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Playlist for 04 November 2010 Options | Radio pillow

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Artist Song Album Label Comments Approx. start time
Ira Luft  The Radio Show Intro   Options Context 70  no label    0:00:00 ()
Jac Berrocal  Rock 'n Roll Station   Options Fatal Encounters  Megaphone    0:01:11 ()
Felix Kubin  Menthol Radio Swing   Options Matki Wandalki  A-Musik    0:05:09 ()
Jimmie Haskell & Orchestra  Vanguard   Options 7-inch single  Imperial    0:07:13 ()
YMCK  Come On! Swing All Stars   Options Family Racing  Usagi-Chang    0:08:59 ()
Bill LeBlanc  Static on the Brain   Options I'm Just the Other Woman: MSR Madness vol. 4 (various artists)  Carnage Press    0:12:44 ()
Music behind DJ:
Artie Schroeck Implosion 
Didn't Want to Have to Do It   Options A Spoonful of Lovin'  Verve    0:15:21 ()
Hungry March Band  Paranoid   Options Critical Brass  Hungry March Band    0:18:20 ()
Glomag  Transmission   Options downloaded from his website      0:19:44 ()
Stooges  I Wanna Be Your Dog   Options The Stooges  Elektra    0:23:02 ()
Wanderlea  Vou Lhe Contar   Options Wanderlea      0:26:10 ()
Biz Markie  Let Me Turn You On   Options All Samples Cleared  Cold Chillin'/Warner Bros.    0:28:25 ()
Rotary Connection  Turn Me On   Options Rotary Connection  Checker; Chess/MCA    0:33:22 ()
Music behind DJ:
Vic Mizzy 
Morticia's Theme   Options The Addams Family (TV soundtrack)  RCA    0:36:35 ()
Aavikko  Alas Volgaa   Options Aavikko (first EP)  Bad Vugum    0:38:46 ()
Kewpie cooking show  theme   Options great Japanese TV cooking show      0:41:30 ()
Five Americans  Western Union   Options 7-inch single      0:41:57 ()
Quasi  It's Hard to Turn Me On   Options Featuring "Birds"  Up    0:44:25 ()
Pere Ubu  On the Surface   Options Dub Housing  Chrysalis    0:48:45 ()
Le Futur Pompiste  It's Not You   Options Your Stories and Your Thoughts  Siesta    0:51:21 ()
Music behind DJ:
Gil Trythall 
Wichita Lineman   Options Country Moog  Athena    0:54:59 ()
Jackie & Roy  A Big Beautiful Ball   Options Lovesick  Verve    0:57:42 ()
Best Friends Forever  24   Options Romance Conflict Adventure  Plan-It X    0:59:49 ()
Clovers  Love Potion No. 9   Options 7-inch single  United Artists    1:02:42 ()
Motor Humming  Aluminum Man   Options Musical Aluminum  Tzadik    1:04:45 ()
Coyle & Sharpe  Human Radio Transmitters   Options unreleased collection, compled by WFMU's Kenny G      1:07:35 ()
Yukari Fresh  Radio Active Flat   Options Cityrama  Escalator    1:10:49 ()
Music behind DJ:
Raymond Scott 
Manhattan Minuet   Options Reckless Nights and Turkish Twilights  Columbia/Legacy    1:14:05 ()
Milton Henry  Send Me That Pillow   Options Who Do You Think I Am?  Wackies    1:16:44 ()
Del-Byzanteens  This Could Be the Last Time   Options unreleased demo      1:20:07 ()
Dymaxion  I-Man Transport   Options Dymaxion X 4 + 3 = 39:21  Trattoria    1:25:38 ()
Dionne Warwick  Are You There (With Another Girl)?   Options 7-inch single  Scepter    1:27:37 ()
C-Mon & Kypski  Air Play   Options Static Traveller  Supertracks    1:30:39 ()
artist of unknown name  song of unknown title   Options Cambodian Swing Machine      1:34:49 ()
Music behind DJ:
George Martin 
That's a Nice Hat (Cap) (aka It's Only Love)   Options Help  Columbia/EMI    1:37:35 ()
Arcade Fire  Sprawl II   Options The Suburbs  Merge    1:40:01 ()
Marshall Crenshaw  Hold It   Options Field Day  Warner Bros.    1:45:47 ()
Emperor Penguin  Rockin' Radio   Options Mysterious Pony  My Pal God    1:49:40 ()
Asa-Chang and Junray  Radio-No-Youni (Comme a la Radio)   Options Jun Ray Song Chang  Leaf    1:55:03 ()

Listener comments!

  Thu. 11/4/10 9:01am Mike:

the show we've all been waiting for
  Thu. 11/4/10 9:03am Charlie:

yeah, me too!
  Thu. 11/4/10 9:03am seang:

Berrocal is one intriguing dude
  Thu. 11/4/10 9:04am Michael:

Yea Charlie!
  Thu. 11/4/10 9:04am Charlie:

  Thu. 11/4/10 9:04am Charlie:

hi Michael, and welcome all!
  Thu. 11/4/10 9:05am Drummer Some:

Jac Berrocal had a wonderful live performance on FMU back in the old East Orange days. He has a track on the station's first live music comp "They Came, They Played, They Blocked the Driveway."

