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Terre's Best Faves for 2010, casual style
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Options The Cherry Blossom Clinic with hostess Terre T

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Note: The music bed between sets is the william orbit remix of pierre henry's "psyche rock" taken from the 1997 album metamorphose -- messe pour le temps present featuring the music of pierre henry and michel colombier (FFRR/polygram 4562942).

The last column may have tons or NO info depending on how reliable my notes are. (I write up the set list as I play it)
Artist Title Album, Label, Format, Year, Notes Approx. start time
THE MOVE  Cherry Blossom Clinic Revisited   Options Shazam!. 0:00:00 )  
BRIMSTONES  City of People   Options 7". Go Ape. 7". (2010) Terre's 10th Best Fave single of 2010! 0:07:10 )  
DAVILLA 666  Borrando El Negro (She's A Rainbow)   Options Their Hispanic Majesties Request double 7". Norton. Terre's 9th Best Fave single of 2010! 0:09:19 )  
KURT VILE  In My Time   Options 7". Matador. 7". Terre's 8th Best Fave single of 2010! 0:14:18 )  
FUNGI GIRLS  Turquoise Hotel   Options 7". HoZac. 7". (2010) Terre's 7th Best Fave single of 2010! 0:17:49 )  
THE HAMBURGLARS  Hamburglars' Theme   Options Robble Robble EP. 7". (2010) Terre's 6th Best Fave single of 2010! 0:21:13 )  
THE OUTDOORSMEN  Suntan Lotion   Options You and Me and Rock n Roll EP. Daggerman. 7". Terre's 5th Best Fave single of 2010! 0:23:14 )  
HOME BLITZ  Perpetual Night   Options 7". Almost Ready. 7". Terre's 4th Best Fave single of 2010! 0:39:42 )  
SUPER SNIPES  Aint No Nuthin'   Options How Do You Do? 7" ep. Radiowave. Terre's 3rd Best Fave single of 2010!
Dick Scum of Armitage Shanks backed by the London Dirthole Company
0:42:26 )  
LAMPS  Niels Bohr was an Excellent Ping Pong Player   Options 7". Dull Knife. Terre's 2nd Best Fave single of 2010! 0:43:53 )  
JAY VONS  Maybe I Loved You   Options 7". Crytpovision. Terre's 1st Best Fave single of 2010! 0:46:50 )  
CAROLEE  Rainout   Options Demo. self-released. CD-R. One of Terre's Honorable Mentions for 2010 0:49:45 )  
THE ABOVE  Find Somebody New   Options s/t. self-released. CD. One of Terre's Honorable Mentions for 2010 0:51:56 )  
THE ELECTRIC MESS  You've Become A Witch   Options s/t. self-released. CD. One of Terre's Honorable Mentions for 2010
From Chip Fontaine:
the electric mess is playing bar matchless tonight (557 manhattan avenue) with black on brown, the rats and the baxx sisi's! free if you rsvp by 5pm: supermodeldeathdive@gmail.com. open vodka bar 9pm!!!
0:54:16 )  
JAY BANERJEE  Long Way   Options (Ban-Er-Jee. Just Like It's Spelled). Sweetheart Beats. CD. One of Terre's Honorable Mentions for 2010 0:56:43 )  
SO COW  Girl Racer   Options Meaningless Friendly. Tic Tac Totally. LP. Terre's 25th Best Fave album of 2010! 1:20:18 )  
SUPERCHUNK  Digging For Something   Options Majesty Shredding. Merge. Terre's 24th Best Fave album of 2010! 1:21:37 )  
EDDIE CURRENT SUPPRESSION RING  Anxiety   Options Rush To Relax. Goner Records. Terre's 23rd Best Fave album of 2010! 1:25:37 )  
HARLEM  Spray Paint   Options Hippies. Matador. Terre's 22nd Best Fave album of 2010! 1:30:58 )  
LONDON DIRTHOLE COMPANY  Real Mean Cop   Options A Night on Mare Street (in 19 Scenes). Radiowave Recordings. Terre's 21st Best Fave album of 2010! 1:31:06 )  
IDLE TIMES  Working On Something   Options s/t. HoZac. Terre's 20th Best Fave album of 2010! 1:33:11 )  
CLINIC  Evelyn   Options Bubblegum. Domino. Terre's 19th Best Fave album of 2010! 1:37:08 )  
CHEAP TIME  Down the Tube   Options Fantastic Explanations (And Similar Situations). In the Red. Terre's 18th Best Fave album of 2010! 1:40:53 )  
PERSONAL AND THE PIZZAS  Tear Jerker/I Don't Feel So Happy Now No More   Options Raw Pie. 1-2-3-4 Go!. Terre's 17th Best Fave album of 2010! 1:43:31 )  
VERMILLION SANDS  In The Wood   Options s/t. Alien Snatch. Terre's 16th Best Fave album of 2010! 1:47:40 )  
CINEMA RED & BLUE  Ballad of an All-Nite Worker   Options s/t. What's Your Rupture?. Terre's 15th Best Fave album of 2010! 2:01:48 )  
HANK IV  Garbage Star   Options III. Siltbreeze. Terre's 14th Best Fave album of 2010! 2:04:29 )  
HAUNTED GEORGE  Shed of Doom   Options American Crow. In the Red. Terre's 13th Best Fave album of 2010! 2:07:05 )  
MAJOR STARS  Run From Me Devil   Options Return To Form. Drag City. Terre's 12th Best Fave album of 2010! 2:09:26 )  
TYVEK  4312   Options Nothing Fits. In the Red. Terre's 11th Best Fave album of 2010!
This was also on associate producer Paulie B's Best of 2010 list on his awesome blog, The Unblinking Ear! To read his list, click here. You can also listen to his Best of 2010 podcast.
2:15:14 )  
THEE OH SEES  Everything Went Black   Options Warm Slime. In the Red. Terre's 10th Best Fave album of 2010! 2:17:04 )  
THE FEROCIOUS FEW  Anywhere In Love   Options Juices. Birdman. Terre's 9th Best Fave album of 2010! 2:20:06 )  
NO BUNNY  Live It Up   Options First Blood. Goner. Terre's 8th Best Fave album of 2010! 2:22:53 )  
PAUL COLLINS BEAT  Don't Blame Your Troubles On Me   Options King of Power Pop. Alive. Terre's 7th Best Fave album of 2010!
Playing with the Muffs tonight at Maxwell's!
2:37:02 )  
UV RACE  Society Made Me Selfish/I Go Blank   Options s/t. Aarght!. Terre's 6th Best Fave album of 2010! 2:39:01 )  
THE JIM JONES REVUE  Rock n Roll Psychosis   Options s/t. Cargo. Terre's 5th Best Fave album of 2010! 2:42:19 )  
JOHN WESLEY COLEMAN III  Bad Lady Goes To Jail   Options Bad Lady Goes to Jail. Goner. Terre's 4th Best Fave album of 2010! 2:45:28 )  
TY SEGALL  Girlfriend   Options Melted. Goner. Terre's 3rd Best Fave album of 2010! 2:47:27 )  
PARTING GIFTS  Bound To Let Me Down   Options Strychnine Dandelion. In the Red. Terre's 2nd Best Fave album of 2010! 2:50:02 )  
TED LEO AND THE PHARMACISTS  Bottled In Cork   Options The Brutalist Bricks. Matador. Terre's 1st Best Fave album of 2010!!! 2:54:57 )  

