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I play rhinoceros and psychedelic fork.

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Options January 18, 2011: The Dust Blows Back

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Artist Track Album Year Approx. start time
RASCAL REPORTERS  Hello?   Options We're God  1980   
JOHN TABACCO  A Page of Black Ionization with Some Tomita Juice   Options The Akai Years, 1979 - 84     
GIORGIO MAGNANENSI  Sere (1998)   Options V.A.: Harangue 1     
BENE GESSERIT  Walt's Waltz   Options First Time in Aachen (live 1990)     
SAMLA MAMMAS MANNA  Slade Till Santori   Options Samla Mammas Manna (1970)     
JEROME COOPER  Munich   Options A Magical Approach  2010   
SUPERSISTER  She Was Naked [bonus track]   Options Present from Nancy  1970   
GILBERT DEFLEZ (& JACKY CHALLARD)  La Collecte des Coeurs   Options Je Suis Vivant, Mais J’ai Peur  1974   
ARCHAIA  Massa Confusa   Options Archaia  1977   
SMEGMA  Mirage   Options Mirage  2010   
MARI KIMURA  Vitessimo (2007)   Options The World Below G and Beyond     
LONDON ELECTRIC GUITAR ORCHESTRA  Grumper   Options Thirteen Lumps of Cheese  1998  1:06:36 ()
VIDEO AVENTURES  Happy Harpo (1986) [bonus cut]   Options Musiques Pour Garcons et Filles    1:14:25 ()
ALBERT MARCOEUR  Simone   Options Albert Marcoeur  1974  1:16:33 ()
RON GEESIN  Mr. Peugeot's Trot   Options As He Stands  1973  1:20:42 ()
JORGE ANTUNES  Valsa Sideral (1962)   Options Savage Songs    1:22:13 ()
THE HOGS  Loose Lip Sync Ship (1966)   Options V.A.: Pebbles Vol. 3: The Acid Gallery    1:25:03 ()
THE THINGIES  Rainy Sunday Morning (1968)   Options V.A.: High All the Time, Vol. 1    1:28:09 ()
THE WORLD COLUMN  Lantern Gospel (1968)   Options V.A.: High All the Time, Vol. 2    1:30:31 ()
THE SHAKERS  Who Will Buy (These Wonderful Evils) (1967)   Options V.A.: High All the Time, Vol. 1    1:34:09 ()
WILL & JAMES RAGAR  As the Day Grows Tired   Options Will-James Duo  1980  1:41:49 ()
THE WAY WE LIVE  Squares   Options A Candle for Judith  1971  1:44:26 ()
PISCES  In the Dreams of Paula (1969)   Options A Lovely Sight    1:49:09 ()
DAVID CHALMERS  Zig Zag   Options All Night Long  1977  1:52:22 ()
JORGE CAMPOS  Bendicion   Options Machi  2000  1:57:06 ()
D.D.A.A.  Three Trees Near the Path in the Wakasa Forest   Options Action and Japanese Demonstration  1982  1:58:54 ()
ASSASSIN OF SILENCE  Plots and Scandals   Options Beneath All the Madness  1979  2:04:36 ()
FAMILY FODDER  Strangest Games   Options Classical Music  2010  2:07:53 ()
SECOND HAND  Hangin' on an Eyelid   Options Death May Be Your Santa Claus  1970  2:18:16 ()
TITUS GROAN  I Can't Change   Options Titus Groan  1970  2:22:36 ()
ROGER RUSKIN SPEAR  Drop Out (1971)   Options V.A.: The Electric Asylum, Vol. 5    2:28:39 ()
THE SPACE NEGROS  In a Gadda da Vida (1986)   Options V.A.: The Arf! Arf! (El Cheapo) 2-CD Sampler    2:30:21 ()
THE PULSE  Burritt Bradley (1968)   Options V.A.: Beyond the Calico Wall    2:33:14 ()
THE MIND'S EYE  Help I'm Lost (1967)   Options V.A.: Acid Dreams – Testament    2:35:56 ()
FRESHWATER  Satan's Woman (1970)   Options V.A.: Psych Bites: Australian Acid Freakrock, 1967-1974    2:38:14 ()
ALAN DELL  The Blue Sound of Love (1970)   Options V.A.: We All Love the Human Race: Fairytales Can Come True Vol. 4    2:41:20 ()
CHERRY SMASH  Movie Star (1967)   Options V.A.: We All Love the Human Race: Fairytales Can Come True, Vol. 4    2:50:45 ()
14  Umbrella (1968)   Options V.A.: Fairy Cakes for Tea: Fairytales Can Come True, Vol. 4    2:54:00 ()
BADGE (aka KATH)  I Need You (1974 outtake)   Options     2:56:41 ()
CHUCKLES  I Thought You Thought (1968)   Options V.A.: Fairy Cakes for Tea: Fairytales Can Come True Vol. 4    2:58:43 ()
FRANCOIS FABRICE  Les Garcons Sont Fous (1966)   Options V.A.: La France et les Beatles, Vol. 1    3:01:00 ()
LUIS DELGADO  El Carnaval de Solana   Options Dirigido por Jose Luis Gomez  1996  3:07:21 ()

Listener comments!

