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Theme (n) - the subject of talk, a piece of writing, a person's thoughts, or an exhibition; a topic.

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Options November 18, 2010: For all the Men out there

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Artist Track Album Approx. start time
Dione Warwick  Alfie   Options   0:00:00 ()
Lou Reed  Andy's Chest   Options Transformer  0:05:23 ()
Frank Zappa  Bobby Brown Goes Down   Options Sheik Yerbouti  0:08:05 ()
Ed's Redeeming Qualities  Bob   Options More Bad Times  0:09:20 ()
Skillet Lickers  Casey Jones   Options People Take Warning: Murder Ballads & Disaster Songs 1913-1938  0:11:28 ()
Blondie  Denis   Options Blondie Greatest Hits: Sound & Vision  0:13:59 ()
Belle & Sebastian  Like Dylan in the Movies   Options If You're Feeling Sinister  0:21:21 ()
Heinz  Just Like Eddie   Options The Hits of Heinz  0:21:55 ()
Sonic Youth  Eric's Trip   Options Daydream Nation  0:23:10 ()
Music behind DJ:
Sounds From the Coney Island Boardwalk     0:26:56 ()
Curtis Mayfield  Freddie's Dead   Options   0:32:26 ()
The Magnetic Fields  The Death of Ferdinand de Saussure   Options 69 Love Songs Vol. 3  0:37:33 ()
The Replacements  Gary's Got a Boner   Options Let It Be  0:40:50 ()
TV Theme Players  George of the Jungle   Options TV Themes of the Past  0:44:29 ()
Herman's Hermits  I'm Henry VIII, I Am   Options Herman's Hermits Greatest Hits  0:44:49 ()
Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds  Henry Lee   Options Murder Ballads  0:46:09 ()
Music behind DJ:
Sounds of Sideshows by the Seashore     0:49:44 ()
Johnny Cash  The Ballad of Ira Hayes   Options The Essential Johnny Cash  0:55:59 ()
Make-Up  Hey Joe   Options Save Yourself  0:59:31 ()
The Pixies  Space (I Believe in)   Options Trompe Le Monde  1:07:31 ()
R.E.M.  Old Man Kensey   Options Fables of the Reconstruction  1:13:45 ()
The Who  Cousin Kevin   Options Tommy  1:15:52 ()
Camera Obscura  Lloyd, I'm Ready To Be Heartbroken   Options Let's Get Out of This Country  1:19:58 ()
Interpol  Leif Erikson   Options Turn On the Bright Lights  1:24:09 ()
Music behind DJ:
Sounds from the Point Pleasant Beach     1:27:38 ()
Fairport Convention  Crazy Man Michael   Options Liege And Lief  1:32:41 ()
Al  Max   Options Fairy Tales For Hip Kids  1:36:36 ()
Nouvelle Vague  Making Plans For Nigel   Options Nouvelle Vague  1:39:40 ()
The Chameleons  Nathan's Phase   Options The Fan and the Bellows  1:43:11 ()
Elvis Costello and the Attractions  Oliver's Army   Options Armed Forces  1:46:14 ()
The Vaselines  Oliver Twisted   Options The Way of the Vaselines  1:58:13 ()
Andrew Wartts & the Gospel Storytellers  Peter & John   Options Good God! Born Again Funk  2:09:56 ()
Willie Nelson  Me and Paul   Options The Essential Willie Nelson  2:10:14 ()
Music behind DJ:
Sounds from the Point Pleasant Boardwalk     2:10:38 ()
Manfred Mann  The Mighty Quinn   Options Chapter Two: The Best of the Fontana Years  2:11:11 ()
Simon & Garfunkel  Richard Corey   Options Old Friends  2:11:36 ()
Joni Mitchell  The Last Time I Saw Richard   Options Blue  2:11:49 ()
The Organ  Steven Smith   Options Grab That Gun  2:13:19 ()
The Dead Milkmen  Watching Scotty Die   Options Bucky Fellini  2:15:23 ()
Primus  Tommy the Cat   Options Sailing the Seas of Cheese  2:18:01 ()
Woodie Guthrie  Tom Joad- Part 1   Options Dust Bowl Ballads  2:22:14 ()
Music behind DJ:
Sounds From the Coney Island Boardwalk     2:25:44 ()
Franz Ferdinand  Ulysses   Options Tonight: Franz Ferdinand  2:29:07 ()
Cream  Tales of Brave Ulysses   Options Disraeli Gears  2:32:00 ()
Bjork  Venus as a Boy   Options Debut  2:34:42 ()
Dead can Dance  Xavier   Options Within the Realm of a Dying Sun  2:40:11 ()
The Smiths  William, It Was Really Nothing   Options Louder than Bombs  2:45:21 ()
The Ivy Three  Yogi   Options   2:47:31 ()
David Bowie  Ziggy Stardust   Options The Singles 1969 to 1993 (Disc 1)  2:49:40 ()

Listener comments!

