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Playlist for 13 October 2010 Options | Cutting a Chicken to Catch a Monkey

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Artist Song Album Comments New Approx. start time
Kim Ki O  Herkes, Evine   Options Dans 

Another classic Kenshop courtesy of John from Oslo! Click for the full size image
  0:00:00 ()
Crash  Vaughan's Ballad   Options Poutre Apparente - WFMU Bimbo TPower Special 

  0:06:03 ()
Wendy Carlos  Title Music   Options A Clockwork Orange soundtrack      0:11:12 ()
Hallogallo  Blinkg├╝ertel   Options  

We CAN eliminate Internet Cats In Your Lifetime. Click here for how you can help.
  0:13:59 ()
Charlotte Gainsbourg  Greenwich Mean Time   Options IRM      0:18:53 ()
David Van Tieghem  Particle Ballet   Options Strange Cargo 

Click for the full size image
  0:21:04 ()
Michael Nyman  Waltz   Options Self Titled LP      0:26:47 ()
Doo Rag  Can't Be Satisfied   Options Chuncked and Muddled 

via This Isn't Happiness. Click for the full size image
  0:37:59 ()
Rube Waddell  Metal Circus   Options Hobo Train      0:40:53 ()
Clothesline Revival  The Resurrection of John Henry   Options They Came from Somewhere      0:42:45 ()
Jessica Cornish  Sexy Silk   Options Easy A Soundtrack 

*   0:45:39 ()
Jayne Mansfield  That Makes It   Options Va-Va-Voom! Screen Sirens Sing 2xLP 

  0:48:23 ()
Ike and Tina Turner  Doin' It   Options  

Click for the full size image
  0:50:41 ()
Eartha Kitt  Where Is My Man?   Options       0:53:21 ()
Salt N Pepa  Shoop   Options  

The Duchess. Click for the full size image
  0:59:17 ()
Afrirampo  Umi   Options We Are Uchu No Ko 

Click for the full size image
*   1:09:27 ()
Roberto De Simone  La Gatta Cenerentola   Options Coro Delle Lavandaie: I Danieli E Voci Femminili      1:20:40 ()
The Ex  Eoloeyo   Options Catch My Shoe 

NOT The Ex! Click for the full size image
*   1:25:15 ()
J Biebz & Molly Roth          1:38:39 ()
The Night Air  Cutting a Chicken   Options Best of the Night Air Vol 1 

  1:45:21 ()
Neu  Paradise Walk   Options '86      1:47:08 ()
RIAA  El Psycho Watusi   Options Reality Is An Accident 

Click for the full size image
  1:51:58 ()
Immortal Technique  The Message and The Money   Options       1:56:51 ()
Tricky  Early Bird   Options Mixed Race 

*   2:00:59 ()
Tonetta  God Treats You Right   Options 777 

*   2:04:16 ()
Liquid Liquid  Bellhead   Options DFA Compilation #2 (Various Artists)      2:07:40 ()
Dsh! Dsh!   Nesus   Options Future Sound of Russia 

Click for the full size image
  2:10:04 ()
Mira Cook  India   Options Signs    *   2:14:01 ()
Anna Homler  Ele'Luku   Options Homler / Waegeman / Fajt 

Click for the full size image
  2:18:13 ()
Her Highness  A Song About Ken   Options       2:22:51 ()
The Jingle Cats  Little Drummer Boy   Options Here Comes Santa Claws 

  2:25:15 ()
FM Belfast  Pump   Options       2:33:10 ()
Okapi  Aldo Kapi   Options Love Him: Okapi Plays the Music of Aldo Kapi (1914-1952) 

  2:35:47 ()
DJ Yoda, Heritage Orchestra & Jules Buckley  Track Five!   Options G. Prokofiev's Concerto for Turntable and Orchestra      2:40:41 ()
Max K Gilstrip  Whistling Lessons   Options Adventure in the National Parks No 1 

Click for the full size image
  2:44:56 ()
Freak Scene  Draft Beer, Not Students   Options Psychedelic Psoul 

  2:48:33 ()
Der Plan  Junger Mann   Options Die Letzte Rache 

Click for the full size image
  2:52:03 ()

Listener comments!

