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Options November 4, 2010: We All Have a Little Evil in Us

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Artist Track Album Comments Approx. start time
Man or Astroman?  Evil Plans of Planet Spectra   Options Experiment Zero    0:00:00 ()
UFO  Evil   Options UFO 1    0:02:21 ()
Ladytron  Evil   Options Light & Magic    0:05:36 ()
Grinderman  Evil   Options Grinderman 2    0:09:43 ()
Interpol  Evil   Options Antics    0:12:32 ()
Earth Wind & Fire  Evil   Options The Essential Earth, Wind & Fire    0:16:07 ()
Music behind DJ:
Sounds From the Coney Island Boardwalk       0:21:24 ()
Count Basie  Evil Blues   Options Complete Decca Recordings    0:26:47 ()
Howlin' Wolf  Evil (Is Going On)   Options Howlin' Wolf: His Best- Chess 50th Anniversary Collection    0:28:13 ()
Eartha Kitt  I Want to be Evil   Options The Very Best of Eartha Kitt    0:31:11 ()
Franz Ferdinand  Evil and a Heathen   Options You Could Have it So Much Better    0:34:18 ()
Black Flag  You're Not Evil   Options Slip It In    0:36:22 ()
Grand Funk  Good & Evil   Options All the Girls in the World Beware!!    0:43:20 ()
Music behind DJ:
Sounds of Sideshows by the Seashore       0:50:48 ()
Lionel Hampton Sextet with Dinah Washington  Evil Gal Blues   Options Martin Scorsese Presents the Blues    0:56:18 ()
T-Bone Walker  Evil Hearted Woman   Options Cryin the Blues    0:58:32 ()
Spooky Tooth  Evil Woman   Options The Best of Spooky Tooth: That was Only Yesterday    1:01:08 ()
Electric Light Orchestra  Evil Woman   Options All Over the World: The Very Best of    1:10:16 ()
Canned Heat  Evil Woman   Options Canned Heat/Boogie with Canned Heat    1:14:21 ()
Black Sabbath  Lady Evil   Options Heaven and Hell    1:17:16 ()
Music behind DJ:
Sounds from the Point Pleasant Beach       1:21:36 ()
The Minus 5  Dr Evil: Doctor of Evil   Options In Rock    1:27:00 ()
The Magnetic Fields  I Wish I Had an Evil Twin   Options i    1:30:18 ()
They Might Be Giants  My Evil Twin   Options Apollo 18    1:33:23 ()
Captain Beyond  Evil Men   Options Sufficiently Breathless    1:35:57 ()
The Kinks  He's Evil   Options Preservation Act 2    1:40:44 ()
Elvis Presley & the Jordanaires  Adam and Evil   Options Elvis 75- Good Rockin' Tonight    1:45:03 ()
Music behind DJ:
Sounds from the Point Pleasant Boardwalk       1:46:53 ()
Music behind DJ:
Sounds from the Point Pleasant Boardwalk       1:48:51 ()
The Brothers Seven  Evil Ways   Options Texas Funk: Black Gold From the Lone Star State 1968-1975    1:52:56 ()
Black Mountain  Evil Ways   Options In the Future    1:55:33 ()
Al DeLory  Evil Ways   Options Ultra-Lounge: On The Rocks Part One    1:58:57 ()
The Cult  Lil' Evil   Options Pure Cult: The Best of the Cult    2:01:37 ()
Music behind DJ:
Sounds From the Coney Island Boardwalk       2:04:24 ()
Severed Heads  Choose Evil   Options ComMerz (Vol 2)    2:09:20 ()
Jenn Vix  I Love You (We're Evil Now)   Options Hope Springs Nocturnal    2:12:53 ()
Goldlog  Evil Clowns   Options Evil Clown Friendly Ghost    2:15:47 ()
Mojo Nixon  Arctic Evil Knievel- Luge Team Song   Options Whiskey Rebellion    2:17:37 ()
The Seeds  Evil Hoodoo   Options The Seeds    2:21:50 ()
Jill Tracy  Evil Night Together   Options Diabolical Streak    2:27:01 ()
Music behind DJ:
Sounds From the Coney Island Boardwalk       2:31:51 ()
        2:31:53 ()
Viscounts  Money (Is the Root of All Evil)   Options     2:35:53 ()
Those Poor Bastards  This World is Evil   Options Satan is Watching    2:37:24 ()
The Feelies  See No Evil (Television cover)   Options Real Cool Time: 32 Years Of Live Feelies Covers    2:40:40 ()
The Pixies  Evil Hearted You   Options Complete B sides    2:43:48 ()
The Yardbirds  Evil Hearted You   Options The Ultimate Collection    2:46:21 ()
Johnny Horton  Evil Hearted Me   Options Honky Tonk Man: The Essential Johnny Horton    2:48:41 ()

