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Order and disorder in a freeform haze of terribly-played guitars, shorted-out electronics, found audio detritus, strange sounds from strange lands all around. Psych-punk-junk, collage, even pop. Lots of in-studio live performances to boot.

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Options March 1, 2011: Marathon Week 1 w/ co-host MARTHA

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Whoa. What's this? why it's BT's first marathon tee, and it's designed by John Morton of Cleveland proto-punk legends The Electric Eels and Styrenes. John and I want you to have this extremely limited special gift today, and you'll automatically get it for a pledge of $75 to Brian's show only! You will be the cat's ass sporting this sucker.

Artist Track Album Comments
Flipper  Sacrifice   Options CALL 1-800-989-WFMU or pledge at wfmu.org !   
Mekons  Where Were You   Options    
Hallogallo 2010  Blinkguertel   Options 7"  Prize up for grabbage right now! 7CDs of Van Der Graf Generator too! 
Zior  Angel of the Highway   Options    
Parasites of the Western World  Mo   Options s/t  Prize up for grabs now! 
Dwarr  That Deadly Night   Options Animals  also up for grabs!! 
Dirty Breed  Crazy   Options    
Six Eye Columbia  Casanova   Options    
Monochrome Set  Fresh, Trash, Heat   Options Early Records 1975-77  LP up for grabs now! 
The Fall  Spoilt Victorian Child (rough version)   Options This Nation's Saving Grace (3cd reissue box!)  CD box up for grabs now!! 
Legendary Pink Dots  Soft Toy   Options Live here on the show 11/1/10!   
Wire  Practice Makes Perfect (live   Options On the Box  Wire are going to play live here on the show April 5th! Shows at the Music Hall of Williamsburg that night and Bowey Ballroom on the 6th. 
Sic Alps  Mater   Options live here on the show   
Black Bug  I Don't Like You   Options 7"   
The Normals  Almost Ready   Options 7"   
Death  Views   Options    
Troupe Majidi  Khourdrini   Options Various: Jemaa El Fna  out of print LP on Sublime Frequencies up for grabs now. 
Brainbombs  Down the Gutter   Options Urge to Kill  LP reish on Load up for grabs now 
Shit and Shine  Live   Options WFMU/ Aquarius SXSW  This is on an LP and available now for a prize! 
Les Rallizes Denudes  The Last One   Options France Demo Tape  CD for grabs now! Also HAUSU Criterion DVD issue 

Today's grand prize, the huge BBS box set on Criterion, classic American cinema, 7DVDs! $75 gets you in the running to win at show's end (and automatically gets you WFMU and my John Morton tees!)

Listener comments!

  Tue. 3/1/11 3:04pm bill:

we hear, fishy, and obey
  Tue. 3/1/11 3:05pm Xavi:

hello music whores...i mean music lovers....no no, i mean music whores
  Tue. 3/1/11 3:05pm jason:

it's time to enlist!
  Tue. 3/1/11 3:07pm Matt from Springfield:

Music whores, support your music brothel, WFMU! My check's in the mail (or, should have arrived by now), and my awesome tee will be in the mail soon enough!
  Tue. 3/1/11 3:08pm herr noiser:

life is cheap...free form radio is not
  Tue. 3/1/11 3:08pm Xavi:

hello Matt...hello BT too for that matter...been forever since I've been here
  Tue. 3/1/11 3:08pm wigwambam:

  Tue. 3/1/11 3:08pm Xavi:

keep up the good work!
  Tue. 3/1/11 3:10pm andy/s:

Man, these are the tracks to play if you want me to send money. YES. The Boredoms cover of this song is one of the best pieces of music ever.
  Tue. 3/1/11 3:10pm Mary Wing:

OMG, I love that T-shirt!!

(Brian, Diane forgot to do a station ID, please take care of that.)
  Tue. 3/1/11 3:11pm herb:

MEKONS played central pk summerstage (bandshell location!) around july 4. they wore red white & blue. neato! (oops, my doctor said i hafta donate real soon. or else.)
  Tue. 3/1/11 3:14pm Matt from Springfield:

Welcome back Xavi!