  Thu. 11/18/10 6:06am Chuck:

Yo! Uh oh, I've got no sound....
  Thu. 11/18/10 6:08am Meghan:

I got interweb issues here......
  Thu. 11/18/10 6:09am Chuck:

I was wondering if it was my player or not...
  Thu. 11/18/10 6:09am catpatz:

aha its not me.
  Thu. 11/18/10 6:10am annie:

yup, no signal, winamp says service disconnected
  Thu. 11/18/10 6:11am Meghan:

Mine is sort of working again..... odd....
  Thu. 11/18/10 6:11am Meghan:

Can you hear it at all? anyone?
  Thu. 11/18/10 6:11am Chuck:

Ah, got ya now...
  Thu. 11/18/10 6:13am catpatz:

yes, its good now.
  Thu. 11/18/10 6:13am Chuck:

Can't help thinking of "Good & Plenty" candy when I here this song...
  Thu. 11/18/10 6:14am Meghan:

Wow, that was odd.... thanks for bearing with that.....
  Thu. 11/18/10 6:15am Chuck:

Oooo, I need more coffee! That was supposed to be "hear"....
  Thu. 11/18/10 6:16am Chuck:

Ooops! Lost you again and on such a great song! Fortunately I have the song...
  Thu. 11/18/10 6:17am Chuck:

My player keeps locking up on buffer mode...
  Thu. 11/18/10 6:18am annie:

yup, service unavailable.. been spotty since alfie
  Thu. 11/18/10 6:19am Chuck:

BTW, Morning Annie and catpatz!
  Thu. 11/18/10 6:21am Chuck:

Well this rather sucks. Almost had you back now gone again...
  Thu. 11/18/10 6:22am dirty old man:

Oh well, you didn't play my name anyway.
  Thu. 11/18/10 6:22am annie:

mornin' chuck.. had to have tunes, so i have radio23 on.. i'll keep popping back on here to check the signal status.. hang tough meghan
  Thu. 11/18/10 6:23am Meghan:

I called Ken.... he can fix anything.... right?!
  Thu. 11/18/10 6:24am Chuck:

Okay, you're back on *crosses fingers*....
  Thu. 11/18/10 6:26am Chuck:

I'd like a license for my pet fish Eric...
  Thu. 11/18/10 6:26am Meghan:

Oh that would have been GREAT! I forgot about that!
  Thu. 11/18/10 6:29am Chuck:

Just jumped into my demented brain...
  Thu. 11/18/10 6:33am Chuck:

Everything's better with gravy! And bacon....
  Thu. 11/18/10 6:34am Meghan:

I am so not putting up gifs today.... not with this interweb issues
  Thu. 11/18/10 6:36am Chuck:

That's okay, Meg. Thought you were going a little overboard with that anyway....
  Thu. 11/18/10 6:39am Chuck:

Damn it! Lost you again!
  Thu. 11/18/10 6:40am annie:

30 seconds in and still going... cool.oops i jinxed it... gone again
  Thu. 11/18/10 6:40am Meghan:

it was a short loss.... it's back
  Thu. 11/18/10 6:42am annie:

i'll keep it here.. seems to be okay now.. :)
  Thu. 11/18/10 6:43am ALF of Hip Hop Slam:

Hey there everybody?! I'm so happy it's Thursday. I honestly don't feel like doing any work today.
  Thu. 11/18/10 6:43am Meghan:

don't move annie...... it's coming in perfectly now.... hehe
  Thu. 11/18/10 6:43am Chuck:

Ha! Sent out for Mr. Barnes!
  Thu. 11/18/10 6:44am ALF of Hip Hop Slam:

Meghan what's the theme for next week and week after?
  Thu. 11/18/10 6:44am Chuck:

Crap! What's the deal? You disappeared again...
  Thu. 11/18/10 6:47am Meghan:

Next week we are having dinner! So dinner foods.... The week after I am not sure yet! I have a couple ideas, but just need to plan it out....
  Thu. 11/18/10 6:47am Chuck:

Shouldn't this have been with the E's? Enery....
  Thu. 11/18/10 6:50am Chuck:

Hum, been a long stint since Nick has shown up in the Theme Park....
  Thu. 11/18/10 6:51am Andy in Berlin:

