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The Failure of Noise
The Failure of Sound
The Failure of Rock
The Failure of the Avant Garde
The Failure of the Space Age
The Failure of Jazz
The Failure of Psychedelia
The Failure of Krautrock
The Failure of Electronic
The Failure of Pop
The Failure of Free-form
The Failure of the 20th Century

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Options March 3, 2011: Strength through Marathon!

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Artist Track Album Approx. start time
James Last  Mr. Giantman   Options Voodooo party  0:00:00 ()
GenKen Montgomery  She's Buying...   Options 8-track Magic  0:07:14 ()
David Toop  Do the Bathosphere   Options   0:40:41 ()
Music behind DJ:
Krautrock   Options IV  0:41:37 ()
Elizabeth Clair Prophet  Invocation for the judgement against and destruction of rock music   Options Sounds of American Doomsday Cults vol 14   
Scott Walker  Time Operator   Options Til the Band Comes In   
Scott walker  The Plague   Options    
Billy Green  Eco Blue/Toadstrip   Options Stone Original Soundtrack Recording   
Sten Hanson  Rapport (med anledning av)   Options    
Sir Richard Bishop  Dingbatica Cathedral   Options Graviton Polarity Generator   
Ash Ra Temple  Darkness: Flowers Must Die   Options Schwingungen   
Melvin Jackson  Funky Skull   Options Funky Skull   

Listener comments!

  Thu. 3/3/11 3:08pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

please accept my humble offerings at the altar of failure
  Thu. 3/3/11 3:09pm gen ken:

I think your CD player is broken
  Thu. 3/3/11 3:10pm Cecile:

This needs to be messed up way more. gen ken, get on it! :D
  Thu. 3/3/11 3:10pm hamburger in london:

um so where do you see the names of adoptions (not flickr)?
  Thu. 3/3/11 3:10pm glenn:

everybody help buy fabio a new c.d. player.
  Thu. 3/3/11 3:10pm Steve:

Did I hear Davy Mandle is onboard - I'll bet he wanted the Zeppelin
  Thu. 3/3/11 3:11pm Cecile:

  Thu. 3/3/11 3:11pm nyoukis:

heres to some money making failure... though you will get nowt from my tight and frugal scottish mit, I am skint.
  Thu. 3/3/11 3:11pm βrian:

Ah, it's safe to come back now.
  Thu. 3/3/11 3:13pm I̥͔ke:

@Cecile@3:10, agreed! Deploy the ordinance into that sucker!
  Thu. 3/3/11 3:13pm Danne D:

um, no you can see 'em on Flickr, hamburger:


It has her title right below her picture.
  Thu. 3/3/11 3:13pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

ah yes, the sound of music in my parents' '74 Ford van with the 8-track on a cold winter's morning!
  Thu. 3/3/11 3:14pm Danne D:

Oh, Hamburger, you call Frangry the official Hamburger Helper for 2011 :D
  Thu. 3/3/11 3:14pm Tim:

John Bonham! John HENRY Bonham!
  Thu. 3/3/11 3:14pm Martin:

Danish money going your way - thanks for absolutely brilliant shows, again and again again - keep it going.
Thanks and love from Denmark
  Thu. 3/3/11 3:15pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

with certain music that I grew up w on 8 track, if I hear the song now I still can hear the tracks switching (mmmpffllrrgg CLICK)
  Thu. 3/3/11 3:15pm Steve:

Hey - play Heartbreaker
  Thu. 3/3/11 3:16pm tahomajohn:

two of my favroite deejays ... Fabio and Dave!
  Thu. 3/3/11 3:16pm hamburger in london:

Oh, I see.. all the adopted peoples seem to just have the 'Adopter's-name' of 2011
  Thu. 3/3/11 3:17pm HazzMatt:

Co-host is eating the mic! Get thee a wind screen!
  Thu. 3/3/11 3:18pm Carmichael:

Yay!! Failure!!!
  Thu. 3/3/11 3:19pm steve:

has fabio been adopted yet??
  Thu. 3/3/11 3:19pm Julie:

Fabio is the Giant
  Thu. 3/3/11 3:19pm Danne D:

Look at the name for the Talk's Cheap message board Hamburger - that one is different.

