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A yurt for the transgenred.

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Options March 5, 2011

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Here is a link to the slideshow of this year's premium: Flickr Slideshow Page.

Available for pledges of $75 or more.

Artist Track Album Label Comments Approx. start time
The Black Angels  Haunting At 1300 McKinley   Options Phosphene Dream      0:00:00 ()
Swans  Eden Prison   Options My Father Will Guide Me Up a Rope to the Sky    $15 or more puts you in the running for this or the Black Angels 1 800 989 9368  0:03:00 ()
Omar Khorshid  Sidi Mansour   Options Guitar El Chark  Sublime Frequencies  Part of one grand prize this evening for pledges of $75 or more. Along with Sun City Girls and Fabio's Muffler  0:11:38 ()
John Sangster   Reel II   Options Marinetti    Part of another grand prize this evening available to one lucky winner at the end of the night along with The Ipcress File, Sebastian on CD and a DVD of Wings of Desire  0:24:03 ()
Black Angels  Yellow Elevator #2   Options Phosphene Dream      0:25:32 ()
Caribou  Bowls   Options Swim  Merge  One Lucky Winner can take this home for a pledge of $15 or more.  0:35:19 ()
Deerhunter  Memory Boy   Options     $15 or more puts you in the running for this.  0:38:10 ()
Sun City Girls  Blue West   Options Funeral Mariachi    Part of one grand prize including this and Omar Khorshid and Fabios Muffler  0:47:37 ()
Deerhunter  Coronado   Options Halcyon Digest      0:54:13 ()
Incredible String Band  The Minotaur's Song   Options The Hangman's Beautiful Daughter  Fledg'ling  $15 or more puts you in the running for this or Ergo Phizmiz. Jim Woodring's Weathercraft to be given with one of the pieces, I'll decide which one when it's time.  1:04:18 ()
Ergo Phizmiz  Hotel   Options Things to do and Make  Care in the Community  $15 or more and you may win this  1:06:12 ()
John Barry  A Man Alone   Options The Ipcress File    Part of a grand prize with Marinetti and Sebastian soundtracks and Wings of Desire DVD  1:16:36 ()
Omar Khorshid  Ah Ya Zaman   Options Guitar El Chark    Part of a grand prize to one lucky pledger of $75 or more along with Sun City Girls Funeral Mariachi and Fabios Muffler 3" CD  1:18:32 ()
Incredible String Band  mercy I Cry City   Options The Hangman's Beautiful Daughter    $15 or more get in the running  1:26:23 ()
Ergo Phizmiz  Food & War   Options Things to do and Make  Care In The Community    1:33:08 ()
Sprung Aus Der Wolken  Pas Attendre   Options Wings Of Desire    Pledge $75 or more and get in the running for the DVD of this film along with the soundtracks to Marinetti, Sebastian, The Ipcress File on CD  1:37:31 ()
Horrific Child  Terre Larbour   Options L'Étrange Mr. Whinster    $15 or more puts you in the running  1:43:11 ()
Philip Jeck  All That's Allowed   Options An Ark for the Listener  Touch  $15 or more get in the running for this  1:55:15 ()
Sun City Girls  Vine Street Piano (Orchestral)   Options Funeral Mariachi    $75 or more and you can win this as part of a grand prize with Omar Khorshid and Fabio's Muffler  2:06:05 ()
Horrific Child  Frayeur   Options L'Étrange Mr. Whinster    Can be yours for a pledge of $15 or more  2:13:27 ()
Art Lessing    Lectures    2 LP set available for pledges of $15 or more.  2:27:29 ()
Jerry Goldsmith  First Day At Work   Options Sebastian    Available as part of grand prize for $75 or more pledge along with soundtracks to Ipcress File, Marinetti, and DVD of Wings of Desire  2:31:17 ()
Omar Khorshid  Wadil Muluk   Options     $75 or more gets you in the running, this, Sun City Girls & Fabio's Muffler  2:32:58 ()

Listener comments!

