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Artist Title Album Label Approx. start time
Right of Way  Money   Options     0:00:00 )  
Popcorn Wylie and the Mohawks  Money   Options     0:03:04 )  
Kinks  I Need You   Options     0:05:49 )  
Ramones  Do You Remember Rock N Roll Radio?   Options     0:07:18 )  
Peter Case  New Old Blue Car   Options Wig! - currently up for grabs for a pledge of $15 or more gets you in the drawing    0:19:34 )  
Ronettes  Walking in the Rain   Options part of one of our grand prizes - pledge 15 to get in the drawing    0:27:34 )  
Tidal Waves  Action! (Speaks Louder Than Words)   Options various - Garage Beat '66 Vol. 5: Readin' Your Will  Sundazed  0:28:53 )  
Roky Erickson  You're Gonna Miss Me   Options pledge 15 now to get in the running for the Roky documentary DVD!    0:39:48 )  
Black Angels  Telephone   Options current prize - pledge to get in the drawing    0:41:48 )  
Jack Bedient & The Chessmen  Subterranean Homesick Blues   Options     0:46:15 )  
Chris Sandford  I Wish They Wouldn't Always Say I Sound Like the Guy from the USA Blues   Options     0:51:36 )  
Bobby Zimmerman  From a Buick 6   Options part of grand prize - DYLAN MONO BOX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Vinyl!    0:53:58 )  
Crystals  Woman In Love (With You)   Options part of the grand prize! 15 or more gets you in the running! 4 Spector reissues!    1:09:08 )  
Ronettes  Do I Love You?   Options part of the grand prize! 15 or more gets you in the running! 4 Spector reissues!    1:15:45 )  
Greenhornes  Saying Goodbye   Options lates CD - 4 Stars - the current prize! call now to get in drawing!    1:16:09 )  
Sadies  Another Day Again   Options Darker Circles - current prize!  Yep Roc  1:19:00 )  
Bob Dylan  Most Likely You Go Your Way And I'll Go Mine   Options part of the grand prize! THE MONO BOX! VINYL!    1:20:32 )  
Chris Gantry  Nashville Memoirs Vol. 1   Options     1:23:46 )  
Sadies  Whispering Circles   Options Darker Circles - current prize! call 800-989-9368!    1:34:24 )  
The Lost Agency  One Girl Man   Options various - 2131 South Michigan Avenue: 60s Garage and Psychedelia from U.S.A. and Destination Records    1:47:47 )  
The Counts  Stop Cheating On Me   Options various - 2131 South Michigan Avenue: 60s Garage and Psychedelia from U.S.A. and Destination Records    1:48:19 )  
Moby Grape  Indifference   Options The Place And The Time - current prize - please call!!!!    1:57:56 )  
The Foggy Notions  Take Me Back and Hold Me   Options various - 2131 South Michigan Avenue: 60s Garage and Psychedelia from U.S.A. and Destination Records  Sundazed  2:00:18 )  
Oscar Hamod & The Majestics  Got To Have Your Lovin'   Options various - 2131 South Michigan Avenue: 60s Garage and Psychedelia from U.S.A. and Destination Records  Sundazed  2:02:57 )  
Insomniacs  Mental Holiday   Options Just Enjoy It - current prize! $15 or more gets you in the drawing    2:19:27 )  
Personal and The Pizzas  Brass Knuckles   Options     2:21:08 )  
Crystals  He Hit Me   Options     2:24:20 )  
Darlene Love  (Today I Met) The Boy I'm Gonna Marry   Options     2:33:25 )  
Renegades  Thirteen Women   Options 7"  Norton  2:38:30 )  
Flamin' Groovies  Baby Scratch My Back   Options 7"  Norton  2:41:33 )  
Renegades  Can't You See   Options     2:54:13 )  
Hasil Adkins  Hot Dog Baby   Options White Light White Meat  Norton  2:54:28 )  

Listener comments!