And of course there's Julie who was dubbed Ms Mayhem 2011 as another example
  Thu. 3/3/11 3:19pm βrian:

We're not fond of Scotts here in Wisconsin.
  Thu. 3/3/11 3:20pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

they're going to start burning Scott Walker records at the capital in Madison, I hear
  Thu. 3/3/11 3:20pm glenn:

led zeppelin jammed with fairport convention at the troubadour in los angeles in the early 70's. the shows were apparently fantastic and recorded off the sound board but peter grant destroyed the tapes because richard thompson blew jimmy page off the stage and that just wouldn't do.
  Thu. 3/3/11 3:21pm Skirkie:

I chose the phrasing "Official Skirkie Station Manager / DJ"
  Thu. 3/3/11 3:21pm βrian:

I just heard that protestors were carrying inflatable palm trees.
  Thu. 3/3/11 3:22pm Carmichael:

Glenn, I'm a huuuuge Richard Thompson fan. He's coming here next month and I'm already there.

Now then Fabio, please play Dokaka's Ramblin' Man.
  Thu. 3/3/11 3:23pm seang:

yeah, that ramblin man track rules
  Thu. 3/3/11 3:23pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

Richard Thompson has held up a little better than Page. I wouldn't say it's exactly an apples to apples comparison, though.
  Thu. 3/3/11 3:24pm herb:

am repeating an earlier comment about CASSETTES. i've got my found desk tape recorder (value: $20 or $25) & will place it *next* to speakers tom'w for YO LA TENGO on WFMU. can you say "high fidelity"?
  Thu. 3/3/11 3:24pm glenn:

my guitar player fantasy concert would be to have richard thompson, neil young and ry cooder playing songs and telling stories.
  Thu. 3/3/11 3:25pm Carmichael:

Agreed, DCE. I'm just always astonished at RT's inventiveness.
  Thu. 3/3/11 3:26pm glenn:

well, the difference is that richard can play anything jimmy page can, but the opposite doesn't hold true.
  Thu. 3/3/11 3:26pm herb:

in ref to GLENN's comment - le poisson rouge has producer JOE BOYD telling stories and ROBYN HITCHCOCK singing related songs, next wk (i think)
  Thu. 3/3/11 3:27pm glenn:

that said, i think jimmy page is incredibly under appreciated as a producer / engineer / studio wizard.
  Thu. 3/3/11 3:27pm Julie:

The Nightbird!
  Thu. 3/3/11 3:28pm Steve:

Well, I gotta say Page is the magi of the Gibson but not necessarily of acoustic
  Thu. 3/3/11 3:29pm hamburger in london:

Ah I see now Danne D

I'm still feel nauseous - this being Kenny G's old time slot?
  Thu. 3/3/11 3:30pm glenn:

i know not le poisson rouge. comment, s'il vous plait.
  Thu. 3/3/11 3:31pm quinn:

i'm a girl.
  Thu. 3/3/11 3:32pm glenn:

are you an eskimo?
  Thu. 3/3/11 3:33pm I̥͔ke:

@quinn, welcome! And hey, Tony Coulter is BACK! Web-only! http://wfmu.org/playlists/TC
  Thu. 3/3/11 3:33pm quinn:

sweet. fangs u
  Thu. 3/3/11 3:35pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

oh cool! thanks!
  Thu. 3/3/11 3:35pm Wilson:

Hi Quinn
  Thu. 3/3/11 3:35pm SlowFastHazel:

Hooray for people from Cleveland!
  Thu. 3/3/11 3:36pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

we need all the HOOOOORAYS we can get here!
  Thu. 3/3/11 3:36pm SiHV:

"Vinyl player"? The hell you say.
  Thu. 3/3/11 3:37pm herb:

to GLENN - le poisson rouge is a club on bleecker st, nyc. on fri, mar 11 is this: Joe tells excerpts of his story, largely reading from 'White Bicycles': (Robyn H) sing the songs he worked on or was involved with, the songs I grew up with - I also ask him questions and interrupt, like a kid that wants to be part of the story. The story is a big part of me
  Thu. 3/3/11 3:41pm glenn:

i have the book. it's very good.
  Thu. 3/3/11 3:42pm Cecile:

I don't care what the kids call record players these days. As long as they're back in production I'm happy.
  Thu. 3/3/11 3:42pm SlowFastHazel:

Not to be confused with Jean-Pierre Melville's excellent film Le cercle rouge
  Thu. 3/3/11 3:44pm Skirkie:

I think you're generalizing when you say "The kids" I sure as hell don't call it a vinyl player.
  Thu. 3/3/11 3:45pm Cecile:

I'm riffing off what Fabio said. My elders call record players "you-mean-they-still-make-those?"
  Thu. 3/3/11 3:46pm Cecile:

And indeed, I am generalizing, but Fabio started it. ;P
  Thu. 3/3/11 3:46pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

wait til they start putting out wax cylinders again
  Thu. 3/3/11 3:46pm steve:

i have a 38 year old friend who says 'vinyl player'... im gonna ask him where he got that from
  Thu. 3/3/11 3:48pm Cecile:

I used to call my crappy backup record player the "vinyl grinder".
  Thu. 3/3/11 3:48pm Danne D:

Now if we could just get an edison cylinder section in Best Buy we'll be all set.
  Thu. 3/3/11 3:48pm I̥͔ke:

@Skirkie, I assume he means the kids in/around *Billyburg*, that hipster-infested overpriced section of Bklyn. (?) BTW, a real estate agent friend tells me that a corner bodega there recently got rented for $36k/month!! A MONTH! WTF?!?
  Thu. 3/3/11 3:50pm Danne D:

Hmm, so all FMU has to do is steal 3 bodegas and then rent them out and they'll make their annual budge Ike?
  Thu. 3/3/11 3:50pm Skirkie:

36k/month? I hope they sell enough artisanal croissants to stay open.
  Thu. 3/3/11 3:50pm Cecile:

why don't you give Cecile a prize? That would be really good.
  Thu. 3/3/11 3:50pm hamburger in london:


I am going to buy one tho.
  Thu. 3/3/11 3:51pm Danne D:

We're looking for a bodega rent pledge this show - just one $36k pledge in this hour is all we ask :)
  Thu. 3/3/11 3:51pm Danne D:

Cecile your presence on the comments board is a prize to me :)
  Thu. 3/3/11 3:52pm Danne D:

Wow, Hamburger adopts Frangry and suddenly Hamburger's going all 3rd person on us :D
  Thu. 3/3/11 3:52pm Danne D:

Props to Bas for adopting Keili :)
  Thu. 3/3/11 3:53pm Pantagruel:

Cecile gets a prize for dancing the giant way.
  Thu. 3/3/11 3:53pm Cecile:

Aw, thanks youse guys, but like Madonna, I can be be a material girl.
  Thu. 3/3/11 3:54pm I̥͔ke:

@Skirkie, HA! @Danne, yup, that's the new name for the $36k pledge level -- the Billyburg Bodega Rent level. @Terre T., HA! PLEDGE COMMENT OF THE WEEK.
  Thu. 3/3/11 3:54pm Cecile:

  Thu. 3/3/11 3:54pm john:

AE is an APO address in europe
  Thu. 3/3/11 3:54pm Dale from North Dakota:

Why does everyone react to a pledge from North Dakota in a manner similar to a pledge coming in from the moon? Better work on our 'cred', lol.
  Thu. 3/3/11 3:55pm dc pat:

angry birds
  Thu. 3/3/11 3:55pm Skirkie:

The kids know that as "Angry Birds."
  Thu. 3/3/11 3:55pm Danne D:

AE is a US Military Zip Code zone in Europe
  Thu. 3/3/11 3:55pm Danne D:

There's more people on the moon, Dale ;o)
  Thu. 3/3/11 3:55pm Listening Out There:

AE might be Arab Emirates...? As opposed to the UAE, which aren't as united as they once seemed... :)
  Thu. 3/3/11 3:55pm dc pat:

if Cecile didn't call that one first, there'd be some thing seriously wrong with the universe...
  Thu. 3/3/11 3:56pm Kurt:

Hey Dale us Midwesterners can't get any love from the coasts.
  Thu. 3/3/11 3:56pm guy:

Katie Holmes? lol fabio you're so hip!
  Thu. 3/3/11 3:56pm Cecile:

Dave, I wrote an article on Angry Birds music.