  Tue. 1/18/11 12:03pm Alf from upstate:

Welcome back Tony!
  Tue. 1/18/11 12:03pm Tony:

Thanks!! Hello to everybody!!
  Tue. 1/18/11 12:04pm annie:

  Tue. 1/18/11 12:05pm Listener Fred:

Hello to you Tony. Glad to have you back.
  Tue. 1/18/11 12:06pm Drummer Some:

Yahoo Tony. So glad you're on the stream.
  Tue. 1/18/11 12:07pm Tony:

Feels like old times -- except for the fact that my cats are bugging me!
  Tue. 1/18/11 12:07pm listener james from westwood:

Sounds solid on this side of the connection. Welcome back, Tony!
  Tue. 1/18/11 12:12pm Tony:

I am still learning to vault over technical obstacles here in bedroom central -- but it should all get easier soon.
  Tue. 1/18/11 12:16pm Vicki:

  Tue. 1/18/11 12:16pm Tony:

By the by, if anybody wants to be on the mailing list I will eventually assemble, let me know.
  Tue. 1/18/11 12:17pm marcury:

Great to have you back!
  Tue. 1/18/11 12:18pm Tony:

Thanks, Marcury -- and everybody else!!
  Tue. 1/18/11 12:19pm Drummer Some:

Tony, my cats bug me, too, during the home-studio broadcasting. I find that when I talk about them on the air, the just purr and stop yowling. Can a cat be a publicity hound?
  Tue. 1/18/11 12:23pm Tony:

They hate it when you ignore them -- they want to be the ignorers.
  Tue. 1/18/11 12:26pm jill:

welcome back to the airwaves, via tubes and wires...
thanks for GTDS radio, Doug.
  Tue. 1/18/11 12:26pm Tony:

Yes indeed -- all hail Doug!!
  Tue. 1/18/11 12:35pm DJ M@n®ich™:

Amazing stuff, Tony!
  Tue. 1/18/11 12:35pm Drummer Some:

Best not to mention hail just now. Nor sleet, nor any other icy precipitation. Hearty huzzahs to all intrepid stream listeners and to the mighty Tony C, Charlie Lewis and all future stallions (and mares) of Give the Drummer Radio.
  Tue. 1/18/11 12:37pm Tony:

Thanks, DJ M!!
  Tue. 1/18/11 12:39pm Drummer Some:

Tony, check your email. I sent instrux that should get iTunes/Winamp to display your artist/song info.
  Tue. 1/18/11 12:42pm DJ M@n®ich™:

Only just recently turned onto Gilbert Deflez. Was overjoyed to see that ththat album has artwork in it by my favorite comic artist Enki Bilal. Double nerd alert!
  Tue. 1/18/11 12:42pm marcury:

Just had to run out for a minute and realized quickly what a perfect day it is to sit home and listen to the GTDS stream.
  Tue. 1/18/11 12:48pm Tony:

Itunes/Winamp people: are you seeing artist & title now?
  Tue. 1/18/11 12:51pm Tony:

By the way, hummable, toe-tapping tunes are on the horizon.
  Tue. 1/18/11 12:52pm DJ M@n®ich™:

I am using iTunes on the GTDS stream and only see the following:
WFMU - Give the Drummer Some
Tony Coulter's show
  Tue. 1/18/11 12:52pm annie:

just the name of your show
  Tue. 1/18/11 12:53pm Tony:

OK -- will try to fix. Thanks!
  Tue. 1/18/11 12:53pm Drummer Some:

Tony, not yet. I think you still need to make the playlist LIVE. Go up to the top of the playlist input page and click on "Change Playlist Info." Then, click on the first item under Advanced Options: "LIVE Show In Progress." Then click the "Update Playlist Info" button.

