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I play rhinoceros and psychedelic fork.

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Options February 15, 2011: Marbles for an Elf

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Artist Track Album Year Approx. start time
MICAH  Finale   Options I'm Only One Man  1971  0:00:00 ()
H.E.W.  Listen to the Drummer   Options Live  1972  0:00:38 ()
JOHN NATCHEZ  Rush Madly   Options Listen  1977  0:03:29 ()
MICAH  Finale   Options I'm Only One Man  1971  0:08:42 ()
MIRTHRANDIR  Conversations with Personality Giver   Options For You the Old Woman  1976  0:09:14 ()
GRIME  Cauchemar (I)   Options Grime  1979  0:14:40 ()
OCEAN  Strange Rain   Options God's Clown  1976  0:16:34 ()
PARIS  Starcage   Options Paris  1976  0:21:25 ()
MAXIMILLIAN  Little Amazon   Options Maximillian  1969  0:29:29 ()
FRIGATE  Lose Your Marbles   Options Dreams of the Deep  1977  0:34:43 ()
THE 5th AVE BUSES  Catwoman   Options Trip to Gotham City  1967  0:39:53 ()
SCOTT X  Trash Can   Options Scott X  1984  0:41:59 ()
ROSE BROOKS  They're Comin to Take Me Away, Ha-Haaa!   Options V.A.: Napoleon Complex    0:43:32 ()
RANCID VAT  Cranium Casserole   Options Stampeding Cattle  1982  0:45:37 ()
KEN KRAUSE  Hey God, Listen - Overture   Options Hey God, Listen  1974  0:48:17 ()
NEW COLONY SIX  Elf Song   Options Colonization  1967  0:49:26 ()
HARVARD LAMPOON (JONATHAN CERF)  One Born Every Minute   Options The Surprising Sheep and Other Mind Excursions  1968  0:51:41 ()
THE 5th AVE BUSES  The Joker   Options Trip to Gotham City  1967  0:53:30 ()
B. BRUNO  Comfortably Numb   Options When the Eagle Flies  198?  1:00:25 ()
TRAFFIC  Graveyard People   Options When the Eagle Flies  1974  1:05:57 ()
ROBERT WYATT  The Age of Self   Options Old Rottenhat  1985  1:11:59 ()
THE TREE PEOPLE  More Than Yoko   Options It's My Story  2010  1:14:51 ()
HANDGJORT  Worlds on Fire   Options Handgjort  1970  1:16:42 ()
MICHAEL CACY  Roan   Options Gathering  1972  1:20:11 ()
VISION  Lake of Fire   Options 7"  1970  1:29:38 ()
HOMECOMING  Which Side   Options Homecoming  197?  1:33:14 ()
TED MICHAEL w/ THE WORDS OF LIFE  All You Have to Do   Options Life's Story  1980  1:35:33 ()
THE CORNERSTONE'S  Poor Little Girl   Options Built Upon Christ - The Chief Cornerstone  1972  1:38:57 ()
DENNIS LARSSON  Apology   Options History of Damage  1980  1:42:51 ()
ROBERT JOHN GALLO  Summertime in the Winter   Options A New Place to Live  1972  1:47:50 ()
IVORY  Morning Song   Options Ivory  1973  1:51:09 ()
TIM BUCKLEY  Wings   Options Tim Buckley  1966  1:55:32 ()
MICHAEL KAMEN  Christophene   Options New York Rock  1973  1:58:06 ()
JOHN WHITE  Tru Roma(ance)   Options Fashion Music  1993  2:03:46 ()
PETER ZUMMO  Sci Fi (1985)   Options Zummo with an X  2006  2:12:37 ()
SERGE PESCE  Eros Sotiu   Options Jazzd'aia  1998  2:15:44 ()
EVAN ZIPORYN  Amok!, pt. 4   Options Gamelan Galak Tika  2000  2:20:15 ()
DAVID SIMONS  Kebyar Leyak (1992)   Options V.A.: Gamelan Son of Lion: New Gamelan/New York  1995  2:25:32 ()
THE TINKLERS  I'm Stickin' with You   Options Crash  1992  2:36:32 ()
NEIL DICK  Something Wonderful Happened (The Basketball Song)   Options The Future Is Now  2006  2:38:26 ()
DAVE SOLDIER  To Spike Jones in Heaven   Options Romances from the Second Line  1990  2:42:50 ()
TROY DAUSEND  Some Fantasy   Options Some Fantasy  1979  2:54:42 ()

Listener comments!