Listener comments!

  Thu. 11/4/10 6:01am Chuck:

Yo! Feeling better today?
  Thu. 11/4/10 6:02am Meghan:

sleepy... but a little better
  Thu. 11/4/10 6:03am Dave B:

  Thu. 11/4/10 6:03am Chuck:

Good. Morning, Dave!
  Thu. 11/4/10 6:04am Meghan:

Morning Dave!
  Thu. 11/4/10 6:05am Chuck:

Empty coffee cup? So depressing...
  Thu. 11/4/10 6:05am Dave B:

Fortunately for me, I am not suffering like that first GIF. Java'd up!
  Thu. 11/4/10 6:05am THanley:

  Thu. 11/4/10 6:07am Meghan:

hehe.... Morning THanley!
  Thu. 11/4/10 6:11am Dave B:

Meghan - are todays GIFs your own creations?
  Thu. 11/4/10 6:11am Chuck:

Right from the first set we have an up tempo evil wake up!
  Thu. 11/4/10 6:12am Meghan:

Nope! I found me a good site myself!
  Thu. 11/4/10 6:14am bum:

I'm unemployed: WFMU is the soundtrack to my life! Viva Socialisma!
  Thu. 11/4/10 6:14am THanley:

Joe and Nick!
  Thu. 11/4/10 6:15am Meghan:

Oh how I miss being unemployed..... those were good times....
  Thu. 11/4/10 6:15am ALF of Hip Hop Slam:

Hey what's going on everybody?! Hope all is well wherever you reside.
  Thu. 11/4/10 6:17am Meghan:

Good morning ALF! Hope it's not raining where you are!
  Thu. 11/4/10 6:18am Dave B:

This set is nice and eclectic!
Me likee!! (keeps ya on yer toes)
  Thu. 11/4/10 6:19am ALF of Hip Hop Slam:

It is raining here. I'm not a big fan of driving in inclement weather especially in an area where deer is populated and on top of that you have dumb asses tailgating you.
  Thu. 11/4/10 6:20am THanley:

did you know how Election Day would turn out when you chose the theme?
  Thu. 11/4/10 6:20am Elwyn:

Morning/evening everyone!

@Meghan: how's the pizza? Ha ha ha ha! I fulfilled my promise!

@Dave: it's good to your evilness wide awake this morning! ;-)
  Thu. 11/4/10 6:21am Chuck:

I always want to have a can of ball bearings next to me while driving. Gives you something to toss out the window for tail gaters, Alf!
  Thu. 11/4/10 6:24am Dave B:

I'm off to see Black Mountain tonight in Williamsburg. Not so evil, but pretty dark
  Thu. 11/4/10 6:25am Chuck:

You do sound better than you did on Wednesday, Meg...
  Thu. 11/4/10 6:25am Schlockmaster:

Good morning Meghan, play EVIL DICK by ICE T, its a goodie, best from Germany, Schlockmaster.
  Thu. 11/4/10 6:26am Dave B:

@Chuck - a nice McDonald's shake works just as well, and doesn't cause property damage. Personally, tailgaiters and me - I just slow down for 'em. No brake tests, just my foot off the gas...
  Thu. 11/4/10 6:27am Meghan:

Nice guys..... hehe

Morning Schlockmaster!