You are right, pat.
  Thu. 3/3/11 3:57pm Gramma Grammar:

"There are more people," not "there is more people."
  Thu. 3/3/11 3:58pm jason:

it's just $15 to get in the running for the Faust IV LP and/or Mustafa Özkent CD?? WANT
  Thu. 3/3/11 3:58pm Tommy:

props to fabio for being a non-iphone user
  Thu. 3/3/11 3:58pm I̥͔ke:

@Cecile, nice imagery there: "...stormed casual gamers' hearts like a lean-to made of glass, boulders and logs."
  Thu. 3/3/11 3:59pm Danne D:

Okay Gramma,
There're more people
  Thu. 3/3/11 3:59pm dc pat:

iPhones are amazing, and I hate everything.
  Thu. 3/3/11 3:59pm Cecile:

thanks, Ike.
  Thu. 3/3/11 4:00pm TDK60:

LPs never went away, did they? Cassettes too. Where can I get a good used cassette deck, in NYC? My last one lasted for 14 years.
  Thu. 3/3/11 4:00pm Dale from North Dakota:

Nice article, Cecile, love the Queen mashup! And in my favourite rag from my youth, City Pages, none the less. @Danne & @Kurt: I think you're both onto something :-)
  Thu. 3/3/11 4:00pm Gramma Grammar:

That would be "Okay, Gramma."
(Sorry, I can't help it!)
  Thu. 3/3/11 4:02pm Cecile:

Tiny Wings is also awesome (Doodle jump laid sideways and crossed with Angry Birds) but the music is not anytihng to write home about.
  Thu. 3/3/11 4:05pm dc pat:

nice writin' Cecile--I like the quartet.
  Thu. 3/3/11 4:05pm Cecile:

thanks pat and dale!
  Thu. 3/3/11 4:06pm TDK60:

Portland is interesting...almost as much as Billyburg.
  Thu. 3/3/11 4:06pm I̥͔ke:

The web pledge cards take all the fun out of Fabio and Dave M. guessing what hood in Bklyn the listener is in, because there's no address printed out on the cards. Sigh. Bklynites, call and pledge via phone! :)
  Thu. 3/3/11 4:06pm Handsome Harry:

It is amazing how much better WFMU is at asking for money than say, a WFUV....doing a heckuva job, fellas.
  Thu. 3/3/11 4:07pm hamburger in london:

Pledged twice for a gift to Cecile and a shout out for Danne D - and no mention. I guess that means I gotta pledge AGAIN. Think I might hit mouse level AGAIN! :)
  Thu. 3/3/11 4:08pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

throw us a bone, play some music for a few minutes!
  Thu. 3/3/11 4:09pm dc pat:

wait, Flaiming Lips did that with zaireeka
  Thu. 3/3/11 4:09pm dc pat:

..and that was the last decent thing they did...
  Thu. 3/3/11 4:10pm Cassette Organ:

  Thu. 3/3/11 4:11pm Radioman:

Thank you for a great show about Krautrock from Germany (where I live by the way :-) ).
Stay broadcasting, WFMU!
  Thu. 3/3/11 4:11pm Kenzo:

Negativland sampled this...
  Thu. 3/3/11 4:11pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

Cindy Looper!
  Thu. 3/3/11 4:12pm SiHV:

This is fantastic.
  Thu. 3/3/11 4:12pm hamburger in london:

@DCE: Yea - thought that stood out too :)
  Thu. 3/3/11 4:13pm βrian:

Huh, no mention of the union thugs, even!
  Thu. 3/3/11 4:13pm das:

  Thu. 3/3/11 4:13pm Chris from DC:

What a list of demonic hasbeens.
  Thu. 3/3/11 4:13pm Kenzo:

"Fire Incorporated" wasn't even a real band
  Thu. 3/3/11 4:13pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

had to be 1984. such terrible music!
  Thu. 3/3/11 4:13pm bb:

yeah, all this stuff is great. was included in a Kenny G premium in years past
  Thu. 3/3/11 4:13pm Danne D:

awww thx Hamburger :)
  Thu. 3/3/11 4:13pm Amanda:

Did he know that John Lennon was dead, or was that not relevant?
  Thu. 3/3/11 4:14pm Satan:

Pledge, minions!
  Thu. 3/3/11 4:14pm Danne D:

(like Terre T) :) Thx for the shout out :D
  Thu. 3/3/11 4:14pm hilly kay:

"Vibrations of the Fallen Angels"! - sounds like a Goth album.
  Thu. 3/3/11 4:14pm Danne D:

Amanda is here! :D
  Thu. 3/3/11 4:15pm Danne D:

I'll shout you back when you least expect it Hamburger :)
  Thu. 3/3/11 4:15pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

like in person?
  Thu. 3/3/11 4:15pm BSI:

hell, that was vibrations of the fallen angels?
...figured I just ate that yellow lentil curry too fast.
  Thu. 3/3/11 4:15pm hamburger in london:

No Problem BUDDY. Amanda - as in 'THE' Amanda?
  Thu. 3/3/11 4:16pm hamburger in london:

I will be in 30'000 feet above ground during the coming SUW show -_-
  Thu. 3/3/11 4:16pm Another Amanda:

Nope. I should probably change my name.
  Thu. 3/3/11 4:16pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

change it to Not That Amanda
  Thu. 3/3/11 4:16pm Danne D:

As in amazing volunteer board op Amanda?