Wouldn't you know I missed my name song! But good morning anyway!
  Thu. 11/18/10 6:52am Chuck:

Morning, Andy! Archives, dude, and she did dedicate the song to you...
  Thu. 11/18/10 6:53am Chuck:

Biased? You, Meghan?
  Thu. 11/18/10 6:55am Andy in Berlin:

archives it is
  Thu. 11/18/10 6:56am Andy in Berlin:

...and thanks Meghan
  Thu. 11/18/10 6:57am Chuck:

My mom loves this song too... She was a Marine...
  Thu. 11/18/10 6:57am Meghan:

of course! I tried to make sure the people that requested their names got it in!
  Thu. 11/18/10 7:02am Chuck:

Must have been a hard call with so many versions of "Hey Joe". How'd you decide, Meg?
  Thu. 11/18/10 7:03am Adler:

I'm guessing the T1 issues in Jersey City are due to yesterday's winds. Please struggle as best you can for now.
  Thu. 11/18/10 7:03am Meghan:

Well, it was a request..... I almost went with the Byrds, but part of the request was to look at Joe Belock's premium of different versions of Hey Joe. I noticed I had this version, which was different, so that is what I picked....
  Thu. 11/18/10 7:04am Meghan:

Thanks Mike.... It's not as bad as it was.... but don't want to jinx it yet!
  Thu. 11/18/10 7:06am Chuck:

Speaking of the wind. I was awoken night before last with the whole house shaking at 3AM! I thought a twister had touched down! Freaky!!!!
  Thu. 11/18/10 7:09am dirty old man:

Did you say "gun" or "gub"?
  Thu. 11/18/10 7:10am Chuck:

A little something for the Ooze-band, Meg?
  Thu. 11/18/10 7:11am Meghan:

???? When?
  Thu. 11/18/10 7:11am Andy in Berlin:

Oh cripes! I just realized I forgot to suggest that Butthole Surfer's song about Garry Schandling!
  Thu. 11/18/10 7:11am Chuck:

You're still randomly dropping out. Annoying....
  Thu. 11/18/10 7:12am dirty old man:

Sorry. It's a reference to Woody Allen's robbery note in Bananas.
  Thu. 11/18/10 7:12am Andy in Berlin:

nice to know it isn't just me. sortta...
  Thu. 11/18/10 7:15am annie:

aahhh!!!! interesting, the drummersome stream is onagain/offagain too
  Thu. 11/18/10 7:16am Meghan:

It's interwebs around here in total. Ken said he could hear the show fine on his Iphone.... Who knows... Stupid winds messing with interwebs....
  Thu. 11/18/10 7:19am Chuck:

Anybody see the 25th anniversary concert for "Tommy"? They had Billy Idol doing this song! Good choice for "Cousin Kevin"!
  Thu. 11/18/10 7:19am annie:

......bummer, i'm playing radio23 for now.. sorry archives it is.
  Thu. 11/18/10 7:25am Chuck:

This is getting rather tiresome. You dropped out again. Restarting the music player for the 5th time....
  Thu. 11/18/10 7:26am krebstar01:

same here with the dropouts...
  Thu. 11/18/10 7:27am Meghan:

Sadly it's not the station... it's the internet around here....
  Thu. 11/18/10 7:28am Chuck:

Yesterday's high winds are the only explanation that I can think of....
  Thu. 11/18/10 7:33am krebstar01:

seems to be stabilizing (fingers crossed)
  Thu. 11/18/10 7:34am Chuck:

Working now. *smashes head on desk*
  Thu. 11/18/10 7:35am Meghan:

All those that stay throughout the entire show gets an extra fruit cup!
  Thu. 11/18/10 7:36am Chuck:

Even those who are tardy!
  Thu. 11/18/10 7:41am Chuck:

Wow! Not too many people doing XTC covers! Nice, Meghan!
  Thu. 11/18/10 7:45am Chuck:

WooHoo! And the Chameleons as a follow up! Saaa-weet!
  Thu. 11/18/10 7:47am kath:

wow, thursday already!
  Thu. 11/18/10 7:48am Chuck:

Hey, Kath!
  Thu. 11/18/10 7:48am Meghan:

hehe... can't say no to the Chameleons....