Yes, I did get my pizza! And I have made it through one DVD so far! Stayed home sick on Tuesday....
  Thu. 11/4/10 6:27am Chuck:

I don't actually do it, Dave. But the thought entertains me....
  Thu. 11/4/10 6:29am bum:

c'mon - you have to at least play Grand Funk's version of 'Evil Woman' from the B-side of the Loco-Motion single!
  Thu. 11/4/10 6:29am THanley:

nice best version!! thanks!!
  Thu. 11/4/10 6:33am annie:

this is so ironic, i slept really badly last night and slept in this morning, saying to myself: meghan has that "evil" theme and it's gonna be all metal.. just shows how my world circles around the radio.. so i logged the winamp on anyway... lo and behold... good morning meghan.
  Thu. 11/4/10 6:33am Chuck:

Cool! I have this Eartha Kitt collection.
  Thu. 11/4/10 6:34am Meghan:

HA! Good morning! no metal this morning! I wasn't feeling it last night.... Metal and colds don't go together too well...
  Thu. 11/4/10 6:36am Chuck:

Not even Alice Cooper? Morning, Annie!
  Thu. 11/4/10 6:38am bum:

How about Black Sabbath doing Evil Woman? Or Crow? Or anybody? Anybody? Evil Woman???
  Thu. 11/4/10 6:39am THanley:

Evil Pikachu!!!!
  Thu. 11/4/10 6:39am Chuck:

Now that's EVIL! Cute cartoon characters smacking the crap out of each other! Love it!
  Thu. 11/4/10 6:39am Dave B:

  Thu. 11/4/10 6:40am THanley:

  Thu. 11/4/10 6:42am Chuck:

Of course, the punk assed kid falling on his face is fun too....
  Thu. 11/4/10 6:46am bum:

this is pretty good too - dig those leslie'd vocals!
  Thu. 11/4/10 6:49am bum:

rotating speakers: always the harbingers of evil!!
  Thu. 11/4/10 6:53am bum:

Two Crow songs????
  Thu. 11/4/10 6:53am Dave B:

Need another Echidna song!!!!
  Thu. 11/4/10 6:54am Elwyn:

Save the unicorns!!!
  Thu. 11/4/10 6:55am Chuck:

Why do we have no Okapi songs?
  Thu. 11/4/10 6:55am annie:

i'm with elwyn.. unicorns.. should be the last two songs.!
  Thu. 11/4/10 6:56am Dave B:

  Thu. 11/4/10 6:57am Chuck:

And Meerkats! We need Meerkats!
  Thu. 11/4/10 6:58am Elwyn:

@bum: there's heaps of crow songs.

If I had the talent to make mashups, I'd mash up ELO's "Evil Woman" and "Sweet Talking Woman" to have an sweet talking evil woman!
  Thu. 11/4/10 7:03am bum:

Isn't that redundant? (ba dum bum)
  Thu. 11/4/10 7:04am Chuck:

Department of Redundancy Department.
  Thu. 11/4/10 7:04am bum:

the drums on this track are KILLER!
  Thu. 11/4/10 7:05am bum:

didnt Gary Wright have something to do with this?
  Thu. 11/4/10 7:08am Meghan:

Not sure Bum..... Dave is the king of finding these things out.....
  Thu. 11/4/10 7:09am Chuck:

Yup, Gary was in Spooky Tooth. It's on AllMusic....
  Thu. 11/4/10 7:09am THanley:

the vocals are funny as hell!!!
  Thu. 11/4/10 7:10am Chuck:

Channel locks on the crotch....
  Thu. 11/4/10 7:11am bum:

this is killer - I had no idea Spooky Tooth was so heavy - I have to get this LP now - thanks for making me spend more of my UC benefits on useless trinkets - now the kids are gonna go hungry for one more day...
  Thu. 11/4/10 7:11am THanley:

now that's evil
  Thu. 11/4/10 7:12am Meghan:

Well, we are in the evil woman section..... and I being a woman and proud I did my evil deed of the day!
  Thu. 11/4/10 7:12am Dave B:

Sorry... Multitasking with Switzerland right now...
  Thu. 11/4/10 7:12am Chuck:

There ya go, Elwyn!
  Thu. 11/4/10 7:14am Chuck:

Speaking of the Swiss, we got any cheese today, Meg?
  Thu. 11/4/10 7:16am Dave B:

@bum - save money!
  Thu. 11/4/10 7:18am Elwyn:

@Meghan: You can save more animals if you choose songs that mention more than one animal. eg using Xiu Xiu - The Fox & The Rabbit


I need a llama song to go with "Ride My Llama"...
  Thu. 11/4/10 7:18am bum:

Nah - I need the flat black spinny thing to put on my turntable!
  Thu. 11/4/10 7:19am bum:

LADY EVIL!!!! I hadn't thought of that one...
  Thu. 11/4/10 7:19am Dave B:

Nice.... Love the nasaly tone of Geezers bass on this...
  Thu. 11/4/10 7:20am bum:

Can we get a Jessica Rabbit song in here somewhere?
  Thu. 11/4/10 7:21am Elwyn:

I'm sure you want to see this:
  Thu. 11/4/10 7:26am bum:

what's so evil about saving the animals? I think we should trick the animals into this ark thing and then when they're all on board, we should set it out to sea and then light it on fire. Mwawhahahahahahhahaaaa!! Eeeeeeeevil!!!
  Thu. 11/4/10 7:26am Chuck:

Should have painted the gun black, Elwyn...
  Thu. 11/4/10 7:29am Meghan:

wow! nice one Elwyn!
  Thu. 11/4/10 7:30am Chuck:

Elwyn, why is no one else in costume?
  Thu. 11/4/10 7:32am Dave B:

Evil Twin : http://media.giantbomb.com/uploads/0/4362/262348-evil_spock_large.jpg
  Thu. 11/4/10 7:37am Elwyn:

@Chuck: It kind of looks that way from the picture. The party invitation had an emphasis on the crazy hair and colours of the 80s. For example, the guys behind me are meant to look like they are from the era of bad day-glo fitness gear.
  Thu. 11/4/10 7:38am Dave B:

Hey THanley - gotta thank the Ogre for turning me on to Captain Beyond....
  Thu. 11/4/10 7:39am THanley:

True Dat, DB!!
  Thu. 11/4/10 7:41am Chuck:

Yes, I see the shiny sneakers now, Elwyn...
  Thu. 11/4/10 7:42am Dave B:


Coulda used that image for "Evil Dick" (that is if you're gonna play that track)
  Thu. 11/4/10 7:44am Chuck:

Needs chicks with goofy big hair!
  Thu. 11/4/10 7:50am Dave B:

Cheney looks evil and constipated....
  Thu. 11/4/10 7:51am Lou:

Guv'ner "She's Evil"?
  Thu. 11/4/10 7:52am Chuck:

Probably why he's so mean, Dave...
  Thu. 11/4/10 7:52am Parq:

'Morning, gang. Miss Meg, what about Condi Rice?
  Thu. 11/4/10 7:53am Elwyn:

Evil women are more fun. Is there a male-equivalent of femme fatale?

When women fight, it's either catty or it's mud wrestling.
  Thu. 11/4/10 7:55am Meghan:

Hmmmm good point Parq. Though I wonder if she was AS evil as the others, or just grouped in the evil by association.....
  Thu. 11/4/10 7:57am Chuck:

The really scary part is that the evil ones don't think they are. Is this a form of self-delusion?
  Thu. 11/4/10 7:57am Dave B:

Sweet... Looking forward to seeing these guys (Black Mountain) tonight!
  Thu. 11/4/10 7:58am Parq:

Meg, did you ever hear any of her speeches? She wasn't just evil by association, believe me.
  Thu. 11/4/10 8:00am Meghan:

I can't remember them.... too much crazy in the past 2 years to cover up for their crazy. Wow.... maybe that was the plan! If you cover up crazy with crazy, you'll forget HOW crazy the original crazy was!
  Thu. 11/4/10 8:07am Dave B:

Sorry bout that... The Music Hall of Williamsburg... Unfortunately its sold out...
  Thu. 11/4/10 8:09am Dave B:

My method is to keep a high Blood Alcohol Content.
  Thu. 11/4/10 8:10am Chuck:

Always worked for me, Dave! HA!
  Thu. 11/4/10 8:11am Meghan:

I haven't wanted beer..... Hard alcohol yes, beer no. It's hot cider with spiced rum season!
  Thu. 11/4/10 8:12am Chuck:

Especially on a day like today, Meghan...
  Thu. 11/4/10 8:12am Elwyn:

I saw Severed Heads with my then-supervisor. They were supporting The Residents and Chicks on Speed.