  Thu. 3/3/11 12:07pm Joe B:

Hi all - TWO grand prizes today. Anyone pledging $ 15 or more is in the running to win the brand new FOUR CDs of Phil Spector reissues! $75 or more gets you in the running for the 8-LP VINYL Bob Dylan mono box set! His first 8 albums, records, prisitine mono!
  Thu. 3/3/11 12:08pm decedent:

"And to WFMU Free Form Radio, which I promised to remember in my will, hi guys!"
  Thu. 3/3/11 12:08pm Skirkie:

Remember how Three Chord Monte got taken off the schedule and everyone FREAKED OUT? Nows the time to show support.
  Thu. 3/3/11 12:09pm Carmichael:

Hey hey, Mr. Rekkid Men! I mouse-pledged yesterday, so I have the inalienable right to badger all other posters.
  Thu. 3/3/11 12:10pm seang:

  Thu. 3/3/11 12:11pm Marmalade kitty:

..Aghhh missed the Kinks!
  Thu. 3/3/11 12:11pm bthirsch:

Pledge for a permanent Todd-O-Phonic show on the schedule!!!
  Thu. 3/3/11 12:12pm Carmichael:

Amen, Reverend Todd!!!
  Thu. 3/3/11 12:14pm Joe B:

dj premium for this show - an mp3 CD of UNRELEASED UNAIRED episodes of the Three Chord Monte from last summer called Summer Stock. 800-989-9368
  Thu. 3/3/11 12:15pm hank:

its good to be hear.
  Thu. 3/3/11 12:16pm Carmichael:

Pledge your life away, people. PLEDGE!! PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEDGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  Thu. 3/3/11 12:18pm Skirkie:

Did you just sit in your basement recording shows?
  Thu. 3/3/11 12:26pm Carmichael:

Hey Kenzo, the marathon map just says "loading ... please wait" endlessly. Did I break it?
  Thu. 3/3/11 12:38pm yayson:

pledge pledge pledge!
  Thu. 3/3/11 12:39pm Skirkie:

Ooo, do you rant about Ken and stuff?
  Thu. 3/3/11 12:39pm hamburger in london:

now back home from work :)
  Thu. 3/3/11 12:44pm Marmalade kitty:

Feel the GUILT!!!
  Thu. 3/3/11 12:50pm pierre:

  Thu. 3/3/11 12:55pm Joe B:

the grand prize is the real albums from Dylan!
  Thu. 3/3/11 12:58pm the anchovy:

Hi Jo & Todd,
vive Three Chord Monte!
  Thu. 3/3/11 1:06pm herb:

can TODD tone it down a bit, i'm laughing too hard & tryna eat lunch. thanks. (will e-pledge soon. plus, me do my jewish grandma thingy & ask people to pledge & donate but then add extra 1% to amount. simple, and kinda harmless. good luck WFMU!)
  Thu. 3/3/11 1:06pm Jeff from Rahway:

You convinced me that it's time to pledge.
  Thu. 3/3/11 1:07pm randy in NC:

@Carmichael - the marathon map does the same thing for me... Maybe it's IE?
  Thu. 3/3/11 1:08pm Carmichael:

Thanks Randy. I'll e-mail Kenzo.
  Thu. 3/3/11 1:12pm BodegaMan:

contrary to what @Herb is requesting, Todd is way more Todd than usual today, pulling out all the stops for the marathon and I'm loving it.
  Thu. 3/3/11 1:27pm Joe B:

Thanks everyone for pledging so far! appreciate it.
  Thu. 3/3/11 1:32pm hamburger in london:

Oh Todd don't go back to talking at a normal volume
  Thu. 3/3/11 1:45pm ken:

Those Phil Spector CD's Rule!
  Thu. 3/3/11 1:46pm Chris In Madison:

Would a $75 pledge get me in the drawing for the Dylan Box, the Spector set AND whatever dealy-o is presently on the block?
  Thu. 3/3/11 1:47pm Rob:

screw the dylan i want the belock cd!
  Thu. 3/3/11 1:47pm Joe B:

A Chris - YES! but you can only win one of the grand prizes but you are in both runnings!
  Thu. 3/3/11 1:48pm Chris In Madison:

Ha! Oh yeah, I wasn't hoping to run a triple crown on a thing ;)
  Thu. 3/3/11 1:51pm chris from madison:

  Thu. 3/3/11 1:59pm ?:

yeah...i did send along a roky erickson reference along with my pledge, but it didn't get aired. so....greetings from the secret place in my fire engine! thanks guys...you make the marathon fun andy in bklyn
  Thu. 3/3/11 2:05pm hamburger in london:

do you get a notification if your $15 / $75 pledges go to mouse-level?
  Thu. 3/3/11 2:11pm minnesota jeff:

hamburger - Whatever you pledge during the marathon will reflect on the bill you get. But the people answering the phone won't know your total. Keep your own records in the meantime.
  Thu. 3/3/11 2:13pm hamburger in london:

okay thanks Jeff
  Thu. 3/3/11 2:16pm Parq:

A reminder: the first time Todd subbed for Spazz, the man who became the first Af-Amer president of the United Snakes accepted his party's nomination. Who knows what will happen this time?
  Thu. 3/3/11 2:18pm fuzzco:

Tell Todd-o-Phonic Todd that I don't come here to be insulted!
  Thu. 3/3/11 2:32pm matt Stinson:

Let's go Knicks!
  Thu. 3/3/11 2:32pm Skirkie:

  Thu. 3/3/11 2:37pm Snortley:

Todophonic worried about making a fool of himself? Like, since when?
  Thu. 3/3/11 2:38pm Skirkie:

It was the Giants I was booing, by the way.
  Thu. 3/3/11 2:39pm hamburger in london:

hang out with those that don't so you can BEAT THEM UP?
  Thu. 3/3/11 2:40pm Danne D:

Love to see someone out there put out a Y3Chord pledge for Joe :)
  Thu. 3/3/11 2:41pm hamburger in london:

Danne D: Frangry's been adopted!
  Thu. 3/3/11 2:41pm Joe B:

well, I knew it would be tough coming back from off the schedule then a new time but didn't think it would be this tough! thanks to everyone who has pledged so far, appreciate it. guess people forget quickly!
  Thu. 3/3/11 2:42pm Danne D:

I know, hamburger - she's going to have to learn Welsh now I guess :)

You know I've already done my adoption duty right? :)
  Thu. 3/3/11 2:43pm wigwambam:

yeah yeah yeah yeah!
  Thu. 3/3/11 2:43pm hamburger in london:

Holy crap, I just went out of my room to collect my laundry and got my housemate walk in and do a 20 minute 'I hate work' rant - my head's still spinning and I need to re-unwind.

Oh, and Danne D: I don't speak Welsh :D
  Thu. 3/3/11 2:44pm hamburger in london:

yea I forgot who that was for. I woke up this mornin and saw a half empty 'johnny walker' :o
  Thu. 3/3/11 2:45pm Danne D:

lol well it said the name of Frangry's adopter is Bryn and that's Welsh :) - you should probably swing over to Cardiff and get a few lessons :)
  Thu. 3/3/11 2:45pm hamburger in london:

Bryn is Hamburger
  Thu. 3/3/11 2:45pm wigwambam:

Joe B - Can you play "Out in the Streets" by the Shangri-Las? Don't have to play it now but maybe next week? LOVE that song :)
  Thu. 3/3/11 2:47pm hamburger in london:

  Thu. 3/3/11 2:50pm BodegaMan:

sounds like Joe B is feeling overwhelmed by Todd. Joe B, 12 minutes you can make it and then find a nice quiet place.
  Thu. 3/3/11 2:54pm Danne D:

Oh :)
I'm surprised you didn't call her Frangry: the official Hamburger muse or something :)
  Thu. 3/3/11 2:55pm Danne D:

For the would be adopters, btw, there's still nearly 200 choices of djs/fixtures/etc that can be adopted :)
  Thu. 3/3/11 2:56pm missthng:

hello, you have reached the pulaski skyway, the $350,000 donation point to progress to the tree of modulation plz call us NOW
  Thu. 3/3/11 2:57pm Danne D:

Yeah ya don't wanna spend too much time on the Pulaski Skyway - that this is a-crumblin'
  Thu. 3/3/11 2:58pm hamburger in london:

@Danne D: Oh I didn't know you were supposed to name adoptions like that!
  Thu. 3/3/11 2:59pm Skirkie:

Not too late re-name Hamburger.
  Thu. 3/3/11 3:00pm Danne D:

well you can tell them what you want to name it I think - they'll do it within reason :)
  Thu. 3/3/11 3:00pm Danne D:

You'll be shocked to know that "e" isn't really the last letter of the first name that's on my birth certificate.
  Thu. 3/3/11 3:35pm Obama:

Birth certs can be trcikyass things Danne, winwink
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