  Sat. 3/5/11 12:23am Joe McG:

Black Angels prize up now!
  Sat. 3/5/11 12:25am Joe McG:

Swans also up for grabs!
  Sat. 3/5/11 12:27am Listener 4:

I enjoy your radio programme immensely Mr Hazelton... I have, and shall again, pledge.
  Sat. 3/5/11 12:33am Joe McG:

$75 dollars gets you in the running for Omar EL Korshid and Sun City Girls!
  Sat. 3/5/11 12:33am Julie:

Rich + Joe= Late night yummy goodness
  Sat. 3/5/11 12:35am Joe McG:

Hey Julie! I'm wearing my fish hat.
  Sat. 3/5/11 12:38am Julie:

Ewwww post a picture! You're smelling up the phone room. Tell Joe M & Joe D to put theirs on too :)
  Sat. 3/5/11 12:39am KM:

are you thinking of the bear Gentle Ben?
  Sat. 3/5/11 12:40am Matt from Springfield:

Hello to: Rich! Joe! Julie!

Were you just listening to YLT before this? I'm just returning after watching and listening for nearly the whole time!
  Sat. 3/5/11 12:41am Elwyn:


I was an Australian kid and fondly remember watching this show. I don't remember much (I'm 35 now) except the little boy would use gum leaves to make a loud high pitched whistle.
  Sat. 3/5/11 12:43am Matt from Springfield:

Now I know where I heard of it: a few years ago the Daily Show parodied CNN delivering news as reported from: a blog, also titled "Skippy the Bush Kangaroo"! I thought that was just a silly, original blog title but I guess the creators got the name from the Aussie TV show.
  Sat. 3/5/11 12:43am Julie:

I've seen Sebastian! Good little movie!
  Sat. 3/5/11 12:44am Julie:

Yes Matt we were all there grooving to YLT!
  Sat. 3/5/11 12:44am Matt from Springfield:

Much like B&S -- the dubbed French children's show Belle et Sébastien.
  Sat. 3/5/11 12:46am Joe McG:

Black Angels or Swans--$15 or more gets you in the running!
  Sat. 3/5/11 12:46am Matt from Springfield:

@Julie: I noticed the crowd was enjoying "Happy Jack" from the Who--that was my request! Although, my 1st choice was THE CHURCH, "The Unguarded Moment", and I did hear them playing it during the talkover, but then they switched to practicing "Happy Jack" -- I guess they were more comfortable with that one!
  Sat. 3/5/11 12:48am Julie:

It was a fun night..I had my beers too early and I got sleepy
  Sat. 3/5/11 12:49am Matt from Springfield:

@Elwyn: LOL! "However, the show was forbidden to be shown in Sweden where psychologists believed that the show would mislead children into believing animals could do things that they could not."
  Sat. 3/5/11 12:50am Elwyn:

I've got to post this:
Charlie the Wonderdog

It was a segment from a variety program "The Late Show" on Australian TV that parodied the Skippy genre.
  Sat. 3/5/11 12:51am Julie:

Wait..is it a t-shirt or a biscuit? I'm confuuused
  Sat. 3/5/11 12:52am Matt from Springfield:

Hmm, I was under the impression Tim Buskup was timbus inside of a kup.
  Sat. 3/5/11 12:53am Julie:

Hi Mary!!!!
  Sat. 3/5/11 12:53am kiemzi:

hey i was hoping to win that prize and then i did!
  Sat. 3/5/11 12:56am Joe McG:

Congrats, kiemzi!
  Sat. 3/5/11 12:56am Ike:

  Sat. 3/5/11 12:56am Mary WIng:

Hi Julie! Are you in bed yet?
  Sat. 3/5/11 12:58am Julie:

Haha not yet but on my way!
  Sat. 3/5/11 12:58am Joe McG:

$15 or more gets you in the running for this Caribou CD or Deerhunter!
  Sat. 3/5/11 12:59am Matt from Springfield:

I noticed your name being read in the final thanks, Mary! I didn't get you on the phone but with EFD, yourself, Joe Mulligan who answered my pledge it was an all-star phone room! Thanks for taking our requests!
  Sat. 3/5/11 1:00am Mary Wing:

I can't take what ain't comin', Matt! We need pledges!!
  Sat. 3/5/11 1:01am Julie:

Yeah Matt..pick up the phone! Maybe Joe & Mary & Joe will do a little dance
  Sat. 3/5/11 1:03am Matt from Springfield:

I already got a Mouse and a YLT sized pledges in--but my mistake was sending that all at once. I now know the hosts would LOVE if I sent them pledges when they're on the air!
  Sat. 3/5/11 1:03am Julie:

YAY for Fabio's muffler!
  Sat. 3/5/11 1:06am Matt from Springfield:

Psst--I did listen to your last show Julie, and I just may shine a bit of light in your dark night Monday ;)
  Sat. 3/5/11 1:11am Julie:

You're the best Matt ;) And of course, so are Joe & Rich & Mary and my new friend Joe Mulligan. And now...Julie has LEFT THE BUILDING ZZZZ
  Sat. 3/5/11 1:13am Matt from Springfield:

Have a good one!
  Sat. 3/5/11 1:15am Joe McG:

Only a couple of people in the running--call now!!!!
  Sat. 3/5/11 1:16am Mary Wing:

Yes, your odds are *very* good, if you like either band!
  Sat. 3/5/11 1:23am Jonathan Skinner:

Thanks, ISC! That was just the prize I had my eye on . . . that, and YOU. Every week! And all of WFMU. Month after month! Your music is as cool as your comic books . . .
  Sat. 3/5/11 1:24am Jonathan Skinner:

hey, some of us are poets. We need company too!
  Sat. 3/5/11 1:25am Joe McG:

Yes, poets give us a holler! $15 gets you in the running for the ISB or Ergo Phizmiz!
  Sat. 3/5/11 1:32am Jonathan Skinner:

I meant coloring books . . . the Hangman's Beautiful Daughter is the ISB masterpiece
  Sat. 3/5/11 1:36am Joe McG:

Calll 1-800-989-9368 or pledge online--get in the running for some great prizes and show your support for WFMU!
  Sat. 3/5/11 1:39am Alison:

To respond in real time, 7th St, but only "old buildings" according to the super
  Sat. 3/5/11 1:40am Joe McG:

Hope you get your power back soon, Alison!
  Sat. 3/5/11 1:41am Mary Wing:

Old buildings do have their charm, but it's not out of the question to expect electricity in old buildings, sheesh!
  Sat. 3/5/11 1:44am Alison:

Damn, pledging must be good karma... The power is back after 7 hours!
  Sat. 3/5/11 1:46am Mary Wing:

Woo! Rock on, Alison!
  Sat. 3/5/11 1:55am Jonathan Skinner:

I love the WFMU archive
  Sat. 3/5/11 1:59am Joe McG:

Get in on the good karma by pledging to WFMU, friends! Help us out!
  Sat. 3/5/11 2:02am Roger G:

Joe: Is Ken doing a state of the station thing this year?
  Sat. 3/5/11 2:05am Mary Wing:

That's a good question, Roger. I don't think it's on the schedule at the moment.
  Sat. 3/5/11 2:05am Joe McG:

He might do a mini-one on Keili's show this Sunday morning if you ask him nice!
  Sat. 3/5/11 2:08am Roger:

That's cool... it's nice to hear how the station's doing and what current/future plans are. Another donation coming next week. Thanks!
  Sat. 3/5/11 2:19am Mary Wing:

I think this is more like a Laurie Anderson voice, actually.
  Sat. 3/5/11 2:20am Mary Wing:

Rich should say "Hey! Pal!" in the Laurie Anderson voice.
  Sat. 3/5/11 2:25am Joe McG:

Pledge for this beautiful song!
  Sat. 3/5/11 2:26am Mary Wing:

This gem could be yours for a $15 pledge, call now!
  Sat. 3/5/11 2:34am Ike:

Hooray! Thanks.
  Sat. 3/5/11 2:42am Ike:

Oh I forgot: That pledge was supposed to be dedicated to this comments section.
  Sat. 3/5/11 2:43am yair yona:

good morning from tel aviv. can't believe it's 09:45. i'm a lazy bum.
  Sat. 3/5/11 2:44am Joe McG:

Hey, Yair! Thanks for checking in!
  Sat. 3/5/11 2:53am Dreldge Korffner:

I like music about photography.
  Sat. 3/5/11 2:55am yair yona:

can you tel a bit about Art Lessing?
  Sat. 3/5/11 2:56am Ftr. McFeely:

I have a pony.
  Sat. 3/5/11 2:58am kim:

great, thaaaaaanks
  Sat. 3/5/11 2:59am Ike:

Crowe! Nifty.
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