Yay Charlie!
  Thu. 11/4/10 9:06am Laura L:

Guten Morgen--and thanks for the Felix Kubin!
  Thu. 11/4/10 9:06am Charlie:

gotta check that one, Doug.
  Thu. 11/4/10 9:07am Charlie:

Top of the morgan to you Laura! Gosh, I have lots of time to type when the show is prerecorded!
  Thu. 11/4/10 9:18am listener james from westwood:

So very awesome to have you back on the air!
  Thu. 11/4/10 9:19am Charlie:

Thanks for tuning in today, James.
  Thu. 11/4/10 9:20am annie:

there you are, had to wait for the link to come up..i was jonesing for comments.. morning everyone.. SORRY JASON!!!
  Thu. 11/4/10 9:20am seang:

  Thu. 11/4/10 9:22am Charlie:

Dance dance dance dance dance to the radio...
  Thu. 11/4/10 9:24am Parq:

Always thought that, way more than "Love Will", was *the* classic Joy Div song. The agony in Ian C's voice is palpable.
  Thu. 11/4/10 9:27am Charlie:

Agreed, Parq...
  Thu. 11/4/10 9:28am Michael:

Can't do any work with Charlie on!
  Thu. 11/4/10 9:30am Charlie:

That's because I've got you in a mind meld, Michael.
  Thu. 11/4/10 9:31am Laura L:

Is it hot in here or is it just the radio?
  Thu. 11/4/10 9:32am Drummer Some:

I remember Pink Fuzzy Boom Box! Loved their early stuff before they sold out.
  Thu. 11/4/10 9:32am Charlie:

I am hot -- oh, wait, I'm wearing two sweaters
  Thu. 11/4/10 9:33am Charlie:

That radio is to match your slippers and robe...
  Thu. 11/4/10 9:36am Ron:

Welcome back Charlie :) great to have you
  Thu. 11/4/10 9:36am Drummer Some:

Frost every morning now, here in Pittsburgh. I assume you've got all the crops safely in the barn, Charlie.
  Thu. 11/4/10 9:39am Charlie:

Great to be back, Ron. It's raining here, Drummer man, no frost today. The crops are in the produce aisle, thank you, although my neighbor grows her own food!
  Thu. 11/4/10 9:40am annie:

well, you are new to me but i like you already.... will you send email reminders??
  Thu. 11/4/10 9:42am jill:

Good morning all!
ditto to what annie said!
  Thu. 11/4/10 9:43am Charlie:

yes, annie, jill, I will send e-reminders to any and all who so desire!
  Thu. 11/4/10 9:51am Charlie:

got it, annie... jill -- if you want e-mail, either send me an e-mail through the link at the bottom of the page, or send a comment and put in your e-mail address -- only i will be able to see it. thanks!
  Thu. 11/4/10 10:08am Gary Mitchell:

Coyle and Sharpe!
  Thu. 11/4/10 10:10am Charlie:

Hey, Gary -- Coyle & Sharpe are transmitting directly to your brain -- if you can hear them!
  Thu. 11/4/10 10:29am Gary Mitchell:

OOOh yeah Bacharach on a rainy Thursday.
  Thu. 11/4/10 10:33am Charlie:

Yeah, I hope she's not "standing on his doorstep" in the pouring rain...
  Thu. 11/4/10 10:40am lewis:

oh happy day!!! not really paying attention until the stream seemed to suddenly go to a place Doug doesn't spend much time and then a familiar voice kicked in.

Thursday just got so much more pleasant.
  Thu. 11/4/10 10:41am monica:

hola, chaz! grand to have you back in the bosom of wfmu.
  Thu. 11/4/10 10:43am Charlie:

hi lewis -- glad you're having a pleasant thursday morning
  Thu. 11/4/10 10:44am Charlie:

thanks, monica, yes it's great to be back in your (collective) bosom!
  Thu. 11/4/10 10:46am Hugo:

Hail to the return of Charlie! It calls for a cup of tea (or maybe not, as tea has become a somewhat potent brew lately).
  Thu. 11/4/10 10:47am Charlie:

How 'bout a nice single-malt, Hugo?
  Thu. 11/4/10 10:51am Hugo:

Now you're talking, Charlie. Had a very nice helping of Talisker last Friday at an office party.
  Thu. 11/4/10 10:53am Charlie:

Why wait 'til Friday afternoon?
  Thu. 11/4/10 10:56am jill:

I got curious about some of the photos that you posted and i googled "radio pillows" and came up with this site -
I'd love some feedback on what this site is trying to say...
  Thu. 11/4/10 10:56am seang:

Omar Souleyman in Boston tonight!
  Thu. 11/4/10 10:56am lewis:

  Thu. 11/4/10 10:57am Drummer Some:

Welcome to the Stream of Conscientiousness, Charlie!!
  Thu. 11/4/10 10:57am Charlie:

Holy cow, Jill -- that is one very funny/disturbing site! I love it. I have no idea what the message is, tho...
  Thu. 11/4/10 10:58am Hugo:

The combination of Charlie and Scotch single malt might affect office productivity ...
  Thu. 11/4/10 10:58am Gary Mitchell:

east meets zest
  Thu. 11/4/10 10:59am Charlie:

Hey, thanks everyone for tuning in today! I'll be back two weeks from today, 9-11am. If you want updates, and I don't already have your e-mail, drop me a line through the link at the bottom of the page!
  Fri. 11/5/10 2:14pm Jeffrey Kutsher:

Genius Sheer Genius! Cholee Done Stoned Chuffed Moi In Cabaza! Ayeee....
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