Morning Kath! Got your message. I'll see what I can pull up for ya!
  Thu. 11/18/10 7:49am Parq:

Liked that XTC cover too, and any day that starts with Ollie's Army is okay.
  Thu. 11/18/10 7:50am Chuck:

F**K,F**K,F**K! Another drop out!!!
  Thu. 11/18/10 7:51am krebstar:

yup... word that starts with F, drop out
  Thu. 11/18/10 7:54am Chuck:

The technology is a wonderful thing. When it's WORKING!!!
  Thu. 11/18/10 7:54am Parq:

And right in the middle of OA too.
  Thu. 11/18/10 7:56am krebstar01:

Incase there are wfmu tech guys reading any of this,: vlc_media player is asking for athentication post dropout (username and password)
  Thu. 11/18/10 7:57am Chuck:

Total crash here. Music player shuts down while trying to connect...
  Thu. 11/18/10 7:58am jeff p:

So I'm not the only one with tech problems. *whew*
  Thu. 11/18/10 7:58am Meghan:

good Morning Parq!
  Thu. 11/18/10 7:59am Meghan:

Jeez! That was painful! I can't update crap
  Thu. 11/18/10 8:00am Randy:

No No No No this is my favorite show. My students love it
  Thu. 11/18/10 8:01am Chuck:

Looks like the only way everyone will get to hear the show uninterupted is to go to the archives, Meg. So sorry...
  Thu. 11/18/10 8:01am Robert:

I couldn't get past the authentic'n thing with the 32k MP3 stream, so I tried 128k (which with my tin ear I never bothered with), and IT WORKED!
  Thu. 11/18/10 8:02am Robert:

Well, it worked FOR A WHILE.
  Thu. 11/18/10 8:02am jeff p:

lol - dropping out right after "yaaaa! extra fruit-......."
  Thu. 11/18/10 8:03am Chuck:

Jeez, you were back for a sec. Then gone again...
  Thu. 11/18/10 8:04am jeff p:

YAAAAAAAA! I might even be able to do both weeks!
  Thu. 11/18/10 8:06am Chuck:

And I thought WVKR had a lot of technical problems... This BITES!
  Thu. 11/18/10 8:09am jeff p:

yeah, tech problems suck, but they happen. considering this is the first time i've ever heard any issues with the stream on this show i'd say the record is pretty good.
  Thu. 11/18/10 8:09am Meghan:

I sometimes hate technology...
  Thu. 11/18/10 8:10am Meghan:

OH really? Both shows! Great!
  Thu. 11/18/10 8:10am Parq:

Okay, gave up on Itunes, trying the flash beta.
  Thu. 11/18/10 8:11am jeff p:

I'm assuming you're doing the shows on 12/23 and 12/30
  Thu. 11/18/10 8:11am Chuck:

You're just gonna have to drive on, Meg. I get no connection to the stream. It's totally not functioning on my end.
  Thu. 11/18/10 8:11am Eric:

Flash beta is the only thing that works for me. My usual radio player does not work. I'm on Linux using Rhythmbox.
  Thu. 11/18/10 8:12am Chuck:

Me too, Eric! But it shuts down while trying to connect!
  Thu. 11/18/10 8:13am Robert:

Now I resorted to the Windows stream. It's working.
  Thu. 11/18/10 8:13am Meghan:

There, finally caught up on playlist.... phew.
  Thu. 11/18/10 8:14am Eric:

@Chuck. Yeah, that's what happens to me. Mplayer at the command line is my usual backup and it isn't working either. I'm currently listening on the Flash (beta).
  Thu. 11/18/10 8:14am Robert:

Did she sing that she was going to blow the Standard Candle out? A physics reference?
  Thu. 11/18/10 8:15am Meghan:

ha! I'm not sure... I was totally not paying attention in my catching up.... google the lyrics!
  Thu. 11/18/10 8:16am jeff p:

The stream is in-and-out. I don't think the player matters.
  Thu. 11/18/10 8:16am Eric:

@Chuck. My Rhythmbox connection just started working.
  Thu. 11/18/10 8:17am Chuck:

Thanks for the heads up, Eric! I can hear the show now! PHEW!!!
  Thu. 11/18/10 8:20am Robert:

"I'm gonna blow this damn candle out". Phooey. Internet searching kills Mondegreens before tehy become established. Never mind...I'll just remember it as "Standard Candle" anyway.
  Thu. 11/18/10 8:21am Parq:

  Thu. 11/18/10 8:22am Chuck:

Ditto, Parq...
  Thu. 11/18/10 8:27am Chuck:

Even Flash intermittently cuts out. Frustrating...
  Thu. 11/18/10 8:27am ?:

i've given up.. sorry. i'm blowin this damn candle out, ..
  Thu. 11/18/10 8:28am Robert:

I see you had "The Mighty Quinn" on the list. That reminds me of ANOTHER theme broadcast from the early 1980s (or maybe 1970s). It was an offshore (off NJ) medium wave AM pirate and they must've played it for the lyric "Everyone is building ships and heading out to sea." That was followed by "Come On Down To My Boat, Baby".
  Thu. 11/18/10 8:31am Meghan:

I do have a bunch of boat songs saved up.... there are some amazing boat songs out there.... It's coming! hehe
  Thu. 11/18/10 8:32am Chuck:

What name did you come up with for the letter "Y", Meg? (now that I can actually hear you)
  Thu. 11/18/10 8:33am Chuck:

They had a zombie fest here in Rosendale last month. (Halloween, you know)
  Thu. 11/18/10 8:33am Meghan:

hopefully you shall see..... but let me tell you, that one took me FOREVER to find!
  Thu. 11/18/10 8:34am Chuck:

I'll bet!!!
  Thu. 11/18/10 8:34am jeff p:

wish i'd known y was the tough letter. i had a good name-finding method going
  Thu. 11/18/10 8:35am Meghan:

I finally did too..... going to the WFMU playlist finder
  Thu. 11/18/10 8:36am CheriPi:

The excitement is palpable, can't wait for "Y"
  Thu. 11/18/10 8:37am Meghan:

*giggles* I know!
  Thu. 11/18/10 8:38am jeff p:

I'm kinda hoping the stream cuts out right before y and comes back right after y. I'll laugh.
  Thu. 11/18/10 8:39am Chuck:

You're sort of cheating on this one, Meg. You just wanted to play Bjork! But, it is your show after all...
  Thu. 11/18/10 8:41am Chuck:

You may get your wish, Jeff. Stream has cut out again....
  Thu. 11/18/10 8:41am cory s.:

rock on sou sister!
  Thu. 11/18/10 8:43am Meghan:

Jeff jinxed it! And i am not cheating.... it says HE in the entire thing! I had another V song, but it wasn't as good....

  Thu. 11/18/10 8:44am Parq:

I'm back. Still muddling through, I see. Glad you found a U song. I had thought, way too late, of Cream's "Tales of Brave Ulysses".
  Thu. 11/18/10 8:44am jeff p:

You didn't like "Vince the loveable Stoner"?
  Thu. 11/18/10 8:45am Meghan:

Muddling is the kind way of saying it.....

Nah... it didn't do anything for me. Though I did like the name.....
  Thu. 11/18/10 8:46am Chuck:

I'll be here regardless of the tech problems, Meg. I never bail on a friend! (and I want more fruit cup)... My former band played "Tales of Brave Uylsses", Parq...
  Thu. 11/18/10 8:47am glenn:

one beef.... where's roland the headless thompson gunner?
  Thu. 11/18/10 8:47am seang:

great tune, thanks! good morning folks
  Thu. 11/18/10 8:48am Meghan:

You can find Roland under the GUN theme.....
  Thu. 11/18/10 8:48am Robert:

If there's extra time, start again using the Futhark.
  Thu. 11/18/10 8:49am Meghan:

Good Morning seang
  Thu. 11/18/10 8:49am Chuck:

Ay, ay, ay, Booboo!!!
  Thu. 11/18/10 8:49am CheriPi:

  Thu. 11/18/10 8:49am Parq:

"Yogi" was worth waiting for.
  Thu. 11/18/10 8:50am Parq:

Especially since there is a 100-foot-high mural ad for the movie towering over my nabe.
  Thu. 11/18/10 8:50am Robert:

if you use the Futhark some day, you have a choice between using the runes as initials for their sound, or according to their hieroglyphic meaning.
  Thu. 11/18/10 8:51am CheriPi:

I guess Yentl wasn't really a boy...
  Thu. 11/18/10 8:51am seang:

a bit hungovah but what can you do?
  Thu. 11/18/10 8:51am Meghan:

See! I am glad I could deliver a good "Y"!
  Thu. 11/18/10 8:53am glenn:

so, no inter theme dating then?
  Thu. 11/18/10 8:53am Meghan:

Yeah.... Yentl wouldn't have worked..... did I use Yentl for the Woman's names show?!? Hmmm, need to look that up
  Thu. 11/18/10 8:54am Meghan:

Nope, Yoko

And once a song has been used, I try not to use it again....
  Thu. 11/18/10 8:55am Chuck:

We need to write a song for Vinnie Nardone...
  Thu. 11/18/10 8:56am Chuck:

Mornin', mornin', mornin'...
  Thu. 11/18/10 8:56am Robert:

Standards too high!
  Thu. 11/18/10 8:57am CheriPi:

Go Chinese for the letter X next time...
  Thu. 11/18/10 9:30am cory s.:

yep it's me. great show. hopefully see you soon!
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