  Tue. 2/15/11 12:01pm Alf from Upstate:

I may be first, but you are #1, Tony!
  Tue. 2/15/11 12:01pm ?:

Hulllo dere!
  Tue. 2/15/11 12:01pm Marcury:

Good morning, uh I mean afternoon.
  Tue. 2/15/11 12:02pm Tony C:

Thanks, Alf! Hello to all...
  Tue. 2/15/11 12:02pm BSI:

Two minutes late. Any coffee left?
  Tue. 2/15/11 12:03pm Drummer Some:

Tony's back, wowie zowie!
  Tue. 2/15/11 12:03pm Tony C:

Hi Marcury. This track is dedicated to Doug (whether he wants it or not)
  Tue. 2/15/11 12:04pm Drummer Some:

All drum solos, all the time. You know how to impress Tony.
  Tue. 2/15/11 12:06pm Tony C:

Thought I'd go a bit gonzo for the first set....
  Tue. 2/15/11 12:07pm Marcury:

Give the drummer his due!
  Tue. 2/15/11 12:07pm Ike:

These drums have an oddly mellow, nice murky sound to them. Not sharp or distinct. Like a yummy porridge.
  Tue. 2/15/11 12:10pm Tony C:

Some New Jersey prog for ya....
  Tue. 2/15/11 12:11pm BSI:

tony coulter.... a closet skin-head?
  Tue. 2/15/11 12:12pm Tony C:

Aren't we all skin heads under our hair?
  Tue. 2/15/11 12:12pm Ricardo Montalban:

Greetings, Tony!
Mahvelous show!
  Tue. 2/15/11 12:13pm Tony C:

Gracias, senor!
  Tue. 2/15/11 12:14pm BSI:

and thereunder, infinite space....
  Tue. 2/15/11 12:16pm Tony C:

Warning: the next track is *really* bonkers....
  Tue. 2/15/11 12:19pm Ricardo Montalban:

If by bonkers you mean *Freaking phantistic!* Wowzers!
  Tue. 2/15/11 12:19pm Marcury:

mmm... progalicius
  Tue. 2/15/11 12:20pm Tony C:

  Tue. 2/15/11 12:21pm Mastedon Molly:

Tony is stuck in a 1970s time warp. (Thank God it's not the '80s.)
  Tue. 2/15/11 12:22pm BSI:

Totally superior to 1980s cowbell!
  Tue. 2/15/11 12:25pm Tony C:

Portland is kind of stuck in the '70s in a lot of ways, so it's been encouraging my own '70s fixation.
  Tue. 2/15/11 12:27pm Ricardo Montalban:

Portland has its niches of stuckness. A nineties one here, an eighties one here, a smattering of seventies over there under the fir trees.
  Tue. 2/15/11 12:31pm Tony C:

Just curious: setting aside my chest cold, does the mic sound better this week? Or worse? Or the same?
  Tue. 2/15/11 12:32pm Marcury:

Definitely sound better, though maybe a little loud.
  Tue. 2/15/11 12:33pm Tony C:

Thanks, Marcury -- and thanks for your suggestion that made that possible!
  Tue. 2/15/11 12:34pm BSI:

Better in the midrange than before, surely.
Now, about this girl in a marmot's body....
  Tue. 2/15/11 12:36pm Tony C:

Don't lose your marbles....
  Tue. 2/15/11 12:39pm PMD:

Wow, was just listening to Liz's show - mellow, soft - and decided to switch over just in time to lose my marbles! Woke me up!
  Tue. 2/15/11 12:40pm Tony C:

Some Batman exploitation for you....
  Tue. 2/15/11 12:41pm mark:

Holy freeform radio!
  Tue. 2/15/11 12:45pm Ricardo Montalban:

MIC sounds loads better. Maybe a bit distorted and bassy, but much more clearer and less muffled than last week.
  Tue. 2/15/11 12:46pm Ricardo Montalban:

Rancid Vat! P-Town!
Used to loathe/love them.
  Tue. 2/15/11 12:46pm Marcury:

Wow a cover of They're Coming... What will they think of next?
  Tue. 2/15/11 12:46pm Tony C:

Thanks, RM! One day I will achieve perfection -- and then I will drop dead the next day.
  Tue. 2/15/11 12:47pm Marcury:

BTW, glad to be of service!
  Tue. 2/15/11 12:48pm Tony C:

Some Portland no wave!
  Tue. 2/15/11 12:49pm Ricardo Montalban:

Rancid Vat were around for a long time. Sadly, undocumented on Mike Lastra's muddled Portland Punk documentary NW Passage
  Tue. 2/15/11 12:54pm Tony C:

Batman returns!
  Tue. 2/15/11 1:01pm still b/p:

(Had a Batman suit. Shhh.)
  Tue. 2/15/11 1:04pm Tony C:

Well, I spent hours singing the theme while sliding down a friend's batpole....
  Tue. 2/15/11 1:09pm Alf from Upstate:

Funny, you're playing Traffic and I feel congested. What a coincidence.
  Tue. 2/15/11 1:10pm Tony C:

Just wait until they start Traffic jamming.
  Tue. 2/15/11 1:14pm Tony C:

All hail Wyatt!
  Tue. 2/15/11 1:20pm Tony C:

Have some Jesus rock lined up for the next set. Say your prayers now....
  Tue. 2/15/11 1:20pm BSI:

Christ almighty!
  Tue. 2/15/11 1:29pm Drummer Some:

Tony, I assume you're familiar with the wonderful blog Heavenly Grooves.