Okay you can be amazing commenter Amanda :)
  Thu. 3/3/11 4:17pm hamburger in london:

The OTHER Amanda?? As in from the CD Irwin played yesterday? Was it Irwin?
  Thu. 3/3/11 4:17pm Cecile:

The Other Amanda
  Thu. 3/3/11 4:18pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

I heard that pork is not being marketed as the other white meat any more
  Thu. 3/3/11 4:19pm hamburger in london:

@DCE: what is be then?
  Thu. 3/3/11 4:21pm Cecile:

hamburger, thank you for the lovely gift!
  Thu. 3/3/11 4:22pm TDK60:

The failure of writing about krautrock!
  Thu. 3/3/11 4:22pm hamburger in london:

@Cecile - It's just a bar of 'magic soap' :P - to cleanse yourself of MATERIAL DESIRE! :)
  Thu. 3/3/11 4:23pm hamburger in london:

man I hope this soap is made 'fight club' style
  Thu. 3/3/11 4:23pm βrian:

Thy name be anathema!
  Thu. 3/3/11 4:23pm Danne D:

Surprised that FMU would think that soap would be an appealing premium to the bulk of the listenership...
  Thu. 3/3/11 4:25pm hamburger in london:

That soap will never be touched - I so want that bar of soap shove in my mouth when I"m a corpse. How. Awesome. Would that be?? :D
  Thu. 3/3/11 4:25pm Danne D:

or maybe it's a hint to the listenership :)
  Thu. 3/3/11 4:26pm kim:

thanks for satanweirdostuff !
  Thu. 3/3/11 4:27pm hamburger in london:

I am loving this song
  Thu. 3/3/11 4:34pm Listening Out There:

what kind of car?
  Thu. 3/3/11 4:34pm Radioman:

Hey, there are more pretty cool indie-radio station like ByteFM in Germany! I suppose you could be very good friends! ;-)
  Thu. 3/3/11 4:35pm I̥͔ke:

Rich H. often uses that annoying muffler as the talkover for his Inflatable Squirrel Carcass mic breaks.
  Thu. 3/3/11 4:35pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

OK, what color was the car?
  Thu. 3/3/11 4:36pm cz-kluk:

  Thu. 3/3/11 4:36pm Listening Out There:

...and what was in the ashtray?
  Thu. 3/3/11 4:37pm Listening Out There:

Ah. Like the Staten Island Ferry, that car...
  Thu. 3/3/11 4:38pm cz-kluk:

darn, rich said honda
  Thu. 3/3/11 4:40pm G:

What if I double my pledge for Dave to go 20 minutes without touching his iphone?
  Thu. 3/3/11 4:53pm TDK60:

Is it possible Alison Steele (RIP) got some hints from FMU? (It was already on-air when she arrived.)
  Thu. 3/3/11 4:53pm Danne D:

Btw, to the more recent arrivals to FMU's listenership, one of the cool things about the prize warehouse is that there are some DJ premiums from previous years available. So, say you got into $mall Change over the last couple of years...you can get his 2003 premium "$mall Change-Major Havoc!" as a prize warehouse option. Pledging $365 entitles you to 1 of these warehouse items (in addition to all of the other swag). Pledge $1000 entitles you to 4 of them along with all the other goodies

  Thu. 3/3/11 4:54pm minnesota jeff:

Where on the color wheel is "honda"?
  Thu. 3/3/11 4:55pm Dave M:

G: Never!!!!!!!!!
  Thu. 3/3/11 4:56pm tahomajohn:

FABIO! have you ever seen the original Ballad of Narayama? I saw the 80's remake.. one of my favorites. Would love to see the original. Oh, what the heck... your love and knowledge of film just inspired me to become a dollar a day member! sign me up...
  Thu. 3/3/11 4:57pm Julie:

Danne, you are one heck of a pitcher :)
  Thu. 3/3/11 4:58pm That's right, LYNNWOOD, WA!:

Right on, tahimajohn!
  Thu. 3/3/11 4:59pm That's right, LYNNWOOD, WA!:

tahoma, sorry. Damn iPhone, or unsteady fingers. Haha.
  Thu. 3/3/11 4:59pm Danne D:

I try, Julie. I try. :)

There's lots of cool things though that you can get by pledging and folks don't always realize it.