I've never gotten a WFMU t-shirt before, and this year I'm getting 3! -- Brian's, the 2011 WFMU shirt, and I believe Tom is also giving a shirt this year.
  Tue. 3/1/11 3:16pm Xavi:

@Matt: great to be here!

been meaning to track down a copy of The Mekons Rock'n Roll LP...been eluding me...haven't tried in awhile
  Tue. 3/1/11 3:18pm bill:

Hydrogen to Helium?
  Tue. 3/1/11 3:20pm Bruxelles loves you:

Seven van Der Graaf Generators cd's! It's like swallow a family of 14 elephants!
Long life to "Undercover man" song!
  Tue. 3/1/11 3:25pm Carmichael:

Actually, I'm not a music whore, but rather a music John. I search out the sexy, the flashy, the erotic and the occasionally filthy music, depending on my mood.
And I'm willing to pay good money for the release it gives me.
  Tue. 3/1/11 3:26pm Xavi:

good point Carmichael. You are a role model
  Tue. 3/1/11 3:27pm yair Yona:

God bless the fmu iPhone app
  Tue. 3/1/11 3:27pm Martha:

$15 or more for the 7 x Van Der Graaf CD set or the Hallo Gallo 45 - pledge now at wfmu.org/1-800-989-9368!
  Tue. 3/1/11 3:30pm Adam:

Waaaaoooooof, this Zior track hits on the highest gear!! Great show!
  Tue. 3/1/11 3:32pm Matt from Springfield:

I should play some Zior to teens first getting into Zeppelin--this rocks more, and probably wasn't ripped off of someone else!
  Tue. 3/1/11 3:33pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

hey dudes, you got Eddie Money?
  Tue. 3/1/11 3:33pm paul:

god bless longmont potion castle
  Tue. 3/1/11 3:35pm Carmichael:

Andy Breckman's got that Eddie Money shit on his iPod.
  Tue. 3/1/11 3:36pm Matt from Springfield:

@DCE: <Any> money?
  Tue. 3/1/11 3:36pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

  Tue. 3/1/11 3:37pm Xavi:

ok i don't feel so guility for not pledging....it is done. sorry i couldn't pledge more! maybe next time
  Tue. 3/1/11 3:37pm Carmichael:

Bottle opener key chain! Impress the cops.
  Tue. 3/1/11 3:37pm Lenz:

Is that Martha Stewart with Brian?
  Tue. 3/1/11 3:44pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

even small pledges help. I'm doing several small pledges this week to my favorite peeeeeeples.
  Tue. 3/1/11 3:45pm skittles:

Bah, I hate it when I have to take a phone call when they announce who won the prizes. Does anyone remember the names announced?
  Tue. 3/1/11 3:46pm northguineahills:

Can't listen now, b/c I'm busy at work, but, I believe Brian's show is a good time to pledge.
  Tue. 3/1/11 3:46pm Matt from Springfield:

Xavier from Houston, then?
Thanks for supporting what you love!

Matt from Springfield, currently a permanent resident of WFMU-Land.
  Tue. 3/1/11 3:48pm Xavi:

yep that's me....Xavi as in "Haavi" or "Havi Metal" is a stretch :)
  Tue. 3/1/11 3:48pm BT:

Man, you peops are killing!!! Great pledges so far!
Please keep em coming. Spread the word on yr webs!!!!
  Tue. 3/1/11 3:52pm skittles:

Xavi, did you win the Van Der Graaf cds?
  Tue. 3/1/11 3:52pm Xavi:

i have no idea skittles
  Tue. 3/1/11 3:53pm Carmichael:

This sounds like Amanda's brother.
  Tue. 3/1/11 3:54pm Xavi:

i have a sticker though!
  Tue. 3/1/11 3:55pm northguineahills:

Ok, I feel better after pledging. Now, I need to figure out what swag to snag. Thanks Brian!
  Tue. 3/1/11 3:55pm blake:

that Dwarr = fantastic. I feel sad that I didn't hear of it earlier, but hey, dispersing such goods = FMU in a nutshell... hell's yeah!
  Tue. 3/1/11 3:57pm SF Spike:

Whoa. I'd forgotten about this Roxy/Sabbath mashup by Six Eye Columbia. Good call!
  Tue. 3/1/11 3:58pm Matt from Springfield:

@NGH: There's always so many great premiums, I have trouble choosing every year. But I kind of like sorting through everything anyway! Which items are you thinking of now?
  Tue. 3/1/11 4:01pm northguineahills:

If I'm still doing this freelance gig on the 15th, I'll throw in another mouse pledge (aaron, bk)
  Tue. 3/1/11 4:04pm northguineahills:

@Matt from Springfield: I"ve been working 12 hour days every day for a month, so, I have yet to look at the dj premiums. When work slows down, and I regain my sanity, I'll look at the dj premiums. But yes, so much quality to choose from.
  Tue. 3/1/11 4:08pm Matt from Springfield:

YOKO! Unrest, Richard Pinhas, Michael Reuther, I remember all those fondly! Thanks for organizing those shows Brian!
  Tue. 3/1/11 4:10pm Matt from Springfield:

@NGH: WFMU helps me keep my sanity during work! And after, and before...here's to "snagging your swag"!
  Tue. 3/1/11 4:12pm Borg:

I kind of tune out during these pledge shows...
  Tue. 3/1/11 4:12pm andy/s:

the Monochrome Set are back! They are playing Primavera this year so you may even get to see em!
  Tue. 3/1/11 4:12pm northguineahills:

grazie gracia, Matt from Springfield!
  Tue. 3/1/11 4:14pm northguineahills:

Actually, I have a hard time focusing at work w/ all the talking, but I still listen every now and then during the marathon.

(keep on talking!)
  Tue. 3/1/11 4:14pm LordGrenville:

mono-chrome hits the spot
  Tue. 3/1/11 4:15pm Nate K:

If you pledged at the beginning of the show are you in the running for everything?
  Tue. 3/1/11 4:16pm pierre:

No way i love the monochrome set !
primavera this year for real ?
  Tue. 3/1/11 4:16pm Skirkie:

How much to pledge to be in the running for this?
  Tue. 3/1/11 4:16pm wigwambam:

Excellent question Nate
  Tue. 3/1/11 4:17pm BT:

15 clammers
  Tue. 3/1/11 4:18pm Spoilt Victorian Child:

Woof! Moo!
  Tue. 3/1/11 4:21pm Danne D:

Hey Skirkie :) saw you adopted the head honcho. Very impressive!
  Tue. 3/1/11 4:22pm Skirkie:

All part of my evil plan.
  Tue. 3/1/11 4:22pm Yair Yona:

yea! LPD!
Kaspell is the king of bubbles.
  Tue. 3/1/11 4:23pm Danne D:

usually, nate, each regular drawing starts with a new set of pledge cards, but if you've pledged a total of $75 over the course of the show you should be eligible for the grand prize (though if you get there on multiple cards during the show you should let 'em know you are upping the pledge so you get your just chance)
  Tue. 3/1/11 4:27pm wigwambam:

ooooooooo one of my favorite Wire songs!
  Tue. 3/1/11 4:28pm Yair Yona:

What a killer tune! is it available on FMA?
  Tue. 3/1/11 4:31pm Yair Yona:

and don't' forget Colin's side project Githead with his wife Malka Spiegel from Minimal Compact
  Tue. 3/1/11 4:33pm Nate K:

I'm cool. One shot pledge, but I'll keep my fingers crossed for the grand prize.
  Tue. 3/1/11 4:36pm Danne D:

good luck Nate!
  Tue. 3/1/11 4:40pm LordGrenville:

Githead is great!
  Tue. 3/1/11 4:41pm Barb:

Off to do the morning's suburban taxi service. Hail to the King of Kirby Park!
  Tue. 3/1/11 4:41pm herb:

ooh - WIRE on wfmu. why not have BARE WIRES open? (oh thank you wfmu, that's how i learned of bare wires.)
  Tue. 3/1/11 4:42pm antiguo Automata Mexicano:

Hello from mexico Brian hope you remember me...I love the app! See our last videos vimeo. com/automata/videos
  Tue. 3/1/11 4:43pm Matt from Springfield:

I myself started "actively commenting" on the AccuPlaylists last year, been listening for nearly 2 years now, And the Archives! All this wonderful stuff they've broadcast in the last decade, all at your fingertips! Even if you have NO money, scrap together 10 bucks even (15 to get in the running for prizes!) if you listen to the station and/or archives often.
  Tue. 3/1/11 4:45pm LordGrenville:

need me that Roth
  Tue. 3/1/11 4:47pm herb:

oh, i JUST e-pledged. but forgot to say that I DO NOT WANT that david lee roth thing. but since i'm being told by brian that i want it, then, I WANT IT.
  Tue. 3/1/11 4:49pm minnesota jeff:

Not liking DLR makes you monster. I can't recomend his solo album "Eat em and Smile" enough
  Tue. 3/1/11 4:50pm Xavi:

@matt: i gotta listen to the archives to catch up for sure
  Tue. 3/1/11 4:51pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

wondering how a drive like this is sustainable over a two week period...diminishing returns and all that...
  Tue. 3/1/11 4:52pm Matt from Springfield:

My personal appeal: remember all those great live sets Brian had last year? That took effort to organize and get on the air. And don't forget, Brian is also our very capable Music Director, listening to the new stuff coming in to the station to find great new discoveries that will be passed along to you (as he demonstrated to Andy Breckman recently...)

But despite all his enthusiasm, this great stuff won't be heard unless WFMU is up and running. Support his dream, and your dream at the same time.
  Tue. 3/1/11 4:54pm Adam:

BT and WFMU have tiger's blood and Adonis DNA. Duh, winning! If you haven't already, pledge now to keep this great party going.
  Tue. 3/1/11 4:55pm Richard from Venezuela:

Just checking in from house. Greetings to Brian and Martha.
  Tue. 3/1/11 4:55pm Matt from Springfield:

@Xavi: I usually catch up to parts I miss on the Archives, and a few shows I follow religiously, whether I caught it live or not (BT--you are one of them!)
@herb: Brian frees your mind from following its own desires. Embrace the Brian.
  Tue. 3/1/11 4:56pm Gerry from Brantford:

Carl tweeted looking for WFMU's address. Reply @ACNewman so he can find you guys :)
  Tue. 3/1/11 4:56pm pierre:

Black Bug, Death, and the Normals
WE ARE SPOILED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  Tue. 3/1/11 4:56pm Matt from Springfield:

Greetings once again Richard! Do you listen to Martha live, as well as Brian? As someone pointed out you seem to check in to every show at least once every week!
  Tue. 3/1/11 4:58pm Squinchy:

TFUL playing ATP in the UK this year...
  Tue. 3/1/11 4:59pm Yair Yona:

I pledged about a week before the marathon, but I gotta say it as well - Brian, you and the station had been a great influence on me as a musician and definitely shaped my music taste and opened my ears to MANY new music. so thanks again.
  Tue. 3/1/11 4:59pm blake:

huzzah for the Job's Daughters mention!
  Tue. 3/1/11 5:01pm minnesota jeff:

Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuck, I wanted that DLR prize so bad.
  Tue. 3/1/11 5:03pm pierre:

Brian T, do you remember the name of that club ?
  Tue. 3/1/11 5:04pm pierre:

or does anybody on the comment board ?
  Tue. 3/1/11 5:06pm Richard from Venezuela:

hahahahaha, good point matt. Monica and Martha show are one of my favorites.
  Tue. 3/1/11 5:07pm Adam:

Congratulations, Herb, on your No Holds BBQ prize win. Let us know about the DVD on the comment board in the future, would ya? WFMU is the best!
  Tue. 3/1/11 5:08pm Cecile:

This shit is crazy. Love it.
  Tue. 3/1/11 5:10pm Marmalade kitty:

Sic Alps cool!..Ice T in Jack D, are the clash Baby! bit harsh! lol
  Tue. 3/1/11 5:11pm Adam:

Well said @Cecile. I listen to WFMU FOR the brilliant/crazy that it offers.
  Tue. 3/1/11 5:11pm minnesota jeff:

Is it just me or does it seem like the prizes accross the board are like leaps and bounds beyond last years? Half the shows have had multiple prizes that seemed like they would have been $75 grandprizes for shows last year. So awesome!
  Tue. 3/1/11 5:11pm fred:

I was there in Instants Chavires in Montreuil when Group Doueh played, and it was a serious blast. I missed Omar Souleyman though, but I had seen him a few days before.
@pierre: if you're in Paris, you may want to show up there tomorrow. France is playing, they use an amplified hurdy-gurdy for a kind of trance-like music that's pretty unique. They're from Clermont-Ferrand, but they don't play all that often around here
  Tue. 3/1/11 5:13pm DJ Keili:

WOOHOO Brian Turnerrrrr
Holla from PM School.
Math is hard.
  Tue. 3/1/11 5:14pm pierre:

thanks fred !
wait, fred from Vanves ?
  Tue. 3/1/11 5:16pm fred:

Hey Keili! You'll only need simple arithmetic on Sunday to keep track of our pledges, but hopefully we'll reach a challenging total
  Tue. 3/1/11 5:18pm DJ Keili:

Hey Fred!
True dat!
But I'm having some trouble with the basic math Qs on the playlist chat as always. Haha!
  Tue. 3/1/11 5:18pm herb:

haha, dj KEILI says "math is hard". well i work in a math dept. and since i like to add, i'll e-pledge some more (as part of my pre-mara pledge). oh, i caught TOY SUGAR on her show recently, having woken up morbidly early.
  Tue. 3/1/11 5:19pm DJ Keili:

Woooo keep on adding, guyz!
  Tue. 3/1/11 5:19pm Ike:

Yeah, moviegoing in NYC can be bizarre and/or horrifying. The first time I went to the Angelika, I saw "Affliction." The seats were tiny back then, and the audience freaked me out by laughing uproariously at all the scary bloody tooth-extraction parts that weren't remotely funny. The Landmark Sunshine is nice though.
  Tue. 3/1/11 5:20pm Richard from Venezuela:

Hello Keili. Hope you have a good marathon on sunday.
  Tue. 3/1/11 5:20pm fred:

@pierre: nope, I never even set foot there. If you go to that gig tomorrow, come over and say hi! I'll be wearing some WFMU gear (bag and button, probably a T-shirt), but just say the station's name and the people there should point me out. They've already put WFMU next to my name when mailing their schedule, so I'm pretty much tagged that way.
  Tue. 3/1/11 5:20pm Danne D:

Jeff, if I'm not mistaken you can thank the hard work of Brian for that since I think he's the prize wrangler if I'm not mistaken.

Hey Fred :) Hey Keili :) Hey Ike :) Actually Keili's gotta do the math for her co-hosting gig with Marty next week too!