Hey dear listeners, this is how the sausage gets made!
  Tue. 1/18/11 12:55pm Tony:

Thanks, Doug, king of all sausages! Think it should work now....
  Tue. 1/18/11 12:56pm Drummer Some:


Hey Tony, how did you guess my old nickname back in high school?
  Tue. 1/18/11 12:57pm DJ M@n®ich™:

I'm seeing artist info now
  Tue. 1/18/11 12:58pm Brian in UK:

Evening Mr C. Chipolata?
  Tue. 1/18/11 12:58pm listener james from westwood:

I've got name and artist in iTunes now. I've got some peppers & onions to go with that sausage! Anybody got some nice hoagie rolls?
  Tue. 1/18/11 12:59pm marcury:

Sausagey goodness has been achieved
  Tue. 1/18/11 12:59pm Brian in UK:

Feeling very Kreutzer right now with these sounds.
  Tue. 1/18/11 1:00pm Tony:

Morning, Mr. B. Don't know what Chipolata is, but I'll have some anyway.
  Tue. 1/18/11 1:02pm Brian in UK:

@ Tony, it's a very thin sausage I believe nothing a real man would consider. Love the word sausagey, Marcury.
  Tue. 1/18/11 1:03pm Drummer Some:

Tony, I believe it would be evening for ol' Brian in UK. This multi-timezone experience can be extremely trippy! Not to mention sausagey.
  Tue. 1/18/11 1:05pm Tony:

Morning for me, afternoon for you, evening for Brian -- tomorrow on Venus.
  Tue. 1/18/11 1:05pm Brian in UK:

It's a date.
  Tue. 1/18/11 1:15pm The crashing Dutchman:

The best DJ in the world returns to earth !!
  Tue. 1/18/11 1:15pm DJ M@n®ich™:

I just heard that Don Kirshner is dead. I remember where I was when I heard it, too.
  Tue. 1/18/11 1:16pm DJ M@n®ich™:

I have conflicting memories about where I was when I heard Paul McCartney had died
  Tue. 1/18/11 1:17pm Tony:

On the subject of such folks, about half of today's show will be sixties and seventies psych and such, as always
  Tue. 1/18/11 1:18pm Ike:

Sounding good!
  Tue. 1/18/11 1:19pm Tony:

Thanks, Ike!!!
  Tue. 1/18/11 1:20pm B. LaBonte:

Hooray, Tony is back!
  Tue. 1/18/11 1:22pm Ike:

That Jorge Antunes track was excellent. I'll have to check out that album.
  Tue. 1/18/11 1:23pm Tony:

Ike: It's a great CD, on Pogus.
  Tue. 1/18/11 1:27pm annie:

..and poor david nelson goes out with very little fanfare..
  Tue. 1/18/11 1:29pm Tony:

Umm -- who's David Nelson?
  Tue. 1/18/11 1:29pm texas scott:

Love the show,Tony!
  Tue. 1/18/11 1:31pm Brian in UK:

Got to put my hands up & say I bought Pleasant Valley Sunday. What is naughahide if that's how you spell it?
  Tue. 1/18/11 1:32pm Tony:

Thanks much, Texas Scott!
  Tue. 1/18/11 1:32pm annie:

any of you in the newburgh ny area? i have a fb friend who wants to go out today
  Tue. 1/18/11 1:32pm DJ M@n®ich™:

David Nelson of Ozzie and Harriet?
  Tue. 1/18/11 1:33pm annie:

david nelson, brother of rick
  Tue. 1/18/11 1:40pm Tony:

Just to remind everybody: This show will be rebroadcast next Tuesday, and then there will a new show the following week.
  Tue. 1/18/11 1:40pm marcury:

Annie, I'm in Walkill, but don't think I'm going out again today
  Tue. 1/18/11 1:41pm annie:

yeah, she did her own research and concluded she's staying in. thanks
  Tue. 1/18/11 1:42pm marcury:

Yeah it's pretty ugly here today
  Tue. 1/18/11 1:45pm Drummer Some:

For anyone unfamiliar with Tony's posts to WFMU's Beware of the Blog, they are big-time sublime: http://blog.wfmu.org/freeform/tony-coulters-posts/
  Tue. 1/18/11 1:47pm Tony:

Thanks, Doug! I'll be playing tracks by the subjects/victims of my latest post later in the show: Assassin of Silence (Jim Curnutte) and Badge/Kath (Val Rogolino)
  Tue. 1/18/11 1:57pm Rebecca in Hoboken:

Tony! It's so good to hear your show again!
  Tue. 1/18/11 1:58pm Rebecca in Hoboken:

I'll be putting it up in the archives later.
  Tue. 1/18/11 1:59pm VCS3:

WILL this happen every week or 2 weeks?
  Tue. 1/18/11 1:59pm Tony:

Thanks so much, Rebecca, tireless mistress of the archives!
  Tue. 1/18/11 1:59pm annie:

oh, doug... won't be listening friday am.. :-(
  Tue. 1/18/11 2:00pm DJ M@n®ich™:

This is great, Tony!
Three thumbs up!
  Tue. 1/18/11 2:01pm Tony:

VCS3: The show will be heard every week, but alternate weeks will be rebroadcasts. The ultimate goal, though, is to do a different show each week
  Tue. 1/18/11 2:01pm jason in chicago:

So happy to hear you back on the air!
  Tue. 1/18/11 2:02pm Tony:

Thankee. Jason!!
  Tue. 1/18/11 2:09pm Jeremy:

And...we are back! Great to hear your voice, Tony! New Family Fodder sounds fantastic.
  Tue. 1/18/11 2:09pm Drummer Some:

I think I'll (barely) survive your absence. You can tune in tonight at 6pm for my MLK special on the Tuesday night 1-hour version of GtDS.
  Tue. 1/18/11 2:11pm annie:

i plan on it doug, thanks.. i'll be listening in my mind's ear, friday am
  Tue. 1/18/11 2:11pm Tony:

Thanks, Jeremy! Got to get used to this mic I just bought -- a mic stand would help!
  Tue. 1/18/11 2:23pm Ike:

Is it just me or does Tony's voice sound very bassy and a bit muddy during the mic breaks? Needs more treble maybe, I guess?
  Tue. 1/18/11 2:24pm annie:

i like that deep voice
  Tue. 1/18/11 2:25pm Tony:

It's definitely not just you, Ike. I'm having mic problems -- hopefully they'll be solved by next time.
  Tue. 1/18/11 2:29pm sirhc swerdna:

Yes good to here that voice again-great show.
  Tue. 1/18/11 2:32pm Tony:

  Tue. 1/18/11 2:32pm Alf from upstate:

Audio fidelity is for twerps. Let if fly Tony.
  Tue. 1/18/11 2:34pm Ike:

Good point. Tony, just inhale some helium or wear some really really tight pants before going on mic, and it'll all balance out.
  Tue. 1/18/11 2:36pm Tony:

I'll try both at the same time, Ike.
  Tue. 1/18/11 2:39pm DJ M@n®ich™:

I think you sound swell. Your voice is mellowed in oaken, peat-filled barrels and only spoken when ready.
  Tue. 1/18/11 2:41pm annie:

it's all relative, really. up til now there was NO coulter-voice unless in subbing mode
  Tue. 1/18/11 2:43pm DJ M@n®ich™:

He's also speaking from a town where the air is more dense than New Jersey. It's really hard to project treble out here.
  Tue. 1/18/11 2:44pm Tony:

If I can just stop the mic from feeding back I'll be happy!
  Tue. 1/18/11 2:46pm DJ M@n®ich™:

Are you wearing headphones?
  Tue. 1/18/11 2:50pm Tony:

Um -- it's sort of complicated to explain. My mike is just plugged into my stereo's receiver, and there's lots of distortion caused by poor grounding. My audio elves are working on the problem, though.
  Tue. 1/18/11 2:51pm Tony:

Playing now; Badge/Kath, who are featured in my latest BotB blogpost.
  Tue. 1/18/11 2:51pm marcury:

Excellent show mike issues or not. Here's to the the GTDS Missing DJ Restoration Project and much more sausagey goodness from Doug, Charlie, Tony and those to come.
  Tue. 1/18/11 2:58pm Tony:

Hear, hear, Marcury! And thanks....
  Tue. 1/18/11 3:01pm Tony:

Hope to see you all next time!! Thanks for listening!!!
  Tue. 1/18/11 3:04pm Jeremy:

Thanks for a great show, Tony! And as far as your on mic problems, this listener had no trouble comprehending everything you said, just some distortion here and there. Cheers!
  Tue. 1/18/11 3:05pm Drummer Some:

Like the old pro you are, Tony. Great show!
  Tue. 1/18/11 4:39pm Kay:

Welcome back, Tony. Will a link to a 128 Kbps MP3 be posted with the playlist?
  Tue. 1/18/11 6:13pm Tony:

Thanks, Kay! An archive of the show will be available -- in fact .... there it is!
  Wed. 1/19/11 12:39am Kay:

Thanks! You're the greatest!
  Wed. 1/26/11 4:02am val rogolino:

Tony, wow---thanks for playing "I Need You" great--many thanks,Val
  Fri. 1/28/11 3:53pm Cozmic Eddie:

Great show, Tony. I had placed the Pisces album in my bag of tricks to bring over next time against the slim possibility that you didn't have it. Silly me. See you soon.
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