And there's a lot of great reasons to pledge and I try to help folks realize that as well :)
  Thu. 3/3/11 5:01pm tahomajohn:

Hey Lynnwood... thanks.. isn't it great we can listen to WFMU out here in WA?
  Thu. 3/3/11 5:03pm jesse:

the failure of Jamaica Plain.
it's IN boston
  Thu. 3/3/11 5:03pm jesse:

the failure of Jamaica Plain.
it's IN boston
  Thu. 3/3/11 5:05pm jesse:

woo hoo
  Thu. 3/3/11 5:06pm hilly kay:

I don't even know what an Iphone is! Your techno lagger.
  Thu. 3/3/11 5:09pm glenn:

poodle - the other white meat.
  Thu. 3/3/11 5:10pm Cecile:

fabio, you do fine with Finnish.
  Thu. 3/3/11 5:24pm kim:

i`m the male version of kim !
  Thu. 3/3/11 5:25pm Danne D:

frencheeeeeeeeee :)
  Thu. 3/3/11 5:28pm Danne D:

prog or prague?
  Thu. 3/3/11 5:36pm Carmichael:

Watching the playlist now from afar, with no vocal accompaniment. Hope you have raised some dubloons for FMU.
  Thu. 3/3/11 5:38pm Carmichael:

Wouldn't Prague Rock be Plastic People of the Universe?
  Thu. 3/3/11 5:40pm A listener:

Correction - it's still the Swiss Franc guys!
  Thu. 3/3/11 5:41pm Cecile:

Alexander Haacke!
  Thu. 3/3/11 5:42pm Carmichael:

  Thu. 3/3/11 5:49pm Pantagruel:

(now dancing the giant way)
  Thu. 3/3/11 5:56pm Geography Police:

Olgu is a Turkish name. Careful boys or you're gonna start another Italo-Turkish War! (Timely though as Libya, Italy's spoils from that war, is of course in turmoil again.) But I think actually Olgu is probably FMU's own volunteer Olgu, who has been heard on WFMU airwaves spinning Turkish 45 RPM gems on Joe McGasko's Surface Noise programme!
  Thu. 3/3/11 5:56pm Geography Police:

Olgu is a Turkish name. Careful boys or you're gonna start another Italo-Turkish War! (Timely though as Libya, Italy's spoils from that war, is of course in turmoil again.) But I think actually Olgu is probably FMU's own volunteer Olgu, who has been heard on WFMU airwaves spinning Turkish 45 RPM gems on Joe McGasko's Surface Noise programme!
  Thu. 3/3/11 5:58pm Carmichael:

Thanks for playing Scott Walker, Fabio, even though I couldn't hear it. If I had a voice like his, I could rule the world and get ALL the chicks.
  Thu. 3/3/11 5:59pm I̥͔ke:

Dave M. accidentally hitting on Brian Turner: "'I Wanna Make It W/You,' Brian, yay or nay?" one of the best moments of the marathon so far!
  Thu. 3/3/11 6:02pm hamburger in london:

  Thu. 3/3/11 6:05pm I̥͔ke:

I hope we can keep making comments here during the Dusty Show since Clay Pigeon never opens up comments for his show....
  Thu. 3/3/11 6:05pm hamburger in london:

is clay gonna turn on the comments board?
  Thu. 3/3/11 6:05pm Handsome Harry:

Great show today. Top shelf.
  Thu. 3/3/11 6:08pm I̥͔ke:

@hamb, I presume he doesn't know how (?); never has before.
  Thu. 3/3/11 6:08pm hamburger in london:

He gotta know now. For sake of PLEDGES!
  Thu. 3/3/11 6:10pm Matt from Springfield:

Hi Clay! Hi Julie!

Clay, are any songs from that Maxell cassette sampler on your premium?
  Thu. 3/3/11 6:16pm Danne D:

lol - I was looking for Clay's comments and didn't realize they are tacked here onto Fabio's comments :)

How to pronounce Kearny seems to be the theme for this year's marathon :)

Anyhow, keep pledging folks!!!! catch you all later :)
  Thu. 3/3/11 6:18pm Matt from Springfield:

Thanks for volunteering Danne!

Ha ha, "Tupelo Honey Voice!" I like that Julie!
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