<wonders if EFD loaning Keili his Math The Band promos will help at all>
  Tue. 3/1/11 5:20pm MuttonChops:

Sometimes you go to the movies and sometimes the movies go to you
  Tue. 3/1/11 5:22pm dr. woodbe:

brainbombs? w/that kind of hyperbole i thought you were talking about doden
  Tue. 3/1/11 5:22pm Danne D:

lol love that fred is the "WFMU" guy there. Less embarrassing that the place I go to watch football labeling me as "Bengals" (and yes I really am a Bengals fan).
  Tue. 3/1/11 5:23pm Danne D:

Excited for my first volunteer shift tomorrow on Evan's show :)
  Tue. 3/1/11 5:23pm fred:

@pierre (again): and of course get ready for Sonic Protest! They're back with a vengeance this year, the festival runs from April 2-10: http://www.sonicprotest.com/
  Tue. 3/1/11 5:24pm hamburger:

hoho Danne D. good one!
  Tue. 3/1/11 5:24pm Danne D:

Hamburger :) s'up?
  Tue. 3/1/11 5:25pm hamburger:

Just back from Chelsea rob Man Utd :) (very bitter)
  Tue. 3/1/11 5:26pm BT:

Doden is a pretty high water mark!
  Tue. 3/1/11 5:26pm zax:

Sonic Protest Rules!
  Tue. 3/1/11 5:27pm pierre:

yep i'm already waiting for Club Moral !!!
  Tue. 3/1/11 5:27pm Danne D:

Great relegation battle brewing there hamburger :) (of course not involving those two teams)

Wish I could see that music festival in Paris :(
  Tue. 3/1/11 5:27pm Matt from Springfield:

Thanks for volunteering Danne! If I was closer to NYC I would love to volunteer in person!

(Are you gonna try to get a glimpse of Ken and Andy at the studio beforehand?)
  Tue. 3/1/11 5:27pm fred:

Hmm... Danne, is that why you said you looked like a big cat in PJs during Julie's show? If so, you may be taking your team loyalty a tad too far.
  Tue. 3/1/11 5:29pm Danne D:

LOL fred!!!
no I think it was more that my eyes weren't open more than a crack. I was very tired.

I also hold no warranty for coherence (or lack thereof) prior to 10am - you already know that :)
  Tue. 3/1/11 5:31pm herb:

go to matadorrecords.com & hit 'blog' - you can read GERARD COSLOY's funny thingy about tonight's WFMU 9pm-midnight show.
  Tue. 3/1/11 5:32pm fred:

I'm pretty psyched about this festival. As I'm lucky enough to have Cesar & Momo (aka Radikal Satan) playing there on my 40th birthday. I'll definitely be there, but I can't vouch for coherence
  Tue. 3/1/11 5:32pm Danne D:

I'll probably still be in transit to the station Matt (with a stop at the Pretzel Factory down by my work to bring some pretzels up to the station), so I'll probably see Ken but likely not Andy. Though I've met them plenty of times before (when FMU moved into the station and we had the human chain moving records to the basement I actually was positioned next to Andy). I also remember being there volunteering (in East Orange) when they left during their show to race to the then-new digs in Jersey City :)
  Tue. 3/1/11 5:33pm Danne D:

Wow someone on here (almost) as old as me :) Sounds like a fun birthday fred! I was in Vega$ playing poker and seeing Penn and Teller on my 40th (and yes representing FMU at the World Series of Poker)
  Tue. 3/1/11 5:34pm pierre:

ok cool, i'll probably wear a wfmu t shirt at the gig to then, we will look cool/ridicule
Is it ok if you teach me how you became a wfmu ambassador in France, as i'd love to be an apprentice
  Tue. 3/1/11 5:35pm Danne D:

Brian Turner = killer performer for Hoof N Mouth btw
  Tue. 3/1/11 5:35pm pierre:

or ridicool
  Tue. 3/1/11 5:36pm Carmichael:

You're way young, Danne D. Bunch of old bags on the FMU comment boards (including me). And that's a good thing!
  Tue. 3/1/11 5:36pm fred:

Well, showing up often enough with station gear will do that for you. And when there are only a handful of people there (which happens, but won't tomorrow), it's easy to stand out
  Tue. 3/1/11 5:37pm Cecile:

I am old and decrepit.
  Tue. 3/1/11 5:38pm Matt from Springfield:

@Danne: Sounds like fun times! At this point that would prob. make you an officer of the 7SD fan club! So is that how they "switched" studios then? Running there in the middle of a 7SD? I wonder if that Archive is available :)
  Tue. 3/1/11 5:39pm Carmichael:

Now now, 'Cile. Bask in your worldly experience!
  Tue. 3/1/11 5:40pm Matt from Springfield:

@Cecile: I'm a "kid" but with very esoteric tastes--WFMU is a great place to hang out amid the "experts" such as yourselves! Also my job is white-collar technical so I usually am available to comment.
  Tue. 3/1/11 5:41pm pierre:

well, allright, that works.
but first i need to Increase my fmu items collection then, but first of all…
I need to find a job > thus may not be able to go see France tomorrow, but hopefully it'll be allright for Sonic Protest.
  Tue. 3/1/11 5:42pm Danne D:

LOL yeah I'm old enough in FMU terms that I won $25 when Ken and Andy did a game of 20 questions (I got the correct answer) and they announced how to get the money out of Western Union to the Entire Audience. I very dramatically got the money and called in at the end of the show - a rare SSD success :) Never heard it reaired though :(
  Tue. 3/1/11 5:44pm BW:

Brian Turner is an international treasure! Let's all pledge a bit more so he can hit 10,000 (I just did)
  Tue. 3/1/11 5:47pm wigwambam:

For a sec there I almost thought BT posted BW's comment haha
  Tue. 3/1/11 5:47pm Richard from Venezuela:

hahahha, me too.
  Tue. 3/1/11 5:48pm wigwambam:

would have been an awesome "i am a golden god" moment oh well
  Tue. 3/1/11 5:49pm Danne D:

I don't see that show on the archive (but it's possible I just don't recall the title). I know that Ken and Andy defnitely raced to the studio during the show and I think they called in with updates or something a classic.

The one I won $25 on would the be the "Twenty Questions" episode but I don't see it.

Favorite archive title:
"The Perfect Murder. No Archive Available. "

Big push for the end of Brian's Show guys!!!!
  Tue. 3/1/11 5:50pm fred:

@pierre: I'll be there for Club Moral too, I got my ticket for that show last week. BTW, tickets are available at a reduced price @bimbo tower this week
  Tue. 3/1/11 5:53pm pierre:

ok this is perfect, fred = my personal savior of the day !
  Tue. 3/1/11 5:53pm Danne D:

you learn more listening to WFMU than on any narrowcast satellite station
  Tue. 3/1/11 5:53pm Matt from Springfield:

WFMU--"inclusive attitude" and "serious irreverence"--couldn't have said it better!

Yes Brian, TRUE free-form lives on thanks to you guys.
  Tue. 3/1/11 5:56pm zax:

Fred, if you come on the 9th for our Lietterschpich concert I'd dedicate a frequency for your birthday
  Tue. 3/1/11 5:56pm Matt from Springfield:

Ha ha! Great title Danne. Though, "The Perfect Murder" is available on the Oct 14 2009 date when it was rebrodcast--they just don't duplicate archive files. Still, that's a funny archive title!
  Tue. 3/1/11 5:56pm Jose:

I'm new here but I concur, great PL!
  Tue. 3/1/11 5:57pm fred:

@zax: I have a ticket for that one too!
  Tue. 3/1/11 5:58pm wigwambam:

Crossing my fingers for the film set...wanna host a movie night
  Tue. 3/1/11 5:58pm Danne D:

Hi Jose :) welcome aboard. Make sure you check out the grand finale to the marathon (sunday night about 7pm to 12 midnight in the US eastern time zone) - it'll totally be worth it :)
  Tue. 3/1/11 5:59pm zax:

I'm so excited - it's my first visit to France. what a killer festival!
  Tue. 3/1/11 5:59pm Danne D:

oops - that's 2 sundays from now (the 13th)
  Tue. 3/1/11 5:59pm Matt from Springfield:

Thanks Brian and Martha! And volunteers! And pledgers!
You all rock!
  Tue. 3/1/11 6:01pm SepticTank:

hey! well done!
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