Listener comments!

  Sat. 1/29/11 3:06pm Cosmic:

Checking in -.-
  Sat. 1/29/11 3:07pm Carmichael:

Hi Terre and CBC'ers.
  Sat. 1/29/11 3:09pm Noah:

Hi Terre, tuning in from the RAP LAB! Going to The Muffs tonight?
  Sat. 1/29/11 3:11pm Mark Watkins:

Hi Terre
Checking in to reception!! Listening on-line here in the UK. Belated Happy New Year!
  Sat. 1/29/11 3:15pm yura:

davilla666?nice .) they played here in zagreb :D
  Sat. 1/29/11 3:16pm Mickey in Brooklyn:

Davila 666 f'ing rocks hard and this cover is mind blowing.
  Sat. 1/29/11 3:22pm Chip Fontaine:

purdy song, baby! diggin'
kurt vile...
  Sat. 1/29/11 3:25pm seang:

Man, I was waiting for your best of 2010! Thanks!
  Sat. 1/29/11 3:26pm CF:

Props to Roger Miller for wearing his CBC T-Shirt last night at Maxwell's
  Sat. 1/29/11 3:28pm Cosmic:

Their Hispanic Majesties Request! Haha Awesome!! What's on the other side?
  Sat. 1/29/11 3:41pm Cosmic:

  Sat. 1/29/11 3:46pm ronnie K:

there's a cool show at bar matchless in brooklyn the electric mess baxx sisi's the rats tonight starting at 9:00. yeah!!
  Sat. 1/29/11 3:46pm Chip Fontaine:

the electric mess is playing bar matchless tonight (557 manhattan avenue) with black on brown, the rats and the baxx sisi's! free if you rsvp by 5pm: supermodeldeathdive@gmail.com. open vodka bar 9pm!!!
  Sat. 1/29/11 3:59pm Richard from Venezuela:

Good Afternoon Terre and all the listeners.
  Sat. 1/29/11 4:00pm Chip Fontaine:

the electric mess thanks you! xoxo
  Sat. 1/29/11 4:04pm frenchee:

The Electric Mess is on my number-one-fave organ freakouts of 2010
  Sat. 1/29/11 4:05pm frenchee:

Ronnie K, are you for real? About E. Mess tonight at Matchless?
  Sat. 1/29/11 4:07pm CF:

I'm paused in the middle of a Battlestar Galactica episode becasue I had to listen to the CBC!
  Sat. 1/29/11 4:10pm moparlarry:

By Your Command. See you at maxwells, cat. Naturally I have spare cassette players for you. KK
  Sat. 1/29/11 4:11pm Skirkie:

The Micks, Killing the Messenger, and Johnny and the D-train Riders playing Lucky 7 tonight. I've only heard of the first group, and that's why I'm going.
  Sat. 1/29/11 4:12pm Mickey Bagoosh:

Yo, I'm down wit TT, Pauly B, and the CBC, but after hittin' the tanning salon, I was hopin' to hear some house music. Youse got any?
  Sat. 1/29/11 4:32pm jahna:

Terre, listening to your best of show is like listening to what my best of show would be like...

See you at Maxwell's later?

XO Jahna
  Sat. 1/29/11 4:32pm Mickey in Brooklyn:

Eddie Current Suppression Ring + Pissed Jeans at Cake Shop was maybe the best show I went to last year.
  Sat. 1/29/11 4:34pm jahna:

Mickey, I was at that show. Def in my top 2 shows of last year... Oblivians at Kearny Irish American Hall is my number one on that list, I think.
  Sat. 1/29/11 4:45pm david in denver:

great show. that clinic can conjure up some stuff!
  Sat. 1/29/11 4:49pm CF:

Uh oh... we're only at 17 and you've played 5 of my top 10!
  Sat. 1/29/11 4:56pm Listener Jumpy in Brooklyn:

Terre, you put the BROAD in broadcast.
  Sat. 1/29/11 5:00pm moparlarry:

hey now!
  Sat. 1/29/11 5:03pm Cosmic:

I'd like to go to electric mess gig. but it would take me two days to get there
  Sat. 1/29/11 5:10pm Skirkie:

David Gray put an album out last year. No self-respecting non-commercial radio DJ would go without that on his/her list. [gag]
  Sat. 1/29/11 5:13pm Noah:

This is kinda spooky sounding...
  Sat. 1/29/11 5:21pm Tamby:

About to hit the top ten! Very curious to see who places in the Terre Ten.
  Sat. 1/29/11 5:21pm Mickey in Brooklyn:

Doesn't Tyvek make you want to smash things?
  Sat. 1/29/11 5:24pm Mike Sin:

Great show Terre T and Pauly B!
  Sat. 1/29/11 5:25pm frenchee:

Hi Jumpy! Hi Mike Sin! Who's the special secret guest, d'ya think?
  Sat. 1/29/11 5:32pm Skirkie:

The Japanese name for Jersey Shore (Macaroni Rascals) is a great name for a band, by the way.
  Sat. 1/29/11 5:33pm frenchee:

you are so right, Skirkie!
  Sat. 1/29/11 5:47pm CF:

It doesn't get much better than the Jim Jones Revue... Possibly my best show of 2010
  Sat. 1/29/11 5:48pm Skirkie:

The two Jim Jones Revue Shows I went to were the top two of my year, I'd say.
  Sat. 1/29/11 5:49pm moparlarry:

Paul, I hope you have that CD for sale at the show tonight. I'll save some drinkin' $$$ for it
  Sat. 1/29/11 5:55pm frenchee:

by gosh, I think TT is gonna fit all her fave albums into the time slot! WOOO HOOOO!
  Sat. 1/29/11 5:56pm Marmalade Kitty:

Absolutely Fabulous show tonight Terre!!!
  Sat. 1/29/11 5:58pm CF:

  Sat. 1/29/11 5:59pm frenchee:

AWESOME top ONE...great show, Terre and Pauly!
  Sat. 1/29/11 5:59pm Chris From Cranston:

Ted Leo for the win!
  Sat. 1/29/11 6:02pm Listener Jumpy in Brooklyn:

I have no idea who the special guest is, French.
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