm haDER:

not just one
  Thu. 3/10/11 5:59pm fred:

@Robert: have no fear, Ken has been learning his lesson well. Check out Keili's show last Sunday for his karaoke performance.
  Thu. 3/10/11 5:59pm Ike:

No, I think it WAS just one.
  Thu. 3/10/11 5:59pm Danne D:

there's not wanting something but there's the willingness to go through with it.

lol yeah fred - there was some brutal accompaniment on Fluffy as well :)
  Thu. 3/10/11 6:00pm Desp:

Robert, I'm not sure how stunt-radio like SSD would work without, umm, stunts.
  Thu. 3/10/11 6:00pm Robert:

Maybe it's like when cats fight. It looks awful to us, and could occasionally even be fatal, but it seems they receive from it an endorphin rush the like of which we can scarcely imagine.
  Thu. 3/10/11 6:00pm "Just One Clay Hater":

The studio staff would know, if the IPs are all the same.
  Thu. 3/10/11 6:01pm Danne D:

I would say that Andy and Ken are the best of frenemies and thus it works :) Kinda like Penn and Teller in "Penn and Teller Get Killed"
  Thu. 3/10/11 6:01pm Robert:

Stunts are OK. It's HURTING of the physical kind, and persistent body alteration, that makes me sad.
  Thu. 3/10/11 6:01pm fred:

@Robert: If Andy didn't really want a piercing or didn't have an escape route, he'd have pledged to extra $$$ to have Ken get it.
  Thu. 3/10/11 6:02pm Robert:

Like, you know, cockfighting or the like.
fred, I thought of that, but maybe he didn't really want Ken to get one either.
  Thu. 3/10/11 6:02pm Danne D:

If Andy didn't secretly like it he wouldn't have put "Piggly Wiggly" back on the people this week.
  Thu. 3/10/11 6:03pm Danne D:

I feel like I'm at a hockey game now and they are resurfacing the ice before the next period starts.
  Thu. 3/10/11 6:03pm Robert:

Piggly Wiggly's OK. Sexual activity isn't HURTING, it's GOOD.
  Thu. 3/10/11 6:04pm fred:

I'm still thinking the Andy cutout gets the piercing
  Thu. 3/10/11 6:04pm Robert:

Just keep manually refreshing.
  Thu. 3/10/11 6:04pm Suggestion Box:

@Robert: Maybe it would help to let other people work their own interactions and decisions out, rather than you having to decide for sure what is horrible for them that makes you sad to think about.
  Thu. 3/10/11 6:04pm Desp:

@Fred, that would be hilarious.
  Thu. 3/10/11 6:05pm Danne D:

Um, are you talking about the pig with the manually refreshing? And I don't know that the big would be none too happy.

Btw yay Julie :D
  Thu. 3/10/11 6:05pm Robert:

If it were fucking a small animal, that would be cruel. But a pig, no.
  Thu. 3/10/11 6:06pm Robert:

Suggestion Box, I've just gotten attached to these guys. It seems auto-refresh is still on.
  Thu. 3/10/11 6:07pm Danne D:

I have no answer for that one, Robert.

You should write a testimonial asking that Andy be excused from the piercing :) I know Andy would appreciate that.
  Thu. 3/10/11 6:08pm Danne D:

Stick around this board haters :) More to come here.
  Thu. 3/10/11 6:08pm fred:

@danne: You mean Robert is actually Andy? Interacting with us? No way he'd be that desperate
  Thu. 3/10/11 6:09pm Robert:

I'm not Andy, but I'm fat.
  Thu. 3/10/11 6:09pm Danne D:

No I don't mean that fred :)
I meant that he should write a testimonial for Andy and send it to him c/o the station - Andy would like that.
  Thu. 3/10/11 6:11pm can't speak to the pain issue, but:

Robert, piercings aren't permanent if you don't keep the ring in. They close up again.
  Thu. 3/10/11 6:12pm Robert:

What's with this concept of "haters" I saw first on YouTube text? Criticism is now hatred?

Yes, I've been told about the piercing. That's why I wrote "persistent" rather than "permanent".
  Thu. 3/10/11 6:12pm Danne D:

I don't think you're a hater Robert - I was referring to others :)
  Thu. 3/10/11 6:13pm Danne D:

Actually you seem like a nice guy since you are worried about Andy :)
  Thu. 3/10/11 6:13pm Robert:

Ken and Hank didn't even have Harold circumcised, IIRC.
  Thu. 3/10/11 6:14pm Danne D:

Hmm, maybe it IS Andy :)
Anyhow, that's more of a line for the Too Much Information show I think :)
  Thu. 3/10/11 6:15pm Robert:

What? It's not like one of those robot shows where this get synthesized and aired.
  Thu. 3/10/11 6:16pm player:

Yeah, "hater" refers to the guy who was hatin' on Clay.
  Thu. 3/10/11 6:16pm Danne D:

I just meant that factoid was kinda too much information that's all.
  Thu. 3/10/11 6:17pm fred:

@Robert: beware, Ken did that once (after he struggled to regain access to his phone)
  Thu. 3/10/11 6:17pm Robert:

Oh, I see, he self-identified as such.

I'm a fount of TMI.
  Thu. 3/10/11 6:18pm Danne D:

LOL :)
  Thu. 3/10/11 6:20pm Robert:

But I do feel genuinely sorry for these guys. I didn't even write down the phone number of whichever one, or both, of them that was given out. I mean, these guys entertain us AS A HOBBY and A FAVOR; why should we "repay" them with annoyance?
  Thu. 3/10/11 6:34pm Suggestion Box:

Did he finally stop repeating himself about stuff that's not his business? (not his business, assuming that mature people like Andy can handle their own decisions)
  Thu. 3/10/11 6:35pm Danne D:

I will cop that I dialed the number and sent Andy a few texts - for a week. I figure that there needed to be some grist ahead of the next week's show. Nothing harmful or hateful (though there was a massive picture mail fail) but after that I sent a final message that thanked Andy for being a good sport. I guess I just view the whole think a bit differently - I mean they are offering shirts that make them pay you $2 when they see them.

@suggestion box Not so sure, but he's at least a compassionate soul, I can give him points for that :)
  Thu. 3/10/11 6:38pm Suggestion Box:

As Thoreau implied long ago in an oft-quoted sentence, people who claim they want to help others are often the scariest and most threatening people of all :-(
  Thu. 3/10/11 6:39pm Danne D:

No doubt SB - the suggestions are scary. No bout a doubt that.
  Thu. 3/10/11 6:39pm Matt from Springfield:

Is Fabio still even at the station? Or did he bolt away after the show today? :)
  Thu. 3/10/11 6:40pm Danne D:

Bye dueling comment box you will be missed 8(
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