  Tue. 2/15/11 1:31pm Tony C:

I am indeed, Doug -- though I haven't explored it that much. I can see it's a great thing, though!
  Tue. 2/15/11 1:38pm Tony C:

For the record: I do not believe, but like the sound of people who do.
  Tue. 2/15/11 1:42pm Ricardo Montalban:

I'm that way with UFO cult albums
  Tue. 2/15/11 1:43pm Mastedon Molly:

I like that description Tony. "I don't believe, but like the sound of people who do." Nice!
  Tue. 2/15/11 1:44pm Ricardo Montalban:

I finally found Forrest McCullough's Flight F-I-N-A-L at a GoodwIll for 99 cents! Been wanting it for years. Passed on paying 12 bucks for it at Exiled Records.
  Tue. 2/15/11 1:46pm Tony C:

I need to find more records that combine Jesus and UFOs.
  Tue. 2/15/11 1:48pm Ricardo Montalban:

Yeah. Very few. Maybe the Elizabeth Claire Prophet stuff. Not sure. I think that the Unarians HAD TO of put out some kind of music.
  Tue. 2/15/11 1:48pm Tony C:

Thanks, Mastedon Molly!
  Tue. 2/15/11 1:57pm BSI:

RM: yes, that F-I-N-A-L record is a huge favorite. Great find for .99
  Tue. 2/15/11 1:59pm Tony C:

Someone take over while I get a cup of coffee. Back in a minute...
  Tue. 2/15/11 1:59pm BSI:

.............this....... is a stalling...... tape..........
  Tue. 2/15/11 2:06pm Tony C:

Ooops! Kamen & Co are actually standing in front of Bethesda Fountain, not the bandshell. Bethesda Fountain was (in)famous as a place to score a variety of illicit substances....
  Tue. 2/15/11 2:14pm Tony C:

Vocals and cello by Arthur Russell on this Peter Zummo cut....
  Tue. 2/15/11 2:18pm Tony C:

Stay tuned for UFOs at the end of the set!
  Tue. 2/15/11 2:25pm Ricardo Montalban:

Streaming a 1966 CBS Walter Cronkite report on UFOs in the background (recording for audio project), so that'll be great.
  Tue. 2/15/11 2:25pm Ike:

This is ecstafabulexxelent.
  Tue. 2/15/11 2:26pm Tony C:

The UFOs have landed!
  Tue. 2/15/11 2:26pm Ricardo Montalban:

Have you heard Seattle's Gamelan X?
  Tue. 2/15/11 2:26pm BSI:

take me to your bleeder!
  Tue. 2/15/11 2:27pm Tony C:

Thanks, Ike!

RM: Haven't heard Gamelan X .... will search for 'em.
  Tue. 2/15/11 2:28pm Tony C:

Oddly, I worked for two people performing on this track -- at separate jobs.
  Tue. 2/15/11 2:31pm Tony C:

Stay tuned for another phlegm-matic mic break on here on Give the Chest Cold Some.
  Tue. 2/15/11 2:35pm Drummer Some:

You could play some Jacques Brel. Wasn't he phlegmish?
  Tue. 2/15/11 2:39pm Tony C:

Speaking of which, I'll be in Belgium next month. Travel tips, anyone?
  Tue. 2/15/11 2:45pm Ricardo Montalban:

Where did you find that Neil Dick?! Wow!
  Tue. 2/15/11 2:46pm Tony C:

From CD Baby, which is quite a source for current day outsider stuff.
  Tue. 2/15/11 2:48pm marcury:

Be sure to go to Bruges, in keeping with an earlier set there is a church wihich claims to have a vial of Christ's blood which is supposed to on occasion return to it's liquid state. At least i remember someone telling me that one night walking through the square there. Also drink lot's of Beer.
  Tue. 2/15/11 2:50pm Tony C:

Thanks for the suggestions, Marcury -- though the mixture of liquids is making me a bit queasy.
  Tue. 2/15/11 2:50pm Ricardo Montalban:

Here's someone I discovered on CDB, then had on my radio show, only to hear from his wife/manager every week for a year on how to make him a big star: http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/theejh
  Tue. 2/15/11 2:52pm Drummer Some:

I've been to Bruges! The Venice of the North. And my favorite restaurant here in Pittsburgh is the Point Brugge Café. Astonishingly good muscles and frites. And, yes, beer.
  Tue. 2/15/11 2:53pm marcury:

Just don't drink the blood.
  Tue. 2/15/11 2:54pm Drummer Some:

Tune in to Give the Drummer Radio tonight at 6pm for the one-hour version of Give the Drummer Some. On this evening's show: A birthday special for my dear wife!
  Tue. 2/15/11 2:55pm Ricardo Montalban:

This has been an amazing show, Tony! Much thanks for making my desk-bound day much more interesting!
  Tue. 2/15/11 2:56pm Tony C:

Happy birthday, wife-of-Doug! And thanks, everybody, for listening! See ya next time....
  Wed. 2/23/11 5:54pm Cozmic Eddie:

Happy to see that you played tracks from the Michael Cacy and Michael Kamen albums I turned you onto. Always pleased to contribute to your efforts to expand the consciousness of the eager.
  Wed. 2/23/11 6:22pm Tony C:

Ah, yes -- thanks for the two Michaels, Ed!
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