  Wed. 10/13/10 9:02am John from Oslo:

Good Morning Ken ;)
  Wed. 10/13/10 9:02am BSI:

  Wed. 10/13/10 9:02am Bad Ronald:

Good morning - Woo Hoo!
  Wed. 10/13/10 9:02am D:

WFMU is the yellow canary in my mineshaft.
  Wed. 10/13/10 9:03am Good Ronald:

Bad morning!
  Wed. 10/13/10 9:03am John from Oslo:

haha good one mr bad
  Wed. 10/13/10 9:04am postmanpaul:

The world is full of gentle instrumental arrangements of popular music. That's why we like your show Ken.
  Wed. 10/13/10 9:07am raj:

good show
  Wed. 10/13/10 9:07am muvva:

great to hear
  Wed. 10/13/10 9:07am D:

Ken played the flute during the Wolf Eyes set yesterday afternoon.
  Wed. 10/13/10 9:08am BSI:

Ken is the wolf eye in my canary yellow mineshaft.
  Wed. 10/13/10 9:08am Ken:

Morning all!
  Wed. 10/13/10 9:08am Washi:

Hello. I hope I'm not going to spoil your morning:
  Wed. 10/13/10 9:09am still b/p:

If a canary sings in a mineshaft and there's no lamp there to light it , is it yellow?
  Wed. 10/13/10 9:09am sean:

what is this strange sound. i like........want more.
  Wed. 10/13/10 9:10am Dan B From Upstate:

Good morning Ken and all from sunny but chilly upstate NY!
  Wed. 10/13/10 9:10am Vivian:

Gooooooooddddd Mooooooooorrrrrning!
  Wed. 10/13/10 9:11am Dead Corporate Eyes:

first time listener. Hello!
  Wed. 10/13/10 9:12am still b/p:

Moloko plus on my cereal!
  Wed. 10/13/10 9:12am D:

longtime caller.
  Wed. 10/13/10 9:12am AnAnonymousParty:

Is everything working nominally this week?
  Wed. 10/13/10 9:12am listener james from westwood:

A Clockwork Orange?! Damn, haven't seen this film since college. (Of course, I did watch it 5,000 times during college, as one will, so that all evens out.) Excuse me as I flash back to 1987 ....
  Wed. 10/13/10 9:13am BSI:

jeezus, has it been an evening of much energy-expenditure already?
  Wed. 10/13/10 9:14am D:

No more corporate and government sabotage.
  Wed. 10/13/10 9:15am dei x:

Hellooo NH!
  Wed. 10/13/10 9:16am Dan B From Upstate:

Huh... I was expecting Ken to talk, as I normally do whenever I hear Neu/Hallogallo...
  Wed. 10/13/10 9:22am dei x:

I'm really upset by the dead cat Ikea instructions. Kinda increases the level of panic.
  Wed. 10/13/10 9:23am Lesh:

halloooo Ken...greetings from one of your old WVHP cohorts. ;-)
  Wed. 10/13/10 9:23am D:

It's not dead, just projectile vomiting.
  Wed. 10/13/10 9:24am Ken:

Hello Lesh - When were you on WVHP?!
  Wed. 10/13/10 9:25am Ken:

He's not dead or projectile vomiting, the cat's owner is eliminating a hairball from said CAT.
  Wed. 10/13/10 9:25am Ted:

Cat -- hack -- fever!
  Wed. 10/13/10 9:26am Bad Ronald:

It's not a hairball it's a die!
  Wed. 10/13/10 9:26am dc pat:

looks like a die to me
  Wed. 10/13/10 9:26am dc pat:

man, Bad Ron--on the same page again!
  Wed. 10/13/10 9:27am D:

It's one of those ipod shuffles.
  Wed. 10/13/10 9:27am Bad Ronald:

Owe me a beer!
  Wed. 10/13/10 9:28am Lesh:

Same years as you, Ken - it's Leslie
  Wed. 10/13/10 9:29am Ken:

Leslie!! Hi! Everybody, say hello to Leslie! We once saw the Dead together in Philadelphia. I fell asleep.
  Wed. 10/13/10 9:30am dc pat:

Hats off to John from Oslo, that's a quality photoshop.
  Wed. 10/13/10 9:31am Dead Corporate Eyes:

Hi, Leslie.