My ex-supervisor loved them but found it disappointing when he listened to the founder of them interviewed on radio - the guy was a complete self-pitying douche. He still loved the music.
  Thu. 11/4/10 8:14am Chuck:

Which reminds me I've got a venison roast for you, Meg. Are you around later? I'll be back in Union City today.
  Thu. 11/4/10 8:15am Meghan:

tonight might be bad... sick husband and me with 4 hours of sleep...... you around friday night?
  Thu. 11/4/10 8:18am Chuck:

Depends on how far I get on the project today. Probably not, still got Audrey's piece to finish. I'm supposed to deliver on Monday. I'll be back next week though for plaster work. Hopefully, you and Jeff will be fully mended...
  Thu. 11/4/10 8:19am Meghan:

  Thu. 11/4/10 8:23am jeff p:

holy cow these gifs are evil, and i don't mean in a good way!
  Thu. 11/4/10 8:23am Meghan:

hehe..... morning Jeff!
  Thu. 11/4/10 8:24am Meghan:

Did you post images of Halloween yet? I want to see your creation!
  Thu. 11/4/10 8:24am Chuck:

Just get Pikachu to smack the crap out of the clown and we're good!
  Thu. 11/4/10 8:26am jeff p:

no pics just yet, been a busy week. had to get the mausoleum torn down before today because of the rain. you can see the pic of me and jennie in our costumes on her facebook page, tho
  Thu. 11/4/10 8:29am THanley:

Love the Evil Ronald!!!
  Thu. 11/4/10 8:29am jeff p:

ooo, i love "Evil Night Together"
  Thu. 11/4/10 8:29am Meghan:

Jennie went as Joanie from Mad Men? Wow, Mohawk Dave is looking sexy as usual........
  Thu. 11/4/10 8:31am Meghan:

Ah yes she did..... I just got to the pic of the both of you! ha!
  Thu. 11/4/10 8:34am Chuck:

Poltergeist was on TCM on Halloween. At 1AM, I fell asleep...
  Thu. 11/4/10 8:35am Elwyn:

Serial killer, John Wayne Gacy, was a clown.
  Thu. 11/4/10 8:38am annie:

for me it was psycho... never seen it, never will
  Thu. 11/4/10 8:40am jeff p:

mine was "magic" with that damned marionett. Not event the movie per say, but the ads for the thing scared the crap out of me as a kid.
  Thu. 11/4/10 8:40am Chuck:

The only movie that ever really scared me was the original "Invaders from Mars". Saw it as a little kid and it gave me nightmares.. It was the drill press in the back of the neck I think....
  Thu. 11/4/10 8:46am seang:

Que Chevere!
  Thu. 11/4/10 8:47am Dave B:

Me, just that head popping out of the sunken boat in the original Jaws. Saw that when it came out, with my sister and dad.

Didn't do much swimming that summer.
  Thu. 11/4/10 8:48am Elwyn:

I found The Thing incredibly scary especially the heart attack and the test scenes.

The hardcore horrors such as Texas Chainsaw Massacre are more visceral and off-putting to me than scary
  Thu. 11/4/10 8:48am Cheri Pi:

I can haz evil?
  Thu. 11/4/10 8:49am Dave B:

"We accept you, one of us! Gooble Gobble!"
  Thu. 11/4/10 8:50am Chuck:

I think there's a real difference between a "gore" film and a real "horror" film. Blood and gore aren't that scary to me. It's what you DON'T see that makes it scary!
  Thu. 11/4/10 8:52am Parq:

If I can go off in a different direction, one of the scariest movies I ever saw was the thriller Betrayed, in which Debra Winger infiltrates the violent far-right. Some of the scenes portraying that world were just harrowing.
  Thu. 11/4/10 8:52am jeff p:

hey. meghan, you doing another end-of-year people who died show on 12/30? need a guest host again? (hint, hint!)
  Thu. 11/4/10 8:57am Meghan:

sure Jeff! Would love to have you back on! Maybe this time I'll be prepared in advance!
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