This waltz is brilliant!
  Wed. 10/13/10 9:31am Bad Ronald:

Hello Leslie!
  Wed. 10/13/10 9:31am Lesh:

heh - that's right, I forgot about that show! But hey we saw Zappa on Halloween in NYC together, too. No one slept through that.
  Wed. 10/13/10 9:31am dc pat:

  Wed. 10/13/10 9:32am Bad Ronald:

Yeah nice work John! I wonder what Stedman would have to say about KenOprah...
  Wed. 10/13/10 9:32am still b/p:

Hello, Leslie. I once slept through Pink Floyd in about '74 or '75. Woke woozily up to giant eye projected on stage screen. Resumed sleep.
  Wed. 10/13/10 9:33am D:

He'd say "yes, please!"
  Wed. 10/13/10 9:33am John from Oslo:

thanks dc pat - he has a nice head on her shoulders
  Wed. 10/13/10 9:33am Bad Ronald:

@Lesh - Was that the Felt Forum show where they did a cover of "I Am The Walrus"?
  Wed. 10/13/10 9:35am D:

I thought Ken went to meet the Central Scrutinizer last week.
  Wed. 10/13/10 9:37am Skirkie:

A stim machine? I got wayyyy addicted to that in physical therapy. You set that current right, it's real nice.
  Wed. 10/13/10 9:38am BSI:

  Wed. 10/13/10 9:38am Lesh:

@Bad Ronald - it could have been, I have no recall of a playlist, it was a very very lone time ago.
  Wed. 10/13/10 9:39am dc pat:

DOO RAG, right on!
  Wed. 10/13/10 9:39am Lesh:

correction - long time
  Wed. 10/13/10 9:39am Ken:

That's right! That Zappa show was pretty great. We had decent seats too.
  Wed. 10/13/10 9:40am Bad Ronald:

  Wed. 10/13/10 9:40am Lizardner Dave:

Why do I suspect that the first words the miner will say are "Free goulash for all of my friends"?
  Wed. 10/13/10 9:42am Lesh:

late 70's
  Wed. 10/13/10 9:43am Ken:

I think it was halloween 1976 .. hahahah
  Wed. 10/13/10 9:43am Bad Ronald:

gotcha, thanks, no Walrus then...
  Wed. 10/13/10 9:43am postmanpaul:

It's all far too too scary Ken hairy.
  Wed. 10/13/10 9:45am still b/p:

A review comment on their site: "Rube Waddell tastes like dumpster dived cornbread washed down with Thunderbird."
  Wed. 10/13/10 9:45am Aaron:
  Wed. 10/13/10 9:56am Bad Ronald:

Why you got Marilyn in the Mansfield slot? No Jayne pics?
  Wed. 10/13/10 9:57am Ken:

Im terribly sorry Bad Ronald, I didn't have a Jayne Mansfield photo all edited and ready to go! I dont plan this shit out, y'know...
  Wed. 10/13/10 9:59am John from Oslo:
  Wed. 10/13/10 9:59am dc pat:

That is an hilarious pic Bad Ron, is that Sophia with her?
  Wed. 10/13/10 10:00am Dead Corporate Eyes:

that's hot
  Wed. 10/13/10 10:00am dc pat:

oh, guess it is.
  Wed. 10/13/10 10:00am Bad Ronald:

Yes sir DC Pat!
  Wed. 10/13/10 10:01am D:

That is the most disturbing piece I have ever seen.
  Wed. 10/13/10 10:01am Aaron:

if you missed it - it's not salt-n-peppa :
  Wed. 10/13/10 10:02am dc pat:

Oh yeah? -->
  Wed. 10/13/10 10:03am D:

I will never again be able to listen to Salt n Pepa without thinking about the innuendo put forth by that piece of bacon.
  Wed. 10/13/10 10:04am dc pat:

HEY! The Duchess! I love her...
  Wed. 10/13/10 10:04am Bad Ronald:

Nice one John from Oslo but the bacon is obscuring the best bits!!!
  Wed. 10/13/10 10:06am Wife beater:

"..right in the kisser!"
  Wed. 10/13/10 10:07am Skirkie:

Remember the other two Cinnamon Toast Crunch chefs?
  Wed. 10/13/10 10:09am JimRyan:

Ken, check your inbox. I sent you a pic of Jayne bay-bee.
  Wed. 10/13/10 10:10am still b/p:

Remember when Lucky Charms had stars, moons, clovers and wee Guinness glasses?
  Wed. 10/13/10 10:12am Ken:

Thanks Jim! Unfortunately I cant editl with uploading pics while on the air... if you can throw it on a server and send me the link though... that would be great. I really need to create a database of picture links so I can improvise better with the pics.
  Wed. 10/13/10 10:17am Bad Ronald:

Anton Lavey looks kinda like Ken in this one:
  Wed. 10/13/10 10:19am Ken:

Jim, managed to get it posted, thanks to a ten minute long Afrirampo tune!
  Wed. 10/13/10 10:19am Cheri P i:

Nice follow up to Afrirampo!
  Wed. 10/13/10 10:21am Dan B From Upstate:

King Jong-Il's many children planning their contribution to the dynasty?
  Wed. 10/13/10 10:22am D:

Building a potemkin to shine to the world.
  Wed. 10/13/10 10:22am dc pat:

I like bad ron's pic better...dammit, missed Afrirampo. How long was I in the bathroom??
  Wed. 10/13/10 10:23am Nate in Detroit:

LOVE this track...i've kinda been obsessed with it since i heard bryce play it last week. thx, ken
  Wed. 10/13/10 10:23am Ken:

A loooong time, Pat! I was about to call the Fire Department!
  Wed. 10/13/10 10:24am dc pat:

thanks for your concern Ken... this tune does rule.
  Wed. 10/13/10 10:26am dc pat:

seems De Simone is a direct influence on Afrirampo and perhaps OOIOO.....and maybe the Ex
  Wed. 10/13/10 10:26am BSI:

goddamn, that was you in the bathroom?
  Wed. 10/13/10 10:27am dc pat:

soRRY!!! I didn't see the sign about it being a toilet and not a make love room
  Wed. 10/13/10 10:28am dc pat:

new Ex?
  Wed. 10/13/10 10:29am Ken:

Yep. new Ex. With their lousy new singer. Except for this track...
  Wed. 10/13/10 10:29am seang:

  Wed. 10/13/10 10:29am dc pat:

New singer, newer than the 7" they put out?
  Wed. 10/13/10 10:30am Ken:

Same guy
  Wed. 10/13/10 10:31am Dan B From Upstate:

Oh how lovely! A tea party!
  Wed. 10/13/10 10:33am Goyim in the AM:

The rest of that de Simone opera is a big old let-down, by the way.
  Wed. 10/13/10 10:34am dc pat:

another guy was just pulled out of the mine, 14 now? CHI-CHI-CHI! LE-LE-LE!
  Wed. 10/13/10 10:34am Kendall!:

whaa I didn't hear about this mice thing
  Wed. 10/13/10 10:35am Mickey Mouse:

You got a problem with mice people??
  Wed. 10/13/10 10:35am AnAnonymousParty:

That's not so surprising. I've met a lot of people with fully functioning mice brains.
  Wed. 10/13/10 10:36am BSI:

I gotta get me some o' them mice people.
  Wed. 10/13/10 10:37am thecleef:

HOUSU is awesome...the best of the weird. Editing is over the top and the whole treatment is mind-blowingly creative.
  Wed. 10/13/10 10:37am dc pat:

maybe the Ex should just put Katrin on vox full time. but she's such a cool drummer
  Wed. 10/13/10 10:38am Dickdong:

Mice People with mice manners, got no money at all.
Apologies to Flanagan & Allen
  Wed. 10/13/10 10:39am dc pat:

gotta go, adios mariposas!
  Wed. 10/13/10 10:40am John from Oslo:

Oh Ken, we've got a pretty good picture of what is going on over there in the elections:
  Wed. 10/13/10 10:41am JimRyan:

My friend Ptolemy is the son of the guy who started that whole "talking to plants" bidness.
  Wed. 10/13/10 10:43am annie:

ken, that roberto de simone piece is from the opera "cinderella cat" (la gatta cenerentola) , a fabulous work.. switch those song/album things. oioo's version isn't half as good.. btw.
  Wed. 10/13/10 10:43am RunMC:

O'Donnell:"Why aren't monkeys still evolving into people?"
  Wed. 10/13/10 10:44am Skirkie:

I heard Keili play this. I thought the whole point of talking to the plants was the transfer of carbon dioxide and such. Which I'm more than sure the recorded audio does not do.
  Wed. 10/13/10 10:44am paul:

i hope that guy isn't asking justin bieber when the last time he went teabagging was. cause that would be really creepy
  Wed. 10/13/10 10:46am D:

J. Biebz ft. Christine O'Donnell
  Wed. 10/13/10 10:47am Skirkie:

I'm not a witch. I'm you. ...unless you're a witch.
  Wed. 10/13/10 10:48am D:

U witch
  Wed. 10/13/10 10:48am annie:

remember dan quayle? those were the innocent times...
  Wed. 10/13/10 10:49am Bad Ronald:

Has anyone come out with a Christine O'Donnell bukake vid yet, ala "Nailin Palin"?
  Wed. 10/13/10 10:51am Ken:

Dan Quayle has NUTHIN on this year's crop. We're in Admiral Stockdale territory every day now! It's a dream come true.
  Wed. 10/13/10 10:53am annie:

stupidity never looked so smart
  Wed. 10/13/10 10:53am muvva:

great to hear
  Wed. 10/13/10 10:58am AnAnonymousParty:

You spell potato I spell potatoe.
  Wed. 10/13/10 11:01am postmanpaul:

We call a spade a shovel, over here.
  Wed. 10/13/10 11:07am Dickdong:

postman paul, you obviously live in Kensington. Have you tried shovelling shit with a spade?
  Wed. 10/13/10 11:07am texas scott:

nope,not feeling it.
  Wed. 10/13/10 11:13am postmanpaul:

Dickdong - no, my bottom's a one-way street...
  Wed. 10/13/10 11:16am Mice People:

No tail, no cheese!
  Wed. 10/13/10 11:18am BSI:

howdy, ma'am.... nice inner-sleeve you got there.....
  Wed. 10/13/10 11:26am John from Oslo:

the dog gif in sync!
  Wed. 10/13/10 11:27am still b/p:

Second Christmas song I've heard in 24 hours. I'm gonna hack up a holly ball.
  Wed. 10/13/10 11:28am trdh:

  Wed. 10/13/10 11:33am Goyim in the AM:

There is a fine line between twee and horrifying. This song dances upon that line -- your traktor remix sets the line on fire.
  Wed. 10/13/10 11:36am Sigurjon:

YES KEN! Thank you for playing FM Belfast! It's a nice change from the left field music that my boss Jan usually plays for me.
  Wed. 10/13/10 11:39am jan:

I had to turn off the show for an hour while Ladies from New Jersey came to my studio.... what did I miss? The beginning and the end of your show was great.
  Wed. 10/13/10 11:46am Aaron:

rich lott -
  Wed. 10/13/10 11:47am Ike:

On Sunday, I heard the whole texting PSA on another station, un-abused and unaltered, for the first time. I had no idea other non-comm stations actually played that as a real PSA.
  Wed. 10/13/10 11:49am Jack:

The documentary "Pucker Up" about whistling that was mentioned a few weeks ago on 7SD is great. I recommend it.
  Wed. 10/13/10 11:52am postmanpaul:

We have two cats, Bob and Lilly. If Bob was a human he would be Gene Kelly; Lilly is always hacking hairballs and is bulimic. If she was human she would be Gloria Swanson
  Wed. 10/13/10 11:53am Ken:

Just so long as you dont post pictures of your cats online, I dont have any problem with what youre saying, Paul.
  Wed. 10/13/10 11:57am Jack:

@postmanpaul: we have a cat named "Lilly" but the other cat, Dinah, is the puker. Every other day she pukes.
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